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					Beyond Carpooling —
New Roles for Rideshare Agencies

Act 2000
Western Regional Conference

by Catherine Wasikowski
Executive Director, RIDES

June 4, 2000
  United States of America
                 San Francisco Bay Region
                   • Northern California
                   • 7,179 Square Miles
                   • Population 6.8 Million
RIDES              • 9 Counties
                   • 100 Cities

  Mission: To promote transportation that protects
              the environment and improves quality of life.

      Goal: To make transportation alternatives the obvious
              best choice for most people.

Approach: To implement programs on a regional level that
              complement and support county services and
RIDES for Bay Area Commuters, Inc.
Approximately 40 Staff

                   Communication                    Catherine                      Executive
                       s                           Wasikowski                    Administrativ
                                                                                  e Assistant
                   •Media                       Executive Director
                   •Public Relations

Administratio                Marketing &             Planning &           Information            Information
 n & Finance                  Outreach               Evaluation             Services             Technology

•Human Resources           •Employer Services       •Commute Profile     •Commute Services   •Database
•Program                   •Promotions/Events       •Vanpool Studies     •Vanpool Program
 Development                                                                                 •Office Computer
                           •Relocation Assistance   •MTC Contract        •Welfare to Work
•Facility Operations/
                           •Creative Services       •Report Card
 Equipment                                                                                   •Transit Info Services
                           •Bishop Ranch            •Casual Carpooling
•Accounting                                                                                  •Web Site
                            Transport. Center
•Office Support                                                                              •Ridematch Program
                           •Spare the Air
                                                                                             •Geo Info Syst. (GIS)

                                                                                                     June 2000
Actual Fiscal Year 1999/2000
Funding — $3,943,540
Primary Commute Mode
                                   Drive Alone 66.4%
                   Carpool 14.4%
         Bus 7.2%
       BART 5.1%
   Walk 2.0%
 Telecommute 1.1%
 Bicycle 1.0%
 Caltrain 0.7%
 Light Rail 0.5%
 Vanpool 0.4%
 Ferry 0.3%
 Altamont Commuter Express
 “Other” 0.6%                                 n=3,669
     • Commuter Support and Assistance
     • Employer Assistance
     • Traveler/Events Information
     • Emergency Support
     • Regional Coordination
     • Statewide Partnering
     • Research and Evaluation
Commuter Support
and Assistance

     • Matchlists
     • Commute Consultations
     • Transit Referrals
     • Placement and Follow-up Services
     • Vanpool Formation and Support
Commuter Facts*

    • 4,000 employers served

    • 3,081 requested ridematching services

    • 850 vanpools in operation

     *Based on RIDES’ current active database
Employer Assistance

     • Employer Meetings/Events
     • Vanpool Formation
     • Matchlists
     • Promotions
     • Relocation Support
Traveler Information/
Special Events

      TravInfo Link (817-1717)
        • Pacific Bell Park
        • Spare the Air

      SFO Passenger Assistance
Emergency Support/

     All Staff Training
     Call Center — extended hours
        • Transit Strikes
        • Natural Disasters/Earthquakes
        • Landslides
        • Highway Construction Closures
Regional Coordination

     • SMARTPool
     • Commuter Check
     • Regional Transit Information Center
     • Newsletter — TDM Partners
     • Media
     • Welfare to Work Commute Guides
Statewide Partnering

     Transportation Management TAC

     RIDES hosts and chairs monthly meetings
     of rideshare organizations across the state
     to discuss programs, database systems and
     pending legislation.
Research and Evaluation
     • Commute Profile

     • Vanpool Studies

     • Casual Carpool Report
     • Placement Studies
Future Directions
 Information Broker
   • TravInfo®    — live and pre-recorded information

 Information Technology
   • TranStar  Transit Trip Planning System
   • Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
      incorporated in ridematching system
   • Internet ridematching

 Strategic Marketing Efforts
   •   Marketing Evaluation
   •   Multilingual Materials
   •   Special Events and Destinations
RIDES for Bay Area
 Commuters, Inc.
What is RIDES for
Bay Area Commuters, Inc.?
A non-profit organization founded in 1977.
Region’s rideshare organization.
Helps individuals use alternatives to driving alone:
       • Carpool and Vanpool formation and support
       • Referrals to public transit including bus, rail and ferry
       • Information on bicycling, telecommuting,
         HOV (diamond) lanes and Park & Ride lots
       • Provide matchlists of commuters from our ridematching database
RIDES’ Mission

 Promote transportation that
 protects the environment and
 improves quality of life.
How Do Vanpools Operate?
 • Primary driver and back-up drivers

 • 7 to 15 riders

 • Similar work hours

 • Defined route (times & locations)

 • Agreed upon vanpool rules
Monthly Payments Include

   • Insurance

   • Maintenance package

   • Gas for commute miles

   • Roadside assistance 24 hours/day
  Reasons for Vanpooling

                   Save time
                  Save money
            Catch up on work or sleep
          Read the newspaper or a book
        Reduce wear and tear on your car
Lower emissions by removing 14 cars from the road
The Driver

    • Pass medical exam
    • Good motor vehicle report
    • Be at least 25 years old
    • Possess a class “C” driver’s license
The Driver

    • Commute is free
    • No long-term financial obligation (if leased)
    • Preferential parking
    • Access to an extra vehicle
    • Spouse is eligible to drive
Alameda County Incentives

 Guaranteed Ride Home:
   • A free taxi ride home in case of an emergency
Contra Costa County Incentives

        • New riders receive half off their fare for
                 first three months
      • After one year drivers receive $1000

     • Gas scrip worth $20 per month for two months
CCC Incentives (continued)

  Guaranteed Ride Home:
    • In an emergency receive up to six taxi or
      rent-a-car rides home
San Mateo County Incentives
 Emergency Ride Home
  • Free taxi ride or 24 hour car rental

 Vanpool Incentive Program
  • Half of vanpool costs for three months up to $80 per month
  • $100 cash for each vanpool you help to form
  • Start a new vanpool, keep it on the road for one year,
   and receive $500
Santa Cruz County Incentives

 Vanpool Passengers
   • $50 vanpool incentive for new riders

 Vanpool Drivers
   • Start a new vanpool, keep it on the road for
     one year, and receive $500
Solano County Incentives

 I-80 Vanpool Incentive Program
   • $100 worth of gasoline vouchers given
     over a two-month period
Sonoma County Incentives

 Guaranteed Ride Home:
   • A free taxi ride home in case of an emergency
Cost Comparison
 Approximately ?? miles from ??
                                             Monthly cost          Commute time each way

 Drive alone @ $.262/mile*                   $??                     ?? minutes
 plus bridge tolls

 BART/?                                      $??                     ?? minutes

 Vanpool**                                   $??                     ?? minutes
 * $.262 per mile based on AAA figures, includes gas, oil, maintenance, tires and depreciation.
 ** Vanpooling costs vary according to number of riders and type of vehicle.
RIDES Vanpool Services

 • Help recruit riders
 • Hold vanpool formation meeting(s)
 • Medical reimbursement up to $30
 • Provide support once vanpool is on the road
 • Discount parking permits for Oakland and San Francisco
 • Free bridge toll passes
 • All services are free
Contact Information

 • 800-755-POOL

 • TravInfo® 817-1717
  (from all area codes in the Bay Area)