EXECUTIVE SUMMARY

Role of Marketing Department in the improvement process continues to be at the
vanguard of strategy contest not only in this part of the world (Pakistan) but also in
other countries. Most of the specifics about promoting brands have been renowned
in the entire world. The competitive allege for marketing department are infinite,
containing promotions and strategies that make possible for them to survive in
persistently varying environment (Such as technology) of world. By applying
international marketing concepts the company can acquire multinational status with
a reputed brands and the company is globally recognized for the quality and
Coca-cola’s headquarter is in USA and there are more than 200 countries in which it
is acting as a host company. In Pakistan there are 9 plants and over 1800
employees, 8 plants are functional and three plants in Lahore, Gujranwala and
Rahimyar Khan have achieved the Quality system award.
Coca-cola with its 450 brands is claiming to be the world’s best non-alcoholic
beverage maker and is yet proving his claim by having 63% share in the world
market and they are fulfilling their promise to maintain a standard and proving to
become a quality symbol. And their aim is to serve the nation by making only non-
alcoholic drinks and to give the world a cool and fresh treat.

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