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Life Insurance by nurlinaidris


									Life insurance

In life insurance we distinguish two main types of insurance, namely, the
endowment policy and, second, term life insurance. By the life insurance
itself would be financially secure in the first place his family in the
case of our own death. If in addition to this protection is no other
intention is granted, the term life insurance is the right choice. Quite
a few people want to use the life insurance but are not limited to
survivors' protection, but for example also as an investment or as part
of private pension plans. In this case, the endowment policy is more than
one type of life insurance very well.

As part of the endowment policy, customers can secure not only his
relatives but also to build a fortune by making payments. This can be
done either by one-time payments or by monthly savings rates. In the
classic endowment insurance and customer deposits in relatively safe
fixed-income assets are invested. A relatively new form of capital life
insurance is the unit-linked life insurance. There, the insurance company
invests the capital of the insured in mutual funds, which promises a
higher yield. Basically, all types of life insurance policies to an
insurance policy for death and survival, while completing a term life
insurance only in case of death. An additional purpose of life insurance
is also under a financing, where the insurance can serve as collateral.

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