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					                            NOTICE INVITING TENDER

NIT NO. ADMN/SCOPE/2011-12/ 329                                                 Date :21.04.2011

Sealed percentage rate tenders under two bid system are invited from bonafide, experienced &
reputed contractors of financial standing meeting the pre-qualifying requirement for the job given


 NAME OF WORK                                  PART-1: REPAIR & MAINTENANCE WORKS
                                               RELATED TO SOFAS / CHAIRS UPHOLSTERY,
                                               WALLPAPER, MAKING OF NAME PLATES /
                                               DISPLAYS & KEYS ETC. IN IOCL OFFICE AT
                                               SCOPE COMPLEX, NEW DELHI.
                                               PART-2: REPAIR & MAINTENANCE WORKS
                                               RELATED TO WINDOW BLINDS, CURTAINS
                                               AND PROVISION OF OFFICE ITEMS LIKE
                                               MAGNETIC BOARDS, PLANTERS, DUSTBINS
                                               ETC. IN IOCL OFFICE AT SCOPE COMPLEX,
                                               NEW DELHI.
 TENDER NO./ NIT NO.                           ADMN/SCOPE/2011-12/329
 TENDER COST                                   Rs. 300/- (THREE HUNDRED ONLY) BY
                                               DEMAND DRAFT / PAY ORDER / BANKER’S
                                               CHEQUE IN FAVOUR OF INDIAN OIL
                                               CORPORATION LTD. (REFINERIES DIVISION),
                                               PAYABLE AT NEW DELHI..
 EMD                                           Rs. 8200/- ( EIGHT THOUSAND TWO HUNDRED
                                               ONLY) BY DEMAND DRAFT / PAY ORDER /
                                               BANKER’S CHEQUE IN FAVOUR OF INDIAN OIL
                                               CORPORATION LTD. (REFINERIES DIVISION),
                                               PAYABLE AT NEW DELHI.

                                               EXTEND THE CONTRACT FOR ANOTHER
                                               TWELVE MONTHS AT THE SAME RATES,
                                               TERMS AND CONDITIONS ON SATISFACTORY
                                               PERFORMANCE BY THE AGENCY.

                                               FROM : 21.04.2010 TO 04.05.2011
 PLACE OF ISSUE                                FROM THE OFFICE OF SHRI A.K. SINHA RAY
                                               CHIEF MAINTENANCE MANAGER (CIVIL)
                                               INDIAN OIL CORPORATION LTD.
                                               A&W DEPARTMENT,
                                               ROOM NO.: 316, 3RD FLOOR,
                                               SCOPE COMPLEX,CORE-2,
                                               LODHI ROAD, NEW DELHI -110 003.
                                               Email: sinharayak@iocl.co.in
                                               IOCL web site (indianoiltenders.com)
                                               PLACED IN FRONT OF THE OFFICE OF:
                                               CHIEF MAINTENANCE MANAGER (CIVIL)
                                               INDIAN OIL CORPORATION LTD.
                                               ROOM NO.: 316, 3RD FLOOR,
                                               SCOPE COMPLEX,CORE-2,
                                               LODHI ROAD, NEW DELHI -110 003
                                               Email: sinharayak@iocl.co.in

 OPENING OF TENDER                             PART-A i.e. TECHNO-COMMERCIAL BID
                                               SHALL BE OPENED ON THE SAME DAY i.e.
                                               06.05.2011 at 3.00 PM IN THE PRESENCE OF
                                               AUTHORIZED ATTENDING REPRESENTATIVES
                                               OF CONTRACTORS.

                                               PART-B i.e. PRICED PART ( PART-1 & PART-2 )
                                               OF THE TECHNO-COMMERCIAL ACCEPTABLE
                                               BIDDERS SHALL BE OPENED AT A LATER

      Bids shall be submitted in the manner as described in Instruction to Bidders (ITB) of Bidding
      Document. Part-A which comprises Techno-commercial Part, shall contain original Techno-
      commercial offer along with EMD. Part-B i.e. Priced Part (two booklets) comprising Part-1 &
      Part-2 of SOR of work, shall contain only price as per Schedule of Rates without any condition
      and shall be submitted in two separately sealed envelopes, one for Part-1 and another for
      Part-2.The percentage quoted shall be filled up both in figure and in words, and the total
      amount shall be calculated and rounded off to the nearest rupee.
      Use of white/erasing fluid for correcting the rates is banned. Wherever the rates are corrected
      with white/erasing fluid, the bids will be summarily rejected.
      The agencies that intend to participate shall meet the following qualifying requirements and
      shall submit substantiating documents in support of their claim along with their bid.
2.1    Experience Criteria:

       The bidder should have executed similar nature of job as main or sub contractor, during any of
       the last five preceding financial years of following value:

      a) Three similar completed works each of minimum value Rs. 2.47 Lakh
      b) Two similar completed works each of minimum value Rs.3.30 Lakh
      c) One similar completed work order of minimum value Rs. 4.12 Lakh.

       Similar works shall mean ‘Execution of interior works / repair & maintenance of interior
       works involving upholstery of sofas, curtains, blinds etc. for office building of
       Government / PSU / any other major private establishment within last five financial
2.2    Financial Criteria :
       The Annual Turnover of the Bidder, shall be aleast Rs. 4.94 Lakh during any one of the
       preceding three financial years.
3.1    A set of Bidding documents (non-transferable) may be purchased on any working day (Monday
       to Friday) during the sale period on written request and upon payment of Cost of Bidding
       Document (non refundable) in the form of crossed Demand Draft / Pay Order / Banker’s
       Cheque only, in favor of Indian Oil Corporation Limited (Refineries Division) payable at New
       Delhi. Request for sending bidding document by post, courier or any other mode shall not be
3.2    The Bidding Document can also be downloaded from IOCL website www.indianoiltenders.com
       and shall be submitted to IOCL in hard copies along with requisite Earnest Money Deposit.
       The cost of bidding document is exempted in case the bidders download the tender document
       from IOCL website. Also, Small Scale Industries registered with NSIC under its single point
       registration scheme, Central/ State PSUs & JV’s of IOCL are exempted from paying cost of
       Bidding Document.
3.3    Bidder shall purchase the Bidding Document in his own name and submit the bid directly. The
       Bidding Document is non-transferable. Bids submitted by Bidder/s who have not purchased
       the bidding document from the tender issuing authority either directly or through their
       authorized agent or have not downloaded the bidding document                from website
       www.indianoiltenders.com themselves ,will be rejected.
3.4    The tender shall be submitted strictly in the manner as described in “Instructions to Bidders”
       (ITB) of the tender document.
3.5    “Earnest Money Deposit” (EMD) mentioned above shall be paid by way of Crossed Demand
       Draft / Pay Order / Banker’s Cheque in favor of Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. (Refineries
       Division) New Delhi. Tenders without Earnest Money are liable to be rejected. However EMD
       shall be exempted for Small Scale Units registered with the National Small Industries
       Corporation (NSIC), Public Sector Undertaking of the Central/State Government & JV’s of
       Indian Oil Corporation Limited.
3.6    During opening of Techno-commercial part (i.e. Part-A) the name of Tenderers who have
       submitted their offers along with details of Earnest Money Deposit will only be read out and no
       other information/ details whatsoever will be read out.
3.7    IOCL takes no responsibility for delay, loss or non-receipt of tender documents sent by post/
       courier. Telex/ Telegraphic/ Fax/ E-Mail offers shall not be accepted.
3.8    IOCL reserve the right to accept or reject any tender in part or full, without assigning any
       reason whatsoever and also to give purchase preference to Public Enterprises, as admissible
       under the existing Government policies.
3.9    Tenderer should submit Acknowledgement Receipt of this tender document duly signed &
       stamped and confirm the submission of offer within 7 days of receipt of this tender.
3.10   In case the Tenderer is already pre-occupied with some other activities or he is not interested
       to submit offer for some other reasons, the tender document may please be returned along
       with Tenderer’s letter.
3.11   If the last date of receiving /opening of the tenders coincide with a holiday, then the next
       working day shall be the receiving/opening date.

                                                                                 (A.K. Sinha Ray)
                                                                 Chief Maintenance Manager (Civil)
Date : 21.04.2011
Place: New Delhi

Notice Board:                IOCL:
                             -Core-2, 3rd floor Core-8 & 6TH floor Core-6 at SCOPE Complex
                             -Indian Oil Nagar at Noida,
                             -Pipelines HO at Noida
                             -Corporate Office, Sadique Nagar, New Delhi.
                             Other PSUs:
                             -MMTC, Core-1 at SCOPE Complex
                             -NTPC, Core-7 at SCOPE Complex

Website:                     www.indianoiltenders.com