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									You can't out train your brain!
25th Apr 2011
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Think first, exercise later!

As you might have gathered, I like to focus on the more mental aspects of weight loss and
health. One of the key reasons for this is the way people push themselves when it comes to
exercise. I see people who will work themselves into the floor even when their fitness level
isn’t that great. One of the unfortunate reasons this happens is the concept of “out training
your brain”. It’s a catchy title but has a lot of merit when it comes to health and fitness.

Allow me to explain, one of the most frightening things about life is that people (on the
whole) have the same opportunities to achieve whatever they want. This is especially true of
health or weight loss. The reason we don’t isn’t a physical one in most cases but a mental
one. We don’t believe that weight loss is possible. I didn’t for years until the penny dropped
when I was 27. If we have the right attitude then everything we need to do become easier. If
we haven’t got the right attitude then occasionally we try and “fix things” by going on silly
diets or trying to “out train” our brains.

So why is trying to “out train” your brain a
bad idea? Here are some key points:

         The exercise isn’t enjoyable. The
          reason for this is we never get out of
          the “I must do this” phase.
         Overtraining and injuries.If you are
          constantly smashing yourself to pieces,
          your body will eventually stop you
          with illness or injury.
         Exercise obsession. You can become
          obsessed with exercise because you
          feel that you need to do it all the time.
          Not good for the mental state.

I have made it my goal to inspire people to really think about their mindset before exercising.
Most people dislike physical activity so forcing yourself to train really hard is ok for
seasoned athletes but the average person on the street? I am not so sure. This is why out
training your brain doesn’t work. Exercise will never compensate for a poor diet or unhealthy

Exercise is vital as part of any plan to lose weight and get healthy isn’t the most important
part. You can’t exercise your way out of bad habits, just like you can’t diet your way out of a
poor mindset. People want quick weight loss results and this “industry” makes billions off
the back of this market. Silly electricity machines and gizmos that promise weight loss fly off
the shelves every day and I guarantee the actual results achieved are minimal (the celebrity
that endorses stuff like this is getting paid a load of money to say so as well)
If you are trying to get healthy and lose weight, don’t rush into any silly exercise program or
go from A to Z straight away, you may get de-motivated, unhappy and even injured very

Remember the line “You can’t out train your brain” and you will do fine!

- John Hill Inspiring Fitness Personal Trainer

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