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               Studentship Scheme 2010
     Prospectus for Postgraduate Research Students
The purpose of the scheme is to encourage research in the alcohol field and to
improve the quality of service provided for those with drinking problems. These
objectives are very much within the aims of the Council.

Up to three students a year will be joint-funded up to £7,000 each per year for three
years to undertake research in the alcohol field leading to a PhD. Applicants must
have an offer of joint funding from an appropriate organisation, such as the ESRC or a
university, before they can apply to the Council.

Applications should normally be for studies or courses beginning in the academic year
2010/11. In exceptional circumstances the Council will accept applications to finance
existing courses. In such cases the applicant will need to provide a satisfactory
progress report from the course tutor or supervisor. The AERC will not fund

The closing date for the submission of applications this year will 10th May, 2010.
The original, fully signed application, accompanied by the programme of
research must be posted in time to arrive by the closing date. An electronic copy
of the complete application (preferably in one document) is also required by the
closing date. Please note that late applications will not be accepted.

When the Studentship Committee has made their deliberations all candidates are
advised whether they have been successful. Successful candidates, their supervisors
and institutions are required to enter into a formal agreement, which sets out the terms
and conditions of the award.

                             IN ORDER TO QUALIFY:
   The applicant should have been accepted for a higher degree by research in
    alcohol studies up to a maximum period of three years.
   Applicants must have an offer of joint funding.
   The application should be endorsed by the Head of Department in which the
    student will work.
   The research proposal should be robust and the student networked in with
    appropriate academic support.
   The student should already have or expect shortly to be awarded a degree at first
    class or upper second. Applications will also be considered from students who

   have lesser qualifications but who can provide evidence of their ability to
   undertake research to the appropriate academic standard. This may be in the form
   of professional qualifications or experience, for example in the fields of teaching
   or nursing.

The Council is only prepared to consider applications from students from overseas
provided that they meet the following criteria:
  they are normally resident in the United Kingdom;
  the applicant intends to work in the United Kingdom.
The test of determining whether an applicant is normally resident in the United
Kingdom follows those used by universities in deciding whether or not a student
should pay overseas fees.

                    STUDENTSHIP AWARDS:

Awards are made on the undertaking that institutions, supervisors and students accept
and abide by the conditions set out here. The following conditions will be included in
a formal agreement that successful applicants, their supervisors and grant
administrators are required to sign as a final stage in the application process.

Payment of Awards:
 A studentship award is normally administered through the institution in which the
   applicant is enrolled as a student. Confirmation of any institution’s willingness to
   accept responsibility for the work to be undertaken and for administering the
   grant is a pre-condition of any award.
 A studentship award begins on the first day of the programme and payment is
   made to the student via the administering institution from that date. Subsequent
   payments are then paid in advance at the beginning of each academic year.

By 30th June, 2011 and 2012 students are required to provide the Council with a
statement of progress supported by a report from their Supervisor. This should give
an assessment of the student’s progress and state whether the award should be
continued. No award will be paid for a second year until the first year’s report has
been received and assessed and the same applies for the subsequent year.

End of Award Reports:
At the end of the period of the award students are required to provide the Council with
a bound copy of their thesis.

The Council reserves the right to:
 attach specific conditions to the award of a studentship grant; and
 terminate or vary its conditions at any time.

It is essential that ALL sections of the application forms are completed.

                         STUDENTSHIP SCHEME 2010
        Application form for a Postgraduate Research Studentship
This first sheet is for administration purposes only and will not be given to reviewers
 Applicant reference (office use only)

 Name                                                 Title

 Private Address
                                                      Tel No

                                                      Fax No

                                                      email address

 Work Address
                                                      Tel No

                                                      Fax No

                                                      email address

                                             Ethnic origin:
 Please circle the code from the list below which best described your ethnic origin. The codes are
 listed as those used in the 1991 census.

 11 White – British                                   34 Chinese or Other Ethnic background -
 12 White – Irish
                                                      39 Other Asian background
 19 Other White background
                                                      41 Mixed – White and Black Caribbean
 21 Black or Black British – Caribbean
                                                      42 Mixed – White and Black African
 22 Black or Black British – African
                                                      43 Mixed – White and Asian
 29 Other Black background
                                                      49 Other Mixed background
 31 Asian or Asian British – Indian
                                                      80 Other Ethnic background
 32 Asian or Asian British – Pakistani
                                                      90 Not known
 33 Asian or Asian British - Bangladeshi
                                                      98 Information refused

Applicant reference: APP 2010 R

Academic and professional qualifications:
Qualifications and awarding establishment                                                Date obtained

Training and experience relevant to the application

Particulars of the scholarship or joint funding held in connection with the proposed research

The research degree
Name of research degree                                     Length of programme Full time or part time

                                                                                          Commencement date

Validating body (e.g. University: CNAA):                    Tuition fee

Name and address of academic establishment                  Host department

Programme of research
Please provide the following information on A4 paper and attach to the application form to submit as
one document electronically:
 The title of the proposed research and its aims;
 The proposed plan of work, including details of the theoretical base of the research design and
 the anticipated timetable, and indicative references;
 whether the research will have practical application; and
 how the proposed research will contribute to the stated aims of the AERC

Field work
 If fieldwork involves the co-operation of an external institution please provide details and an
                 appropriate letter of support. And the following information:
                                        Name of institution

Address                                            Tel No

                                                   Fax No

                                                   E:Mail address

Certificate by the Academic Adviser
I certify that:
 the applicant has been accepted for a higher degree by research and the proposal has been
    approved by the department;
 I have read and discussed the attached proposal with the applicant;
 in my opinion, the applicant has the necessary academic ability and commitment to
    complete this research; and
 I agree to provide any progress reports the AERC may require.


Name                                               Tel No

                                                   Fax No

                                                   E:Mail address

Finance Officer prepared to administer the award
I confirm that:
 The information relating to the length of the programme and the fees payable is correct; and
 This department is willing to administer the award.


                                                    Tel No
____                                                Fax No

Address                                             E:Mail address

Declaration by applicant
To the best of my knowledge I declare that the particulars which I have given are accurate in all
respects. I have also read the Council’s document “Standard Requirements for Arrangements of
Research Studentship Awards” and, if my application is successful, I agree to abide by the
requirements set out within it.

Signature of applicant.____________________________________________Date:____________________

When completed, send the original of the fully signed application form with your
research proposal and evidence of joint funding to:

Andrea Tilouche
Alcohol Education and Research Council
Eliott House (EH 1.4)
10 – 12 Allington Street
London SW1E 5EH

An electronic copy of the application and research proposal MUST also be emailed to
andrea.tilouche@aerc.org.uk by 10th May, 2010.

                            PhD CHECKLIST

                                   ?                                        √
Have you read the Prospectus? Do you have an offer of joint funding and
have you included evidence of this with your application?

Have you completed every section of the Application Form?

Have you signed and dated the Application Form?

Has the Academic Advisor signed and dated the Application Form?

Has the Finance Officer signed and dated the Application Form? (This is
usually the person responsibly for administering student bursaries at the

Are you posting your application to the AERC in good time to meet the
deadline of Monday, 10th May, 2010?

Have you emailed a copy of the completed application by 10th May?