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7 Factors in Building Community Websites Effectively


									“7 Factors in Building Community
      Websites Effectively”
                          © Copyright Ewen Chia

Community websites provides a means to connect to other people in a fun, enjoyable, and
interesting manner. It is a community that is not limited to place or country and can easily
be accessible to anyone who knows how to use a computer and access the internet.

The most important aspect that you have to take note regarding community websites is
the fact that you can generate immense traffic through the use of it. Building community
websites can help do the same for you. You can easily promote yourself and your
business through its effective and efficient use.

In building community websites, you have to consider various factors in order to hit the
right market and become influential in the online community.

1. Focus. Be clear and consistent in defining your objectives in creating a community
website. It should be specific and detailed. Most of all, this focus should be adhered to by
the other members of the community as well.

2. Interest. A good community website is one that you are interested in. You should keep
this in mind when building a community website. It should include the things that you are
passionate about and these things should motivate others to join you as well.

3. Time. Creating a community website can eat up your time. This is why investing
enough time and effort is a definite must in order to make it stand on its own. The
creation of a community website is not at all difficult. It is the building of the community
within the website that will eat up all your time and effort in making it a successful

4. Help. Ask people to post comments, responses, or feedback. Find different ways of
promoting the website and starting discussions regarding it in order for more people to
join the group.
5. Interest. Publish content that will appeal to the interest of your members and will allow
them to discuss your website with other people who might be attracted to its concept.
Engage the audience and provide them with information that will keep them coming back
for more.

6. Encouragement. Some members can be more active while others may not. Offer
encouragement to the members of your community and continuously thank them for their
presence and contribution. Appreciating the efforts of the members can be rewarding that
your members will return the favor to you as well.

7. Environment. An interactive environment can attract more audience to your site. Make
it a good place to visit and you can be sure that your members will come back. And not
only that, who knows but they might refer your site to others who are involved in the
same activities.

Community websites allow you to facilitate for the various needs of the market and the
members of your community. Playing the role of the facilitator effectively can help you
achieve success in building community websites. By helping people progress and reach
their maximum potentials using these communities, you will be able to reach out to them
and find the information that you need which you can use in your own undertaking.

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