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									Airynne June D. Magdadaro IV-A AB Comm.                                         November     22,   2010
Human Relations and Group Dynamics

The Ten Commandments of Human Relation

   1. The 1st commandment which states, “Speak graciously to people” means that for us to get along
      well with other people we should talk to them courteously. People will respond to us more
      willingly if they hear us talking with them with high respect and politeness. They will not have
      hard time opening their selves and accepting us. If we talk graciously to others, chances are they
      will also be gracious to us and they will respect us.

       The 2nd commandment which states that we should smile at people simply means that there is
       no easier and cheaper way to win people than to smile. It’s very easy, smiling is innate to us
       hence we don’t need to exert effort to practice or to use our force. It’s much easier and needs
       lesser muscles to move. You don’t need to study and practice it or to spend money just to be
       able to do it. When we smile the whole world will smile at us. No one can say no to a person
       who has a welcoming smile on his face.

       The 3rd commandment which is to call people by first name means that everyone loves their
       name and there is no other way people want to be called than by their first name. No one wants
       to be called with something other than their given names. It’s a sweet sound to their ears. It’s
       even insulting if our first names are mispronounced. So if we want to gain the trust of the
       people around us and establish a good relationship with them we should know what their
       correct names are, remember it and call them by it with the correct pronunciation. It’s easier to
       trust someone who calls you by your first name rather than those who calls you Miss or by your
       last name. It’s very formal thus making a person not so comfortable and will eventually led to
       him closing or putting up a wall.

       The 4th commandment which says, “Be friendly and helpful” is very easy to comprehend and
       understand. It’s the very fundamental thing that we have to do, we need to be friendly and
       helpful not only to our friends but to everyone. If you are friendly the people that you will come
       across with or meet will respond to you positively. Being helpful also is one characteristic that
       will make a person a magnet to everyone. When we help others their trust will automatically be
       given to us.

       Being cordial, which is the 5th commandment means that we should always be pleasant to
       everyone and with everything that we do. Who can resist a person who is always agreeable and
       pleasurable to talk and be with? No one, so if we want to win people and have a good rapport
       with them we have to learn to be cordial. It’s also easier to do something or comply a task if we
are doing it in genuine pleasure. Things will be effortless and life will be light if we are living it
and viewing it in a pleasant way.

“Be genuinely interested in people,” the 6th commandment means that we have to be
authentically interested in other people. People can sense if we are just acting as though we are
interested with them, and if this happens they will hate you. Yes, there are times when we just
automatically hate a person without him doing anything. But this is just prejudices doing its
work. We can like people if we just try and make an effort to know them. First impressions are
usually wrong; if only we try to go beyond our first impression then we will have better
understanding of others.

The 7th command which say, “Be generous with praise, be cautious with criticism” is the same as
the golden rule. We don’t want to be criticized and yes, we want to hear being praised, and this
is also what others feel. No one wants to hear criticisms, it makes them feel bad. Criticisms are
like a big boulder that would prevent two people from meeting in the road of understanding and
better relationship. Praises on the other hand, is like a bridge that would link two people in
meeting in the alley of friendship. T o win friends we should praise more and criticize less.

Being considerate of the feeling of others, which is the 8th commandment means that we should
take into consideration what other people feel. We should not only think of ourselves because
same as us others have also feelings and sometimes they are more sensitive than we. We have
to put into our mind that we are not all the same and the things that we are going through are
dissimilar. If we put this in mind we will be more considerate with others feeling and for sure
people will appreciate this. They will think that you are respecting what they are going through
and thinking of what they are feeling.

The 9th commandment which is, “Be thoughtful of the opinion of others” mean that we should
revere each other’s opinion. In every story there are always to faces and in every controversy
there are three sides yours, the other fellow’s and the right one. We should always bear in mind
that we all have differences in the way we thinking and decide. We all have our own
individuality, we are all unique and we should respect these uniqueness. We should not act as if
only our opinion matters because this will cause pain to other person. He will feel that you are
not considering him and just taking his thoughts and opinion for granted.

The 10th and final commandment states that we should be alert in giving service. We should be
always ready to give a helping a hand to other people. It doesn’t matter if the service we are
giving is minute as long as it is done readily. People will be more willing to open up with a
person who is willing to help them. Just as they say what matters in this world is what we do for
others and not for ourselves. The teachings in the bible mentioned this. What counts in the eyes
of God is how we treat and help the people who need our help the most.
Short Course in Human Relation

         The short course in human relationship implies that for us to have better relationship with the
people around us we should focus more to other people and give least importance to us. We should be
willing to admit that we made mistake, be willing to give praise, ask the opinion of others, be courteous
in talking to others and be always grateful for whatever service other people are doing to us. We should
stray from giving more attention to ourselves instead we should think of others first before us.

    2. Empowerment means

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