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Fabric is not included in this price.
                                                                                Widths Widths
                          Widths          Widths          Widths      Widths
Roman Blinds              to70cm         to 100cm        to 130cm    to 150cm
                                                                                  to     to
                                                                                180cm 210cm
Drops up to 70cm            £70             £80                £90     £125      £140    £160
Drops up to 100cm           £80             £90            £100        £135      £150    £170
Drops up to 130cm           £90            £100            £110        £145      £160    £180
Drops up to 150cm          £100            £110            £120        £155      £190    £210
Drops up to 180cm          £110            £120            £130        £165      £210    -----
Drops up to 210cm          £130            £140            £160        £185      -----   -----
Drops up to 240cm          £150            £160            £180        -----     -----   -----
 All prices include cotton sateen lining and all components.
 Blackout Lining at £6.50 per metre –
 Interlining at £6.50 per metre
sharon dobson handmade



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How to measure Outer Recess Roman Blinds....
A metal tape measure should be used for accuracy.
Just follow these straightforward instructions below:

Outer Recess:

• measure the width from a to b and add 10cm to allow for the blind to give sufficient overlap each side of
the window.

• measure the length from c to d from where the blind is to start, usually 10cm above the window, and
where the blind is to finish, usually, 5cm below the window.
These measurements are a suggested guide only - please adjust to suit your own individual windows and
Inner Recess:

Make sure there are no obstructions eg window levers which would affect the smooth operation
of the blind.

• measure the width from a to b and subtract 1cm for clearance.

• measure the length from c to d.

• As a precaution take three measurements for the width and length left, right and centre and record the
smallest measurement.

Measurements: Please read instructions for measuring and then fill the measurements
as appropriate:
Outer recess
        AB _________________cm + 10cm = ___________________cm

             CD _________________cm + 15cm = ___________________cm

Inner recess:
        AB _________________cm - 1 cm = ___________________cm

             CD _________________cm = ___________________cm

Please indicate whether interlining is required             YES/NO

Please indicate whether own fabric is to be used YES/NO

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