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					 Newsletter of the Cambridge Sub-Aqua Club                                                                      April 2001

            Contents                         BSAC240 Making a Mess in Menorca
                                          THE CAST                                   was 13 degrees. By the end of that
1 Misbehavin' in Menorca                  Chalet 1: Auntie Emma Faid (Batgirl);      day my rubber fetish was satiated by
                                          Neil Burgess (Robin); Steve Batchelor      a full legged body, a long-armed top
       Having a ball in the Balearics
                                          (Pads).                                    and two shorties - all in increasing
2 Fuerteventura New Year                  Chalet 2: Grant Armstrong; Jon Schneider   sizes. I chose to ignore all comments
                                          (Muffin); Sally Carroll (Squirt); Ian      on how lardy I had got, refused to go
       Eels & sharks in the Canaries      Ross (Rossy).                              anywhere near a mirror, gritted my
                                          The Resort: Cal ‘n’ Bosch, Menorca.        teeth and determined not to let it spoil
3 Gallivantin' in Gozo                    Our host for the holiday, Crystal Seas     my holiday. But I wasn’t a happy
                                          Scuba, was situated in a breezy ghost-     bunny and ended up with some nasty
       Instructor exams in the Med        town of boarded up pizzerias and bars      blisters on my shins from constant salt
                                          and the wind carried the haunting          water immersion and chaffing. And I
4 Hogmanay in Ullapool                    sounds of music and laughter from          had to pay money for the privilege.
       Diving in the extreme north        summers past ..                            Moral of the story? Carry a spare neck
                                          Training: Pads and Grant took              and wrist seals with you if you go
5 AGM report                              advantage of the slightly warmer           away diving in a dry-suit for a week or
                                          water and clear viz to successfully get    longer. Thanks to Dave Smith for
6 Branch news                             their Sports Diver tickets. Well done      putting on a new one on for me.
                                          lads.                                      Our Accommodation: Two luscious
7 Club rules                              Disasters: Thankfully there weren’t        chalets - walking distance from Crystal
                                          too many disasters. But after a 64         Seas. Fully furnished, lovely tiled
8 Diary, etc                              minute dive on day two I had an            bathrooms with power showers, fully
                                          emergency mission to get to shore          equipped kitchens, comfy beds, open
                                          for the most desperately needed pee        fires, patios with recliners and roof top
                                          in the entire universe. In the mad panic   gardens which looked out over the
                                          to get my suit off, my dry-suit neck       sea. Oh yes - we really appreciated
                                          seal ripped in half. Now you wouldn’t      those chalets ...
                                          have thought this was too much of a        1. On arrival we visited a supermarket
                                          disaster EXCEPT no-one had a spare         and carted bags of goodies back for
                                          and there were no neck seals on the        the weeks consumption. We then all
                                          entire island.                             met on the roof top with our favourite
                                          The only option was Plan B. To             nibbles and beers and started an olive
                                          arrange for a seal to be couriered out     stone spitting competition and
                                          by the next day. But that meant a £55      gleefully chucked pistachio nut shells
                                          delivery charge from DHL, together         on the floor. The holiday had begun.
                                          with the £16 for the seal kit and two      2. The trip’s trouble-maker (you know
Editor's notes                            days travelling - plus time to fix. It     who you are!) took it upon them to
Apologies for the delay in the            would have resulted in only two days       devise techniques to find wood for
appearance of this issue, and for the     diving in the mended suit.                 the fire!! Small wooden objects and
rather indigestable nature of some of     SO - plan C - wetsuit hire ( Now I’ve      items of furniture were surrupticiously
it. My contributors promise me more       been diving in a drysuit for some time     nicked from Chalet 1 and smuggled
articles of the style of the first four   and nothing had prepared me for the        back to Chalet 2.
articles, rather than the last two for    shock of icy water streaming across        3. By the middle of the week Chalet 2
the next edition!                         my small, wintered, English body as I      was getting that lived-in, messy look.
Derek                                     plummeted over the side of the rib. It     So, we all invited ourselves round to
                   -- Messin' in Menorca --                                                Angel Shark Delight!
Chalet 1 - fully armed with pistachio         coastline, RIB travelling distance from    It was our last dive. We had spent a
nuts and beer - for a bit of social banter.   our resort.                                week over New Year diving in
Strangely those nut shells just seemed        The throbbing power RIBs rides             Fuertaventura. Having dived in the
to fly from our fingers and all over the      added excitement to the whole dive         Meditteranean before and been
room. I’d like to take this opportunity       experience. Sunglasses and woolly          disappointed at the lack of marine life,
to apologise to Chalet 1 on behalf of         hats were obligatory as the sun shone      the Canaries had more than met my
ALL the Chalet 2 culprits for being so        bright whilst we whisked through the       expectations. Throughout the week, I
naughty.                                      waves.                                     had been surprised at the variety and
4. The cats were very friendly. They          The highlight for many was Pont en         abundance of aquatic species and
loved Chalet 1. It wasn’t till later our      Gil - a cave heaven with surfacing         been thrilled at seeing Angel sharks
chalet neighbours realised it might           areas, stalegmites and stalegtites, halo   for the first time.
have been to do with the tuna juice           clines and swim throughs. But the          My buddies were Jon and Sandra. Our
trail leaading up to their door and the       wreck, The Malakoff, went down well        flight home was early the next morning,
two opened tins hidden under their            with everyone - it was teaming with        so we were limited to a shallow potter
sofa .                                        life including moray eels and large        of 6 metres next to the stone pier. We
5. The milk seemed to upset the cat’s         shoals of barracuda.                       descended and on reaching the
tummies and sloppy presents                                                                   bottom we headed to the pier.
were found in the corner of Chalet                                                            Here, we found many large green
2. Still it was easily cleaned up                                                             blennies. We also came across
and throw over the wall onto                                                                  one inside a bottle with its head
Chalet 1’s patio .                                                                            peeping out. On putting your
The Night Life                                                                                finger near to its head the blenny
Gin will never be poured again                                                                quickly disappeared inside, but as
without chanting ‘1,2,3,4,5,6,7 .’                                                            soon as the finger was removed,
Generous portions with lots of ice                                                            its head came straight out again.
and tonic were thirstly drunk                                                                 Moving along the pier, we found
after a day’s diving.                                                                         a friendly cuttlefish. It was like a
We alternated between cooking                                                                 small hovercraft, iridescent in
in our chalets and eating at the                                                              appearance with a fluorescent
resorts only open restaurant.                                                                 green underside. As it moved
Our two big nights out were my                                                                from the rocks to the sandy
21st (what??!!) birthday meal with                                                            seabed, it changed colour to blend
cake and champagne (and an                    Other fantabuluous dives included the      in with the surrounding. Sandra
embarrassing Spanish happy birthday           Ocean Diver with a bike (now without       befriended the creature and it sat in
tape). And on the last night a bumper         handles!), a washing machine, cooker       her hand and allowed her to play
meal with unlimited wine and gin based        and scorpion fishies. Cave                 before swimming off.
deserts, and then a drive to the main         penetrations on afternoon chill out        The highlight of the dive was finding
town for CARNIVAL TIME.                       dives were most satisfying as we           an angel shark that had just come to
It was a night to remember -                  didn’t just rub around the edges but       rest on the sandy bottom. It lied still
Menorcans and divers certainly know           dived right in and got on with it.         as we watched it before starting to
how to party!                                 A few experienced their first cucumber     submerge itself in the sand. We
The great bars were all free access and       squirt. There was some fabulous            stroked its fins to feel the rough
had lots of room for dancing.                 underwater sword fighting and deep-        texture of its skin. Within a minute,
Everyone was dressed up as witches,           sea champagne quaffing on my               the shark was completely covered
super-men, gouls, wedding dresses,            birthday.                                  with only its outline in the sand as an
spanish dress etc.                            One day we were dropped off on a           indication of its presence. Sandra was
Unfortunately one member of our               deserted beach with a packed lunch         feeling brave. She picked its tail up
merry band couldn’t contain their             as part of a days expedition out which     from under the sand and gently lifted
excitement at the end of the evening          was pretty special.                        it up. The shark was not perturbed and
and after dancing on stage in front of        So - the sun was warm, the water cool,     stayed on the seabed where we left it.
hundreds of people, wet the wheels            the caverns cooler. We had a lot of        Away from the pier, we found a
of some cars in a public car park, then       laughs, a lot of gin and even more         wrecked yacht. A drum had fallen off
voraciously vom-sprayed the                   pistachio nuts. Thanks for organising      the yacht and beneath it was an
trousers of their fellow divers in the        everything Emma, it was a great            octopus with only 6 legs. The other 2
back of the van on the way home (the          holiday, just sorry some of us were so     had been lost in fights with its
person involved is very, very sorry!!)        naughty!!                                  predators. We tried to coax it out from
Oh yes - the diving!!                         Sally Carroll                              under the drum, but, not surprisingly,
It was mostly caverns around the                                                         it was very shy. Jon and I broke open
a few sea urchins as bait. This enticed
                                                             -- Instructors in Gozo --
a shoal of fish over who gorged on         instructors, John Pederson. He had          the whole time.
the octopus’s meal. The octopus            cleverly sat himself in between the         As well as the basic instructional parts
peered out from under the drum to see      only 2 girls travelling from the UK         of the boat dives, we had to think
what all the attention was about, but      on the trip who were not with their         about additional teaching we could do
was too cautious to venture out            boyfriends/husbands! We had a very          and any safety aspects of the diving.
completely. Our dive time was now          deep and meaningful discussion about        As a group, we had to plan the whole
one hour. We had agreed that this          the possibilities of ‘penetration’ at 50m   afternoon on the boat - where we
was the limit so we had to made our        (no wrecks involved, if you get my          would each be diving (we would each
short ascent to the surface. It had        drift) and it just went downhill from       dive individually with Martin for our
been a great dive to finish the holiday.   then on!!                                   given lesson), how we would get
                                           At Malta Airport, there should have         there, how long the dives would
Simon Denny
                                           been a helicopter waiting to take us        be, surface intervals etc. The surface
                                           to Gozo, but apparently, this had           teaching involved             teaching
      AIC - Advanced                       been cancelled due to high winds!!          something while on the boat, such
     Instructor Course                     Negotiations began and suddenly, a          as how to pick up divers, knots, how
                                           helicopter was available for a limited      to make up a shot line etc. While we
     or Am I Crazy??!!                     number of people. So most of us and         were on the boat, someone had to be
Having got my Advanced Diver grade         all the luggage were finally installed      teaching something all the time and
in November 1999, I had decided that       in a rather old and cranky Russian          the only break we got was while
2000 would be the year I would try for     helicopter for the short flight to Gozo.    Martin was diving with one of the
my Advanced Instructor grade. With         We were met at the Heliport by trucks       group!!! We worked out what each of
this in mind, I looked into the            from the Dive Centre we were to be          us was good at and each had two
Combined Courses being run. These          diving with and we finally arrived in       possible things we could teach so that
involve going away to somewhere            Marsalforn Bay. We were allocated           we could fill the time.
warm and sunny and doing both the          our room mates and apartments and           The shore diving was basic
AI course and exam in 5 days. So my        had some dinner and a few well earned       instructing such as compass
choices were Gibraltor, Aquaba,            beers. I was sharing with Claudia, who      navigation, AAS, CBL etc and
Antibes or Gozo. Mmmmmm..difficult         had sat on the other side of John on        involved each of us taking the group
choice ;-) I finally decided on Gozo as    the flight over from the UK and we hit      in. And last, but not least, the
it was the last one being run in the       it off immediately :-)                      classroom teaching involved a 15-
year (October) and this would give me      The next three days (Sunday, Monday         minute lecturette, with lots of
more time to revise. It was also being     and Tuesday) would cover the AI             student participation and the use of
headed by Jack Ingle, a God in the         course, with Wednesday being a ‘day         unusual props to be encouraged!!
world of diving and highly                 off’. As well as the AI course and          Our days would start at 9am and we
recommended by Jon as a good               exam, a combined Club Instructor            would be on the go constantly! We
instructor on the AI course.               course, exam and OWI course was             usually finished at about 8pm and hit
The weeks before the course were           being run. There were 11 of us doing        the restaurants and bars before
spent revising everything I had ever       the AI course and 7 doing the CI            heading back to our apartments. The
learned during my diving ‘career’.         course with 5 instructors between           days were long and it was hard work
And I mean everything!!! Chartwork,        us. We were split into groups and           but we also seemed to be having fun!!
Physiology, Boat Handling, Dive            these were to be the people we would        The whole group - instructors, AI and
Tables, Air Requirements...the lot!!       train with as well as be examined with      CI students - really got on well and
Still, I’d learned all this for my         so we had to work well as a team.           we had a great laugh together.
Advanced Diver theory so it couldn’t       My fellow team mates were Claudia,          Our ‘day off’ on Wednesday was
be much harder that that - could it??      Colin and Mike. Our instructor was          anything but!! Four of us did our
I didn’t know anyone else going on         Martin Sampson from Anglesey                theory exam in the morning and,
the course, which added an extra           Diving College and on Sunday                having had the fear of god put into
element of excitement to it all for me -   morning, we all went off for a              me by some of the others, it wasn’t
would I meet any other like-minded,        ‘shakedown’ dive before the course          half as bad as I expected. And I passed
totally crazy people on the course?        proper was to start.                        We then spent the morning practising
We all met up at Heathrow Airport and      There were four main parts to the           our teaching methods and practised
the first thing I found out was that I     course and exam: a boat dive, a             pilotage, simple lifting exercises,
was one of the few who hadn’t taken        shore dive, classroom teaching and          circular searches and how to deploy
the theory test in advance of going        surface teaching. Over those three          an SMB!! We then practised our
on the course. And the horror stories      days, we practised each of these and        lectures and finally had a group chat
I heard about it made my toes curl!        Martin was fantastic with all the help      about the exam - gulp!!
Anyhow, the flight to Malta was good       he gave us. We all worked really well       Thursday morning - 5.30am..and
fun and I sat next to one of the           as a team and helped each other out         Claudia and I were both awake,
                                               Last dive of 2000, first dive of 2001!
putting the finishing touches to our       I have just joined the club having          Still, a very very large round of stilton
lectures!!! Our examiner was Phil          moved into the area, so am only             went down well.
‘Mad Dog’ Clifton, who turned out          starting to get to know you guys and        New Year’s day - somewhat slow start
to be more of a pussycat (don’t tell       as yet have not dived with you.             - only 3 hardy souls go diving, others
him I said that!!). We did our lectures    However, I thought I would let you          go walking or just vegging. Shore dive
in the morning and our boat teaching       know how I ended 2000 & saw in 2001         from Badruallich Jetty. 12m max - not
in the afternoon. The other groups         with a group of friends mainly from         much to see until we come across 2
were out on the boats in the morning       Edinburgh.                                  old cars about 15mins swim out...
and were late back so our plans had        30 Dec - Left Therfield near Royston        bizarre sight so far from shore...
to be constantly revised and most of       @ 9:30 en route to Ardessie (Little         probably fell of very small ferry that
our surface teaching was done sitting      Loch Broom) up near Ullapool in the         tootles across the loch. Decided not
on the harbour wall while we were          north of Scotland; snow & ice being         to “Beastie Boy” the decals on the
waiting for the boats to get back!!        the order of the day. Quick stop at         VW Passat as did not want hassle of
Even though we were an hour behind         Motorway Services at Leicester to pick      reporting our booty to Receiver of
time to start with, we got back in time,   up 2 massive pork pies from Ted who         Wreck ;-) Collected large bag of
all having done our boat dives and         had at last minute decided not to go,       scallops which became part of the
our surface teaching - impressive,         but wanted to send seasonal cheer.          evening’s curry extravaganza.
eh??!! We were knackered that              Drive fine until Aviemore where fish-       2 Jan - Dive on wreck of the Innesjura
evening but thought it had all gone        supper stop precipitated snow which         - 38m to seabed - viz great; no torches far!!                             lay heavily on icy B roads. Last 10         required. The wreck is small enough
The final part of the exam was the         miles a bit hair raising even at 15mph.     to get round easily and still have a
shore diving on Friday morning. We         Arrived at 7:30 at cottage to find          good plowter around. Stops a bit
were each allowed to sit out the lesson    others already stuck into the cakes         chilly. Best part was after the dive, back
before the one we were to teach so         and ale. New drinking game invented         on the RIB chatting about the dive
we had 40 minutes thinking time,           called      “minesweeper”           with    whilst consuming a flask of last night’s
which was gratefully accepted by all!!     ridiculously convoluted rules,              curry, one of the aforementioned
We had finished by mid afternoon           involving 2 decks of cards, a couple        Melton Mowbrays and a bottle of
and spent the rest of the day washing,     of coins and two “chalices” (one you        Port. Not best practice I know, but it
drying and packing our kit away. I         would want to drink from and the other      was magic especially after the echo
managed to convince myself that I’d        with a revolting concoction). Next day,     sounder was bodged and no one
failed the exam so that when we were       no one could fully remember the rules       could remember the transits: we ended
finally handed out our results at about    so I guess we will have to reinvent it      up grappling for the wreck and got it
6pm, I refused to look at mine for ages    on another trip.                            on the 3rd pass.
- but I’d PASSED. In fact, we all          New Year’s Eve - Thank goodness for         3 Jan - Up and out of cottage for the
passed and the party began :-)             Simon Moss’ landy to launch the RIB         long drive home. Left at 9:45 and
We all had dinner together that            (Alpha One aka Alpha Scum),                 “home in time for tea and medals”
evening and had a great time!!             otherwise we would have been shore          despite the best attempts of a feral
Unfortunately, we were being picked        diving. However, we managed 50m             goat who tried to jump in front of my
up at 3am to be taken to the Heliport      dive on Isle Martin cliff. Unfortunately,   car about 2 miles from the cottage.
for our journey back home :-(              our bit of cliff ran out at 35m so Sarah    Round trip of over 1200 miles & no
Well, we ALL had a great time and          and I follow Crawford’s (aka Silt Boy)      speed traps triggered en route.
EVERYONE came home as either an            trail down the slope to 50m. Quick          Oh yes, did I say that the cottage has
Advanced or Club Instructor. We all        chorus of Auld Lange Syne and a             no electricity; gas lamps & open fire
wished that we could have had a            highland reel and then back up. Viz         the order of the day. All in all a magic
couple of days extra to do some more       really good - no need for torches           trip.
diving and partying and some of us         (honest). Good thing about diving at        Simon Nash
are planning to get together again         this time of year is lack of kelp
soon. Most of us met up at the Diving      whilst off gassing in the
Officer Conference last December and       shallows. Quick pint or 2 in
have stayed in touch by phone and e-       the FBI (Ferry Boat Inn in
mail!!                                     Ullapool) and home to
I would say to anyone thinking of          welcome in the New Year.
going for their AI to go on the            Evening started very formally
Combined Course. I’m looking               with a six course dinner with
forward to going on another one            different        folk     being
someday - as an instructor ;-)             responsible for each course.
Sandra Castro                              I was in charge of the cheese
                                           course; so I now know what
                                           they think of my cooking.
                                              -- AGM Report --
Held at the Boathouse Public House,         van running costs, Chris Scott said       and to review the club rules
20:00 on Monday 12 February 2001            there was a major service during the      thoroughly and add guidelines for
An abridged version by Derek                year, but that otherwise running costs    charter boat diving.
Brownjohn of the minutes taken by           had been small and the insurance          Dave then gave the usual thanks to
Sally Carroll. The full minutes are         premium had gone down.                    everyone who’d helped with the
available from Sally.                                 Diving Officer                  diving, instructing and organising
 22 members were present, a bare            Dave Smith reported on over 1000 club     during the year.
quorum.                                     dives during the year on many UK and      A discussion then ensued on the costs
The minutes of the last AGM were            several overseas trips, including 2       of boat diving following a suggestion
accepted, and a few minor matters           training trips to Brixham & Swanage,      that income from boat dives had
arising were dealt with. Changes to         and thanked members who’d                 halved and maintenance had doubled.
the committee during the year were          organised them.                           Pete Flaxman & Chris Scott explained
reiterated. Paul Kelly resigned as          Dave also reported on a total of 7        that this may not have been an entirely
Secretary due to work committments          branch run SDCs during the year, the      accurate picture due to the way the
and was replaced by Sally Carroll.          club gaining some SDC instructors in      information from trips was collated,
Andy Mell resigned as Assistant             the process, and thanked all the          the lag in collection of monies and the
Diving Officer due to going to work in      instructors who’d helped on the           way the accounts were presented. It
New York and was replaced by Derek          courses. He hoped this year we would      was suggested that the boats should
Brownjohn. Greg Carroll resigned as         able to run Nitrox courses, and Pete      be used more, and that this was more
Boat Officer and his duties were taken      Flaxman is now a qualified gas blender    likely to be done if newer club
up by Pete Flaxman.                         so we should soon be able to provide      members had more information about
Committee members’ reports                  nitrox fills too.                         how to organise trips. Another
             Chairman                       8 club divers, 10 sports divers, 3 dive   suggestion was to have an expeditions
Pete made the usual thanks and noted        leaders, 1 advanced diver and 1 open      evening to plan trips for the year
that the committee had only fallen          water instructor gained qualifications    ahead.
asleep once during a meeting when           during the year, and several more                  Training Officer
he and the Treasurer were having one        ocean divers joined us and went on        Kim Phillips reported on 2 club diver
of their “discussions” over boat and        to complete sports diver training.        courses run during the year (26
van finances. On more serious matters       Diving incidents                          trainees), another just started this
he expressed his disappointment that        Sadly Dave had to report 2 diving         year, and a sports diver course run for
some projects he’d set out at the start     incidents during the year, fortunately    10 trainees. She also reported on
of the year had not been completed,         neither with serious long term            several training trips to Gildenburgh
and as chairman accepted                    consequences. The first was engine        & Stoney Cove, 2 training weekends
responsibility. The main outstanding        failure on Cam Diver while the anchor     in Devon & Dorset, as well as all the
jobs being completing the equipment         was out and buoyed, and there was         SDCs Dave referred to in his report.
list, getting all the club kit insured, a   insufficient equipment on board for       Kim thanked all instructors and others
club members’ qualifications database       any further self help. Lesson learned     who have helped during the year, and
and the efficient collection of kit hire    was to make sure safety equipment         hopes to encourage new instructors.
fees.                                       was on board.                             In response to a question from the
Pete also reported that the van had         The second more serious incident was      floor she said 3 trainees had dropped
been well used in its second year, and      an uncontrolled buoyant ascent from       out during the year.
said he hoped the treasurer could           37m by a buddy pair. Both required               Equipment Officer
confirm it had more or less paid its        decompression chamber treatment,          Alan Covill reported that we no longer
way.                                        the more serious of the cases             rent the garage in Barnes Close, and
He thanked Greg for his work early in       suffering a cerebral and spinal bend.     we are looking for a prefab one to put
the year on the boats. Pete explained       Fortunately after intensive treatment     up next to the compressor shed. He
that there were some problems with          no serious permanent injury was           also reported on some problems with
the use and maintenance of the boats        sustained, due in part to prompt action   the new Apex equipment and on the
during the year, and felt that we should    taken by the crew on the boat, which      purchase of 10 steel 12l cylinders.
try and resolve these problems by           highlighted the value of O2 and PRM       Following the aluminium cylinder
setting out some clear guidelines and       courses.                                  problem it may be possible to get our
procedures on use of the boats, and         Dave expressed concern about the          newer ones retested and back into use.
having a workshop for boat handlers.        number of other ‘near misses’ during      All the equipment has now nearly
In replies to questions from the floor,     the year, particularly with loss of       been logged, once this is finished it
Pete said first aid kits were being         buoyancy control and out of air           can be insured.
acquired for the boats, and a new           situations. He intends before the                Compressor Officer
wheel lock was to be purchased for          coming season starts to run               Jon Schneider thanked the operators,
the trailer. In reply to a question about   workshops on safe diving procedures,      especially Pete F and Alan C. In
                                                AGM & Dolphins
response to a question he said we           in working order. There was some            agreed. The new Club diver course
charge non-members £1 for a fill. Pete      agreement from the floor that club          started in February, and a Dive Leader
Flaxman said once we have purchased         subs should be increased.                   course is to be run soon. A PRM
the appropriate equipment we can do                                                     course was run at the end of March
nitrox fills. A question was raised         DOLPHIN SIGHTING!                           as part of the DL course, as was a dive
about operators not staying for the                                                     planning and marshalling course. A
full duration of their duty, and it was     The BSAC240 Dive Planning &
                                            Marshalling course was held in              safe diving workshop will be held
suggested a better rota system be                                                       before the start of the new season as
organised. Pete F agreed procedures         Portland on the weekend of 10th/11th
                                            March. Those who successfully               part of the drive to tighten up our
needed to be tightened up.                                                              diving procedures.
                                            completed the course were Neil
             Treasurer                                                                  Accounts
                                            Burgess, Sally Carroll, Simon Parker
Chris Scott presented the accounts for                                                  See the AGM report for a general
                                            and Kim Phillips. And thanks to
the year. He noted slightly lower                                                       account.
                                            instructers Dave Smith and Ian Ross.
income and increased expenditure,                                                       Compressor
                                            On the way out to the last dive on
mainly due to boat, equipment and van                                                   Following concern about oil deposits
                                            Sunday a shoal of five dolphins came
maintenance. The boat expenses were                                                     on a couple of people’s regulator
                                            leaping up the boat - followed it for a
high because of the refurbishment of                                                    filters, the compressor was serviced
                                            short time and were then seen leaping
Cam Diver, van costs higher because                                                     and checked. The engineer reported
                                            off into the distance.
2000 was its first full year. £1700 was                                                 no problems with oil contamination.
                                            When the group arrived at the dive
spent on new regulators and                                                             It is likely that the oily filters were
                                            site they re-appeared just as everyone
cylinders. The overall result was a                                                     caused by fills from other
                                            was getting into the water. Special
negative transfer to accumulated                                                        compressors. However, it is also
                                            moments like that make you realise just
funds, which while not too serious                                                      possible that one or two of the new
                                            how lucky you are to dive.
Chris noted that we should make an                                                      cylinders have oil in them, so please
                                            Sally Carroll
effort to increase income, with try-                                                    could anyone who has experienced oil
dives and better control of trip monies.        Committee meetings of                   in their regulator filters please let Jon
He suggested a small increase in               12 Dec 2000, 24 January                  Schneider or Pete Flaxman know.
branch subs. The accounts were                  and 27 February 2001.                   Kit store
passed by the meeting, with 2               A few items and bits of news still          Expansion plans at the school may put
abstentions.                                relevant from the last 3 committee          our continued use of the kit store at
   Election of new committee                meetings.                                   risk. We will seek to get our agreement
The new committee was unanimously           Club kit                                    with the school extended and re-
elected as follows:                         Pete Flaxman & Alan Covill will check       signed. We have permission to erect
Chairman                Pete Flaxman        the US Divers regulators and attempt        a garage next to the shed to house
Diving Officer          Dave Smith          to file down the shoulders of the A-        more of our equipment. Alan Covill is
President               Paul Kelly          clamps where they are too thick to fit      currently looking for a 2nd hand
Equipment Officer Alan Covill               some cylinder pillar valves. Advice         prefab garage, if anyone knows of one
Treasurer               Chris Scott         taken suggested this wouldn’t               for sale could they let him know.
Compressor Officer Jon Schneider            compromise the strength of the A-           Miscellaneous items
Training Officer        Kim Phillips        clamps. The club tool kit has gone          There may be a new landlord at the
        (assisted by Emma Faid)             missing, please could people check          Boathouse soon, so it is possible
Boat Officer            Peter Willey        that they don’t have it. The kit            though unlikely that we may have to
        (assisted by Ian Ross)              inventory is still ongoing.                 move. The committee would welcome
Secretary               Sally Carroll       Boats                                       suggestions of suitable alternatives.
Committee Member Nic Vasilipolous           The RIB engines were wintered, and          The committee agreed to reimburse
Committee Member Dave Crane                 the floppy engine serviced. Various         Dave Crane for 50% of the costs of
          Any other business                minor problems with Cam Diver to be         the repairs (£100 est) his landrover
In a discussion about diving                seen to before the start of the season.     suffered when boat towing last year.
procedures it was generally agreed          A new radio for Chunderbird was             Derek Brownjohn
that the club had become lax, and that      purchased at the Boat Show - it is
there is a need to tighten up on safety     Global Maritime Distress & Safety
and general procedures on trips. The        System (GMDSS) compatible for
committee clarified that there would        when GMDSS comes in (possibly in
be a new kit hire procedure which           2005 - current VHF operators’ licenses
would hopefully allow closer control        are valid until all boats are required to
of fees, and ensure that individuals        use the new system.
who hire equipment have                     Training
responsibility for returning it clean and   Fees for training crossover divers were
                                               -- Club Rules 2001 --
1.0 General Diving Regulations                                           hired for holidays). Equipment returned late will incur a ‘fine’. Any
1.1 Any branch member who has not taken part in an officially            faults must be reported to the Equipment Officer or the Diving
logged dive in open water for a period exceeding three months,           Officer. Hire fees must be paid to the equipment officer.
must give their name to the Diving Officer or his/her Assistant, at      3.3 The club trailer is only to be used for carrying club equipment.
least ten days prior to their intention to dive. They may be asked to    3.4 Club equipment may only be hired for use on club dives or
carry out some pre-dive pool training and/or have their first dive       otherwise at the discretion of the Equipment Officer.
monitored by a branch instructor at a sheltered site.                    3.5 The portable compressor may only be hired for use on club
1.2 All branch dives must have the approval of the Diving Officer        expeditions, and at least one expedition member must have
or, in his/her absence, the Assistant Diving Officer. Dives which do     demonstrated competence in its operation to the compressor officer.
not have this approval are not classed as branch dives.                  There shall be a charge for its use, excluding petrol, the current fee
1.3 Buoyancy compensators will be worn on all branch dives.              will be notified by the compressor officer.
1.4 All full branch members wishing to dive must have a currently        3.6 The proton magnetometer may only be hired for use on club
valid medical as recommended by the BSAC. and this should be             expeditions, and at least one expedition member must have been
available for inspection by the Dive Marshall.                           fully instructed in it’s operation.
1.5 Any incident occurring on a branch dive must be reported to the      4.0 Compressor operation and Cylinder Testing
Diving Officer or his/her Assistant within 24 hours of return. A         4.1 Cylinders in use will have a current test certificate according to
written report must be submitted within 7 days of return. Where          the relevant specifications and will be clearly marked with the
appropriate, the Diving Officer will prepare an incident report          working pressure, test date and owner’s name. No details, no fill!
which will be sent to the BSAC incident adviser.                         4.2 Cylinders will not be overcharged to allow for pressure drop on
1.6 All branch dives must have adequate safety cover and accurate        cooling.
contemporaneous logs must be kept. Oxygen administration                 4.3 Only trained compressor operators may operate the club
equipment must be available for emergency first aid treatment on         compressor.
ALL branch dives. Where this is not provided by others, the club         No person, other than the Compressor Officer or his/her assistants,
portable sets MUST be taken. If the diving is from boats the sets        will be allowed in the compressor area during cylinder charging
MUST be on the boats.                                                    except at the operator’s discretion.
1.7 Log sheets must be completed for all branch dives and these          4.4 All cylinders requiring charging must be identified as such, as
must be returned to the Diving Officer or Assistant within 7 days of     stipulated by the Compressor Officer. Charged cylinders will be
return.                                                                  indicated by tape across the 0 ring.
1.8 Non branch members diving with the branch should be either           4.5 Charging times for cylinders will be posted in the compressor
BSAC members or hold adequate 3 party insurance cover.                   room and on the club notice board.
1.9 Within 4 weeks of a club expedition, all money due to the            4.6 Cylinders belonging to non-members may be charged at a rate
branch for kit hire, van hire and boat dives must be paid to the club    which is posted in the Compressor room.
treasurer.                                                               4.7 In the event of a compressor breakdown the Club will not be
 If possible, a written report should be submitted for publication in    liable for the cost of obtaining air elsewhere.
the club news letter. This could include details of coordinates for      4.8 No smoking or running of engines in or in the vicinity of the
sites, transits and other information which may be of use to future      compressor room at any time.
expeditions.                                                             4.9 The compressor must not be left unattended while cylinders are
1.10 Dive Marshaling                                                     being charged.
Any branch member can organize a dive trip but ALL branch dives          4.10 Nitrox cylinders must have valid oxygen clean certification
must be controlled by an appointed dive marshal. The Diving Officer      and can ONLY be filled by a person qualified as a nitrox gas blender.
or his/her assistant should approve the dive marshals.                   5.0 Club Boats
The minimum requirements for dive marshals is listed below :-            5.1 The boats may only be used on club expeditions and at least four
1.10.1 Coastal shore dive : Dive Leader + Dive Planning &                names will be required for booking a boat. A ú100 deposit is required
Marshaling SDC                                                           per expedition, to be held as a cheque with the cheque guarantee
1.10.2 Club boat dive : Advanced diver                                   card number written on the back. This deposit is to be held by the
1.10.3 Charter boat dive: Dive Leader + Dive Planning &                  Boat Officer and refundable on return of undamaged boat and full
Marshaling SDC                                                           tank of petrol.
1.10.4 Inland site        : The marshal must be a BSAC NQI for           5.2 Applications for use of club boats should be in writing to the
qualification dives otherwise a dive leader.                             Diving Officer via a booking form, and should include the name of
2.0 Pool Training                                                        one Advanced Diver with boat handling and chart work qualifications
2.1 Smoking is not permitted in the pool area, changing rooms or         to oversee the trip. The application should also include the name of
classrooms.                                                              a registered coxswain for each boat applied for, plus the names of
2.2 There shall be no running at the pool side.                          the other club members going on the trip. Once the application is
2.3 Over-arm strokes must not be used in the pool unless by prior        authorised, the boat(s) will be booked by the boat officer.
arrangement or if there are no cylinders being used in the pool.         5.3 Two boats may be allocated if the expedition has ten or more
2.4 Diving into the pool is not permitted if cylinders are being used    full Club members. If an expedition has six to nine full Club members,
in the pool.                                                             it may be allocated one boat initially and a second boat 28 days
2.5 The use of club pool equipment (e.g. aqualungs) is reserved for      before the departure of the expedition provided that no other
trainees under instruction unless otherwise authorised by the Training   qualifying group has made an official request in the meantime.
Officer.                                                                 Three boats may be allocated if the expedition has sixteen or more
2.6 Diving cylinders are not to be taken into the showers to be          full Club members; if an expedition has ten to fifteen full Club
washed.                                                                  members it may be allocated two boats initially and a third boat 28
2.7 There should be a Pool Marshall in attendance at all pool            days before the departure of the expedition provided that no other
sessions.                                                                qualifying group has made an official request in the meantime.
3.0 Club Equipment                                                       5.4 Once a boat has been allocated to an expedition the booking
3.1 Items are hired out on a charge per day of use basis. The hire       will not be cancelled unless conditions 5.1 to 5.4 cease to apply.
rates currently in operation will be posted in the Compressor Room.      5.5 Each boat must have a registered coxswain when it goes out to
ALL equipment hired or taken for open water diving MUST be               sea. This role may be delegated for instruction under supervision.
logged out in the register provided and the equipment officer or his/    The register of approved coxswains will be maintained by the Diving
her assistant must approve the hire.                                     Officer. Boats should also have a licensed VHF radio operator and a
3.2 After hire, equipment must be returned clean, in good working        trained Oxygen administrator.
order and in time for the next pool training session (except when        5.6 Boats and their equipment will be issued to specified individuals
Club rules, cont...
                                                                          Small Ads
who are responsible for their safe return on the day agreed intact
and clean. The boats and equipment will be logged both in and out
by the Boat Officer. Any loss or damage is the responsibility of the      Wanted
expedition and must be notified immediately to the Boat Officer.          Club tool kit - gone missing. If anyone has any clue to its
The committee shall determine the extent of the expedition                whereabouts, please tell Pete Flaxman.
members’ liability to the club.
5.7 The cost of transportation and fuel will be shared between the        Wanted
individual members of the expedition. It is recommended that those        Prefabricated garage (2nd hand) - for club use at
towing boats be reimbursed between one third and a half -. of their
fuel costs out of expedition funds.
                                                                          Chesterton school. The club hopes to erect a garage next
5.8 A set charge will be made for a boat dive. To be published by the     to the compressor shed to store some of our equipment
Committee.                                                                and is on the lookout for a 2nd hand bargain. If you know
5.9 The Zodiac (soft-bottomed inflatable) shall only be used for          of any for sale please let Alan Covill know.
towing in emergency situations.
5.10 The register of registered coxswains shall be maintained by the
Diving Officer. A registered coxswain is a person who has completed                              Kit Hire
the BSAC Boat Handling course and VHF radio course or has relevant
experience.                                                               As mentioned in the AGM report, a new kit hire procedure
6.0 Club van                                                              has been instituted in an attempt to simplify matters, and
6.1 The van may be hired from the club for the following :-
                                                                          facilitate the more efficient collection of due monies!
6.1.1 Towing club boats on club dive trips. 6.1.2 Transporting
club members & equipment on club dive trips.                              There will now be a looseleaf folder in the compressor
6.1.3 Club members may hire the van for private use, but at the           shed. Every club member will have a page each in the
discretion of the van officer and club dive trips always have priority.   folder on which must be recorded every item hired,
6.2 All requests MUST be made to the club van officer who will
                                                                          including identification number or letter where appropriate.
authorize the booking.
6.3 The driver must be 25 yrs or older and a paid up branch member.       A list of hire charges will be displayed at the front of the
Drivers must also hold a valid, ‘clean’ drivers license.                  folder. Kit may only be distributed by an appropriate club
6.4 The van officer will inform applicants of the hire charges.           officer.
These must be paid to the club treasurer.
6.5 The van must be returned in clean condition and all rubbish
removed. Hirers must also complete the log book which is kept in
the van.                                                                  Branch Web site:
March 2001

The rules above are reconfirmed by the new committee annually,            Email list
and this year have been redrafted bearing in mind the lessons             Send mail to:
learned from last season's spate of incidents. The above are still
in the draft stage and may be subject to minor changes, but please
read them and look out for more (possibly an article from the             with the following line in the body of the message:
Diving Officer) on diving and boat safety procedures in the next          subscribe bsac240

                                                   CamBSAC Diary 2001
10 April                                   Committee meeting, 2000, The Boathouse

13 - 16 April                              Easter Novice trip, Brixham - Kim Phillips

21 - 22 April                              Boathandling practice, Levington - Emma Faid

28 - 29 April                              Boathandling course, Levington - Pete Flaxman

5 - 7 May                                  Pembrokeshire trip - Kim Phillips

7 - 14 May                                 Red Sea liveaboard - Pete Carpenter

26 May - 2 June                            Challaborough trip - Chris Scott

2 - 9 June 2001                            Norway liveaboard trip - Ian Ross

18 - 28 August 2001                        Trip to Shetlands - Manchester club, Ian Ross

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