Emergency Funding Request Form

					              Student Organization Emergency Funding Request Form
                                                    Millikin University

Organization Name:                                                                 Date of Request: __________________
Organization Representative: _____________________________ Position: _________________________
Phone:                                                 Email address: ______________________________________

Organization Advisor: ___________________________________ Position: _________________________
Phone:                                                 Email address: ______________________________________

Reason for Emergency Allocation Need:
PLEASE DESCRIBE THOROUGHLY - You may need to mark more than one reason.

            Did not plan efficiently
            Event cost more than expected
            New event opportunity not originally in the budget
            Delayed planning
            Failed to participate in semesterly allocation process
            To reimburse money used due to an unavoidable emergency (please attach a typed explanation)
            Other (please attach a typed explanation)

Emergency Allocation Need – Event Description**

Name of Event for which funds are being requested: ____________________________________________
Planned Date of Event: ________________________ Date Funding Needed: ________________________
Anticipated Cost of Event: _____________________ Amount of Funds Requested: ___________________

**On a separate sheet, please attach a typed description of the event, any supporting documentation, and an
itemized list of your expenses for this event/initiative and a list of the expenses/income for your organization.**

Additional Support
   The voting committee is the same committee that reviews your budget during the initial allocation process. Please include any
    information and/or comments you think the board should be aware of in order to make a fair decision. Please attach this
    information on a separate sheet.

   Please also attach a copy of your current, updated ledger from the Business Office.

I understand that this request will be reviewed based on the Student Organizations Allocations Funding Policies and Guidelines, with
which I am familiar. I also understand that Emergency Funding is not guaranteed, as granting of this funding is contingent on the
completeness of this packet and the actual availability of Allocation Funding.

         ____________________________________________________                             ______________________________
         Signature of Organization Representative                                         Date

         ____________________________________________________                             ______________________________
         Signature of Organization Advisor                                                Date


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