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Precision Translation Worldwide Markets
      Company Profile
Precision Translation Services

•   CTSC International is owned and operated by experienced linguists with
    advanced Translation educational backgrounds, including the sciences,
    engineering, and business administration. This unique emphasis on both
    translation skills and first-hand knowledge of the subject matter to be
    translated is what makes us a leader in our field. CTSC provides translation
    services in over 253 languages, and specializes on Interpreting technical
    translation and interpreting between English and all major languages of
    Europe and Asia.

•   Desktop Publishing
•   CTSC International was founded in 1982 to meet the US government's
    growing need for high-end scientific and technical translation and
    interpreting services. For over a decade, we have worked closely with the
    Department of Defense, Department of Energy, and the national defense
    community on a broad range of highly complex Localization projects,
    including nuclear non-proliferation, jet propulsion, and multilateral

•   Patent and IP Services
•   CTSC also has experience delivering the same precision technical translation,
    interpretation, and web localization services to the private sector,
    including household names like AT&T, Ernst & Young, Exxon Mobil,
    Minolta, Morgan Stanley, Battle, Bell Laboratories, and Metro media.

•   Transcription
•   With a worldwide team of over 400 individual translators, CTSC can
    handle projects large and small, long-term or short. We are capable of
    rapid deployment of translate-Subtitles ton and interpreting teams
    anywhere in the world, and are proud of our track record in real time and
    short turn-around services.

•   Voice-Over
•   CTSC linguists deliver services with correctness, consistency, and clarity
    because we structure our teams around these core values. In addition to
    their accredited translation skills and technical expertise, our translators
    are selected for their familiarity with the current culture in which we are
    working. CTSC linguists translate inform-Brand Research motion only into
    their native language, and our teams include professionals who are based in
    each country involved in every project. Because we pay attention to every
    detail, CTSC has become a trusted partner in our work for many clients -
pro-viding key services that develop over the life of a long-term project even
when we cannot be predicted in advance.
                 Our Services
•   Translation
•   CTSC translators hold advanced degrees and extensive professional experience in
    their subject of expertise. For example, engineering documentation is localized and
    edited by translators with PhD, B.S. or M.S. in the appropriate area of engineering.
    All translators are native speakers of the target language and have up- to-date
    knowledge of current usage in their cultures and in their subject areas.

•   Interpreting
•   CTSC International has an unsurpassed network of scientific and technical
    interpreters providing both consecutive and simultaneous interpreting services

•   Desktop Publishing
•   Our graphics team specializes in non-Roman character sets such as Chinese,
    Japanese, Cyrillic, Hebrew, and Arabic. We work on both PC and Mac platforms,
    employing state-of-the-art technology.

•   Localization
•   At CTSC, translators, graphic artists, and localization engineers work together to
    deliver effective localization solutions that are culturally appropriate and easily
    accessible in the target culture. Your translated web site and your localized soft-
    ware will enable you to communicate more directly with your clients worldwide.

•   Voice-Over and Subtitles
•   Our professional voice-over talent is available for short- and long-term
    assignments. Our studio affiliates use the most advanced equipment and have
    mastered the specific requirements of multilingual production.

•   Transcription
•   CTSC's bilingual transcription staff provides highly accurate transcriptions of all
    audio and video recordings.

•   Brand Research
•   A product name that has strong, positive associations in the US might have
    negative connotations in another culture. It is important to know about the impact
    of culture and tradition on your target markets.

•   Patent and Intellectual Property Services
•   CTSC's IP translation practice employs linguists with engineering, biochemistry,
physics, and computer science backgrounds to prepare precise translation of
patents both for filing and for information. CTSC also offers a unique "gusting"
service that enables patent attorneys to find specific information about the content
of foreign patents without the expense of paying for the full translation.
      Quality Control
•   This simple phrase summarizes CTSC commitment to quality service. We
    pro-vide translation, interpreting, and web localization services with an eye
    toward the larger context in which these services are delivered. Whether we
    are translating a classified engineering package for the Department of
    Defense, or localizing a website to establish a consistent global brand
    presence for a multinational corporation, our approach is the same:

•   We assemble a team of linguists to match the requirements of every project.
    We make sure our team understands the language and the technical
    information at the heart of every assignment. “Working under a
    We require that our linguists only translate into their impossible deadline
    CTSC native language. International provided translate-We make sure
    that at least one member of every tins from English into Chinese team
    resides in the country for which our services for several multimedia
    present are being provided, so our work is up to date with tins. The quality
    of their service current cultural trends. ice was exceptional.”

•   We use the most powerful translation software available,
    and build a custom glossary for every long-term CTSC Marketing Manager

•   client. Southern Energy
•   Our experience with both government and private industry clients has
    taught us the importance of subtleties and nuances that often mean
    everything in effective international communication. All our translators are
    excellent writers, and we know how to keep up with the constant evolution
    of language.

•   CTSC project teams also include graphic artists and software developers to
    ensure that the full power of our clients' messages is delivered in our
    completed translation services. Because we pay attention to these details,
    CTSC has become a trusted partner in our work for many clients -
    providing key services that develop over the life of a long-term project even
    when these needs cannot be predicted in advance.
Quality Control Advance
  •   The key to ensuring that information is translated correctly is assembling a
      team of translators, interpreters, and web localizers with the right
      education-al and professional background - individuals who can fully
      understand the concepts we are translating.

  •   We hold fast to a basic principle: If you do not understand it, you cannot
      translate it.

  •   This principle lies at the core of CTSC's philosophy. With over a decade of
      experience providing highly technical translation services for government
      agencies and multinational corporations, CTSC has established a strong
      team of professionals with linguistic credentials, technical expertise, and a
      commitment to communication with correctness, consistency, and clarity.

  •   CTSC International is a leading provider of high-quality, “We have been
      relying upon CTSC precision translation services for government agencies
      International to provide interpreters and multinational corporations. All
      members of CTSC's and translators who have expertise in worldwide team
      of over 400 translators are skilled in at nuclear energy for several years now.
  •   We’ve become part of our team, as dedicated to the success of our
      project as we are.”

  •   We are accredited as professional translate
      torso by American Translators Association Project Lead,
      (ATA), the Department of State, or the United Lockheed Martin,

  •   Nations. Sandier National Laboratories

  •   We hold advanced degrees in the subject matter to be translated,
      so our services are always provided by people with a fundamental
      understanding of our clients’ information.

  •   We are experienced writers dedicated to the expression of ideas
      in a way that can be clearly understood by the people for whom
      we are writing.

  •   For every client, CTSC builds a custom glossary and project database that
is used as the basis for all work provided to that client This ensures
consistent quality and reliable service in every CTSC project. CTSC
     Web Localization
•   1.Internationalization

•   The existing website is adjusted to make it ready for localization in one or
    more other countries. Fields are modified to allow for word growth, and
    appli-cations are enhanced to ensure that we can validate currency, name
    CTSC, and date formats without failure. The end results is a fully-
    functioning interna-tionalized version of the original site, ready for
    localization into any language without further re-design.

•   2.Localization
•   On a test server, all text is translated, fonts are adjusted to best maintain
    design elements of the original site, and graphics are adapted to optimize
    the site's functionality ease of use in the new language.

•   3.Quality Assurance
•   All site components, including HTML, JavaScript's, VBScripts, Applets,
    active server pages, and multimedia audio/visuals are thoroughly tested for
    linguis-tic and functional compliance, and for general usability - by both
    CTSC and the client.

•   4.Updating and Maintenance Systems
•   We are established for updating the localized site simultaneously or near-
    simultaneously with updates to the original site. With each update, all the
    above-described steps in CTSC's localization process are engaged to ensure
    success. “Our engineers have expert knowledge of the technical
    requirements of character, or multi-byte languages.

    CTSC to set new standards of excellence in the localization industry. We
    are the only company in the field that requires linguists to have the
    educational and pro-unique requirements of operating systems used in
    different countries.” fissional backgrounds necessary to understand the
    technical information we help our clients communicate, no matter what the
•   CTSC can deploy a team of qualified, responsive interpreters with the
    linguistic and subject-matter expertise our clients expect from us. We can
    supply all required equipment, or work with resources already on site.
    CTSC's interpreting specialists also have the interpersonal skills and
    problem-solving approach so important for real-time success in the global

•   As is the case with all CTSC services, we match our team with the
    requirements of every interpreting assignment.

•   Is a highly technical interpreter required, with skill in the
    relevant subject matter?
    Or would a generalist be more appropriate?
    Does the assignment call for consecutive or simultaneous interpreting?

•   It's not only important that CTSC has the right people and “When we
    needed Serbian Language equipment based on the answers to these questions.
    It's even more important that we ask them. US and on location in Moscow,
    we turned to CTSC.

•   Every CTSC project manager knows how to develop an the talent to get
    the job done right. We interpreting program to meet a wide range of needs
    - we were delighted with the results." can provide services in selected
    venues, throughout an entire conference, or to accompany a client
    everywhere Executive Producer, he or she goes during a visit overseas,
    including after-20th Century Fox Films work socializing and recreational

•   CTSC interpreters prepare diligently before their work. Our project
    manager will ask for background material to help familiarize our team with
    the information to be interpreted. In large projects, we will develop a
    customized glossary to be used by our entire team to ensure consistent,
    clear, and correct communication.

•   Flexibility, reliability, precision, and a commitment to your success make
    CTSC interpreters an invaluable resource for every international business.
•      We offer a wide range localization and internationalization solutions, including
Translation Services.
Since our founding year, we have provided translation and localization services from
and into many European languages to a number of Blue Chip companies, among
which TVB (HK) Limited, SHANGRI-LA, Mass Transit Railway Corporation
Ltd,Casio Computer (Hong Kong) Limited,Transonic Industries, Prospecity
Industrial Company, Maxim’s, PCCW, Target, Accord Design Limited, PENTA-
OCEAN CONSTRUCTION CO., Ltd, Greensward Co., Ltd and SEKIN
Hong Kong Limited , Estée Lauder Companies, Novartis Pharmaceuticals (HK)
Limited, Roche Hong Kong Limited and etc...
We would like to specially emphasize that we are a company whose business mission is
to position itself between companies like yours and the numerous independent
translators. Instead of dealing with various independent translators, you have the
advantage of dealing with a single company like ours. To this end, we have a panel of
translators on our rolls. And our pricing is similar to that of the independent translators,
so that you can find us cost-effective, since we work mainly on large volumes.
We, as a provider of such services, would like to seize this opportunity to further discuss
with you the possibility of providing you with our services for any of your large or small
multilingual projects needs.
 We are a translation and localization company based in Hong Kong. Our team is
composed of highly professional, dedicated, hard working and self-motivated translators
with experience. Graduated from the top translation faculty in Hong Kong, the faculty of
Languages and Translation which is one of the most reputable and specialized
educational institutions in Hong Kong for studying translation. Our staff belongs
to Hong Kong, Chinese University of Hong Kong, which is considered to be the first
and the best university that focused on Hong Kong and England studies, what had
helped us to have excellent command of Chinese <> English language.

Over years, we have been translating in a wide spectrum of materials; IT; Technical;
Travel and Tourism; Law; Social Sciences; Government and Politics; Literary
Translation; Education; Health and Nutrition, Environmental and more, either directly or
through subcontracting translation agencies.
We believe that sticking to deadlines, meeting client's requirements and delivering a
quality work are the pillars that keep us up in the market. Our motto is Prices are
negotiable, quality isn't. We are committed to provide our costumers with best prices,
best quality and a timely delivery. We guarantee you that all translations are thoroughly
.edited and proofread before delivery
Unit 2101-02,21/F, Wing Tuck Commercial
Centre, 177-183 Wing Lok Street, Sheung
                               Wan, HK
                    Tel: (852) 2964 9876
                   Fax: (852) 3003 6222

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