BIM521 ERP Intro Course Overview by pptfiles


									                   ERP Introduction
               Hands-On Practical Labs
              for 2nd year PGDM students
                   Course Overview

1. Introduction:
For the modern business organizations Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
system is the most critical information system to manage day to day operations.
To help Bimtech students get the hands-on practical exposure to ERP systems,
Bimtech has proposed to set up ERPLab.

2. About the course:
This course is organized to provide a quick overview of ERP software with
hands-on practical exercises. This will help the students understand the real life
day-to-day operations management work practices.

3. Course contents:
The course consists of initial understanding of basic navigation and software user
skills. This will be followed by description, demo and hands-on practice of few
selected scenarios from FTP (Forecast To Pay), ITC (Inquiry To Cash) and
Inventory Management and Planning scenarios. Finally, the students will be
exposed to some critical aspects of ERP software requirement Analysis, Selection,
Implementation Projects as well as Future trends etc. Detailed course calender is
at the annexure.

4. Faculty:
Prof. Ashok Ranade, B.Tech., M.B.A., MIIE, PMP, CSCM, MCP, SAP Cert Asso., has more than
30 years of experience as software developer, Project Manager and Consultant
working for several multinational companies in India, USA and Canada.

5. Who will benefit:
All students seeking opportunities to work with medium and large corporations,
specially multi nationals will find the knowledge of ERP software an advantage in
the selection process.

6. Methodology:
This is a Lab course with extensive practical exercises. Each day a morning
classroom session will provide high level conceptual background to the topic that
will follow during the day for hands-on practice. The students will be then
provided live demonstrations of the software and finally students will get access
to live software system to practice the business scenarios.

7. Duration:
The main course is scheduled from 21st December 2009 to 25th December 2009.
The classroom sessions will be organized from 9:30AM to 12:30PM and the
Practical Lab sessions of 3 hours duration each with be organized in batches after
After December 25th the students can practice further until 3rd January at the
flexible timings to suit the requirements of all students.

8. Information Session:
To get additional detailed information about the course, the Information Session is
scheduled on Wednesday, 16th December 2009.

9. Registration:
Please click here to submit your registration. If you have any difficulty in
accessing this link the copy paste the following string to your browser.

10. Contact:
For any other details of the course please contact any of the following faculty
members of Bimtech.
Dr. Saurabh Bishnoi x 366
Prof. Kapil Garg      x 367
Nimisha Singh
Varimna Singh          x368
11. Course Calendar

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