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					             Quick & Easy Crochet

A Better
Surprise Mom in May with special cards
adorned with handmade crocheted flowers.

      What You’ll Need
   AUNT LYDIA’S Classic Crochet Thread,
   Size 10, each ball approx 350yd/320m
   • 1 ball #420 Cream (A)
   • 1 ball #421 Goldenrod (B)
   • 1 ball #450 Aqua (C)
   • 1 ball #451 Parakeet (D)
   • 1 ball #493 French Rose (E)
   • 1 ball #495 Wood Violet (F)
   Note Only a small amount of two colors
   is needed for each flower.
                                            FINISHED MEASUREMENTS                             Round 2 With right side facing, join next color
   • Size 7 (1.65mm) steel crochet hook     Each flower measures approx 1"/2.5cm              with sc in any sc, sc in same st as joining, 2 sc
   	 or	any	size	to	obtain	correct	gauge    diameter                                          in each remaining sc around; join with sl st in
                                                                                              first sc—12 sc.
   NOTIONS                                  GAUGE                                             Round 3 [Ch 2, 2 dc in next sc, ch 2, sl st
   • Blank note card. Card on left was      One flower = 1"/2.5cm diameter                    in next sc (petal made)] 5 times, ch 2, 2 dc
     preprinted with a stitching pattern,   Remember	to	check	gauge	for	best	results!         in next sc, ch 2; join with sl st in base of first
     from Stitchable	Stationary by Jenny                                                      ch-2—6 petals. Fasten off.
     Hart ($15, www.chroniclebooks.com)
                                            Note In flowers shown, Round 1 is worked
   • Double-stick tape or glue                                                                FINISHING
                                            with A. Rounds 2 and 3 are worked with either
   • Yarn needle (size appropriate for
     crochet thread)                        B, C, D, E, or F. Flowers can be made with any    Weave in ends. Arrange flowers on card as
                                            combination of colors desired.                    desired, using photograph as inspiration. Tape
              Skill Level: Easy                                                               or glue flowers in place.
               1   2    3   4               SPECIAL TECHNIQUE
                                            join with sc Place a slip knot on hook, insert
                                            hook in indicated stitch, yarn over and draw up
                                            a loop, yarn over and draw through both loops
the yarn

Aunt Lydia’s in Parakeet
                                            on hook.
                                            FLOWER                                                  Use flowers as appliqués
                                            With A, ch 2.                                           on clips, purses, and hats.
                                                                                                    Or sew them together
                                            Round 1 (right side) Work 6 sc in 2nd ch from
                                                                                                    into a garland.
                                            hook; join with sl st in first sc—6 sc. Fasten
                                            off A.

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