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Blade Micrometer


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									                                         U N I T               F O U R

     Using Micrometer Instruments

      icrometer measuring instruments are the most com-        Combination Metric/Inch or
M     monly used precision measuring tools found in indus-
try. Correct use of them is essential to anyone engaged in
                                                               Inch/Metric Micrometer
making or inspecting machined parts.                           The combination micrometer (Figure C-97) is designed for
                                                               dual system use in metric and inch measurement. The tool
                                                               has a digital reading scale for one system, and the sleeve and
 OBJECTIVES                                                    thimble are used for the other system.

 After completing this unit, with the use of appropriate       Point Micrometer and Comparator
 measuring kits, you should be able to:                        Micrometer
 ■   Measure and record dimensions using outside               The point micrometer (Figure C-98) is used in applications
     micrometers to an accuracy of ;.001 in.                   where limited space is available or where it might be desired to
 ■   Measure and record diameters to an accuracy of            take a measurement at an exact location. Several point angles are
     ;.001 in. using an inside micrometer.                     available. The 60-degree comparator micrometer (Figure C-99)
 ■   Measure and record depth measurements using a             is usually called a screw thread comparator micrometer. It is most
     depth micrometer to an accuracy of ;.001 in.              often used to compare screw threads with some known standard
 ■   Measure and record dimensions using a metric              such as a thread plug gage (Figure C-100).
     micrometer to an accuracy of ;.01 mm.
 ■   Measure and record dimensions using a vernier
     micrometer to an accuracy of ;.0001 in. (assuming         Disk Micrometer
     proper measuring conditions).                             The disk micrometer (Figure C-101) finds application in
                                                               measuring thin materials such as paper, where a measuring
                                                               face with a large area is needed. It is also useful for such
                                                               measurements as the one shown in the figure where the dis-
                                                               tance from the slot to the edge is to be determined.
The common types of micrometer instruments, outside,
inside, and depth, are discussed in detail within this unit.
The micrometer appears in many other forms in addition to
these common types.

Blade Micrometer
The blade micrometer (Figure C-95), so called because of its
thin spindle and anvil, is used to measure narrow slots and
grooves (Figure C-96) where the standard micrometer spin-
dle and anvil cannot be accommodated because of their
diameter.                                                      Figure C-95 Blade micrometer (Courtesy of The L.S. Starrett Co.).


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