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									                        AT&T Language Line Services

EyeMed Member Services often gets calls from members around the United States who
do not speak English. In order to assist these members accordingly, Member Services
has contracted with AT&T Language Line Services who will provide an interpreter. The
call is done as a conference call between the Member Services Rep, the member and the
interpreter. HIPAA procedures must still be followed when using the language line.

Language Line services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and they have
interpreters translating about 175 different languages.

If you need to conference in a LL interpreter, simply dial 1-877-261-6608.
Once your call is answered, you’ll be asked to provide some identifying information.
Your conversation will sound a little like this:

AT&T:          “Language Line services. What language please?”
You:           “Spanish please.”
AT&T:          “What is your client ID number?”
You:           “712744.”
AT&T:          “What is your company name?”
You:           “EyeMed.”
AT&T:          “What is your representative ID number?”
You:            Your phone extension
AT&T:          “Please hold for your interpreter.”

AT&T will locate the first available interpreter for the chosen language.

AT&T:          “Here is Interpreter #12345. Go ahead please.”
You:           “Hello Interpreter. My name is _______ and I’m with EyeMed Vision
               Care. I have a caller on hold who will have questions about his/her vision
               benefits. I’ll bring him/her on the line now.”

Additionally, you may receive a call from a member directly who has already contacted
an interpreter and be asked to participate in a conference call that way.

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