7th Grade English Language Arts by hcj


                                     7 Grade English Language Arts
                                      Ms. Conrad/Lone Star Team
                                       Murchison Middle School

                                       ELA SECTION
You should have a three-inch three-ring binder for your classes at Murchison. Here are the dividers
that you need for language arts:

   1) Notes & Readings:
         This section will include notes taken on lectures and discussions, informational handouts,
         and other general things that we do in the classroom.
   2) Writing
         We will do quite a bit of writing in this class. You should keep composition assignments
         and drafts, reader response writing, creative writing, and other writing-related materials in
         this section of your binder.
   3) Grammar and Vocabulary
         This section will include homework, in-class worksheets, vocabulary lists, and any other
         exercises having to do with grammar and vocabulary.
   4) Tests and Quizzes
         It is important to keep your tests and quizzes in this section because they will help you
         study later on.

      Informational handouts such as the class syllabus and six-week calendars will go in the front of
       your ELA section, before the dividers begin.
      It doesn’t matter what color your dividers are, as long as you have them well-labeled.
      Your binder and class sections are intended to help you remain organized and prepared for
       class every day. If you use them well, they will help you be successful in this class. Take care
       of them and keep them organized! Keep this sheet in the very front of the ELA section of your
       binder for future reference. You may want to put it in a sheet protector.
      You can stay on top of your section organization by frequently consulting the calendars that
       are posted in the room as well as Ms. Conrad’s website.
      You will be tested on your section organization skills every six weeks in the Section
       Organization Quiz.

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