Youth Culture

					                Youth Culture
        Completed with the help of Dr.collaso, Lavanya
        Varadrajan-Teacher mentor and Tania- Peer mentor

                    Music                         Tradition

 Sari                     Dance

         you learn                              Language

         ‘Culture is never lost, but it can be changed’
• I want to complete a research project on youth culture and the
  effects the media has on it, through Bollywood, TV and
  worldwide media. By living with a family and studying at a local
  college for 2 weeks I want to be able to return to my hometown
  in the Lake District and share what I have learnt with schools
  and colleges that are very closed minded and culturally
• I feel that with my time living with a family and studying at a
  college I will be able to find social cultures that are different but
  also, I hope to find social cultures that are the same, so on my
  return to England, my research presentation will bridge the gap
  between youth from where I live and youth in a different
                 Youth Information
•   Out of India’s current 1 billion population, there are around 160million
•   By 2015 it is said that Indians under 20 will make up 55% of the
    population and grow proportionately higher spending power.
•   Indian youth is described as ‘ambitious, technology-oriented, and
    confident’ by Business week magazine.
•   In 1992 Satellite TV was introduced to 50 million Indian homes. So I
    want to find out how much of an impact the Media has on today's
•   Around 90% of Indian people speak English.
•   According to the World Almanac & Book of Facts 2007 there are 16
    official languages spoken in India.
•   As a student who moved away at 16 to study at college, I attended college twice a
    week at 9.00-7.00, I found it very different to Sofia's college where I have studied for
    the last two weeks, as it was like going back 2 years to when I attended college
    everyday from 9.00-3.15.
•   Students that attend Sofias college are usually in collage by 8.40(this sometime
    differs) and leave anytime between 2.00 or 3.00. also most of the students including
    my hosts attend tuition classes for a few hours after class (this is optional.)
•   Education is far more intense in India and is very focused on academics, where as
    at my college in England there are far more vocational courses that are acceptable
    for those who want to learn a trade or are not academic.
•   Some people that go to Sofia’s college travel more than 1 hour every day to get
    there, Imogen’s family live in Andheri and she travels by foot, rickshaw and cab and
    takes over 1 hour to get to college in the morning, my journey isn't too bad as I am
    living 15 minutes away from the college, but at my college and previous school in
    England the school you go to is chosen by the catchments area and how far you
    live away from the college.
                         Education cont
In Britain every child over 3 and up to 18 is entitled to free education.
•   3-5 nursery (Part time)
     – 4/5-7 infant school (full time)
     – 7-11Jnr school (Full time)
     – 11-16 Secondary school full time)
     – 16-19 6 form, collage or apprenticeships (depends on course usually full time)
• We study the national curriculum. This is a variety of subjects all delivered to the
   same learning outcomes across the country. The main subjects are Maths, English,
   Science, Religion, I.T and a language. If we are clever enough in yr 10 (14yrs) we
   chose up to 15 subjects to take at exam level. Then again at 16 we specialize in 4 or
   5 or go on to do an apprenticeships or a vocational courses before we move on to
National curriculum in India
Free Education in India is only available for girls up until grade 12. (this is only in
• Pre-kindergarten and kindergarten – alphabet, phonetics, numbers and basic
   English language.
• Grade 1-4 – maths, English, history, geography, science, Hindi and optional regional
• Grade5-10 – all the above, economics, civics and sciences divided into chemistry,
   biology and physics
• Grade11-12 – choose between arts, commerce and science
• Grade 12- higher education – specialised fields

In England if your family are on a low income the student between 16 -19yrs will get up
    to £30p/w to assist with their studies. The family might also get some other benefits
    to help with the living costs of keeping that student at home.
Youth; on culture and traditional
         family values
•   ‘ Parents have become more open and accepting to newer Culture and
    breaking traditional values’

•   I made a questionnaire to find out what the traditional values/culture
    are with Indian youth.

                             Can you spaeak your Mother tongue?                        5
     Do you feel that your parents social life has increased,due to
                         the impact of Media?                                                                         15
                Has Media Globalisation changed your outlook on
                            love/arranged marriages?                                                                       17
    Would your parents mind if you were too bring a boy/girlfirend
                               home?                                                                                       17
           Do you find your family life is strict with family Values?                                                 15
     Would you say that your family is more culturally aware now,
                        than 10-15 years ago?                                                                                        19
                                  Are you originally from Mumbai?                              7

                                                                        0          5                   10        15                  20        25

                                                               No       No   Yes
•  ‘People watch Bollywood to escape their usual boring dull lives’
•  Bollywood produces 1000 full length feature films a year that on
   average are 3 hours each and is considered to be the largest film
   company in the world because of its number of movies produced.
• Four billion movie tickets are sold each year.
• 56% of the teenagers I spoke to said yes they would want a career in
   the media industry.
• Like the western theatre’s, Bollywoods tone is melodramatic, ‘the
   story usually contains, star-crossed lovers, corrupt politicians, twins
   separated at birth, conniving villains, angry parents, courtesans with
   hearts of gold, dramatic reversals of fortune, and convenient
   coincidences are almost always woven into the story.’
 As part of my research I interviewed a group of girls and found out what
   they thought of Bollywood, I asked them to; some up Bollywood and
   how they thought it is perceived world wide, if they thought that
   Bollywood impacted on Indian youth and set the music and fashion
   trends that Indian teenagers follow.
Here is the discussion that I had with the girls.
          Impact Media has had on youth
•   ‘Night life has become a lot more acceptable and parents are accepting a lot of
    culture changes because of the media’
•   When I have been carrying out my research I have found out that the primary
    ambition amongst youth is to ‘become rich,’ youth in India are interested in
    high paying jobs in the media industry, where as for years the high regarded
    jobs were in civil-service, engineering and medicine.
•   Here are the results to my questionnaire that I carried out on the film and media
     Do you think Indian soap operas are starting to become               Do you think the Bollywood stars of this
      unrealistic and detached from real Indian life/culture?           generation are far more influential than their

4%                                       no


                                         maybe,but its an
                                         interesting change
                                         f rom everyday Indian
                      80%                lif e
                                         maybe, but it is in f act
                                         Indian f amily lif e that is
                                         changing and not the
                                         soap operas
     What media industry’s think
As part of my project I met up with Sarah Jane former Miss India and VJ,
   to see how she felt about how the media has an impact on the youth of
   this generation.
Here is the interview
After speaking with Sarah Jane, it became clear that the media has a lot
   to do with the clothes, music and other things that youth spend money
   on while aspiring to be someone from the media.
      Youth culture of my host family
I experienced another different culture of Indian youth, while living with my host
    family, where welcoming anyone into their family including friends, family and
    new comers (like me) is the way of life. While staying for two weeks with the
    Nongrum’s (who rock by the way) I found out what they think youth culture is.

•   My free time is spread between studying (as want to achieve top grades), my
    own additional work experience opportunities, I also have a paid job as a pool
    life guard which I had to take a special qualification for.
•   With my friends I enjoy sport I have competed at national, county and club level
    in a variety of sports, but also enjoy out door activities like climbing ghyling,
    canoeing and camping going out to clubs and gigs. Or just having my friends
    round to the house to eat, or watch T.V my favourite shows are, The Hills,
    Scrubs, Hollyoaks and America’s Next top Model.
•   I asked my host Reisa, similar things, in her free time she likes going out to eat,
    clubbing, going to concerts, hanging out with friends at the house and
    watching friends play sport. When watching T.V she likes to watch sitcoms like,
    Desperate Housewives, Scrubs, Friends and America’s Next Top Model. The
    music Reisa is into I modern rock, a small amount of Hip Hop and global music.
•   I come from a single full time working parent and live in a council house my
    family are not traditional but do believe in hard work, courtesy, respect for
    others and emotional intelligence.
•   The family I have been adopted into do not consider themselves a traditional
    family, but they also believe in hard work in everything they do., they believe in
    respect for their family and friends and their maids,

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