Dirt 3 online toll set at $10 for secondhand users by cacanono


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									Dirt 3 online toll set at $10 for
secondhand users
The Online Pass initiative spearheaded by Electronic Arts has gained a new
follower. It was first reported by Eurogamer, and now Codemasters has confirmed
for GameSpot that it will be including a onetime-use download code with new
copies of its upcoming off-road rally racer Dirt 3 that activates the game's online

In addition to unlocking Dirt 3's multiplayer offerings, the code--known as a VIP
Pass--delivers access to five bonus vehicles. These extra rides include the McRae
M4, the Ford Sierra Cosworth RS500, and the Hummer H3.

Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 gamers who pick up a secondhand version of Dirt 3 can
purchase a VIP Pass for 800 Microsoft points, or $10 in the US, £6.29 in the UK, and
€7.99 in Europe. The pay wall is similar to that erected by a number of publishers
beyond EA, including THQ and Sony. Ubisoft has expressed interest in the scheme.

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