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Fashion Trends- Color and Prints


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									Fashion Trends- Prints and Colors
 Summer 2011 is all about spicing up your wardrobe
with prints and bright colors. A variety of prints have
been presented in the Spring 2011 fashion collection
and it seems that the new fashion trend is diverse and
                    exudes warmth.
Not just colors but it’s the prints that seem to be equally popular as
  well. A variety of prints can be used to add that chic element.
 Animal, Floral and Geometrical prints are exotic, feminine and
                      definitely aid sex-appeal.
Prints have been a great source of inspiration for fashion
designers, so don’t discard your old prints and mash it up
    together for a look befitting a trendy fashionista.
Ground Floor, Mount Apartment,St. John Baptist Road,
     Bandra West,Mumbai, Maharastra, India

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