Hazardous Materials Discrepancy Checklist by gdf57j


									                                          Hazardous Materials Discrepancy Checklist
                    For U.S. Domestic Air & Ground Hazardous Materials Shipments and U.S. to Canada Ground Hazardous Materials Shipments
                                                           (For Shipments Prepared According to 49CFR)

                                Air Hazardous Materials includes Next Day Air, 2nd Day Air, and 3 Day Select
                                        and Ground Shipments to Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico

 Ground           Air
                             1. Outside Packing Requirements
                             New or like new carton.Carton free from damage or leaks.                                            173.24,173.28
                             No unauthorized markings and labels.                                                                172.304(a)(3)(4), 172.401(b)
                             Package properly sealed.                                                                            173.24(f)

                             2. Shipper's Certification/Shipping Paper Requirements
                             Legible and in English. Computer-generated.                                                         172.201(a)(2)
                             Emergency contact phone number - when required by DOT.                                              172.201, 172.600,172.604
                             (For DOT exceptions, see reverse side)
                             Package Reference, may be handwritten or computer generated -                                       (++++)
                             (Tracking Number, Receiver's name, city, state, or Shipper's reference number).
                             UPS Account number.                                                                                 (++++)
                             Proper shipping name, (and technical name in parenthesis, if required).                             172.202(a)(1), 172.203(k)
                             Correct hazard class (followed by subsidiary in parenthesis if required).                           172.202(a)(2)
                             Identification number matches the proper shipping name.                                             172.202(a)(3)
                             Correct Packing Group - if applicable.                                                              172.202(a)(4)
                             If applicable, LTD QTY or valid DOT exemption or special permit number entered                      172.203(a),(b)
                             after shipping description.
                             Number and type of packages indicated beginning October 1, 2007.                                    172.202(a)(6)
                             Quantity includes units of measure and is acceptable.                                               172.202(a)(5),173.27(b)(3)
                             If radioactive, Contents, Form, Activity level and label name shown.                                172.203(d)(1),(2),(3),(4)
                             Signature of shipper and date - may be handwritten or computer generated.                           172.204(d)
                             Non-applicable modes of transportation are deleted.                                                 172.204
   N/A                       Air Statement is included in the certification section, "I declare that all of the applicable       172.204 (c) (3)
                             air transport requirements have been met".
                  N/A        For Canada ground shipments, Crossborder shipping paper is used and                                 (++++)
                             Consignee name and address complete.

                             3. Marking and Labeling Requirements
                             Markings are legibly printed, durable and in English.                                               172.304(a)(1)
                             DOT proper shipping name on package agrees with shipping paper.                                     172.301(a),(b)
                             Identification number matches shipping paper.                                                       172.301(a)
                             Hazard labels displaying hazard class number are properly affixed and unobstructed                  172.101, 172.400
                             by markings.
                             If radioactive material, 2 labels are affixed to opposite sides of                                  172.403 (f),(g)
                             package. Contents and Activity level appear on labels.
                  N/A        If applicable for ground package, ORM-D (ground) mark is displayed within a                         172.316(a)(1)
                             rectangle (audit must be performed if package displays a shipping paper).
   N/A                       If applicable for air package, ORM-D-Air mark is displayed within a rectangle.                      172.316(a)(1)
                             If applicable, DOT exemption or special permit number and paperwork present.                        172.301(c)
                             If applicable, subsidiary risk label(s) present.                                                    172.402(a)
                             For liquids, package orientation markings properly indicated on opposite                            172.312
                             vertical sides. (UPS requires orientation arrows on all liquid hazmats).
                             Name and address of consignee and shipper.                                                          172.301(d)
                             Properly packed (UN specification packaging when required or ISTA certified or UPS                  173.24, 173.24a,173.27
                             minimum package strength for Air and Ground shipments of Limited Quantity, 173.173
                             Paint Exception and Air shipments of Consumer Commodity. This excludes Overpacks).
   N/A                       For classes 4 and 8 in Packing Group III, X or Y packaging is                                       173.27(a)
                             used, if shipment is not a LTD QTY.

                             4. Other
                             T-Approval number shown as additional information on the shipping paper and marked                  173.308
                             on the package for Lighter shipments.
                             EX number or product code shown as additional information on the shipping paper                     172.320, 172.202(a)
                             or marked on the package for Explosives (Class I).
                             EX number or product code shown as additional information on the shipping paper for Air             173.166(c)
                             Bag Modules, Air Bag Inflators and Seat-Belt pretensioners unless the word "Recycled"
                             has been indicated.
                  N/A        Meets Global Scanning System (GSS) Requirements.                                                    (++++)
                             Meets Package Level Detail Requirements (HMIS).                                                     (++++)

If any item is marked (X) as a discrepancy, the package cannot be accepted for transportation.
Items noted with (+ + + + ) are UPS requirements. This list must be completed in its entirety.
Auditor's Comments:

                                                       Acceptance Auditor complete the following:

     Shipper number:                                                            Shipper Name:
     Circle Disposition of Package:                                             Consignee Name:
     RTS        FWD TO CONSIGNEE                     HELD         DMP           Tracking Number:
     Use of DOT-SP 12661:              Yes     No (If yes, attach copy of DOT-SP 12661 to package).
     Circle Class of Service:             Next Day Air         2nd Day Air          3 Day Select         Ground              Date Audit:
     Auditor:                                                    SLIC:                   HMSC return authorized by:                                (Name)

    original - To Customer                                             copy - Business Development                               copy - Hazmat Coordinator
    010193005 8/06 MW
Exceptions from 24-hour emergency response telephone number.
DOT allows the following hazardous materials shipments to be offered and accepted without including the 24-hour
emergency response telephone number on the shipping paper:
        ●         Any LTD QTY shipment                             ●       Castor pomace
        ●         Battery powered equipment                        ●       Consumer commodity
        ●         Battery powered vehicle                          ●       Engines, internal combustion
        ●         Carbon dioxide, solid, or Dry ice                ●       Fish meal, stabilized
        ●         Castor bean                                      ●       Fish scrap, stabilized
        ●         Castor flake                                     ●       Refrigerating machine
        ●         Castor meal                                      ●       Wheelchair, electric

When non-specification packaging is allowed and utilized for :
     Air and Ground shipments of Limited Quantity
     Air and Ground shipments of Paint; Paint Related Materials; Adhesives; Ink; and Resins offered under 173.173
     Air shipments of Consumer Commodity

Packaging must display one of the following:

International Safe Transit Association (ISTA) Seal

 Gross Package Weight                       Minimum Bursting Strength               Minimum Edge Crush Test
 0 LB - 20 LB                               200 LB Bursting Strength                32 Edge Crush Test (ECT)
 21 LB - 70 LB                              275 LB Bursting Strength                44 Edge Crush Test (ECT)

Shipping Paper Modal Selection:
Refer to the UPS Guide for Shipping Ground and Air Hazardous Material located at www.ups.com for
examples of how to distinguish between Air and Ground shipments.

Maximum Gross Weight of Hazardous Materials packages in the UPS system is 70 pounds.
Exceptions are:       Limited Quantity (Ltd Qty) shipments     66 pounds
                      ORM-D and Consumer Commodity             66 pounds
                      Small Quantity shipments                 64 pounds
                      Packages containing Dry Ice may weigh up to 150 pounds provided the carton
                      does not contain any other hazardous material.

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