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executive committee bios


									Professor Itamar Raz M.D.

President, Managing Director, Chairman of Scientific Board, D-Cure -
Diabetes Care in Israel
Professor Itamar Raz, President and Chairman of the D-Cure Scientific Board, is
head of The Hadassah Diabetes Center, President of the Israel Diabetes
Research Group, head of the National Board/Task Force on Diabetes of the
Israel Ministry of Health, former President of the Israel Diabetes Association,
Chairman of DIRECT – Diabetes International Research and Education
Cooperation Team, Representative for Europe in the International Diabetes
Federation and active Chair and Lecturer in the European Association for
Diabetes. Professor Raz has published over 150 research papers and holds
editorial positions on a number of medical journals.
Professor Raz graduated from Hebrew University & Hadassah School of
Pharmacy with a Bachelor of Science in 1973, In 1981 he graduated from
Hebrew University & Hadassah School of Medicine with an M.D. and completed
his residency at Hadassah University Hospital from 1981-1985, specializing in
internal medicine. Professor Raz's medical career began in 1985 at Hadassah
University Hospital as Senior Physician, specializing in Internal Medicine and that
same year, he began lecturing on diabetes at the hospital's Department of
Internal Medicine. From 1986-1992 Professor Raz was head of Hebrew
University Student Services, and in 1988 was appointed Senior Lecturer at
Hadassah University Hospital's Department of Internal Medicine, specializing in
diabetes. In 1989 Professor Raz was appointed Chief Physician of Internal
Medicine and Diabetes, and Head of the Diabetes Clinic at Hadassah University
Hospital in 1992. In 1995, Professor Raz became an Associate Professor at the
Department of Internal Medicine, Hadassah University Hospital, until 2001, when
he was appointed Director of the hospital's Center for Prevention of Diabetes and
its Complications, a position he holds until today. Since 2003, Professor Raz has
also been Professor of Diabetes at the Department of Internal Medicine,
Hadassah University Hospital.

With unlimited dedication and commitment, Professor Raz has been at the
vanguard of Israel's diabetes research for the last 19 years, leading it through
numerous breakthroughs and spearheading collaborative efforts with other major
research institutes. He has devoted his professional life to the study and care of
diabetes and its complications.
Boaz Misholi

Chairman, Member Executive Board, D Cure - Diabetes Care in Israel,
Chairman, Friends of D Cure of Israel
Boaz Misholi is recognized as one of the pioneers of Israel's high-tech industry,
with more than 30 years' experience in founding, managing and investing in high-
tech companies in Israel and the U.S. Mr. Misholi was Founder, CEO and
Chairman of Comverse Technology, Inc. (NASDAQ “CMVT”). He was Founder,
lead investor and Chairman of Fundtech (NASDAQ “FNDT”) and Aura
Investments (TASE “AURA”).

Mr. Misholi has served as Chairman of many high-tech companies and served as
President of MOST, an Israeli consortium of more than 20 leading Internet and
multimedia companies, from the Israeli Government to invest in the research and
development of new Internet technologies. Mr. Misholi is a graduate of the
Technion, Israel Institute of Technology. He is the holder of a few U.S. patents,
Mr. Misholi is a member of numerous committees and organizations in Israel and
a partner and founder of Zman Midbar, a center for spiritual growth.
Shlomo Tirosh Owner, Chairman and CEO of S.L.T. Holdings Ltd

co-founder of the Gilat Group of companies, Israeli high tech
communications based companies
Co-founder of Gilat Group of companies in 1987.
Served as a Chairman of the board of Directors of Gilat Satellite Networks Ltd.
since its inception (1987) until 1995.
From 1990 until 2001 served as Chairman of the Board and CEO of Gilat
Communications Ltd.
Mr. Tirosh has been serving, as Director, in number of other public and private
companies during the last 20 years.

From 1964 to 1987 served in the Israel Defense Force (IDF), where he held a
variety of professional and field command positions (retiring with the rank of
From 1980 to 1985, he headed a large scale R&D unit, and from 1985 to 1987,
he managed a large-scale technology project for the Israel Ministry of
Defense (IMOD).

In 1973, he received the IDF Award of Excellence.
In 1988, he received the Israel Defense Award, Israel's most prestigious research
and development award.

Mr. Tirosh holds BA (summa cum laude) in economics from Bar-Ilan University in
Ramat Gan.

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