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					                                James Perry – JV Boys Basketball Coach
                                 EMERGENCY PLAN PROCEDURES
                                     A. Medical Personnel or Coach
                                        1. Take charge of situation.
                                        2. Alert previously assigned people to their tasks.

B. Medical Personnel,
                                   C. Assistant                          D. Athletic                   E. Staff Member in
    coach, or designee
                                   Coach/Administrator                   Director/Administrator        attendance/Trusted Parent
Head Coach/Athletic
                                   (Name and alternate person            (Name and alternate person    (Name and alternate person
                                   in charge of uninjured                responsible for phoning for   responsible for flagging
(Name and alternate person
                                   athletes)                             emergency medical             down emergency vehicle)
in charge of injured athlete)
                                   1. Direct uninjured athletes          assistance)                   1. Go to designated
1. Calm and assure athlete.
                                       to a safe area.                   1. Get coins from first aid        location to flag down
2. If possible,
                                   2. Have a plan in place to                kit if needed for phone        emergency vehicle.
    determine nature
                                       divert the attention of               call.                         Site        Location
    and extent of injury.
                                       uninjured athletes from           2. Location of nearest        High School Parking Lot-
3. If possible, privately
                                       the emergency situation.              phone by site of          Eastside entrance by
    report nature and extent
                                   3. Use accepted procedure                 activity:                 gymnasium entrance
    of injury to person
                                       or dismiss uninjured                 Site         Location      (Note that the site and
    calling for emergency
                                       athletes from                     Gym-First Aid kit behind      location information
    medical assistance.
                                       practice/competition.             the home team bench- cell     corresponds to D. 6. If no
*Requires First Aid and
                                                                         phone                         phone is within reasonable
Emergency Medical Skills
                                                                                                       distance from the activity
4. If athlete is unconscious
                                                                         Gym-Coaches Office            site, flag person should go to
    or a spinal injury is
                                                                                                       a location where a vehicle
    suspected, do not move
                                                                         High School-Main Office       can be flagged down.)
    the athlete.
                                                                                                       2. Direct emergency
5. Provide appropriate
                                                                         3. Emergency phone                 medical personnel to
    emergency care if
                                                                             number by site of              injured athlete.
    a. ABC’s (open
                                                                            Site       Phone No.
        Airways, restore
        Breathing, and
                                                                         First Aid Kit phone list-
        Restore Circulation)
    b. Control bleeding by
        direct pressure.
                                                                         Local Ambulance Base
    c. For heat stroke,
                                                                         (810) 638-5026
        immediately cool
        body by cold
                                                                         Police Station (810) 638-
        sponging, immersion
        in cold water, and
        cold packs.
                                                                         4. Report the nature of the
    d. For shock, have
                                                                             injury and calmly
        athlete lie down,
                                                                             respond to questions.
        calm athlete, elevate
                                                                         5. Directions to site:
        feet unless head
                                                                            Site        Directions
        injury, control
        athletes temperature,
                                                                         High School Gymansium-
        loosen tight fitting
                                                                         Take M-13 to Easton Rd.
        clothing, and control
                                                                         Will be on right hand side
        pain or bleeding if
                                                                         if going East.
    e. For allergic reaction,
        ana-kit if available.
                                                                         South entrance, down the
6. If coach is tending to the
                                                                         hall to the left.
athlete, transfer care to
emergency medical
                                                                         6. Location of flag person
personnel. (Note that the
                                                                             by site:
Medical Release Form and
                                                                            Site      Location
one individual whose name
appears on the form must
                                                                         High School Parking Lot-
accompany the athlete to the
                                                                         Eastside entrance by
medical center unless
                                                                         entrance to the
parents or guardians are
7. Athlete’s Medical                      A. Medical Personnel or Coach, continued ____________
Information must be                          3. Contact parents, guardians or their designees.
                                                                        7. Remain on the phone
available.                                   4. Complete an injury report form. other person hangs
                                                                        8. Return to person
                                                                            attending to injured
                                                                            athlete and privately
                                                                            report status of
                                                                            emergency medical

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