(Facility Name) Emergency Operations Plan(3) by hcj


									         (Facility Name) Emergency Operations Plan
                     Annex I: Acronymns
AAR      After Action Report
ABG      Arterial Blood Gas analysis
ACC      Acute Care Center
ACF      Alternative Care Facilities
ACS      Alternative Care Sites
ALS      Advanced Life Support
ASU      Ambulatory Surgical Unit

CDC      Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
CEM      County Emergency Management
CEO      Chief Executive Officer
CFO      Chief Financial Officer
CFR      Code of Federal Regulations
CLEPC    County Local Emergency Planning Committee
COO      Chief Operations Officer
COOP     Continuity of Operations
CT       Computed Axial Tomography

DOC      Department Operations Center

ED       Emergency Department
EKG      Electrocardiograms
EMA      Emergency Management Agency
EMAC     Emergency Management Assistance Compact
EMS      Emergency Medical Service
EMSA     Emergency Medical Services Authority
EMP      Emergency Management Program
EOC      Emergency Operations Center
EOP      Emergency Operations Plan
EPA      Environmental Protection Agency
ER       Emergency Room
ESF      Emergency Support Function

FAC      Family Assistance Center
FEMA     Federal Emergency Management Agency
FOG      Field Operations Guide
FPC      Federal Preparedness Circular

GIS      Geographic Information System

HazMat   Hazardous Material
HCC      Hospital Command Center
HICS     Hospital Incident Command System
HIM      Health Information Management
HIPAA    Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
HRSA     Health Resources and Services Administration
HSPD-5   Homeland Security Presidential Directive-5
HVA      Hazard Vulnerability Analysis/Assessment

IAP      Incident Action Plan
IC       Incident Commander
ICP      Incident Command Post
ICS      Incident Command System
ICU      Intensive Care Unit
IMT      Incident Management Team
IPG      Incident Planning Guide
IRG      Incident Response Guide
IT/IS    Information Technology/Information Services

JAS      Job Action Sheet
JIC      Joint Information Center
JIS      Joint Information System

KDEM     Kansas Division of Emergency Management
KDHE     Kansas Department of Health and Environment
KHA      Kansas Hospital Association

LEPC     Local Emergency Planning Committee
LNO      Liaison Officer

MAC      Multi Agency Coordination
MRI      Magnetic Resonance Imaging

NDMS     National Disaster Medical System
NEHC     Neighborhood Emergency Health Clinic
NGO      Nongovernmental Organization
NIC      National Incident Management System (NIMS) Integration Center
NIMS     National Incident Management System
NRP      National Response Plan

OSHA     Occupational Safety and Health Administration
OB       Obstetrics
OR       Operating Room

POD      Point of Distribution
POLREP   Pollution Report
PIO      Public Information Officer
PPE      Personal Protective Equipment
PT       Patient
PVO      Private Voluntary Organizations

QA       Quality Assurance

R&D      Research and Development
RESTAT   Resources Status
RHCC     Regional Hospital Coordination Center
RN       Registered Nurse
ROSS     Resource Ordering and Status System

SARS     Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome
SDO      Standards Development Organizations
SEOC     State Emergency Operations Center
SITREP   Situation Report
SNS      Strategic National Stockpile
SO       Safety Officer
SOP      Standard Operating Procedure

UC       Unified Command
US&R     Urban Search and Rescue

VA       U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
VHA      Veterans Health Administration
VP       Vice-President

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