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									   Informed Answers to Gay Rights Arguments

1. “All we want is tolerance, not      numerous studies. Both the New          family attitude by encouraging
approval for our lifestyle.”           York City Department of Health          promiscuous sexuality, a self-cen-
                                       and the Centers of Disease Control      tered morality, and socially irre-
In reality, homosexuals want com-      have stopped using the 10 percent       sponsible behavior that exacts
plete social acceptance and legal      figure, which stems from the            huge costs on society.
sanction of homosexual behavior.       fraudulent Kinsey Report. The
This is demonstrated in the huge       National Opinion Research Center,       7. “We are a legitimate minority,
political and educational agenda of    the Family Research Institute, and      just like those who have won simi-
the gay rights movement.               the Battelle Human Affairs              lar protections before us.”
                                       Research Center all note that
2. “No one chooses to be a homo-       homosexuals compose between 1           7a. Civil rights theory is intended
sexual or can be ‘recruited’ into      and 3 percent of the population.        to protect true status, not behavior.
this lifestyle.”                                                               What gay rights laws ask for is a
                                       4. “We are as normal as straight        special privilege for homosexual
2a. The social acceptance gay rights   people.”                                behavior not generally available to
laws give to homosexual behavior                                               other groups identified by aberrant
creates a climate in which opportu-    4a. Experts point out that homo-        behavior—such as those who com-
nities for homosexual behavior         sexuality is not normal. Dr.            mit incest, adultery, bestiality, or
multiply.                              Armand Nicholai, chief psychia-         pedophilia.
                                       trist of the Medical School at
                                       Harvard University, states that         7b. Adding homosexuals to the list
                                       homosexuals know at their core          of protected minorities meets none
                                       that their behavior is not normal.      of the traditional requirements for
                                                                               creating special protection—such
                                       4b. Accepting homosexuals as            as a demonstrable pattern of dis-
                                       “normal” victimizes homosexuals         crimination, applying to a class of
                                       themselves. If a person has a disor-    people with an unchangeable or
                                       der, it is far worse to tell him that   immutable status, and which has
                                       he is fine (and encourage him to        no element of moral fault.
                                       blame society for problems associ-
                                       ated with his disorder) than to         7c. Making private judgments
                                       point out his problem and offer a       based on perceptions of moral
                                       means of help.                          character is legitimate and is not
                                                                               “imposing values” on society.
                                       5. “Biology has determined that
                                       being gay is genetically deter-         8. “Gay people are not different in
                                       mined. It is no longer open to seri-    their behaviors from other people.”
2b. The more public expressions of     ous question.”
homosexuality there are, the more                                              8a. Homosexual practices are often
likely one is to experiment with it.   There is no significant evidence        astonishing to heterosexual people.
                                       that homosexuality is biologically      Homosexuals must use body aper-
2c. Some homosexuals, especially       determined. Many experts concur         tures not constructed for sexual
lesbians, consciously choose a         that homosexuality is not primarily     penetration or bring their mouth
homosexual lifestyle as part of a      a genetic condition.                    into contact with areas designed
political agenda.                                                              for the elimination of human
                                       6. “We’re not asking for anything       waste,         which        causes
3. “We represent 10 percent, per-      special. We only want what hetero-      serious hygienic and health risks.
haps 15 percent, of the population.    sexual couples have.”                   Some      homosexuals      become
How can you deny us our rights?”                                               urolagniacs (ingesting urine and
                                       Public policy should promote the        feces) and engage in bestiality as
The long-standing claim that 10 to     family because the family provides      well as other deviant behaviors.
15 percent of the population is        the foundation for society.
homosexual has been disproved by       Homosexuality promotes an anti-         8b. Homosexuals often have an

                                                                                                Homosexuality 5-5
Informed Answers to Gay Rights Arguments (Continued)
interest in public or quasi-public     contract AIDS, homosexuals have          timless crime ignores the tangible
sex. Public restrooms, parks,          been the principal recipients and        influence of public morality on
beaches, and public baths are all      transmitters of the AIDS virus.          society. The existence of public
common places for homosexual           Seventy percent of all AIDS cases        homosexuality has a powerful
activity.                              in the late 1980s occurred in homo-      influence on society. The medical
                                       sexuals, with higher percentages in      ramifications of homosexuality
8c. Homosexuals often engage in        some states and in Europe. This is       threaten communities with hepati-
startling promiscuity. A British       because in sexually transmitted          tis, exotic infections, and AIDS.
medical journal reported that in the   AIDS, the overwhelming risk              This harms homosexuals, those
Netherlands, a country that offi-      factor is anal intercourse. (Though      who need blood, innocent partners
cially recognizes homosexual rela-     the percentage of AIDS cases             of bisexuals, and imposes a large
tionships, male homosexual rela-       among homosexuals has dropped,           financial burden on society for
tionships last an average 1.5 years,   recent surveys suggest that homo-        medical costs.

                                                                                   11. “You distort homosexual
                                                                                   behaviors by stereotypes. We
        A British medical journal reported that in the                             are monogamous, too.”
      Netherlands, a country that officially recognizes                            11a. The norm of homosexuali-
        homosexual relationships, male homosexual                                  ty is promiscuity. It is rare that
   relationships last an average 1.5 years, and gay men                            even “monogamous” gay cou-
                                                                                   ples do not supplement their
       have on average eight partners a year outside                               relationships with other gay
                their “committed” relationship.                                    partners.

                                                                                   11b. “Homoerotic art,” which
                                                                                   gives insight into the homosex-
and gay men have on average eight      sexual men are 21 times more like-       ual lifestyle, includes more perver-
partners a year outside their “com-    ly to contract AIDS than are             sion than the public realizes.
mitted” relationship.                  heterosexuals.)
                                                                                Information is taken from “Informed
8d. The homosexual population          9b. Homosexual militants often           Answers to Gay Rights Questions” by
includes a disproportionate num-       seek to censor those who have            Roger Magnuson.
ber of pedophiles. Many promi-         sought to expose the truth about
nent homosexuals and organiza-         AIDS.
tion have the stated objective to
remove age-of-consent laws from        10. “What people do in their own
state statutes.                        bedrooms is nobody’s business but
9. “AIDS is not a gay disease. It is
everyone’s disease.”                   Society has an interest in regulating
                                       private behavior that is illegal or
9a. While heterosexuals certainly      has social costs. The idea of the vic-

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