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Free Energy Magnets-Discover Renewable Energy Sources


									Free Energy Magnets-Discover Renewable Energy

In the pursuit of finding renewable energy sources, a lot of scientists have
tried ways to break the boundaries that keep us depending only on
petroleum-based products to provide for our energy needs. Fortunately, a
lot of studies that have already been conducted or are currently on-going
have shown great potential in achieving the freedom we desire from the
fuels derived from fossils buried deep in the ground. Among these studies
include the creation of free energy magnets, which is said to be one of
the most controversial studies of today.

These magnets are termed as such due its nature: it can provide energy
"free of charge". This means that it seemingly produces energy out of
nothing, but taking a closer look with its mechanism would show that
there really is something behind its "energy source".

The said magnets are used just like an ordinary prime mover: as they
could provide motion that can eventually be converted to power. As we
may know, the electric motors convert energy from electricity, while
engines convert the chemical energy from fuels into mechanical energy.
These magnets, on the other hand, are able to produce energy from the
magnetic force that exists between individual magnets grouped and
arranged accordingly to optimize its full potential for providing power.

The first law of thermodynamics suggests that the energy produced by a
system would be equivalent to the energy that is put into it (plus losses
due to friction and other factors). If we take this into consideration, this
would only mean that there would not be such thing as a source-free
generator of energy, since there must be something that causes it to
produce that same amount of energy. To explain this further, we take into
consideration a typical magnet first.

The three elements that can be magnetized are cobalt, nickel, and iron.
These elements, when magnetized, are capable to store the energy that
was used to create the "force" that enables it to hold or attach to other
metallic materials. In a way, magnets have a source of energy, however,
we may not see it directly when we have it in actual use as free energy
magnets. And so, this is what commonly creates the confusion to people
who are not very well aware of its mechanism and its concepts.

There are many variations as to this kind of magnets, also pertained to as
"zero-energy generators" and many other names. Some types actually
need to have an electric motor that would jump-start the so-called
generators, but only for a short duration. Once started, these magnets
would continue to work as if run by an invisible external energy source,
but the truth is it just continually moves due to the energy that caused it
to start moving and the energy that is already intrinsic to it.

Last of all; speculations as to why this technology has been discreetly
announced to the public include issues regarding politics, economics, and
other conflicts of interest. Regardless, the technology incorporated in
these magnets is truly one-of-a-kind.

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