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					                            Rush University Medical Center

                          ID BADGES AND SCRUBS POLICY

Rush I.D. badges (issued by Rush Human Resources) must be displayed visibly
above the waist when on Medical Center property.

While I.D. badges must be worn everywhere on the Rush campus, Rush scrubs are not
permitted outside of designated areas. This policy is an important part of infection
control and must be followed to the letter.

Rush logo light green scrubs are authorized to be worn in the following departments

Operating Room                    In-Vitro Fertilization Lab
Post-Anesthesia Care Unit         Labor and Delivery
Ambulatory Surgery                Operating Room Sterile Processing Department

And Rush logo green scrubs are authorized in the following departments/or for the
following personnel only:

Cardiac catheterization           Interventional Radiology
Electrophysiology Lab             Nonsurgical housestaff
Cardiac Biopsy Lab                Medical students (when on call)

No Rush logo scrubs — whether light green or green — may leave the hospital

Those authorized to wear Rush logo light green scrubs must wear a clean buttoned
white lab coat or a closed blue cover gown at all times when traveling outside the
designated area. In addition, masks, head and shoe covers must be removed and
hospital I.D. badge must be displayed.

This is necessary to make Rush the safest possible place for our employees, our students,
our volunteers and, most important, our patients.

If you have any questions about any Rush policy, refer to the “What Every Rush Employee
Should Know” guide or call the Quality Improvement Department at ext. 2-7116.

9/21/09      Revised and Presented at GMEC