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									Harry Coumnas Likes To Hitchhike
          The Country
Harry Coumnas is full of life and takes life as an
adventure. He has an easy going behavior towards
life and enjoys every phase of life to the fullest.
His friendly and helping nature has made him very
popular among his friends.
He spends most of his free time with his close
friends doing various thrill seeking activities like
sky diving, camping out in the woods, driving very
fast cars and enjoying roller coaster rides. Harry
Coumnas enjoys the company of his friends and
often goes out to play pool with them.
Harry Coumnas is an optimist and is known for
giving life changing advice to people as he likes
mediating. He is highly educated professional
from New York who finished his studies from
some of the most prestigious colleges of New
York. His major subjects were Psychology and
Political Science.
Harry Coumnas comes from a large family and his
upbringing has given him great family values. He
is very close to his family member and makes sure
he finds some time to spend with his family. His
family consists of over 100 members who live in
different parts of the world.
Harry Coumnas is a nature lover and indulges
himself into various activities that bring him closer
to nature. He enjoys hitch hiking the country. He is
a sports person who likes to play various games
including basketball, chess and pool. He was a
wrestling champion at college level and even won
many awards in wrestling.
Apart from all the outdoor activities, in his leisure
time he likes to spend time playing with his 6 pets.
Harry Coumnas owns 3 cats and 3 dogs. Besides
this, he loves to watch movies and reading books
mostly love stories.

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