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					Summer 2010

Driver Education
Fall 2010

I give permission for my son/daughter ______________________________ to be
enrolled in Driver’s Education for the fall session 2010. I understand the following
requirements for participation:
    • The cost for the course is $300 plus fees for permits and testing. Any license
       fees are also separate.
    • All charges will be billed to the student’s account and are non-refundable.
    • Attendance will be taken at each class to fulfill the State of Vermont’s
    • A student not completing the required thirty (30) hours of scheduled
       instruction will not be eligible to pursue a license at this time.
    • The instructor may, with the approval of the Academic Dean, remove a
       student for unexcused absences and inappropriate behavior.
    • Should the student fail to comply with the above, he/she may be asked to
       leave the class for impeding the learning opportunity of others.
    • For students who are not Vermont Residents: You are responsible for
       confirming with the DMV in the state in which you reside that this course
       fulfills all requirements to obtain credit in said state.
    • Once a student begins the Driver’s Education course, there will be no
       refund or portion thereof for any reason if the student does not
       complete the course.

Parent Signature _____________________________________________

Student Signature____________________________________________

Date ______________________________________________________

Please return by fax to (802) 869-6603 or mail to:
Doris Walker, Registrar
Vermont Academy
10 Long Walk
PO Box 500
Saxtons River, VT 05154
Summer 2010
Dear Parents:

        Your student has signed up to take the Driver’s Education course for the fall 2010 session. The
class will begin on Tuesday, September 14th. It will meet Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7:15-9:15 p.m.
The class consists of 30 hours of classroom learning (duration – about 7½ weeks), plus 6 hours of on-road
driving time and 6 hours of observation (additional 12 hours). The fee for all materials and instruction
(excluding DMV test fees) is $300 and is non-refundable once your student begins attending the class.

         All Driver’s Ed students must be at least 15 years old and must obtain a Vermont learner’s permit
in order to practice driving on Vermont roads. We will be organizing a trip to the Dept. of Motor
Vehicles (DMV) in Springfield, VT for any student who has yet to obtain a Vermont permit (we
encourage students who are Vermont residents to do this before starting the course). In order to take the
required test and obtain the permit, the student will need to present at the DMV one primary form of
valid identification AND one secondary. Examples of these are:

             Primary identification -
                  • A certified copy of a birth certificate (a photocopy is not acceptable)
                  • Passport
             Secondary identification -
                  • Original social security card
                  • Health Insurance Card
                  • Vermont Academy identification card

For international students: A valid passport and I-94 form are needed. Town or city of birth must be

         According to Vermont (VT) state law, all students must hold their VT driver’s permit for a period
of one year if under the age of 17 ½, 6 months for students 17 ½ or over, and no waiting period for
students who have turned 18 before applying for a license in the State of VT. This presents some
drawbacks for non-residents of VT. These students may not want to wait to be issued a license in
Vermont. For this reason, Vermont Academy does not encourage out-of-state or international students to
apply for a VT driver’s license, nor do we arrange for the license test. For practicality, we recommend
that students (and their parents) investigate whether their home state will honor Driver’s Ed classes from
Vermont in order to obtain a driver’s license.

         If, for any reason, you would like to withdraw your student from the course, please let me know
by calling me at (802)869-6265 before September 1, 2010.


Doris Walker, Registrar
Studies Office
Deborah Tolaro, Instructor of Driver Education Program

Personal Credentials: B.A. in Education, with a concentration and state certification in Driver
Education; about 40 graduate credits in traffic safety with 25 years of experience.

Classroom Curriculum involves a 30 hour program following the Vermont Curriculum. The core
text used is the Fred Mottola Zone Control System and Ten Key Driving Habits, in addition to the in-
vehicle companion text. Extensive Alcohol Education is included in the program, at least 8 hours in
length. This contains information, films, discussion in addition to a 2 hour presentation by Steven
Waldo – a well respected Vermont State Liquor Inspector and Alcohol Education. The 30 hours of
classroom follows the Vermont State approved curriculum.

The in-car lessons of the class also follow the Vermont approved curriculum. Each student drives for
6 hours performing a variety of driving tasks, such as:

             Smooth acceleration, braking and steering
             Use of targets ahead in path
             Use of transition pegs
             Use of reference points
             In town driving, highway driving, rural dirt road driving
             Parking; 90 degree angle, backing into a space and parallel
             Vermont turn-about
             Hill start
             Emergency procedures
             Zone decision making
             Night driving

To increase each student’s awareness of the Highway Traffic System, 6 hours in-car observation time
is also required.