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         4th Floor Jose Miguel Building, #1 Yandoc St., Corner Naguilian, Baguio City
         Telephone Number: 011-63-74-423-1366 Email:

                                  The KGSBI PN-SAP SYSTEM
                              (Practical Nursing - School Away Program)

I.        Who may enroll?

                    a. Must be at college level, or its equivalent in health-related
                        experience is an advantage;
                    b. Willing to undergo comprehensive practical nursing studies for one
                        (1) year divided into three (3) parts:
                             nine (9) months of academics/theoretical component covering
                               the twenty-two (22) subjects on distance learning;
                             the last three (3) months for the clinical exposure, including
                               the PN Skills 1 & 2 to be undertaken in the Philippines); and
                             another month for the NCLEX-PN review classes.

                   a. Transcript of Records
                   b. Photocopy of Birth Certificate
                   c. Copy of Marriage Certificate (for married female)
                   d. Certificate of Good Moral Character
                   e. 2 pieces colored pictures, passport size, taken within the last 6

             Note: For enrollment purposes, a scanned copy of each of items I.a-c
                   are acceptable. However, enrollees must submit the original copy
                   of each of same before the start of the clinical exposure in order for
                   KGSBI Transcript of Records to be processed promptly.

II.      Systems and The Procedures:

1. The student-applicant fills out the pre-screening form available at our web site; and then furnishes KGSBI with a copy of your
   Transcript of Records (TOR); you may email same to, cc:

2. Within three (3) working days upon KGSBI’s receipt of the pre-screening form and
   TOR, the applicant receives an educational evaluation advice through email (includes
   the approval/disapproval of the application);

      > if approved, you will get a copy of the subjects that you may enroll in from the
        assistant registrar and the payment assessment /
        options from the accounting department.

  3. Once compliant, you will then proceed to enrollment by clicking the specific KGSBI
     web link (to follow very soon, in the meantime, the registrar dept. will provide you this
     form). Send back the filled-out form to

  4. Pay the payment option of your choice. Mention choices.

  5. Upon payment, your enrollment will then be declared with the Technical Education
     and Skills Development Authority (TESDA), the Philippine government authority
     regulating the PN course.

  6. After enrollment, you will receive through email a confirmation that you are now
     officially a bonafide student of the of KGSBI School of Practical Nursing.

  7. Study materials i.e. course syllabi, modules, books etc. will be sent to you within a
     few days from enrollment.

  8. A proctor based in the U.S. shall be assigned to you (nearest your residence) who
      will provide you with the following:
  course examination schedule and
  assistance as you go through the PN program.

     > All grades from the monthly examinations will be forwarded to KGSBI Baguio
     addressed to

  9. KGSBI Baguio will be closely monitoring your progress and one month after the end
     of each quarter, you shall receive the Academic Performance Rating (APR)
     equivalent to class cards for the subjects you have enrolled in.

  10. When you reach the eighth month of your study and you are ready for the clinical
      exposures, you have to advice KGSBI of your schedule of arrival in the Philippines
      so KGSBI can arrange your clinical rotations.

     It is a must that all academic requirements are completed before doing the clinical

  11. Upon completion of both the academic and clinical requirements, the Transcript of
      Records and Diploma processing will commence provided that all enrollment
      requirements are complied to (please see the above “I. Enrollment Requirements”).
      On the average, the processing will take about a month.

III. CLINICAL REQUIREMENTS/Related Learning Experience (RLE’s)*

  1. Pre-requisites:
  In order to be allowed to undertake the Related Learning Experience (RLE’s)
             in the Philippines, the student must have completed all the academic
             requirements and standards within a year from the date of enrollment as
             shown on the copy of the enrollment form together with grades given by the
             U.S. proctor.
Proof of full payment of the tuition fees must be provided to Kennedy Global
           School of Business, Inc., Baguio, either through email or fax (632) 882-5003.

2. Having complied with item 1, the student may now proceed with the RLE’s. He/she
      is required to bring the following articles for use in the different clinical areas:
     a. B/P apparatus
     b. 1 pc. Glass thermometer (axillary)
     c. 1 pc. Bandage scissors
     d. 1 pc. penlight
     e. calculator
     f. 1 pc. tri-color pen
     g. 1 pc. pencil
     h. 6-inch clear ruler
     i. 1 pc. each Micropore and transpore tape, ½ inch
     j. Tongue depressor
     k. 1 small bottle alcohol
     l. 1 small bottle betadine
     m. Cotton balls
     n. Clean and sterile gloves
     o. Masks
     p. 1 pocket notebook
     q. 1 large notebook (short bondpaper size)
     r. Drug handbook & other references (NCP/NANDA etc)

   Duty Uniforms (to be ordered from KGSBI, Baguio):
     a. White scrub suit and KGSBI blue & yellow scrubs;
     b. White laboratory gown (plain);
     c. Kennedy collar t-shirt for psychiatric rotation;
     d. White nursing shoes for hospital wear and white sneakers                          for
         Community/Psychiatric rotation use;
     e. Clean slippers and socks for the LR/DR (Maternal and Child Nursing);

3. At the end of the clinical rotations, all required 33 cases, 1 NPI, and 2 case studies
   must be submitted to the Academic Affairs office for evaluation, for the attention of
   Ms. Tina Jose.

1. Online support (found at the homepage of
2. Internet and vonage phone
3. Accessible dormitory
4. School bus/van service (to and from the different clinical areas in the Philippines)

Should you have further queries, please feel free to contact us at; telephone # 011-63-74-423-1366.


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