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									Expert of Bogor Agricultural University: The Improtance of the Religion and
Character Building
Senin, 3 Januari 2011

National Family Planning Coordinating Board (BKKBN) released the results of its 2010 survey
revealed 51 percent of teens in the Greater Jakarta have engaged in premarital sexual activities.
Even in other regions in Indonesia, premarital sex have also been practiced by teenagers, for
example, in Surabaya by 54 percent, in Bandung by 47 percent, and in Medan by 52 percent.
Whereas data on drug abuse shows, from 3.2 million people are addicted to drugs, 78 percent of
them are teenagers. While people living with HIV / AIDS continues to rise each year.

According to the Press Release issued by National Family Planning Coordinating Board
(BKKBN), it is estimated that about 2.4 million abortions occurred in Indonesia annualy. 800
thousand of them induced by teenagers. According to the data of Ministry of Health, at the end
of June 2010 there were 21,770 cases of AIDS and 47,157 positive HIV cases, 48.1 percent of
those who suffer fall under the 20-29 years, 30.9 percent fall under the 30-39 years of age. In
addition, most of the transmission cases 49.3 percent were by heterosexual, 3.3 percent by
homosexual, and 40.4 percent by IDU (injecting).
Those were topics of the Otopsi (Obrolan Tuntas Untuk Solusi = Complete Talk For Solution)
dialogue held at the RRI Bogor auditorium, in cooperation with Radar Bogor, on 8 December

Dialgue on "Role of Women in shaping the quality of human resources" invited Bogor
Agricultural University expert on “child development” who is also the Secretary of the
Department of Family and Consumer Sciences, Dr. Dwi Hastuti, as well as Chairman Indonesian
Business Women Association (IWAPI) Bogor City chapter, Ms. Deswati Diningsih, and Vice
Chairman II of PKK Bogor City, Ms. Tati Basyid.
Present in the event were the Head of LPP RRI Bogor, Drs. Nurhanuddin, and representatives of
Radar Bogor. Dita Maharani of RRI Bogor, was the moderator for such event.

Dwi Hastuti stated that an indicator of the quality of the children should be viewed holistically,
which includes child health, nutrition status, education, quality problem solving, moral, spiritual
/ religious, moral / character, and creativity. A good quality generation should not be passive,
they shoul be having holistic thinking, creative, initiative as well as strong will," she said. Dwi
Hastuti did not forget to emphasize that the quality of human resources depends very much on
the quality of mother who nurture him.

Similar statement was given by the Chairman of IWAPI Bogor City Chapter, Ms. Deswati
Diningsih. According to her, that parental education has a significant positive impact on child,
and the indicator for the success of a mother will be seen in the successful fostering of their
households, and one of the important elements in child development is religious education.
"For me, the role of women is very respective and heavy, educating children is one of the
functions of mothers, therefore that parental education has a significant positive impact on child
development. To strengthen the morals of children, keep on stresses in practicing and learning
of the religion for children, thus, children will be having strong faith and they will always obey
their parents, "she said. (Wied).

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