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									Purpose Statement

The USCB Business Administration degree focuses on the traditional management areas of accounting,
finance, marketing and economics and their roles in implementing business strategies. The program
strives to enhance student understanding of the dynamics of today's global economy and competitive
forces. An integrative approach is employed stressing leadership, ethics, social responsibility and
entrepreneurship. Real-world skills are developed which allow our graduates to contribute to their future
employers in for-profit, non-profit and government organizations, as well as their local and global

Program Goals

B.S. in Business Administration program objectives include the following:

    •   Develop the fundamental ideals, values and guiding principles for professional and personal life.
    •   Advise students on their potential career identification and course selection.
    •   Provide small class sizes that enable students to receive individualized coaching.
    •   Encourage a close, professional working relationship with faculty, staff and students.
    •   Ensure that each course is grounded in sound business theory and principles with a practical
    •   Provide opportunities for students to participate in structured, team-based activities (in-class
        projects and club activities).
    •   Support campus-based student organizations to assist in developing student leaders in an
        interactive environment.
    •   Deliver a curriculum that broadens the students’ knowledge in the critical business functions of
        management, accounting, finance, marketing, economics, production and information technology.
    •   Deliver a curriculum that has a strong quantitative component through the use of statistical
        applications in business research to help prospective business professionals make effective

USCB aims to ensure that all students who complete the Bachelor of Science in Business
Administration are able to …

    •   Utilize a well developed acumen for business terminology and concepts.
    •   Formulate a thesis, organize a complex idea, support it with appropriate evidence and render it in
        coherent, grammatical and properly punctuated written English.
    •   Demonstrate the ability to develop and deliver a professional business presentation.
    •   Demonstrate the ability to conduct an effective business analysis and make strong short-term and
        long-term recommendations based on this analysis.
    •   Demonstrate a thorough and broad historical understanding of the development of business
    •   Conduct business research using major library databases, business journals and business reference
    •   Demonstrate an understanding of the basic theoretical concepts in the business literature.
    •   Discuss the major theoretical approaches to the study of human behavior.
    •   Demonstrate a good general knowledge of the current state (current events) of business affairs.
    •   Integrate and utilize concepts from fundamental business courses (Marketing, Management,
        Operations, MIS, Finance and Accounting) to construct strategically sound long-term
        organizational decisions.
    •   Effectively utilize technology resources to perform management functions such as financial
        analysis, scheduling, production work flows and database storage and retrieval.
    •   Lead others by properly utilizing reward schedules, by establishing and reinforcing a worthy
        vision for the organization and by setting forth and establishing


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