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									  Is Passive Aggression Wrecking Your Relationship?

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Welcome to Passive Aggressive Test.

Now that you know where you are, your next question for yourself is probably this: “Why am I

In your opinion, you are an honest husband who always tries to do what is best for your wife
and family. You treat them well, provide for them what they need, try to teach them the right
ways of doing things.

So, why is your wife still complaining about you? Does she often say things like:

           ●   Stop being so passive aggressive
           ●   You’re trying to sabotage my projects
           ●   You don’t include me in the household finances/decision-making
           ●   You always put me down in front of our family and friends

Perhaps your wife often blames and reproaches you for events in the marriage's past that you
feel you had no big part in. Why would she be bringing up these old things, or keep using them
against you? Is she just being controlling, or is there a point underneath it all?

Sometimes it is difficult for us to understand our partners – we’re all only human, after all. The
most common cause of frustration during conflict is either a) feeling like you didn’t do something
you’re being accused of or b) feeling like you’ve fulfilled something you’re accused of not doing
enough of.

Why is your wife making this noise about your supposed passive aggression, or about hurting
her deeply – when all you are trying to do is make her happy? Is there any reason to stick
around if she can’t be pleased? Well, who can understand women, right?

Even now she is pushing you into therapy or coaching because she says you are too sullen,
depressed, and angry about small things, but she can’t talk to you about your marriage big
problems. Does she think she needs a professional to ask you to open up and say what you
think? What are you supposed to do with her move now?

If you’re not willing to go to therapy because you don’t think you’ve done anything wrong, or
because you feel you can’t trust anybody’s word at this point, we understand. We know that at
this point, you feel like your situation is building momentum, heading for disaster as surely as a
runaway train is about to derail.

That’s why we offer our free, fast test so that you can decide for yourself where you stand. Find
out if it is true that you use passive aggression in your family! You don’t need to pay someone in
a therapist’s office – you can find answers and solutions right now.

Visit our Passive Aggression Test here, get your profile, and with that tool in your hands stop
your marriage from derailing off the tracks.

Neil Warner is a “relationship guru,” and his main focus is to increase the quality of love-based
relationship experiences. In his many books, blogs, and articles, Neil offers useful strategies on
healing a difficult, angry relationship with love and compassion. You don’t have to stay in an
unhealthy relationship one more minute. Let him share his tools with you today.

To test yourself to see if you are passive aggressive, and to learn more about what you can do
to stop your own passive aggression, visit Passive Aggressive Test here.

Or, you can begin by having a complimentary consultation (by clicking here), with a plan for
action to change your life with new skills included.

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