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Caption suggestions for "Hands" art


Top 30 captions for the "Hands" art project

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"Can I get a hand with my carry on?'' Art Romero "Oh, oh, there goes my 401k!'' Susan Ahmadian "Help! We're down here!'' Sean Michael Lisle "The Shadow Puppets Union protest the use of digitized shadow puppets outside NBC studios'' Dan Martone "Does this freak you out or is it just me?'' Sue Marsh "Taxi! Hey, Taxi!'' Fred Steinert "Oh, goodness, I aimed the camera too high.'' -- Grandma Theresa Keeler "I've got it! No, I've got it! No, I've got it! NO, I've got it!, NO I"VE GOT IT!'' Steve Prideaux "Wait! Where'd all my rings go?'' Dana Bourgeois "George, give me the camera. You cut the heads off the dancers.'' Dana Bourgeois "You parked at carpal level 2, hand 15?'' Dana Bourgeois "Gramma, where's the rest of the angels?'' Dana Bourgeois "Mr. Hand at the family reunion.'' Dana Bourgeois "I thought there were only supposed to be two people on a beach volleyball team'' DeForrest Home "Wait! You left your car lights on!'' Susie Hotelling "WARNING: We're a little touchy-feely here'' Rich Hess "Hey, we're out of paper towels.'' Dave Leuthold "Oh dread, he's swallowed my head!'' Pat Kaspar "Let's give a big hand to the X-ray visionaries who brought you Terminal B'' Tom Logothetti "Mayor Reed has assured city staffers that the 500-foot giants cannot escape their underground bunker.'' Douglas DeVore "I've got one tiny bag of peanuts. Who wants it?'' Steve Bernstein "Bu-bye'' Bernie Ross "The Sky Ticklers'' Scott Knies "Okay, everyone: pilates here, pilots over there!'' Dave Mathiasmeier "Who needs to pee?'' Mike Shore "Welcome to Mineta, Bringing the world together, one foreclosure at a time'' Kristen Wagner "REMINDER: Employees must wash mesh artwork before returning to work.'' Gary Hammermang "Silicon Valley's newest hand-held device'' Tanya Brugh "Sorry, guys, that's the wrong finger'' Priyanka Murali "What Shaq sees in a crowded club'' Dana Bourgeois

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