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									                                                                                   CASE STUDY / AIR CANADA

Snow Storms + Social Media
How Air Canada Used Social Media To Help Customers

                                                     was a dramatic spike in their online mentions
                                                     as customers flocked to the Web.
Air Canada is Canada’s largest full-service
airline. They know that keeping customers            “Our customers wanted to know what was
informed is a key part of good customer              happening to their flight and their first reaction
service.                                             is to go online or contact our call centres,” said
                                                     Mathieu Lagacé, Community Manager at Air
That commitment to customer service was put          Canada. “In situations like this social media
to the test last December when an unexpected         allow us to use new and different channels to
winter storm shut down London’s Heathrow             communicate operational updates in a timely
Airport. When one of the busiest airports            manner.”
in the world shuts down during the busiest
travel period of the year, it can create havoc for   “As technology continues to develop and
airlines and travellers alike.                       working with our social media monitoring
                                                     provider Radian6 we will develop new ways
Not surprisingly, online channels were key           to communicate and remain engaged with our
to getting the right information out to Air          customers,” concluded John Reber, Air Canada’s
Canada’s customers and quickly as possible.          Director, Corporate communications.

For Air Canada, social media gives the
                                                     THE RESULTS
                                                     Air Canada interacted with thousands of
company the ability to engage with their             customers who needed to find information on
customers, share information, and build a            their flights or alternate travel arrangements.
community with their customers. It isn’t just        They responded in real time to help customers
about the increasing their Twitter following         and share the latest information on how the
or “likes” on Facebook, it’s about finding           stormy weather was affecting air travel. The
ways to improve their customers’ experience          “social phone” was ringing, and Air Canada was
with Air Canada. That means the Air Canada           able to answer.
approach to social media brings together a
number of departments, including corporate           Customers were pleased that they had another
communications, customer relations, call             responsive channel to communicate with Air
centers and marketing and promotions.                Canada. “We knew we were on the right track
                                                     when CBC News told travelers that for up to
The Air Canada team leapt into action as the         date information and travel advisories, they
massive storm snarled air travel in the United       should start following Air Canada on Twitter,”
Kingdom and rippled around the world. There          noted Lagace.

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