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									                  Do You Have a
        =This study is funded by a grant from the Simons
               Child with Autism?

           Help international researchers discover
           genes that contribute to Autism. Participate
           in a UCLA study sponsored by the Simons
           Foundation Autism Research Initiative.
     Who can participate?
      ● Families who have one child 4-17 years old with an autism spectrum
           disorder (ASD) or a suspected ASD and no other children with ASD
     What is involved?
      ● Questionnaires, interviews and gold-standard psychological
        assessments (including ADOS and ADI-R)
      ● Blood draw and short physical exam

     Participants receive
      ● Written summary of test results
      ● $200 per family

          Participation in this study is strictly confidential and
           will not affect any services you may be receiving

                  For more information call
                   UCLA at 310-267-CART

                                           Pegeen Cronin, PhD
Protocol ID:IRB#10-000282   UCLA IRB Approved Approval Date: 7/1/2010 Through: 6/30/2011 Committee: Medical IRB 3

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