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									                 Google's Android is talk of Mobile World Congress

Whether it's a new smartphone or tablet being launched or a bright green robot button pinned to an
attendee's lapel, Google's Android mobile operating system has all but taken over the Mobile World
Congress conference in Barcelona this week.

In fact, the attention paid to the mobile OS, now the most popular smartphone platform on the planet,
has all but solidified its place as a major player in the ever-expanding mobile device market. Other
platform developers can't help but to marvel at Android's accomplishments.

"Google’s Android stand features is a bravura show of confidence - there aren’t just scores of app
developers showing off their wares - there’s a helter-skelter, a range of 86 Android badges that show-
goers are eagerly collecting and models of the Android robot," Matt Warman, consumer technology
editor for London's Guardian, recently reported.

Add in the fact that Android has stolen the show with just about every original equipment
manufacturer's major launch, and Google's outgoing CEO Eric Schmidt captivating and audience with a
keynote address, and it's obvious the company is dominating the conference.

"Mobile World Congress has merely confirmed that Android is rampant in the mobile industry. The
whole show is a sea of green robots," Ben Wood, lead analyst at UK-based telecoms research firm CCS
Insight, told Reuters.

In his keynote address, Schmidt discussed the future of Android without giving too much away. When
asked about future versions of the OS, he simply said the name will be a dessert and begin with the
letter "i." That's in reference to Google's tradition for naming the OS - version 2.2 was Froyo, 2.3 is
Gingerbread and the tablet-centric version 3.0 is Honeycomb. Rumors out of the Mobile World Congress
are reporting "Ice Cream Sandwich" is next in line.

However, cryptic as it was, Schmidt's comment led some to believe that Android for smartphones and
Android for tablets will one day collide as one OS "in one form or another," commented a PC World

It has been quite the run for Android since the OS began picking up steam this past summer. In the fall,
the company announced it was activating some 300,000 Android devices each day. And the Android
Market for apps is steadily growing as well, with more than 200,000 offerings to place it second behind
Apple's App Store.

But the biggest news was released last month by research firm Canalys. The company's latest report
showed Android supplanted Nokia's Symbian as the world's most popular smartphone platform during
the fourth quarter of 2010.

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