Financial Roles and Responsibilities by pptfiles


									Financial Roles and Responsibilities

Financial Roles and Responsibilities

Approved by F&GPC:

Sue James Parent Governor

Ian McCaul Principal

Wilf Stevenson Community Governor

Derek Tavernor Community Governor

Peter Ward Chair of Committee

Agreed by:

Ian McCaul Principal

James Giles Head of School

Linda Switzer School Business Manager

Irene Cooper Facilities Manager

Jo Officer Office Administrator

Date: 8.03.10

Updated 5.03.10                         1
Financial Roles and Responsibilities

Con en s                                                                                 Page
Financial Overview                                                                       3

Governance                                                                               4

Audit (FMSiS)                                                                            4

Financial Procedures                                                                     4

School Improvement Planning                                                              5

Budget: Year End Projection, Bids, Budget Setting, Cash Flow Management, Monitoring,     6-8

Returns: Monthly, Year-end & CFR                                                         9

Reconciliations: Bank, SAP, Three-way, Year end & Payroll                                10

Purchase & General Ledger: Purchasing, Buy-back Services, Contracts, Delivery, Orders,   11-12
Non-order Invoices, Internet Purchases, Credit/Debit Cards, Cheque Processing, DD
Processing, Journals, Central Payments, Pecuniary Interest, Hire Agreements & Leases

Employing Sub-contractors                                                                13

Income: Maximising income, Bank, Charging Policy, Invoices, Direct Credits, Telephone    14-15
Box, Telephones & School Mobiles, Lettings, Contributions, School Uniform, Banking,
Garage Rent, Interest & School Minibus

Imprest                                                                                  16

VAT: accounting & Climate Change Levy                                                    17

Insurance and Security                                                                   18

Inventory: Stock Book, Security Marking, Property Removal, Debts, Write-off Procedure,   19
Sale of Assets, Consumable Resources

Staff: Advertising, Appointments, Pensions, Personnel Recording, CPD, performance        20-21
management, Absences, Expenses, Terminations, Payroll, Accommodation, Structure,
Terminations & General

System Management: Back-up Procedures, Anti-virus Protection, Passwords, Buy-back        22
Upgrades & Word Safe Tokens

Pupils: Data Attendance Register, Exclusions, Behaviour Recording, PLASC returns,        23
Workforce Census, Timetabling/curriculum administrations, Assessment & Data Protection

Catering                                                                                 24

Voluntary Funds                                                                          25

Extended Day: Status & laundry                                                           26

Other Financial Considerations: Fuel Card, Funding, Ad hoc Projects & OFSTED             27

Updated 5.03.10                                                                                  2
Financial Roles and Responsibilities

                                       FINANCIAL OVERVIEW

The GB is responsible for the overall direction of the school. They set Policies and
Procedures for the school to follow and establish Terms of Reference (see Appendix A) for all
sub-committees to ensure all parties are aware of their duties, responsibilities and limitations.
This is the yardstick that Auditors use to measure compliance with written procedures and
successful performance of the school. The GB is responsible for setting targets for the HT
and for his Performance Pay Review.

The F&GPC’s level of responsibility is reviewed/determined by the GB annually. The F&GPC
can delegate responsibilities to the HT and SBM as appropriate. This should be suitably
minuted for everyone’s protection.

The F&GPC meets at least termly to consider financial and general issues. The SBM uses
this platform to ensure governors are furnished with comprehensive financial and pertinent
business information with which to make key decisions for the financial direction of the school.
This includes policies under review and other financial initiatives under consideration.

The F&GPC has responsibility for ensuring efficient deployment of funds, monitoring
performance against budget and the formulation of clear strategic objectives if the budget is
not going to plan.

The SBM is responsible for the day-to-day financial management of the school. S(he) will
provide effective financial services to the school in accordance with school policies. S(he)
ensures the school applies best practices and highest standards of financial management to
secure ‘best value’ and maximise efficiency. In operating this s(he) must ensure compliance
with the County Finance Director’s Guidelines for the control of finances as laid down in the
LMS Handbook. In his/her capacity s(he) attends staff meetings to alert staff to pertinent
financial issues concerning them, report good financial practices and cascade SLT and GB
financial decisions.

BHs are responsible for setting a realistic budget in order to maintain and develop their area
in line with school improvement priorities. They should check their budget frequently to
ensure spend is in line with agreed allocation and profiles.

The FM must ensure that PLS’ Financial Management Policy and Roles & Responsibilities
are brought to the attention of all stakeholders with a financial responsibility.

It is the duty of every stakeholder with financial responsibility to operate with integrity, fairness
and in an ethical manner and apply the principles of Best Value as laid out in PLS’ statement
(see Appendix C).

Updated 5.03.10                                                                                     3
Financial Roles and Responsibilities


Governing Body/Finance & General Purposes Committee/Principal/School Business
Manager/Facilities Manager/Office Administrator/Clerks
The FM is responsible for providing every new Governor with an induction pack (see
Appendix B). In addition, s(he) should keep abreast of latest developments in governorship to
incorporate new information in the pack and update the information on PLS’ website. S(he)
will ensure that Governors return their signed form and complete R20 FMSiS forms at their

LA appointed person clerks the GB and F&GPC meetings. All actions arising from the
meetings should be clearly stated in the minutes and followed up at the next meeting to
ensure they have been suitably addressed, then signed by the Chair to confirm they were a
true and accurate record of decisions made.

SBM cascades important financial information to staff via the staff meeting, email or internal

The GB is required to take account of best value principles in managing the budget.
Delegated financial responsibility: SBM £1k, HT £10k (£15k on invoice authorisation), F&GPC
£30k, above £30k full GB.

                                           AUDIT (FMSiS)

Finance & General Purposes Committee/Principal/School Business Manager/Facilities
HT, SBM & FM should undertake a financial controls self-assessment every year (using
FMSiS R52 financial risk and control checklist) and produce a statement of internal
controls (SIC) that identifies areas of weakness, risk, current status, recommendations and
reviews improvement from previous year. The F&GPC need to review the Statement of
Internal Controls and submit to SFST (Schools Finance Support Team) annually.          SBM
should update the Best Value Statement and seek F&GPC approval annually prior to
submitting to SFST.

The SBM is responsible for ensuring all standards outlined in the FMSiS are met and to draw
up an immediate action plan to address any adverse issues raised by internal audit.

                                       FINANCIAL PROCEDURES
School Business Manager/Facilities Manager
SBM should develop appropriate financial procedures to meet the evolving needs of PLS’
operation. The financial policy and roles and responsibilities should be updated to reflect
changes in practice and approved by F&GPC annually.

FM is responsible for ensuring that all accounting records including invoices, delivery notes,
bank statements etc. are retained in hard copy for six years, plus the current year, in a secure

Updated 5.03.10                                                                               4
Financial Roles and Responsibilities

                               SCHOOL IMPROVEMENT PLANNING

Governing Body/Principal/Senior Leadership Team/School Business Manager/Key Holders
See Appendix I for School Development Plan.

HT is responsible for overseeing the SDP and alerting Governors regularly with its progress.

SBM should develop an understanding of the national agenda for the future of the English
education system and explore and identify macro trends impacting school development
strategies to take advantage of changes. Use should be made of Teachernet, DCSF, TDA
and NCSL websites, T2L communities, networking, case studies and reading resources.
(S)he should inform HT of her findings.

SLT is responsible for identifying educational priorities and resource implications. SBM is
responsible for ensuring SDP states PLS’ educational goals in sufficient detail to provide
basis for constructing current and future year budgets and ensures SDP KHs are aware of the
need and importance of financial management, particularly planning, projection and cash flow
and assists them in developing goals, identifying resources required to meet criteria, financial
implications and profiles.

SBM should apply techniques for establishing and identifying budget requirements before
creating a three yearly fully costed management plan (reflected in the three-year budget

The HT and GB must produce an annual report to parents showing progress against the SDP.
This report should include an overview of PLS’ financial position. Year end statement is
produced by the SFST on behalf of the school.

Updated 5.03.10                                                                                5
Financial Roles and Responsibilities


Governing Body/Finance & General Purposes Committee/Senior                              Leadership
Team/Principal/School Business Manager/Budget Holders

Year End Projection
PLS receives a provisional budget towards the end of the current financial year, by which time
the SBM should have analysed ten months ‘actual’ and extrapolated accounts in an effort to
establish a year-end projection. The projected outturn position provides a dual purpose:
baseline for next year’s budget setting and realistic indication of likely under spend/deficit to
‘Carry Forward’ to the next financial year, thereby allowing F&GPC to decide whether to
address outstanding plans before or after the new year.

Budget Setting
SBM should identify trends and evaluate their impact on potential funding from local and
government institutions and project the impact on the new resources to replace deficits (see
Appendix G new funding formula matrix locator).

Salaries constitute approximately 88% of total budget share and therefore require due
consideration. SBM will utilise SFST’s three year budget modeller to assist in establishing
salary amounts required for the new year. This should take into account compulsory
progression points, inflation, NI and pension rates.

The remaining budget headings are set using zero based and incremental methods as
appropriate. SBM will create a skeletal budget that includes: Repair & Maintenance, Energy,
Cleaning, Water, Vehicle and Plant Running Costs, Office, Telephone, Ground Maintenance,
Catering, Central, Contract and Other Department Services, Laundry, Insurance, Asset
Management Plan (AMP) necessities, and a carry forward buffer (budget should achieve only
a prudent planned level of unspent balances i.e. 3-5% of allocation to cover unforeseen
expenditure e.g. long-term sickness cover). Budget should be based on the best and most
complete information available e.g. actual and projected pupil numbers, notifications of
funding levels, historic information and new initiatives under review. Any known variances,
from current year end projected figures, should be incorporated to formulate the new budget
figures e.g. inflation, changing suppliers, new contracts, introduction of Climate Change Levy,
central to school delegation of responsibilities etc.

If, after allocating essential amounts, there is money available it is to be distributed in line with
School Improvement Plan (SDP) and Asset Management Plan priorities and curriculum bids.
SLT meet to prioritise available and Standard Fund expenditure. Budget setting should be
inextricably linked to school improvement. The SBM should ensure the budget reflects the
longer-term financial plans of PLS (three years), calculate the annual cost of school
improvement and report to the F&GPC. In addition, the SBM should audit curriculum
requirements linked to enrolment and staffing to present alternative scenarios for
consideration by the SLT and GB. The F&GPC are responsible for approving the budget and
the GB ratifies the decision at the next GB meeting.

Curriculum Bids
SBM distributes a template to enable Budget Holders to submit bids in three sections:
maintenance, PM objectives and development priorities.
When necessary operational and SDP costs are met the SLT review bids and prioritise
expenditure in line with the SDP and target resources to maximise impact on student

When the budget has been approved (initially by F&GPC and ratified at full GB during the
summer term) the SBM consults with BHs to identify required profiles and detailed ledger
code expenditure prior to entering on SIMS FMS system. SBM must send an electronic copy
of the annual budget listing to the SFST by the stipulated deadline. SBM produces a

Updated 5.03.10                                                                                    6
Financial Roles and Responsibilities

monitoring sheet (see Appendix J) which reflects agreed expenditure by ledger code. FM
monitors spend in line with agreed expenditure. If BH wish to make purchases that are not in
line with the agreed budget, or if they wish to change the profile, they must justify the changes
and seek approval from the HT.

Cash Flow Management
SBM is responsible for identifying any potential cash flow problems. When the budget has
been entered on FMS the SBM needs to analyse planned expenditure profiles to ensure there
is no potential to become overdrawn; if there are problems the HT prioritises expenditure to
ensure money is spent evenly throughout the year. The SBM must inform all BHs when they
are allowed to spend and then expenditure should be viewed in line with agreed profiles.
SBM should review projected expenditure fortnightly and check FMS and HSBC balances to
ensure sufficient funds are available to meet forthcoming expenditure. In addition, s(he) must
undertake regular investigations to ensure there are no variances from plan which could
create a financial risk.

Prior to spending, BHs must consult with FM to ensure money availability and planned
expenditure is in line with agreed profile/established SDP criteria. They must complete a
‘School’s Order Form’, which is verified, signed and dated by the FM. The FM will then raise
an Official Purchase Order.

If BHs want to exceed their budget allocation they must seek permission from the HT, who
can vire amounts of up to £10k without seeking address from the Governors.

The HT has overall responsibility for non-curriculum cost centres and is authorised to spend
£10k on any one transaction without seeking permission from the GB. It should be noted that
expenditure between £500 and £10,000 requires two quotes. If, for some reason, the higher
quote is the most desirable the F&GPC’s approval is required following adequate justification.
If problems are encountered obtaining two quotes the SBM will confirm to the F&GPC that
another quote was sought and, in spite of best efforts, was not forthcoming. (S)he will furnish
proof as necessary. All standing orders to contract should be signed by HT if >£1k or SBM if
annual contract is <£1k.

The SBM is responsible for monitoring the overall budget. (S)he compares SAP reports with
FMS to ensure there are no inconsistencies and analyses the Chart of Account Review to
keep abreast of potential areas of concern so that corrective action may be taken at the
earliest opportunity to prevent overspending. In addition, the SBM checks actual salaries
against Personnel/FMS monthly to ensure they are in line and monitors actual expenditure
against budget plan. The SBM should adapt and modify through evaluation: interim and
annual financial statements and reports of the financial position and operating results of the
school for governors, SLT and BHs including projected alternatives in response to
developments. All reports should be clearly presented so that information is easy to
understand or adapted to suit their requirements.

It is the responsibility of the SBM to ensure governors are furnished with sufficient financial
information to enable them to clearly understand the financial position of the school at any
given time. S(he) must alert governors to changes in circumstances that would warrant
changes to the budget. Every month the SBM furnishes the Governors with financial
monitoring reports: FMS Chart of Accounts review by cost centre and LA SAP statement by
ledger code. In addition the CoG should receive CFR budget remaining and CFR budget
variance reports. This enables the F&GPC to keep track and make informed financial
management decisions. The F&GPC need to monitor performance in line with the agreed
budget. They should highlight various questions and explore variances to ensure they are
completely satisfied that funds are being spent appropriately and there are no risks. Agreed
budgetary changes must be reflected on FMS and sent to SFST. Changes should be
communicated to pertinent stakeholders.

SBM uses the SFST’s financial modeller for monitoring budget progress.

Updated 5.03.10                                                                                 7
Financial Roles and Responsibilities

SBM must provide all BHs with frequent statements. BHs should monitor expenditure in line
with their approved plan; any planned deviations in expenditure should be brought to the
attention of the SBM. Any expenditure queries should be flagged up immediately.

The SBM may vire up to £1k without the sanction of the GB.

The SBM has authority to journal incorrectly coded items and keeps a record on file.

The SBM monitors and controls expenditure in line with developed profiles, administering
agreed virements between budget headings.

SBM will monitor cash flow on a quarterly basis producing forecasts to ensure the school
does not go overdrawn. SBM needs to alert F&GPC of any budget adjustments; these should
be noted in Committee minutes and revised plans approved in line with delegated financial
levels of responsibility. Approved budgetary changes should be reflected on FMS and
electronically communicated to the SFST at CFR code level on a quarterly basis.

SBM prepares annual estimates of income and expenditure for budget preparation and
statements of income and expenditure at frequent intervals throughout the year when

SBM should maximise the application of budget and available resources to support the
evolving SDP and construct reports to keep stakeholders informed.

SBM should make every effort to compare performance with similar schools in order to
ensure PLS continues to provide best value. DCSF Audit Commission is recommended. Any
perceived weaknesses should be explored to determine how performance could be improved
(if the comparator schools are fair and reasonable). The conclusions and recommendations of
any exercise undertaken should be reported to the F&GPC.

Updated 5.03.10                                                                           8
Financial Roles and Responsibilities

Facilities Manager/School Business Manager

FM must ensure all VAT reports are submitted to the SFST by the due date (see SAP diary
for submission dates) to ensure VAT paid by PLS is returned promptly and LA system reflects
up to date school financial position.

SBM responsible for complying with SFST’s YE timetable (DR/CR list, 2-way reconciliation,
PC statement etc.) and for ensuring that SAP ledger codes and closing balances match with

SBM should make use of the information available to achieve value for money in schools.

Updated 5.03.10                                                                           9
Financial Roles and Responsibilities


School Business Manager/Facilities Manager

SBM is responsible for ensuring that PLS is not in danger of being overdrawn. FM is
responsible for ensuring that bank reconciliations take place fortnightly, are accurate and
resolve all issues. FM undertakes the 2 way reconciliation and SBM independently reviews
and signs statements every term.

SBM should reconcile SAP and SIMS FMS system monthly. Any items in suspense must be
investigated and resolved as a matter of urgency. (S)he must conduct regular coding checks
between SAP and SIMS to ensure they match and resolve any inconsistencies.

FM conducts a monthly three-way reconciliation between SAP, SIMS FMS and HSBC Bank.
SBM checks the accuracy and countersigns the reconciliation prior to submission to SFST.
FM must send electronic (including scanned statements and bank history reports) and hard
copies of the reports to the School’s Finance Support Team.

SBM ensures SAP ledger codes and closing balances match FMS.

SBM ensures the FMS PY01 payroll account balances to zero and that ledger codes held on
SE’s system match those held on FMS.

Updated 5.03.10                                                                          10
Financial Roles and Responsibilities

                                 PURCHASE & GENERAL LEDGER

Facilities Manager/School Business Manager/Principal/Head of School/Behaviour
Director/Budget Holders/Office Administrator/Clerk
In order to comply with LMS financial regulations control is maintained through separation of
duties i.e. the FM raises orders and processes invoices and SBM authorises invoices and
raises cheques. To facilitate the smooth running of the school in the event of staff absence
the HT has been allocated the same access rights as FM and the OA has the same rights as
SBM. HT must sign all orders; DH may sign in his absence.

FM and SBM ensure purchasing is in line with agreed plans, profiles and best value
principles. They obtain at least two quotes for standing orders to contracts between £1,000
and £10,000. If higher quote is more desirable adequate justification must be given to, and
approved by the F&GPC. 3 quotes are required for work exceeding £10k and tenders are
required for work exceeding £50k. All quotes are retained by FM.

BHs can decide which supplier to use, providing they operate within their delegated financial
limits and comply with the LMS handbook on purchasing.

Buy Back Services from Bucks CC
SBM monitors LA performance and explores alternative business solutions prior to making
recommendations to F&PGC as to the services PLS should purchase.

FM makes sure PLS has arrangements in place to seek expert advice when necessary
(contact contract’s department Bucks County Council).

OA signs for goods. Note: all deliveries should state goods unseen.
The delivery note/invoice and goods are sent to the budget holder for formal
checking against the order. The budget holder evidences the check of goods received
on the delivery note/invoice. The delivery note/invoice is then sent to the facilities office.
Any shortages or defective items in the goods supplied are clearly indicated on the
delivery note by the budget holder. The budget holder is responsible for ensuring the
delivery is rectified. The Facilities Manager maintains a pending file and will not process
invoices until the Budget Holder confirms receipt of goods.

BHs enter requirements on internal order forms. SBM will allow orders to be processed when
expenditure is in line with plans, approved bids and agreed profiles.

FM processes SBM’s signed ‘School Order forms’ on Financial Management System (FMS),
attains HTs approval/signature, despatches a copy to supplier and retains a signed copy on
site. On receipt of goods the FM obtains the BH’s signature on the delivery note or invoice
and enters invoice information on FMS.

The HT must sign all orders prior to despatching to suppliers. MoS ordering goods must
check on arrival to ensure they match the order. If this is satisfactory the invoice can be
processed by FM on FMS for payment. All transactions above the HT’s delegated limit of
£10k must be approved by the F&GPC and all transaction above the F&GPC’s delegated limit
of £30k must be approved & minuted by the full GB.

Non-Order Invoices
FM is responsible for processing non-order invoices.

Updated 5.03.10                                                                                  11
Financial Roles and Responsibilities

The person receiving the goods signs invoices (or delivery note). FM processes invoices for
payment. SBM checks coding, accuracy of amounts entered (verification that quotes exist if
purchases are >£1,000), VAT rates, I/V number, date, address and discounts given prior to

Internet Purchases
Will be conducted by FM & SBM.

Purchasing Card
HT will be responsible for making debit card purchases on behalf of PLS. HT must
sign the Bucks Purchasing Card form before placing the order.
On a monthly basis the SBM certifies Transaction Logs as reconciled with the HSBC
statement. The Chair of Governors should approve the Headteacher’s Transaction

Cheque Processing
SBM is responsible for cheque processing and for following PLS procedures if cheques are
spoilt or require cancellation.

CoG is responsible for authorising cheques above the delegated limits and SBM is
responsible for keeping a log of approved cheques above the delegated limits.

SBM ensures PLS continues the practice of purchasing through outlets that expect payment
on production of an invoice following production of a purchase order.

HT and/or DH and one other must sign cheques (Head of Care and Behaviour Director).

FM attaches PLS’ cheque information to the Order/Invoice and marks paid on the invoice
prior to filing in a secure site.

Direct Debit Processing
SBM is responsible for setting up direct debits. HT signs direct debit mandates and one other
authorised signatory.
SBM is responsible for processing all journals.
Central payments
SBM is responsible for processing all central payments.

Pecuniary Interest
GB clerk must formally invite governors to disclose business interests at every GB & sub
committee meeting and this must be minuted. FM is responsible for ensuring all stakeholders
who could derive a financial advantage from being associated with the school complete, and
update, a pecuniary interest form annually.

Hire Agreement and Leases
The school will not enter into any hire agreements i.e. an arrangement where after all the
payments have been made, the business customer becomes the owner of the equipment. HT
has authority for entering into leases in line with his level of delegated financial responsibility
as set out in the Terms of Reference.

SBM is responsible for entering budget virements on FMS following approval at the
appropriate level of delegated level of responsibility.

Updated 5.03.10                                                                                 12
Financial Roles and Responsibilities

                                 EMPLOYING SUB CONTRACTORS
Facilities Manager
When engaging sub-contractors it is FM’s responsibility to check whether an individual should
be Employed (and paid via Payroll) or Self Employed (and set up as a Creditor) by
completing Employment Status Declaration forms for all sub-contractors.

Updated 5.03.10                                                                            13
Financial Roles and Responsibilities


Governing Body/Principal/School          Business     Manager/Facilities     Manager     /Office
In order to comply with Auditing Regulations it is important to create a proper separation of
duties in the collection of income. SBM & OA (uniform & damages) receives income and
issue sequentially numbered receipts. SBM ensures that receipts reconcile with amount
entered in bank income book. SBM enters information on the financial management system
and excel spreadsheet.

Maximising Income
SBM should make best efforts to maximise income for the benefit of the students. Pursuing
funding opportunities, liaising with LA, scanning horizon to determine available grants,
investing surplus income in Money Market accounts. There should be no financial risk in
these pursuits.

SBM should consider best value when determining whether to join the corporate bank
account or an independent bank account. Need to maximise interest opportunities and
minimise charges.

Charging Policy
SBM is responsible for reviewing and updating the Policy to ensure it reflects PLS’ ethos,
meets DfES requirements and is in accordance with s457 of the Education Act, 1996.
F&GPC must approve annually. HT should bring it to parents’ attention and SBM should
make sure it is updated on PLS’ website.

Prestwood Lodge School’s Invoices
SBM is responsible for raising sequentially numbered invoices. HT should sign PLS’ copy to
indicate that he has agreed the amount and checked that the number is consecutive. A
periodic check should also be made to ensure that the amount collected agrees with the
invoice and the bank paying-in slip/SAF/FMS.

SBM chases unpaid invoices thirty days after initial despatch and alerts F&GPC when
payment has not been secured in a timely fashion.

Prestwood Lodge School’s Non-Invoiced Income
SBM is responsible for maintaining an excel spreadsheet with anticipated income such as
youth opportunity funding, LA agreed funding, 1:1 tuition programme etc.

Direct Credits
SBM is responsible for the timely entry of all credits to the system.

Telephones & School Mobiles
FM is responsible for scrutinising telephone bills to ensure calls are business related. Staff
have to pay for personal calls. They calculate the amount owed and confirm that all other
calls are business related.

FM ensures all lettings are completed on official Hire Agreement forms authorised by HT and
receives all income associated with them. SBM raises invoices for lettings and records
information on purpose designed excel spreadsheet. Owing to the boarding status of this
school it is difficult to generate income through lettings however the SBM continually seeks for
ways in which to generate income where appropriate. FM and SBM jointly administer existing
Lettings, ensuring everything is in line with the School Letting Policy. Letting Policy should be
reviewed and approved by GB annually.

Updated 5.03.10                                                                               14
Financial Roles and Responsibilities

FM receives contributions and issues receipt from a duplicate copybook; OA banks the
associated income.

School Uniforms
The OA keeps a record of all uniforms sold and FM issues sequentially numbered receipts for
payment of all money received.

OA is responsible for all banking and should follow PLS’ protocol for safe transit of cash.

Garage Rent
FM identifies staff garage requirements and informs Legal Department, School Organisation
and payroll provider.

SBM should aim to maximise potential income from investments without risking capital. (S)he
will review available investments/deposit accounts and guide Governors on best way forward
for the school to invest excess income and will manage funds following their decision. SBM
should compare interest derived from being part of the treasury account versus investment in
the money market accounts.

School Minibus and Car
FM must ensure that staff who wish to have personal use of the school minibus are suitably
qualified, gain permission from the HT, make sure the school does not need the bus and gets
staff to complete a request form (housed in main office).

SBM ensures money is banked for personal use of the minibus. Ensures County provide
adequate funding for use of our minibus to escort pupils to and from school. Monitors
expenditure on hire and repair and maintenance to ensure good value for money is being

Updated 5.03.10                                                                               15
Financial Roles and Responsibilities


Facilities Manager/Office Administrator/Principal/School Business Manager
HT and/or DH and one other must sign imprest cheques (Head of Care and nominated
residential teacher).

Staff members are required to sign a receipt book, which enables them to borrow petty cash
from the OA. They are required to return VAT receipts/change where appropriate within ten
days. Receipts should be attached to a completed petty cash chitty and signed by claimant.
HT must countersign all claims.

Approved Budget Holders may purchase items from various outlets, from which they deem to
represent good value, however receipts/chitties must be presented within three months or
they will not be recompensed via Petty Cash without F&GPC’s approval.

In the main, petty cash is to be used for purchasing minor items; any request for larger
amounts (£500+) to be authorised by the HT prior to purchase.

OA ensures items over £100 have Prestwood Lodge’s name and address on the receipt in
order to reclaim VAT.

OA is primarily responsible for issuing money, ensuring authenticity of receipts, following rules
laid down in ‘Office Procedures.’ FM is responsible for recording expenditure on Financial
Management System (FMS) and processing monthly claims. SBM is responsible for checking
accuracy of PC & reconciling petty cash transactions on FMS with cash in hand on an adhoc

Following closure of the School Fund and the movement of financing evening activities to the
Budget Share the in charge will be allocated £40 per night and will return receipts, chitties and
change on a daily basis to the OA.

SBM is responsible for conducting a termly check of petty cash reconciliations.

Updated 5.03.10                                                                               16
Financial Roles and Responsibilities


Principal/School Business Manager/Facilities Manager

Office Staff are responsible for ensuring VAT is only claimed on proper VAT invoices and
observing rules identified in ‘Office Procedures’.

FM is responsible for submitting monthly Vat returns to the SFST by the stipulated deadlines
and calculating VAT accruals/prepayments while undertaking three-way reconciliations.

Climate Change Levy
FM is responsible for establishing a correct Climate Change Levy (CCL) residential split,
checking accuracy regularly and ensuring information is submitted to appropriate authorities
i.e. Customs & Excise and Energy Suppliers.

Updated 5.03.10                                                                           17
Financial Roles and Responsibilities


School Business Manager/Facilities Manager/Principal
FM seeks best value when purchasing insurance, ensures the school has adequate
protection, budgets appropriately and ensures PLS receives money from claims.

FM processes insurance claims on a timely basis and alerts SBM to all claims raised.

HT is responsible for ensuring incident is properly recorded and signs all claims.


Facilities Manager/Lead Behaviour Manager/ Caretaker/ All Staff

To prevent students accessing valuable assets or information, staff must not leave
classrooms or offices unlocked and unattended. Caretaker should be proactive in ensuring
this practice is embedded.

Updated 5.03.10                                                                            18
Financial Roles and Responsibilities


Facilities Manager/Budget Holders//Learning Support Assistant/Principal/Director of
FM is responsible for updating and maintaining the stock book in accordance with ‘School
Procedures’. In this capacity she encourages budget holders to keep their stock accounting
up to date.

Stock Book
On receipt of invoices FM records comprehensive information on all desirable items and
purchases over £1,000 in the FMS stock book in the designated area.

BHs are responsible for the safe custody of the assets purchased by them through the official
budget. FM conducts an annual stock check to audit equipment and keeps the record in a
fireproof safe. In the event of stock going missing the HT will assess whether staff have
been negligent in their care of assets and if so may charge up to the replacement value.

Property Removal
FM ensures staff receive permission from HT and enter details in a register prior to taking
items off-site.

SBM is responsible for reviewing outstanding debts and reporting to F&GPC.

Write-off Procedure
HT has authority to write-off items <£500, F&GPC between £500 and £1,000 and
approval must be sought from the Governing Body before writing off items with a
value >£1,000. The Headteacher is responsible for notifying the LA where this is
 HT or administrative staff must witness disposals of items valued at <£1,000 and this
must be logged on the hard copy of the stock book.

Sale of Assets
The GB must approve sale of assets.

Consumable Resources
LSA and FM are responsible for ordering, distributing and checking stock of consumable
items for the frontline and admin areas respectively. Any requests for excessive amounts of
consumables must be highlighted and brought to the attention of the HT.

Updated 5.03.10                                                                               19
Financial Roles and Responsibilities


School Business Manager/Facilities Manager/Principal/Chair of Governors/Finance &
General Purposes Committee/ Head of School

HT/DH/SBM are responsible for writing advertisements and SBM is responsible for liaising with Tribal
and Hays prior to placing in appropriate media. OA is responsible for ordering and distributing
application forms.

The Interview
Interviews are conducted by at least two members of staff or a member of staff and a governor to
ensure the process is scrupulously fair. OA is responsible for inviting candidates to interview, securing
references, organising personality tests, timetabling candidates and informing staff of their responsibility
on the interview day.

SBM is responsible for ensuring the criteria in Appendix F is met prior to employing new staff. HT has
delegated authority to employ staff that have been approved by the F&GPC. Changes in rates of pay
must be approved by the F&GPC. Staff MUST NOT be employed until suitably CRB cleared. SBM
maintains confidential staff records in the filing cabinet in the Safe Room and is the only key holder.

Teachers Pay & Pension & LGPS
SBM is responsible for providing information on an annual basis to LA pension departments. Copies of
forms should be given to staff and held on file in a secure location at PLS.

Personnel Recording
SBM must update SIMS Launcher module with pertinent personnel information and invite staff to update
details annually. SBM maintains confidential staff records in the filing cabinet in the Safe Room and is
the only key holder.

OA records all staff training (including INSET) on SIMS Personnel Database.

Performance Management
SBM is responsible for updating this policy and for alerting GB to new initiatives. GB must approve PM
policy and SBM updates on website. GB is responsible for conducting HT’s PM review.

Absence Recording
OA ensures staff complete appropriate absence forms, records all absences as per school procedures
and submits monthly returns to SE.

Staff must consider the most cost effective and economic means of travel in terms of money and time
and must ensure their trip is agreed by the HT prior to embarking on it. SBM scrutinises staff expenses
and ensures they are added up properly, coded and signed by the HT before processing for payment.
HT’s expenses can be authorised by OM (agreed at F&GPC meeting).

The SBM will endeavour, wherever possible, to ensure that payroll transactions are processed only
through the payroll system.

The HT (Deputy in his absence) must sign all payroll forms. HT’s salary alterations and expense claim
forms must be signed by the CoG.
SBM receives a first draft salary schedule from Strictly Education (PLS’ payroll providers) and checks
salary payments against the school’s monthly commitment on FMS to ensure they match. Outstanding
queries from the previous month, any overtime and additional sessions i.e. Sleep-ins, Extraneous Duties
and Disturbance Allowance payments or new/changes to contracts need to be checked to ensure they
are processed appropriately. SE printouts, outstanding items and additional sessions are stored in the
filing cabinet in the SBM’s office. Any ambiguities must be addressed to SE immediately (there is
generally a 24 hour window in which to correct salary payments if they are to be processed in the same
month). The first draft salary schedule must be signed by the SBM to indicate that it has been checked
and the final version signed and dated by the SBM. The HT (Deputy in his absence) must check final

Updated 5.03.10                                                                                          20
Financial Roles and Responsibilities

payroll run at least termly (recommended monthly) to verify that he recognises all current staff on the list
and signs and dates the payroll print to say that it has been checked and verified.
The SBM must process the kitchen’s contractual overtime on a spread sheet and the HT must verify it
SBM must process Payroll journals on FMS as follows:
     Debit budget with the monthly amounts shown on SE’s salary print breakdown i.e. teachers
      (basic 111001, NI 111002, Superannuation 111005), childcare (basic 147901, NI 147902,
      Superannuation 147903), admin (basic 144001, NI 144002, Superannuation 144003) etc
     Credit payroll control account (PY01) with the amount SE will take from the account
     Credit the rent income.

When processing the DD the SBM has to:
       Credit the bank account with the amount SE will deduct
       Debit the PY01 account. The payroll control account is a holding account and must balance to

In the absence of the SBM the HT will process the payroll transactions. It is recommended that PLS
purchases the services of the School’s Finance Support Team to work alongside the HT to meet the
procedure identified above.

See residential status.

The staffing structure should be reviewed annually by the SLT and timetabler prior to budget setting. It
should be constructed in line with school improvement requirements and affordability and presented to
the F&GPC for approval. This should then be cemented in the budget. The staffing structure should be
an ongoing consideration as the dynamics of the staff team change with additions and departures.

All terminations must be conducted by at least two members of staff or a member of staff and a
governor to ensure the process is scrupulously fair.

In addition, the SBM:

         Keeps staff aware of up to date policy and regulations surrounding salary issues.
         Updates salary policy for governor review/approval and ensures salary functions are consistent
          with approved policies.
         Ensures SE is informed of staff leaving and ensures cover is provided when required.
         Sets up supply staff and manages their contract.
         Addresses all remuneration issues and liases with Payroll if/when necessary, thereby
          eradicating anomalies and ensuring staff receive answers to their questions on pay and
         Advises Senior Leadership Team (SLT) and F&GPC on various staffing options, personnel
          issues and changing legislation.
         Completes appropriate returns on time for various authorities and Teacher’s Pay & Pension,
          ensuring it is presented to the appropriate signatory for completion.

Updated 5.03.10                                                                                          21
Financial Roles and Responsibilities

                                       SYSTEM MANAGEMENT

School Business Manager/IT Coordinator/ Facilities Manager/Admin network users
SBM is the system manager, responsible for maintaining and updating the administrative
system as required. This includes upgrades, installing operational anti-virus software,
password protection and purchasing hardware maintenance contracts.

SBM services needs of teachers, SMT and Governors by managing information systems
effectively and ensuring its deployment in support of decisions made by them.

Back-up Procedures
SBM checks domain server log on a daily basis.

Anti-virus protection
SBM ensures PLS purchases auditing approved anti-virus software.                SBM should take
advantage of LA corporate purchases.

Staff must not load their own software on the curriculum or admin network.

Password Protection
SBM ensures full password protected safeguards are in place to protect electronic data.
Passwords MUST NOT be disclosed to any other MoS. Part of the domain server’s function
is to invite all users to change their password every six months. At the same time staff should
change their passwords on the management information systems.

In the event of a system crash and in the absence of the System Manager the IT Co-ordinator
can access system manager module to re-install. Following this procedure the System
manager changes passwords.

SBM has access to the Premier Finance master disc stored in safe.

The System Manager deletes ‘access rights’ of former staff.

Screen Saver
It is the responsibility of the SBM to set all admin workstations to log off after a period of three
minutes inactivity and to conduct regular checks to ensure that no-one on the admin network
has switched off this facility.

SBM purchases administrative hardware maintenance contracts.

SBM upgrades the system and reports successful completion to school’s ICT support team.

Safe Word Tokens
OA, SBM, FM and HT have been issued with tokens to enable them to access the admin
network from home. It is vital that they follow the stipulated protocol for safe use.

Updated 5.03.10                                                                                  22
Financial Roles and Responsibilities


School Business Manager/Behaviour Director/Office Administrator/Principal

OA is responsible for distributing pertinent forms to parents, ensuring their timely return and
entering information on the database. He/she contacts Policy & Performance
Department to obtain Unique Pupil Numbers.

Attendance Register
OA records pupil attendance on the database on a weekly basis.

OA records exclusions on on a weekly basis

Behaviour Recording
Currently managed by BD.

Pupil Level Annual School Census
Completed by OA for pupils and SBM for staff. They must attend annual seminars and liase
with Policy & Performance for Schools/DfES department for assistance when clarification is
required. HT must review completed form prior to signing and getting admin staff to
electronically transmit the data.

Workforce Census
SBM is responsible for completing this termly (soon to be annual) census

SBM is responsible for the successful administration of all public examinations. OA prepares
table layouts, candidate placards and special arrangement forms. OM prepares examination
rooms and ensures candidates have the right equipment for the exam.

Timetabling/Curriculum Administration
SBM is responsible for developing a comprehensive, transparent 24-hour timetable that
ensures staff are fully deployed to maximise effectiveness.

Admin staff will undertake the recording of information for assessment purposes in due
course (capacity needs to be built in).     Statistical information will be prepared for
analysis/decision making as required.

Data Protection
OA updates Data Protection information annually.

Updated 5.03.10                                                                                   23
Financial Roles and Responsibilities


School Business Manager/Facilities Manager/Kitchen Staff/Governor
A nominated Governor is required to undertake termly stock checks in the kitchen.

Kitchen staff are responsible for ensuring healthy eating initiatives are employed and are
responsible for maintaining an accurate stock book. SBM liases with county to ensure
effective stock control measures are employed and conducts feasibility studies to ensure best
value is maintained.

FM checks food invoices for accuracy while SBM keeps track of expenditure to ensure

SBM should undertake cost comparisons with buying contract services to ensure the school
continues to receive best value for money. SBM should consider purchasing power through
joint consortiums.

Updated 5.03.10                                                                            24
Financial Roles and Responsibilities

                                       VOLUNTARY FUNDS

School Business Manager
If PLS deems it prudent to resurrect the fund SBM should register with the Charities
Commission; until then the SBM must ensure all voluntary contributions are banked to the
school budget share.

School is considering pursuing Specialist School Status and will need to be charity registered.

Updated 5.03.10                                                                              25
Financial Roles and Responsibilities

                                       EXTENDED DAY

Principal/School Business Manager/Facilities Manager/Bruton Knowles, rent assessors

SBM is responsible for financial support to all processes associated with the residential and
extended day status of the school.

FM ensures staff arrivals/departures and changes to accommodation are reported to Chiltern
District Council, SE and the following LA Departments: Legal and School Organisation.

Bruton Knowles (Rent Assessors employed by Bucks CC) update rents/utility charges
annually. They communicate their findings to the Facilities Manager and inform tenants.

FM is responsible for maintenance/upkeep of the properties.

FM must maintain an inventory of goods purchased by PLS and contained in every flat.

SBM seeks best value for money in this area.

Updated 5.03.10                                                                            26
Financial Roles and Responsibilities

                             OTHER FINANCIAL CONSIDERATIONS

School Business Manager/Office Administrator/Designated drivers

Fuel Card
All designated drivers must use the allocated fuel cards to purchase fuel for the school

SBM should aim to maximise income by securing any external funding to which it is entitled.

Ad Hoc Projects
SBM should undertake various ad hoc projects to ensure best practice and value for money is
being achieved throughout school; such projects range from salary analysis to vending
machine cup price establishing. In addition, she will conduct feasibility studies on special
projects, comparing cost and value. SBM attends all F&GPC meetings providing assistance,
information and recommendations if required.

SBM and OA jointly complete necessary documentation in preparation for OFSTED.

Updated 5.03.10                                                                               27

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