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1    WELCOME LETTER                          13 o. Heating Ventilation and               27   h. Evacuation Wardens
2    1. INTRODUCTION                               Air Conditioning (HVAC)               27   i. Stairwells and Crossover Floors
                                                   – Induction Units
2    a. A Green Overview                                                                 28   j. Protect in Place (PIP)
                                                   – Thermostats
3    b. Cadillac Fairview’s Privacy Policy                                               29   k. Evacuation Drills
                                                   – Ceiling Cooling
                                                   – Venetian Blinds                     29   l. Suspicious Packages and
4    2. MANAGEMENT OFFICE AND                                                                    Mail Bombs
        KEY INFORMATION                      15 p. Lighting
                                                   – Telephone Interface Instructions    29   m. Suspicious Activity
4    a. Management Team                                                                  30   n. Workplace Violence
                                                   – If the lights/HVAC are “Off”
4    b. Management Directory
                                                   – If the lights are “On” and          30   o. Extended Power Failure
4       Toronto-Dominion Centre                         flicker once                     30   p. Life Safety Inspections
        Assistance                                 – Light replacement                   30   q. Security Life Safety Services
4       Property Management                  16 q. Real Time Tenant Electricity
        – Leasing                                  Monitoring                            32 7. HOUSEKEEPING AND
        – Accounting                                                                               RECYCLING
                                             16 r. Telecommunications
        – Tenant Relations
                                             16 s. Energy Management Advisory            32 a. Contractor Selection
        – Security and Life Safety
                                                   Service                               32 b. Cleaner Frequencies
        – Operations
        – Facility Operations                17 t. Shipping and Receiving                      – Day Services
        – Project Management                       – Locations                                 – Nightly Services
                                                   – Dock Restrictions                   32 c. Washrooms
6    c. Directions
                                                   – Hours of Operation                  33 d. Periodic Nightly Cleaning Services
6    d. Street Address
                                                                                               – Weekly
7    e. Statutory Holidays                   18 5. BUILDING AMENITIES
                                                                                               – Bi-weekly
7    f. Smoking Policy                       18 a. Parking
                                                                                               – Quarterly
8    g. toAssist                                   – Hours of Parking Operation
                                                   – Access to Parking Garages           33 e. Special Services
8    h. Tenant Contacts                                                                  34 f. Housekeeping Concerns/
                                                   – Tenant and Visitor Parking
8    i. Rental Payments                            – Monthly and Hourly Parking                Feedback
8    j. Tenant Insurance                           – Pay Stations                        34 g. Venetian Blind Cleaning
8    k. toAssist Authorization Lists               – Automatic Vehicle Identification    34 h. Window Cleaning
9    l. Operations Centre                          – Parking Key Claim Receipt                 – Exterior Perimeter Window
9    m. Hours of Operation                         – Key Retrieval after Parking Hours           Cleaning
        – Lighting System                          – Parking Tickets                           – Interior Perimeter Window
        – Heating, Ventilation and Air             – Parking Security Alert Stations             Cleaning
          Conditioning (HVAC)                19 b. Zipcar Access                               – Extra Window Cleaning
        – Building Entrances                 19 c. Barrier-Free Accessibility            34 i. Pest Control
        – Concourse                                – Toronto-Dominion Bank Tower         37 j. Recycling Program
        – Shipping and Receiving                   – 77 King St. West                          – Single Stream Recycling –
10   n. Storage Rooms                              – 100 Wellington St. West                     Recyclable Materials
10   o. Security Operations Centre                 – TD Waterhouse Tower                       – Single Stream Recycling –
                                                   – Ernst & Young Tower                         Non Recyclable Materials
10   p. Emergency Response Team
                                                   – 95 Wellington Street West                 – Organics Recycling –
10   q. Passcard Security Office
                                             21 d. Elevators                                     Recyclable Materials
10   r. Tenant Relations Representatives                                                       – Organics Recycling –
                                                   – Passenger Elevators
10   s. Retail Stores and Services                 – Service (Freight) Elevators                 Non-Recyclable Materials
10   t. Lost and Found                             – Freight Elevator Specifications     39 k. Garbage Removal
                                             22 e. Guest Services                        39 l. Shredding Services
                                             22 f. Gift Cards
11 a. History                                                                            40 8. BUILDING AND CONSTRUCTION
                                             22 g. Newsletter
11 b. Facts and Figures                                                                  40 a. Tenant Leasehold Improvement
                                             22 h. Website
                                                                                               Manual/Construction Manual
12 4. TENANT AND BUILDING                    22 i. King Bay Chaplaincy
                                                                                         40 b. Renovation and Design Changes
         SERVICES                            23 j. Toronto Athletic Club
                                                                                         40 c. Construction Permit
12 a. Service and Maintenance                23 k. Kids + Company
                                                                                         40 d. Service Permit
      Requests                               23 l. Eservus
                                                                                         41 e. Contractors
12 b. Bicycle Racks                          23 m. Service Ontario Kiosk
                                                                                         41 f. Move Procedures
12 c. Car Wash Services                      24 n. The Design Exchange –
                                                   234 Bay Street                        41 g. Building Forms
12 d. Courtesy Phones
12 e. Office Signage                         24 o. Toronto PATH
                                                                                         42 9. APPENDIX
12 f. Small Parcel and Letter Delivery       24 p. TD Centre Food Hall
                                                                                         42 a. TD Centre – Rate Charges
      (Courier)                              24 q. Gallery of Inuit Art                        – Labour Rates
12 g. Large Parcel Delivery and              24 r. The Courtyard/                              – Delivery, Shipping and Receiving
      Packages on Carts                            Oscar Peterson Place                        – Freight Elevators
13 h. Large Deliveries                       24 s. Retail Concourse                            – Equipment Rentals
13 i. Service Elevator Booking                                                                 – Locks and Keys
13 j. Porter Service                         25   6. SECURITY AND LIFE SAFETY                  – Base Building Hours
13 k. Mail Pick-up and Delivery Service      25   a. Introduction                              – HVAC Rate Card
                                             25   b. Send Word Now                             – Security Services Rate Schedule
13 l. Locksmiths
                                                                                               – Enhanced Protective CCTV
14 m. Building Operator Services             25   c. Telephone Bomb Threats and
                                                      Relay Threats                              Solution Surveillance Monitoring
14 n. Grease Trap Maintenance                                                            45 b. Summary of Base Building
                                             26   d. Medical Emergencies

                                             26   e. Fire Alarm
                                                                                               – Non Chargeable Services
                                             27   f. Emergency Exits                           – Chargeable Services
                                             27   g. Emergency Fire Phones                     – Building Information
PAGE   1

To our Valued Tenant:

On behalf of the Cadillac Fairview management team, I’d like to personally welcome you to
Toronto-Dominion Centre.

Recognized as Canada’s largest business community, TD Centre is also considered Canada’s
most prestigious community because of tenants like you. As a management team, our focus is
on creating a business environment that is predictably efficient, comfortable and professional,
so that our tenants can focus on what’s important to them – their daily business.

As a community, we are proud of the remarkable progress we’ve made in the area of
sustainable management. In partnership with our tenants, we’ve been able to achieve great
success in core green categories such as energy and water conservation and waste
management and recycling. We look forward to working with you and your co-workers to
create a work environment that meets your every business need and supports your
community priorities.

TD Centre, situated on six spacious acres at the very centre of Toronto’s business district,
is home to over 20,000 people daily. With 75 shops and restaurants to serve the needs and
tastes of our tenants, we’re confident that you will enjoy your time with us.

Your Tenant Manual is filled with important and practical information that will prove useful
throughout your tenancy. The Cadillac Fairview management team is here to serve you,
so please contact us if there is anything we can do to help.

For all of your TD Centre needs, please also visit us on our website at

Thank you for choosing Toronto-Dominion Centre and welcome to Canada’s most dynamic
business community.

David Hoffman
General Manager, Toronto-Dominion Centre
PAGE   2


a. A Green Overview
For more than a decade, the Toronto-Dominion Centre has led the green charge by embracing and
implementing green building design and operating procedures.
Today our green building initiatives have grown to include almost everything we do as a property: from
the way we heat and cool the buildings to the way we recycle the majority of waste. We have created a
win-win solution that benefits our tenants, our company and the environment. The following are the
key green achievements that make the TD Centre a great place to work:

Go Green Plus
In 2007, the TD Centre received the prestigious “Go Green Plus” award from BOMA (Building Owners
& Managers Association). Ten areas of building performance are benchmarked against “best practices”
and performance in professionally managed buildings:
       –   Indoor air quality
       –   Energy use
       –   Water use
       –   Construction waste
       –   Recycling
       –   Hazardous materials
       –   Material selection
       –   Ozone depleting substances
       –   HVAC maintenance
       –   Tenant communication program

Enwave Deep Lake Water Cooling
In 2004, Cadillac Fairview connected to Enwave Deep Lake Water for cooling, replacing 13,000 tons of
chiller capacity and reducing electricity consumption by 90%. The net benefit to the environment,
through reduced generating capacity requirements, amounts to 23,000 tons of CO2 emissions avoided
annually. The connection to the Enwave Deep Lake Cooling System allowed TD Centre to decommission
its chillers and eliminate 30,000 lbs of ozone depleting refrigerants.

Water Usage Reduction
Since 2004, TD Centre has reduced its water usage by almost 40,000 cubic metres. This represents
about a 15% reduction in water usage, a direct result of using Enwave’s Deep Lake Water, which does
not require the use of evaporative cooling towers.

Lighting Retrofit
A major lighting retrofit program reduced the number of lamps and replaced existing T-12 lamps with
T-8 single lamps with electronic ballasts. This has resulted in annual electricity savings of 3.5 Megawatts,
or the equivalent of 35,000 tons of CO2 emissions.
PAGE   3

Recycling Program
Our recycling program covers paper, cardboard, bottles, cans, plastic, organics, wooden skids, batteries,
computers and furniture. Since 1996, the Waste Diversion Rate increased from 53% to 72% in 2003 to
78% in 2010.

Occupant Engagement Program (OEP)
TD Centre has implemented numerous strategies that continue to set business operations on course
for protecting the planet and lead change in Corporate Canada and the Canadian marketplace. These
include retrocommissioning, water use reductions, lighting retrofits, extensive recycling and waste
diversion programs, and the LEED-EB Gold certification of the 77 King St. West. Tenants of the TD Centre
have also taken great strides in greening their own organizational practices.
TD Centre is committed to building sustainability together™ with its tenants and is doing so by bringing
awareness to all sustainable initiatives at the TD Centre and providing a forum for mutual learning and
collaborative solutions. As part of this commitment, TD Centre has engaged the consulting services
of HOK, a design, planning and delivery solutions firm focused on sustainability, to facilitate and deliver
a tenant engagement strategy through its Occupant Engagement Program™. The goal of the program
is to link all TD Centre and tenant sustainable initiatives.

TD Centre’s Green Council
The TD Centre’s Green Council, made up of tenant representatives, will act as a foundational element in
developing and driving the TD Centre’s engagement program, acting as the representative for the larger
tenant body. The Green Council’s mission is to act as the catalyst for change to sustainable green
practices and green consciousness at TD Centre working towards a vision for a future that enhances the
occupant experience and work/life comfort at TD Centre. The council will work to holistically link all
program delivery components including communications, education, technologies, green building
operations & elements, and budget.

b. Cadillac Fairview’s Privacy Policy
We are committed to protecting the privacy of our tenants and others with whom we do business.
Cadillac Fairview’s Privacy Policy encompasses the 10 basic principles of current federal privacy legislation.
Cadillac Fairview’s Privacy Policy is available to anyone upon request. Individuals are invited to contact
the Chief Privacy Officer directly if they have any questions, concerns or complaints about privacy:
       Chief Privacy Officer
       The Cadillac Fairview Corporation Limited
       20 Queen Street West
       Suite 500
       Toronto, ON M5H 3R4
       Fax: (416) 598-8222
PAGE   4

2   . M A N A G E M E N T O F F I C E A N D K E Y I N F O R M AT I O N

a. Management Team
Led by the General Manager of the Toronto-Dominion Centre, the staff is a team of real estate
professionals who strive to exceed service expectations and meet the needs of all our tenants and
business partners.
To help our tenants achieve business excellence, each team member has been carefully selected for his
or her experience and expertise in customer service, tenant relations, property operations and
maintenance, facility operations, project management, accounting, leasing, marketing and security.

The Cadillac Fairview Corporation Limited                        Toronto-Dominion Centre 24-hour Assistance
Toronto-Dominion Centre Management Office                        toAssist:                  416-862-7747
TD Bank Tower                                                    (Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.)
66 Wellington Street West                                        Security Operation Centre: 416-366-7823
Suite 3800, P.O. Box 2                                           Parking Office:            416-366-1423
Toronto, Ontario M5K 1A1
Tel: 416-869-1144
Fax: 416-862-3662
Office hours 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday
through Friday, excluding holidays.

b. Management Directory

Toronto-Dominion Centre Assistance                               Parking Administrator
                                                                 Suzi Araujo
                                                                 phone: 416-864-6465
phone: 416-862-7747 (24 hours)
                                                                 fax: 416-202-6675
fax: 416-862-3656

Security Operations Centre
                                                                 Property Management
phone: 416-366-7823 (24 hours)                                   Vice President, Property Management
fax: 416-862-3652                                                Steven Sorensen
email:                               416-869-2281
Passcard Office
phone: 416-862-3650                                              General Manager
fax: 416-862-3652                                                David Hoffman                          416-862-5242
Guest Services
phone: 416-864-6448                                              Senior Property Manager
fax: 416-864-6447                                                Nathan Mordaunt
email:                     416-864-6460
PAGE   5

Leasing                                 Security and Life Safety
Senior Director, Leasing (Office)       Senior Manager, Security and Life Safety
John Knechtel                           Allan Miller
416-869-2285                            416-869-2279

Director, Leasing (Retail)              Manager, Security
Barbara Soule                           Brian Pillay
416-869-3041                            416-869-2286   

Leasing Executive                       Manager, Fire and Life Safety
Charlie Musgrave                        Tiffany Dugas
416-869-2280                            416-862-5237

Accounting                              Operations
Manager, Accounting                     Director, Office Property Operations
Paul Gentilini                          Dan Pisani
416-862-5234                            416-862-3657

Portfolio Revenue Coordinator           Operations Manager
Sue Camp                                Jim Davidson
416-869-2272                            416-864-6440    

Tenant Relations                        Facility Operations
Manager, Tenant Relations               Manager, Facility Operations
Patricia Ing                            Adam Tan
416-864-6449                            416-869-2274

Manager, Tenant Relations               Supervisor, Facility Operations
Nicole Turrin                           Pat Chica
416-862-5229                            416-869-2296

Marketing Coordinator                   Project Management
Melissa Patterson                       Senior Manager, Tenant Projects
416-869-2798                            Adrian Sluga         416-869-2278
PAGE   6

c. Directions
TD Centre is located at the southwest corner of King and Bay Streets in the heart of the of the central
business district of Toronto. The area occupies an entire city block, from King to Bay to Wellington to
York Streets, as well as a section to the south of King Street between Wellington and Piper Streets
(between Bay and York Streets).
Public Transit: From the TTC or GO Transit, exit north from Union Station via the Royal Bank Plaza using
the PATH System.
Private Vehicle: From the Don Valley Parkway, exit west at Richmond Street, turn south (left) at Yonge
Street, turn west (left) on King or Wellington Streets.
From the Gardiner Expressway, take the York/Bay/Yonge exit, north to Bay, turn west (left) on
Wellington Street.

d. Street Address
When moving into TD Centre, each tenant is allocated a post office box number by the Tenant Relations
Department. This post office box number should be used on all mail addressed to the tenant. The key to
the post office box is sent directly from Canada Post.
The following mailing address format is recommended:
       Tenant company name
       Street Address
       Tower Name
       P.O. Box #
       Toronto-Dominion Centre
       Toronto, ON Postal Code
Tenants are responsible for retrieving mail at the post office or, for a nominal fee, mail pick-up and
delivery can be arranged with toAssist at 416-862-7747 or TD Centre
tenant mailboxes are located on the concourse level of the Ernst & Young Tower, through the freight
lobby doors. A Canada Post outlet, which provides complete postal services, is located on the concourse
level of 77 King St. West.
PAGE           7

e. Statutory Holidays
All systems – lighting, HVAC, security and elevators – operate on an after-hours schedule during
statutory holidays. The management office and shipping & receiving are closed on statutory holidays.
Engineering and security staff operates on a holiday schedule.
The following statutory holidays are observed throughout the calendar year.
                January          New Year’s Day
                February         Family Day
                April            Good Friday
                May              Victoria Day
                July             Canada Day
                August           Civic Holiday (Simcoe Day)
                September        Labour Day
                October          Thanksgiving Day
                December         Christmas Day and Boxing Day

f. Smoking Policy
Smoking is prohibited in the building as per Toronto Public Health Department Smoke Free Ontario Act.
This includes the parking lot, washrooms, lobbies, stairwells, hallways and within all tenant premises.
Tenants and visitors are requested not to smoke within eight metres of the building entrances and to
use the designated smoking areas (see below).

                                      K I N G   S T R E E T   W E S T

                                                                                   TD Bank
                                   77 King St. West                                Pavillion
 S T R E E T

                                                                                                            S T R E E T

                                                                TD Bank
 Y O R K

                                                                                               Ernst &
                                                                                                            B AY

               100 Wellington
                  St. West                                                                        220
                                                                                               Bay Street

                                W E L L I N G T O N   S T R E E T   W E S T

               95 Wellington                   TD

                                                                              Denotes smoking areas
                                          P I P E R   S T R E E T
PAGE   8

g. toAssist
For service requests, toAssist is a direct link between tenants and building operations. All calls are
logged and toAssist dispatches the appropriate base building or tenant-billable service provider.
Tenants who do not have an internal number or third-party facility manager can contact toAssist at
416-862-7747 or Other tenants should contact their building’s help desk,
facilities or office manager who will contact toAssist directly.
toAssist is open Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. The toAssist phone line is monitored 24 hours
and the toAssist email address is monitored Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

h. Tenant Contacts
Depending on the type of contact required, each tenant should designate one or more employee(s) to
liaise with TD Centre management staff regarding building operations.
For TD Centre’s Tenant Contact form, please visit

i. Rental Payments
All tenants receive an initial rent letter detailing the breakdown of rental charges. Monthly invoices
are not issued. Instead, a revised rental letter will be sent if there are new changes (e.g. those due to
re-certification of area, addition of re-lamping charges or other adjustments).
As per the lease agreement, rental payments are due on or before the first day of each month. We
recommend that tenants provide post-dated cheques or use electronic transfer of funds (ETF).
Annual adjustments to operating cost pre-payments are implemented in October and realty tax
pre-payments are shown in December. Tenants receive advance notice by mail. Subsequent to the
October 31st year-end, adjustments are prepared for both operating and realty tax and tenants are
mailed an audited statement of operating costs and final billings for realty taxes. For further
information on rental payments, please call your Tenant Relations Manager.

j. Tenant Insurance
As stipulated in the lease, tenants must have active insurance at all times. Cadillac Fairview requires an
insurance certificate detailing your coverage before you assume tenancy and annual insurance renewals
must be forwarded to our office to ensure continuous coverage. (See the “Tenant Insurance” section in
your lease for appropriate coverage and requirements.)

k. toAssist Authorization Lists
Tenants should establish a list of authorized callers with permission to call toAssist when reporting
operational concerns. Authorized callers are also permitted to approve expenses for non-base-building
work. To maintain communication consistency, with the exception of emergency calls, tenants who are
not on the authorized list should only submit requests via their internal authorized tenant contact(s).
For further information on the authorized contact list, please contact the Supervisor, Facility Operations
at 416-869-2296.
PAGE   9

l. Operations Centre
The operations centre is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week. After 5 p.m. on weekdays and all
day on weekends, the operations centre responds to and monitors the toAssist line.
Using state-of-the-art computerized equipment, the operations centre maintains and monitors the
Centre’s complex mechanical, heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems to ensure a
comfortable working environment.
The department also responds to emergency calls for example, but not limited to, power outages, fire
alarms, smoke alarms, water leaks, unusual noises, and lockouts.

m. Hours of Operation

Lighting System
For after-hour lighting requests, contact 416-864-6466 for TD Bank Tower, 77 King St. West,
100 Wellington St. West and TD Waterhouse Tower; 416-864-6459 for Ernst & Young Tower and
95 Wellington St. West (After Hours Lighting/HVAC telephone number) from any touch-tone phone and
enter your building and floor specific code (see Telephone Interface Instructions). Tenants may also
customize hours of lighting by contacting toAssist at 416-862-7747 or
Additional lighting is metered and billed through the metering system.

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC)
HVAC is on during standard building hours, Monday to Friday from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m., unless otherwise
stated in the terms of the lease. On Saturdays, Sundays and holidays the air conditioning is turned off.
For after-hour HVAC requests, contact 416-864-6466 and enter your building and floor specific code
(see Telephone Interface Instructions). Tenants may also customize hours of HVAC by contacting
toAssist at 416-862-7747 or or their own Facilities Department. A fee is
applicable for after-hours air conditioning service – refer to the Tenant Rate Card for associated costs.

Building Entrances
All perimeter doors on the ground level are open Monday to Friday from 5:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.

The concourse level is accessible to the general public Monday to Saturday from 5:30 a.m. to 1:30 a.m.
and on Sundays from 8 a.m. to 1:30 a.m. The Concourse is part of the downtown PATH pedestrian
access system.

Shipping and Receiving
All shipping and receiving areas are open Monday to Friday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. The porter services
are available from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on weekdays, holidays excluded.
For late tenant deliveries and move in/out, the shipping and receiving area is accessible 24-hours a day,
seven days a week, via the intercom system located outside the entrance doors. Freight elevators must
be booked for deliveries after hours. Please contact toAssist at 416-862-7747 or for further information and charges.
PAGE    10

n. Storage Rooms
For permanent or temporary storage, contact toAssist at 416-862-7747 or
A limited number of storage rooms of various sizes are available for short or long term lease. Most
rooms are located below the concourse level; however, a limited number of smaller-sized storage rooms
are available in the core of multi-tenanted floors.

o. Security Operations Centre
Staffed around the clock, 365 days per year, the Security and Life Safety Department’s Security
Operations Centre (SOC) has 300 closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras, making this is the second
largest independent security monitoring system in Canada. Located in a secured facility, SOC is free of
outside distractions and focuses on the security and life safety of our tenants and guests.
For more information, please contact: Senior Manager, Security and Life Safety at 416-869-2279.

p. Emergency Response Team
The TD Centre was the first office complex in Canada with a specially trained Emergency Response
Team (ERT) and defibrillators. Team members provide first response situations where individuals are in
health- or life-threatening situations. The ERT also provides CPR (FA/AEI) training from our certified
instructors. For more information, please contact 416-869-2276.

q. Passcard Security Office
Located on the concourse level of 77 King St. West, next to the operations and security office, the
Passcard Security Office is open Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. All replacement or new
passcards are issued at this office. Please contact the passcard security office at 416-862-3650 or for more information.

r. Tenant Relations Representatives
The TD Centre was the first office complex in Toronto to have Tenant Relations Representatives (TRRs)
in the lobbies of its buildings. The TRRs:
•   Greet tenants and their guests in the lobbies.
•   Help visitors locate tenants and facilities.
•   Provide directions to major landmarks, city attractions and other locations outside of the
    TD Centre complex.
•   Forward tenant requests to the appropriate member of the TD Centre management staff.

s. Retail Stores and Services
Stores and services are open Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Some retail stores and services,
including restaurants have extended hours and operate over the weekend.
Please visit for a complete list of TD Centre shops and services.

t. Lost and Found
Inquires about lost and found items should be directed to the Security Access Control Centre (ACC) on
the P1 level of the TD Bank Tower. Please call ACC at 416-862-3651 for more information.
PAGE    11

3   . S I T E I N F O R M AT I O N

a. History
The original Toronto-Dominion Centre consisted of two steel-and-glass towers and a banking pavilion.
The 56-storey TD Bank Tower was the first completed and it officially opened in 1967. The pavilion
opened in 1968 and, one year later, 77 King St. West was completed. Since then, four more buildings
have joined the complex: 100 Wellington St. West in 1973, TD Waterhouse Tower in 1985, the
Ernst and Young Tower in 1991 and 95 Wellington Street was purchased in 1997.
To avoid the “corporate canyons” created by office towers in many cities, architect, Mies van der Rohe’s
plan for the seven-acre site set the buildings back from the streets and placed them on a landscaped
plaza. Below the plaza, he created an underground shopping concourse, the first of its kind in the city
and the cornerstone of Toronto’s extensive PATH network.
The Courtyard/Oscar Peterson Place is famous for its expansive area and grassed areas. The courtyard
is situated between 100 Wellington St. West, 77 King St. West and TD Bank Tower and measures
84,915 square feet.

b. Facts and Statistics
The total rentable area of the office towers is 4,300,000 square feet with over 90 tenants and
150,000 square feet in the retail concourse with over 75 tenants. Each business day, its six buildings
are home to 19,000 office citizens.

TD Bank Tower                        TD Waterhouse Tower
•   56 floors                        •   37 floors
•   1,332,067 square feet            •   693,248 square feet

77 King Street West                  Ernst & Young Tower
•   46 floors                        •   32 floors
•   973,513 square feet              •   482,363 square feet

100 Wellington Street West           95 Wellington
•   33 floors                        •   23 floors
•   514,769 square feet              •   328,690 square feet
PAGE   12

4  . T E N A N T A N D B U I L D I N G S E RV I C E S

a. Service and Maintenance Requests
Requests for service and maintenance related issues should be made to toAssist at 416-862-7747 or Calls and emails made to toAssist will only be accepted by contacts on a
tenant’s Authorized Caller List. Each call is logged and toAssist dispatches the appropriate base-building
or tenant-billable service provider.
For a complete listing of billable services, please refer to the TD Centre Rate Card in the Appendix
section of the Tenant Manual.

b. Bicycle Racks
Located on P1 parking level of the TD Waterhouse Tower (79 Wellington Street West), a secured bicycle
parking facility accessible only by TD Centre passcard. To reserve a spot, please contact the parking
administrator at 416-864-6465 or email Additionally, plaza level bike
racks, holding 430 bikes, are available in and around the Centre.

c. Car Wash Services
Dove Carwash operates in the Ernst & Young Tower (222 Bay Street), P2 level during weekdays from
7 a.m. to 2 p.m. The service is available to tenants, guests and the general public using the parking
facility. For information and rates, call 416-869-9400.

d. Courtesy Phones
For your convenience, courtesy phones are located at the lobby desks in each of the TD Centre towers.

e. Office Signage
Building signage in the main lobby, elevator lobby and tenant premise entrances – unless otherwise
arranged with TD Centre management – is standardized and not subject to change. No other signs will
be installed, placed or affixed in the lobbies unless authorized.
For additional signage, tenants must fill out a signage request form with exact wording, since signs will
be ordered exactly as per the form. The production cost for additional signage is a tenant expense.

f. Small Parcel and Letter Delivery (Courier)
Parcels small enough to be carried by one person and not on a dolly or cart may be delivered through
the main lobbies and transported in passenger elevators.

g. Large Parcel Delivery and Packages on Carts
Large parcels and packages on carts may be delivered through the main lobby doors, but must be
transported to the destination/floor in the service elevator. Please ask a Customer Service
Officer/Security Officer for assistance.
As a safety precaution, large parcel deliveries through the retail concourse and office tower lobbies are
not permitted during high traffic times.
PAGE   13

h. Large Deliveries
All deliveries of furniture, construction materials, office supplies and other bulky materials must be
made through the shipping and receiving docks and transported in the service elevators. Large
deliveries should be scheduled after hours.
Please note: The clearance at the dock at 66 Wellington Street is 12 feet. For further information on
shipping, receiving and freight elevators, contact toAssist at 416-862-7747 or

i. Service Elevator Booking
Service elevators can be booked through toAssist at 416-862-7747 or A
fee is applicable for after hours booking as per the Tenant Services Rate Card. For a copy of the Elevator
Booking Form, visit

j. Porter Service
For a fee, as per the Tenant Services Rate Card, porter services are available to receive goods in the
shipping and receiving dock for delivery to a tenant’s premises. If delivery service is not requested,
shipping and receiving staff will advise the tenant that their shipment has arrived and is awaiting
pick-up, or direct vendors to the designated tenant floor via the freight elevators.
Porter service is available Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., excluding holidays, and can be
arranged by contacting toAssist at 416-862-7747 or

k. Mail Pick-Up and Delivery Service
Mail pick-up and delivery service can be arranged for a nominal fee (as per the Tenant Services Rate Card).
Our staff will pick up and deliver in-bound mail from the designated mailbox to tenants’ premises before
10 a.m. Out-bound mail will be picked up no later than 4 p.m. Monday to Friday, excluding holidays.

l. Locksmiths
Sargent Locks are used throughout the TD Centre. These are high-security locks featuring restricted
Our Locksmith Department maintains the mastering systems and all records related to key coding and
distribution. Outside locksmiths or manufacturers are not authorized to alter the keying of any lock in
the TD Centre.
All door locks installed by the tenant, whether on the exterior or the interior doors, must be keyed to
the building master system. Tenants needing special security measures (i.e. passcard access or
combination-type locks) must first obtain authorization from our Security Manager at 416-869-2286.
All keying and keys must be requested through toAssist at 416-862-7747 or
There is a service charge (as per the Tenant Services Rate Card) for supplying and cutting additional
keys, re-keying cylinders and repairing hardware.
PAGE   14

m. Building Operator Services
Building staff are on hand to maintain the Centre’s common areas. Services provided include, but are
not limited to, carpentry, plumbing, painting, lamp replacement and electrical work. These services are
also available for tenant maintenance-related work inside their space. Refer to the Tenant Rate Card for
associated charges. Contact toAssist at 416-862-7747 or to arrange service.

n. Grease Trap Maintenance
The grease trap maintenance program helps ensure trouble-free operation of the grease traps
installed in facilities with cooking operations. Participation in this program is mandatory. This service is
extra to basic services and is billable. For further information, contact toAssist at 416-862-7747 or

o. Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Services (HVAC)

Induction Units
With the exception of 95 Wellington, black induction units are located around the perimeter of the
buildings in front of all windows. Water is pumped through these units for either heating or cooling.
These units are also designed to circulate conditioned fresh air.
To maintain peak efficiency we suggest all office furniture be kept at least 10 inches from the induction
units and items such as books or file folders should not be placed on top of the units or between
windows and the units.

Thermostats are located on selected walls in tenant premises. Office temperature can be adjusted
within a range of 2 degrees Fahrenheit by moving the control slider. The base building standard setting
for room temperature is 72 degrees Fahrenheit.
Please see important Ceiling Cooling and Venetian Blinds information below to help regulate temperatures.

Ceiling Cooling
Warm air moves out and new cool air moves in to all work spaces from trophers located in the light
fixtures. Please note: When trophers are blocked (by items such as office shelving units that extend to
the ceiling area) they do not operate efficiently.

Venetian Blinds
Venetian blinds are an integral part of the heating and cooling system. When operated properly, they
help heat and cool tenant offices efficiently. Consistent and proper use of blinds is especially important
for workspaces with southern or western exposures.
During winter and summer, the sun’s low angle allows its rays to shine directly into workspaces.
Lowering blinds and slanting the lower edges of the slats toward the window will help keep workspaces
at a comfortable temperature.
PAGE   15

p. Lighting
Each building is equipped with long-life, low-voltage fluorescent lighting. The building standard lighting
fixture uses four-foot fluorescent tubes, combined with air conditioning circulation vents. TD Centre’s
lighting is energy efficient and designed to meet or exceed regulations for colour rendition and light
levels. Superior performance includes reduced or eliminated visual flicker and ease for viewing
computer screens.
Lighting is maintained by building staff and should be adjusted only by authorized personnel. On
occasion, tenants may require the use of HVAC/lights after business hours. In this case, tenants should
use the Telephone Interface Program:

Telephone Interface Instructions

If the lights/HVAC are “Off”

1. Dial 416-864-6466 for TD Bank Tower, 77 King St. West, 100 Wellington St. West and TD Waterhouse
   Tower; 416-864-6459 for Ernst & Young Tower and 95 Wellington St. West (After Hour Lighting/HVAC
   telephone number) from any touch-tone phone.
2. The system will prompt you with the following message, “You have reached the TD Centre light and
   air control system. Please enter your 8-digit code for the service you are requesting.” Note that you
   do not have to listen to the entire message before proceeding.
3. Enter the 8-digit code for the location you wish to activate. (These codes are provided during
   move-in or from toAssist at 416-862-7747 or
4. The system will prompt you with the following message, “Please enter the single-digit number
   corresponding to the control action you require.” Note that you do not have to listen to the entire
   message before proceeding.
5. Enter: 1 to turn system ON or 2 to turn the system OFF
6. The system will prompt you with the following message, “Your request has been processed and will
   be effective immediately.”
7. End the call by entering the pound (#) key then hanging up the telephone OR optionally continue
8. The system will prompt you with the following message, “If an additional control action is required,
   please enter your 8-digit code now. Otherwise, press pound (#) to terminate this call.” Note that you
   do not have to listen to the entire message before proceeding.
9. To end the call, enter the pound key (#), otherwise, go to Step 5 above.

If the lights are “On” and flicker once

1. The lights in the complex are controlled by a time schedule, programmed specifically for each tenant.
2. As a warning, five minutes prior to the scheduled turn-off time, the lights will “flicker” once (briefly
   turn off then back on).
3. To extend the schedule for after-hours lighting, use the procedures above. Note that every time the
   lights are turned on using the telephone interface, they will automatically turn off in 2 hours. They
   will again “flicker” five minutes prior to being turned off.

If you experience difficulties, please contact toAssist at 416-862-7747 or
PAGE   16

Light Replacement
Burned-out lights should be reported to toAssist. They will arrange for replacement lamps and tubes by
our building staff. There is a charge for replacement of non-building standard lamps, tubes and ballasts.

q. Real Time Tenant Electricity Monitoring
Each tenant’s electrical consumption is metered through Carma Smart Metering computer technology.
TD Centre is one of the first properties in Canada to introduce online electricity monitoring. This online
service provides tenants with the capability to access their tenant-specific electricity consumption data
in real time via a web interface, which allows for consumption and cost reduction through better
self-management. Tenants are able to access electricity consumption data via a Carma web interface.
For those with password access, visit
If you have any questions about this service or require a password, we encourage you to first contact
your Facilities or Office Manager. For more information contact toAssist at 416-862-7747 or

r. Telecommunications
RYCOM TPM (Telecom Property Management) Inc. has been retained by Cadillac Fairview for Riser
Management for data and communications requirements. RYCOM TPM provides controlled secure
access to the telecommunications areas within buildings; these areas include riser rooms, main
telephone room (MTR), POP sites and rooftops.
RYCOM TPM verifies that contractors are approved and that their insurance, Workers Compensation
Board (WCB) and other certifications are valid.
The TPM service process is performed by the Rycom TPM Customer Care Representatives. Tenants can
make an access request on behalf of themselves, on behalf of a contractor, sub-contractor or
telecommunications service provider.
Once the work is approved, RYCOM TPM will provide Cadillac Fairview with a work order ticket.
Building security typically require tenants or contractors to provide a minimum of 24-hours notice to
gain access to the riser facilities, however, 48-hours notice is required for infrastructure upgrades.
The contractor is responsible for all security escort fees associated with work carried out. For more
information, please call RYCOM at 905-264-4800, Option 1.

s. Energy Management Advisory Service
Each tenant has control over the energy used in their office space. Advice on ways to manage your
consumption and reduce your costs can be obtained by contacting toAssist at 416-862-7747 or
PAGE    17

t. Shipping and Receiving
There are three shipping and receiving docks at the TD Centre. The dock servicing the TD Bank Tower,
77 King St. West, 100 Wellington St. West and Ernst & Young Tower and the concourse level for retail
can be accessed via the north side of Wellington Street West, west of Bay Street. This dock has two
heavy-duty lifts to accommodate off-loading and loading of heavy equipment.
The docks servicing TD Waterhouse Tower and 95 Wellington Street West are accessed via Piper Street,
which runs east of York Street, south of Wellington Street. TD Waterhouse Tower dock has three heavy-
duty extended platforms to accommodate off-loading and loading of heavy equipment. 95 Wellington
Street West has three loading dock bays to accommodate deliveries.

•   TD Bank Tower – 66 Wellington Street West
•   TD Waterhouse Tower – Access via Piper Street (at York St. & Wellington)
•   95 Wellington – Access via Piper Street (at York St. & Wellington)

Dock Restrictions – 66 Wellington Street West:
•   Maximum length – 26 foot truck; 45 foot tractor trailer
•   Maximum height – 12 feet
•   Time limit for deliveries – 45 minutes

Hours of Operation:
•   Monday to Friday – 66 Wellington open/staffed 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.; 79 Wellington & 95 Wellington
    open/staffed 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
•   After-hours access – Available upon request (costs will apply to after-hours loading and must be
    arranged with TD Centre management)
Note: The loading dock and its loading bays are a common-use area of the TD Centre and, therefore,
cannot be reserved for any one tenant’s exclusive use.
PAGE   18


a. Parking
Parking is available 24 hours daily. Toronto-Dominion Centre has three underground parking facilities.
The parking garage below the TD Bank Tower services the TD Bank Tower, 77 King St. West, Ernst & Young
Tower and 100 Wellington St. West. This facility can be entered either from the north side of Wellington
Street or the south side of King Street. Please note Wellington Street is one way, in a westerly direction,
and that York Street is one way, in a northerly direction. King Street is a two-way street, running east
and west.
The parking garage below TD Waterhouse Tower services both TD Waterhouse Tower and the Fairmont
Royal York Hotel. This facility can be accessed from the south side of Wellington Street or the north side
of Piper Street.
The parking garage below 95 Wellington Street West services the tenants of 95 Wellington and
members of the Toronto Club. This facility can be accessed from either the south side of Wellington
Street or the north side of Piper Street. For further information on parking facilities, please contact the
parking office at 416-366-1423 or

Hours of Parking Operation
TD Centre’s main parking garage and TD Waterhouse Tower’s parking garage are open to the tenants and the
public 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Parking attendant service is available Monday to Friday from 7 a.m. to
10 p.m.
For 95 Wellington West, hours of operation are Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Parking attendant
service is not available at the 95 Wellington parking facility.

Access to Parking Garages
All buildings have elevators connected to the parking facilities. The elevator lobbies are wheelchair
accessible. Please note: In the garage at the TD Waterhouse Tower, wheelchair access is only available
on the P2, P4 and P6 levels.

Tenant and Visitor Parking
The parking facilities are large enough to accommodate tenants and their guests’ parking requirements.
When the garage is full, please observe directional signs to areas where spaces are available or use our
parking attendant service.

Monthly and Hourly Parking
All three parking facilities provide a limited number of both reserved and non-reserved monthly parking
spaces. Hourly parking is also available. For monthly parking, please contact the Parking Administrator
at 416-864-6465, or email

Pay Stations
The garages located at 66 Wellington Street West, 79 Wellington Street West and 95 Wellington Street
West are fully automated and do not have cashiers at the exits. Non-monthly parkers must use the
conveniently located pay stations prior to reaching the exit gate.
PAGE   19

Automatic Vehicle Identification
Available to the monthly parking customers, the Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) system allows a
tenant to enter the parking garage automatically without having to insert a key card or to open a
vehicle window. An AVI transponder is placed on the car dashboard and the system will read the
transponder upon approaching the entrance, which will automatically open the gate. See Parking Office
Attendants for assistance with correctly placing the transponder in the vehicle.

Parking Key Claim Receipt
A key claim tag system is in place as a security measure. Patrons should ask for a key claim receipt when
handing keys to the parking attendant. Attendants are instructed not to issue keys without the claim
receipt. To help remember the location, mark the area on the parking ticket.

Key Retrieval after Parking Hours
For the main parking garage, after 10:30 p.m., keys are relocated to the P1 level green section in front of
the parking office in the TD Bank Tower. To retrieve keys, patrons are requested to communicate with the
parking attendant via the intercom at any pay station or visit the parking office. The parking attendant
will arrive with the keys.
At TD Waterhouse Tower’s parking garage, parking attendants are on duty 24 hours, located on
alternate floors.
The parking garage at 95 Wellington West is a self-park garage, with no parking attendant service.

Parking Tickets
For security reasons, tenants, guests and the general public are asked not to leave parking tickets or
passes in cars.

Parking Security Alert Stations
The garage facilities are equipped with security alert stations strategically located and highly visible to
tenants, guests and the public. This sophisticated system uses high-technology cameras, sirens and
strobe lights, and the Security Operations Centre (SOC) monitors the stations.
In an emergency situation only, go to the nearest station and press the red button. The strobe will
activate, horn will sound and an alarm will be set off in the security office simultaneously. Security will
be dispatched immediately.

b. Zipcar Access
TD Centre is partnered with Zipcar (, providing three reserved spots for Zipcar members
in TD Centre’s Parking (P1 Red, parking spaces 184, 185 and 186). For more information, or to become
a Zipcar member, visit

c. Barrier-Free Accessibility
Barrier-free access is available to all buildings and the parking garage. Washrooms on most floors in all the
buildings, as well as the Concourse, are designed to accommodate special accessibility requirements.
PAGE    20

Listed below are the barrier-free entrance routes to each tower for those requiring access:

Toronto-Dominion Bank Tower
•   From King Street through the southwest lobby swing doors
•   Up by any elevator bank
•   Down by elevator number 1, located in elevator bank for floors 1 to 19

77 King St. West
•   From King Street through northwest lobby swing doors into main lobby
•   Up by any elevator bank
•   Down by elevator number 55, located in elevator bank for floors 1 to 19
•   Down by elevator number 63, located in elevator bank for floors 19 to 33
•   Down by elevator numbers 74 and 70 located in elevator bank for floors 33 to 45

100 Wellington St. West
•   From York Street via ramp
•   From King Street through northwest lobby swing doors into main lobby
•   Up by either elevator bank
•   Down by elevator number 85, located in elevator bank for floors 1 to 18
•   Down by elevator number 91, located in elevator bank for floors 18 to 32

TD Waterhouse Tower
•   From Wellington Street up wheelchair ramp at northwest corner and through northwest swing doors.
•   Up by either elevator bank
•   Up to mezzanine by parking-garage elevator. Please note that the Security Officer on duty at desk
    must put this elevator in service
•   Down by parking garage elevator

Ernst & Young Tower
•   Wellington Street ramp just west of 220 Bay building; entrance via west lobby swing doors.
•   Bay Street Entrance via northeast handicap door
•   Up by any elevator bank
•   Down via elevator number 133 and 138
•   Into TD Bank Tower via handicap elevator

95 Wellington Street West
•   Northwest side of building ramp off Wellington Street into ground floor through handicap doors,
    access to second floor through parking handicap elevator from ground floor lobby.
•   Three elevators from west corridor tunnel services P1 to P4 parking levels to street level lobby for
    Toronto Club and ground floor lobby area with access to floors via parking elevator to second floor.
    Elevators are as follows:
         – P1 to P4 access to tunnel from parking garage
         – Tunnel to upper lobby area for Toronto Club members only
         – Tunnel to ground floor lobby area
PAGE   21

d. Elevators
The following is the breakdown of elevators by building at the TD Centre

                              Toronto-     77            100           TD         Ernst &      95
                              Dominion     King St.      Wellington    Waterhouse Young        Wellington
                              Bank Tower   West          St. West      Tower      Tower        Street

Passenger Elevators           32           24            12            16         11           8

Elevators Accessing
Concourse Level               1            4             2             N/A        2            N/A

Freight Elevators             2            1             2             1          1            1

Passenger Elevators
The TD Centre has 105 passenger elevators and 14 escalators providing access to various levels of the
buildings. After regular business hours all elevators are controlled by security card access.

Service (Freight) Elevators
Each building is equipped with designated service elevator(s). The service elevators are used for moving
freight and large parcels. With the exception of 100 Wellington St. West and 95 Wellington West,
these service elevators are specially designed and are accessible only through service lobbies located on
each floor.
100 Wellington St. West has two passenger elevators designed as service elevators. These are easily
identified by their specialized cab decor, designed to stand up to heavy use. These elevators cannot be
removed from the passenger service during peak rush hour periods, therefore use of these elevators for
transporting freight is restricted from 8 a.m. to 9:30 a.m., 11:45 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. and from 4:30 p.m.
to 6 p.m., Monday to Friday.
There is a fee charged for after-hours use of the service elevator. Once reserved, service elevator passcards
are signed out and must be returned to the Access Control Centre on level P1 of TD Bank Tower.
To use the service elevators after regular business hours, contact toAssist at 416-862-7747 or
Hours available:
Monday–Friday: (TD Bank Tower, 77 King Street West, 100 Wellington Street West) 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m.
Monday–Friday: (Ernst & Young Tower and 95 Wellington) 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 a.m.
Saturday/Sunday/Holidays: 24 hours
PAGE   22

Freight Elevator Specifications

                                               100          100
                                               Wellington   Wellington
            TD         TD          77          St. West     St. West   TD         Ernst &       95
            Bank       Bank        King St.    Floors       Floors     Waterhouse Young         Wellington
            Tower      Tower       West        2–18         19–32      Tower      Tower         Street

Cab Length 92"         92"         92"         62"          60"        91"          112"        60"

Cab Width   65"        84"         86"         91"          83"        62"          65"         72"

Cab Height 120"        120"        132"        114"         114"       144"         144"        122"

Cab Weight
(kg)       2269        3175        3629        4000         3500       2700         2720        1588

e. Guest Services
The Guest Services Team provides a constant presence in the retail area, and bridges the shopping/
service needs of our office tenants. The Guest Services Centre is located on the concourse level of
77 King St. West, across from Canada Post. Hours of Operation are 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday to Friday.

f. Gift Cards
Cadillac Fairview Gift Cards are available in denominations ranging from $10–$500 and are redeemable
at over 4,000 stores across Canada. To purchase cards please visit the TD Centre Guest Services Centre
on the concourse level of 77 King St. West, across from Canada Post or contact them at 416-864-6448
or Please note: A $1.50 processing fee will be applied to the
purchase of each card on orders under $1,000.

g. Newsletter
“TD Centre Life” is a newsletter, issued quarterly, for office tenants. Content includes articles on
operational items and charity events at the TD Centre, as well as general interest selections and a retail
directory. “TD Centre Life” is available on our website

h. Website
Please visit us on the Internet, at the corporate website or at the official
building website at You can obtain information on leasing and property operations
or learn about the building history or services. Our online concierge service offers the opportunity to
purchase concert and event tickets.

i. King Bay Chaplaincy
Non-denominational services and counselling are available at the King-Bay Chaplaincy, located on the
concourse level of the TD Bank Tower.
PAGE    23

j. Toronto Athletic Club
Toronto Athletic Club is downtown Toronto’s most prestigious fitness centre. Situated on the 36th floor
of the TD Waterhouse Tower, Toronto Athletic Club is open 363 days a year and provides members with
a complete range of facilities and services including:
•   Large professionally equipped gymnasium
•   6 singles squash courts and 1 international doubles squash court
•   75-foot lap swimming pool
•   Fitness class studio
•   Scientific, medically supervised fitness testing and personal exercise prescriptions
•   Medical programs focusing on preventive care, stress management, cardiac rehabilitation, nutrition
    and diet, sports injury and rehabilitation
•   Private dining room and members’ lounge
•   Full-service restaurant open to public
For membership information, please call the Toronto Athletic Club at 416-865-0900 or visit For restaurant reservations, please call Stratus Restaurant at 416-865-1924.

k. Kids + Company
Kids + Company is a full-time childcare centre located in 95 Wellington Street West in TD Centre. There
is an enclosed outdoor playground adjacent to TD Waterhouse Tower. This childcare centre offers care
for infants, toddlers, preschoolers and kindergarten children. The centre also has a number of spaces
reserved for “emergency or back-up” care and offers March break and summer camp programs. For
more information, please call 416-863-6868.

l. Eservus
Eservus is an online corporate concierge service that provides a variety of discounted tickets and value-
added services to tenants of the TD Centre. For more information contact Eservus at 416-598-8888,
email or visit (click on Online Concierge).

m. Service Ontario Kiosk
The Service Ontario Kiosk is located on the concourse level of the TD Bank Tower, between Bowring and
European Jewellery. The kiosk provides a wide range of services including renewal of license plate
stickers, address changes and fine payment.
PAGE   24

n. The Design Exchange – 234 Bay Street
The Design Exchange (DX) is North America’s premier design promotion centre. DX is available for
product launches, annual general meetings, elegant receptions, dinners, creative public events and film
shoots. DX features the original trading floor of the Toronto Stock Exchange as its centrepiece. For more
information, call 416-363-6121 or visit

o. Toronto PATH
Directly connected to the TD Centre, Toronto's Path System provides 11 kilometres of underground city.
Visit guest services or for more information.

p. TD Centre Food Hall
With its modern new look and exciting new food operators, TD Centre’s food hall can satisfy any
culinary desire or appetite. Please visit for all retail and food tenant listings.

q. Gallery of Inuit Art
A co-operative project of Cadillac Fairview and The TD Bank Financial Group, this gallery serves as the
permanent home of a selection of the bank’s renowned collection of Inuit art. Open Monday to Friday,
8 a.m. to 6 p.m., and weekends, 10 a.m to 4 p.m., the Inuit Art Gallery is located on the ground floor
of TD Waterhouse Tower.

r. The Courtyard/Oscar Peterson Place
Situated between 100 Wellington St. West, 77 King St. West and TD Bank Tower, the grass courtyard is
an oasis in the heart of the city.

s. Retail Concourse
For a full listing of our retail tenants, please visit Shops and services are open
Monday to Friday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Select stores are open on Saturdays.
PAGE    25


a. Introduction
The Security Operations Centre (SOC) is the complex’s “central nervous system,” monitoring the fire
safety system. The system is inspected and tested on a regular basis and evacuation drills for each tower
are conducted annually. Tenant safety is a priority and the department has implemented the following
security measures:
•   Enhanced monitoring and duress system in the parking garages
•   Signature recognition access to eliminate potential access card duplication and image copying
•   Enhanced network camera system consisting of tenant floor cameras along with a viewable,
    restricted access network
A team of 60 highly trained security and life safety professionals is dedicated to providing tenants with
a safe and secure environment around the clock, seven days a week. The Security and Life Safety
Department is comprised of:
•   Senior Manager, Security and Life Safety
•   Manager, Security
•   Manager, Fire and Life Safety
•   Supervisor, Life Safety
•   Four Security Supervisors
•   Two Life Safety Officers (Emergency Response Team)
•   42 Security Guards
•   Seven Customer Service Officers
TD Centre boasts one of the largest programmable-access security systems in Canada, with over
1,300 card readers. Currently, our closed circuit television system (CCTV) houses 300 cameras, which
are strategically placed throughout the parking areas, retail concourse areas, lobbies and stairwells of all
towers. Many of the cameras are equipped with motion detectors and digitally record on a 24-hour basis.

b. Send Word Now
Send Word Now is a mass communication system whereby tenant contacts are notified of building
and/or premises emergencies via email, cell phone, home phone and business phone. This system allows
for all lines of communication to remain open with our tenants by instantaneously communicating
emergency messages to all tenants in all six towers within one minute. For more information, contact
our Security Operations Centre at 416-366-7823.

c. Telephone Bomb Threats and Relay Threats
Please contact Security Manager at 416-869-2286 for details.
PAGE    26

d. Medical Emergencies
In the event of a medical emergency, contact our 24-hour Security Operations Centre (SOC) at
416-366-7823. If 911 is called rather than SOC, please contact SOC immediately thereafter and provide
the following information:
•   Your name
•   Your location (specify tower, floor and location on floor, i.e. north, south, east, west)
•   The nature of the medical emergency. Provide as much information as possible, i.e. patient’s gender,
    age, symptoms, medical history
Appoint someone to meet with the emergency responders in the elevator lobby to provide an escort to
the patient’s location.

During a medical emergency the following should be avoided:
•   Moving the patient, unless failing to do so would cause further harm (i.e. patient is face down and
    not breathing).
•   Crowding the patient. This can cause the patient unnecessary embarrassment and stress and create
    an obstacle for emergency response.
•   Giving the patient food or water. This creates the risk of vomiting and possibly choking.

Cadillac Fairview’s Role
•   Contact 911 and advise Dispatch Security and Life Safety Officers to assist and render aid.
•   Assist emergency workers to access and depart the area.

Tenant’s Role
•   Ensure First Aid/CPR trained staff are available to provide aid.
•   Ensure employees are aware of medical emergencies procedures and security emergency phone
    number, 416-366-7823.
•   Contact security for assistance.
•   Ensure access is not impeded (freight or corridor by people or items).
•   Have personnel not assisting with the emergency return to their workstation for privacy.

e. Fire Alarm
Should you discover smoke or fire on your floor, immediately activate a fire-pull station. Manual pull
stations are located outside each stairwell door as well as beside any door that is equipped with a
magnetic lock. Pulling this emergency device will cause alarm tones throughout the building and will
release doors equipped with magnetic locks, including stairwell doors.
Recently upgraded, the system is designed with two distinct alarm tones that require varying responses:

Alert Tones (1 ping tones)
Alert tones indicate there is an alarm condition in the building; however, it does not affect your floor.
When you hear alert tones, please adhere to the following safety precautions:
1. Stand by and prepare to evacuate.
2. If there is a requirement to evacuate, you will be notified by the Fire Alarm System (Evacuation Tones)
   and/or Emergency Voice Communication System.
PAGE    27

Evacuation Tones (3 ping tones)
Evacuation tones indicate that there is an alarm condition in the building that does affect your floor.
When this occurs, please adhere to the following safety precautions:
•   Leave the floor via the stairwells.
•   Do not attempt to use the elevators.
•   Once you have exited the building, proceed to your company’s designated meeting location – away
    from the building in alarm – and await further instructions.
Once the emergency has cleared, announcements will be conducted advising that the evacuated floors
can be repopulated. Security and Life Safety Officers will conduct sweeps of the stairwells to ensure
that all persons who needed to evacuate have done so safely.

f. Emergency Exits
Signs are posted throughout the floors indicating locations of emergency exits. Most signs will include
an arrow indicating the direction of the emergency exit.

g. Emergency Fire Phones
Emergency fire phones are located beside all stairwell doors and will communicate directly with our
24-hour Security Operations Centre (SOC). Break the safety glass, open the door and lift the handset
from the cradle. When your call is answered, state who you are, your location and the nature of the
emergency. If you must leave the floor immediately, leave the handset off the cradle. SOC will receive
a visual indicator of the active phone’s location and dispatch emergency response.

h. Evacuation Wardens
Every tenant should have volunteer fire wardens whose responsibility is to help floor occupants exit the
premises in an orderly manner during an evacuation process. For more details on the fire warden
program, please contact the life safety coordinator at 416-869-2291.

i. Stairwells and Crossover Floors
Each tower in TD Centre has evacuation stairwells. For added safety, the stairs are equipped with
illuminated stair-nosing strips to illuminate the area in the event of a power failure.
Crossover floors are also located approximately every five floors. If the path is obstructed (i.e. smoke,
blockage or backlog of people), an emergency crossover can be used to transfer to another evacuation
•   In your stairwell, locate the nearest crossover floor.
•   Check this door for heat with the back of your hand and for smoke prior to opening the door wide.
•   If safe, open the door and enter. Locate the next stairwell on the floor (look for the illuminated red
    EXIT sign).
•   Check this door for heat and smoke. If safe, enter and continue your descent to ground level.
•   If possible, descend the stairwell with a partner. Hold the handrail and do not run. Exit the building
    at the street level and attend your predetermined designated meeting area. Please ensure all staff is
    aware of the primary and secondary meeting locations.
Remember: Always leave your building through the evacuation stairwells, going to ground level, out
and away from the building. The only time you should travel away from the ground level is to access an

emergency crossover floor if the stairwell you are in becomes unsafe.
PAGE     28

Crossover Floors

66 Wellington St. West (4 Stairwells)

54         49        44       38         33     29       25        19       14       9        6         3

77 King St. West (4 Stairwells)

42         37        33       28         24     20       15        12       7        2

100 Wellington St. West (2 Stairwells)

32         28        23       18         12     7        2

79 Wellington St. West (2 Stairwells)

34         29        24       20         16     10       5

222 Bay St. (2 Stairwells)

29         24        19       14         9      5

95 Wellington St. West (2 Stairwells)

21         18        14       10         6      2

j. Protect in Place (PIP)
Protect in Place (PIP) has been implemented as a method by which persons requiring assistance need
not evacuate. The reasons for this are as follows:
•    In line with 98% of North American standard high rise procedures.
•    Eliminates danger of being in a confined space, which may fill with smoke, i.e. elevators.
•    Recommended by Toronto Fire Service and the Ontario Fire Marshal.
With the PIP program, a room within the tenant space is designated as a “safe room” for anyone
unable to use the stairwells, or to await rescue by Toronto Fire Services if the need to evacuate arises.
It is recommended that this room be equipped with the following:
•    A telephone
•    A list of emergency contacts (911, Security)
•    Directions to the room from the freight elevator
•    Duct tape
•    Towels & bottled water
•    Paper and markers
•    Flashlight and/or glow sticks
•    A whistle or “noise maker”
The Life and Safety Department will provide a floor plan to identify the location of the designated
room, and a door sign to mark this room. These door signs are highly visible in the event of smoke on
the floor. The sign is also equipped with safety recommendations on the rear side.
It is the tenant’s responsibility to provide the total number of persons requiring assistance as well as the
location of the designated PIP room. For further assistance regarding this program, please contact any
member of the Life Safety Team at 416-869-2276.
PAGE    29

k. Evacuation Drills
Annual evacuation drills are mandated by the Ontario Fire Marshal’s Office as a means of practicing an
exercise in emergency preparedness. Throughout the year, tenants are also requested to participate in
full building evacuation drills. To simulate an evacuation, alarm bells are sounded, announcements
conducted and all elevators in the tower are grounded to the plaza level. Trained evacuation wardens
direct people to the nearest evacuation stairwells, descend downward, direct staff to their meeting area
and await the conclusion of the drill.
A communiqué is released to tenant contacts prior to an evacuation drill indicating the date and any
other pertinent information. To simulate a realistic evacuation, it is recommended that tenant contacts
do not advise staff of the scheduled date of the evacuation drill.

l. Suspicious Packages and Mail Bombs
Please contact Security Manager at 416-869-2286 for details.

m. Suspicious Activity
One of the easiest ways to cut back on crime in the workplace is to ensure people who don’t belong in
the office do not enter. However, if they do, report the entry to security.
A common technique to enter restricted areas is termed “piggybacking.” The unauthorized person
waits near a locked door (as inconspicuously as possible) either in the elevator lobby pretending to read
the nameplates or in a corridor near a corner. Once someone enters, the unauthorized person catches
the closing door and enters the office behind him or her. If you suspect someone about to try this form
of entry, ask him or her who they are waiting for or request that they use their passcard for access
before you enter your card into the slot.
If you are uncomfortable with approaching them, leave the area or, once you enter the office, contact

Cadillac Fairview’s Role
•   Maintain visible vertical presence.
•   Respond to any reported incidents and document.
•   Notify proper authorities.

Tenant’s Role
•   Limit risk, don’t leave valuables out and don’t let strangers in.
•   Report any suspicious activity observed to security as soon as possible.
•   If applicable, limit access to the area.
•   Be observant of any irregular activity.
•   Assist in identifying possible threats.
PAGE    30

n. Workplace Violence

Cadillac Fairview’s Role
•   Respond to any reported incident and document.
•   Assist with removal or detention of parties involved.
•   Render first aid if necessary.
•   Notify proper authorities.

Tenant’s Role
•   Make your employer/security aware of suspected threats.
•   Report any incident to security ASAP.
•   Remove yourself and/or others to a safe area as soon as possible.

o. Extended Power Failure

Cadillac Fairview’s Role
•   Ensure generators and emergency power apparatus is in proper working condition through regular
•   Ensure emergency power is operational.
•   Maintain access control of the building(s).
•   After four hours, evacuate the building(s) due to life safety concerns.

Tenant’s Role
•   Secure property prior to leaving and advise security of any irregular activity observed on your floor.
•   Turn off all electrical devices.
•   Follow the direction of security.
•   Follow illuminated emergency exit signs to safely leave the building.

p. Life Safety Inspections
The Life Safety Department regularly conducts fire and life safety inspections based on the requirements
set out in the Ontario Fire Code, Ontario Building and Occupational Health and Safety Regulations.
Inspections will be conducted as needed or as required on all construction areas, retail tenant spaces
and within all food court tenants areas. If you have questions or concerns regarding life safety, please
contact the Manager, Fire and Life Safety Department at 416-862-5237.

q. Security Life Safety Services

Security audits
This computer-generated report provides information relating to the activity and users of the tenant’s
leasable space.

Master Personnel Files (MPF)
Tenants receive two (2) free computer generated reports of all employees and/or individuals that have
access to their respective leasable space. If more than two reports are required, there will be an
additional fee.
PAGE   31

Card Reader (connection & monitoring)
Tenants have the ability to install card readers and/or other peripheral devices to the security network of
the landlord’s access control system.

Duress/Panic Alarm Monitoring & Response
Not unlike having an external contract with an alarm monitoring company, the tenant has the option to
install panic buttons in their respective office space. The tenant may connect these devices to the
security network of the landlord. Upon receipt of an alarm, officers respond to provide assistance as

Security Access Cards
These cards are issued to permit employees of companies to move throughout the office space as
required, based upon the company’s security protocol. These cards further permit the company to
implement a secure working environment without inconvenience to its employees. These cards are
required at all times while the complex is on security.

Access Card Supplies (clips & lanyard)
In addition to the creation and assigning of security access cards, the landlord maintains in stock “belt
clips” or “lanyards” which tenants may require for issuance to employees. The clips or chains can be
attached to the security access cards for convenience of use and for preservation of the security cards.

Data Base Purge (clean up)
Over time, tenants may discover a need to revamp their list of active and non-active employees as well as
enhance or reduce their access protocols. This task can be time consuming for the tenant and confusing.
The Security/Life Safety Department can carry out this function, based on the tenant’s requirements.
Extremely large jobs are negotiated to be cost effective for the tenant.

Enhanced CCTV Protective Solution
Tenants have the flexibility and opportunity to install closed circuit television in their leasable space and
connect their cameras to the security network of the landlord; the landlord would provide the camera’s
recording capabilities, maintenance and upkeep of the network. This connection enhances the tenant’s
level of commitment to their employees to provide a safe working environment; as well, the tenant
need not worry about the system’s ongoing operation, service, maintenance and upgrades.

Life Safety First Aid/CPR Training
The trainers of these programs are experienced certified instructors, as well as first responders to all
medical and safety related emergencies that occur in the complex.
For a complete listing of billable services, please refer to the TD Centre Rate Card in the Appendix
section of the Tenant Manual.
PAGE    32


a. Contractor Selection
To ensure superior and professional cleaning services, housekeeping contractors for each tower are
selected via a rigid tender process. Contractors must meet the following criteria:
•   Proven track record of cleaning multi-tenanted towers of the same stature and size.
•   Providing exceptional customer service.
•   Thorough knowledge of the commercial real estate industry.
•   Presentation of a strategic and innovative cleaning program.
•   Presentation of a quality assurance program that emphasizes continuous improvement.
•   Effective supervision and employee training program.
•   Broad range of additional special services offered.
•   Cost effective submission.

b. Cleaning Frequencies
Housekeeping services are offered on weekdays, excluding holidays. Following are the base building
standard services:

Day Services
•   Check all standard washrooms three times per day to replenish supplies.
•   Empty washroom waste containers.
•   Spot clean washroom fixtures and mirrors.
•   Pick up litter and spot clean elevator lobbies.
•   Spot clean lobby directory signage.

Nightly Services
•   Waste and recycling receptacles emptied and transported to the shipping and receiving dock for
    disposal. Garbage receptacles containing over 50% paper material are diverted to recycling.
•   Dust surfaces including desktops, whenever clear of documents and personal items.
•   Spot clean all doors, partitions, metal work, glass, push plates, areas around light switches,
    doorknobs, door frames, elevator call buttons, floor directories, and fire hose cabinets.
•   Damp mop to remove all spills from hard surfaces.
•   Clean and damp wipe all glass desk and tabletops.
•   Vacuum carpeted traffic areas.
•   Remove litter in stairwells, dust/damp mop to clean stairs and landings.

c. Washrooms
•   Wash and polish mirrors, dispensers, powder shelves, and all bright metal works.
•   Wash and sanitize basins, toilet bowls, toilet seats (both sides), urinals and tiled walls near urinals.
•   Dust tops of partitions and normal ledges.
•   Replenish all washroom supplies.
•   Spot clean and dust walls, partitions, doors, metal works, glass, push plates, light switches,
    doorknobs and doorframes.
•   Check and replace as required sanitary napkins in disposal units.
•   Sweep and wash floors.

•   Remove any soap scum buildup.
PAGE    33

d. Periodic Nightly Cleaning Services
Included in the standard building-cleaning package are services performed by the cleaning staff on a
periodic basis. These services are not provided daily. Examples are as follows:

•   Damp wipe handrails, dust stringers, ledges, stair undersides and baseboards in stairwells and
•   Clean and decalcify the urinals.
•   Dust and clean all pot lights in passenger elevator lobbies.
•   Clean and polish all bright metal work such as door hardware and frames, push plates, kick plates,
    lettering and other metal accessories.
•   Clean and polish the interior of the fire hose cabinets including the fire extinguisher, hose racks and
    all other accessories.
•   Fully vacuum all carpeted areas wall to wall.
•   High dust and clean all surfaces above normal reach.

•   Spray buff hard surface floors to maintain a scuff-free finish.
•   Dust building stairwell walls, ledges, light fixtures and lenses.
•   Dust all chair and table legs and rungs, baseboard ledges, molding and other areas below normal
    arm’s reach.
•   Using a germicidal detergent, clean and disinfect metal partitions and tile walls in washrooms.

•   Strip and finish hard surface floors.
•   Clean ceiling light fixtures, grilles and lenses.
•   Scrub all perimeter exit stairwells and landings.
For details on housekeeping specifications, contact toAssist at 416-862-7747 or

e. Special Services
Our base building cleaning contractors offer a range of services not included in the standard building
maintenance package. For security and efficiency reasons, it is recommended that tenants use the
contractor responsible for their office tower cleaning for additional cleaning services. Extra services
include increased frequencies of standard building cleaning specifications, private washroom cleaning,
move requirements, interior partition cleaning, furniture maintenance etc.
Tenants may hire their own special services contractor for projects not included in the standard building-
cleaning package. Tenants hiring their own contractors should ensure the contractors observe all
building rules and work regulations. This includes insurance coverage requirements, after-hours access,
proper handling and use of hazardous materials, and rules and regulations for bringing materials and
equipment into the building.
It is suggested that tenants contact toAssist at 416-862-7747 or for
assistance in coordinating contract work.
PAGE   34

f. Housekeeping Concerns/Feedback
Concerns and feedback should be directed to toAssist at 416-862-7747 or Feedback allows us to monitor performance and quality control.

g. Venetian Blind Cleaning
Venetian blinds are cleaned on a scheduled interval of 18 to 22 months. Standard building blinds on the
perimeter windows are removed and replaced with a clean set by the cleaning contractor. Cleaning of
tenant owned window blinds can be arranged with toAssist at 416-862-7747 or

h. Window Cleaning

Exterior Perimeter Window Cleaning
The exterior glass above the lobby level is cleaned a minimum of three times annually, in the spring,
summer and fall, weather permitting. Cleaning of exterior windows during winter is dangerous and
not possible.

Interior Perimeter Window Cleaning
Interior perimeter windows are cleaned once a year on scheduled weekends, during late fall or winter.
This does not include interior partitions or doors. Tenants are requested to allow the contractors’
employees access to their offices/premises during the scheduled visit.
Where heavy furniture or delicate office equipment is located directly in front of the windows, tenants
should have these items moved before the window cleaning takes place. If special services are required,
contact toAssist at 416-862-7747 or Charges will apply.

Extra Window Cleaning
Tenants requiring additional window cleaning services after renovations or as a result of unusual dirt
conditions, or who wish to have interior partitions cleaned, should contact toAssist at 416-862-7747 or

i. Pest Control
Participation in the pest control program is mandatory to ensure that proper and consistent maintenance
procedures are in place. The Steritech Group conducts inspections to our property on a regular basis.
All tenant floor and concourse areas of the building are serviced on the second Tuesday and second
Friday of the month and all food tenant areas are serviced on the first and third Tuesdays of the month.
Tenants experiencing pest control problems should contact toAssist at 416-862-7747 or Tenants are encouraged to collect pest specimens in order to assist in
determining proper treatment methods. When reporting pest sightings, please indicate the area.
Steritech employs low impact pest management practices. These practices include: integrated methods,
site or pest inspections, pest population monitoring, an evaluation of the need for pest control and
other various pest control methods.
Pests can be harmful to both buildings and their tenants. They can cause costly damage to the structure
and surfaces of a building and also carry disease to the occupants. While it is the goal of the building
operators and the pest management team to minimize the harmful effects of pests, it is also necessary
PAGE   35

to minimize the harmful effects of pesticide products. An Integrated Pest Management (IPM) strategy
can reduce both the risks associated with pests and pesticides.
Steritech uses their proprietary EcoSensitive Pest Prevention System to eliminate pests without
unnecessarily applying or overusing pesticides. Simply, this means that precise product applications are
used only when necessary in response to detailed inspection and monitoring. They focus on correcting
structural, storage and sanitation deficiencies to help prevent re-infestation. During service, minor
structural repairs are made to eliminate harbourage areas and entry points.
Steritech’s award winning IPM system involves a seven-step process, of which only one step involves the
application of pesticides. Although “inspect and identify” is always the first step in an integrated
program, the other steps may be taken in varying order according to the situation and environmental
factors. Certain steps might be repeated at multiple points in the process; for example, monitoring
might occur at the beginning, middle and end of the process.
Steritech’s IPM Strategy – Seven Steps of EcoSensitive Pest Prevention:
1. Inspect and Identify
2. Monitoring
3. Physical Removal
4. Structural Repair
5. Prevention/Client Cooperation
6. EcoSensitive Pesticide Applications
7. Follow-Up
Steritech uses a number of non-pesticide methods to prevent and control pest activity on our property.
These include: mechanical rodent traps, fly traps, glue boards, crawling insect monitoring stations and
rodent snap traps. Additionally, Steritech will make recommendations to our tenants if they believe that
structural improvements or a change in sanitational practices will assist in preventing current or future
pest activity.
During the regular inspection of your premises, should any form of pest activity be noted, it may be
deemed necessary to apply pesticides at that time. A letter provides you with notice of such future
applications. Alternative approaches to pest prevention, as noted above, are exhausted before Steritech
resorts to pesticide usage. It’s important to note that the use of pesticides on office floors is extremely
rare. While food tenant spaces are the predominant areas of pesticide usage due to their proximity to
garbage areas, receipt of food deliveries from multiple vendors, etc., the applications are mostly crack
and crevice applications that are made completely out of sight and away from food.
Any non-scheduled visits that occur between Steritech’s regular visits to Toronto-Dominion Centre
property are considered emergency conditions. Under these conditions, an immediate notification
of Steritech’s pending visit will be issued to, at minimum, the primary contact of the affected space.
If the emergency condition can be handled without the use of pesticides, it will be responded to
within 24 hours. Should pesticide application be required, Steritech will apply pesticide no sooner than
24 hours, and no later than 48 hours, from the issuance time of the notification letter.
The following list includes the pesticides that may be used in the building as part of Steritech’s
Integrated Pest Management System:
• Boradust – applied as a crack and crevice or void space dust to control crawling insects.

• Pro aerosol – applied as a flushing agent to inaccessible areas for crawling insects.
PAGE    36

•   Dragnet – applied as a residual application to baseboards and the feet of equipment.
•   Drax – gel bait applied as small dots under baseboards or in cracks and crevices for ants.
•   Maxforce roach gel – applied as small dots under baseboards and cracks and crevices to control roaches.
•   Detex blox – a non toxic monitoring block placed in tamper resistant stations in mechanical type
    rooms to monitor rodent activity.
•   Contrac blox – a rodenticide impregnated wax block placed in tamper resistant stations in mechanical
    type rooms for the control of rodents.
•   Demand CS – a liquid residual pesticide used to control crawling insects in cracks and crevices.
•   Advance Ant Bait – a granular or puck bait for the control of ants in and around buildings.
•   Ortho Home Defense (Vapona Strip) – used to control flying insects inside structures.
•   Konk 400 – an aerosol insecticide used to control crawling insects in cracks and crevices.
•   Tempo WP – A liquid residual insecticide used to control crawling insects in cracks and crevices
    of structures.
All pesticides listed above have Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) associated with them that provide
further details regarding the product, active ingredients, health hazards (if any), etc. Steritech keeps a
record of all MSDS sheets within their onsite log book. Should you wish to review a product label
and/or MSDS sheet of any of the pesticides used in the building, this information is available for review
upon request.
The following individual can be contacted for access to MSDS sheets, further information/clarification or
general comments regarding our pest prevention program:
         Adam Tan
         Manager, Facilities Operations
         Toronto-Dominion Centre
         Cadillac Fairview Corporation Limited
         66 Wellington Street, Suite 3800
         Toronto, ON M5K 1A1
         (416) 869-2274
It is important to note that Steritech’s pest prevention program has not changed and will remain
unchanged into the foreseeable future. In other words, you will not notice any change in the way
Steritech conducts its business while in your premises.

Pest Management Visit Schedule

                                      Tuesdays                             Thursdays

Week 1                                TD Bank Tower (floors 27–55)         TD Bank Tower (floors G–26)
                                      Concourse Retail (non food hall)     Food hall tenants
                                      food tenants                         (1 of 2 monthly services)

Week 2                                77 King Street West (floors 23–45)   77 King Street West (floors 23–45)
                                      Concourse Retail (non food)

Week 3                                TD Waterhouse Tower                  100 Wellington Tower
                                      Concourse Retail (non food hall)     Food hall tenants
                                      food tenants                         (2 of 2 services)

Week 4                                Ernst & Young Tower                  Base building areas
PAGE    37

j. Recycling Program
The TD Centre has an extensive recycling program that helps reduce the cost of waste removal
operations. Materials recycled are office paper, cardboard, glass, cans, wood skids, washroom paper
towels, plastic, grease, batteries (dry cell), construction debris and organic food waste.
Effective late 2008, TD Centre implemented organic and single-stream recycling programs. Tenants
can participate by using the appropriate recycling containers in their kitchens and work spaces. See
below for details.
For audit visibility by the landlord, cleaning contractors are instructed to use only clear bags for both
garbage and recycling use. Staff will divert the contents of a garbage bin to the recycling stream in the
event that a garbage container has more than 50% paper content and no contaminants (toner,
chemicals). Conversely, a recycling container full of paper with contaminants will be diverted to the
garbage stream and on to the landfill.
The TD Centre supplies the following:
•   Recycling containers for each workstation and office
•   Larger containers for the photocopier area
•   Large 64 gallon or 95 gallon plastic containers for file-purging use
•   Organic bins for the kitchen
Note: These containers remain the property of the landlord.
These containers can be requested through toAssist at 416-862-7747 or

Single Stream Recycling – Recyclable Materials

All Paper Material
•   White bond, coloured paper, fax paper, NCR paper, glossy paper
•   Sticky notes, flyers, books, junk mail, newspaper, magazines, phone books
•   File folders, envelopes, window envelopes, craft wrapping paper
•   Paper towels

Old Corrugated Cardboard
•   All clean old corrugated cardboard (with no plastic packaging material)
•   Supply boxes
•   Paper towel rolls
•   Shoe boxes, tissue boxes and other similar paper products

Cans, Glass and Mixed Plastics
•   All aluminum and steel cans, pop cans, food and coffee tins
•   All glass bottles, clear and coloured glass, juice, waste and wine bottles, food jars
•   All plastic items: styrofoam (cleaned of food residue), water and juice bottles, utensils, straws,
    stir sticks, shrink wrap, detergent bottles, plastic bags, plastic hangers, bubble wrap
PAGE    38

Single Stream Recycling – Non Recyclable Materials
•   Polystyrene cups
•   Bubble envelopes
•   Plastic take-out containers
•   Glass cups & dishes
•   Used pens
•   Carbon paper
•   Cardboard such as milk cartons
•   Boxes lined with foil, plastic or foam
•   Waxed, oily food or blood stained boxes
•   Ceramic
•   Rubber bands
•   Aluminum foil wrap
•   Photocopier and printer toner

Organics Recycling – Recyclable Materials
•   Fruits
•   Vegetables
•   Bread
•   Desserts
•   Meat
•   Fish
•   Bones
•   Spoiled food
•   Tea bags
•   Coffee grinds
•   Coffee filters
•   Paper towels
•   Tissues

Organics Recycling – Non-Recyclable Materials
•   Grease
•   Cans & bottles
•   Plastic wrap
•   Aluminum foil
•   Condiment packages
•   Utensils
•   Paper & cardboard
•   Take-out food packaging
Some materials may be recyclable through vendor programs; please check with your suppliers. For
further information or suggestions regarding the recycling program, contact toAssist at 416-862-7747
or email
PAGE   39

k. Garbage Removal
Office garbage is removed nightly, Monday to Friday, holidays excluded, provided proper receptacles are
used and material is clearly labelled as garbage. Multilingual coloured garbage labels are available.
Please contact toAssist at 416-862-7747 or
Tenants requiring removal of large boxes, packing crates or accumulations of waste should contact
toAssist to arrange for a contractor pick up. There is a charge for this extra service.
Contractors working on the premises must remove all construction material. Tenants’ contractors must
make arrangement with toAssist for delivery of a disposal bin from one of the accredited construction
and demolition waste contractors. These bins are dropped off after 5:30 p.m. and picked up before
5:00 a.m. from the shipping and receiving area. All construction materials and debris must be
transported in the building after normal office hours and under arrangements laid out in the Tenant
Leasehold Improvement Manual/Construction Manual.
Tenants must ensure that chemicals and materials, including toner cartridges and any other hazardous
waste, are handled and disposed of according to strict WHMIS legislation.

l. Shredding Services
Shredding is done on site by the building staff. Tenants who sign up for the minimum one-year
shredding service contract receive base building confidential bins for placement in strategic office space
locations. Charges for the shredding service are based on actual machine shredding time to the nearest
15-minute increment.
Tenants can choose either regularly scheduled weekly pick-ups or on an as-needed basis. The tenant
can observe the destruction of the material if desired. The landlord will issue a Certificate of Destruction
upon request.
Offsite shredding services are also available. This service is arranged with the recycling contractor of the
TD Centre. For further details, please contact toAssist at 416-862-7747 or
PAGE   40


a. Tenant Leasehold Improvement Manual/Construction Manual
The manual outlines procedures and requirements established by Cadillac Fairview for both incoming
and existing tenants planning to construct or revise leasehold improvements in the Toronto-Dominion
Centre. Information outlining basic design specifications is included in the manual.
The contents of the manual are to be read in conjunction with the governing lease documentation and,
where applicable, with written agreements between Cadillac Fairview and the tenant. Consult the
Tenant Leasehold Improvements Manual/Construction Manual available at

b. Renovation and Design Changes
The TD Centre project management department supervises all tenant construction and renovation work.
All construction, including wiring and the installation of partitions, requires approval from the TD Centre
Project Manager.
For details on renovations and construction specification, tenants should consult the Tenant Leasehold
Improvements Manual/Construction Manual, available at
If you are contemplating renovations or other design changes, please contact the Manager, Tenant
Projects Department at 416-869-2275.

c. Construction Permit
The tenant must also obtain a TD Centre Construction Permit at least three business days prior to any
construction work beginning. This permit is issued once the project manager has approved submitted
drawings. These permits may be completed at

d. Service Permit
A TD Centre Service Permit must be obtained for all cosmetic work (painting, wallpapering, furniture
refinishing, etc.) that can be done in less than an eight-hour work shift. Minor work, such as relocating
telephone or wall outlets, is also included in this category. These permits are available at
PAGE   41

e. Contractors
All Contractors and their employees or subcontractors working in the TD Centre must wear a TD Centre
Contractor Identification Badge that is in full view at all times. This badge verifies that the work being
conducted has been authorized. These badges must be obtained prior to commencing work. They can
be picked up at the access control office located on the P1 level of the TD Bank Tower. For more
information, contact the access control office at 416-862-3651.

f. Move Procedures
All moves within the TD Centre must be done after regular business hours (6 p.m. to 7 a.m.). A nominal
fee is applicable for use of the service elevator. Service elevators should be booked in advance with
toAssist at 416-862-7747 or

Moving Boxes
Heavy-duty plastic moving boxes are available for rental. Please contact toAssist at 416-862-7747 or for availability and costs.

g. Building Forms
See for all building forms/service permits, etc.

PAGE   42


a. TD Centre – Rate Charges

Labour Rates

Service/Trade                              Rates per Hour

Trades (plumber, carpenter, electrician)   $54 per person

Operator (for drain downs)                 $54 per person

HVAC technician                            $54 per person

Locksmith                                  $48 per person

Lamper                                     $40 per person

Delivery/general help                      $40 per person

Shredding                                  $85 per hour shredding time
                                           $40 per person for pick up

Delivery, Shipping & Receiving

Service Description                        Rates

Mail delivery (min. ½ hour)                $20 per trip

Milk delivery (min. ½ hour)                $20 per trip

Mail pick-up (min. ½ hour)                 $20 per trip

1 to 9 items (small package – 10 kg)       $6 per trip

Over 9 items                               $12 per trip

Skid Load                                  $20 per skid

Freight Elevators


Self-operated                              $50 per hour

Operator assisted                          $85 per hour
PAGE    43

Equipment Rentals

Description                                 Rates

Tables (seats 6)                            $7 per unit per day

Table cloths                                $27 per unit per day

Table skirts                                $23 per unit per day

Folding metal chairs or patio chairs        $2 per unit per day

Podiums                                     $7 per unit per day

Delivery charge & set up                    $40 per person per hour (minimum ½ hour)

Locks & Keys

Description                                 Charges

Cylinder re-keying                          $20 plus labour (min. ½ hour)

Keys                                        $6 per key

Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC) & Lighting Rate Card

Base Building Hours

                                            Lighting                        HVAC

Monday to Friday                            7:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.           7:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.

Saturday/Sunday/Holidays                    Off                             Off

HVAC Rate Card

Tower                                       HVAC                            Lighting
                                            Per Hour per Floor              Per Hour per Floor

TD Bank Tower                               $28.75                          Metered

77 King Street West                         $26.00                          Metered

100 Wellington St. West                     $23.50                          Metered

TD Waterhouse Tower                         $16.00                          Metered

Ernst & Young Tower                         $12.45                          Metered

95 Wellington West                          $24.25                          Metered
PAGE   44

Security Services Rate Schedule

Description                                             Charge

Security audits                                         Regular service – $30 per hour (minimum one hour)
(readers and cards)                                     Rush service – $60 per hour (minimum one hour)

Master personnel files                                  $30 per report
(Two complimentary services per year)

Card reader monitoring                                  $33 per month per device
(note: signed agreement required prior to activation)

Duress/panic alarm monitoring                           $33 per month per device (three free responses per month)
(note: signed agreement required prior to activation)   $40 for every additional response

Security access cards                                   Regular – $15 per card
                                                        Proximity – $25 per card

Supplies                                                Belt clips – $52.93 per box of 25
                                                        Pass card clips – $39 per box of 100
                                                        Pass card lanyards – $11 per box of 12

Covert surveillance                                     $1,500 per week

Database clean up                                       Negotiated based on job or minimum $40 per hour

Enhanced Protective CCTV Solution Surveillance Monitoring

Contract                                                Fees

Two-year commitment (per 16 units camera order)         $1,200 per camera per year
24/7 network and camera access                          Additional viewer license – $150 per license
(viewing and downloading)

Three-year commitment (per 16 units camera order)       $1,000 per camera per year
24/7 network and camera access                          Additional viewer license – $50 per license
(viewing and downloading)
PAGE    45

b. Summary of Base Building Services (Non Chargeable Services)

•   Cleaning specifications – tenant areas
•   Window cleaning – interior and exterior
•   Window blinds – cleaning Information
Tenant Energy Use Profile
•   Carma metering
•   Registration for Carma metering
•   Hours of operation
•   HVAC/lighting request
Service Request
•   CF Request link
•   Status email notification
•   Elevator reservation booking
Electrical Services
•   Turn on power/breaker
•   Check breakers and switches
•   Replacement of base building fluorescent lights
Plumbing Services
•   Building washroom fixtures repair
Pest Control
•   Schedule of visits
Waste Management
•   Recycling services
•   Desk side recycling bins
•   Providing organic recycling bins
•   Diversion reporting
Security Services
•   Master personnel files printout – two services per year
PAGE    46

Chargeable Services

Electrical Services
•   Replace non base building lights
•   Replace non base building ballasts
•   Replace non base building outlets
•   Install non base building outlets
•   Repair sockets
•   Repair tenant lamps/cords
•   Install non common area lights
•   Run communications cabling
•   Install lights
Locksmith Services
•   Cut keys
•   Re-pin cylinders
•   Install/pick locks
•   Provide access to lock offices
•   Repair filing cabinets
•   Open filing cabinets
•   Repair sliding door tracks/rollers
General Tenant Services
•   Move furniture within tenant spaces
•   Milk deliveries
•   Mail deliveries to TD Centre Post Office
•   Mail pick up from TD Centre Post Office
•   Receive and deliver materials on behalf of tenants
•   Hang whiteboards
•   Hang pictures
•   Minor painting
•   Minor drywall repairs/installation
•   Minor repair furniture
•   Replace non base building ceiling tiles
•   Replace non base building floor tiles
•   Tenant set-up/tear-downs of tables and chairs
HVAC Services
•   Service non base building fan coil units
•   Change non base building filters
•   Install additional diffusers in tenant areas
•   Install non base building AC units
•   Provide air quality tests
PAGE    47

Plumbing Services (tenant owned fixtures)
•   Unplug non base building sinks
•   Repair/replace non base building toilets
•   Repair non base building sink faucets
•   Install water filters on tenant water coolers
•   Replace tenant water filters
Loading Dock Services
•   Deliver parcels/skids to tenant
•   Deliver large garbage bins
•   Deliver large recycling bins
Life Safety Services
•   Perform sprinkler drain downs for tenant construction
•   Provide life safety training courses
•   Monthly/yearly fire extinguisher inspections
Cleaning Services (provided by cleaning contractor)
•   Interior office partitions cleaning
•   Refrigerator/microwave cleaning
•   Restocking of private washrooms
•   Carpet steam cleaning
•   Large volume of garbage removal
•   Furniture steam cleaning
Security Services
•   Security audits
•   Master personnel files (MPF)
•   Card reader (connection and monitoring)
•   Duress/panic alarm monitoring & response
•   Security access cards
•   Access card supplies (clips and chains)
•   Data base purging
PAGE   48

Building Information
•   Key performance indicators for tenant service requests
•   Building lighting and HVAC hours
•   Building HVAC charges
•   Freight elevator information
•   Loading dock information
    – 66 Wellington Street West dock (services TD Bank Tower, 77 King Street West, 100 Wellington
      Street West, Retail Concourse and Ernst & Young Tower)
    – Maximum truck clearance – 12’ 0”
    – 79 Wellington Street West – 3 outdoor bays located on 41 Piper Street
    – 95 Wellington Street West – 3 outdoor bays located on Piper Street

The Cadillac Fairview Corporation Limited
Toronto-Dominion Centre Management Office
TD Bank Tower
66 Wellington Street West
Suite 3800, P.O. Box 2
Toronto, Ontario M5K 1A1
Tel: 416-869-1144 Fax: 416-862-3662