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									Nowhere else on earth does such diversity in landscapes exist; Australia’s principal
attractions are its natural beauty and its weather. At 24 times the size of the British
Isles, it is the sheer vastness of the world’s largest island that gives Australia – and
its diverse culture – much of its character. It is the spectacular natural sights of Ayers
Rock, the Great Barrier Reef, tropical rainforests, snowy mountains and the thousands
upon thousands of miles of pristine untouched beaches that make Australia a great
destination for all those that love the outdoors.

Australia: conservation volunteers

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CONSERVATION VOLUNTEERS                                                                                           TRAIN TO BE AN AUSTRALIAN
2 WKS: £299 / 4 WKS: £549                                                                                         COWBOY (OR COWGIRL)
                                                                                                                  5 DAY JILLAROO/JACKAROO SCHOOL: £349
Your help is needed to protect Australia’s natural      WHAT IS INCLUDED                                          11 DAY JILLAROO/JACKAROO SCHOOL: £499
environment, which is under threat of becoming          • Accommodation
polluted and damaged. By volunteering you can help      • Meals                                                   Experience life as a real Jackaroo or Jillaroo in the
protect Australia’s precious ecosystems for others to   • Project related transport                               Australian outback for 5 or 11 days. At our ranch in
enjoy in years to come.                                 • Free T-shirt                                            New South Wales, you will be taught the fine art of
                                                        • CVA membership                                          Australian farming.
Conservation Volunteers Australia (CVA) is a non-       Please note: If you book more than one project,
profit making, national community organisation and      transport between projects is not included.               WHAT WILL I BE DOING?
is Australia’s leading conservation organisation. CVA                                                             • Horse riding
completes over 2000 conservation projects               ARRIVAL PACKAGE                                           • Saddling horses and swimming with horses
Australia-wide each year and welcomes both              As an option, we have arranged an arrival package to      • Mustering
Australian and international volunteers.                help you acclimatise to Australia and a chance to         • Throwing a lasso
                                                        meet other volunteers. The package includes airport       • Shearing sheep
The conservation experience offers you the              transfers, two or four nights accommodation,              • Milking cows
opportunity to contribute practically to the            breakfasts, a sightseeing tour and orientation help.      • Fencing
conservation of Australian environment, whilst          Prices vary depending on location.                        The school caters for all levels of riding ability,
experiencing Australia in a different way to the                                                                  from absolute beginners to experienced riders.
usual tourist trail.                                    ACCOMMODATION
                                                        This varies according to project and location.            WHAT IS INCLUDED
WHAT WILL I BE DOING?                                   Typical accommodation can include caravans,               • Accommodation on the ranch
Projects undertaken by CVA include:                     hostels, shearer’s quarters, bunkhouses and               • All meals, served in the main house
• tree planting;                                        camping (tents are provided).                             • Transfer to ranch
• habitat restoration;                                                                                            • Training course
• erosion and salinity control;                         DATES                                                     • Certificate upon successful completion of the
• construction and maintenance of walking tracks;       All projects start every Friday.                            course to prove your skills
• endangered flora and fauna surveys and
   monitoring;                                                                                                    DATES
• weed control;                                                                                                   Both the five day and 11 day schools run throughout
• heritage restoration.                                                                                           the year, please check the website for further



                                                                                                  NORTH WEST WA
" You feel like you’re making a positive                                                                                   ALICE SPRINGS
  contribution to society and the environment"

                                                                                             PERTH                                                             PORT MACQUERIE

                                                                                                                                           BATHURST         NEWCASTLE


FOR MORE INFORMATION VISIT WWW.GAPYEARFORGROWNUPS.CO.UK OR CALL 01892 701881                                                                                               25
New Zealand
New Zealand is a land of rare and amazing beauty – glacial mountains, ancient volcanoes, pristine beaches,
lush rainforests, erupting geysers and boiling mud pools. It is famous for its exhilarating outdoor
activities, among them hiking, jet boating, skiing, sky-diving, rafting, swimming with dolphins, whale
watching and bungee jumping.

An essential stop in any round the world ticket or a destination in its own right – New Zealand is a must
see at least once in a lifetime.

                                                                                                    AUCKLAND            COROMANDEL

                                                                    SELF DRIVE ROUTES                          TAUPO
                                                                    BAY OF ISLANDS                                            NAPIER
                                                                    NORTH ISLAND
                                                                    SOUTH ISLAND



                                                                        FRANK JOSEF

                                                                    SOUND          QUEENSTOWN

                                                                                TE ANAU

EXPERIENCE THE BEST OF                                   GRAND ISLAND EXPLORER – 21 DAYS                           WANT TO TRAVEL INDEPENDENTLY?
NEW ZEALAND                                              FROM £1092 – £1170
                                                                                                                   SELF DRIVE TOURS
•   Cosmopolitan capital city of Auckland                Day 1         Bay of Islands Cruise                       New Zealand is a perfect destination to explore
•   Golden beaches of the Bay of Islands                 Day 2         Bay of Islands                              independently in a self-drive tour. This allows you
•   Geothermal area of Rotorura                          Day 3         Waitomo Caves                               the flexibility to do your own thing but enjoy the
•   Alpine and adventure sports resort                   Day 4         Rotorura                                    security of pre-booking your accommodation. Why
    of Queenstown                                        Day 5         Mount Ruapehu                               not travel to Middle Earth in the Lord of the Rings
•   Whale watching in Kaikoura                           Day 6         Mount Ruapehu and Tongariro crossing        tour or explore the wine regions of New Zealand?
•   Fiordlands of Milford Sound                          Day 7         Wellington
•   Glacier hiking on Franz Josef Glacier                Day 8         Cross to South Island                       CAMPER VAN HIRE
•   Skiing in the snow capped mountains of Mount         Day 9         Wine regions of Nelson                      Travel with everything that you need, your
    Cook National Park                                   Day 10        Kaikoura                                    hotel on wheels and all on board cooking and
•   Clear blue waters of Lake Wanaka                     Day 11        Christchurch                                washing facilities.
•   Seal colonies and sea kayaking in Abel Tasman        Day 12        Greymouth
    National Park                                        Day 13-14     Franz Josef                                 HOTEL ACCOMMODATION
•   Wine regions of Hawkes Bay and Marlborough           Day 15-18     Queenstown                                  From the Hilton in Auckland Harbour to backpacker
•   A traditional Maori ‘Hangi’                          Day 19        Milford Sound Cruise                        hostels to the exclusive Huka Lodge on Lake Taupo.
                                                         Day 20        Omarama/Mount Cook
In such an uncrowded and unspoilt country an             Day 21        Christchurch                                WALKS AND CYCLING TOURS
organised small group tour is a fantastic way to                                                                   New Zealand has the finest treks and walks in the
explore all that these stunning islands have to offer.   WHAT IS INCLUDED                                          world – among which are the five day Milford Track
                                                         • Services of a tour leader                               and trekking in Abel Tasman National Park.
                                                         • All transportation by minibus
                                                         • 20 nights accommodation                                 Please call one of our travel advisors to discuss
                                                         • Entry to all National Parks                             your plans or visit our website
                                                         • Entrance fees and cruises                      for more details.
                                                         • Visit to Te Papa museum in Wellington
                                                         • Inter Island ferry crossing
                                                         Note: Meals are not included; please budget for
                                                         approximately $70 NZ per week.

                                                         24 Apr, 18 May, 12 Jun, 06 Jul, 31 Jul, 24 Aug, 18 Sep,
                                                         12 Oct, 06 Nov, 30 Nov, 25 Dec 2006.

FOR MORE INFORMATION VISIT WWW.GAPYEARFORGROWNUPS.CO.UK OR CALL 01892 701881                                                                                             27

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