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Song List _Alphabetical by Artis

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									SONGS - BY ARTIST                                                          E.L. Karaoke
        Artist                           Title                           Song #

10,000 Maniacs                  Candy Everybody Wants                 DKM3054- 08
10CC                            I'm Not In Love                       DKM3082- 14
112                             Peaches & Cream                         SC8702- 02
2 Live Crew                     Doo Wah Diddy                           SC8700- 11
                                We Want Some P***Y!                     SC8700- 08
2 Pac                           Dear Mama                             DKM1115- 09
                                Until The End Of Time                  SC8702- 08
3 Doors Down                    Away From The Sun                       SC3400- 01
311                             You Wouldn't Believe                    SC8717- 14
38 Special                      Caught Up In You                        SC8146- 09
                                Hold On Loosely                         SC8146- 06
4 Non Blondes                   What's Up                             DKM3094- 12
4 P.M.                          Sukiyaki                              DKM2034- 02
5th Dimension, The              Aquarius (Let The Sun Shine In)       DKM2004-    02
                                Aquarius (Let The Sun Shine In)        SC7531-    01
                                Stoned Soul Picnic                    DKM3075-    02
                                Up, Up & Away                         DKM3075-    01
                                Wedding Bell Blues                    DKM3075-    03
702                             Where My Girls At                       SC8035- 08
                                Where My Girls At                       PR9097- 05
98 Degrees                      Hardest Thing, The                      SC8036- 06
                                I Do (Cherish You)                      SC8034- 07
                                Way You Want Me To, The                 SC8702- 07
A Little Night Music            Send In The Clowns                       TU140- 09
A-Ha                            Take On Me                            DKM3088- 11
Abba                            Dancing Queen                          SC7542-    03
                                Dancing Queen                         PR1461G-    01
                                Dancing Queen                         DKM3079-    05
                                Fernando                              PR1461G-    02
                                Take A Chance On Me                   PR1461G-    03
                                Waterloo                              PR1461G-    05
                                Waterloo                              DKM3083-    09
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SONGS - BY ARTIST                                                          E.L. Karaoke
        Artist                          Title                            Song #

Abba                            Winner Takes All                      PR1461G- 04
Abbott, Gregory                 Shake You Down                          SC8201- 10
Abdul, Paula                    Opposites Attract                     DKM3093- 11
                                Promise Of A New Day, The             DKM1104- 13
Abs                             Little Miss Perfect                      SF209- 05
AC/DC                           Back In Black                           SC8252-   03
                                Highway To Hell                          SGB48-   14
                                Stiff Upper Lip                          SGB48-   02
                                TNT                                     SC8660-   11
                                Whole Lotta Rosie                        SGB48-   06
                                You Shook Me All Night Long             SC7548-   01
Ace Of Base                     All That She Wants                    DKM1101- 07
                                Sign, The                             DKM1101- 08
Acuff, Roy                      Wabash Cannonball                     DKM3043- 06
Adam Ant                        Goody Two Shoes                         SC7548- 07
Adams & Streisand               I Finally Found Someone                 SC2154- 08
Adams, Bryan                    Run To You                              SC7548- 03
Adams, Ryan                     So Alive                                SC3400- 03
Addotta, Kip                    Wet Dream                               SC8707- 04
Aerosmith                       Amazing                                  SGB48-   04
                                Back In The Saddle                      SC8430-   06
                                Rag Doll                                SC7579-   05
                                Sweet Emotion                           SC8297-   06
Aguilera, Christina             Can’t Hold Us Down                       SF209- 02
                                Genie In A Bottle                       SC8037- 03
Aida                            Written In The Stars                     TU140- 18
Aiken, Clay                     Solitaire                               SC3407- 05
                                Way, The                                SC3400- 05
Air Supply                      All Out Of Love                       DKM3090- 14
                                One That You Love, The                DKM3090- 13
Akens, Jewel                    Birds And The Bees, The               DKM3077- 04

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SONGS - BY ARTIST                                                          E.L. Karaoke
        Artist                          Title                            Song #

Alabama                         Born Country                          DKM3038-    04
                                Face To Face                          DKM3038-    01
                                Fallin' Again                         DKM3038-    03
                                Give Me One More Shot                  SC8159-    07
                                Mountain Music                        DKM2023-    12
                                Will You Marry Me                      SC8698-    15
                                You've Got The Touch                  DKM3038-    02
Alan Parsons Project, The       Eye In The Sky                        DKM3051- 01
Albert, Morris                  Feelings                              DKM2018- 07
                                Feelings                               SC7518- 04
All-4-One                       I Swear                               DKM2021- 14
Allen, Deborah                  I've Been Wrong Before                  SC8697- 02
Allen, Garry                    The One                               PR1486G- 02
Allman Brothers Band, The       No One To Run With                     SC8146-    14
                                Ramblin' Man                          DKM2001-    06
                                Ramblin' Man                           SC8146-    03
                                Whipping Post                          SC8146-    05
Alpert, Herb                    This Guy's In Love With You           DKM2012- 07
Ambrosia                        Biggest Part Of Me                      SC8201- 14
America                         Horse With No Name, A                 DKM3053- 01
                                Sister Golden Hair                    DKM2026- 03
                                You Can Do Magic                      DKM3053- 02
American Breed                  Bend Me, Shape Me                     DKM3051- 02
Amos, Tori                      Caught A Lite Sneeze                    SC8348- 07
Anderson, Bill                  Still                                 DKM3043- 12
Anderson, John                  Big Revival, The                       SC8698- 03
                                Swingin'                              DKM2017- 09
Anderson, Lynn                  Rose Garden                            SC7507- 13
                                Rose Garden                           DKM2011- 05
Andrews Sisters, The            Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy               DKM2014- 13
Angels, The                     My Boyfriend's Back                   DKM2004- 03

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SONGS - BY ARTIST                                                         E.L. Karaoke
        Artist                           Title                          Song #

Animals, The                    Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood        DKM3044-    05
                                House Of The Rising Sun, The         DKM2010-    10
                                I Put A Spell On You                 DKM3044-    01
                                It's My Life                         DKM3044-    02
                                See See Rider                        DKM3044-    03
                                We Gotta Get Out Of This Place       DKM3044-    04
Animotion                       Obsession                            DKM3090- 06
Anka, Paul                      Diana                                DKM3074-    05
                                Having My Baby                       DKM3082-    12
                                Puppy Love                           DKM3074-    06
                                Put Your Head On My Shoulder         DKM2033-    01
                                Put Your Head On My Shoulder          SC7518-    15
Annie                           Tomorrow                               TU140- 13
                                Tomorrow                             DKM2034- 12
Anthony, Marc                   My Baby You                            SC8645- 02
April Wine                      Just Between You And Me                SC8346- 02
Archies, The                    Sugar Sugar                          DKM3075- 11
Arden, Jann                     Insensitive                            SC8348- 12
Arjona, Ricardo                 Mujeres                                SC7102- 11
Armstrong, Louis                What A Wonderful World               DKM2024- 08
Arnold, Eddy                    Make The World Go Away               DKM2029- 12
                                Make The World Go Away                SC7518- 02
Arrested Development            Tennessee                            DKM3092- 04
Association, The                Cherish                              DKM3045- 03
                                Never My Love                        DKM3045- 01
                                Windy                                DKM3045- 02
Astley, Rick                    Never Gonna Give You Up              DKM3087- 07
                                Never Gonna Give You Up               SC8609- 01
                                Together Forever                     DKM3087- 08
Atlantic Starr                  Always                               DKM1108- 01
Avalon, Frankie                 Venus                                DKM3074- 09

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SONGS - BY ARTIST                                                 E.L. Karaoke
        Artist                        Title                     Song #

B-52's, The              Love Shack                          DKM2016- 07
                         Rock Lobster                        DKM3090- 01
Babyface                 When Can I See You                  DKM3092- 14
Bachman Turner Overdrive Takin' Care Of Business             DKM2002- 07
                         You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet          DKM3052- 01
Backstreet Boys, The     Everybody Backstreet's Back           SC8034-   01
                         I Want It That Way                    SC8036-   07
                         I''ll Never Break Your Heart          SC8036-   01
                         Larger Than Life                      SC8034-   03
                         More Than That                        SC8702-   09
                         Shape Of My Heart                     SC8649-   14
Bad Company              Bad Company                         DKM1109-    01
                         Can't Get Enough Of Your Love       DKM1109-    02
                         Feel Like Makin' Love               DKM1109-    03
                         Rock 'N Roll Fantasy                 SC8430-    15
Baker, Anita             Body And Soul                       DKM3060- 15
                         Body And Soul                       DKM3061- 06
Bananarama               Love In The First Degree            DKM3084- 01
Band, The                Night They Drove Old Dixie          DKM3049- 02
                         Down, The
                         Weight, The                         DKM3049- 01
Bangles, The             Walk Like An Egyptian               DKM2021- 15
Bare, Bobby              Detroit City                        DKM3043- 10
                         Jogger, The                          SC8707- 11
Barenaked Ladies         One Week                              SC7584- 11
Base & D.J. E-Z Rock     It Takes Two                        DKM3092- 07
Basil, Toni              Mickey                              DKM2003- 09
                         Mickey                               SC7542- 12
Bay City Rollers, The    Saturday Night                      DKM2029- 01
BBMak                    Ghost Of You And Me                   SC8702- 06
Beach Boys, The          Barbara Ann                         DKM2012- 01
                         Barbara Ann                          SC7517- 03
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SONGS - BY ARTIST                                                       E.L. Karaoke
        Artist                          Title                         Song #

Beach Boys, The                 California Girls                   DKM2003-    10
                                Don't Worry Baby                   DKM3050-    01
                                Fun, Fun, Fun                      DKM3050-    04
                                God Only Knows                     DKM1111-    01
                                Good Vibrations                    DKM3050-    05
                                Help Me Rhonda                     DKM2002-    08
                                I Get Around                       DKM3050-    02
                                Little Deuce Coupe                 DKM3050-    03
                                Surfer Girl                         SC7531-    11
                                Surfin' USA                        DKM2027-    02
                                Wouldn't It Be Nice                DKM1111-    02
Beatles, The                    Act Naturally                      DKM3096-    15
                                All My Loving                      DKM2027-    15
                                All My Loving                       SC7520-    06
                                All You Need Is Love               DKM3096-    03
                                And I Love Her                     DKM3096-    04
                                Back In The U.S.S.R.               DKM2004-    04
                                Birthday                           DKM2015-    03
                                Can't Buy Me Love                  DKM3098-    07
                                Chains, The                        DKM3096-    06
                                Come Together                      DKM3097-    10
                                Day In The Life, A                 DKM3098-    06
                                Day Tripper                        DKM3097-    11
                                Do You Want To Know A Secret       DKM3097-    12
                                Eight Days A Week                  DKM3097-    13
                                Eleanor Rigby                      DKM3097-    14
                                Fool On The Hill, The              DKM3096-    07
                                Get Back                           DKM2004-    05
                                Hard Day's Night, A                DKM3097-    09
                                Hello Goodbye                      DKM3096-    08
                                Help                               DKM3098-    08
                                Here Comes The Sun                  SC7517-    01
                                Here, There And Everywhere         DKM3098-    09
                                Hey Jude                           DKM2004-    06
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SONGS - BY ARTIST                                                        E.L. Karaoke
        Artist                          Title                          Song #

Beatles, The                    I Call Your Name                    DKM3096-    11
                                I Feel Fine                         DKM3098-    10
                                I Saw Her Standing There            DKM2027-    03
                                I Should Have Known Better          DKM3096-    10
                                In My Life                          DKM3097-    15
                                Lady Madonna                        DKM3098-    01
                                Let It Be                           DKM2006-    08
                                Long And Winding Road, The          DKM2006-    09
                                Love Me Do                          DKM3096-    05
                                Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds       DKM3098-    02
                                Michelle                            DKM3098-    03
                                Mr. Moonlight                       DKM3096-    12
                                No Reply                            DKM3096-    13
                                Norwegian Wood                      DKM1111-    03
                                Nowhere Man                         DKM3098-    04
                                Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da                  DKM3096-    09
                                Oh Darling                          DKM1111-    04
                                Paperback Writer                    DKM3096-    02
                                Penny Lane                          DKM3098-    05
                                Please Please Me                    DKM3097-    01
                                PS I Love You                       DKM3096-    01
                                Revolution                          DKM3097-    02
                                She Loves You                       DKM3098-    11
                                She's A Woman                       DKM3096-    14
                                She's Leaving Home                  DKM3098-    12
                                Strawberry Fields Forever           DKM3097-    03
                                Ticket To Ride                      DKM3097-    04
                                Til There Was You                   DKM3097-    05
                                Twist And Shout                     DKM2001-    01
                                We Can Work It Out                  DKM3098-    13
                                When I'm Sixty-Four                 DKM3098-    14
                                Words Of Love                       DKM3097-    06
                                Yellow Submarine                    DKM3098-    15
                                Yesterday                            SC7520-    05
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SONGS - BY ARTIST                                                             E.L. Karaoke
        Artist                           Title                              Song #

Beatles, The                    Yesterday                                DKM2004- 07
                                You're Gonna Lose That Girl              DKM3097- 07
                                You've Got To Hide Your Love             DKM3097- 08
Beck                            Loser                                      SC7584- 12
Bee Gees, The                   Holiday                                  DKM3081- 06
                                How Can You Mend A Broken                DKM3079- 11
                                How Deep Is Your Love                    DKM3079-    10
                                Jive Talkin'                             DKM3079-    09
                                Night Fever                              DKM3064-    08
                                Stayin' Alive                            DKM3064-    06
                                You Should Be Dancing                    DKM3064-    07
Bega, Lou                       Mambo No. 5                                SC8036- 05
Belafonte, Harry                Day-O (Banana Boat Song)                 DKM2014- 08
Bellamy Brothers, The           If I Said You Have A Beautiful           DKM3040- 13
Benatar, Pat                    Fire And Ice                              SC7549-    04
                                Hit Me With Your Best Shot               DKM2009-    01
                                Love Is A Battlefield                    DKM3084-    12
                                We Belong                                DKM3084-    13
Bennett, Tony                   Because Of You                           DKM3100-    11
                                Fly Me To The Moon                       DKM3099-    08
                                I Left My Heart In San Francisco         DKM2001-    02
                                I Left My Heart In San Francisco          SC7518-    01
                                Shadow Of Your Smile, The                DKM2007-    01
                                Steppin' Out With My Baby                DKM3100-    12
Bennett, Tony, Sarah            My Funny Valentine                       DKM3100- 13
Vaughn & Frank Sinatra
Benson, George                  Give Me The Night                         SC8554- 07
                                This Masquerade                          DKM2004- 01
Benton, Brook                   Kiddio                                   DKM3055- 14
                                Rainy Night In Georgia                   DKM2031- 02

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SONGS - BY ARTIST                                                         E.L. Karaoke
         Artist                          Title                          Song #

Berlin                          Take My Breath Away                   SC7546- 09
                                Take My Breath Away                  DKM3091- 06
Berry, Chuck                    Johnny B. Goode                      DKM2012-    10
                                Maybelline                           DKM3073-    07
                                Memphis                              DKM3073-    06
                                Rock And Roll Music                  DKM3073-    05
                                Roll Over Beethoven                  DKM2012-    11
                                Sweet Little Sixteen                 DKM3073-    08
Better Than Ezra                King Of New Orleans                    SC8348- 14
Big & Rich                      Wild West Show (Duet Version)          SC8877- 15
Big Brovaz                      Baby Boy                                SF209- 01
Big Country                     In A Big Country                     DKM3088- 12
Big Mountain                    Baby I Love Your Way                 DKM1101- 04
Bilal                           Love It                                SC8717- 04
Biz Markie                      This Is Something For The Radio      DKM1115- 15
Black Crowes, The               Hard To Handle                         SC7584- 10
Black Eyed Peas, The            Where Is The Love                       SF209- 16
Black Sabbath                   Iron Man                              SC8252- 04
                                N.I.B.                                SC8660- 04
                                Paranoid                             DKM1109- 08
Black, Clint                    Nobody's Home                        DKM3037- 05
                                Walkin' Away                         DKM3037- 06
Blackfoot                       Train Train                            SC8146- 10
Blackhawk                       Down In Flames                         SC8159- 05
Blackstreet, Mya, Mase &        Take Me There                          SC8034- 04
Blinky Blink
Blatt, Melanie                  Do Me Wrong                             SF209- 07
Blige, Mary J.                  Real Love                            DKM1115- 14
Blind Melon                     No Rain                              DKM3092- 12
Blink 182                       Man Overboard                          SC8645- 15
Blondie                         Call Me                              DKM2009- 14
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SONGS - BY ARTIST                                                           E.L. Karaoke
          Artist                         Title                            Song #

Blondie                         Heart Of Glass                         DKM2032-    15
                                Maria                                  DKM1113-    15
                                One Way Or Another                     DKM2021-    11
                                Rapture                                DKM3084-    04
                                Rapture                                 SC8609-    12
                                Tide Is High, The                       SC7546-    10
                                Tide Is High, The                      DKM3084-    05
Blood, Sweat & Tears            And When I Die                         DKM3049- 03
                                Spinning Wheel, The                    DKM3049- 05
                                You Made Me So Very Happy              DKM3049- 04
Bloodhound Gang, The            Fire Water Burn                          SC8700- 02
Blue Oyster Cult                Don't Fear The Reaper                  DKM3052- 02
                                Don't Fear The Reaper                   SC8554- 15
Blues Brothers, The             Gimme Some Lovin'                        SC8297- 14
Bob & Tom Band                  Buzz, Buzz The Vibrator Song             SC8700- 05
Bobby Fuller Four, The          I Fought The Law                         SC7520- 07
Bolton, Michael                 Completely                             DKM3095- 13
                                How Am I Supposed To Live              DKM2017- 07
                                Without You
                                When I'm Back On My Feet               DKM3095- 12
Bon Jovi                        Livin' On A Prayer                     SC2336b- 07
Bon Jovi, Jon                   Always                                 DKM3095-    14
                                Bad Medicine                            SC7548-    11
                                Bad Medicine                           DKM2007-    11
                                Blaze Of Glory                         DKM3086-    01
                                Born To Be My Baby                     DKM3086-    04
                                Livin' On A Prayer                     DKM3086-    02
                                Wanted Dead Or Alive                   DKM2032-    03
                                You Give Love A Bad Name               DKM3086-    03
                                You Give Love A Bad Name                SC7579-    15
Bonds, Gary U.S.                Quarter To Three, A                    DKM3051- 05
Boone, Debbie                   You Light Up My Life                   DKM2033- 05

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SONGS - BY ARTIST                                                       E.L. Karaoke
         Artist                          Title                        Song #

Boone, Pat                      April Love                         DKM3074- 08
                                Love Letters In The Sand           DKM3074- 07
Boston                          Amanda                               SC8648-   12
                                Don't Look Back                      SC8648-   13
                                Long Time                            SC8648-   05
                                More Than A Feeling                  SC8648-   02
                                Rock & Roll Band                     SC8648-   10
                                We're Ready                          SC8684-   02
Bowie, David                    Under Pressure                     DKM1112- 09
                                Ziggy Stardust                     DKM1112- 10
Box Tops, The                   Letter, The                          SC7520- 12
Boxtops, The                    Cry Like A Baby                    DKM3075- 12
                                Letter, The                        DKM2009- 09
Boy George                      Crying Game, The                   DKM3095- 10
Boyz II Men                     I'll Make Love To You              DKM2023- 02
                                On Bended Knee                     DKM3092- 11
                                Song For Mama, A                    SC2154- 06
Brady Bunch, The                Brady Bunch, The                   DKM3067- 14
Brandy                          Almost Doesn't Count                SC8035-    01
                                Baby                               DKM1104-    09
                                Have You Ever                      DKM1115-    04
                                Have You Ever?                      SC8035-    03
Brandy & Monica                 The Boy Is Mine                      PR9097- 04
Branigan, Laura                 Gloria                             DKM2022- 09
Braxton, Toni                   Another Sad Love Song              DKM1104- 14
                                Breathe Again                      DKM3093- 13
                                Seven Whole Days                   DKM1104- 15
Bread                           Baby I'm A Want You                DKM3045-    05
                                Everything I Own                   DKM3045-    04
                                If                                 DKM3045-    07
                                If                                  SC7542-    05
                                It Don't Matter To Me              DKM2024-    10

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SONGS - BY ARTIST                                                          E.L. Karaoke
        Artist                           Title                           Song #

Bread                           Make It With You                      DKM3045- 06
Brigadoon                       Almost Like Being In Love             DKM1107- 09
Brooks & Dunn                   Boot Scootin' Boogie                  DKM2022-    10
                                Little Miss Honky Tonk                DKM1106-    14
                                She Used To Be Mine                   DKM3038-    06
                                She's Not The Cheatin' Kind           DKM3038-    05
Brooks, Garth                   Against The Grain                     DKM3037-    01
                                Dance, The                            DKM2019-    14
                                Friends In Low Places                 DKM2020-    08
                                Much Too Young To Feel This            SC7551-    08
                                Damn Old
                                Shameless                             DKM1106- 01
                                Two Of A Kind, Working On A           DKM3037- 02
                                Full House
Brothers Four, The              Green Leaves Of Summer                DKM3065- 07
                                Greenfields                           DKM3065- 05
                                Try To Remember                       DKM3076- 05
Brown, James                    I Got You (I Feel Good)                SC8704-    01
                                I Got You (I Feel Good)               DKM2022-    12
                                Living In America                     PR1031G-    05
                                Living In America                      SC8704-    02
                                Papa's Got A Brand New Bag             SC8704-    07
                                Part 1
                                Sex Machine                           DKM3059- 08
Browne, Jackson                 Somebody's Baby                         SC8300- 06
BT Express                      Do It 'Til You're Satisfied           DKM3062- 01
BTO                             Let It Ride                              SGB48- 08
Buffalo Springfield             For What It's Worth                   DKM2018- 13
Buffett, Jimmy                  Another Saturday Night                  SC8147- 07
                                Boat Drinks                             SC8147- 03
                                Changes In Latitude, Changes In         SC8147- 08
                                Cheeseburger In Paradise                SC8147- 01

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SONGS - BY ARTIST                                                           E.L. Karaoke
          Artist                         Title                            Song #

Buffett, Jimmy                  Come Monday                             SC8147-    12
                                Fins                                    SC8147-    04
                                Grapefruit - Juicy Fruit                SC8147-    06
                                He Went To Paris                        SC8147-    13
                                Livingston Saturday Night               SC8147-    15
                                Margaritaville                          SC8147-    05
                                Margaritaville                         DKM2020-    12
                                Pencil Thin Mustache                    SC8147-    10
                                Pirate Looks At Forty, A                SC8147-    02
                                Son Of A Son Of A Sailor                SC8147-    09
                                Volcano                                 SC8147-    11
                                Why Don't We Get Drunk                  SC8147-    14
Buggles, The                    Video Killed The Radio Star            DKM3090- 09
Burdon, Eric & War              Spill The Wine                         DKM3044- 09
Busta Rhymes                    Gimme Some More                        DKM1115- 12
Bye Bye Birdie                  Kids                                   DKM1107- 10
Byrds, The                      Mr. Tambourine Man                     DKM3044- 06
                                Turn Turn Turn                          SC7531- 08
                                Turn Turn Turn                         DKM2022- 08
C & C Music Factory             Things That Make You Go                DKM3063- 01
Cabaret                         Cabaret                                  TU140- 03
                                Cabaret                                DKM2024- 07
                                Wilkommen                                TU140- 17
Cagie, Chris                    I Breathe In, I Breathe Out            PR1486G- 01
Cagle, Chris                    I’d Be Lying                             SC8877- 03
                                I’d Be Lying                             SC3404- 05
Caldwell, Bobby                 What You Won't Do For Love             DKM3082- 02
Cameo                           Word Up                                 SC8704- 11
                                Word Up                                DKM3090- 07
Campbell, Glen                  By The Time I Get To Phoenix           DKM2002- 05
                                Galveston                              DKM3043- 04

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SONGS - BY ARTIST                                                         E.L. Karaoke
        Artist                           Title                          Song #

Campbell, Glen                  Gentle On My Mind                    DKM3043-    03
                                It's Only Make Believe               DKM2027-    05
                                Rhinestone Cowboy                     SC7551-    06
                                Rhinestone Cowboy                    DKM3043-    01
                                Wichita Lineman                      DKM3043-    02
Campbell, Tevin                 Always In My Heart                   DKM1108- 11
                                Can We Talk                          DKM1108- 12
                                I'm Ready                            DKM3095- 09
Cannon, Freddie                 Tallahassee Lassie                     SC7531- 07
Captain & Tennille, The         Do That To Me One More Time          DKM3081- 15
                                Love Will Keep Us Together           DKM2007- 12
Cara, Irene                     Fame                                 DKM2008- 09
                                Flashdance                           DKM2001- 12
Carey, Mariah                   Heartbreaker                          SC8035- 06
                                I'll Be There                        DKM2018- 02
Carlisle, Belinda               Heaven Is A Place On Earth           DKM3084- 02
                                Mad About You                        DKM3084- 03
Carmen, Eric                    All By Myself                        DKM3082- 04
                                Never Gonna Fall In Love Again       DKM2029- 15
Carpenter, Mary Chapin          Down At The Twist And Shout          DKM2020- 15
Carpenters, The                 Close To You                         DKM2005-    15
                                For All We Know                      DKM3080-    10
                                Home For The Holidays                PR1332G-    03
                                Hurting Each Other                   DKM3080-    11
                                Rainy Days And Mondays               DKM2007-    06
                                Superstar                            DKM3080-    09
                                We've Only Just Begun                DKM3080-    08
                                Yesterday Once More                   SC7549-    07
Carr, Vicki                     It Must Be Him                       DKM3077- 02
Carrack, Paul                   Don't Shed A Tear                    DKM3091- 05
Carrington, Rodney              Letter To My P*N*S                     SC8700- 01
Cars, The                       Drive                                  SC8554- 11
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SONGS - BY ARTIST                                                         E.L. Karaoke
        Artist                           Title                          Song #

Cash, Johnny                    Daddy Sang Bass                      DKM2031-    08
                                Folsom Prison Blues                  DKM2015-    15
                                I Walk The Line                      DKM2016-    01
                                I Walk The Line                       SC7507-    03
                                Ring Of Fire                         DKM2028-    07
Cash, Rosanne                   If You Change Your Mind              DKM3039- 08
                                Runaway Train                        DKM3039- 07
Cats                            Memory                                  TU140- 06
Caviar                          Tangerine Speedo                       SC8707- 15
Chairmen Of The Board           Give Me Just A Little More           DKM2016- 04
Champs, The                     Tequila                              DKM3090- 04
Chandler, Gene                  Duke Of Earl                         DKM2012- 13
Chapin, Harry                   Cat's In The Cradle                  DKM2021- 05
Chapman, Tracy                  Fast Car                               SC7548- 05
Charlene                        I've Never Been To Me                DKM3080- 05
Charles, Ray                    America The Beautiful                SC2336b-    03
                                Born To Lose                         DKM3056-    04
                                Cryin' Time                          DKM3056-    06
                                Georgia On My Mind                   DKM2007-    07
                                I Can't Stop Loving You               SC7518-    09
                                I Got A Woman                        DKM3056-    05
                                Unchain My Heart                     DKM2021-    12
                                What'd I Say                         DKM3056-    07
Charlie Daniels Band, The       Uneasy Rider                           SC8146- 12
Charlie Robinson                I Want You Bad                         SC8698- 06
Cheap Trick                     Don't Be Cruel                       DKM3052- 05
                                I Want You To Want Me                DKM3052- 04
                                Surrender                            DKM2028- 01
Checker, Chubby                 Let's Twist Again                    DKM3073- 03
                                Pony Time                            DKM3073- 04
                                Twist, The                           DKM2034- 03
Cher                            Believe                              DKM1113- 12
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SONGS - BY ARTIST                                                            E.L. Karaoke
        Artist                           Title                             Song #

Cher                            Believe                                  SC8039-    05
                                Gypsys, Tramps & Thieves                DKM2029-    11
                                I Found Someone                         DKM3085-    03
                                If I Could Turn Back Time               DKM2017-    08
                                Shoop Shoop Song, The                   DKM2017-    02
Cherrelle                       Saturday Love                           DKM3091- 01
Chesney, Kenny                  Fall In Love                             SC2246-    05
                                How Forever Feels                        SC2246-    03
                                Me And You                               SC2246-    04
                                She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy             SC2246-    01
                                She's Got It All                         SC2246-    06
                                The Good Stuff                          PR1486G-    03
                                What I Need To Do (RV)                   SC2246-    08
                                When I Close My Eyes                     SC2246-    07
                                You Had Me From Hello                    SC2246-    02
Chesnutt, Mark                  Goin' Through The Big 'D'                 SC8183- 02
Chi-Lites, The                  Oh Girl                                 DKM3062- 02
Chic                            Le Freak                                DKM3064- 04
Chicago                         I Don't Wanna Live Without Your         DKM3088- 06
Chiffons, The                   One Fine Day                            DKM3076- 06
Children's Songs                London Bridge Is Falling Down           DKM1103-    04
                                Mary Had A Little Lamb                  DKM1103-    01
                                Polly Wolly Doodle                      DKM1103-    05
                                Skip To My Lou                          DKM1103-    07
                                This Old Man                            DKM1103-    10
                                Three Blind Mice                        DKM1103-    02
                                Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star           DKM1103-    03
Chordettes, The                 Mister Sandman                          DKM3074- 11
Chords & The Crew Cuts          Sh-Boom                                 DKM3074- 12
Chorus Line                     What I Did For Love                     DKM1107- 01
Christie, Lou                   Lightning Strikes                       DKM3078- 09

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SONGS - BY ARTIST                                                         E.L. Karaoke
        Artist                          Title                           Song #

Christmas                       Blue Christmas                        SC8185-    03
                                Christmas In My Home Town             SC8185-    07
                                Christmas Song, The                   SC8185-    05
                                Deck The Halls                       DKM3072-    07
                                Frosty The Snowman                   DKM3071-    15
                                Have Yourself A Merry Little         DKM3072-    11
                                Have Yourself A Merry Little           SC8185- 08
                                Holly Jolly Christmas, A              SC8185-    10
                                I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa            DKM3072-    14
                                I'll Be Home For Christmas            SC8185-    06
                                If Every Day Was Like Christmas       SC8185-    02
                                If We Make It Through                 SC8185-    15
                                Jingle Bell Rock                     DKM3072-    04
                                Jingle Bell Rock                      SC8185-    11
                                Jingle Bells                         DKM3072-    10
                                Joy To The World                     DKM3072-    09
                                Little Drummer Boy, The              DKM2024-    13
                                Little Saint Nick                     SC8185-    04
                                Merry Christmas Darling               SC8185-    09
                                Pretty Paper                          SC8185-    12
                                Rockin' Around The Christmas          SC8185-    01
                                Rockin' Around The Christmas         DKM3072- 05
                                Rudolph The Red-Nosed                DKM3072-    08
                                Santa Claus Is Coming To Town        DKM1103-    15
                                Santa Claus Is Coming To Town        DKM3072-    03
                                Santa Looked A Lot Like Daddy         SC8185-    14
                                Silver Bells                         DKM3072-    13
                                Sleigh Ride                          DKM3072-    06
                                Twelve Days Of Christmas             DKM3072-    12
                                We Wish You A Merry Christmas        DKM3072-    02
                                White Christmas                      DKM3072-    01
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SONGS - BY ARTIST                                                            E.L. Karaoke
        Artist                           Title                             Song #

Christmas                       White Christmas                           SC8185- 13
Christmas/Cole, Nat "King"      Christmas Song, The                     DKM2003- 02
Cinderella                      Don't Know What You Got                   SC8346- 01
Clapton, Eric                   After Midnight                          DKM1114-    12
                                After Midnight                          DKM2030-    08
                                Change The World                        DKM1114-    09
                                Cocaine                                 DKM1112-    02
                                Cocaine                                 DKM1114-    11
                                Forever Man                              SC8609-    05
                                I Shot The Sheriff                      DKM2034-    09
                                Lay Down Sally                          DKM2032-    10
                                Tears In Heaven                          SC7584-    02
                                Willie And The Hand Jive                DKM2024-    15
                                Wonderful Tonight                       DKM1114-    10
Clark, Petula                   Downtown                                  SC7517- 05
Clash, The                      Rock The Casbah                         DKM3054- 02
                                Should I Stay Or Should I Go?            SC7546- 15
                                Should I Stay Or Should I Go?           DKM3054- 01
Classics IV, The                Spooky                                  DKM2023- 13
                                Spooky                                   SC7532- 13
                                Traces                                  DKM3045- 08
Climax                          Precious & Few                          DKM3080- 12
Cline, Patsy                    Crazy                                   DKM2003-    04
                                I Fall To Pieces                        DKM2027-    09
                                Leavin' On Your Mind                    DKM2034-    14
                                She's Got You                           DKM2027-    10
Coasters, The                   Along Came Jones                         SC8707-    08
                                Charlie Brown                           DKM2029-    02
                                Poison Ivy                              DKM2029-    07
                                Poison Ivy                               SC7532-    05
                                Searchin'                                SC7532-    03
                                Searchin'                               DKM3074-    13

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SONGS - BY ARTIST                                                         E.L. Karaoke
         Artist                         Title                           Song #

Coasters, The                   Yakety Yak                           DKM2010- 09
                                Young Blood                          DKM3074- 14
Cochran, Eddie                  C'mon Everybody                      DKM3073- 14
                                Summertime Blues                     DKM2003- 13
Cocker, Joe                     High Time We Went                    DKM3048- 12
                                Letter, The                          DKM3048- 11
                                With A Little Help From My           DKM2015- 06
                                Woman To Woman                       DKM1112- 05
                                You Are So Beautiful                 DKM2019- 07
Cocker, Joe & Jennifer          Up Where We Belong                   DKM2010- 03
Cohn, Marc                      Walking In Memphis                     SC7584- 01
Cole, Nat "King"                Answer Me, My Love                   DKM3100-    02
                                For Sentimental Reasons              DKM3100-    07
                                I'm In The Mood For Love             DKM3100-    06
                                It's Only A Paper Moon               DKM3100-    05
                                Mona Lisa                            DKM2010-    05
                                Ramblin' Rose                         SC7518-    06
                                Ramblin' Rose                        DKM2006-    15
Cole, Nat "King" & Natalie      Unforgettable                        DKM2022- 02
Cole, Natalie                   A Smile Like Yours                     PR9097- 12
Collective Soul                 Why Pt. 2                              SC8649- 12
Collins, Judy                   Both Sides Now                       DKM2014- 15
                                Some Day Soon                        DKM3075- 15
Collins, Phil                   Groovy Kind Of Love, A               DKM3048- 15
                                Sussudio                              SC8609- 11
Collins, Phil & Marilyn         Separate Lives                         SC7517- 09
Commodores, The                 Easy                                 DKM2032- 06
                                Still                                DKM2032- 07
Como, Perry                     And I Love You So                    DKM2032- 09

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SONGS - BY ARTIST                                                           E.L. Karaoke
         Artist                          Title                            Song #

Como, Perry                 Catch A Falling Star                        SC7518- 07
                            It's Impossible                            DKM3100- 14
                            Til The End Of Time                        DKM3100- 04
Conlee, John                Busted                                     DKM3042- 06
                            Common Man                                  SC7551- 03
Connick, Harry Jr.          Where Or When                              DKM1107- 12
Coolidge, Rita              Higher And Higher                          DKM3082- 05
Coolio                      Gangsta's Paradise                           PR9097- 07
Cooper, Alice               Eighteen                                   DKM1109-    12
                            No More Mr. Nice Guy                        SC8430-    01
                            School's Out                               DKM2018-    09
                            Under My Wheels                             SC8684-    11
Cornelius Brothers & Sister Too Late To Turn Back Now                  DKM3062- 07
Corrs, The                      Breathless                               SC8645- 14
Costello, Elvis                 Accidents Will Happen                    SC2332-   02
                                Alison                                   SC2332-   04
                                Everyday I Write The Book                SC2332-   01
                                Radio Radio                              SC2332-   06
                                Veronica                                 SC2332-   03
                                Watching The Detectives                  SC2332-   07
                                What's So Funny About Peace              SC2332-   08
                                Love And Understanding
Costello, Elvis & Burt          Toledo                                   SC2332- 05
Cowsills, The                   Hair                                   DKM2015- 04
                                Rain The Park And Other                DKM3075- 05
                                Things, The
Cox, Deborah                    Nobody's Supposed To Be Here           DKM1115- 07
Coyote Ugly                     Can't Fight The Moonlight                SC8645- 03
                                Right Kind Of Wrong, The                 SC8649- 15
Cozier, Jimmy                   She's All I Got                          SC8717- 03

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SONGS - BY ARTIST                                                              E.L. Karaoke
        Artist                           Title                               Song #

Crash Test Dummies              Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm                           DKM3094- 11
Cream                           Born Under A Bad Sign                     DKM1112-    01
                                Strange Brew                              DKM3047-    01
                                Sunshine Of Your Love                     DKM1114-    15
                                White Room                                 SC7531-    10
                                White Room                                DKM2016-    13
                                White Room                                DKM1114-    14
Creed                           Are You Ready?                              SC8645- 10
Creedence Clearwater            Bad Moon Rising                           DKM3049- 11
                                Born On The Bayou                          SC8609-    15
                                Down On The Corner                         SC8430-    09
                                Down On The Corner                        DKM2011-    09
                                Fortunate Son                             DKM3049-    07
                                Green River                               DKM3049-    08
                                Have You Ever Seen The Rain               DKM2029-    08
                                Lookin' Out My Back Door                  DKM3049-    10
                                Proud Mary                                DKM3049-    06
                                Travelin' Band                            DKM3049-    09
Crests, The                     Sixteen Candles                           DKM2027- 14
Croce, Jim                      Bad Bad Leroy Brown                       DKM2021- 02
                                Lover's Cross                              SC8201- 13
Crosby, Bing                    Mele Kalikimaka                           PR1332G- 05
                                Pennies From Heaven                       DKM3100- 01
Cross, Christopher              Arthur's Theme                            DKM3087-    03
                                Ride Like The Wind                         SC8554-    14
                                Ride Like The Wind                        DKM3087-    01
                                Sailing                                   DKM3087-    02
Crow, Sheryl                    Anything But Down                         DKM1113- 14
Crowell, Rodney                 I Couldn't Leave You If I Tried           DKM3042- 02
Crystals, The                   He's A Rebel                              DKM2004- 09
Cyrus, Billy Ray                Achy Breaky Heart                         DKM2019- 13

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SONGS - BY ARTIST                                                       E.L. Karaoke
        Artist                          Title                         Song #

Cyrus, Billy Ray                She's Not Crying Anymore           DKM3037-    03
                                Somebody New                       DKM3037-    04
                                Where Am I Gonna Live               SC8183-    14
                                Where Am I Gonna Live              DKM1106-    13
Damn Yankees                    High Enough                          SC7579- 03
Danny & The Juniors             At The Hop                         DKM2012- 12
Darin, Bobby                    Dream Lover                        DKM2005- 13
                                Dreamlover                          SC7532- 11
                                Splish Splash                      DKM3073- 13
Dave & Sugar                    Golden Tears                         SC8697- 06
Dave Matthews Band, The         Space Between, The                   SC8702- 05
Davies, Gail                    Break Away                           SC8697- 11
Davis, Mac                      Baby Don't Get Hooked On Me        DKM3080- 15
                                I Believe In Music                 DKM3080- 14
Davis, Paul                     65 Love Affair                       SC8297- 10
Davis, Sammy Jr.                Candy Man                          DKM2003- 07
Davis, Skeeter                  End Of The World, The              DKM3077- 13
Day, Doris                      Que Sera Sera                      DKM2013- 06
                                Secret Love                        DKM3068- 03
                                Sentimental Journey                DKM3068- 02
Dayne, Taylor                   Love Will Lead You Back            DKM3093-    06
                                Prove Your Love                    DKM3085-    06
                                Tell It To My Heart                DKM3085-    07
                                With Every Beat Of My Heart        DKM3085-    08
De Vita, Franco                 Un Buen Perdedor                     SC7102- 09
Dead Kennedys                   Too Drunk To F***                    SC8700- 14
Dean, Billy                     Somewhere In My Broken Heart       DKM3042- 04
DeBarge                         Rhythm Of The Night                DKM3089- 04
Dee, Joey & The                 Peppermint Twist - Part 1          DKM2029- 06
Dee, Kiki                       I've Got The Music In Me           DKM2023- 15
Deep Purple                     Hush                               DKM3052- 07
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SONGS - BY ARTIST                                                          E.L. Karaoke
        Artist                           Title                           Song #

Deep Purple                     Perfect Strangers                      SC8660- 08
                                Smoke On The Water                     SC8430- 14
                                Smoke On The Water                    DKM3052- 06
Dees, Rick & His Cast Of        Disco Duck (Part 1)                     SC8707- 13
Def Leppard                     Hysteria                                 SGB48- 16
                                Photograph                              SC8252- 05
                                Photograph                               SGB48- 09
Deftones, The                   Back To School                          SC8649- 11
Del Amitri                      Roll To Me                            DKM3094- 01
Dell Bib Devoe                  Do Me                                 DKM3092- 10
Dell Vikings, The               Come Go With Me                         SC7520- 02
Denver, John                    Annie's Song                          DKM2030-    13
                                Sunshine On My Shoulders              DKM3081-    02
                                Take Me Home, Country Roads           DKM2011-    01
                                Thank God I'm A Country Boy           DKM2030-    14
Depeche Mode                    Personal Jesus                        DKM1104- 10
Derek & The Dominos             Bell Bottom Blues                     DKM1114- 13
                                Layla                                 DKM1114- 16
Derringer, Rick                 Rock And Roll Hoochie Koo             DKM2003- 05
Desario, Teri & KC              Yes I'm Ready                         DKM3091- 13
Deshannon, Jackie               Put A Little Love In Your Heart       DKM3075- 14
                                What The World Needs Now Is            SC7532- 08
                                What The World Needs Now Is           DKM2011- 03
Destiny's Child                 Bills, Bills, Bills                     SC8035- 02
                                Independent Woman Part 1                SC8649- 09
Devo                            Whip It                               DKM2024- 12
Diamond & Streisand             You Don't Bring Me Flowers            DKM1102- 05
Diamond Rio                     Meet In The Middle                    DKM3038- 10

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SONGS - BY ARTIST                                                           E.L. Karaoke
         Artist                          Title                            Song #

Diamond Rio, Wariner &          Workin' Man's Blues                      SC8159- 02
Diamond, Neil                   America                                DKM1102- 01
                                America (they're Coming To)            PR1031G- 02
                                Brother Love's Traveling               DKM1102- 12
                                Salvation Show
                                Cherry Cherry                          DKM1102-    14
                                Cracklin' Rose                         DKM1102-    08
                                Hello Again                            DKM1102-    02
                                Holly Holy                             DKM1102-    09
                                I Am I Said                            DKM1102-    10
                                Last Thing On My Mind, The             DKM2028-    03
                                Love On The Rocks                      DKM1102-    03
                                September Morn'                        DKM1102-    06
                                Solitary Man                           DKM1102-    15
                                Song Sung Blue                         DKM1102-    07
                                Story Of My Life, The                  DKM1102-    04
                                Sweet Caroline                         DKM1102-    13
                                Thank The Lord For The Night           DKM1102-    11
Diamonds, The                   Little Darlin'                         DKM3073- 09
                                Stroll, The                             SC7531- 06
                                Stroll, The                            DKM3073- 10
Dido                            White Flag                                SF209- 14
Diffie, Joe                     If The Devil Danced In Empty           DKM2020- 02
                                John Deere Green                       DKM3036- 14
                                Prop Me Up Beside The                  DKM2022- 01
Dinning, Mark                   Teen Angel                             DKM3076- 11
Dion                            Runaround Sue                          DKM2015- 07
                                Teenager In Love, A                    DKM2026- 07
                                Wanderer, The                          DKM2016- 14
Dion & The Belmonts             Teenager In Love, A                      SC7520- 14

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SONGS - BY ARTIST                                                         E.L. Karaoke
        Artist                          Title                           Song #

Dion, Celine                 God Bless America                       SC2336b-    01
                             If You Asked Me To                      DKM1104-    04
                             My Heart Will Go On                      SC2154-    01
                             Power Of Love, The                      DKM2023-    10
                             Power Of The Dream, The                  SC8348-    01
                             Where Does My Heart Beat Now            DKM3093-    03
Dion, Celine & Clive Griffin When I Fall In Love                     DKM1101- 02
Dire Straits                 Sultans Of Swing                          SC7546- 07
Divinyls, The                I Touch Myself                          DKM3095- 01
Dixie Chicks                 Truth No. 2                               SC8877- 05
Dixie Chicks, The            I Believe In Love                       SC2336b- 08
                             Ready To Run                             SC8037- 06
                             Wide Open Spaces                         SC8039- 06
DK Arrangement               Cotton Fields                           DKM2034-    04
                             Dixie                                   DKM2034-    05
                             Let Me Call You Sweetheart              DKM2034-    10
                             Star Spangled Banner, The               DKM2023-    05
                             Swing Low, Sweet Chariot                DKM2034-    11
                             When Irish Eyes Are Smiling             DKM2023-    04
Dokken                       Breaking The Chains                       SC8660- 14
                             Burning Like A Flame                      SC8252- 09
Domino, Fats                 Ain't That A Shame                      DKM2006- 13
                             Blueberry Hill                           SC7520- 03
                             I'm Walkin'                             DKM2001- 11
Donaldson, Bo & The          Billy Don't Be A Hero                     SC8297- 09
Donovan                         Hurdy Gurdy Man                      DKM3048-    05
                                Mellow Yellow                        DKM3048-    04
                                Sunshine Superman                    DKM3048-    03
                                Wear Your Love Like Heaven           DKM3048-    06
Doobie Brothers, The            Black Water                          DKM2031- 10
                                Listen To The Music                  DKM3053- 08

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SONGS - BY ARTIST                                                           E.L. Karaoke
        Artist                          Title                             Song #

Doobie Brothers, The            Long Train Runnin'                     DKM3053- 07
Doors, The                      Break On Through                         SC8300- 09
Dorsey, Jimmy                   I Remember You                         DKM3069- 01
Drifters, The                   On Broadway                            DKM3055-    04
                                Save The Last Dance For Me             DKM3055-    02
                                Some Kind Of Wonderful                 DKM3055-    03
                                There Goes My Baby                     DKM3055-    01
                                Under The Boardwalk                    DKM2017-    03
                                Up On The Roof                          SC7517-    06
                                Up On The Roof                         DKM2008-    05
Ducas, George                   Lipstick Promises                        SC8159- 06
Duff, Hilary                    Why Not                                  SC3407- 04
Dunn, Holly                     Daddy's Hands                          DKM2024- 14
                                You Really Had Me Going                 SC8183- 07
Dupree, Robbie                  Steal Away                             DKM3087- 09
Duran Duran                     Hungry Like The Wolf                   DKM3086-    09
                                Notorious                              DKM3086-    08
                                Save A Prayer                           SC8609-    10
                                View To A Kill, A                      DKM3086-    07
Dyango                          El Que Mas Te Ha Querido                 SC7102- 08
Dylan, Bob                      Just Like A Woman                      DKM3065-    12
                                Knockin' On Heaven's Door              DKM2033-    02
                                Lay Lady Lay                           DKM2019-    11
                                Like A Rolling Stone                   DKM3065-    15
                                Rainy Day Woman                        DKM2034-    01
                                Subterranean Homesick Blues            DKM3065-    14
                                Times They Are Changin', The           DKM3065-    13
Earth, Wind & Fire              Boogie Wonderland                       SC8704-    06
                                Got To Get You Into My Life            DKM3062-    05
                                September                              DKM3062-    04
                                Shining Star                           DKM3062-    06
Easton, Sheena                  For Your Eyes Only                     DKM3085- 10

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SONGS - BY ARTIST                                                           E.L. Karaoke
         Artist                          Title                            Song #

Easton, Sheena                  Morning Train (Nine To Five)           DKM3085- 09
Edwards, Tommy                  It's All In The Game                    SC7531- 02
                                It's All In The Game                   DKM2017- 15
Edwin Hawkins' Singers,         Oh Happy Day                           DKM3062- 15
Elliman, Yvonne                 If I Can't Have You                    DKM2002- 04
Ellis, Shirley                  Name Game, The                         DKM3078- 06
Elmo & Patsy                    Grandma Got Run Over By A              PR1332G- 02
Emerson Drive                   I Should Be Sleeping                   PR1486G- 04
Eminem                          My Name Is                               SC8034- 05
Emmanuel                        Ray Que Arrimar                          SC7102- 01
Emotions, The                   Best Of My Love                         SC8704- 13
                                Best Of My Love, The                   DKM3079- 13
England Dan & John Ford         I'd Really Love To See You             DKM3081- 05
Coley                           Tonight
Escape Club, The                Wild, Wild, West                       DKM3089- 05
Estefan, Gloria                 Everlasting Love                       DKM2023- 08
                                Turn The Beat Around                   DKM1104- 02
Europe                          Carrie                                   SC8346- 04
                                Final Countdown, The                     SC8684- 14
Eurythmics, The                 Missionary Man                         DKM3085- 13
                                Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This          DKM2002- 12
                                Would I Lie To You                     DKM3085- 14
Evans, Faith & Puff Daddy       All Night Long                         DKM1115- 01
Eve 6                           Here's To The Night                      SC8717- 13
Everclear                       AM Radio                                 SC8649- 04
                                Santa Monica                             SC8348- 13
Everly Brothers, The            Bye Bye Love                           DKM2015- 08
                                Cathy's Clown                          DKM2030- 02
                                Let It Be Me                           DKM3050- 13
Exciters, The                   Tell Him                               DKM3076- 07

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SONGS - BY ARTIST                                                          E.L. Karaoke
          Artist                           Title                         Song #

Exile                           Kiss You All Over                     DKM3082- 01
Expose'                         I'll Never Get Over You               DKM3093- 05
                                I'll Never Get Over You Getting        SC7546- 08
                                Over Me
                                Seasons Change                        DKM3091- 03
Extreme                         Hole Hearted                          DKM3094- 10
                                More Than Words                        SC7579- 13
Fabares, Shelley                Johnny Angel                          DKM2016- 06
Fantasticks                     Try To Remember                          TU140- 15
Fargo, Donna                    Happiest Girl In The Whole USA,       DKM2031- 01
Farris, Dionne                  I Know                                DKM3093- 04
Fat Boys, The & The Beach       Wipe Out                              DKM3092- 06
Fellciano, Jose                 Feliz Navidad                         PR1332G- 04
Fender, Freddie                 Wasted Days And Wasted Nights         DKM2034- 08
Ffh                             Open Up The Sky                       PR3020G- 02
Fiddler On The Roof             Sunrise, Sunset                          TU140- 12
Fine Young Cannibals            She Drives Me Crazy                   DKM3088- 15
Five For Fighting               100 Years                               SC3400- 02
Five Satins, The                In The Still Of The Night             DKM2019- 12
Flack, Robert & Donny           Closer I Get To You, The              DKM2010- 06
Flack, Roberta                  Feel Like Makin' Love                  SC7546- 01
                                Feel Like Makin' Love                 DKM2017- 06
                                First Time Ever I Saw Your Face,      DKM2005- 06
                                Killing Me Softly                     DKM2030- 04
Flamingos, The                  I Only Have Eyes For You                SC7520- 01
Fleetwood Mac                   Don't Stop                            DKM2021- 04
                                Say You Love Me                       DKM2033- 08
                                You Make Lovin' Fun                   DKM3053- 11
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SONGS - BY ARTIST                                                              E.L. Karaoke
        Artist                           Title                               Song #

Fleetwoods, The                 Come Softly To Me                         DKM3074- 10
                                Mr. Blue                                   SC7532- 04
                                Mr. Blue                                  DKM2031- 05
Floyd, Eddie                    Knock On Wood                             DKM2002- 11
Fontana, Wayne & The            Game Of Love, The                         DKM3077- 15
Foo Fighters, The               Big Me                                      SC8348- 04
                                This Is A Call                              SC2106- 02
Force MD's                      Tender Love                               DKM3088- 10
Ford, Lita                      Kiss Me Deadly                            DKM3085- 05
Ford, Lita & Ozzy Osbourn       Close My Eyes Forever                       SC8346- 06
Ford, Tennessee Ernie           Sixteen Tons                              DKM2005- 05
                                Sixteen Tons                               SC7507- 06
Ford, Willa                     I Wanna Be Bad                              SC8717- 06
Foreigner                       Cold As Ice                                SC8648-    11
                                Double Vision                              SC8684-    09
                                Feels Like The First Time                  SC8648-    01
                                Hot Blooded                                SC8648-    06
                                I Want To Know What Love Is               DKM3052-    09
                                Urgent                                     SC8648-    04
                                Waiting For A Girl Like You               DKM3052-    10
                                Waiting For A Girl Like You                SC8648-    08
Forester Sisters, The           I Fell In Love Again Last Night            SC7551-    01
                                Just In Case                              DKM3038-    14
                                Lyin' In His Arms Again                   DKM3038-    15
                                Men                                       DKM2025-    01
Foundations, The                Build Me Up Buttercup                     DKM2014- 04
Fountains Of Wayne              Mexican Wine                                SC3400- 07
Four Aces, The                  Love Is A Many Splendored                 DKM3100- 03
Four Non Blondes                What's Up                                   SC7546- 11
Four Seasons, The               Big Girls Don't Cry                       DKM2002- 13
                                December '63                              DKM2018- 04
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SONGS - BY ARTIST                                                       E.L. Karaoke
        Artist                           Title                        Song #

Four Seasons, The               Rag Doll                           DKM3050- 06
                                Sherry                             DKM2028- 06
                                Walk Like A Man                    DKM3050- 07
Four Tops, The                  Ain't No Woman                     DKM2030- 01
                                Baby, I Need Your Loving            SC7532- 07
                                Bernadette                         DKM2035- 10
Fox, Samantha                   I Only Wanna Be With You           DKM2018- 15
                                Naughty Girl                       DKM3090- 15
Francis, Connie                 Everybody's Somebody's Fool        DKM3068- 09
                                Lipstick On Your Collar             SC7532- 01
                                Where The Boys Are                 DKM2008- 04
Franklin, Aretha                Chain Of Fools                     DKM2032-    12
                                Do Right Woman, Do Right Man       DKM2028-    10
                                Don't Play That Song               DKM3060-    02
                                Natural Woman                      DKM2008-    03
                                Respect                            DKM2002-    06
                                Think                              DKM3060-    01
Franklin, Aretha & G.           I Knew You Were Waiting For        DKM3060- 03
Fred, John & His Playboy        Judy In Disguise                   DKM2013- 01
Freddie & The Dreamers          I'm Telling You Now                DKM3046- 01
Free                            All Right Now                      DKM3051- 04
Freebish, Dexter                Leaving Town                         SC8649- 13
Frey, Glen                      Heat Is On, The                    DKM2010- 07
Frizzell, Lefty                 Long Black Veil                    DKM3043- 15
Fuel                            Bad Day                              SC8717- 12
Fugees, The                     Killing Me Softly                    PR9097- 02
Full Monty                      Man                                   TU140- 05
Gabriel, Ana                    Quien Como Tu                        SC7102- 13
Gap Band, The                   Early In The Morning                 SC8704- 09
                                You Dropped A Bomb On Me             SC8704- 08
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SONGS - BY ARTIST                                                          E.L. Karaoke
        Artist                           Title                           Song #

Garbage                         Only Happy When It Rains                SC8348- 08
Garfunkel, Art                  I Only Have Eyes For You              DKM1107- 06
Garland, Judy                   Come Rain Or Come Shine               DKM1107- 14
                                Over The Rainbow                      DKM2004- 15
                                When Your Smiling                     DKM3068- 01
Gaye & Weston                   It Takes Two                          DKM2035- 14
Gaye, Marvin                    Ain't That Peculiar                   DKM2035-    13
                                I'll Be Doggone                       DKM2035-    12
                                Let's Get It On                        SC7542-    10
                                Mercy Mercy Me                        DKM2035-    11
                                Too Busy Thinking About My            DKM3062-    03
Gaye, Marvin & Tammi            You're All I Need To Get By           DKM2035- 15
Gayle, Crystal                  Don't It Make My Brown Eyes           DKM2004- 08
                                Don't It Make My Brown Eyes             SC7507- 15
Gayle, Crystal & E. Rabbitt You And I                                 DKM2025- 09
Gaynor, Gloria              I Will Survive                            DKM2005- 09
                            Never Can Say Goodbye                      SC7549- 09
                            Never Can Say Goodbye                     DKM3064- 11
Gentry, Bobbie              Ode To Billy Joe                          DKM2011- 06
Gentrys, The                Keep On Dancing                           DKM3046- 03
Georgia Satellites, The     Keep Your Hands To Yourself               DKM2019- 04
Gerry & The Pacemakers      Don't Let The Sun Catch You               DKM3045- 14
                            Ferry Cross The Mersey                    DKM2009- 03
Gibb, Andy                  I Just Want To Be Your                    DKM3079- 04
                            Love Is Thicker Than Water                DKM3082- 13
                            Shadow Dancing                            DKM3079- 03
Gilder, Nick                Hot Child In The City                     DKM3083- 12
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SONGS - BY ARTIST                                                               E.L. Karaoke
        Artist                           Title                                Song #

Gill, Johnny                    Rub You The Right Way                      DKM3094- 07
Gill, Vince                     No Future In The Past                      DKM3036- 02
                                One More Last Chance                       DKM2021- 13
                                Take Your Memory With You                  DKM3036- 01
Gilley, Mickey                  City Lights                                  SC8403- 11
                                Don't The Girls All Get Prettier             SC8403- 08
                                At Closing Time
                                Put Your Dreams Away                         SC8403- 09
                                Talk To Me                                   SC8403- 04
                                Window Up Above, The                         SC8403- 14
Gilman, Billy                   There's A Hero                               SC8698- 12
Gilmer, Jimmy & The             Sugar Shack                                DKM3078- 13
Gin Blossoms, The               As Long As It Matters                       SC8348- 10
                                As Long As It Matters                       SC2106- 01
                                Found Out About You                        DKM1101- 03
Ginuwine                        Differences                                  SC8717- 07
Go Go's, The                    Vacation                                   DKM3084- 08
                                We Got The Beat                            DKM2027- 06
Godfather                       Speak Softly, Love (Godfather              DKM3067- 02
Goldsboro, Bobby                Honey                                      DKM3076- 09
Goo Goo Dolls, The              Long Way Down                               SC8348-    11
                                Naked                                       SC2106-    04
                                Name                                       DKM1104-    11
                                Slide                                       SC7584-    05
Gore, Leslie                    It's My Party                              DKM2005- 02
                                You Don't Own Me                           DKM3077- 01
Gorme, Eydie                    Blame It On The Bossa Nova                 DKM3068- 06
Gospel                          Amazing Grace                              DKM2023- 03
Goulet, Robert                  If Ever I Would Leave You                  DKM1107- 13
Gracin, Josh                    I Want To Live                               SC8877- 11

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SONGS - BY ARTIST                                                         E.L. Karaoke
        Artist                          Title                           Song #

Graham, Larry                   One In A Million                     DKM3056- 15
Grand Funk Railroad, The        Some Kind Of Wonderful               DKM3052- 12
                                We're An American Band               DKM3052- 11
Grant, Amy                      House Of Love                        DKM1104- 03
Grass Roots, The                Sooner Or Later                       SC7548- 09
                                Sooner Or Later                      DKM3053- 03
Great White                     Once Bitten Twice Shy                  SC7579- 09
Greaves, R.B.                   Take A Letter Maria                  DKM3077- 08
Green Day                       I Fought The Law                       SC3407- 01
                                Walking Contradiction                  SC8348- 15
Green, Al                       Let's Stay Together                  DKM3059- 01
Green, Al & Lyle Lovett         Funny How Time Slips Away            DKM3038- 11
Greenbaum, Norman               Spirit In The Sky                    DKM3051- 08
Greenwood, Lee                  God Bless The Usa                    PR1031G- 04
Griffin, Merv                   I've Got A Lovely Bunch Of           DKM3069- 12
Groves, Shaun                   After The Music Fades                PR3020G- 04
Guerra, Juan Luis               La Bilirrubina                         SC7102- 03
Guess Who, The                  American Woman                        SC7517-    02
                                American Woman                       DKM2004-    12
                                Laughing                             DKM3045-    13
                                No Time                              DKM2025-    03
                                Undun                                DKM2034-    13
Guns N' Roses                   Paradise City                        DKM2011-    02
                                Patience                              SC8684-    06
                                Sweet Child O' Mine                   SC8252-    07
                                Sweet Child O' Mine                  DKM3054-    03
                                Welcome To The Jungle                DKM3054-    04
                                Welcome To The Jungle                 SC8660-    07
                                Welcome To The Jungle                  SGB48-    07
Guthrie, Arlo                   City Of New Orleans                    SC8201- 15

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SONGS - BY ARTIST                                                              E.L. Karaoke
        Artist                           Title                               Song #

Guthrie, Woody                  This Land Is Your Land                    DKM2022- 07
Guys & Dolls                    Luck Be A Lady                            DKM3067- 07
Guzman, Mariana                 Alcanzar Una Estrella                       SC7102- 15
Haggard, Merle                  Are The Good Times Really                 DKM3041-    02
                                Back To The Barrooms                      DKM3041-    11
                                Big City                                  DKM3041-    10
                                Carolyn                                   DKM3041-    12
                                Chill Factor                              DKM3041-    13
                                Emptiest Arms In The World                DKM3041-    09
                                I Think I'll Just Stay Here And           DKM3041-    08
                                If We Make It Through                     DKM3041-    14
                                It's Been A Great Afternoon               DKM3041-    15
                                Mama Tried                                DKM3041-    07
                                My Favorite Memory                        DKM3041-    06
                                Okie From Muskogee                        DKM2029-    14
                                Ramblin' Fever                            DKM3041-    05
                                Today I Started Loving You                DKM3041-    04
                                Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star             DKM3041-    03
Haggard, Merle & Willie         Reasons To Quit                           DKM3041- 01
Haley, Bill & The Comets        Rock Around The Clock                     DKM2033- 06
                                Shake, Rattle & Roll                      DKM2016- 11
Hammer, M.C.                    Too Legit To Quit                         DKM2021- 03
Happenings, The                 I Got Rhythm                              DKM2004- 13
Harris, Emmylou                 Blue Kentucky Girl                        DKM3040- 06
Harris, Major                   Love Won't Let Me Wait                    DKM1108- 04
                                Love Won't Let Me Wait                     SC7542- 02
Harris, Rolf                    Tie Me Kangaroo Down                      DKM2023- 09
Harrison, Wilbert               Kansas City                               DKM2011- 08
                                Kansas City                                SC7517- 10
Hart, Freddie                   Easy Loving                               DKM3040- 15

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SONGS - BY ARTIST                                                        E.L. Karaoke
         Artist                         Title                          Song #

Heart                           All I Wanna Do                       SC8554-    01
                                Alone                               DKM2029-    05
                                Dog & Butterfly                      SC8346-    05
                                These Dreams                         SC7549-    03
                                What About Love                      SC7579-    10
Hebb, Bobby                     Sunny                               DKM2015- 12
Hello Dolly                     Hello Dolly                         DKM2025- 02
Hendrix, Jimi                   Are You Experienced                 DKM1114-    05
                                Foxy Lady                           DKM1114-    01
                                Hey Joe                             DKM1114-    02
                                Hey Joe                             DKM2015-    09
                                Purple Haze                         DKM1114-    03
                                Wind Cries Mary, The                DKM1114-    04
Herman's Hermits                Can't You Hear My Heartbeat         DKM3046-    06
                                I'm Henry The VIII, I Am            DKM2015-    05
                                I'm Into Something Good             DKM3046-    05
                                Mrs. Brown You've Got A Lovely      DKM3046-    07
                                There's A Kind Of Hush              DKM3046- 08
Higgins, Bertie                 Key Largo                             SC7517- 12
Highway 101                     Walkin' Talkin' Cryin' Barely       DKM3038- 07
                                Whiskey, If You Were A Woman          SC7551- 15
Highwaymen, The                 Highwayman                          DKM3038- 08
                                Michael Row The Boat Ashore         DKM3065- 04
Hill, Dru                       You Are Everything                  DKM1115- 16
Hill, Faith                     There Will Come A Day               SC2336b- 06
                                This Kiss                            SC8037- 04
Hill, Lauren                    Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You         PR9097- 03
Hill, Lauryn                    Doo Wap (That Thing)                DKM1115- 10
                                Ex-Factor                           DKM1115- 11
Hollies, The                    Bus Stop                            DKM3045- 09

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SONGS - BY ARTIST                                                        E.L. Karaoke
        Artist                          Title                          Song #

Hollies, The                    He Ain't Heavy, He's My             DKM3045- 10
Holly, Buddy                    Everyday                            DKM3073-    01
                                Oh Boy                              DKM3073-    02
                                Peggy Sue                           DKM2028-    05
                                That'll Be The Day                  DKM2002-    10
Holman, Eddie                   Hey There Lonely Girl               DKM2007- 14
Holmes, Rupert                  Escape (The Pina Colada Song)       DKM3081- 07
Honey Cone                      Want Ads                            DKM3079- 14
Honeydrippers, The              Sea Of Love                         DKM2033- 15
Hoobastank                      Reason, The                           SC3407- 07
Hootie & The Blowfish           Hold My Hand                        DKM3094-    03
                                Let Her Cry                          SC7584-    13
                                Let Her Cry                         DKM3094-    02
                                Only Wanna Be With You              DKM2025-    04
Hope, Bob                       Thanks For The Memory               DKM2009- 15
Hopkin, Mary                    Those Were The Days                 DKM3075- 06
Hornsby, Bruce                  Valley Road, The                    DKM3088- 14
Horton, Johnny                  Battle Of New Orleans, The          DKM2012- 09
                                North To Alaska                     DKM3078- 11
Hot Chocolate                   Everyone's A Winner                 DKM3056- 10
                                You Sexy Thing                      DKM3056- 11
House, James                    Little By Little                      SC8159- 10
Houston, Thelma                 Don't Leave Me This Way             DKM3064- 12
Houston, Whitney                All The Man That I Need             DKM1101-    11
                                Exhale                              DKM1104-    08
                                Greatest Love Of All, The           DKM2010-    14
                                Heartbreak Hotel                    DKM1113-    13
                                How Will I Know                     DKM3061-    11
                                I Believe In You & Me                SC2154-    07
                                I Wanna Dance With Somebody         DKM3061-    12
                                I Will Always Love You              DKM2021-    08
                                I'm Your Baby Tonight               DKM3095-    05
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SONGS - BY ARTIST                                                             E.L. Karaoke
         Artist                          Title                              Song #

Houston, Whitney                So Emotional                             DKM3061- 13
                                Where Do Broken Hearts Go                DKM3061- 14
                                You Give Good Love                       DKM3061- 15
Hues Corporation, The           Rock The Boat                             SC7548- 13
                                Rock The Boat                            DKM3079- 07
Human League, The               Human                                    DKM3091- 04
                                Human                                    DKM3053- 05
Humperdinck, Engelbert          After The Lovin'                          SC7518- 10
                                After The Lovin'                         DKM2033- 04
                                Release Me                                SC7518- 05
Hyland, Brian                   Sealed With A Kiss                       DKM3076- 04
I5                              Distracted                                 SC8645- 06
Idol, Billy                     Cradle Of Love                           DKM3048-    01
                                Dancing With Myself                      DKM3048-    02
                                Mony Mony                                DKM2020-    05
                                White Wedding                            DKM1112-    12
Iglesias & Nelson               To All The Girls l've Loved              DKM2005- 01
Iglesias, Enrique               Sad Eyes                                   SC8645- 09
Iglesias, Julio & Willie        To All The Girls l've Loved                SC7507- 01
Impressions, The                People Get Ready                         DKM3056- 09
Indigo Girls, The               Closer To Fine                             SC8554- 06
Ingram, James                   Just Once                                DKM2025- 05
Ingram, Luther                  If Loving You Is Wrong                   DKM3059- 12
                                If Loving You Is Wrong I Don't            SC7542- 08
                                Want To Be Right
INXS                            Need You Tonight                         DKM2028- 02
                                New Sensation                            DKM3054- 05
Irish                           Too Ra Loo Ra Loo Ra                     DKM3070- 01
                                Wearing Of The Green                     DKM3070- 02
Iron Maiden                     Aces High                                  SC8660- 13
                                Run To The Hills                           SC8252- 06

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SONGS - BY ARTIST                                                             E.L. Karaoke
        Artist                           Title                              Song #

Isaak, Chris                    Wicked Game                               SC7546- 13
                                Wicked Game                              DKM3094- 04
Isley Brothers, The             It's Your Thing                          DKM3063-    02
                                Shout                                    DKM2020-    06
                                That Lady                                DKM3063-    03
                                This Old Heart Of Mine                   DKM3063-    04
Isley Brothers, The &           Contagious                                 SC8717- 02
Ronald Isley
J. Geils Band, The              Centerfold                               DKM3054- 06
Jacks, Terry                    Seasons In The Sun                         SC8201- 02
Jackson, Alan                   Chattahoochee                            DKM2033- 14
                                Don't Rock The Jukebox                   DKM2020- 01
                                Song For The Life                         SC8159- 12
Jackson, Freddie                Rock Me Tonight                          DKM3087- 12
Jackson, Janet                  Control                                  DKM3061-    01
                                Miss You Much                            DKM3061-    02
                                Nasty                                    DKM3061-    04
                                Together Again                            PR9097-    11
                                What Have You Done For Me                DKM3061-    05
                                When I Think Of You                      DKM3061- 03
Jackson, Joe                    Is She Really Going Out With             DKM3051- 03
                                Steppin' Out                             DKM3090- 10
Jackson, Michael                Bad                                      DKM3063-    06
                                Beat It                                  DKM2030-    05
                                Billie Jean                              DKM2013-    10
                                Billie Jean                               SC7542-    06
                                Black Or White                           DKM1108-    07
                                Don't Stop Till You Get Enough           DKM1108-    08
                                I Just Can't Stop Loving You             DKM3059-    06
                                Rockin' Robin                            DKM2032-    04
                                Way You Make Me Feel, The                DKM3063-    05
                                Way You Make Me Feel, The                 SC7549-    15
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SONGS - BY ARTIST                                                         E.L. Karaoke
        Artist                           Title                          Song #

Jackson, Michael & P.           Girl Is Mine, The                    DKM3087- 14
Jacksons, The                   I Want You Back                        SC7548- 02
Jackyl                          Lumberjack, The                        SC8660- 09
James Gang, The                 Funk #49                             DKM1109- 09
                                Walk Away                            DKM1109- 10
James, Rick                     Super Freak                            SC7542- 13
                                Super Freak                            SC8704- 03
James, Sonny                    Young Love                           DKM3056- 08
James, Tommy & The              Crimson And Clover                   DKM3050- 14
                                Crystal Blue Persuasion              DKM3050- 15
                                Hanky Panky                          DKM2017- 05
Jan & Dean                      Little Old Lady From Pasadena,       DKM3050- 10
                                Surf City                            DKM3050- 09
Jay & The Americans             Come A Little Bit Closer             DKM2015- 14
                                This Magic Moment                    DKM2026- 12
                                This Magic Moment                     SC7532- 09
Jeff Healey Band, The           I Think I Love You Too Much          DKM3094- 05
Jefferson Airplane              Somebody To Love                     DKM3044- 14
                                White Rabbit                         DKM3044- 15
Jefferson Starship              Miracles                             DKM3053- 12
Jennings, Waylon                Clyde                                 SC7551- 12
                                Lonesome Orn'ry And Mean             DKM2013- 14
                                Luckenbach, Texas                    DKM2005- 11
Jesus Jones                     Right Here Right Now                 DKM3092- 13
Jethro Tull                     Aqualung                             DKM2023-    06
                                Bungle In The Jungle                 DKM3047-    03
                                Locomotive Breath                     SC8430-    02
                                Locomotive Breath                    DKM3047-    02
                                Teacher                              DKM1112-    03

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SONGS - BY ARTIST                                                       E.L. Karaoke
         Artist                         Title                         Song #

Jets, The                       Make It Real                       DKM3090- 12
Jett, Joan & The                I Hate Myself For Loving You        SC8300- 15
                                I Love Rock 'N Roll                DKM2008- 14
Jewel                           Hands                              DKM1113- 11
Joel, Billy                     And So It Goes                     DKM1105-    05
                                Entertainer, The                   DKM1105-    09
                                Honesty                            DKM1105-    11
                                I Go To Extremes                   DKM1105-    02
                                It's Still Rock & Roll To Me       DKM1105-    08
                                It's Still Rock & Roll To Me        SC7542-    15
                                Just The Way You Are               DKM1105-    12
                                Leave A Tender Moment Alone        DKM1105-    07
                                Longest Time, The                   SC8609-    14
                                Lullabye                           DKM1105-    03
                                Movin' Out                         DKM1105-    13
                                Only The Good Die Young            DKM1105-    14
                                Piano Man                          DKM1105-    10
                                River Of Dreams, The               DKM1105-    04
                                She's Always A Woman               DKM1105-    15
                                Uptown Girl                        DKM1105-    06
                                We Didn't Start The Fire           DKM1105-    01
John, Elton                     Believe                            DKM1111-    08
                                Bennie & The Jets                  DKM2001-    04
                                Blues                              DKM1111-    11
                                Candle In The Wind                 DKM2009-    02
                                Crocodile Rock                     DKM2001-    05
                                Daniel                             DKM2026-    01
                                Don't Let The Sun Go Down On        SC7542-    01
                                Don't Let The Sun Go Down On       DKM1111- 09
                                Goodbye Yellow Brick Road          DKM3048- 09
                                Honky Cat                           SC7548- 12

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SONGS - BY ARTIST                                                         E.L. Karaoke
        Artist                           Title                          Song #

John, Elton                     I Don't Wanna Go On With You         DKM1111- 10
                                Like That
                                One, The                             DKM1101-    06
                                Philadelphia Freedom                 DKM1111-    12
                                Rocket Man                           DKM3048-    10
                                Sad Songs Say So Much                DKM1111-    13
                                Saturday Night's All Right For       DKM3048-    08
                                Your Song                            DKM2026- 02
John, Elton & The               Friends Never Say Goodbye              SC8645- 08
Backstreet Boys
John, Olivia Newton        Air That I Breathe, The                   DKM3080-    07
                           Have You Ever Been Mellow                 DKM3080-    06
                           Hopelessly Devoted To You                 DKM2026-    14
                           If You Love Me (Let Me Know)               SC7549-    01
                           Let Me Be There                           DKM2029-    03
                           Physical                                  DKM3084-    11
John, Olivia Newton & John Summer Nights                             DKM2021- 06
                           You're The One That I Want                DKM2002- 01
John, Robert               Sad Eyes                                  DKM3082- 06
Johnson, Michael           Give Me Wings                             DKM3042- 05
Jones, George              He Stopped Loving Her Today               DKM2020- 09
                           He Stopped Loving Her Today                SC7507- 02
                           She Thinks I Still Care                   DKM2032- 01
Jones, Howard              No One Is To Blame                          SC7549- 02
Jones, Jimmy               Good Timin'                               DKM3077- 09
Jones, Norah               Sunrise                                     SC3400- 04
Jones, Norah & Dolly       Creepin’ In                                 SC3407- 06
                           Creepin’ In                                 SC3404- 03
                           Creepin’ In                                 SC8877- 12
Jones, Spike               Yes We Have No Bananas                    DKM3069- 13
Jones, Tom                 Delilah                                   DKM2021- 01
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SONGS - BY ARTIST                                                            E.L. Karaoke
        Artist                           Title                             Song #

Jones, Tom                      Delilah                                  SC7517-    11
                                Green Green Grass Of Home               DKM2011-    12
                                I'll Never Fall In Love Again           DKM3077-    12
                                She's A Lady                            DKM3082-    15
Joplin, Janis                   Cry Baby                                DKM1114-    06
                                Me & Bobby McGee                        DKM2004-    14
                                Me & Bobby McGee                        DKM1114-    07
                                Piece Of My Heart                        SC8554-    09
                                Piece Of My Heart                       DKM1114-    08
Joseph & The Amazing            Any Dream Will Do                          TU140- 01
Technicolor Dreamcoat
Journey                         Any Way You Want It                        SGB48- 13
Judas Priest                    Hell Bent For Leather                     SC8660- 15
                                You've Got Another Thing                  SC8252- 08
Judd, Wynonna                   Is It Over Yet?                         DKM1106- 12
                                Tell Me Why                             DKM2025- 14
Judds, The                      Give A Little Love                      DKM3038-    12
                                Grandpa                                 DKM2003-    01
                                Have Mercy                              DKM2031-    09
                                Love Can Build A Bridge                 DKM2033-    03
                                One Hundred & Two                       DKM3038-    13
K-Doe, Ernie                    Mother-In-Law                           DKM2031- 04
Kadison, Joshua                 Beautiful In My Eyes                    DKM1104- 05
Kandi                           Don't Think I'm Not                       SC8645- 07
Kansas                          Carry On Wayward Son                     SC8648-    07
                                Carry On Wayward Son                    DKM3052-    13
                                Dust In The Wind                        DKM2007-    13
                                Dust In The Wind                         SC8648-    03
                                Fight Fire With Fire                     SC8648-    14
                                Play The Game Tonight                    SC8648-    15
                                Point Of Know Return                     SC8648-    09
KC & The Sunshine Band          That's The Way I Like It                DKM2032- 05

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SONGS - BY ARTIST                                                            E.L. Karaoke
        Artist                           Title                             Song #

Keith, Toby                     Little Less Talk & A Lot More           DKM3036- 06
                                Action, A
                                Should've Been A Cowboy                 DKM3037- 14
                                Whiskey Girl                             SC8877- 13
                                You Ain't Much Fun                       SC8183- 03
Kelly, R.                       I Believe I Can Fly                       SC2154- 02
Kendricks, Eddie                Boogie Down                             DKM3057- 15
                                Keep On Truckin'                        DKM3057- 14
Kershaw, Sammy                  Yard Sale                                 SC8183- 05
Ketchum, Hal                    Stay Forever                              SC8159- 11
Keys, Alicia                    If I Was Your Woman                       SC3400- 08
Kid Rock                        Bawitdaba                                  SGB48- 01
Kidman, Nicole & Ewan           Come What May                             SC8717- 10
Kim, Andy                Rock Me Gently                                 DKM3079- 06
King Harvest             Dancin' In The Moonlight                       DKM3079- 08
King Missile             Detachable P*N*S                                 SC8700- 06
King, B.B.               Thrill Is Gone, The                            DKM3055- 12
King, Ben E.             Stand By Me                                    DKM2010- 08
King, Carole             Beautiful                                      DKM2027- 12
                         I Feel The Earth Moving                        DKM2023- 07
                         It's Too Late                                  DKM2005- 14
King, Evelyn "Champagne" Love Come Down                                 DKM3064- 09
                         Shame                                          DKM3064- 10
Kingsmen, The            Louie, Louie                                   DKM2017- 12
Kingston Trio, The       Tom Dooley                                     DKM3065- 10
                         Where Have All The Flowers                     DKM3065- 02
Kiss                     Beth                                            SC7579-    04
                         Hard Luck Woman                                 SC8346-    03
                         Love Gun                                        SC8660-    12
                         Tears Are Falling                              DKM3052-    14

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SONGS - BY ARTIST                                                         E.L. Karaoke
        Artist                           Title                          Song #

Kiss & AC/DC                    Calling Dr. Love                       SC8701-   14
                                Christine Sixteen                      SC8701-   09
                                Cold Gin                               SC8701-   12
                                Domino                                 SC8701-   11
                                Firehouse                              SC8701-   13
                                For Those About To Rock We             SC8701-   01
                                Salute You
                                Girls Got Rhythm                       SC8701-   06
                                God Of Thunder                         SC8701-   08
                                I Was Made For Loving You              SC8701-   15
                                Love Gun                               SC8701-   10
                                Rock 'N Roll Ain't Noise               SC8701-   07
                                Sin City                               SC8701-   04
                                Sink The Pink                          SC8701-   05
                                Who Made Who                           SC8701-   03
                                Whole Lotta Rosie                      SC8701-   02
Knight, Gladys                  I've Got To Use My Imagination       DKM3060-    06
                                If I Were Your Woman                 DKM3060-    04
                                Midnight Train To Georgia            DKM2007-    02
                                Neither One Of Us                    DKM3060-    05
Knight, Gladys & The Pips       Neither One Of Us                      SC7549- 08
Kool & The Gang                 Celebration                          DKM2009- 10
                                Ladies Night                         DKM3079- 01
                                Ladies Night                          SC7546- 05
Krauss, Alison                  When You Say Nothing At All            SC8159- 15
Kravitz, Lenny                  American Woman                         SC7584- 14
Labelle, Patti                  Lady Marmalade                        SC7549- 11
                                New Attitude                         DKM3090- 05
LaBelle, Patti & Michael        On My Own                            DKM3060- 12
Lang, K.D.                      Down To My Last Cigarette            DKM3039- 01
Lauper, Cyndi                   All Through The Night                 SC8297- 15
                                Girls Just Wanna Have Fun            DKM2011- 13
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SONGS - BY ARTIST                                                   E.L. Karaoke
        Artist                        Title                       Song #

Lauper, Cyndi              Time After Time                     DKM3084- 07
                           True Colors                         DKM3084- 06
Laverne & Shirley          Making Our Dreams Come True         DKM3067- 12
Lavigne, Avril             Don’t Tell Me                         SC3407- 08
Lawrence, Steve            Go Away Little Girl                 DKM3077- 03
Lawrence, Tracy            Alibis                              DKM3039- 10
                           Unforgiven                           SC8698- 08
Leary, Dennis              A**Hole                               SC8700- 04
Led Zeppelin               Black Dog                            SC7579-    11
                           D'yer Mak'er                         SC8430-    11
                           Rock And Roll                       DKM2013-    08
                           Rock And Roll                        SC7546-    06
                           Stairway To Heaven                  DKM2013-    09
                           Whole Lotta Love                     SC8660-    01
                           Whole Lotta Love                    DKM3047-    04
Lee, Brenda                I'm Sorry                             SC7531- 05
Lee, Johnny                Lookin' For Love                    DKM3040- 11
Lee, Peggy                 Fever                               DKM2023- 01
Left Banke, The            Walk Away Renee                     DKM2024- 05
Lehrer, Tom                Masochism Tango, The                  SC8707- 06
                           Poisoning Pigeons In The Park         SC8707- 14
Lemar                      Dance With U                           SF209- 09
Lemon Pipers, The          Green Tambourine                    DKM3045- 11
Lennon, John               Woman                               DKM3048- 13
Lennox, Annie              Walking On Broken Glass             DKM1101- 09
                           Why                                 DKM1101- 10
Lewis, Barbara             Baby, Im Yours                      DKM2007- 10
Lewis, Bobby               Tossin' N' Turnin'                  DKM3077- 14
Lewis, Gary & The Playboys This Diamond Ring                   DKM3046- 02
Lewis, Huey & Gwyneth      Cruisin'                              SC8649- 05

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SONGS - BY ARTIST                                                        E.L. Karaoke
        Artist                           Title                         Song #

Lewis, Huey & News              Walking On A Thin Line                SC8684- 13
Lewis, Huey & The News          100 Years From Now                   SC2106-    08
                                Heart And Soul                      DKM3088-    02
                                Heart Of Rock & Roll                DKM2005-    07
                                Hip To Be Square                    DKM3088-    01
                                If This Is It                       DKM3088-    04
                                Power Of Love, The                  DKM3088-    05
                                Stuck With You                      DKM3088-    03
Lewis, Jerry Lee                Great Balls Of Fire                 DKM2001- 14
                                What Made Milwaukee Famous           SC8183- 08
                                Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On         SC7520- 15
LFO                             Summer Girls                          SC8034- 06
Lifehouse                       Sick Cycle Carousel                   SC8717- 09
Lightfoot, Gordon               Wreck Of The Edmond Fitzgerald        SC8300- 01
Lil' Kim & Sisqo                How Many Licks?                       SC8700- 13
Lil' Mo                         Superwoman                            SC8702- 11
Lind, Bob                       Elusive Butterfly                   DKM3075- 04
Lipps Inc.                      Funkytown                           DKM3064- 15
Lisa Lisa & The Cult Jam        All Cried Out                       DKM3084- 10
                                Lost In Emotion                     DKM3084- 09
Lit                             My Own Worst Enemy                    SC7584- 15
Little Anthony & The            Goin' Out Of My Head                DKM3059- 10
                                Tears On My Pillow                  DKM3059- 09
Little Eva                      Locomotion, The                     DKM2006- 04
Little Feat                     Dixie Chicken                       DKM2020- 13
Little Richard                  Jenny Jenny                         DKM3056-    03
                                Long Tall Sally                     DKM3056-    01
                                Lucille                             DKM3056-    02
                                Tutti Frutti                        DKM2008-    10
Living Color                    Cult Of Personality                 DKM3054- 11

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SONGS - BY ARTIST                                                         E.L. Karaoke
        Artist                          Title                           Song #

Living Colour                   Cult Of Personality                    SC8609- 07
Lobo                            Me & You & A Dog Named Boo            SC7548- 08
                                Me & You & A Dog Named Boo           DKM3081- 10
Loeb, Lisa & The Nine           Stay (I Missed You)                    SC8348- 06
Loggins, Kenny                  Danger Zone                          DKM3087- 05
                                Footloose                            DKM2010- 04
                                I'm Alright                           SC8554- 03
Loggins, Kenny & Stevie         Whenever I Call You Friend           DKM2003- 03
London, Julie                   Cry Me A River                       DKM3068- 07
London, Laurie                  He's Got The Whole World             DKM3071- 01
Lonestar                        I'm Already There                      SC8698- 11
                                Let’s Be Us Again                      SC8877- 10
                                Let’s Be Us Again                      SC3404- 07
Looking Glass                   Brandy You're A Fine Girl            DKM2018- 14
Lopez, Jennifer                 Waiting For Tonight                    SC8037- 07
Lopez, Jennifer & Ja Rule       I'm Real                               SC8717- 08
Lopez, Trini                    Lemon Tree                           DKM3065- 06
Los Bravos                      Black Is Black                       DKM3051- 06
Los Lobos                       La Bamba                             DKM2001- 15
Louise                          Pandora’s Kiss                          SF209- 06
Loveless, Patty                 You Don't Even Know Who I Am         DKM1106- 07
Loverboy                        Working For The Weekend              DKM3089- 07
Lovett, Lyle                    She's No Lady                        DKM3037- 15
Lovin' Spoonful, The            Do You Believe In Magic              DKM2031- 13
                                Summer In The City                    SC7531- 09
                                Summer In The City                   DKM2017- 04
Lulu                            To Sir, With Love                    DKM2006- 05
                                To Sir, With Love                     SC7520- 13

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SONGS - BY ARTIST                                                            E.L. Karaoke
        Artist                           Title                             Song #

Lymon, Frankie & The            Why Do Fools Fall In Love               DKM3073- 15
Lynn, Loretta                   Coal Miner's Daughter                   DKM2009- 11
Lynyrd Skynyrd                  Balad Of Curtis Loew                     SC8459-    01
                                Call Me The Breeze                       SC8459-    02
                                Don't Ask Me No Questions                SC8459-    08
                                Free Bird                                SC8459-    12
                                Free Bird                                SC8146-    04
                                Gimme Back My Bullets                    SC8459-    07
                                Gimme Three Steps                        SC8459-    14
                                Needle & The Spoon, The                  SC8459-    15
                                Poison Whiskey                           SC8459-    05
                                Saturday Night Special                   SC8459-    09
                                Swamp Music                              SC8459-    11
                                Sweet Home Alabama                       SC8146-    02
                                Sweet Home Alabama                      DKM3053-    14
                                Sweet Home Alabama                       SC8459-    10
                                That Smell                               SC8459-    04
                                What's Your Name                         SC8146-    08
                                What's Your Name                        DKM3053-    15
                                What's Your Name                         SC8459-    13
                                Working For MCA                          SC8459-    03
                                You Got That Right                       SC8459-    06
Madness                         Our House                               DKM3090- 08
Madonna                         Beautiful Stranger                       SC8039-    07
                                Borderline                               SC8554-    05
                                Borderline                              DKM3089-    02
                                Crazy For You                           DKM3089-    03
                                Dress You Up                            DKM3089-    01
                                Like A Virgin                           DKM2024-    04
                                Santa Baby                              PR1332G-    01
                                Vogue                                    SC7546-    12
                                What It Feels Like For A Girl            SC8702-    15

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SONGS - BY ARTIST                                                    E.L. Karaoke
        Artist                        Title                        Song #

Madonna                   Who's That Girl                         SC8609- 03
                          You Must Love Me                        SC2154- 03
Mamas & The Papas, The    California Dreamin'                   DKM3078- 01
                          Monday, Monday                        DKM3078- 02
                          Monday, Monday                         SC7532- 06
Mame                      We Need A Little Christmas            DKM1107- 02
Man Of La Mancha          Impossible Dream, The                 DKM3066- 01
Manchester, Melissa       Through The Eyes Of Love              DKM2025- 06
Mandrell, Barbara         I Was Country When Country            DKM2017- 01
                          Wasn't Cool
                          Sleeping Single In A Double Bed       DKM2031- 15
                          Years                                 DKM3040- 01
Mandrell, Louise          Save Me                                 SC8697- 12
Manhattan Transfer        Boy From New York City, The           DKM2022- 15
Manhattans, The           Kiss And Say Goodbye                  DKM3062- 09
                          Shining Star                          DKM3062- 08
Manilow, Barry            Can't Smile Without You               DKM3080-    03
                          Copacabana                            DKM2014-    14
                          I Write The Songs                     DKM2027-    01
                          Looks Like We Made It                 DKM3080-    02
                          Mandy                                 DKM3080-    01
                          Ready To Take A Chance Again          DKM3080-    04
                          Tryin' To Get The Feeling Again        SC8609-    08
Mann, Manfred             Do Wah Diddy                          DKM2022- 14
Marcels, The              Blue Moon                             DKM2005- 03
Marky Mark & Funky        Good Vibrations                         SC7546- 14
Marley, Bob               Is This Love                          DKM2017- 14
                          Jammin'                                SC7546- 03
                          No Woman, No Cry                       SC8430- 13
Maroon 5                  This Love                               SC3400- 06
Marshall Tucker Band, The Heard It In A Love Song                 SC8146- 07
Martin, Barry             Hummers In Heaven                       SC8700- 15
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SONGS - BY ARTIST                                                           E.L. Karaoke
        Artist                          Title                             Song #

Martin, Dean                    Everybody Loves Somebody               DKM2009-    05
                                Everybody Loves Somebody                SC7518-    14
                                That's Amore                           DKM3100-    09
                                Volare                                 DKM2023-    14
                                You're Nobody 'Till Somebody           DKM3100-    10
                                Loves You
Martin, Marilyn            Through His Eyes                              SC8159- 13
Martin, Ricky              Livin' La Vida Loca English                   SC8036- 02
                           She Bangs                                     SC8649- 06
Martino, Al                Spanish Eyes                                DKM2024- 01
Marvelettes, The           Don't Mess With Bill                        DKM2018- 05
Mas, Puff Daddy & Lil' Kim Will They Die For You                       DKM1115- 08
Mason, Dave                We Just Disagree                            DKM2023- 11
Matchbox 20                If You're Gone                                SC8649- 07
                           Real World                                    SC7584- 06
Mathis & Williams          Too Much, Too Little, Too Late              DKM2013- 04
Mattea, Kathy              Eighteen Wheels And A Dozen                 DKM1106- 06
Maxi Priest                     Close To You                           DKM3092- 08
Mayfield, Curtis                Superfly                               DKM1108- 06
McBride, Martina                How Far                                 SC3404- 04
                                How Far                                 SC8877- 04
                                My Baby Loves Me                       DKM3039- 12
McCain, Edwin                   Sorry To A Friend                        SC2106- 07
McCall, C.W.                    Wolf Creek Pass                          SC8707- 09
McCartney, Paul                 Coming Up                              DKM3087- 13
                                My Love                                DKM3083- 02
                                Silly Love Songs                        SC8554- 13
McCartney, Paul & Stevie        Ebony & Ivory                          DKM3087- 15
McCartney, Paul & Wings         Band On The Run                        DKM3083- 01
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SONGS - BY ARTIST                                                           E.L. Karaoke
          Artist                         Title                            Song #

McCartney, Paul & Wings         Jet                                    DKM1111- 14
                                Junior's Farm                          DKM1111- 15
                                With A Little Luck                     DKM3083- 03
McCool & Davis Jr               You Don't Have To Be A Star            DKM3083- 10
McCoy, Neal                     For A Change                            SC8159- 04
                                No Doubt About It                      DKM3036- 09
McCoys, The                     Hang On Sloopy                         DKM2009- 08
McCrae, George                  Rock Your Baby                         DKM3079- 02
McDaniel, Mel                   Baby's Got Her Blue Jeans On           DKM3042- 15
McDowell, Ronnie                You're Gonna Ruin My Bad               DKM3042- 01
McEntire, Reba                  Heart Is A Lonely Hunter, The           SC8159-    01
                                Just A Little Love                      SC7551-    13
                                Little Rock                             SC8183-    11
                                Somebody Should Leave                   SC8183-    09
                                Walk On                                DKM3039-    05
                                What Am I Gonna Do About You           DKM3039-    06
McFerrin, Bobby                 Don't Worry Be Happy                   DKM2021- 09
McGovern, Maureen               Morning After, The                     DKM3081- 04
McGraw, Tim                     Real Good Man                            SC8877- 06
                                Real Good Man                            SC3404- 06
McGuire, Barry                  Eve Of Destruction                     DKM3078- 08
McLachlan, Sarah                Angel                                  DKM1113- 10
                                I Will Remember You                     SC8348- 02
McLean, Don                     American Pie                           DKM2013- 03
                                Vincent                                 SC8297- 04
Meatloaf                        I'd Do Anything For Love               DKM3094- 09
                                Paradise By The Dashboard              DKM2022- 13
Megadeth                        Peace Sells                              SC8660- 05
                                Symphony Of Destruction                  SC8252- 01
Melanie                         Brand New Key                          DKM3083- 07

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SONGS - BY ARTIST                                                         E.L. Karaoke
          Artist                         Title                          Song #

Melanie                         Look What They've Done To My         DKM3083- 06
Mellencamp, John Cougar         Ain't Even Done With The Night        SC8300- 07
                                Authority Song                        SC7548- 10
                                Pink Houses                          SC2336b- 05
Mellons, Ken                    I Can Bring Her Back                   SC8159- 09
Melvin, Harold & The            If You Don't Know Me By Now          DKM2002- 14
                            Love I Lost, The                         DKM3056- 12
Men At Work                 Down Under                               DKM3089- 10
                            Who Can It Be Now?                       DKM3089- 09
Men In Black                Men In Black                               SC8036- 04
Mendes, Sergio & Brazil '66 Look Of Love, The                        DKM3076- 13
Merchant, Natalie           Wonder                                     SC8348- 03
Metallica                   Enter Sandman                              SC8252- 02
                            Unforgiven, The                            SC8660- 02
Method Man & D'Angelo       Break Ups To Make Ups                    DKM1115- 03
Michael, George             Faith                                    DKM3086-    12
                            Father Figure                            DKM3086-    10
                            Freedom                                  DKM3086-    13
                            I Want Your Sex                          DKM3086-    14
                            Kissing A Fool                            SC7546-    02
                            Kissing A Fool                           DKM3086-    15
                            One More Try                             DKM3086-    11
Midler, Bette               Every Road Leads Back To You             DKM1107-    04
                            From A Distance                          DKM2016-    08
                            Glory Of Love, The                       DKM1107-    08
                            Rose, The                                DKM2001-    08
                            Wind Beneath My Wings, The               DKM2025-    07
                            Wind Beneath My Wings, The                SC7517-    15
Miguel, Luis                Inolvidable                                SC7102- 12
                            La Puerta                                  SC7102- 04

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SONGS - BY ARTIST                                                         E.L. Karaoke
        Artist                           Title                          Song #

Miller, Roger                   King Of The Road                     DKM2011- 11
Milsap, Ronnie                  Any Day Now                          DKM3042- 10
                                I Wouldn't Have Missed It For        DKM3042- 11
                                The World
                                It Was Almost Like A Song            DKM3042- 09
                                No Gettin' Over Me                   DKM3042- 07
                                What A Difference You've Made        DKM3042- 08
                                In My Life
Miracles, The                   Love Machine                         DKM3058- 15
Miss Saigon                     Last Night Of The World                 TU140- 04
Mitchell, Joni                  Big Yellow Taxi                      DKM3065- 03
Modern English                  I Melt With You                        SC7542- 07
Molly Hatchet                   Flirtin' With Disaster                 SC8297- 01
Moments                         Love On A Two-Way Street             DKM3062- 10
Money, Eddie                    Shakin'                                SC8554- 12
Monica                          Angel Of Mine                        DKM1115- 02
Monkees, The                    Daydream Believer                    DKM2008-    07
                                Daydream Believer                     SC7517-    07
                                Last Train To Clarksville            DKM3046-    12
                                Pleasant Valley Sunday               DKM3046-    10
                                Stepping Stone                       DKM3046-    11
                                Theme From The Monkees               DKM3067-    13
                                Valleri                              DKM3046-    09
Monroe, Vaughn                  Ghost Riders In The Sky              DKM3049- 12
Montaner, Ricardo               Dejame Llorar                          SC7102- 10
Montgomery Gentry               If You Ever Stop Loving Me             SC3404- 08
                                If You Ever Stop Loving Me             SC8877- 01
Monty Python                    Lumberjack Song                        SC8707- 12
                                Sit On My Face                         SC8700- 09
Moody Blues, The                Legend Of A Mind                     DKM1110- 05
                                Lovely To See You                    DKM1110- 06
                                Never Comes The Day                  DKM1110- 07
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SONGS - BY ARTIST                                                           E.L. Karaoke
        Artist                          Title                             Song #

Moody Blues, The                Nights In White Satin                  DKM1110-    01
                                Nights In White Satin                  DKM3047-    05
                                Question                               DKM1110-    02
                                Story In Your Eyes                     DKM1110-    03
                                Tuesday Afternoon                      DKM1110-    04
Moore, Mandy                    Candy                                    SC8039- 04
Morgan, Jane                    Fascination                            DKM3100- 08
Morgan, Lorrie                  Five Minutes                           DKM3039- 14
                                I Guess You Had To Be There            DKM1106- 11
                                Picture Of Me Without You, A           DKM3039- 13
Morrison, Van                   And It Stoned Me                        SC8689-    09
                                Brown Eyed Girl                        DKM2020-    04
                                Caravan                                 SC8689-    11
                                Crazy Love                              SC8689-    05
                                Domino                                  SC8689-    04
                                Have I Told You Lately                  SC8689-    08
                                Into The Mystic                         SC8689-    15
                                Jackie Wilson Said (I'm In              SC8689-    07
                                Heaven When You Smile)
                                Moondance                                SC8689-   02
                                Tupelo Honey                             SC8689-   14
                                Warm Love                                SC8689-   13
                                Wavelength                               SC8689-   10
                                Wild Night                               SC8689-   12
Motels, The                     Only The Lonely                        DKM3085- 12
                                Suddenly Last Summer                   DKM3085- 11
Motley Crue                     Dr. Feelgood                             SC8252-   11
                                Girls Girls Girls                         SGB48-   12
                                Girls, Girls, Girls                      SC7579-   02
                                Home Sweet Home                          SC8346-   10
Mott The Hoople                 All The Young Dudes                    DKM1109- 11
Mountain                        Mississippi Queen                      DKM3051- 07
Mr. Mister                      Broken Wings                           DKM3088- 13
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SONGS - BY ARTIST                                                           E.L. Karaoke
        Artist                          Title                             Song #

Mr. Mister                      Broken Wings                             SC7549- 12
Mumba, Samantha                 Gotta Tell You                           SC8645- 05
Mungo, Jerry                    In The Summertime                        SC7548- 15
Murray, Anne                    Bluebird, The                           SC2156-    04
                                Broken Hearted Me                       SC2156-    03
                                Could I Have This Dance                 SC2156-    08
                                Could I Have This Dance                DKM2016-    15
                                He Thinks I Still Care                  SC2156-    07
                                I Just Fall In Love Again               SC2156-    02
                                I Just Fall In Love Again              DKM3040-    05
                                Just Another Woman In Love              SC2156-    01
                                Little Good News, A                     SC2156-    06
                                Snowbird                               DKM2017-    10
                                You Needed Me                           SC2156-    05
                                You Needed Me                          DKM2026-    05
Murray, Anne & Dave             Nobody Loves Me Like You Do            DKM3040- 04
Music Man, The                  Seventy-Six Trombones                  DKM3066- 13
My Fair Lady                    On The Street Where You Live           DKM3066- 15
Myles, Alannah                  Black Velvet                           DKM2020- 14
N Sync                          God Must Have Spent A Little             SC8034- 08
                                More Time On You
                                I Drive Myself Crazy                     SC8036- 08
                                I Want You Back                          SC8036- 03
N Sync, Brandy & Monica         Boy Is Mine, The (2)                     SC8035- 07
N2 Deep                         Back To The Hotel                      DKM3092- 05
Nails                           88 Lines About 44 Women                  SC8707- 01
Nash, Johnny                    I Can See Clearly Now                  DKM3081- 08
Nelson                          Love And Affection                       SC8346- 08
Nelson, Ricky                   Garden Party                           DKM2034- 15
                                Hello Mary Lou                         DKM3050- 12
Nelson, Willie                  Always On My Mind                      DKM2006- 07
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SONGS - BY ARTIST                                                            E.L. Karaoke
        Artist                          Title                              Song #

Nelson, Willie                  Help Me Make It Through The               SC8403- 01
                                Let It Be Me                             SC8403-    03
                                Living In The Promised Land              SC8403-    07
                                Nothing I Can Do About It Now            SC8403-    15
                                On The Road Again                       DKM2033-    12
                                Uncloudy Day, The                        SC8403-    13
Nelson, Willie & Waylon         Good Hearted Woman, A                   DKM2005- 12
                                Mama Don't Let Your Babies              DKM2027- 13
                                Mammas Don't Let Your Babies             SC7507- 08
                                Grow Up To Be Cowboys
Nena                            99 Luftballoons                         DKM3089- 13
Neville, Aaron                  Don't Take Away My Heaven               DKM3094- 15
                                Tell It Like It Is                      DKM2032- 14
New Edition                     If It Isn't Love                        DKM3088- 07
New Kids On The Block           Step By Step                            DKM3089- 14
                                You Got It (The Right Stuff)            DKM3089- 15
New Seekers, The                I'd Like To Teach The World To          DKM3081- 12
New Vaudeville Band, The        Winchester Cathedral                    DKM3048- 07
Newley, Anthony                 What Kind Of Fool Am I                  DKM3066- 07
Newman, Randy                   Short People                            DKM2018- 08
Newsboys, The                   It Is You                               PR3020G- 01
                                Joy                                     PR3020G- 05
Newton, Juice                   Angel In The Morning                     SC7517-    14
                                Angel Of The Morning                    DKM2006-    14
                                Queen Of Hearts                         DKM3083-    15
                                You Make Me Want To Make                 SC8697-    08
                                You Mine
Newton, Wayne                   Red Roses For A Blue Lady               DKM2026- 04
Nichols, Joe                    If Nobody Believed In You                 SC8877- 09
Nickelback                      Someday                                    SF209- 12
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SONGS - BY ARTIST                                                         E.L. Karaoke
         Artist                         Title                           Song #

Nicks, Stevie                   Stand Back                             SC8201- 12
Nicks, Stevie & Don Henley      Leather And Lace                     DKM3091- 07
Night Ranger                    Sister Christian                       SC7579- 06
Nilsson, Harry                  Everybody's Talkin'                  DKM3051- 15
Nine Days                       If I Am                                SC8649- 10
Nixons                          Sister                                 SC8348- 05
                                Sister                                 SC2106- 05
No Doubt                        Bathwater                              SC8645- 11
O'Connor, Sinead                Nothing Compares 2 U                 DKM3095- 04
O'Jays, The                     Backstabbers                         DKM3062- 12
                                Love Train                           DKM2027- 08
                                Use To Be My Girl                    DKM3062- 11
O'Kaysions, The                 Girl Watcher                         DKM3062- 13
Oak Ridge Boys, The             American Made                        DKM3040- 14
                                American Made                        PR1031G- 03
                                Elvira                                SC7507- 11
Ocean                           Put Your Hand In The Hand            DKM3081- 14
Ocean, Billy                    Carribean Queen                      DKM3090- 03
                                When The Going Gets Tough            DKM3090- 02
Ohio Players                    Love Rollercoaster                     SC8704- 14
Ohio Players, The               Fire                                   SC8704- 10
Oklahoma                        Oh What A Beautiful Morning          DKM3066- 08
                                Oklahoma                             DKM3066- 09
                                Surrey With The Fringe On Top,       DKM1107- 11
Oliver                          As Long As He Needs Me               DKM3066-    10
                                Consider Yourself                    DKM3066-    12
                                Good Morning Starshine               DKM3075-    10
                                Who Will Buy                         DKM3066-    11
Olivia                          Bizounce                               SC8702- 03
OPM                             Heaven Is A Halfpipe                   SC8649- 01

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SONGS - BY ARTIST                                                           E.L. Karaoke
        Artist                          Title                             Song #

Orbison, Roy              Crying                                       DKM2012- 05
Orlando, Tony & Dawn      Tie A Yellow Ribbon                          DKM2033- 11
Osborne Brothers, The     Rocky Top                                    DKM2012- 15
Osborne, Jeffrey          On The Wings Of Love                         DKM3056- 14
Osborne, Joan             One Of Us                                    DKM1104- 01
Osbourne, Ozzie           Crazy Train                                    SC8252- 13
Osbourne, Ozzy            Diary Of A Madman                              SC8684- 07
Oslin, K.T.               Live Close By, Visit Often                     SC8698- 14
Osmond, Marie             Paper Roses                                  DKM3040- 07
Osmonds, The              One Bad Apple                                DKM3083- 11
Outlaws, The              There Goes Another Love Song                   SC8146- 01
Overstreet, Paul          Ball And Chain                               DKM3036- 10
                          Daddy's Come Around                          DKM3036- 11
Owen, Mark                Four Minute Warning                             SF209- 03
Owens, Buck               I've Got A Tiger By The Tail                 DKM3043- 07
Ozark Mountain Daredevils If You Wanna Get To Heaven                     SC8146- 15
                          Jackie Blue                                    SC8146- 11
P. Diddy, Black Rob &     Bad Boy For Life                               SC8717- 01
Mark Curry
Page, Martin                    In The House Of Stone And              DKM3094- 06
Page, Patti                     Doggie In The Window                   DKM1103- 12
Paige, Jennifer                 Crush                                  DKM1113- 09
Paisley, Brad & Alison          Whiskey Lullaby                          SC8877- 02
Palmer, Robert                  Addicted To Love                       DKM2011-    14
                                Bad Case Of Loving You                 DKM2014-    01
                                I Didn't Mean To Turn You On           DKM3087-    10
                                Simply Irresistible                     SC8554-    02
                                Simply Irresistible                    DKM2011-    15
Pantera                         I'm Broken                               SC8660- 10
Paris, Sarina                   Look At Us                               SC8702- 12
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SONGS - BY ARTIST                                                          E.L. Karaoke
        Artist                           Title                           Song #

Parker, Ray Jr.                 Ghostbusters                          DKM2010- 12
Parton, Dolly                   9 To 5                                DKM2021-    07
                                Here You Come Again                   DKM2007-    04
                                Jolene                                DKM3040-    02
                                Two Doors Down                         SC7551-    10
Parton, Dolly & Friends         Romeo                                 DKM3040- 03
Partridge Family, The           I Think I Love You                    DKM3079- 15
Patriotic                       America The Beautiful                 PR1031G- 01
                                Star Spangled Banner - High           PR1031G- 06
                                Star Spangled Banner - Low            PR1031G- 07
                                Yankee Doodle Boy                     PR1031G- 08
                                You're A Grand Old Flag               PR1031G- 09
Paul & Paula                    Hey Paula                             DKM2008- 15
Paul, Billy                     Me & Mrs. Jones                       DKM2002- 09
Paxton, Tom & Clancy            Wasn't That A Party                   DKM3065- 11
Paycheck, Johnny                Take This Job And Shove It            DKM2014- 05
Payne, Freda                    Band Of Gold                          DKM2016- 05
Peaches & Herb                  Reunited                              DKM2005- 10
Pearl Jam                       Given To Fly                             SGB48- 03
                                I Got ID                                 SGB48- 15
                                Jeremy                                   SGB48- 10
Peniston, Ce Ce                 Finally                               DKM3094- 13
Perils Of Pauline               I Wish I Didn't Love You So           DKM1107- 07
Perkins, Carl                   Honey Don't                           DKM2014- 03
Peter & Gordon                  World Without Love, A                 DKM3050- 11
Peter, Paul & Mary              Blowin' In The Wind                   DKM2029-    10
                                If I Had A Hammer                     DKM3065-    01
                                Leavin' On A Jet Plane                 SC7531-    14
                                Leaving On A Jet Plane                DKM2029-    04
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SONGS - BY ARTIST                                                          E.L. Karaoke
         Artist                         Title                            Song #

Peter, Paul & Mary              Puff The Magic Dragon                 DKM1103- 13
                                Puff The Magic Dragon                 DKM2003- 15
Peters, Red                     You Promised The Moon But I             SC8700- 07
                                Preferred Uranus
Petty, Tom & The                Breakdown                               SC8430- 12
                                I Won't Back Down                     SC2336b- 04
Phantom Of The Opera            Music Of The Night, The                  TU140- 07
                                The Phantom Of The Opera                 TU140- 08
Pickett, Bobby Boris            Monster Mash, The                     DKM2012- 14
Pickett, Wilson                 Funky Broadway                        DKM3059-    14
                                In The Midnight Hour                  DKM2030-    11
                                Mustang Sally                          SC7520-    09
                                Mustang Sally                         DKM2019-    03
Pink Floyd                      Money                                   SC8300- 11
Platters, The                   Great Pretender, The                  DKM3055-    10
                                Harbor Lights                         DKM3055-    05
                                Magic Touch, The                      DKM3055-    09
                                My Prayer                             DKM3055-    11
                                Only You                              DKM2009-    06
                                Red Sails In The Sunset               DKM3055-    07
                                Smoke Gets In Your Eyes               DKM2009-    04
                                Twilight Time                         DKM3055-    08
                                You'll Never Never Know               DKM3055-    06
Poindexter, Buster              Hot Hot Hot                           DKM2021- 10
Pointer Sisters, The            Automatic                             DKM3060-    07
                                I'm So Excited                        DKM2007-    15
                                Neutron Dance                         DKM3060-    08
                                Neutron Dance                         DKM3090-    11
                                Slow Hand                             DKM3060-    09
Poison                          Every Rose Has Its Thorn                SC7579- 01
                                Nothing But A Good Time                  SGB48- 05
                                Something To Believe In                 SC8346- 07
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SONGS - BY ARTIST                                                           E.L. Karaoke
        Artist                          Title                             Song #

Presley, Elvis                  All Shook Up                            SC8154-    13
                                All Shook Up                           DKM2006-    11
                                American Trilogy                        SC8154-    01
                                Are You Lonesome Tonight?              DKM2019-    08
                                Blue Hawaii                            DKM3074-    01
                                Blue Suede Shoes                       DKM2003-    11
                                Burning Love                           DKM2004-    10
                                Burning Love                            SC8154-    03
                                Can't Help Falling In Love             DKM2033-    09
                                Crying In The Chapel                   DKM3074-    02
                                Devil In Disguise                      DKM1111-    06
                                Devil In Disguise                       SC8154-    02
                                Don't Be Cruel                          SC8154-    06
                                Don't Cry Daddy                        DKM1111-    05
                                Heartbreak Hotel                       DKM2029-    13
                                Hound Dog                              DKM2026-    08
                                I Want You I Need You I Love           DKM2030-    06
                                In The Ghetto                          DKM2008-    06
                                In The Ghetto                           SC8154-    05
                                It's Now Or Never                      DKM2030-    07
                                It's Now Or Never                       SC8154-    09
                                Jailhouse Rock                         DKM2001-    10
                                Kentucky Rain                          DKM1111-    07
                                Little Sister                          DKM2003-    14
                                Love Me                                 SC8154-    11
                                Love Me Tender                          SC8154-    10
                                Love Me Tender                         DKM2006-    12
                                Moody Blue                             DKM3074-    03
                                Return To Sender                        SC8154-    14
                                Return To Sender                       DKM2026-    09
                                Stuck On You                           DKM2031-    11
                                Suspicious Minds                       DKM2006-    03
                                Suspicious Minds                        SC8154-    07
                                Teddy Bear                              SC8154-    12
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SONGS - BY ARTIST                                                           E.L. Karaoke
         Artist                          Title                            Song #

Presley, Elvis                  Teddy Bear                             DKM2026-    10
                                Too Much                                SC8154-    04
                                Wear My Ring Around Your                SC8154-    08
                                Wonder Of You, The                      SC8154-    15
Preston, Billy                  Will It Go 'Round In Circles           DKM3081- 13
Preston, Billy & Syreeta        With You I'm Born Again                DKM3087- 04
Preston, Johnny                 Running Bear                           DKM3043- 14
Pretty Poison                   Catch Me (I'm Falling)                 DKM3091- 08
Price, Lloyd                    Lawdy Miss Clawdy                      DKM3055- 15
                                Personality                            DKM2018- 06
                                Personality                             SC7531- 03
Price, Ray                      For The Good Times                     DKM2018- 01
                                Heartaches By The Numbers              DKM3043- 05
Pride, Charley                  I'm Just Me                             SC8697- 04
                                Kiss An Angel Good Morning             DKM2019- 06
Prince                          Kiss                                   DKM2031-    12
                                Little Red Corvette                    DKM3063-    08
                                Purple Rain                            DKM3063-    09
                                Purple Rain                             SC7542-    11
                                When Doves Cry                         DKM3063-    07
Prince & Revolution             1999                                    SC7546- 04
                                Let's Go Crazy                         DKM3063- 10
Proclaimers, The                I'm Gonna Be Five Hundred              DKM1101- 05
Producers, The                  When You Got It, Flaunt It                TU140- 16
Public, Joe                     Live And Learn                         DKM3095- 07
Puckett, Gary & The Union       Woman, Woman                           DKM2010- 02
                                Young Girl                             DKM2030- 09
                                Young Girl                              SC7531- 12
Puff Daddy & Faith Evans        I'll Be Missing You                      PR9097- 06
Pure Prairie League             Amie                                    SC7517- 04
                                Amie                                   DKM2025- 08
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SONGS - BY ARTIST                                                         E.L. Karaoke
        Artist                           Title                          Song #

Queen                           Another One Bites The Dust           DKM3047-    08
                                Bohemian Rhapsody                    DKM2024-    02
                                Crazy Little Thing Called Love       DKM2009-    07
                                Killer Queen                         DKM3047-    07
                                Somebody To Love                     DKM3047-    06
                                We Are The Champions                 DKM2034-    06
                                We Will Rock You                     DKM3047-    09
                                You're My Best Friend                DKM3047-    10
Queensryche                     Empire                                 SC8660- 03
                                Silent Lucidity                        SC8252- 10
Quiet Riot                      Cum On Feel The Noize                DKM3054- 12
                                Cum On Feel The Noize                 SC7579- 14
                                Cum On Feel The Noize                 SC8252- 14
R.E.M                           Losing My Religion                   DKM3095- 02
                                Shiny Happy People                   DKM3095- 03
R.E.M.                          End Of The World, The                  SC7584- 08
Rabbitt, Eddie                  Drinking My Baby Off My Mind          SC8183-    15
                                Drivin' My Life Away                 DKM2031-    14
                                I Love A Rainy Night                 DKM3042-    13
                                On Second Thought                    DKM3042-    14
                                You Don't Love Me Anymore             SC8697-    15
Raiders, The                    Indian Reservation                     SC8554- 08
Rainbow                         Since You've Been Gone                  SGB48- 11
Raitt, Bonnie                   Have A Heart                         DKM3093- 02
                                Nick Of Time                         DKM3093- 01
                                Something To Talk About              DKM2020- 07
Rascal Flatts                   While You Loved Me                     SC8698- 01
Rascals, The                    Beautiful Morning, A                 DKM3075-    09
                                Good Lovin'                          DKM3051-    09
                                Groovin'                             DKM2008-    01
                                People Got To Be Free                DKM2025-    10
Ratt                            Lay It Down                          DKM3054- 10

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SONGS - BY ARTIST                                                         E.L. Karaoke
        Artist                           Title                          Song #

Ratt                            Round & Round                        DKM3054- 09
                                Round And Round                       SC7579- 07
Raven, Eddy                     Cowboys Don't Cry                      SC8698- 02
Rawls, Lou                      Lady Love                            DKM1108- 02
                                You'll Never Find Another Love       DKM3059- 11
                                Like Mine
Ray, Johnnie                    Cry                                  DKM3043- 13
Raye, Collin                    Every Second                         DKM3036- 04
                                One Boy, One Girl                    DKM3036- 05
                                That's My Story                      DKM2024- 09
Rays, The                       Silhouettes                          DKM3074- 15
Ready For The World             Oh Sheila                            DKM3091- 09
Red Hot Chili Peppers           Aeroplane                              SC2106- 03
                                Sir Psycho Sexy                        SC8700- 12
Redbone                         Come And Get Your Love               DKM3082- 11
Redding, Otis                   Try A Little Tenderness              DKM2034- 07
Reddy, Helen                    Ain't No Way To Treat A Lady          SC8297-    08
                                Delta Dawn                           DKM2028-    13
                                I Am Woman                           DKM2002-    15
                                Leave Me Alone                       DKM3083-    14
                                You And Me Against The World         DKM3083-    13
Reed, Jerry                     Good Woman's Love                      SC8697- 13
                                She Got The Goldmine, I Got The        SC8183- 01
Reeves, Jim                     Welcome To My World                  DKM3043- 08
Rembrandts, The                 I'll Be There For You                DKM1101- 01
Reminiscing Series              America                                SC7028-   02
                                America The Beautiful                  SC7028-   06
                                Caissons Go Rolling Along              SC7028-   08
                                Dixie                                  SC7028-   04
                                Star Spangled Banner, The              SC7028-   07
                                Yankee Doodle                          SC7028-   03

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SONGS - BY ARTIST                                                      E.L. Karaoke
        Artist                        Title                          Song #

Reminiscing Series         Yankee Doodle Boy, The                   SC7028- 05
                           You're A Grand Old Flag                  SC7028- 01
REO Speedwagon             Can't Fight This Feeling               DKM3052- 15
                           Keep On Loving You                     DKM2028- 04
Restless Heart             Heartbreak Kid                           SC8697- 01
Revere, Paul & The Raiders Good Thing                             DKM3046-    13
                           Indian Reservation                     DKM3046-    15
                           Just Like Me                           DKM3046-    14
                           Kicks                                  DKM2008-    08
Rex, T.                    Band A Gong                            DKM1112- 06
                           Jeepster                               DKM1112- 07
                           Ride A White Swan                      DKM1112- 08
Rich, Charlie              Behind Closed Doors                     SC7507- 07
                           Behind Closed Doors                    DKM2006- 10
                           Most Beautiful Girl In The             DKM2010- 11
                           World, The
Rich, John                  Forever Loving You                      SC8698- 07
Richie, Lionel              Hello                                 DKM2014- 12
                            Stuck On You                           SC8297- 13
Richie, Lionel & Diana Ross Endless Love                          DKM2013- 07
Right Said Fred             I'm Too Sexy                            SC8201- 06
Righteous Brothers, The     Ebb Tide                              DKM2008-    11
                            Soul And Inspiration                  DKM3051-    10
                            Unchained Melody                      DKM2014-    10
                            You've Lost That Loving Feeling        SC7520-    08
Riley, Jeannie C.           Harper Valley P.T.A.                  DKM2001- 13
Rimes, Leann                How Do I Live                           PR9097- 13
Rivers, Johnny              Mountain Of Love                      DKM3078- 14
                            Poor Side Of Town, The                DKM3078- 15
                            Rockin' Pneumonia Boogie              DKM2030- 10
                            Woogie Flu
                            Secret Agent Man                      DKM2012- 03

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SONGS - BY ARTIST                                                        E.L. Karaoke
        Artist                           Title                         Song #

Roar Of The Greasepaint,        Who Can I Turn To                   DKM3066- 14
Smell Of The Crowd
Robinson, Smokey                Baby Baby Don't Cry                 DKM3058- 14
                                Cruisin'                            DKM3058- 13
Robinson, Vickie Sue            Turn The Beat Around                  SC7549- 14
Rockwell                        Somebody's Watching Me              DKM3089- 08
Rodgers, Jimmie                 Honeycomb                           DKM2012- 06
Roe, Tommy                      Dizzy                               DKM3046- 04
Roger                           I Want To Be Your Man               DKM3091- 10
Rogers, Jimmie                  Honeycomb                             SC7531- 04
Rogers, Kenny                   Coward Of The County                DKM3040-    10
                                Coward Of The County                 SC7551-    02
                                Gambler, The                        DKM2016-    02
                                Lady                                DKM2014-    11
                                Lucille                              SC7507-    04
                                Lucille                             DKM2028-    14
                                Ruby, Don't Take Your Love To       DKM2030-    15
                                She Believes In Me                  DKM2032- 02
Rogers, Kenny & Dolly           Islands In The Stream               DKM2026- 13
Rogers, Kenny & Kim             Don't Fall In Love With A           DKM3040- 09
Rogers, Roy & Dale Evans        Happy Trails                        DKM2022- 05
Rolling Stones, The             Carol                               DKM3047-    11
                                Harlem Shuffle, The                 DKM3047-    12
                                Little Queenie                      DKM2022-    06
                                Little Red Rooster, The             DKM3047-    13
                                Not Fade Away                       DKM2007-    08
                                Time Is On My Side                  DKM2012-    02
                                Time Is On My Side                   SC7531-    13
                                You Can't Always Get What You        SC8300-    08
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SONGS - BY ARTIST                                                         E.L. Karaoke
        Artist                           Title                          Song #

Ronstadt, Linda                 Different Drum                       DKM3045- 12
                                It's So Easy                         DKM2027- 07
                                Ooh Baby, Baby                        SC7549- 05
Ronstadt, Linda & Aaron         All My Life                          DKM3094- 14
Ronstadt, Linda & James         Somewhere Out There                  DKM2018- 11
Rooftop Singers, The            Walk Right In                        DKM3078- 07
Rose Royce                      Car Wash                              SC8704- 12
                                Car Wash                             DKM2012- 04
Ross, Diana                     Back In My Arms Again                DKM2035-    02
                                Love Child                           DKM2035-    03
                                Love Hangover                        DKM3057-    09
                                Love Hangover                         SC7548-    14
                                Reach Out And Touch                  DKM3057-    08
                                Theme From Mahogany                  DKM3057-    07
Roth, David Lee                 Just Like Paradise                     SC8684- 08
Roxette                         Dangerous                            DKM3093-    14
                                It Must Have Been Love               DKM3093-    15
                                Listen To Your Heart                 DKM3084-    14
                                Look, The                            DKM3084-    15
Ruffin, Jimmy                   What Becomes Of The Broken           DKM3059- 07
Rufus                           Tell Me Something Good                 SC8704- 15
Rufus & Chaka Khan              Sweet Thing                          DKM3060- 11
Rundgren, Todd                  Hello It's Me                        DKM3051- 14
S.O.S. Band, The                Just The Way You Like It             DKM3091- 11
Sade                            Smooth Operator                      DKM2015- 02
                                Sweetest Taboo, The                   SC8201- 01
                                Your Love Is King                     SC7549- 10
Saga                            On The Loose                           SC8684- 05
Salt 'N Pepa                    Lets Talk About Sex                  DKM1101- 14

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SONGS - BY ARTIST                                                        E.L. Karaoke
        Artist                          Title                          Song #

Sam & Dave                      Hold On                             DKM2014- 06
                                Soul Man                            DKM2013- 12
                                When Something Is Wrong With        DKM3059- 13
                                My Baby
Sam The Sham & The              Wooly Bully                         DKM2003- 06
San Basilio, Paloma             Luna De Miel                          SC7102- 05
                                Nadie Como Tu                         SC7102- 06
Sandler, Adam                   At A Medium Pace                      SC8700- 03
                                Ode To My Car                         SC8700- 10
Sandpipers, The                 Come Saturday Morning               DKM3081- 09
                                Guantanamera                        DKM2012- 08
Sang, Samantha                  Emotion                             DKM3082- 07
Santana                         Black Magic Woman                   DKM3051- 11
                                Evil Ways                           DKM2015- 01
                                Oye Como Va                         DKM1109- 04
Santana & Rob Thomas            Smooth                                SC7584- 03
Savage Garden                   Affirmation                           SC8645- 04
Sawyer Brown                    Walk, The                           DKM3038- 09
Sayer, Leo                      When I Need You                       SC8201- 11
Scandal                         Goodbye To You                        SC8300- 14
Scorpions, The                  Rock You Like A Hurricane            SC7579- 08
                                Rock You Like A Hurricane            SC8252- 15
                                Rock You Like A Hurricane           DKM3054- 13
Scott, Jill                     Way, The                              SC8717- 05
Seals & Croft                   Diamond Girl                        DKM3053- 09
                                Get Closer                          DKM3053- 10
                                Summer Breeze                        SC8201- 03
Searchers, The                  Love Potion Number Nine             DKM2011- 07
                                Needles & Pins                      DKM3077- 10
Sedaka, Neil                    Breaking Up Is Hard To Do           DKM2008- 13
                                Calendar Girl                       DKM2028- 12
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SONGS - BY ARTIST                                                         E.L. Karaoke
        Artist                           Title                          Song #

Sedaka, Neil                    Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen         DKM3076- 08
                                Laughter In The Rain                 DKM3081- 01
Seekers, The                    Georgy Girl                          DKM3078- 04
Seger, Bob                      C'est La Vie                           SC8300- 05
Selena                          Amor Prohibido                        SC7102-    14
                                Bidi Bidi Bom Bom                     SC7102-    07
                                I Could Fall In Love                 DKM1104-    06
                                No Me Queda Mas                       SC7102-    02
Sembello, Michael               Maniac                               DKM3089- 11
Shadows Of Knight, The          Gloria                               DKM3078- 05
Shaggy & Kraft                  Freaky Girl                            SC8702- 13
Shangri-Las, The                Leader Of The Pack, The              DKM2006- 06
Shanice                         Saving Forever For You               DKM3093- 12
Shannon, Del                    Runaway                              DKM2024- 11
Sharp, Dee Dee                  Mashed Potato Time                   DKM3073- 12
SheDaisy                        Still Holding Out For You              SC8698- 09
Shelton, Ricky Van              I Am A Simple Man                    DKM3036- 13
                                I've Cried My Last Tear For You      DKM3036- 12
Shenandoah                      She Doesn't Cry Anymore                SC8697- 07
Sheppard, T.G.                  Finally                                SC8697- 05
                                Party Time                             SC8183- 12
Sherman, Allan                  Crazy Downtown                         SC8707- 02
Shirelles, The                  I Met Him On A Sunday                DKM3074- 04
                                Will You Still Love Me               DKM3078- 12
Shore, Dinah                    Anniversary Song                     DKM3068- 05
                                Blues In The Night                   DKM3068- 04
Silkk The Shocker               It Ain't My Fault                    DKM1115- 05
Simon & Garfunkel               Boxer, The                             SC8300- 04
                                Cecilia                                SC8300- 12
                                Mrs. Robinson                          SC8300- 02
Simon, Carly                    Nobody Does It Better                DKM2031- 03
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SONGS - BY ARTIST                                                         E.L. Karaoke
        Artist                          Title                           Song #

Simon, Carly                    You Belong To Me                       SC7549- 06
Simple Minds                    Don't You Forget About Me            DKM3054- 07
Simply Red                      Holding Back The Years               DKM2005- 04
Simpson, Jessica                Irresistible                           SC8702- 04
Sinatra & Sinatra               Something Stupid                     DKM3078- 10
Sinatra, Frank                  All The Way                          DKM3099-    03
                                Anything Goes                        DKM1107-    15
                                Brazil                               DKM3099-    14
                                Chicago                              DKM3099-    09
                                Day By Day                           DKM3099-    10
                                High Hopes                           DKM3099-    02
                                I Get A Kick Out Of You              DKM3099-    12
                                I Love Paris                         DKM3099-    13
                                I'll Never Smile Again               DKM3099-    15
                                I've Got You Under My Skin           DKM2026-    11
                                It Was A Very Good Year              DKM3099-    07
                                Lady Is A Tramp, The                 DKM3099-    01
                                Love And Marriage                    DKM3067-    15
                                My Way                               DKM2019-    10
                                My Way                                SC7518-    11
                                New York, New York                   DKM2004-    11
                                New York, New York                    SC7518-    03
                                Night And Day                        DKM3099-    06
                                Second Time Around, The              DKM3099-    05
                                South Of The Border                  DKM3099-    11
                                Stella By Starlight                  DKM3099-    04
                                Strangers In The Night               DKM2029-    09
                                Summer Wind                           SC7518-    13
                                That's Life                          DKM2005-    08
Sinatra, Nancy                  These Boots Are Made For              SC7517- 08
                                These Boots Are Made For             DKM2013- 15
Sir Mix-A-Lot                   Baby Got Back                        DKM2019- 15
Sister Sledge                   We Are Family                        DKM2025- 11
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SONGS - BY ARTIST                                                          E.L. Karaoke
        Artist                           Title                           Song #

Sixpence None The Richer        Kiss Me                                 SC8039- 03
Skaggs, Ricky                   Country Boy                           DKM3042- 03
                                Something In My Heart                  SC8697- 14
Skid Row                        18 And Life                             SC8252- 12
Skyliners, The                  Since I Don't Have You                DKM2022- 03
Slaughter                       Fly To The Angels                       SC8346- 14
Slayer                          Seasons In The Abyss                    SC8660- 06
Sledge, Percy                   When A Man Loves A Woman              DKM2013- 11
Sleepless In Seattle            Back In The Saddle                    DKM1107- 03
Sly & The Family Stone          Dance To The Music                    DKM3063-    15
                                Everyday People                       DKM3063-    13
                                Family Affair                         DKM3063-    11
                                Hot Fun In The Summertime             DKM3063-    12
                                Thank You                             DKM3063-    14
Small, Millie                   My Boy Lollipop                       DKM3076- 12
Smash Mouth                     Walkin’ On The Sun                      SC7584- 09
Smashing Pumpkins               Bullet With Butterfly Wings           DKM3095- 08
Smith, Kate                     God Bless America                     DKM2031- 07
Smith, Michael W                Breathe (live)                        PR3020G- 03
Smith, O. C. & Patti Page       Little Green Apples                   DKM3077- 07
Smith, Sammi                    Help Me Make It Through The             SC7507- 14
                                Help Me Make It Through The           DKM2020- 11
Smith, Will                     Gettin' Jiggy Wit It                   PR9097-    09
                                Just The Two Of Us                     SC8034-    02
                                Men In Black                           SC2154-    05
                                Men In Black                           PR9097-    10
                                Miami                                 DKM1115-    06
                                Miami                                  PR9097-    08
So Solid Crew                   Broken Silence                           SF209- 08

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SONGS - BY ARTIST                                                          E.L. Karaoke
        Artist                           Title                           Song #

Soft Cell                       Tainted Love                          DKM2015- 10
                                Tainted Love                           SC7542- 14
Sonny & Cher                    Beat Goes On, The                     DKM3051- 12
                                I Got You Babe                        DKM2013- 13
Sons Of The Pioneers, The       Cool Water                            DKM3043- 09
                                Tumbling Tumbleweeds                  DKM2014- 02
Soul Asylum                     Runaway Train                         DKM3095- 06
Soul II Soul                    Back To Life                          DKM3091- 12
Soul Survivors, The             Expressway To Your Heart              DKM1108- 05
Soul, Jimmy                     If You Wanna Be Happy                 DKM3077- 06
Sound Of Music                  The Sound Of Music                       TU140- 11
Sound Of Music, The             Do Re Mi                              DKM3066- 05
                                My Favorite Things                    DKM3066- 06
                                Sound Of Music, The                   DKM3066- 04
South Pacific                   Some Enchanted Evening                DKM3067- 10
                                Younger Than Springtime               DKM3067- 09
Spacehog                        In The Meantime                         SC2106- 06
Spears, Britney                 Baby One More Time                      SC8037- 08
                                Don't Let Me Be The Last To             SC8649- 08
                                Everytime                               SC3407- 03
                                Sometimes                               SC8039- 02
                                You Drive Me Crazy                      SC8037- 02
Spice Girls, The                2 Become 1                            DKM1113-    03
                                Love Thing                            DKM1113-    07
                                Say You'll Be There                   DKM1113-    08
                                Something Kinda Funny                 DKM1113-    06
                                Spice Up Your Life                    DKM1113-    01
                                Stop                                  DKM1113-    04
                                Too Much                              DKM1113-    05
                                Wannabe                               DKM1113-    02
                                Wannabe                                PR9097-    14

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SONGS - BY ARTIST                                                              E.L. Karaoke
        Artist                           Title                               Song #

Spice Grils, The                Say You'll Be There                         PR9097- 15
Spin Doctors, The               Two Princes                               DKM3054- 14
Spinal Tap                      Big Bottom                                  SC8707- 03
Spinners, The                   Could It Be I'm Falling In Love           DKM1108- 09
                                Mighty Love                               DKM1108- 10
                                They Just Can't Stop It                   DKM3082- 08
Springfield, Dusty              Son Of A Preacher Man                     DKM3078- 03
Springfield, Rick               Jessie's Girl                               SC8297- 12
Springsteen, Bruce              Glory Days                                  SC8684- 15
Squier, Billy                   Everybody Wants You                         SC8609- 02
                                In The Dark                                 SC8684- 01
SR71                            Right Now                                   SC8645- 13
Stabbing Westward               What Do I Have To Do                        SC8348- 09
Stafford, Jim                   My Girl Bill                               SC8707- 10
                                Spiders & Snakes                          DKM3081- 11
Stafford, Terry                 Suspicion                                 DKM3077- 05
Stallone, Frank                 Far From Over                             DKM3067- 05
Standard                        After You've Gone                         DKM3069-    07
                                Alexander's Ragtime Band                  DKM3071-    13
                                All Of Me                                 DKM3069-    02
                                Auld Lang Syne                            DKM3072-    15
                                Beautiful Dreamer                         DKM3069-    14
                                Beer Barrel Polka                         DKM3070-    13
                                Begin The Beguine                         DKM3069-    03
                                Bill Bailey                               DKM3071-    08
                                Buffalo Girls                             DKM3068-    10
                                Call Me Irresponsible                     DKM3069-    08
                                Clementine                                DKM3071-    02
                                Danny Boy                                 DKM2015-    11
                                Deep In The Heart Of Texas                DKM3071-    14
                                Down By The Riverside                     DKM3070-    11
                                Frankie And Johnny                        DKM3068-    11
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SONGS - BY ARTIST                                                         E.L. Karaoke
        Artist                           Title                          Song #

Standard                        Greensleeves                         DKM3071-    03
                                Happy Birthday To You                DKM2015-    13
                                Heart And Soul                       DKM3071-    12
                                Home On The Range                    DKM3071-    04
                                Honeysuckle Rose                     DKM3068-    14
                                I Dream Of Jeannie With The          DKM3068-    12
                                Light Brown Hair
                                I'm Getting Sentimental Over         DKM3069- 04
                                I've Been Working On The             DKM1103- 14
                                Jeepers Creepers                     DKM1103-    11
                                Loch Lomond                          DKM3070-    03
                                Lullaby Of Broadway                  DKM3070-    05
                                Maybe It's Because I'm A             DKM3070-    04
                                Misty                                DKM3069-    15
                                My Bonnie                            DKM3068-    13
                                My Old Kentucky Home                 DKM3070-    07
                                Nearness Of You, The                 DKM3069-    05
                                Oh Susanna                           DKM3071-    05
                                Ol' Man River                        DKM3070-    12
                                On The Sunny Side Of The Street      DKM3071-    10
                                On Top Of Old Smokey                 DKM3071-    11
                                Route 66                             DKM2033-    07
                                San Francisco Bay Blues              DKM3070-    06
                                Santa Lucia                          DKM3070-    14
                                Satin Doll                           DKM3068-    15
                                She'll Be Comin' Round The           DKM1103-    06
                                Shenandoah                           DKM3070-    08
                                Sidewalks Of New York, The           DKM3070-    09
                                Singin' In The Rain                  DKM3067-    06
                                Someone To Watch Over Me             DKM3069-    10
                                Stardust                             DKM3069-    06
                                Streets Of Laredo, The               DKM3070-    10
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SONGS - BY ARTIST                                                         E.L. Karaoke
        Artist                           Title                          Song #

Standard                        Swanee River                         DKM3071-    07
                                Ta-Ra-Ra-Boom-De-Ay                  DKM1103-    09
                                Tea For Two                          DKM3071-    09
                                That Old Black Magic                 DKM2033-    13
                                When Johnny Comes Marching           DKM3065-    09
                                When The Saints Go Marching In       DKM3071-    06
                                Will The Circle Be Unbroken          DKM3070-    15
                                Willow Weep For Me                   DKM3069-    09
                                Wreck Of The John B                  DKM3065-    08
                                You Are My Sunshine                  DKM2028-    08
                                You Made Me Love You                 DKM3069-    11
Stansfield, Lisa                All Around The World                 DKM3093- 09
Stansfield, Lisa & George       These Are The Days Of Our            DKM3093- 10
Staple Singers, The             Let's Do It Again                    DKM3060- 13
                                Respect Yourself                     DKM3060- 14
Starland Vocal Band, The        Afternoon Delight                     SC8609- 06
                                Afternoon Delight                    DKM3081- 03
Starr, Edwin                    War                                    SC7548- 04
Starr, Kay                      Side By Side                         DKM3068- 08
Starr, Ringo                    You're Sixteen                       DKM2002- 02
Starsailor                      Silence Is Easy                         SF209- 11
Starship                        Sara                                 DKM3053- 13
                                We Built This City                    SC8609- 09
State Fair                      It Might As Well Be Spring           DKM3067- 08
Statler Brothers, The           Flowers On The Wall                  DKM3075- 08
Steam                           Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him               DKM3077- 11
Steelheart                      I'll Never Let You Go                  SC8346- 15
Steely Dan                      Deacon Blues                         DKM1109- 15
                                Do It Again                          DKM3082- 09
                                Hey Nineteen                         DKM1109- 14

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SONGS - BY ARTIST                                                           E.L. Karaoke
        Artist                          Title                             Song #

Steely Dan                      Reelin' In The Years                    SC8430- 07
                                Reelin' In The Years                   DKM1109- 13
                                Rikki Don't Lose That Number           DKM3053- 04
Stefani, Gwen & Eve             Let Me Blow Ya Mind                      SC8702- 01
Steppenwolf                     Born To Be Wild                        DKM3052- 03
                                Magic Carpet Ride                      DKM3051- 13
Stereomud                       Pain                                     SC8717- 11
Steve Miller Band, The          Fly Like An Eagle                      DKM1109-    05
                                Joker, The                              SC8300-    13
                                Joker, The                             DKM2002-    03
                                Swingtown                               SC8300-    10
Stevens, Cat                    Father & Son                             SC8609- 04
                                Moonshadow                               SC8300- 03
                                Peace Train                              SC7548- 06
Stevie B                        Because I Love You                     DKM1108- 13
Stewart, Billy                  Summertime                             DKM3059- 05
Stewart, Larry                  Losing Your Love                         SC8159- 03
Stewart, Rod                    Hot Legs                                SC8297-    03
                                Love Touch                             DKM3048-    14
                                My Heart Can't Tell You No             DKM3086-    05
                                Reason To Believe                       SC8201-    09
                                Some Guys Have All The Luck            DKM3086-    06
Sting                           After The Rain Has Fallen               SC8645- 01
                                Fragile                                SC2336b- 02
                                We'll Be Together                       SC7549- 13
Stone, Doug                     Jukebox With A Country Song            DKM1106- 15
                                These Lips Don't Know How To           DKM3036- 07
                                Say Goodbye
Stories, The                    Brother Louie                          DKM3055- 13
Storm, Gale                     I Hear You Knockin'                    DKM3073- 11
Strait, George                  Ace In The Hole                        DKM1106- 04
                                Ace In The Hole                         SC8703- 03
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SONGS - BY ARTIST                                                         E.L. Karaoke
        Artist                          Title                           Song #

Strait, George                  All My Ex's Live In Texas             SC8183-    06
                                Amarillo By Morning                  DKM1106-    05
                                Best Day, The                         SC8703-    13
                                Check Yes Or No                       SC8703-    05
                                Chill Of An Early Fall, The           SC8703-    02
                                Famous Last Words Of A Fool           SC8703-    07
                                Fireman, The                          SC8703-    11
                                Fool Hearted Memory                   SC8703-    06
                                Go On                                 SC8703-    12
                                Let's Fall To Pieces Together         SC8703-    01
                                Love Without End Amen                DKM3036-    08
                                Lovebug                               SC8703-    04
                                One Night At A Time                   SC8703-    14
                                So Much Like My Dad                   SC8703-    10
                                Today My World Slipped Away           SC8703-    09
                                Unwound                               SC7551-    05
                                What's Going On In Your World         SC8703-    08
                                You Can't Make A Heart Love           SC8703-    15
Strawberry Alarm Clock          Incense & Peppermints                DKM2007- 09
Streisand, Barbra               Don't Rain On My Parade              DKM2025-    12
                                Evergreen                            DKM2026-    06
                                People                               DKM2001-    07
                                Stoney End                           DKM3083-    08
                                Woman In Love                         SC8609-    13
                                Woman In Love, A                     DKM3085-    01
Streisand, Barbra & Donna       No More Tears                        DKM2007- 05
Studt, Amy                      Under The Thumb                         SF209- 15
Stylistics, The                 You Make Me Feel Brand New           DKM3062- 14
Styx                            Babe                                   SC7542- 04
Summer, Donna                   Bad Girls                            DKM2001- 09
                                Dim All The Lights                   DKM3064- 02

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SONGS - BY ARTIST                                                       E.L. Karaoke
         Artist                         Title                         Song #

Summer, Donna                   Hot Stuff                          DKM3064-    01
                                Last Dance, The                    DKM2010-    15
                                MacArthur Park                     DKM3064-    03
                                On The Radio                        SC8297-    05
                                She Works Hard For The Money       DKM2030-    12
Supremes, The                   Come See About Me                  DKM3057-    05
                                Happening, The                     DKM3057-    01
                                I Hear A Symphony                  DKM3057-    04
                                Love Is Here And Now You're        DKM3057-    03
                                My World Is Empty Without You      DKM2035-    01
                                Someday We'll Be Together          DKM3057-    02
                                Up The Ladder To The Roof          DKM3057-    06
                                You Keep Me Hanging On              SC7532-    15
Sure, Al B.                     Nite And Day                       DKM3087- 11
Survivor                        High On You                          SC8684- 04
                                I Can't Hold Back                    SC8346- 13
                                Search Is Over, The                  SC8297- 07
Swan, Billy                     I Can Help                         DKM3079- 12
Sweat, Keith                    I'll Give All My Love To You       DKM1104- 12
Sweet Charity                   Big Spender                           TU140- 02
Sweet, The                      Ballroom Blitz                     DKM3053- 06
Swingin' Medallions, The        Double Shot                          SC7531- 15
SWV                             Always On My Mind                  DKM1101- 12
                                Anything                           DKM1101- 13
Sylvia                          Nobody                             DKM2017- 13
                                Nobody                              SC7507- 12
Tag Team                        Whoop! There It Is                 DKM3092- 03
Take That                       Back For Good                      DKM3095- 11
Talking Heads, The              And She Was                        DKM1112- 13
                                Burning Down The House             DKM2014- 07
                                Wild Wild Life                     DKM1112- 14

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SONGS - BY ARTIST                                                         E.L. Karaoke
        Artist                          Title                           Song #

Taste Of Honey, A               Boogie Oogie Oogie                   DKM3064- 05
Tavares                         It Only Takes A Minute               DKM3064- 14
Taylor, James                   Carolina In My Mind                   SC8201-    08
                                Caroline In My Mind                  DKM3049-    13
                                Country Road                         DKM3049-    14
                                Fire And Rain                        DKM2008-    12
                                Handyman                             DKM3049-    15
                                Steamroller Blues                    DKM2028-    15
Taylor, Johnnie                 Disco Lady                           DKM3064- 13
                                Who's Making Love                    DKM2016- 09
Tears For Fears                 Shout                                DKM2024- 03
Technotronic                    Pump Up The Jam                        SC8554- 10
Temptations, The                All I Need                           DKM3057-    13
                                Ball Of Confusion                    DKM2035-    09
                                Beauty Is Only Skin Deep             DKM2035-    06
                                Cloud Nine                           DKM2035-    08
                                I Can't Get Next To You              DKM2035-    07
                                I Know I'm Losing You                DKM2035-    05
                                I Wish It Would Rain                 DKM3057-    12
                                I'm Gonna Make You Love Me           DKM2035-    04
                                My Girl                              DKM2018-    03
                                Psychedelic Shack                    DKM3057-    11
                                Since I Lost My Baby                 DKM3057-    10
Them                            Baby Please Don't Go                   SC8689- 01
                                Gloria                                 SC8689- 03
                                Here Comes The Night                   SC8689- 06
Thin Lizzy                      Boys Are Back In Town, The             SC8430- 08
Third Eye Blind                 Semi-Charmed Life                      SC7584- 07
Thomas, B.J.                    Another Somebody Done                DKM3080- 13
                                Somebody Wrong
                                Hooked On A Feeling                  DKM2028- 11
                                Hooked On A Feeling                   SC7532- 14

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SONGS - BY ARTIST                                                           E.L. Karaoke
        Artist                          Title                             Song #

Thomas, B.J.                    Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My           DKM2007- 03
Three Degrees, The              When Will I See You Again              DKM3082- 10
Three Dog Night                 An Old Fashioned Love Song             DKM2016-    10
                                Eli's Comin'                           DKM3052-    08
                                Joy To The World                       DKM2019-    05
                                Liar                                    SC8201-    04
Three Doors Down                Be Like That                             SC8717- 15
Tiffany                         Could've Been                          DKM3091- 15
                                I Saw Him Standing There               DKM3091- 14
Tillis, Mel                     Your Body Is An Outlaw                   SC8697- 09
Tillis, Pam                     Cleopatra, Queen Of Denial             DKM3039- 04
                                Maybe It Was Memphis                   DKM3039- 02
                                When You Walk In The Room              DKM3039- 03
Tillotson, Johnny               Poetry In Motion                       DKM3076- 10
Timberlake, Justin              Senorita                                  SF209- 04
TLC                             No Scrubs                              DKM1115-    13
                                No Scrubs                               SC8035-    04
                                Unpretty                                SC8035-    05
                                Waterfalls                              PR9097-    01
Toad The Wet Sprocket           All I Want                             DKM3054- 15
Tokens, The                     Lion Sleeps Tonight, The               DKM2022- 04
Tone Loc                        Funky Cold Medina                      DKM3092- 02
                                Wild Thing                             DKM3092- 01
Toto                            Africa                                   SC8554- 04
Toys, The                       Lover's Concerto, A                    DKM3076- 14
Travis                          Re-Offender                               SF209- 10
Travis, Randy                   Better Class Of Losers                 DKM3037-    10
                                Diggin' Up Bones                       DKM3037-    07
                                Forever And Ever, Amen                 DKM2030-    03
                                Hard Rock Bottom Of Your               DKM3037-    09
                                I Told You So                          DKM3037-    08
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SONGS - BY ARTIST                                                          E.L. Karaoke
        Artist                           Title                           Song #

Travis, Randy                   Is It Still Over                        SC8183- 04
                                Too Gone Too Long                       SC8183- 13
Tresvant, Ralph                 Sensitivity                           DKM3092- 15
Trevino, Rick                   Looking For The Light                   SC8159- 14
Trick Pony                      Just What I Do                        PR1416G- 05
Tritt, Travis                   Can I Trust You With My Heart         DKM3037-    11
                                Help Me Hold On                       DKM3037-    13
                                Here's A Quarter                      DKM2020-    03
                                Nothing Short Of Dying                DKM3037-    12
Troggs, The                     Wild Thing                             SC7520- 04
                                Wild Thing                            DKM2008- 02
Tubb, Ernest                    Walking The Floor Over You            DKM2032- 13
Tucker, Tanya                   Between The Two Of Them                SC8159-    08
                                Blood Red And Going Down               SC7551-    07
                                Delta Dawn                             SC7507-    10
                                Strong Enough To Bend                 DKM2016-    03
                                Walking Shoes                         DKM3039-    09
Turner, Ike & Tina              Proud Mary                            DKM2011- 10
                                Proud Mary                             SC7520- 10
Turner, Tina                    Better Be Good To Me                  DKM2003- 08
                                I Don't Wanna Fight                   DKM3061- 10
Turtles, The                    Happy Together                        DKM2001- 03
TV Theme                        Ballad Of Gilligan's Island, The      DKM3067- 11
Twain, Shania                   Man! I Feel Like A Woman!               SC8039- 08
                                That Don't Impress Me Much              SC8037- 01
                                You're Still The One                    SC8039- 01
Twitty, Conway                  Hello Darlin'                         DKM2025- 13
                                It's Only Make Believe                 SC7507- 09
                                She's Got A Single Thing In Mind      DKM3040- 12
Two Tons O' Fun                 It's Raining Men                      DKM3089- 06
Tyler, Bonnie                   Holding Out For A Hero                DKM3085- 02
                                Total Eclipse Of The Heart            DKM2024- 06
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SONGS - BY ARTIST                                                         E.L. Karaoke
         Artist                         Title                           Song #

Tyrese                          I Like Them Girls                      SC8702- 14
U2                              Beautiful Day                         SC8649-    02
                                Desire                               DKM3047-    14
                                Desire                                SC8684-    10
                                Elevation                             SC8702-    10
                                I Still Haven't Found What I'm       DKM2019-    01
                                Looking For
                                One                                   SC7584-    04
                                Pride (In The Name Of Love)           SC8684-    12
                                Sunday Bloody Sunday                 DKM1112-    11
                                With Or Without You                  DKM3047-    15
UB40                            Here I Am (Come And Take Me)         DKM3092- 09
Urban, Keith                    Where The Blacktop Ends                SC8698- 10
                                You’ll Think Of Me                     SC3404- 01
                                You’ll Think Of Me                     SC8877- 07
Uriah Heep                      Easy Livin'                            SC8201- 05
Valens, Richie                  Donna                                  SC7532- 12
Valli, Frankie                  Grease                               DKM3067- 04
                                My Eyes Adored You                   DKM3050- 08
Van Beethoven, Camper           Take The Skinheads Bowling             SC8707- 07
Van Dyke, Dick                  Put On A Happy Face                  DKM1103- 08
Vandross, Luther                Here And Now                         DKM1108- 03
                                Stop To Love                         DKM3087- 06
Vee, Bobby                      Take Good Care Of My Baby            DKM3076- 01
Vera, Billy & The Beaters       At This Moment                       DKM2016- 12
Vincent, Gene                   Be Bop A Lula                        DKM2011- 04
                                Be Bop A Lula                         SC7517- 13
Vinton, Bobby                   Blue On Blue                         DKM3076- 03
                                Blue Velvet                          DKM3076- 02
                                Roses Are Red                        DKM2017- 11
Vitamin C                       Smile                                  SC8037- 05
Vogues, The                     Turn Around, Look At Me              DKM3076- 15
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SONGS - BY ARTIST                                                            E.L. Karaoke
        Artist                           Title                             Song #

Von Bondies, The                C’Mon C’Mon                               SC3407- 02
Walker, Clay                    Dreaming With My Eyes Open              DKM3036- 03
                                Say No More                              SC8698- 04
Walker, Junior & The All        What Does It Take To Win Your           DKM2032- 08
Stars                           Love
Wallflowers, The                Sleepwalker                               SC8649- 03
Walsh, Joe                      Life's Been Good                          SC8430- 10
Wang Chung                      Dance Hall Days                          SC8201- 07
                                Everybody Have Fun Tonight              DKM2019- 02
War                             Cisco Kid, The                           SC8704-    05
                                Cisco Kid, The                          DKM3044-    07
                                Low Rider                                SC8704-    04
                                Slippin' Into Darkness                  DKM1109-    07
                                Why Can't We Be Friends                 DKM3044-    08
Wariner, Steve                  Starting Over Again                       SC8697- 03
Warrant                         Cherry Pie                                SC7579- 12
                                I Saw Red                                 SC8346- 11
Warwick, Dionne                 Alfie                                   DKM2010- 01
                                Do You Know The Way To San              DKM2006- 01
                                Heartbreaker                            DKM3091-    02
                                I Say A Little Prayer                   DKM2006-    02
                                I'll Never Fall In Love Again           DKM3082-    03
                                Then Came You                           DKM2027-    04
                                Walk On By                              DKM3075-    13
Waters, Ethel                   Am I Blue?                              DKM1107- 05
Waters, Muddy                   Hoochie Coochie Man                     DKM3056- 13
Watley, Jody                    Looking For A New Love                  DKM3061- 09
                                Real Love, The                          DKM3061- 07
                                Some Kind Of Lover                      DKM3061- 08
Way We Were                     Way We Were, The                        DKM3067- 01
We Five                         You Were On My Mind                     DKM3045- 15
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SONGS - BY ARTIST                                                         E.L. Karaoke
        Artist                           Title                          Song #

Welch, Larry                    Since I Fell For You                   SC7532- 02
Welch, Lenny                    Since I Fell For You                 DKM2003- 12
Wells, Kitty                    It Wasn't God Who Made Honky         DKM2033- 10
                                Tonk Angels
Wells, Mary                     My Guy                                 SC7520- 11
West Side Story                 Maria                                DKM3066-    03
                                Somewhere                              TU140-    10
                                Tonight                              DKM3066-    02
                                Tonight                                TU140-    14
Westlife                        Hey Whatever                            SF209- 13
Wet Willie                      Keep On Smilin'                        SC8146- 13
Wet, Wet, Wet                   Love Is All Around                   DKM3094- 08
Wham                            Careless Whisper                     DKM3088- 09
                                Everything She Wants                 DKM3088- 08
                                Wake Me Up Before You Go Go          DKM2026- 15
White Lion                      When The Children Cry                  SC8346- 09
White, Barry                    You're The First, The Last, My       DKM3059- 03
White, Karyn                    Superwoman                           DKM3085- 04
Whitley, Keith                  Don't Close Your Eyes                DKM2014- 09
Who                             Eminence Front                         SC8684- 03
Who, The                        Anyway Anyhow Anywhere               DKM1110-    08
                                Happy Jack                           DKM1110-    09
                                I Can See For Miles                  DKM1110-    10
                                I'm A Boy                            DKM1110-    15
                                Magic Bus                            DKM1110-    11
                                Magic Bus                             SC8430-    03
                                My Generation                        DKM1110-    12
                                Pictures Of Lily                     DKM1110-    13
                                Substitute                           DKM1110-    14
Wild Cherry                     Play That Funky Music                DKM2020- 10
Williams & McKnight             Love Is                              DKM1104- 07
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SONGS - BY ARTIST                                                          E.L. Karaoke
        Artist                          Title                            Song #

Williams Jr, Hank               Why Can’t We All Just Get A             SC8877- 08
                                Long Neck?
Williams Jr., Hank, & Hank There's A Tear In My Beer                    SC2417- 14
                           There's A Tear In My Beer                    SC2417- 06
Williams, Andy             Born Free                                  DKM2031-    06
                           Can't Get Used To Losing You                SC7518-    08
                           Can't Get Used To Losing You               DKM2032-    11
                           Days Of Wine And Roses, The                DKM3067-    03
                           Happy Holidays                             PR1332G-    06
                           Moon River                                 DKM2009-    12
                           Moon River                                  SC7518-    12
                           Somewhere, My Love (Laura's                DKM3100-    15
                           Where Do I Begin (Theme From               DKM2009- 13
                           Love Story)
Williams, Deniece               Let's Hear It For The Boy             DKM3060- 10
Williams, Don                   Amanda                                 SC7551- 04
                                I Believe In You                      DKM3042- 12
                                Lord Have Mercy On A Country          DKM3040- 08
                                Nobody But You                          SC8697- 10
Williams, Hank                  All For The Love Of Sunshine            SC2417-   01
                                All My Rowdy Friends Are                SC2417-   08
                                Country Boy Can Survive, A              SC2417-   02
                                Don Juan D'bubba                        SC2417-   03
                                Eleven Roses                            SC2417-   04
                                Family Tradition                        SC2417-   05
                                Whiskey Bent And Hell Bound             SC2417-   07
Williams, Hank Jr.              Cajun Baby                              SC8403-   12
                                Gonna Go Huntin' Tonight                SC7551-   09
                                Leave Them Boys Alone                   SC8403-   02
                                Old Habits                              SC8403-   05
                                Queen Of My Heart                       SC8403-   06
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SONGS - BY ARTIST                                                          E.L. Karaoke
        Artist                           Title                           Song #

Williams, Hank Jr.              Stoned At The Jukebox                   SC7551- 14
                                Texas Woman                             SC8403- 10
Williams, Maurice               Stay                                  DKM2013- 02
Williams, Robbie                Rock DJ                                 SC8645- 12
Williams, Vanessa               Save The Best For Last                DKM2019- 09
Wills, Bob                      Faded Love                            DKM2018- 12
                                San Antonio Rose                      DKM3043- 11
Wilson & Reno                   Almost Paradise                       DKM3089- 12
Wilson Phillips                 Hold On                               DKM3093- 08
                                Release Me                            DKM3093- 07
Wilson, A.                      Show And Tell                          SC7542- 09
                                Show And Tell                         DKM3059- 02
Wilson, Gretchen                Redneck Woman                           SC8877- 14
Winger                          Miles Away                              SC8346- 12
Wings                           Hi Hi Hi                              DKM3083- 05
                                Silly Love Songs                      DKM3083- 04
Winter, Edgar                   Free Ride                             DKM1109- 06
Winwood, Steve                  Higher Love                           DKM1112- 04
Withers, Bill                   Ain't No Sunshine                     DKM3059- 04
                                Lean On Me                            DKM2028- 09
                                Use Me                                 SC8297- 11
Womack, Lee Ann                 Why They Call It Falling                SC8698- 13
                                Wrong Girl, The                         SC3404- 02
Wonder, Stevie                  Boogie On Reggae Woman                DKM3058-    11
                                Don't You Worry 'Bout A Thing         DKM3058-    10
                                For Once In My Life                   DKM3058-    04
                                Higher Ground                         DKM1108-    14
                                I Just Called To Say I Love You       DKM2018-    10
                                I Was Made To Love Her                DKM1108-    15
                                Isn't She Lovely                      DKM3058-    03
                                Living For The City                   DKM3058-    12
                                My Cherie Amour                       DKM3058-    02
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SONGS - BY ARTIST                                                           E.L. Karaoke
        Artist                           Title                            Song #

Wonder, Stevie                  Part-Time Lover                        DKM3058- 09
                                Signed, Sealed, Delivered I'm          DKM3058- 08
                                Sir Duke                               DKM3058-    07
                                Superstition                           DKM3058-    06
                                Uptight (Everything's All Right)       DKM3058-    05
                                You Are The Sunshine Of My             DKM3058-    01
Wood, Brenton                   Gimme Little Sign                      DKM3059- 15
Worley, Darryl                  Second Wind                              SC8698- 05
Wynette, Tammy                  D.I.V.O.R.C.E.                          SC8183-    10
                                D.I.V.O.R.C.E.                         DKM2027-    11
                                DIVORCE                                 SC7507-    05
                                Stand By Your Man                      DKM2010-    13
Xscape                          Understanding                          DKM3095- 15
Yankovic, Weird Al              Amish Paradise                           SC8707- 05
Yardbirds, The                  For Your Love                          DKM3044- 10
Yearwood, Trisha                How Do I Live                           SC2154-    04
                                She's In Love With The Boy             DKM1106-    08
                                Song Remembers When, The               DKM1106-    09
                                That's What I Like About You           DKM1106-    10
                                XXXs & OOOs (An American               DKM3039-    11
Yoakam, Dwight                  Fast As You                            DKM1106-    02
                                I Sang Dixie                            SC7551-    11
                                Try Not To Look So Pretty              DKM1106-    03
                                You're The One                         DKM3036-    15
Young MC                        Bust A Move                            DKM2013- 05
Young, Neil                     Old Man                                  SC8430- 04
Youngbloods, The                Get Together                           DKM2025- 15
                                Get Together                            SC7532- 10
Zager & Evans                   In The Year 2525                       DKM3075- 07
Zombies, The                    She's Not There                        DKM3044- 13

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SONGS - BY ARTIST                                                 E.L. Karaoke
         Artist                         Title                   Song #

Zombies, The                    Tell Her No                  DKM3044- 11
                                Time Of The Season           DKM3044- 12
ZZ Top                          Cheap Sunglasses              SC8297- 02
                                I Thank You                   SC8430- 05
                                Legs                         DKM2022- 11

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