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									Business Writers’ Guide

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                                                                                        Table of Contents

Quickstart Guide ......................................................................... 4             Wow Tools ............................................................................. 28
                                                                                                         Apply for a loan ..................................................................... 33
Step by Step Guide ..................................................................... 5               Using E-APP ........................................................................... 34
  Laptop Basics.......................................................................... 5              Application............................................................................. 36
  Logging on ............................................................................... 7           Return to Wizard Connect .................................................... 39
  Wizard Home Page.................................................................. 8                   Save ....................................................................................... 39
  Email ........................................................................................ 8       Comparison Rate Schedule ................................................. 40
  Diary ......................................................................................... 9      Borrowers’ Choice................................................................. 40
  My Customers ......................................................................... 9               Administration....................................................................... 41
  Wizard Connect! ...................................................................... 9               Load New Customer ............................................................. 43
                                                                                                         Save/Close............................................................................ 43
Making the Appointment ..........................................................12                      Generating Reports .............................................................. 44
 Welcome ................................................................................12
 Contact details ......................................................................12             Case Studies ............................................................................. 45
                                                                                                      Quiz Answers............................................................................. 48
At the Appointment ...................................................................14              But I loved the old Toolbox!...................................................... 50
   Wizard Sales Process............................................................14                 FAQ............................................................................................. 51
   Customer Presentations.......................................................16                    Glossary..................................................................................... 52
   About Wizard .........................................................................16
   Home Loan Information........................................................17
   Borrowing Capacity ...............................................................18

Wizard Connect Business Writer’s Guide                                                                                                                                                         Page 2 of 52
               elcome to Wizard Connect -- a suite of tools          possible outcome has never been easier. Wizard Connect
               developed to make the loans processes more            emphasises the Customer's needs and makes it so much
               manageable, efficient and flexible. Wizard Connect    simpler for you to quickly provide quality Customer service.
    runs seamlessly within WizardLink to integrate all your leads,
    referrals, client information and contact history into one
    indispensable package.
                                                                     This Guide will take you step-by-step through the features of
                                                                     Wizard Connect and includes self-paced learning tasks to
                                                                     practice your new skills. There’s also a QuickStart Guide to get
    Whether you’re a new Business Writer or someone who has          you working with Wizard Connect right away.
    been with Wizard Home Loans
    for a while, you’ll appreciate
    the simplicity and ease of using
    Wizard Connect.                                                  The more you Practice using Wizard Connect, the faster your
                                                                     confidence will build. The aim of this Guide is to give you the
                                                                     skills to demonstrate Wizard products to your customers at the
    We’ve listened to what you’ve
    said and taken all the best
    features from the previous
    system and incorporated them                                     Initially, you might prefer to write the loan after the appointment
    with some amazing new tools                                      finishes, when you are back at the office. But ultimately you
    to help you with your main                                       should be able to write and process the loan onsite at the
    objective: writing business.                                     appointment. Practice at home until you feel confident enough
                                                                     to run the whole show in front of the customer.
    Wizard Connect is geared to
    follow the logical sales
    process. From getting the
    lead, to writing the application, through to settlement, co-
    ordinating and servicing your Client’s needs for the best

Wizard Connect Business Writer’s Guide                                                                                         Page 3 of 52
Quickstart Guide
    Power: Ensure power cable is plugged in/or battery power
    operating. View the lights at the top centre of the keyboard. If
    the “lightning strike” option is showing the laptop has power.

    Press the “on” button: It is located on the top row/middle of your

    Logon: When the laptop has finished its start-up process you
    will see a dialog box asking you to press Ctrl+Alt+Delete to

    Enter username: Your username should already be entered
    into the field by default. If not, you can enter it: normal
    username is your first name and last name separated by a full
    stop. i.e. first. last

    Enter the WizardLink (Lotus Notes) password: the default
    password is wiz0501 (ZERO-five-ZERO-one). At a later stage
    you should change this password to one you make up yourself.
    The password is case sensitive i.e. always enter lower case.         Tip No. 1: Your Laptop
    Click OK.
                                                                         This guide refers to commonly-used IBM
    Wizardlink Main Menu opens                                           ThinkPad laptop which most of you will be
                                                                         using. If you are using your own laptop, we
    Click on Wizard Connect and you’re ready to roll.                    assume you know how to use it and can
                                                                         adapt the instructions to suit your particular

Wizard Connect Business Writer’s Guide                                                                        Page 4 of 52
Step by Step Guide                                                          Keypad mouse buttons
                                                                              The red left and right buttons at the bottom of your keypad work
                                                                              like left (clicking or double-clicking) and right (to open context-
                                                                              related menus) mouse buttons. The blue button which is
Laptop Basics                                                                 underneath these two black/red buttons is used in conjunction
    This section deals in greater detail with navigating your way             with the keypad mouse and allows you to scroll through
    around your computer screen. For the technically-gifted, please           documents.
    skip “Laptop Basics” and go straight to “Logging On”.
                                                                            Access ThinkPad
                                                                              To find out more information about how your laptop works press
                                                                              the ThinkPad button next to the Esc key on the keyboard.
Using the Mouse
    You will be issued with an external mouse that can be plugged
    into the back of the laptop. Alternatively you may choose to use
    the following methods for moving around the screen.                     Suspend Mode
                                                                              Suspend turns off both the computer display and the hard disk
                                                                              drive to conserve energy when you are away from the office. To
                                                                              put your computer into standby mode, press Fn+F4. To return
Keypad mouse
                                                                              from standby mode, press the Fn key.
    This is the little red button sitting in the middle of the keypad. To
    move the cursor around the screen use your fingertip to
    manipulate the keypad mouse. (If you are not using an IBM
    ThinkPad, you might have a trackball, slidepad or other device          Connection to Internet
    which you use on your particular laptop).                                 While you are at the Appointment, you do not need to have your
                                                                              laptop connected to the Internet. However you will need to
                                                                              connect to the net in order to send & receive email, and to
                                                                              replicate your laptop’s information with the Head Office servers.

Wizard Connect Business Writer’s Guide                                                                                                  Page 5 of 52
Replication                                                                Your laptop must be connected to the internet in order to

                                                                           1.     Switch your laptop on

                                                                           2.     Ensure your telephone line, cable or broadband
                                                                                  connection is plugged into the computer

                                                                           3.     Ensure that you have plugged in the power pack

                                                                           4.     Double click on your internet short cut on the desktop

                                                                           5.     Complete username and password details

                                                                           6.     Double click on the Wizardlink (lotus notes) icon

                                                                           7.     Enter your password. (wiz0501)

                                                                           8.     Select the replicate now option in the bottom left hand
                                                                                  corner of the main menu

                                                                           The replication page will now appear. You should not change
                                                                           settings on the replication page as you may create conflicts with
    This process keeps the databases on your computer up-to-date
                                                                           the software.
    by connecting to Wizard Central servers. It updates your
    system with any incoming email, product and software updates.
                                                                           You will see a message at the bottom of the screen indicating
    It also backs up the data on your laptop to the Wizard server.
                                                                           that replication is taking place. When this has finished the
                                                                           message will say “idle”.
    You should replicate every day to ensure you have the latest
    information. In the interests of security, you will be locked out of
    Wizardlink if you do not replicate at least every 7 days.

Wizard Connect Business Writer’s Guide                                                                                             Page 6 of 52
Logging on                                                             Tip No. 2: What is Lotus Notes?

                                                                       WizardLink uses an application called Lotus
                                                                       Notes® to group together all your most used
                                                                       tasks. It’s the engine that runs the WizardLink
                                                                       ship. Or, imagine it as a screen “filing cabinet”
                                                                       from where you can access your Calendar, Email, Wizard home
                                                                       page, favourite web sites and all the other tools you’ll need to use.
                                                                       Lotus Notes® sits silently in the background helping you to keep
                                                                       organised. Notice how each time you open something it lines up
                                                                       along the top of the screen with a small X in the right hand corner?
                                                                       By clicking on this X you close that particular screen. Note: If you click
                                                                       in the X in the top right hand corner, you will shut down the whole

    After turning on power and typing in your logon password into
    the password field (as in the Quickstart Guide) you will be able
    to use your laptop. Open WizardLink from the icon on your
    desktop and click the link to Wizard Connect. Or go direct from
    the desktop using the Wizard Connect Icon.

Wizard Connect Business Writer’s Guide                                                                                               Page 7 of 52
Wizard Intranet Home Page                                                Access my Email
    This is where you will find useful links to your email, calendar,     Wizardlink lets you communicate with co-workers, friends, and
    see what’s happening at Head Office and read news from                family electronically. You can create, send, reply, and forward
    Wizard. This is also where you select the link to Replicate – so      messages. You can send attachments such as files and
    you know that your laptop is updated with the latest tools as well    pictures with your mail, and collect e-mail (called mail in Notes)
    as being safe in the knowledge that all your important                into folders.
    information is safely backed up on Wizard servers.
                                                                          You can save information about people in your own Personal
                                                                          Address Book. You can also manage contacts and group
                                                                          mailing lists, and print address labels in several formats, change
                                                                          fonts and colours, add file attachments, and include tables,
                                                                          graphics, and links when creating or editing a mail message.
                                                                          You can also send streamlined replies without pictures or
                                                                          attachments, or format your replies Internet-style, as plain text
                                                                          with line markers.

                                                                          No matter what type of mail you have -- Domino Notes mail or
                                                                          Internet mail (for example, with an Internet Service Provider like
                                                                          Bigpond or Ozemail etc) -- Notes gives you one easy-to-use
                                                                          interface. You can use Notes to participate in Internet
                                                                          newsgroup discussions and look up names and mail addresses
                                                                          using Internet directory services such as Bigfoot®. When
                                                                          connected to the Internet, you can use a browser to access your
                                                                          mail. When you are not connected to your local area network or
                                                                          the Internet, whether you are in a hotel, plane, car, or train, you
                                                                          can still create, send, reply, and forward mail. All your outgoing
                                                                          mail messages are stored in a mailbox to deliver later when you

Wizard Connect Business Writer’s Guide                                                                                              Page 8 of 52
Access my Diary
    Calendar (or My Diary) is a view in your mail database that you
    can use to manage your time. Use the Calendar to keep track
    of meetings, appointments, anniversaries, reminders, and
    events (collectively referred to as Calendar entries). The
    Calendar enables you to check other users' schedules, send out
    meeting invitations, track invitee responses, and reserve
    meeting resources -- everything you need to do to schedule a

    You can print the Calendar, add holidays to it, and set alarms for
    entries you want Notes to remind you of. You can even manage
    another user's Calendar (with the appropriate permissions).

                                                                         Wizard Connect!
                                                                           The picture above shows the Wizard Connect logon screen.
                                                                           You will be prompted to logon here if you haven’t already logged
                                                                           on by opening WizardLink first. The screen on the next page is
Access my Customers                                                        what you will see when you open Wizard Connect. The orange
                                                                           panel on the left of your screen is the Wizard Sidebar. It is
    Clicking this link takes you straight to your Customers in the         designed so that everything you need is at your fingertips. The
    WizardLink Customer Database.                                          white section in the middle of the screen is where your forms will
                                                                           appear. This is where you will enter the Customer’s information.
    Now that you have all the basics and you know how to open up
                                                                           The green panel on the right of the screen is the Results area.
    Wizard Connect, let’s get down to business.

Wizard Connect Business Writer’s Guide                                                                                             Page 9 of 52
    When you perform calculations, the results will appear here for        important to try and remember to just use the “TAB”. Just to
    you to read or show your Customer.                                     make things interesting though, there are some fields where the
                                                                           only way to get to them is by clicking.

                                                                        Tip No. 3: Execution Security Alert.

                                                                           When you
                                                                           start using the
                                                                           system for the
                                                                           first time you
                                                                           will often get a
                                                                           Security Alert”
                                                                           which appears
                                                                           as a grey box

Use the Tab key
    Moving from field to field in Wizard Connect is best done by use                         on your screen. Do not be alarmed! Simply
    the “TAB” key. The reason for this is that tabbing out of a field                        click on the third of the options given (“Start
    saves the information which you had entered in that field and                            trusting Signer”) until the grey box disappears.
    takes you correctly to the next field. The “arrow” keys, “return”      This grey box may also appear at other times when there have
    or “enter” or even clicking into a field with your mouse are not       been significant changes to Wizard Connect, or when you
    always as accurate when working in a database, so it’s                 opening a screen for the first time.

Wizard Connect Business Writer’s Guide                                                                                             Page 10 of 52
Screen                                                                      makes its name bold and changes the corresponding screen
    There are three icons on the main menu in the upper right hand
    corner. These icons appear on every page of Wizard Connect.

                               Opens the Wizard Link reference library                         Where to next?
                               for all Wizard and Borrowers Choice                            This panel, at the bottom of your screen, is
                               home loan products                                             simply another way of getting to where you
                               Print allows you to prepare any of the                         want to go. Click in the box and a menu will
                               forms and letters you are working on                          spring up. You can scroll up or down to find
                               ready for printing. At the appointment                        the page you wish to go to.
                               you can show the Customer how the
                               printed item will look on your screen and
                               then email it to them once you are back in
                               the office.
                               Help is where you will find information on              Back, Next, Close and Clear
                               how to use Wizard Connect and the latest
                                                                                    These are tools to quickly return to the previous screen,
                               modifications to the system.
                                                                                  to move forward to the next screen, to clear all data you
                                                                                have input, or to close Wizard Connect. The clear button
                                                                            when clicked will pop up a warning dialog box to ask whether
Menus                                                                       you are sure you want to clear all the information you have
    The Menus in the orange Sidebar are written in white. As you            entered. The close button yields a dialog box prompting you to
    click each menu, its heading will become bold – revealing a list        Save the details before you continue closing.
    of sub-menus. We will go through each menu item in detail

    These items are written in black and are visible when you click
    on the appropriate white menu item. Clicking a sub-menu

Wizard Connect Business Writer’s Guide                                                                                             Page 11 of 52
Making the Appointment                                                        Charge your laptop battery before you leave the Branch
                                                                              (but always take your power cord with you to the
Welcome                                                                       appointment)

                                                                              Replicate every day to ensure your information is up to
    If the Customer has come through as a Head Office lead, i.e.
    when a lead has been entered by Wizard Central, it will appear            Print out the most recent copies of relevant information,
    in the                                                                    for example – First Home Owners’ Grant information
    Database in                                                               Practice accessing information in the Product database
    the                                                                       and using Wizard Connect calculators so that you are
    Customers                                                                 more confident in front of the customer
    view: update
    the status of
    the lead to
    show you                                                         Contact details
    have                                                             Contact Details
    arranged an
    appointment                                                        On this screen, enter any additional information that you will
    . The Customer’s name, suburb, postcode and phone number           need in order to make an appointment with the Customer. Also
    will already be pre-filled for you in Wizard Connect. Follow       enter the Customer’s preferred contact time and method. This
    these steps to ensure you are totally prepared for your new        screen also allows you to record what prompted the Customer
    Customer:                                                          to call Wizard, and has a radio button to indicate whether we
                                                                       have the permission of the Customer to contact him/her for
             Create a ‘Welcome’ page for the Customer                  future promotions.

Wizard Connect Business Writer’s Guide                                                                                       Page 12 of 52
Ensure that you correctly record the Customer’s address details.
The postcode should automatically appear when you enter the
suburb. It’s a good idea at this point to “Create a Shortcut for this
Customer on the desktop” so that later you can open up all the
Customer’s details with just one click. To do this, move down to the
Save/Close heading in the orange Wizard sidebar and select “Save
a shortcut …”

Wizard Connect Business Writer’s Guide                                  Page 13 of 52
At the Appointment                                                     at this stage, it may be more suitable to use the Customer
                                                                       Presentations later in the appointment process.
Wizard Sales Process
                                                                    Establishing Customer Needs
    The Wizard Sale Process consists of the following steps:
                                                                       During this stage you are asking questions, listening to the
    1.       Preparation                                               Customer and taking notes. You are working to establish what
    2.       Greeting the Customer and Framing the Interview           the Customer’s needs are; you do not use your laptop during
    3.       Establishing Needs using the House Model                  this stage of the Sales Process .Use the House Model to ensure
    4.       Qualifying                                                you ask all relevant questions
    5.       Offering a Solution
    6.       Closing the Sale                                              YOU
    7.       Managing Objections
                                                                           Information required: Customer name, address, phone
                                                                           numbers, email address, etc
    All your preparation will be done prior to attending the               Information required: Owner – occupied or investment,
    appointment with the Customer. This is when you would be               address of new property, price of new property, etc
    researching Products in the Products Database.
Greeting the Customer and Framing the Interview                            Information required: Occupation, salary, time in job, on
                                                                           probation, etc
    After you have greeted the Customer and you are setting
    yourself up, open your laptop to the Welcome page showing              FINANCIAL SITUATION
    Customer’s details. This shows the Customer that you are               Information required: Other debts, credit cards, personal
    prepared for the appointment, and have already started                 loans, deposit or equity, credit history, etc
    considering his/her needs. Focus on the customer                       HOME LOAN
                                                                           Information required: Features required, long term goals, P
    After you have framed the interview, it may be appropriate to          and I or Interest only, etc
    use the Customer Presentations to help you to answer your
    Customer’s questions. If the Customer does not ask questions    You need to collect all of the information required to establish
                                                                    the customer’s needs, and to complete the application form.

Wizard Connect Business Writer’s Guide                                                                                        Page 14 of 52
    This is the stage of the Sales Process where you would use
    your laptop. Move from the Welcome screen to Calculators in
    the orange Wizard Sidebar. Say to the customer, “That’s great.
    Now that I have a good idea of your needs, let’s use the
    calculators on my laptop to figure out the best options for you.”

    Position the laptop so that the customer can see the screen, and
    you can still easily enter information. Don’t let the laptop
    become a barrier between you and the customer.

                                                                        Closing the Sale
                                                                          If the Customer seems happy with the solution you have offered,
                                                                          close the sale. Move to Apply for a Loan in the orange Wizard
                                                                          Sidebar and click it. The wizard e-App loan application form will
Offering a Solution
    This is where you offer the Customer a solution using the FAB
    method. The laptop would not be used at this stage. You would         Alternatively, you might prefer to say: “That’s great ... what I’ll do
    say to the Customer: “Based on our discussions and the figures        is get you to sign these forms, and based on the information
    we’ve just looked at on the calculators, I would recommend the        we’ve just been through, I’ll complete the application form back
    [insert product] for you.                                             at the Branch and send it straight through to our Approvals area.
                                                                          I should have an answer within 48 hours, so I will contact you
                                                                          then and talk over how we proceed”

Wizard Connect Business Writer’s Guide                                                                                              Page 15 of 52
Customer Presentations                                                    scroll through the various elements. The presentations can be
    There are a number of presentations available for you to use          very useful in helping the Customer understand the advantages
    with your Customer. These include information about Wizard            of getting their home loan through Wizard. The screens
    (Why Wizard? Why Refinance with Wizard? Our Products) as              throughout this section are concise, very visual and create high
    well as general home loan information (Home loan tips, Using          impact. To access the presentations, move to the orange
    the Equity in your home, and the First Home Owners Grant).            sidebar and click either About Wizard or Home Loan

                                                                        About Wizard
                                                                        Why Wizard?
                                                                          This presentation contains six elements. You can choose to go
                                                                          through any or all depending on your Customer’s needs. Within
                                                                          this section are details of the Company history, its structure, our
                                                                          lending philosophy and financial bona fides. You’ll also find
                                                                          visuals here about securitisation and the real cost of a loan.

                                                                        Why refinance with Wizard?
                                                                          Here we have listed all the benefits that can come from
                                                                          refinancing, and show how the flexibility offered by our products
                                                                          can help your Customers manage their money.

                                                                        Our Products
                                                                          This contains presentations listing the features of Wizard’s
                                                                          Smart Choice Loan, Wealth Power, Essentials Loan, the
                                                                          Ratebreaker, Origin Ezybuild and Origin Plus.
    You will see that the Wizard sidebar and navigation buttons still
    appear, but presentations have an additional set of clickable
    buttons down the right side of the screen, which enable you to

Wizard Connect Business Writer’s Guide                                                                                            Page 16 of 52
Home Loan Information                                                 Using the Equity in Your Home
                                                                        A very useful set of presentations to help you guide the
                                                                        Customer through the ways they can use the equity in their

                                                                      The First Home Owner’s Grant
                                                                        Contains information on what this is and how much the
                                                                        Customer could receive, who is eligible, how to apply and when
                                                                        the grant can be expected to be received.

Home Loan Tips
    The Home Loan Tips presentation has two screens: “Tips for
    paying off your home loan faster” (a Customer favourite) and
    “How do you recognise a great loan?” – a screen which lists all
    the Wizard Customer benefits.

Wizard Connect Business Writer’s Guide                                                                                       Page 17 of 52
Borrowing Capacity                                                       Loans
    This is the screen to go to so you can work out the Customer’s
    NSR (Net Servicing Ratio). It is essential that this section be      Owner Occupied      Enter total proposed new Owner Occupied
    filled out as completely as possible to ensure accurate              Loan Amount         loan amount(s)
    calculations are obtained.
                                                                         Investment Loan     Enter total proposed new Investment loan
                                                                         Amount              amount(s)

                                                                                             Defaults to Smart Choice rate. To change
                                                                         Interest Rate       the rate, click on Product pull-down menu
                                                                                             and re-select

                                                                         Monthly             Will be automatically calculated once you
                                                                         Repayments          have entered the deposit amount

                                                                                             Enter the amount of deposit or equity
                                                                         Deposit or Equity   provided by the Customer

                                                                                             Defaults to Smart Choice. Click on the
                                                                         Product             arrow to change product selection

    We will go through each field as it appears on your screen.
    Remember: the orange panel on the left is the Navigation Panel.
    The central white area contains Information Fields for you to fill
    in. And the right-side green panel displays your Results.

Wizard Connect Business Writer’s Guide                                                                                        Page 18 of 52
Dependants                                                                Liabilities
                               Enter number of single adult borrowers                        The Balance and Monthly Payments will be
Adult Singles                                                             Proposed New       automatically pre-filled based on the figures
                                                                          Loan               you have entered
                               Enter number of adult couples borrowers
Adult Couples                  (2 people = 1 couple; 4 people = 2
                                                                                             Enter Balance and Monthly Payment
                               couples)                                   Other Owner        amounts for other Owner Occupied Mortgage
                                                                          Occupied           Loans which t will still exist after the Wizard
Dependant                      Enter total number of children dependant   Mortgage Loans     loan is approved.
Children                       on all adult borrowers
                                                                                             Enter Balance and Monthly Payment
                                                                          Other Investment   amounts for other Investment Mortgage
                                                                          Mortgage Loans     Loans the Customer has that will still exist
                                                                                             after the Wizard loan

                                                                          Credit Card        Enter Credit Card limit and Monthly Payment
                                                                          Limits             amount will be calculated automatically

                                                                                             In the Description field enter details of other
                                                                                             financial commitments, e.g. Personal Loan. In
                                                                                             the Balance field enter how much the
                                                                          Other              Customer still owes on the loan. In the
                                                                                             Monthly Payment field enter the Customer’s
                                                                                             required minimum monthly payments

                                                                                             These figures will be automatically pre-filled
                                                                          Total Expenses     based on calculations from the other liability

Wizard Connect Business Writer’s Guide                                                                                            Page 19 of 52
Employment                                                                   Income
                            Enter the number of years the Customer                                 If self employed, enter Net Profit Before
Years in present                                                             Business NPBT
                            has been in present employment                                         Tax figures

                                                                             Business NPBT         If self employed, enter Net Profit Before
Years in last               Enter the number of years the Customer
                                                                             last year             Tax figures for previous financial year
employment                  was in last employment

                                                                                                   Enter any fringe benefits figures in the
                                                                             Company/Business      Net Annual Income column (this
                                                                             Addbacks              definition refers to Depreciation and
Income                                                                                             Provisions that are no-cash expenses.
                            Enter the applicant’s Gross annual income
                            including positively geared rental income. If    Centrelink Family     Enter figures for annual Family Tax
                            more than one applicant, enter Gross             Tax Benefit (A + B)   Benefit (if applicable)
                            annual income for each applicant.
                                                                                                   These figures will be automatically pre-
                            If the applicant receives rental income, enter   Totals                filled
                            under the heading “Gross Rental Income”.
                            If there is an investment loan, the system
Applicant 1                 will calculate the effect of negative gearing

                            If rental income for the same property is
                            received by more than one applicant, this
                            income should be evenly split between the
                            applicants. Wizard Connect will
                            automatically calculate 80% of gross rental

Wizard Connect Business Writer’s Guide                                                                                             Page 20 of 52
                                                                               Borrowing Capacity results panel
                                                                                  This is the green panel on the left of your screen. Amounts are
                                Insert annual living expenses if                  automatically filled based in the answers you previously entered.
Override living                 Customer’s figures are higher than
expenses                        standard living expenses                       Total Net Income:          Applicant’s annual income after tax

                                This figure will be automatically pre-filled                              Applicant’s annual financial
                                                                               Total Costs:
Living expenses                 based on number of applicants using                                       commitments & annual living expenses
                                standard figures
                                                                                                          Applicant’s net annual income after all
                                                                               Net Disposable Income:
                                This figure will be automatically pre-filled                              other commitments have been deducted
                                based on number of applicants using
Calculated living               standard figures, i.e. it will show            Minimum NSR required:      Current minimum NSR rate displayed
expenses                        whichever is the higher amount of the
                                above two fields.                              Actual NSR at 6.72%:       Applicant’s NSR calculated at test rate

                                                                                                          Maximum loan amount based on LVR
Proposed loan                   This annual figure will be automatically                                  (Loan to Valuation Ratio) of 95% based
Payments @6.72%                 pre-filled and is calculated at the current    Maximum Loan at 95%:       on stated Deposit or Equity. This will be
                                test rate                                                                 a lower LVR if the loan amount is high,
                                                                                                          based on current assessment guidelines
                                This annual figure will be automatically       Maximum Affordable         Maximum loan amount based on
Other                           pre-filled and is based on other financial     Loan:                      applicant’s capacity to repay the loan
Commitments                     commitments that will still exist after the
                                Wizard loan                                                              Maximum loan amount based on NSR
                                                                               Maximum You Can
                                                                                                         and LVR, i.e. This will be the lesser of
                                This total figure will be automatically pre-   Borrow:
Total Expenses                                                                                           the numbers in the two fields above.

Wizard Connect Business Writer’s Guide                                                                                                   Page 21 of 52
Calculators                                                                button, the results will appear over on the right of the screen in
    The Calculators are a set of tools to inform (and amaze) your          the Results area. If a field has an orange triangle next to it, you
    Customer. There are six sections: The Loan Amount, Sale                must enter something in that field. Most of the fields also have
    Costs, the Loan Simulator, Debt Consolidator, Repayments and           contextual prompts, so if you hover your mouse pointer over
    a Comparison Rate calculator. Explore each of them to become           them, a dialog box will appear which explains what you need to
    familiar with the different functions they each perform.               enter into that field.

Loan Amount                                                                The picture at left shows two fields with orange triangles – all
                                                                           fields with an orange triangle next to them must have data
    When you click on Loan Amount the white section of the screen          entered. You will not be able to proceed unless you have filled
    will reveal a set of questions and fields to be filled in. Once that   them in.
    information has been entered and you have clicked the calculate
                                                                           This screen has five different Calculation options from which you
                                                                           can choose:

                                                                                  from Purchase Price

                                                                                  from Repayments

                                                                                  for Refinancing

                                                                                  and Deposit,

                                                                                  from Deposit

                                                                              The question fields will change depending on which of the
                                                                              five variables you use for calculating, so let’s go through
                                                                              each of them in turn.

Wizard Connect Business Writer’s Guide                                                                                              Page 22 of 52
 Calculate                       Loan Amount from Purchase Price                                 Loan amount from Repayments
 Purchase Price                  The cost of the property                                        this option would work well to show
                                                                             Calculate           a renter how big a loan they could
                                 How much the Customer has as a                                  repay without changing their
                                 deposit                                                         expenses
                                 Any construction costs associated with
 Construction Costs                                                                              The maximum amount the Customer
                                 the property
                                                                             Maximum Repayment   would like to pay
                                 Any other amounts to be included (e.g.                          monthly/fortnightly/weekly
 Other amount
                                 consolidating debts, money for a
 included in loan                                                            Maximum LVR         Maximum LVR
                                                                                                 State in Australia where property is
                                 State in Australia where property is
                                                                             State               located (type in the first letter of the
 State                           located (type in the first letter of the
                                                                                                 state and state name will appear)
                                 state and state name will appear)
                                                                                                 Whether the Customer is eligible for
                                 Whether the Customer is eligible for        FHOG
 FHOG                                                                                            the First Home Owners’ Grant
                                 the First Home Owners’ Grant
                                                                                                 Which Wizard Home Loan product
                                 Which Wizard Home Loan product has          Product
 Product                                                                                         has been chosen
                                 been chosen
                                                                                                 Whether it is investment or owner
                                 Whether it is investment or                 Purpose
 Purpose                                                                                         occupied
                                                                                                 Will display a detailed list in the
                                 Will display a detailed list in the green
                                                                                                 green results section on the right of
                                 results section on the right of screen,
                                                                                                 screen, including government fees
                                 including government fees and
                                                                                                 and charges, LMI, legals costs, and
                                 charges, LMI, legals costs, and the
                                                                                                 the estimated monthly repayments.
                                 estimated monthly repayments.

Wizard Connect Business Writer’s Guide                                                                                       Page 23 of 52
 Calculate                               Loan Amount for Refinancing               Calculate        Loan Amount and Deposit

 Existing Loan Balance                   How much the Customer owes on                              this will calculate the deposit they
                                         the property being refinanced                              will need to purchase this property.
                                                                                                    Max LVR is the main driver here
 Security Property Value                 The value of the security property
                                                                                   Purchase Price   The cost of the property
 Early Payout Fee                        Enter early payout fee amount (if
                                         applicable)                               State            State in Australia where property is
                                                                                                    located (type in the first letter of the
 State                                   State in Australia where property                          state and state name will appear)
                                         is located (type in the first letter of
                                         the state and state name will             Maximum LVR      Maximum LVR
                                                                                   FHOG             Whether the Customer is eligible for
 Product                                 Which Wizard Home Loan product                             the First Home Owners’ Grant
                                         has been chosen
                                                                                   Product          Which Wizard Home Loan product
 Purpose                                 Whether it is investment or                                has been chosen
                                                                                   Purpose          Whether it is investment or
                                         Will display a detailed list in the                        owner/occupied
                                         green results section on the right
                                         of screen, including government                            Will display a detailed list in the
                                         fees and charges, LMI, legals                              green results section on the right of
                                         costs, and the estimated monthly                           screen, including government fees
                                         repayments.                                                and charges, LMI, legal costs, and
                                                                                                    the estimated monthly repayments.

Wizard Connect Business Writer’s Guide                                                                                          Page 24 of 52
 Calculate                      Loan Amount from Deposit

                                this will calculate the Maximum
                                Purchase from the amount the
                                Customer has as a deposit

 Deposit                        How much the Customer has as a

 Maximum LVR                    Maximum LVR

 State                          State in Australia where property is
                                located (type in the first letter of the
                                state and state name will appear)

 FHOG                           Whether the Customer is eligible for the
                                First Home Owners’ Grant

 Product                        Which Wizard Home Loan product has
                                been chosen

 Purpose                        Whether it is investment or

                                Will display a detailed list in the green
                                results section on the right of screen,
                                including government fees and charges,
                                LMI, legals costs, and the estimated
                                monthly repayments.

Wizard Connect Business Writer’s Guide                                      Page 25 of 52
Sale Costs                                                      Sale Price          Enter the price received for the sale of
                                                                                    Customer’s property
                                                                Existing Loan       Enter the balance of Customer’s
                                                                Balance             existing loan plus any loans to be paid
                                                                                    out from proceeds of sale
                                                                Moving Costs        Enter the relocation costs
                                                                Other Sale Costs:   Any other incidental amounts to be
                                                                                    paid from the proceeds of the sale
                                                                Sale Commission     Enter the commission rate charged by
                                                                                    the Customer’s real estate agent.
                                                                                    There are two fields so you can either
                                                                                    enter the rate in a percentage or the
                                                                                    dollar amount.
                                                                State               Where the property is located
                                                                FHOG                Whether the Customer is eligible for
                                                                                    the First Home Owners’ Grant
                                                                Product             Which Wizard Home Loan product has
    This Calculator is used when the Customer has an existing
                                                                                    been chosen
    property which they have sold.
                                                                Purpose             Whether the loan is for investment or
                                                                                    owner/occupied purposes
                                                                                    Displays in the green results section on
                                                                                    the right of screen the amount of Funds
                                                                                    Available to the Customer after all
                                                                                    these figures have been taken into

Wizard Connect Business Writer’s Guide                                                                           Page 26 of 52
Loan Simulator                                                            Loan Amount                Enter the loan amount (if you have
    The Simulator allows you to show Customers how paying off                                        already done an NSR, loan amount
    their loan with different repayment patterns can affect the overall                              will be pre-filled)
    cost and term of the loan. You can also do a comparison with          Term (years)               Enter the loan term OR
    Borrowers Choice loan products.
                                                                          Repayments                 Enter the weekly/fortnightly/monthly
                                                                                                     repayment amounts
                                                                          Product                    Enter the Wizard product
                                                                          Interest Rate              This will pre-fill based on product
                                                                          Net Monthly Income         Enter Customer’s total net monthly
                                                                          Monthly Spending           Enter Customer’s estimated monthly
                                                                                                     living expenses (not including loan
                                                                                                     Results will display in the green
                                                                                                     section on the right of the screen.
                                                                                                     Loan term with Direct Salary
                                                                                                     Crediting will be displayed.
                                                                          Excess Monthly Funds       This will be pre-fill based on the
                                                                                                     amounts you have entered previously

                                                                          You can illustrate the effect of increasing repayments by
                                                                          changing the repayment amount and showing how the term
                                                                          reduces. Then look at the DTC tab for each option you will also
                                                                          see the dollars saved.

Wizard Connect Business Writer’s Guide                                                                                          Page 27 of 52
Wow Tools                                                            The Orange (left) column shows a Smart Choice loan with
    Within the Loan Simulator there are two features which can be    monthly repayments. The Blue (centre) column shows a Smart
    very effective in showing your Customer the benefit of Wizard    Choice loan with fortnightly repayments. The Green (right)
    products. You’ll use these at every single appointment, so get   column shows a Smart Choice loan with Direct Salary Crediting.
    familiar with them early on.
                                                                     To compare a Wizard product with a non-Wizard one, change
Dare to Compare                                                      the Lender in the Blue column, then change the Product in the
                                                                     Blue column. The comparison will instantly appear at the
                                                                     bottom of the Blue column.

                                                                     If you want to vary the features of a Product, click on “Change
                                                                     Product Features” and manually change the figures. Click on
                                                                     “restore Product Features” to return to original comparison.

This is a comparison tool which allows you to demonstrate a
number of options to the Customer. If the Smart Choice loan has
been selected, the following options will appear:

Wizard Connect Business Writer’s Guide                                                                                      Page 28 of 52
    The second Wow Tool within the Loans Simulator is the Graph.
    This shows the Customer a visual comparison of the three
    options presented in Dare to Compare.

    You can even print a report (on your screen during the
    appointment and you can print it out or email it to the Customer
    once you get back to the office). The picture at left is a report
    produced by simply clicking the “Print” button while viewing the
    screen above.

Wizard Connect Business Writer’s Guide                                  Page 29 of 52
Debt Consolidator
    This Calculator can show the Customer the difference in time in
    paying off their loan, as well as the amount of money they can
    save, if they consolidate all their debts into the Wizard loan.

Wizard Connect Business Writer’s Guide                                Page 30 of 52
Repayments                                                                Net Monthly      Enter the total net income if you wish to
                                                                          Income           show the impact of direct salary crediting.
    The Repayments Calculator can show the Customer the
    difference in time in paying off their loan if they change the        Monthly          Enter the total monthly spending if you wish
    frequency or the amount of their repayments.                          Spending         to show the impact of direct salary crediting

Loan Amount                                                               Excess Monthly   Wizard Connect will calculate the difference
                         Enter the loan amount (compulsory field).
                                                                          Funds            between Net Monthly Income & Spending
Term (years)             Enter the term of the loan, change the loan
                         term to see the effect on the amount. For                         Will display in the green results section on
                         example, enter 30 years and press Calculate.                      the right of screen after each of these
                         The results panel will show the                                   variables have been taken into account.
                         monthly/fortnightly/weekly repayment amount.
                         Enter a different term (years) and press
                         Calculate. The results panel will change to
                         show the new monthly/fortnightly/weekly
                         repayment amount.
Repayments               Enter the Repayment amount and select the
                         required Repayment frequency in the next
                         field (monthly/fortnightly/weekly). Press
                         Calculate. The results panel will change to
                         show the revised Loan Term depending of the
                         frequency and amount of Repayment.
Product                  Select the most appropriate loan product (if
                         known). Press Calculate and the Results
                         panel will change.
Interest Rate            Enter the stated interest rate for the product

Wizard Connect Business Writer’s Guide                                                                                         Page 31 of 52
Comparison Rate                                                           Loan Amount         Enter the loan amount
    This allows you to compare rates and repayment schedules
                                                                          Term (years)        Enter the term of the loan
    against other lenders. It is a great tool to use as a selling point
    for Wizard Home Loans. It can be a real eye-opener because it         Upfront Fees        Enter the amount of all upfront fees,
    allows you to show the Customer true comparisons – i.e. apples
                                                                                              excluding government charges
    and apples.
                                                                          Annual Fees         Enter the amount of all annual fees,
                                                                                              excluding government charges

                                                                          Monthly Fees        Enter the amount of all monthly fees,
                                                                                              excluding government charges

                                                                          Interest Rate       Enter the stated interest rate for the

                                                                          Introductory Term   Enter the introductory or fixed rate term
                                                                          Introductory Rate   Enter the introductory or fixed rate

                                                                          Termination Fee     Enter any termination fee

                                                                                              Will display in the green results section
                                                                                              on the right of screen the exact amount
                                                                                              of Funds Available to the Customer after
                                                                                              all these figures have been taken into

Wizard Connect Business Writer’s Guide                                                                                        Page 32 of 52
Apply for a loan                                                        Wizard business writers and branches now have the tools
    Clicking “Apply for a loan” opens the Wizard e-App Form on          necessary to electronically submit applications via Wizard e-
    your screen. While this is open, Wizard Connect is hidden in        App. This electronic application form is very similar to the
    the background. You can go back to Wizard Connect by closing        printed version already in use. Like Wizard Connect, you can
    the Application Form. There are major benefits with this new        navigate around the form by clicking the white menu items in the
    process, including:                                                 orange sidebar or by clicking into a field and then tabbing to
                                                                        progress to the next field.
             Automated data entry to AFIG
                                                                        When you click “Apply for a loan … “ you will see a grey dialog
             Reduced data entry errors due to unclear fax documents     box asking if you wish to recalculate before proceeding. If you
                                                                        select “yes” you will be taken to the Calculators screen. If you
             Rapid results – approval 3-5mins after submission.         select “no” Wizard Connect will minimise and E-App will open.
                                                                        It’s a good idea to select “yes” so that you are sure your Loan
                                                                        Application will be based on correct amounts.

                                                                      Tip No. 4: Updates

                                                                        If you see this
                                                                        screen, it indicates
                                                                        that there is an
                                                                        update for E-App.
                                                                        Select “Get
                                                                        Update” and the
                                                                        new form will
                                                                        download from the
                                                                        Pisces server.
                                                                        When it has
                                                                        finished, E-App will
                                                                        open normally.

Wizard Connect Business Writer’s Guide                                                                                         Page 33 of 52
E-app has six action buttons running along the top and the bottom            sales tool as you can immediately indicate to the borrower the
of the screen. The function for each of the buttons is as follows:           status of the application, and “lock in” the borrower’s business
                                                                             with Wizard.
                   You will be prompted to save changes before
                   continuing with the close                               Using E-APP
                                                                             The following summarises the main steps in the process.
                   If you press “Validate” the system checks that
                   mandatory fields are filled in and that Product rules        1.      Business writer captures borrower information via
                   have been followed.                                                  Wizardlink and Wizard Connect and confirms the
                                                                                        borrowers’ ability to service the loan. These details
                   You can choose to physically print the Application
                                                                                        are then passed to the Wizard e-App automatically
                   Form if you have a printer connected, or you can
                                                                                        during loan application capture.
                   choose Preview to view the completed form on
                   screen.                                                      2.      Full application details are entered on Wizard e-App
                                                                                        during the borrower interview, including:
                   Sends the form electronically to the Pisces Central
                   server. Note: the Submit button is not visible until                     Applicant Details: Employment Details; Assets &
                   you have had it activated by the Training                                Liabilities). If spouse is also an applicant then you
                   Department                                                               will need to fill in the spouse’s details as well.

                   Takes you to the previous page of the form                               Security Property Details (including estimated
                                                                                            value or valuation details where available)
                   Takes you to the next page of the form
                                                                                            Account Details i.e. Genuine Savings (how much
                                                                                            they have in the bank)

    Borrowers will know immediately (provided they have supplied                            Basic Loan Details (Loan purpose, Regulated,
    all necessary information) whether their application has passed                         FHOGS, Borrower’s Solicitor, Assessment Type,
    through the mortgage insurer’s assessment, which is a major
    factor in approving the application. This becomes an effective                          Related Party Details e.g. Accountant, Solicitor

Wizard Connect Business Writer’s Guide                                                                                                Page 34 of 52
                      Fees are entered                                    7.    Business writer must have a physically signed copy
                                                                                of the Privacy Act Declaration.
                      Insurance preferences
                                                                          8.    A form will appear to confirm the Calculated NSR
                      Record of Interview                                       figure.

                      Background report/notes                             9.    Business writer identification that will be used to
                                                                                submit the application
        3.       The NSR calculated from the Wizard e-App can be
                 displayed for confirmation. This value can be            10.   Business writer email address and optional mobile
                 different to the figure calculated from Wizard                 number to receive application responses via email
                 Connect, as more detailed information has been                 and SMS (optional).
                 provided into the Wizard e-App.
                                                                          11.   Upon confirmation of complete application details,
        4.       Wizard e-App can validate the application at any               the application is submitted electronically to the
                 time, to ensure the application is complete and                Pisces Central server. The server immediately
                 accurate before electronic submission.                         responds to the Wizard e-App with successful
                                                                                acceptance of the
        5.       If application details are incomplete during the               application submission.
                 interview, the process to synchronise the application
                 data in the local Wizard e-App to the main database      12.   Business writer waits for
                 stored at the particular Branch must be followed. The          the application response
                 application can be completed at a later stage with the         via email and SMS
                 business writer or at the Branch, followed by an               (optional). Five response
                 electronic submission.                                         types can be received,
                                                                                which are expected to
        6.       Upon satisfactory data validation from the Wizard e-           occur between 3-5
                 App, the application can then be submitted                     minutes after the
                 electronically through the internet.                           electronic submission.

Wizard Connect Business Writer’s Guide                                                                                       Page 35 of 52
Important:                                                                  All dates should be entered in the dd/mm/yyyy format.

                                                                            If the spouse is also an applicant, then spouse details need to
                 All mandatory fields will appear in bold type.
                                                                            be entered accurately or you will get a Validation error.
                 You must complete these fields. For example: the
                 Pre-Approval field (approval in principle where the
                 borrower hasn’t decided on a particular property)
                 must have a suburb and postcode filled in. And the
                 Employment Details section requires amounts to be
                 entered (even if the amount is zero dollars.
                 E-App electronic submission is only for new loan
                 applications. If the applicant has an existing loan
                 and wishes to increase the loan amount, the
                 application should be submitted manually, as the
                 approvals team assess this differently.

Applicant Information
    Many of the fields in this section will be pre-filled, as the
    information in these fields is “two-way traffic”. i.e. entry from the
    Business Writer and entry from Head Office.

    Comprehensive employment details are required, and there are
    also some questions you need to ask the Customer in the
    “Statement by Borrowers” area about previous credit history. If
    the Customer answers “yes” to any of these, tick the checkbox
    next to the question.

Wizard Connect Business Writer’s Guide                                                                                              Page 36 of 52
                                                                          New Purchase Details
                                                                             Clicking on this menu takes you to a screen where you can alter
                                                                             details of purchase price, FHOG, Deposit and additional funds.
                                                                             Remember to click “Validate” if you alter any of these values so
                                                                             that the new figures can be calculated.

Related Parties
    This section is for entering name and contact details of various
    third parties i.e. the Customer’s spouse, accountant and solicitor

    Many fields will be pre-filled. This section also includes a “Loan    Liabilities
    Split” function, so if the Customer has asked for that feature this
                                                                             This section has fields for entering more details on the
    is where you enter the various details
                                                                             Customer’s liabilities such as other mortgages, credit cards,
                                                                             HECS, tax or maintenance responsibilities. The credit card

Wizard Connect Business Writer’s Guide                                                                                              Page 37 of 52
    ownership section needs you to specify which Applicant will be     displays a list of the field(s) which need to be filled in. An
    100% responsible for the credit card debt (it defaults to          application which has been successfully validated means that
    Applicant 1).                                                      the minimum required amount of information has been entered
                                                                       into mandatory fields to successfully load this application onto
Real Estate                                                            the Wizard system. Below you will see some examples of
    Allows you to                                                      Validation errors. Each error has complete details of what is
    add details of                                                     required – and you can highlight each error and click “Go there”
    any real                                                           to fill in the details.
    offered as
    security by
    the Customer

Other Assets
    sections for
    entering the Customer’s other assets e.g. Investments, Savings,
    Vehicles personal effects and furniture

Fees and Charges
    Contains fields for entering fees – many of which will be passed
    through from Wizard Connect.

What is Validation?
    Validation allows you to check in an instant whether your have
                                                                       Click Validate after you correct each validation error and the list
    completed all mandatory fields. If you haven’t, Validation
                                                                       will grow shorter until eventually they all disappear. Once you

Wizard Connect Business Writer’s Guide                                                                                          Page 38 of 52
    have completed the Validation check, you will get a message                    After 10 minutes, you will re4cieve an email stating either
    saying that your application validated successfully. A successful              (a) Indicative approval or (b) that the loan has been
    validation doesn’t                                                             referred to AFIG approvals for consideration
    necessarily mean
    that the application                                                           Within 24 hours you will have confirmation that the loan
    is ready to submit –                                                           (a) has conditional approval or (b) has been declined.
    there may be more                                                              The loan now has a Loan Number, and it is important to
    relevant information                                                           use this Loan Number in any correspondence about the
    to be entered. It                                                              loan i.e. in faxes and emails.
    does mean that the
    minimum required information has been entered into mandatory
                                                                          Return to Wizard Connect
    You should always print the application before submitting. If you
                                                                            Saves your inputs on the Application form and returns you to
    print out a hard copy, it helps to change your focus from a data
                                                                            Wizard Connect.
    entry exercise to a real-life application which will be approved!
Approval Process
    Once you are back at the office and connected to the internet,          Saves your inputs on the Application form and allows you to
    the Electronic submission process is fast.                              continue entering data into the form.
             After correcting any Validation errors you can click the
             Submit button. As soon as the application is submitted it
             is electronically sent to Genworth for credit scoring (LMI
             and CRAA)

             After 30 seconds you will receive the APS Online result

Wizard Connect Business Writer’s Guide                                                                                             Page 39 of 52
Comparison Rate Schedule                                                Borrowers’ Choice
                                                                          You will be presented with a list of two choices in the centre
                                                                          white area of the screen. They are: Quick Qualifier against all
                                                                          lenders; and Full Qualifier against all lenders. Clicking on either
                                                                          of the choices will open the Prequalifier database in Wizardlink
                                                                          and create a document with all information loaded from Wizard

Clicking on this link will open the schedule of comparison rates. You
will be able to show your Customer the latest rates being offered by
other lenders, thereby reinforcing their decision to use Wizard
Home Loans!

Wizard Connect Business Writer’s Guide                                                                                            Page 40 of 52
Administration                                                    Customer ID      This number is generated from
                                                                                   Wizard Central
Tracking Status
    This gives you an instant picture of the Customer’s current   Lead Reference   Where the Customer enquiry
    status:                                                                        originated – very useful in planning
                                                                                   future marketing campaigns

                                                                  Current Status   Describes where the Customer is in
                                                                                   the loans process i.e. applying,
                                                                                   settled, inactive etc.

                                                                  As of            Will list today’s date

                                                                  Follow-up Date   If the Customer is active, you should
                                                                                   set a date in this field for follow-up.

                                                                  Allocated to     Will state who has been given the
                                                                                   lead. There is also a button here
                                                                                   which you can press to reallocate to
                                                                                   another Business Writer

                                                                  Notes            A section for brief explanatory notes

                                                                  Status History   Is a summary section of the above

Wizard Connect Business Writer’s Guide                                                                        Page 41 of 52
Contact History                                                         Wizard Central Updates
    This section is a complete and detailed history of all the            Here is where you will find notes and other communications
    communication you have had with this Customer whether it be           relating to this Customer which originated from Wizard Central.
    email, phone, appointments or letters. Obviously the section
    relies on you to keep it up to date. And if you do, you will find   Customer background
    that you have an invaluable tool which enables you to keep on         This is section for additional information such as the Customer’s
    top of this Customer’s needs throughout the loan process.             date of birth, partner’s name, children’s names, hobbies &
                                                                          interests and also a section where you can write any other
    Create a new contact entry
                                                                          relevant notes.

        Click to add a new entry for communication with this
        Customer. Choose the communication type (e.g. email,
        meeting etc) from the pull-down menu. If you tick the
        “Follow-up required?” box, further menu items will be

    Do a standard letter/fax for this Customer

        From this menu you can choose a number of pre-formatted
        letters, faxes or email to send to your Customer. These
        templates are stored in Wizardlink, so if Wizardlink isn’t
        already open you will be prompted for your password and
        your letter will then be displayed. You can modify the
        template to suit your needs. Once saved, the Contact
        History will be changed to reflect that you have sent the
        Customer a letter/fax etc.

Wizard Connect Business Writer’s Guide                                                                                           Page 42 of 52
Load New Customer                                                         Save/Close
    If you already have a Customer file open, clicking this button will     Your exit menu options are:
    open a dialog box which asks “Do you wish to save the details
    of the open Customer?” It then allows you to click Yes, No or           Save and close: Quickly saves current information and closes
    Cancel. Save/Close                                                      Wizard Connect. If WizardLink/Lotus Notes was also open, it
                                                                            will remain so.

                                                                            Save without closing: Saves all entered information, but does
                                                                            not close the Wizard Connect application. Saving regularly is a
                                                                            good habit to get into.

                                                                            Close without saving: Use with caution – closes Wizard
                                                                            Connect immediately without saving any of the last entered

                                                                            Save a shortcut for this Customer to the desktop: Immediately
                                                                            saves a shortcut onto your computer desktop. This allows you
                                                                            to open the Customer’s details at their specific “Welcome” page
                                                                            in an instant rather than open Wizard Connect at the default
                                                                            “Load New Customer” page and then search for that Customer’s

Wizard Connect Business Writer’s Guide                                                                                            Page 43 of 52
Generating Reports
    Generating reports with Wizard Connect couldn’t be easier as
    there are a number of useful reports built-in. By selecting the
    green “Print” icon on any given page you will receive a menu of
    the Reports that are available for that screen. For example,
    clicking on the green “Print” button in the Borrowing Capacity
    screen shows that two reports are available: NSR Report or
    Home Entitlement letter. You can save these Reports as PDF
    files to either print out or to attach to an email once you return to
    the office, but they look great on screen as well so show your
    Customer while you are at the appointment.

Wizard Connect Business Writer’s Guide                                      Page 44 of 52
Case Studies                                                                b. What answers do you give the Customer in this
    Here are some questions to test your knowledge of the Wizard
    Connect features. You can probably make up many more of            3.   Shirley and Robert Power would like you to give them an
    your own scenarios to practice using the tools as well. Good            estimate of what their sale costs might be. They have
    luck!                                                                   just sold their home for $420,000. They still owe
                                                                            $118,000 on this loan. Moving costs are expected to be
    1.       You are at the appointment with Joe Johnson. He tells          about $2000 and they are paying 2% commission to
             you that he has $35,000 saved and he would like to             their real estate agent.
             know how much he can borrow based on this. He thinks
             he is eligible for the First Home Owner’s Grant, he            a. Which Wizard Connect tool do you use?
             intends to live in the property which is in NSW.
                                                                            b. What answers do you give the Customer in this
             a. Which Wizard Connect tool do you use?
                                                                       4.   You are at an appointment with Jane Hatcher. Jane
             b. What answers do you give the Customer in this               would like to borrow $280,000 over a 30 year loan term.
                scenario?                                                   She is happy with monthly repayments and would like to
                                                                            know how much her monthly repayments would be. Her
    2.       Joe says that sounds great. He would like more specific        net monthly income is $3700. She says her living
             information. (The information you used about Joe in the        expenses are $1200 per month. She asks if Direct
             previous case study is retained, so you can click              Salary Crediting would be of benefit.
             immediately on Borrowing Capacity.) He has a credit
             card with a$4000 limit and he has a personal loan which        a. Which Wizard Connect tool do you use?
             he owes $2500 his monthly payments are $100. He has
                                                                            b. What answers do you give the Customer in this
             been in present job for 5 years and the last one for 2
             years. His gross income is $87,000.

             a. Which Wizard Connect tool do you use?

Wizard Connect Business Writer’s Guide                                                                                   Page 45 of 52
    5.       Jane says she has spoken to Westpac who have                    quoted is 6.69% and they want to know what the
             suggested she try the Rocket Repay home loan. What              comparison rate for this product is.
             information will you give her?
                                                                             b. Robin says he often has a bit of extra money each
    6.       Brian is looking to purchase his first home. He has a           week and would like to know what the standard monthly
             deposit saved and thinks he has found a house that he           repayment would be for this loan and how it would be
             would like to buy. His parents have advised him that            affected if he paid an extra $100 each month.
             they will pay the Property Transfer Stamp Duty and Loan
             Stamp Duty, so he needs to know how much that will be.          c. Which Wizard Connect tool do you use?
             He has given you the following information. He has
             found a house for $375,000. He will need to borrow              d. What answers do you give the Customer in this
             about $305,000 and is buying a house in the State in               scenario?
             Queensland. He also doesn’t want to pay Mortgage
                                                                        8.   You are at an appointment with Rahul and Indira. They
             Insurance so wants to know how much extra he would
                                                                             are currently paying $350 per week in rent, but they
             need to receive from his parents in order to avoid this.
                                                                             would like to live in their own home. They live in
             a. Which Wizard Connect tool do you use?                        Queensland and have saved $25,000, and would like an
                                                                             idea of how much they can borrow. They think they are
             b. What answers do you give the Customer in this                eligible for the First Home Owner’s Grant, and they have
                scenario?                                                    no dependants.

    7.       Kevin & Alyssa O’Donnell would like to borrow $280,000          a. Which Wizard Connect tool do you use?
             over a 30 year loan term with Wizard. They’d like a
             Smart Choice loan and would like to know information            b. What answers do you give Rahul and Indira in this
             about the comparison rate. What do you tell them?                  scenario?

             a. They’ve had a quote from another lender where                c. Following on from the above scenario, Rahul and
             upfront fees are $400.00 and there are no annual fees.          Indira are happy with that and would like to know if they
             There is a monthly fee of $10.00 and the interest rate          could afford the loan amount. They have a credit card
                                                                             with a $2000 limit. They have been in their present jobs

Wizard Connect Business Writer’s Guide                                                                                      Page 46 of 52
             for 2 years and previous jobs for 3 years. Heather’s      •   Current Wizard loan $315000 with 26 years remaining
             gross income is $35,000, and Richard’s is $45,000.
                                                                       •   Personal loan $21000 repayments $535 pm. 7 years
             d. What answers do you give Rahul and Indira in this          remaining & rate 13%
                                                                       •   Credit card 1 - $6900 repayments $200 pm Annual fee

    9. You are at an appointment with Miranda. Miranda would like      •   Credit card 2 - $10100 repayments $260 pm Annual fee
       to borrow $220,000 over a 30 year loan term. She would              $30
       like to know how much her monthly repayments would be.
       Her net monthly income is $3500. She says her living            •   Interest rate 15.5% on both , with 5 years remaining
       expenses are $1000 per month. She has heard that Direct
       Salary Crediting might be of benefit.                                    a. What calculator would you use?

                      a. Which Wizard Connect tool do you use?                  b. What would you say to Leon?

                      b. What answers do you give Julie in this

                      c. Miranda says she has spoken to ANZ who
                         have suggested their standard variable home
                         loan. What information will you give her?

    10. Leon has come in to the branch & has enquired about
        increasing his current Wizard loan to consolidate a personal
        loan & two credit cards. He wants to know if he would be                                     Now that wasn’t so bad was it?
        better off if he transferred the debts to his home loan. The
        details of the loans are :

Wizard Connect Business Writer’s Guide                                                                                     Page 47 of 52
Quiz Answers                                                         7.   (a). The comparison rate is 6.75%. You would also need
                                                                          to read the mandatory information in the Green Results
    1.       You used Calculate Loan Amount and you calculated            panel to the customer.
             from Deposit. He can borrow $324,293 and his
             maximum purchase price is $360,330 based on today’s          b.         Comparison rate is 6.76%. Once again, you
             rate.                                                                   will need to read the mandatory information
                                                                                     from the Green Results panel.

    2.       You used Borrowing Capacity. His NSR = 1.76 and the          c/d.       You use the Loan Simulator. You tell him
             maximum he can borrow is $324,300.                                      that the monthly repayments are $1810 and
                                                                                     that adding an extra $100 per month will
                                                                                     reduce the 30-year term to 25.92 years.
    3.       You used Sale Costs within the Calculators. Funds
             available are $264,000.                                 8.    a. Use the loan amount from deposit calculator.

                                                                           b. Maximum LVR 97%. Maximum purchase price
    4.       You used Loan Simulator. You would click on the Graph        $395129. Maximum loan amount $383272. Costs
             to show her. Monthly payments would $1534. Term              $20142. Repayments 2478 pm.
             with DSC would be 10.02 years
                                                                          c/d. NSR is 1.28 & within minimum NSR requirements

                                                                     9.   a. Repayments calculator
    5.       You used Dare to Compare. You tell her that even with
             DSC the Westpac loan will cost her approx $300 more
                                                                          b. Repayments are $1423 pm. With direct salary
             than Wizard.
                                                                             crediting her loan can be repaid within 10.13 years.

                                                                          c. Switch to loan simulator & input ANZ standard
    6.       You used calculate loan amount from Purchase Price.
                                                                             variable home loan product in second column.
             Stamp duty on transfer of property is $5625.00.
                                                                             Wizard product is better by $75279 over the 30 year
             Mortgage Stamp duty is $920. His parents would need
             to give him $13200 to avoid LMI.

Wizard Connect Business Writer’s Guide                                                                                  Page 48 of 52
                 loan term & $6792 better off with both using direct
                 salary crediting.

    10.     a.   Debt consolidator calculator

        b. If Leon reduced repayments by consolidating into 1 loan
    payment his repayments can be reduced from $3133 down to
    $2396 pm. Reduction of $737 pm. Loan will still be repaid over
    26 years.

    Or if repayment on home loan increased $3133 & loans were
    consolidated, total loan would be repaid in 14.88 years savings
    interest costs of $161508.

Wizard Connect Business Writer’s Guide                                 Page 49 of 52
But I loved the old Toolbox!                                                  Wizardlink Toolbox :      In Wizard Connect use:

    Yes, we know, but the Toolbox has gone. It has joined the                 How much can I afford     Calculator – Calculate Loan
    Choir Celestial. It is an ex-Toolbox. Time to move on. So here            with my current deposit   Amount from Deposit. This will
    is a list of favourite functions from the Wizardlink Toolbox and                                    calculate Loan amount and
    the equivalent action in Wizard Connect                                                             Maximum Purchase Price.

                                                                              Calculate Repayments      Repayment Calculator
    Wizardlink Toolbox :                 In Wizard Connect use:
                                                                              Determine Loan Amount     Calculator – Calculate Loan
    Wizard Loan Simulator                Loan Simulator.                      for a given Repayment     Amount from Repayment.

                                         Now includes an Amortisation         Stamp Duty Calculator     Embedded in every Loan Amount
                                         Schedule, printed reports and the                              Calculator
                                         ability to define your own product
                                         for the comparison.                  Tax Calculator            Embedded in Borrowing Capacity
    How Much Deposit do I                Calculator
    Need                                                                      Comparison Rate           Comparison Rate Calculator
                                         Calculate Loan Amount and            Calculator
                                                                              Comparison Rate           Link from the Navigation Panel
    See the effect of extra              Repayment Calculator.                Schedules
                                         Enter the new repayment amount
                                         and see how much the term

    Bridging Loan Calculator             No longer supported.

Wizard Connect Business Writer’s Guide                                                                                         Page 50 of 52
FAQ                                                                    I am trying to replicate but I keep getting “failed”. Why?

    What does an Orange triangle next to a field mean?                 If you are receiving a “Failed” message just check that you have
                                                                       the selected the correct location. Look on the bottom left of your
    This means you MUST enter something in this field. You will        Wizardlink window and click the toolbar which opens a list with
    not be able to calculate if this field is left blank.              “Office” or “Home” etc. Select the correct location and then try
                                                                       replicating again.

    When I click on the Products icon, a window opens with
    only one Wizard product/millions of Wizard products                Help! I am getting an Execution Security Alert! What’s
    showing. How can I fix this?                                       this?

    Click the “View” at the top of the Products window and bring       Don’t be too worried. Just click on the third of the options given
    your mouse pointer down to Expand/Collapse to change the           (“Start trusting Signer”) until the grey box disappears. This grey
    way you view this screen.                                          box may also appear at other times when there have been
                                                                       significant changes to Wizard Connect or when you are opening
                                                                       a rarely-used screen.

    I am trying to send/receive email or replicate but it’s not
    working. The status message comes up “The remote
    server is not a known TCP/IP host.” What should I check?           I was in Wizard Connect and it just disappeared and Apply
                                                                       for a Loan opened up. Where is Wizard Connect?
    If you are at home or away from the office, make sure you have
    an active connection to the internet. Check that phone line is     Wizard Connect is actually still open in the background but
    properly attached to your modem. If you can hear your modem        remains hidden as long as the Application Form is open on your
    dialling but the connection is not being sustained, you may need   screen. You can get back to Wizard Connect by clicking “Save
    to call your Internet Service Provider for assistance.             and Return” on the orange sidebar of the Application Form

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     ABS                    Australian Bureau of Statistics            MI               Mortgage Insurer

     AMS                    Australian Mortgage Securities             NSR              Net Servicing Ratio

     CRAA                   Baycorp Enquiry Report (formally known     NSR Test         Customer’s loan repayments calculated
                            as Credit Reference Association of         Rate             at test (higher) interest rate
                                                                       Replication      Connecting to the Internet so you can
     DSC                    Direct Salary Credit                                        receive updated information, and send
                                                                                        your information for backup on the server
     eLMI                   Electronic Underwriting by the Mortgage
                            Insurers by the B2B channel                Securitisation   The process by which loans are
                                                                                        originated by one company then the
     FHOGS                  First Home Owner Grant Scheme                               mortgage on-sold to another company.
                                                                                        This is the method of loan funding that
     GIRFT                  “Get It Right First Time” check ensuring
                                                                                        Wizard uses for AMS loans.
                            all supporting application documentation
                            are submitted and fully completed          Validate         For use in the Application Form. Will
                                                                                        verify all required details have been
     LIXI                   Lenders Institute XML Initiative
                                                                                        loaded and that product selection meets
                                                                                        business rules.
     LMI                    Lender’s Mortgage Insurance
                                                                       Wizardlink       The Wizard Software communication
     LVR                    Loan to Valuation Ratio                                     package

     MAMs                    Mortgage Asset Management Pty Ltd         Wizard           A suite of software tools specifically
                             (now AFIC Operations).                    Connect          designed to assist business writers to
                                                                                        sell Wizard Loans

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