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    Students at the University of Wollongong don’t stay students for long. They very
    quickly become what they were always meant to be: teachers, leaders, experts
    in their fields and role models. UOW does everything it can to support you on this
    journey, by providing high quality courses, world-renowned teachers and the
    options you need to find your way.
    A UOW graduate encounters uncertainty and sees exciting opportunities for change.
    They meet challenges with decisive action. They are well-informed problem-solvers
    who are known among employers as effective team players. This is reflected in
    UOW’s consistently high performance for graduate outcomes in national and
    international rankings.
    I invite you to read on and see what UOW has to offer.


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      us Study at UOW and discover
         a range of specialised quality
         degrees designed to evolve
         you to be the person you
         want to be.
         UOW was established in 1951 as a small technical college
         serving the professional needs of our local community. We
         are now a leading university nationally with an international
         reputation for academic excellence and an enviable record
         of achievement in teaching and research.
         Our graduate outcomes are some of the strongest in Australia,
         and UOW’s Alumni Network provides social and business
         networking opportunities for our graduates,
         wherever they are in the world.
         The UOW community have never lost sight of the importance
         of practical skills in our pursuit of excellence, and are proud
         to consistently deliver courses of study that leave our graduates
         well equipped to find success in a rapidly changing world.
         Strong interaction with industry and business ensures a
         dynamic learning environment that reflects global trends.
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     mind                                         +                                          +
    Top 2% in the World                           A Five-star University                     Bonuses
    UOW has had its position as one of the        The 2011 Good Universities Guide           Some students will be eligible for both
    top two per cent of universities in the       confirms UOW’s longstanding position       these programs, which could mean up
    world confirmed by its performance in         as one of the country’s leading            to six bonus points when they apply.
    three prestigious international rankings:     research institutions. UOW received
                                                  five stars in seven key areas—only         POINTS TO UOW
    ƒ   QS World University Rankings              the top 20 per cent of universities in     Points to UOW awards up to three
        2010                                      Australia can be awarded five stars        bonus points for performing well
    ƒ   Shanghai Jiao Tong Academic               in any one category.                       in relevant HSC subjects. It
        Ranking of World Universities 2010                                                   acknowledges that students who
    ƒ   Times Higher Education World              ƒ   Getting a Job                          do well in appropriate subjects are
        University Rankings 2010                  ƒ   Positive Graduate Outcomes             often well prepared for university.
                                                  ƒ   Staff Qualifications
    These rankings provide a comprehensive        ƒ   Research Intensity                     There is no separate application for
    assessment of universities across a range     ƒ   Graduate Satisfaction                  Points to UOW—the calculations are
    of criteria, including research excellence,   ƒ   Generic Skills                         automatic. Once a student puts in a
    employer reviews and degree quality.          ƒ   Staff to Student Ratio                 preference for a UOW course through
                                                                                             the UAC system, if they score in the

                                                  +                                          appropriate band in a HSC course,
                                                                                             the bonus points will be added to their
                                                                                             UOW preference.
                                                  Number 1 for Student
                                                                                             For more information, see
                                                  Satisfaction                               www.uow.edu.au/future/pointstouow
                                                  UOW was rated first for overall
                                                  satisfaction among Australian university   BONUS POINTS
                                                  students in the independent Sweeney        We also offer bonus points to students
                                                  Research Group’s 2009 ‘Uni Student         attending a school local to UOW and
                                                  Report’. Students ranked their             in regional or remote NSW. Students
                                                  university based on the opportunities      attending an eligible school receive
                                                  for becoming involved in campus life.      three bonus points.

                                                                                             More information, including a full list
                                                                                             of eligible schools, can be found at

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    +                                         +                                            +
    Early Entry                               Our Inspiring Campus                         Get Fired Up, Sports
    EARN A PLACE AT UOW BEFORE                UOW Wollongong campus sits at                and Recreation
    YOU SIT THE HSC                           the foot of Mount Keira, five minutes
                                              from the heart of Wollongong City.
    Through the Early Entry program, you
                                              The grounds are an immaculate
    can be rewarded for your achievements                                                  The University Recreation and Aquatic
                                              combination of bushland, lawn and
    in your best subjects with a place at                                                  Centre (URAC) is UOW’s sports
                                              waterways. Extensive native plantings
    UOW—before you sit the HSC exams.                                                      and recreation hub. URAC houses
                                              have made the campus home to scores
    The program is about getting passionate                                                world- class facilities including a fully
                                              of native birds and other wildlife.
    students with appropriate skills in                                                    equipped gym, tennis courts, squash
                                              Nestled in this haven are our cutting-
    the course that suits them. You’ll be                                                  courts, 50-metre heated swimming
                                              edge learning spaces designed and
    assessed based on your past academic                                                   pool, 3,000 seat multipurpose sports
                                              managed to world-class environmental
    record and other criteria such as an                                                   centre, fitness classes, sports fields,
                                              standards. UOW has already reduced
    interview and/or portfolio.                                                            basketball courts and more. It’s also
                                              its energy usage by 19% since 2006,
                                                                                           where you come to discover outdoor
                                              and saved 37 million litres of water
    All applications for Early Entry take                                                  activities, social sport competitions and
                                              since 2007.
    place online. You can find detailed                                                    get involved in representative teams.

    information on how it works at
    earlyentry.uow.edu.au                                                                  UOW sporting clubs cater for everyone
                                                                                           from the novice looking for lunchtime fun
                                                                                           through to elite athletes and are always
                                              New Student Hub                              keen to welcome new members. UOW
                                              In 2011 UOW opened a new student             clubs compete at local, regional, state
                                              space. This includes extensive lounge        and national level and most of the action
                                              areas, an extended food court, new           happens on campus, so it’s easy to find
                                              facilities for study, virtual gaming areas   something that suits your timetable.
                                              and gallery spaces.
                                                                                           Athletics, Futsal, Rugby Union,
                                                                                           Swimming, AFL, SCUBA Diving,
                                                                                           Netball, Hockey, Kendo, Squash,
                                                                                           Badminton, Dance, Surfriding, Cricket,
                                                                                           Ultimate Frisbee, Gaelic Football,
                                                                                           Underwater Hockey, Indoor Soccer,
                                                                                           Taekwondo, Floorball, Boxing, Softball,
                                                                                           Water Polo, Basketball, Oztag, Hiking,
                                                                                           Rugby League.
                                                                                                                              us       7
student life and
     UOW delivers a student experience that has won national recognition. A big part of it
     is making sure our students have the support they need for academic, personal and
     social wellbeing.

     ACADEMIC SUPPORT                                                                        student computer laboratories.

                                                                                             Equipped with hundreds of computers,
                                                                                             as well as teaching labs and two
                                                                                             Computer Science labs, staff can
     Scholarships                                library.uow.edu.au
                                                                                             provide assistance with equipment,
                                                                                             software and training.
                                                 Get the most out of your degree. Use        LIFE SUPPORT

     The UOW Undergraduate Scholarship           the Library to access an impressive
     Program offers financial support and        array of information: books, ebooks,
     opportunities to students with different    journals, databases, statistical
     skills from many backgrounds.               information and more. Preparing for
                                                 assignments is easier using our practical   Medical and
     Some scholarships are designed to           tips and guides. We help you find what      Health Services
     attract the most academic and talented      you need with personal and online           unicentre.uow.edu.au/retail/
     students, while others recognise the        support. While in the Library access:       generalfacilities/health
     personal attributes and contributions to
     community. There are scholarships to        ƒ   Hundreds of computers                   A range of health and medical services
     increase equity of access for students      ƒ   Wireless access for your laptop         are provided in the UniCentre building,
     in disadvantaged circumstances, and         ƒ   Comfortable reading lounges and         including a campus doctor, optometrist
     scholarships for students with                  desks                                   and dentist.
     exceptional sporting ability.               ƒ   Group work tables and rooms

     Scholarships provide financial
     assistance to allow students to focus       +                                           +
     more effectively on study. Some also                                                    Counselling Services
     offer the opportunity for work integrated   Learning Resources                          www.uow.edu.au/student/services/cs
     learning programs and are supported by      www.uow.edu.au/student/services/ld
     a range of valued partners invested in
     the growth of our graduates.                                                            The Counselling Service provides free,
                                                 The Learning Development Centre             confidential and professional help at

                                                 offers help and free services including     times of conflict or crisis.
                                                 academic skills programs and English

     Peer Assisted
                                                 workshops. Make use of individual
                                                 consultations and resources including
                                                 the self-access interactive UniLearning
     Study Sessions                              website.                                    Disability Services

     www.uow.edu.au/student/services/pass                                                    www.uow.edu.au/student/services/ds

     Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) is                                                  Access and resources are available for
     a group learning program that consists
     of weekly one hour, non-compulsory
                                                 Student Computer                            students with disabilities. Disability
                                                                                             Services facilitate the transition to UOW
     sessions. They are based around key         Resource Centre                             and a Disability Liaison Officer supports
     subjects and led by senior students who     www.uow.edu.au/its                          students throughout their stay.
     have excelled at these subjects. PASS is                                                Specialised equipment, note-takers,
     available to all students in improving      UOW’s Information Technology                volunteer readers, and peer support
     their understanding of course material      Services (ITS) provides training, user      networks may be provided.
     and their grades.                           guides and student computer
                                                 resources, including nine central
 8    us
+                                                 +
Religious Services                                Indigenous                              Indigenous Centre. The Centre provides
                                                                                          for equity of access, participation and
unicentre.uow.edu.au/retail/                      Student Support                         outcomes for UOW Indigenous students
                                                  www.uow.edu.au/wic                      and encourages links with our local
                                                                                          Aboriginal community.
The University’s Chaplaincy Service offers
                                                  Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander
fellowship, personal counselling and
                                                  students can find a supportive
guidance as well as leadership in doctrinal
                                                  environment at the Woolyungah
studies and worship. There are also active
student-run religious groups on campus
representing many major religions.

Safety and Security

The UOW Security Service helps provide a
safe and secure campus environment 24
hours a day, 7 days a week. Licensed
Security Officers provide services such as
emergency response, first aid, after-dark
escorts and campus patrols.

For people living in UOW student
accommodation, safety and security policies
include dedicated senior residents working
to ensure the wellbeing of residents.

Get Infused
in Campus Life

The UniCentre is at the heart of campus
social life, and central to that social life is
the award-winning UniBar. It attracts live
music acts on local and international levels
and provides a venue for student bands
and DJs. The best of live music from
around the world can be seen Thursday
evenings during the Academic Session.

The smoke-free hub includes a food
service area, courtyard, outdoor terrace,
lounge area and pool tables.

At UOW discover a range of takeaway
outlets, restaurants and cafés and enjoy
the convenience of a bank, ATMs,
bookshop, Australia Post Office, medical
centre, travel agency, hairdressing salon
and UniMovies on campus.

With the help of the Centre for Student
Engagement and the Wollongong
University Students Association, UOW
students run many clubs and societies.
You’ll have no trouble meeting new
people, getting involved with campus
art galleries, market days, plays and
music recitals and more, all playing
a vital part of student life.

                                                                                                                               us   9
     Wollongong is a perfect study environment. It has fun when you want it and quiet
     when you need it. It’s affordable, easy to get around and just as close to the laidback
     South Coast as it is to the hustle of Sydney. The Illawarra region makes the most of
     outdoor living and dining on the coast offers a variety of restaurants, bars and cafés
     reflecting Wollongong’s multicultural community.
     Take advantage of the city’s shops,
     hotels, clubs and 17 patrolled beaches.
     The UOW campus itself is less than
     five kilometres from the city centre
                                                 An Evolving City
                                                 Wollongong is the site of a booming
                                                 knowledge economy, with UOW a key
                                                 driving force. Through developments
                                                                                             The pristine environment and availability
                                                                                             of work attracted migrant workers from
                                                                                             all over the world to make their homes
                                                                                             in Wollongong. When UOW started
     and beaches, and is easily accessible                                                   enrolling a diverse range of international
     by public transport.                        like UOW’s Innovation Campus (iC)—a         students in the 1980s, Wollongong was
                                                 teaching, research and business park        already a place of mixed languages,
     A range of local sporting clubs             in North Wollongong—the region is           cuisines, religions and customs.
     including netball, cricket, rugby league,   being built around highly technological
     rugby union and AFL are available for       and international business.                 Today, Wollongong brags a rich cultural
     membership. The Illawarra is also a                                                     calendar and attracts the attention
     great location for skydiving, hang-         Historically, the city’s economy was        of international businesses, which
     gliding and mountain biking.                centred around industry, and it continues   are opening offices in the area,
                                                 to employ a large number of skilled         including at iC.
                                                 graduates from UOW. Another result
                                                 of this industrial past is Wollongong’s
                                                 unique multicultural diversity.

10    us

         us   11
you                                                UOW students have lots of options
                                                   for getting around the city.

     Most destinations in Wollongong
     are an easy walk away.

     UOW is introducing lots of new bike racks
     for secure and convenient bike parking,
     and the undergrad students’ association
     runs free bike repair clinics. There are
     lots of second-hand bikes up for sale or
     adoption if you’re on a budget.

     North Wollongong station is a 15-minute
     walk away, or for the time-pressed, there’s
     a free shuttle bus from station to campus.

     Wollongong is well connected with city
     buses going to all its suburbs. A free
     ‘city loop’ shuttle service runs all day
     and into the night, linking UOW with
     the town’s hotspots.

     UOW runs a carpooling program, so get
     two or more friends in your car with you
     and you get free parking on-campus.

12    us
FAIRY MEADOW RETAIL PRECINCT                                                     CAMPUS EAST

PRINCES HWY                                                               FAIRY MEADOW BEACH

BOTANIC GARDENS                                                            INNOVATION CAMPUS


                               Shuttle                                NORTH WOLLONGONG BEACH

                               Route                                     WOLLONGONG HARBOUR

WEERONA COLLEGE                Free UOW Service                         CITY BEACH LIGHTHOUSE
                               Departs every 10 minutes
                               7am–9am & 3pm–6pm
                               Offpeak: every 20 minutes until 10pm
WOLLONGONG HOSPITAL            Weekends: every 20 minutes 8am–6pm       ENTERTAINMENT CENTRE

WOLLONGONG TRAIN STATION                                                         WIN STADIUM

CROWN ST RETAIL PRECINCT                                                       BURELLI STREET

                                                                                        us      13
live and
14   us
Many of you will have to move out of home to study at uni. It’s an exciting idea, and
moving into a UOW residence is a fantastic option. Make new friends, get academic
support and make the transition to independent living.
UOW residences are a supportive and diverse community to the students who live
there. Every residence has a strong community spirit strengthened by a calendar
full of social events.
Living at UOW is not just fun and games. Surveys conducted by the Uni show
that 91% of students living at UOW continued their studies, compared to an 84%
retention rate for those not living in a UOW residence.
Part of this success can be attributed to the atmosphere of support. Informal and
formal study groups mean you’re never on your own if you’re having difficulty with
a subject, and senior Resident Assistants provide help and advice with any other
troubles you run into.

Resident Assistants                           Catering Types                           “I’m originally from Coffs
Resident Assistants (RAs) are around          Residences at UOW offer three types      Harbour on the north
24 hours a day. RAs are senior students       of catering. Fully-catered residences
whose job it is to look out for newer         serve 19 meals a week cafeteria-style,   coast of NSW; moving
residents. They help them settle in,          where residents buy all their meals as   away from home was a
resolve academic or personal issues           a package. Flexi-catered residences
and help them make the most of living         serve meals in a similar setting, but
                                                                                       big deal, having to face
in the UOW community.                         residents only pay for the meals they    the everyday reality of
                                              eat, and self-catered residences offer
                                              kitchen facilities for residents to
                                                                                       looking after myself.
Room Configurations                           prepare their own meals.                 Thankfully, all the
All the UOW residences are configured                                                  staff and residents at
slightly differently, but the vast majority   Whether students prefer prepared
of all UOW residence accommodation            meals, or the independence of            Kooloobong were very
is single rooms.                              do-it-yourself cookery, there’s          helpful, always willing
                                              something for everyone.
Campus East: single rooms in units
                                                                                       to give you a hand
of up to five rooms with shared                                                        whenever you need it.
bathrooms. Common meal and                                                             When first arriving at
recreation areas.
                                                                                       Kooloobong you’re
Weerona, iHouse: mostly single rooms,                                                  greeted by the Senior
some shared dormitory-style rooms.
Common meal, bathroom and                                                              Residents and staff who
recreation areas.                                                                      show you around and
Kooloobong: units of five single rooms,
                                                                                       they’re always willing to
with shared kitchen, bathroom and                                                      answer any questions.”
living areas.
                                                                                       Cal Thompson
Keiraview: motel-style single rooms
with private ensuite, common kitchen                                                   Bachelor of Engineering
and recreation areas.                                                                  (Mining Engineering)

                                                                                                              us    15
 not just
     +                                          +                                          +
     UOW Southern Sydney                        Shoalhaven Campus                          Batemans Bay
     ssydney.uow.edu.au                         shoalhaven.uow.edu.au                      Education Centre
     Phone: 02 8536 2000                        Phone: 02 4448 0888
                                                                                           Phone: 02 4472 2125
     Undergraduate degrees:                     Undergraduate degrees:
                                                                                           Undergraduate degrees:
     ƒ   Bachelor of Commerce                   ƒ   Bachelor of Arts (Community,
         (Accountancy, Management and               Culture and Environment;
                                                                                           ƒ   Bachelor of Arts (Community,
         at least the first year of all other       Sociology; Indigenous Studies;
                                                                                               Culture and Environment;
         majors) page 36 and 40                     History; English Literatures)
                                                                                               Sociology; Indigenous Studies;
     ƒ   Bachelor of Commerce (Event                page 29–32
                                                                                               History; English Literatures)
         Management) – joint TAFE/UOW           ƒ   Bachelor of Commerce
                                                                                               page 29-32
         program page 39                            (Accountancy, Management and
                                                                                           ƒ   Bachelor of Commerce
     ƒ   Bachelor of Commerce (Hospitality)         at least the first year of all other
                                                                                               (Accountancy, Management and
         – joint TAFE/UOW program page 39           majors) page 36 and 40
                                                                                               at least the first year of all other
     ƒ   Bachelor of Nursing page 58            ƒ   Bachelor of Commerce (Event
                                                                                               majors) page 36 and 40
                                                    Management) – joint program
                                                    with TAFE NSW page 39
                                                                                           You can also study the Graduate
                                                ƒ   Bachelor of Nursing page 58
                                                                                           Diploma in Education (page 49) here.
                                                You can also study the Graduate
                                                Diploma in Education (page 49) here.

16    us
UOW has campuses and Education Centres in Shoalhaven, Southern Sydney,
Batemans Bay, Bega and Moss Vale. At all these locations, you’ll find supportive,
knowledgeable staff, modern resources and a friendly student-centred environment.
It’s possible to study an entire degree at one of these campuses, without having
to travel to Wollongong.

+                                          +                                          Education Centres &
                                                                                      Campus Scholarships
Bega Education Centre                      Moss Vale Education                        For information on UOW scholarships,
                                                                                      including equity scholarships and
bega.uow.edu.au                            Centre                                     scholarships available to Mature Age
Phone: 02 6494 7035
                                           mvale.uow.edu.au                           Students studying at regional
                                           Phone: 02 4869 1888                        campuses, please see www.uow.edu.au/
Undergraduate degrees:                                                                about/scholarships
                                           Undergraduate degrees:
ƒ   Bachelor of Arts (Community,
    Culture and Environment;
                                           ƒ   Bachelor of Arts (Community,           Academic Achievement
    Sociology; Indigenous Studies;
    History; English Literatures)
                                               Culture and Environment;               Scholarships
                                               Sociology; Indigenous Studies;
    page 29–32                                                                        Bega, Batemans Bay, Moss Vale
                                               History; English Literatures)
ƒ   Bachelor of Commerce                                                              Education Centres, UOW Southern
                                               page 29–32
    (Accountancy, Management and                                                      Sydney and Shoalhaven Campus
                                           ƒ   Bachelor of Commerce
    at least the first year of all other
                                               (Accountancy, Management and
    majors) page 36 and 40                                                            Amount: Up to $1,000 for one year
                                               at least the first year of all other
ƒ   Bachelor of Nursing page 58
                                               majors) pages 36 and 40
                                                                                      Number Available: One per site
You can also study the Graduate
Diploma in Education (page 49) here.                                                  You must have attended school, or
                                                                                      live in the areas surrounding Bega,
                                                                                      Batemans Bay, Moss Vale Education
                                                                                      Centres, UOW Southern Sydney or
                                                                                      Shoalhaven Campus (please contact
                                                                                      your relevant campus for more

                                                                                      Community Sponsored
                                                                                      There are a number of scholarships
                                                                                      sponsored by local organisations
                                                                                      and community members for people
                                                                                      studying at a satellite campus.
                                                                                      Applications for these scholarships are
                                                                                      due after the start of your first session
                                                                                      at UOW. You should contact your local
                                                                                      Centre or Campus for further details.

                                                                                                                          us      17
     UOW graduates are different
      UOW graduates leave us with qualities that set them apart in the workplace, in further studies, and in life. These qualities are
      integral to how we develop courses and are highly visible to employers.

                                            UOW graduates are

            responsible                                        informed                                     independent
                                 effective                                      problem
                              communicators                                      solvers

      Deborah Muddell is the People Development Director at Clemenger BBDO in Sydney and has recently employed two UOW grads.
      She describes their qualifications as “outstanding” but drew on job interview panel feedback for the specifics.

      “Wow, what a                  “Just exceptional,            “Focused,                      “Very articulate, well
      privilege to sit in the       10 years’ time                determined,                    thought-out answers
      room and hear this            she’ll be running             has integrity and              and presents like
      young lady. 10/10”            the place”                    good values”                   someone who’s
                                                                                                 been doing it for
                                                                                                 many years. Already
                                                                                                 very polished and

      career suppor
           for transformatio
      At UOW Careers Central, you’ll get the professional support and advice you need to move
      into your dream job once you graduate.
      Qualified counsellors are available to help give you an edge in this transformative time.
      This help could take the form of interview rehearsal sessions, professional resume reviews
      or one-on-one consultations.
      When you’re ready, international and local employment opportunities including graduate
      recruitment programs can be accessed on the UOW Careers Central Job Alert website.
      While workplace experience is part of engineering, health, law and education degrees, Careers
      Central can assist all students to get involved with internships should they like a taste of the
      real world before finishing their studies.
      Programs available include internships within the University, team-based challenges for
      Australian businesses or voluntary work experience:

      +                                                +                                              +                                              +
      Univative Illawarra (UI)                         Lucy Mentoring Program                         Students In Free Enterprise                    Employment Experience
      Involves a group of students from a diverse      (LUCY)                                         (SIFE)                                         Program (EEP)
      range of disciplines responding to a real
                                                       The Lucy Mentoring Program aims to             SIFE students work together with faculty       EEP is a Careers Central program whereby
      business problem and developing a
                                                       encourage the development of women to          members and a business advisory group to       UOW students gain work experience on a
      proposed solution over four weeks during
                                                       become our future leaders. LUCY supports       create innovative community outreach           voluntary basis with a local business or
      the Summer or Winter breaks.
                                                       this goal through collaboration with the NSW   activities that empower people in need. SIFE   community organisation.
                                                       government, other universities, businesses     students also develop ways to fund their
                                                       and community groups.                          projects, manage themselves, publicise their
                                                                                                      activities, and network with local, national
      +                                                                                                                                              +
                                                                                                      and international business executives.         For more information on any of the programs
      Careers Central Internships                                                                                                                    above, contact Careers Central through their
      (CCI)                                                                                                                                          website or call 02 4221 3325.
      Work part-time for a semester at Careers
      Central. Participate in communications and
      marketing activities and support our workplace
      learning programs and employer liaison.

     Double Your Prospects
     A double degree from UOW lets you earn two degrees simultaneously and therefore
     more quickly. A dual qualification will give you a broad skills base and improve your
     career options. In today’s workforce collaboration is key. Employers value graduates
     who can bring a combination of specialist skills and a broad perspective.
     UOW double degrees are available in combinations as diverse as you are. Pursue
     several interests at the same time, and evolve faster.

                                                                                                      APPROx.   FULL-TIME
     DEGREE                                                                                            ATAR     DURATION
     Bachelor of Arts – Bachelor of Commerce                                                            80       4.5 years
     Bachelor of Arts – Bachelor of International Studies                                               80       4.5 years
     Bachelor of Arts – Bachelor of Laws                                                                90      5–5.5 years
     Bachelor of Commerce – Bachelor of Laws                                                            90        5 years
     Bachelor of Communication & Media Studies – Bachelor of Arts                                       80       4.5 years
     Bachelor of Communication & Media Studies – Bachelor of Commerce                                   80       4.5 years
     Bachelor of Communication & Media Studies – Bachelor of Laws                                       90        5 years
     Bachelor of Communication & Media Studies – Bachelor of Science                                    80       4.5 years
     Bachelor of Computer Science – Bachelor of Laws                                                    90       5.5 years
     Bachelor of Computer Science – Bachelor of Science                                                 80       4.5 years
     Bachelor of Creative Arts – Bachelor of Arts                                                      A+C       4.5 years
     Bachelor of Creative Arts – Bachelor of Commerce                                                  A+C       4.5 years
     Bachelor of Creative Arts – Bachelor of Communication and Media Studies                           A+C       4.5 years
     Bachelor of Creative Arts – Bachelor of Computer Science                                          A+C       4.5 years
     Bachelor of Creative Arts – Bachelor of International Studies                                     A+C       4.5 years
     Bachelor of Creative Arts – Bachelor of Science                                                   A+C       4.5 years
     Bachelor of Creative Arts – Bachelor of Laws                                                      A+C      5–5.5 years
     Bachelor of Engineering – Bachelor of Arts                                                         80        5 years
     Bachelor of Engineering – Bachelor of Commerce                                                     80        5 years
     Bachelor of Engineering – Bachelor of Computer Science                                             80        5 years
     Bachelor of Engineering – Bachelor of Laws                                                         90        6 years
     Bachelor of Engineering – Bachelor of Mathematics                                                  80        5 years
     Bachelor of Engineering – Bachelor of Science                                                      80        5 years
     Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical, Computer or Telecommunications) – Bachelor of Arts            80        5 years
     Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical, Computer or Telecommunications) – Bachelor of Commerce        80        5 years
     Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical, Computer or Telecommunications) – Bachelor of Mathematics     80        5 years

22    you
                                                                                             APPROx.   FULL-TIME
DEGREE                                                                                        ATAR     DURATION
Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical, Computer or Telecommunications) – Bachelor of Science     80        5 years
Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical, Mechatronic) – Bachelor of Science (Exercise Science)     80        5 years
Bachelor of Information Technology – Bachelor of Laws                                          90        5 years
Bachelor of International Studies – Bachelor of Commerce                                       80       4.5 years
Bachelor of International Studies – Bachelor of Communication & Media Studies                  80       4.5 years
Bachelor of International Studies – Bachelor of Laws                                           90        5 years
Bachelor of Journalism – Bachelor of Arts                                                     A+C       4.5 years
Bachelor of Journalism – Bachelor of Commerce                                                 A+C       4.5 years
Bachelor of Journalism – Bachelor of Communication and Media Studies                          A+C       4.5 years
Bachelor of Journalism – Bachelor of Creative Arts                                            A+C       4.5 years
Bachelor of Journalism – Bachelor of Engineering                                              A+C       5.5 years
Bachelor of Journalism – Bachelor of International Studies                                    A+C       5.5 years
Bachelor of Journalism – Bachelor of Laws                                                     A+C        5 years
Bachelor of Journalism – Bachelor of Science                                                  A+C       4.5 years
Bachelor of Mathematics – Bachelor of Computer Science                                         80       4.5 years
Bachelor of Mathematics – Bachelor of Laws                                                     90      5–5.5 years
Bachelor of Psychology – Bachelor of Commerce                                                  92       5.5 years
Bachelor of Science (Faculty of Health & Behavioural Sciences) – Bachelor of Laws              90        5 years
Bachelor of Science (Faculty of Science) – Bachelor of Laws                                    90        5 years
Bachelor of Science (Physics) – Bachelor of Arts                                               80      4–5 years
Bachelor of Science (Physics) – Bachelor of Mathematics                                        80       4.5 years
Bachelor of Science (Psychology) – Bachelor of Commerce                                        80       4.5 years
Bachelor of Science – Bachelor of Arts                                                         80       4.5 years
Bachelor of Science – Bachelor of Commerce                                                     80       4.5 years
A + C = combination of ATAR and additional selection criteria used.

                                                                                                               you   23
      High Achiever Programs

      UOW offers a number of degree choices for academic high achievers. These degrees offer challenges for students
      who want their studies to take them beyond the ordinary. Apart from being able to develop close mentor relationships
      with key academics in their field, students will have the chance to customise their studies, and even participate in
      research while still in their undergraduate degree.

      +                                              A+                                               DS
                                                                                                                                                  They also attend special seminars
      Honours                                        Advanced Degrees                                 Dean’s Scholar                              and workshops, and hear from a
      www.uow.edu.au/student/honours                 uniadvice@uow.edu.au                             www.uow.edu.au/future/school/whyuow/        variety of guest speakers. The
                                                                                                      study/deansscholar                          opportunity to explore on an
      Honours distinguishes a graduate as a          Advanced degrees are for academic high
                                                                                                                                                  intellectual level is exemplified in
      high achiever, and it is recognised as a       achievers who want to pursue their interests     Dean’s Scholar degrees are for high-
                                                                                                                                                  a Dean’s Scholar program.
      qualification above and beyond a Bachelor      at a higher level.                               achieving students who want to stand out
      degree. Typically, undertaking Honours                                                          from the crowd. The special program of      Every faculty at UOW has tailored
      involves doing an extra year of study, often   Advanced degrees offer opportunities not         study and extra opportunities Dean’s        their Dean’s Scholar degrees to
      built around a significant research project    normally available in undergraduate study.       Scholars enjoy give them a valuable edge    their field. For more information,
      (as opposed to normal classes). Students in    They include an integral Honours year and        entering the job market.                    follow the faculty links online.
      some four-year degrees (e.g. Bachelor of       have a strong focus on research. They may
      Engineering) who take relevant subjects will   offer the chance to undertake individual         Dean’s Scholars have access to a number
      be automatically assessed for Honours,         research projects, or work with teams            of benefits including:                       S
      without needing to complete an additional      undertaking high level research, or both.
      year of study.                                                                                  ƒ    Pairing with an academic mentor
                                                                                                      ƒ    Special workshops and seminars
                                                     Students can enrol in more subjects than
                                                                                                      ƒ    Extended library privileges            Similar to the Dean’s Scholar
      Students who complete Honours programs         normal, effectively reducing the length of
                                                                                                      ƒ    Designated study space                 program, the Bachelor of
      prove to employers that they are independent   their degree, or giving them more time in
                                                                                                      ƒ    Possibility of accelerating a degree   Engineering (Scholar) is for
      learners, capable of seeing through major      later years to do their own research. If a
                                                                                                      ƒ    $500 textbook allowance per year       high achieving students with
      work in a fast-paced environment.              student does particularly well in an
                                                                                                           (pro rata for part-time)               good mathematics ability. It is
                                                     Advanced degree, they may be eligible
                                                                                                                                                  available for all Bachelor of
                                                     for direct entry into a research PhD.            Academic mentors are selected based         Engineering degrees offered
                                                                                                      on students’ interests and strengths.       by the Faculty of Engineering.
                                                     Most Advanced degrees have an ATAR
                                                                                                      Students are free to develop a working
                                                     requirement of 93 (or equivalent), and
                                                                                                      relationship that best suits them.
                                                     students are required to maintain a certain
                                                                                                      Discussing assessments, sharing ideas,
                                                     level of performance throughout their studies.
                                                                                                      investigating exciting new developments
                                                                                                      inresearch, Dean’s Scholars find plenty
                                                     Those interested in an Advanced degree
                                                                                                      to feed their curiosity.
                                                     can email UniAdvice to discuss the
                                                     options available.
                                                                                                                                                                                    reach for the

      you   25
   for this guide
     Bachelor of Engineering
     (Mining Engineering)
     DS    A      S
     Locations Wollongong
     Duration 4 years full-time
     ATAR 78 [95 for Scholar]
     Starts Autumn/Spring
     Assumed 2U of English, Mathematics
     (not General Maths)
     Recommended Physics,
     Chemistry, Mathematics Ext. 1,
     Engineering Studies

26   us
In the following pages, you’ll find information on all the undergraduate courses at
UOW. Below is an example of how the guide is presented.
Every course has its details laid out like this, followed by a description of the course
content, who it’s for, or the careers it’s preparing you for.
The information in this guide isn’t comprehensive. If you see something of interest,
head to the UOW CourseFinder online, or call the friendly people at UniAdvice for
more information.

1300 367 869

If the degree carries a symbol here, it means there’s either an Advanced or Dean’s Scholar degree option available. These are
enhanced versions of the degree offered to academic high-achievers. See page 24 for more info.

The primary UOW location the course is delivered from. Some individual subjects may be done flexibly or online, but the majority of your
time will be spent in-class at these campuses.

The normal full-time duration of the degree. Full-time study usually means studying four subjects a semester. For most degrees,
you have the option of studying part-time (three subjects or less a semester).

The approximate ATAR required for entry into the degree based on the previous year’s demand. This is subject to change and should be
used as a guide only. Some degrees don’t use ATAR (basing their admissions on interviews, portfolios etc.).

The sessions you can start studying the degree. All degrees can be started at the beginning of the year (Autumn Session), though
many have the option of starting mid-year (Spring Session).

Assumed knowledge—subjects we assume you undertook in the HSC. If you haven’t completed the assumed knowledge for a degree, you
may find it difficult to understand. These subjects aren’t required for admission to a degree.

Recommended studies—HSC subjects that will help you understand the content of a degree. These aren’t required for admission
to a degree.

                                                                                                                                    us     27

 28   you
The Social Sciences and Humanities areas examine why people behave the way
they do and why society sometimes changes in dramatic and unpredictable ways.
Arts looks at the big picture, analysing social movements from historical, political,
philosophical and social perspectives.
Social Sciences and Humanities graduates from UOW are working in careers as
diverse as their studies—government, private, non-profit, academic. Our students
take the skills they learn with us and quickly adapt to new environments.

Arts Mentoring                             Bachelor of Arts                               Bachelor of Arts
The UOW Faculty of Arts is the only        (Asia – Pacific Studies)                       (Community, Culture &
NSW arts faculty to provide first-year
students a compulsory peer mentor          DS
scheme. This means your transition                                                        Locations Batemans Bay, Bega,
                                           Locations Wollongong                           Shoalhaven, Moss Vale
to University life will be a much
                                           Duration 3 years full-time                     Duration 3 years full-time
smoother and more enjoyable one.
                                           ATAR 75 [93 + extra application for DS]        ATAR 70
                                           Starts Autumn/Spring                           Starts Autumn/Spring
The program puts first-year students
                                           Assumed 2U of English                          Assumed 2U of English
in touch with high performing fellow
                                           Recommended English Adv.                       Recommended English Adv.
undergraduates in their second or
third year who are able to guide them      The Asia – Pacific region comprises            Why does taking part in Anzac Day or
through the first ten weeks of session.    an array of countries, cultures and            preserving a piece of rainforest mean
With a mentor to help them through         governments.                                   different things to different people?
some of the procedural challenges of                                                      What parts are played by the media, the
tertiary education, new students can       Appreciating the complexity of this            government, the community, scientists
focus on getting a flying start to their   region in terms of its cultural diversity,     and industries in dealing with our
academic careers.                          history and polity is essential in order to    environmental crisis? These and other
                                           fully comprehend it and to work within         questions are addressed in the study of
                                           it. The major in Asia-Pacific Studies          community, culture and environment.
Flexible Bachelor                          therefore provides an understanding of
of Arts                                    the region in terms of socio-cultural

The Bachelor of Arts is one of UOW’s
                                           studies, history, politics, economics and      Bachelor of Arts
                                           languages, with particular attention to
most flexible degrees. You can             Southeast Asia, India, Korea and Japan.
                                                                                          (Employment Relations)
combine any two majors under the
degree to form unique and exciting                                                        DS
study packages. You could study            Bachelor of Arts                               Locations Wollongong
French and History, with a minor in
English Literatures. You can also          (Australian Studies)                           Duration 3 years full-time
                                                                                          ATAR 75 [93 + extra application for DS]
combine a first major in Arts with a
                                                                                          Starts Autumn/Spring
second major from anywhere else in         DS                                             Assumed 2U of English
the University*. So you could do a         Locations Wollongong                           Recommended English Adv.
major in Media and Cultural Studies        Duration 3 years full-time
with Marketing from the Bachelor of        ATAR 75 [93 + extra application for DS]        Employment Relations covers policies,
Commerce.                                  Starts Autumn/Spring                           practices and processes involved
                                           Assumed 2U of English                          in the control and administration of
The possibilities are vast. Call Arts      Recommended English Adv.                       work and employment. It considers
Central on 4221 5328 or email                                                             viewpoints of all stakeholders at macro
fac-arts@uow.edu.au to discuss your        Australian Studies offers a rich insight       and micro levels.
options.                                   into the complexities and contradictions
                                           that contribute to ideas about being           The course includes everything from
*subject to meeting course requirements.   ‘Australian’ and identifying with Australia.   government policies to the effects of
                                                                                          globalisation, geography and gender,
                                           From Indigenous affairs to participation       right down to individual workplace
                                           in the World Wars and the impact               rules and relationships.
                                           of globalisation: political, historical,
                                           literary, geographical and cultural
                                           influences have all affected how the
                                           nation and national belonging are
                                           defined. Unpacking and analysing
                                           these definitions is key to
                                           understanding what Australia is,
                                           has been and might become.

                                                                                                                          you       29
combining my interests

                         Evelyn Fetterplace
                         Bachelor of Arts – Dean’s Scholar
                         (Biology, Science and Technology

                         I chose to study at UOW due to the
                         good choices of degrees and the
                         exchange opportunities it affords
                         its students. UOW has given me
                         the skills to combine my interests in
                         science and arts and the opportunity
                         to use these overseas.

 30   you
Bachelor of Arts                                 Bachelor of Arts                            debates and to communicate our
                                                                                             arguments effectively. The study of
(English Language and                            (European Studies)                          History helps to refine the critical and
Linguistics)                                     DS
                                                                                             analytical skills needed in a broad
                                                                                             range of occupations.
DS                                               Locations Wollongong
                                                 Duration 3 years full-time
Locations Wollongong
                                                 ATAR 75 [93 + extra application for DS]
                                                                                             Bachelor of Arts
Duration 3 years full-time
ATAR 75 [93 + extra application for DS]
                                                 Starts Autumn/Spring                        (Indigenous Studies)
                                                 Assumed 2U of English
Starts Autumn/Spring
Assumed 2U of English
                                                 Recommended English Adv.                    DS
Recommended English Adv.                         The European Union (EU) is the              Locations Wollongong
                                                 world’s biggest trading block with a        Duration 3 years full-time
Is it an accident that scientific language
                                                 combined population of 499 million          ATAR 75 [93 + extra application for DS]
is different from the language of
                                                 living in its 27 member countries. It’s     Starts Autumn/Spring
advertisements, and that real
                                                 also Australia’s biggest trade partner      Assumed 2U of English
conversations are different from
                                                 and the source of some of Australia’s       Recommended English Adv.
how people speak on TV? Or is there
                                                 largest migrant populations.
something systematic about language                                                          The area of contemporary Indigenous
and its purposes? Understanding                                                              Australian studies is a fascinating
                                                 This major allows you to study French,
language helps you to succeed at                                                             crossroads of history, culture, power
                                                 Italian or Spanish, and subjects dealing
university, in professional life and socially.                                               and politics. It includes the analysis
                                                 with European civilisation, culture and
                                                                                             of practical issues (such as health in
                                                 identity and enables you to understand
A major in English Language and                                                              Indigenous communities) as well as
                                                 contemporary European affairs.
Linguistics will enhance your control                                                        political ones (conflicting notions of
of English and equip you with crucial                                                        identity and history). It also aims to
skills, such as how to unpack
technicality in a text, and how to
                                                 Bachelor of Arts                            provide an understanding of the
                                                                                             overlap between these various issues.
understand the ideologies that                   (Gender Studies)
underpin all kinds of texts, whether                                                         This major links Indigenous Studies
written, spoken or visual.                       DS                                          subjects and a number of subjects
                                                                                             offered by the Faculties of Arts,
                                                 Locations Wollongong
                                                                                             Creative Arts, Education, Health and
Bachelor of Arts                                 Duration 3 years full-time
                                                 ATAR 75 [93 + extra application for DS]
                                                                                             Behavioural Sciences, and Law and
(English Literatures)                            Starts Autumn/Spring
                                                                                             Science, to provide Indigenous and
                                                                                             non-Indigenous students with a
                                                 Assumed 2U of English
                                                                                             coherent program in the study of
DS                                               Recommended English Adv.
                                                                                             Indigenous Australia.
Locations Wollongong                             Gender Studies looks at the
Duration 3 years full-time                       construction of gender from a number
ATAR 75 [93 + extra application for DS]          of different perspectives: literary,        Bachelor of Arts (Media
Starts Autumn/Spring                             historical, sociological and legal.
Assumed 2U of English                            The major also deals with a range of
                                                                                             and Cultural Studies)
Recommended English Adv.                         associated cultural issues including
                                                 race, ethnicity, class and the family. It
English Literatures is a broad and
                                                 focuses on increasingly sophisticated       Locations Wollongong
exciting field. It encompasses works of
                                                 attempts to persuade society that           Duration 3 years full-time
art that define eras and still shape our
                                                 gender equity has been achieved.            ATAR 75 [93 + extra application for DS]
cultures as well as new media and
                                                                                             Starts Autumn/Spring
emerging voices from around the globe.
                                                                                             Assumed 2U of English
Literature can express the deeply
                                                 Bachelor of Arts                            Recommended English Adv.
personal and often engages with public           (History)                                   The Media and Cultural Studies major
concerns. At UOW, literature is studied                                                      provides a critical and theoretical
with regard to style, theme and form,            DS                                          understanding of contemporary media
but also in relation to questions of race,                                                   and culture in the world. It places
                                                 Locations Wollongong
gender, sexuality, class and nation.                                                         emphasis on questions of identity,
                                                 Duration 3 years full-time
This major introduces a broad range                                                          power, diversity, globalisation and the
                                                 ATAR 75 [93 + extra application for DS]
of literary texts—novels, poetry, essays,                                                    cultural dimensions of social, scientific
                                                 Starts Autumn/Spring
drama, short stories, film, diaries and                                                      and technological change and political
                                                 Assumed 2U of English
letters—drawn from medieval to                                                               engagement.
                                                 Recommended English Adv.
contemporary popular culture. A strong
international focus draws texts from             History enriches our experience of the      The knowledge and skills in research
Australia, USA, Africa, the Caribbean,           world by offering ways to understand        and analysis that you gain are useful in
New Zealand and the Pacific, Canada,             the broad scope of human experiences,       a wide range of related fields including
India and the UK.                                from our everyday lives to larger global    journalism, media research, arts
                                                 processes. It teaches us to research        management, the public service,
                                                 information, to critically evaluate         public affairs and social advocacy.

                                                                                                                               you       31
     Bachelor of Arts                               Explore these and other issues with
                                                    teachers who are active researchers,
                                                                                               Bachelor of Arts (War
     (Politics)                                     making their courses exciting and          and Society)
     DS                                                                                        DS
     Locations Wollongong                                                                      Locations Wollongong
     Duration 3 years full-time
                                                    Bachelor of Arts                           Duration 3 years full-time
     ATAR 75 [93 + extra application for DS]        (Psychology)                               ATAR 75 [93 + extra application for DS]
     Starts Autumn/Spring                           For information on completing a BA         Starts Autumn/Spring
     Assumed 2U of English                          major in Psychology, see the Faculty of    Assumed 2U of English
     Recommended English Adv.                       Health and Behavioural Sciences            Recommended English Adv.
     Politics occurs at many levels: from           section on page 59.                        A new era of wars between states,
     international relations to the nation state;                                              religions and civilisations has arisen in
     from local communities to the individual.                                                 the first decade of the twenty-first
                                                    Bachelor of Arts                           century. This major aims to help you
     Politics engages us with choices about         (Science and                               understand this new era and the
     how to live life and how best to contribute                                               impact it has on society in general. It
     to society. The Politics major examines        Technology Studies)                        addresses questions about the nature
     political institutions, political economies,                                              of war, its definitions as well as its
     culture, class, gender and ethnicity. This     DS                                         economic, political and social aspects
     is an exciting discipline, with a vibrant      Locations Wollongong                       and consequences.
     and constantly changing body of ideas,         Duration 3 years full-time
     approaches and methods.                        ATAR 75 [93 + extra application for DS]
                                                    Starts Autumn/Spring                       Bachelor of
     Bachelor of Arts
                                                    Assumed 2U of English                      Communication &
                                                    Recommended English Adv.
     (Postcolonial Studies)                                                                    Media Studies
                                                    The Science and Technology Studies
                                                                                               Locations Wollongong
                                                    discipline addresses complex real world
                                                                                               Duration 3 years full-time
     DS                                             problems such as global warming or
                                                                                               ATAR 75
     Locations Wollongong                           how to regulate scientific research. It
                                                                                               Starts Autumn/Spring
     Duration 3 years full-time                     combines sociological and historical
                                                                                               Assumed 2U of English
     ATAR 75 [93 + extra application for DS]        perspectives on science, technology
                                                                                               Recommended English Adv.
     Starts Autumn/Spring                           and medicine. Develop the skills you
     Assumed 2U of English                          need to analyse and advise on              This degree brings together the most
     Recommended English Adv.                       technological and environmental policy.    popular areas of study from a range
                                                                                               of faculties. Students aspiring to be
     Postcolonial Studies analyses how                                                         journalists, for example, can improve
     people live with the cultural legacy of        Bachelor of Arts                           their employability by acquiring skills
     colonialism in places such as Australia,                                                  in additional areas, like a second
     Africa and the Asia-Pacific region.            (Sociology)                                language, a working knowledge of global
     Occupation and foreign control directly                                                   media, or training in public relations.
     affect a people’s art, literature, history     DS                                         Students contemplating a career in
     and politics. This interdisciplinary major     Locations Wollongong                       advertising can enhance their skill set
     studies these forces and how different         Duration 3 years full-time                 through training in professional writing,
     societies, people and cultures react,          ATAR 75 [93 + extra application for DS]    acquiring practical skills in podcasting
     resist or comply with them, and why.           Starts Autumn/Spring                       for the web or learning about ethical
                                                    Assumed 2U of English                      and legal issues in the media.
                                                    Recommended English Adv.
     Bachelor of Arts                                                                          If you’re not quite sure about your
                                                    Sociology is the study of social life,
     (Philosophy)                                   cultural and social change, and the
                                                                                               career direction but know your areas of
                                                                                               interest, the diversity and scope offered
                                                    social causes and consequences of
     DS                                             human behaviour. From prison riots
                                                                                               by the Bachelor of Communication and
                                                                                               Media Studies is ideal. It gives you the
     Locations Wollongong                           and military coups to bus stop queues
                                                                                               chance to build a strong portfolio of
     Duration 3 years full-time                     and McJobs, from globalisation to
                                                                                               highly transferable skills to make you
     ATAR 75 [93 + extra application for DS]        raves, from cosmetic surgery and
                                                                                               competitive in a range of careers.
     Starts Autumn/Spring                           custom cars to microblogging and
     Assumed 2U of English                          binge drinking, sociologists investigate
     Recommended English Adv.                       and reflect on societal structures and
                                                    how they are changing, and how the
     Philosophical problems occur in the            individual and society interact.
     real world: the ethical implications of
     global poverty and global aid, the
     impact of biotechnology on humans
     and the environment, the relationship
     between human consciousness and
     the brain, the structure of scientific
     explanations and knowledge.

32    you
                                                    Journalism and Professional Writing
                                                                                               Bachelor of
                                                    This major equips you with basic           International Studies
                                                    skills for work in media, government
 Digital Media and Communication                                                               Locations Wollongong
                                                    and corporate communications. The
                                                                                               Duration 3 years full-time
 Digital communication is reshaping                 core subjects train you to write clearly
                                                                                               ATAR 75
 traditional media and transforming how             and engagingly, to research accurately
                                                                                               Starts Autumn/Spring
 we communicate in professional and                 and thoroughly and to produce stories
                                                                                               Assumed 2U of English
 social contexts. This major will                   for a variety of formats. Journalism
                                                                                               Recommended English Adv.
 introduce you to the politics and                  subjects prepare you to source
 economics of global communication                  and write stories for newspapers,          International Studies is the analysis
 networks, the ethical and legal issues             magazines and websites. The                and appreciation of the diversity of
 raised by online communication, new                professional writing subjects teach        the global community. It focuses on
 forms of political activism on the web             you to write essential corporate           processes and forces that go beyond
 and domestic communication in the                  documents including briefing papers        national boundaries. These could be
 wired home. You’ll acquire training in             and policy documents. If you want to       economic forces, where governments
 new creative practices like blogging,              develop broadcast skills, you may          and businesses use economic power or
 transmedia storytelling, computer art              apply for the six-month postgraduate       trade deals to influence events on the
 and digital video games.                           Certificate in Broadcast Journalism        other side of the world. It can even be
                                                    offered by the Faculty of Creative Arts    seen in the exchange of pop culture,
 International Media                                after you complete their BCMS.             which can have more serious effects
 and Communication                                                                             than anyone expects.
                                                    Marketing Communications
 This major teaches you how cross-
                                                    and Advertising                            The course consists of a set of core
 cultural communication affects work,
                                                                                               subjects making up the major, two
 creativity and knowledge transfer.                 This major prepares students to
                                                                                               years studying a foreign language and
 This is an interdisciplinary program               succeed in advertising, public relations
                                                                                               a choice from several minors. You can
 that draws on Linguistics, Sociology,              and corporate branding. Students gain
                                                                                               take one or two minors; or combine
 Media and Cultural Studies, and                    the ability to research, plan, execute
                                                                                               one minor with electives from Arts or
 Digital Communications. You will study             and manage marketing campaigns and
                                                                                               another faculty.
 issues in intercultural and interpersonal          acquires skills in issue management,
 communication, as well as the flow                 product publicity, crisis communications
                                                    and media relations. Core subjects         ƒ   Asia – Pacific Studies
 of media across national borders,
                                                    build a foundation of business             ƒ   Conflict Studies
 looking at how media are produced
                                                    communication, marketing principles,       ƒ   Environmental and
 and consumed in different parts of
                                                    public relations theory and advertising        Sustainability Studies
 the world. Students interested in
                                                    practice, including media planning and     ƒ   European Studies
 international careers are strongly
                                                    strategy. Electives allow you to examine   ƒ   International Communications
 encouraged to add a major or minor
                                                    other marketing contexts including             and Media
 in a second language.
                                                    international marketing, internet          ƒ   World Literature and
                                                    marketing, tourism marketing and               Popular Culture
                                                    social marketing.

                                                                                               Certificate in Languages
                                                                                               Locations Wollongong
                                                                                               Duration 2 years part-time only
here i am

                                                                                               Starts Autumn/Spring
              Erin Gleeson                                                                     Assumed 2U of English
              Program Officer                                                                  Recommended English Adv.
              Australian Agency for International Development (AusAID)
              Bachelor of Communication and Media Studies – Bachelor of Arts                   Diploma in Languages
                                                                                               Locations Wollongong
              As a program officer at AusAID, I am helping to design and implement
                                                                                               Duration 4 years part-time only
              a multimillion-dollar program, liaising across government, with non-
                                                                                               Starts Autumn/Spring
              government organisations and multilaterals, including the United Nations.
                                                                                               Studying a language is a great way to
              UOW taught me skills which have been invaluable in this role—the                 stimulate your mind and gain desirable
              ability to be flexible, to take on any task, to solve problems creatively,       skills for employment.
              to have a critical mind and to communicate with influence. However,
              I think the greatest success of UOW is that I graduated with the desire          Both the Certificate and Diploma
              to keep learning.                                                                in Languages allow you to study a
                                                                                               language at the same time as a UOW
              AusAID is an amazing place to work. To go home knowing your work                 Bachelor degree. The Certificate is the
              is improving the lives of others around the world is very rewarding.             equivalent of a languages minor, while
              It is fascinating to work in Canberra and be an insider into the politics        the Diploma is the equivalent of a
              of government.                                                                   major study.

 improving the lives of others
                                                                                                                                 you     33
     Bachelor of Arts                             Bachelor of Arts                             Bachelor of Arts Chinese
     (French)                                     (Japanese)                                   (Mandarin) for Character
     DS                                           DS
                                                                                               Background Students
     Locations Wollongong                         Locations Wollongong                         DS
     Duration 3 years full-time                   Duration 3 years full-time
                                                                                               Locations Wollongong
     ATAR 75 [93 + extra application for DS]      ATAR 75 [93 + extra application for DS]
                                                                                               Duration 3 years full-time
     Starts Autumn/Spring                         Starts Autumn/Spring
                                                                                               ATAR 75 [93 + extra application for DS]
     Assumed 2U of English                        Assumed 2U of English
                                                                                               Starts Autumn/Spring
     Recommended English Adv.                     Recommended English Adv.
                                                                                               Assumed 2U of English
     French is a world language. Alongside        The study of Japanese opens up               Recommended English Adv.
     English, it is the only language spoken      a whole new world of linguistic
                                                                                               This major is designed for students
     on all continents. French is one of the      and cultural experience that
                                                                                               who already know Chinese characters
     two working languages of the United          offers employment and research
                                                                                               but who either speak a Chinese dialect
     Nations, one of the two official             opportunities as well as intellectual
                                                                                               such as Shanghainese, Cantonese or
     languages of the International               stimulation. It provides an insight into
                                                                                               Taiwanese but do not speak Mandarin;
     Olympic Committee and many other             a country with a long history and a
                                                                                               or those who wish to improve their
     organisations actively engaged in            culture that features both traditional
                                                                                               Mandarin skills.
     international politics and welfare.          and modern elements. The study of
     As the language of a former colonial         Japanese also provides access to the
     power, it continues to play an important
     part in the arts, politics and daily lives
                                                  wonderful world of Japanese anime,
                                                  manga and film. Studying Japanese
                                                                                               Bachelor of Arts
     of millions of people both in France         is a fascinating linguistic and cultural     (Spanish)
     and throughout the world.                    journey and provides an introduction
                                                  to an intriguing modern society.             DS
                                                                                               Locations Wollongong
     Bachelor of Arts                                                                          Duration 3 years full-time
     (Italian)                                    Bachelor of Arts Chinese                     ATAR 75 [93 + extra application for DS]
                                                  (Mandarin) for Non                           Starts Autumn/Spring
     DS                                           Chinese Background                           Assumed 2U of English
                                                                                               Recommended English Adv.
     Locations Wollongong
     Duration 3 years full-time                   DS                                           Spanish is spoken by more than
     ATAR 75 [93 + extra application for DS]                                                   400 million people worldwide in
                                                  Locations Wollongong
     Starts Autumn/Spring                                                                      22 countries and is expected to
                                                  Duration 3 years full-time
     Assumed 2U of English                                                                     become the second most widely-
                                                  ATAR 75 [93 + extra application for DS]
     Recommended English Adv.                                                                  spoken language in the world. The
                                                  Starts Autumn/Spring
                                                                                               main goal of the study of Spanish is
     Italy is a favourite tourist destination     Assumed 2U of English
                                                                                               to develop students’ communications
     for historical, cultural, fashion and        Recommended English Adv.
                                                                                               skills in the Spanish language and their
     gastronomic reasons. Italian is also the
                                                  The People’s Republic of China is the        understanding of the cultures of Spain
     most widely spoken second language
                                                  most populous country in the world and       and Spanish-speaking Latin America.
     in Australia. This major allows you to
                                                  Mandarin Chinese is the language that
     study the language, literature and
                                                  unites its people. It has a long and rich    Indonesian is also available as a minor
     culture of Italy, commencing either as a
                                                  cultural history as a major player in Asia   area of study.
     beginner or advanced learner. Students
                                                  and is a key trade partner for Australia.
     who enter the major at post-HSC or
                                                  As cultural and economic exchange
     advanced levels will be exempted
                                                  between China and its neighbours
     from some language subjects.
                                                  continues to increase, Chinese language
                                                  skills will be in great demand.

34    you
you   35
     Commerce is the study and practice of how we assign value to things, and the
     systems that govern this. The economies of greed—placing maximum profit above
     everything else—are a thing of the past. Tomorrow’s successful business people will
     understand the broader context of their actions and act responsibly to bring
     prosperity to everyone.
     Graduates of UOW’s business and commerce degrees have the modern skill sets
     they need to succeed in the job market. They also have a firm foundation in the
     principles of ethical commerce, meaning they are ready for the next generation of
     leadership roles.

     Internship Program
                                                 You will receive a broad education
                                                 in the core disciplines of accounting,
                                                                                           Bachelor of Commerce
     The Commerce Internship Program             economics, finance, management and        (Business Innovation)
     connects second and third year              marketing. Next you choose elective
     undergraduate Commerce students             subjects to create a custom course        DS
     with businesses who engage them             of study matching your interests. Your
                                                                                           Locations Wollongong
     in workplace activities that are            teachers will have industry experience
                                                                                           Duration 3 years full-time
     meaningful to the student and               that enriches your learning, and you
                                                                                           ATAR 75 [93 + extra application for DS]
     useful to the organisation. Students        will graduate well positioned to start
                                                                                           Starts Autumn/Spring
     are invited to apply online for this        a career in Australia or overseas.
                                                                                           Assumed 2U of English
     elective subject in the Bachelor of
     Commerce with eligible candidates                                                     Business innovation—the rapid
     being interviewed and potentially           Bachelor of Commerce                      creation, adoption and diffusion
                                                                                           of technologies and processes—
     selected by host organisations.
                                                 (Accountancy)                             is a crucial source of competitive
                                                                                           advantage and the prime mover of
     Bachelor of Commerce                        DS                                        economic growth. The motto for the
                                                 Locations Wollongong, Batemans Bay,       new economy firm is ‘innovate or
     DS                                          Bega, Moss Vale, Shoalhaven,              evaporate’; and the guiding rule for
     Locations Wollongong, Batemans Bay,         Southern Sydney                           government is ‘innovate or abdicate’.
     Bega, Moss Vale, Shoalhaven,                Duration 3 years full-time
     Southern Sydney                             ATAR 75 [93 + extra application for DS]   This major combines concepts from
     Duration 3 years full-time                  Starts Autumn/Spring                      management, marketing and economics
     ATAR 75 Wollongong & Southern               Assumed 2U of English                     in a non-technical and accessible
     Sydney, 73 other Campuses                                                             manner. These frameworks provide
                                                 Accountancy is about analysing
     [93 + extra application for DS]                                                       the skills and knowledge to successfully
                                                 and communicating the financial
     Starts Autumn/Spring                                                                  create and adopt innovations in a
                                                 performance of a business or
     Assumed 2U of English                                                                 commercial environment.
                                                 organisation. As well as being an
     MAJORS                                      essential part of a responsible,

     Accountancy, Financial Planning,
                                                 profitable business, good accounting
                                                 is also essential in public and not for
                                                                                           Bachelor of Commerce
     Business Innovation, Business Law,          profit sectors, from mental health to     (Business Law)
     Economics, Finance, Human Resource          environmental sustainability.
     Management, International Business,                                                   DS
     International Economics, Management,        Accountants, whether they work in
     Marketing, Public Relations,                                                          Locations Wollongong
                                                 a large multinational, a government
     Quantitative Analysis in Economics,                                                   Duration 3 years full-time
                                                 agency or a small company, play a
     Supply Chain Management                                                               ATAR 75 [93 + extra application for DS]
                                                 pivotal role in advising internal and
                                                                                           Starts Autumn/Spring
                                                 external stakeholders on the financial
     The UOW Bachelor of Commerce                                                          Assumed 2U of English
                                                 direction of the enterprise.
     degree is a new kind of business degree                                               The Business Law major provides
     and the only degree in Australia focused                                              graduates with the skills and knowledge
     on ‘socially innovative commerce’. At its   Bachelor of Business                      base that are critical to successfully
     core is respect for people and the                                                    understanding the context, application
                                                 New for 2012. Offering a broad
     planet, refusing economies of greed,                                                  and impact of law on the structures and
                                                 education across all the key fields of
     and a belief that profitable commerce                                                 transactions of business.
                                                 commerce for students who want a
     can drive positive change.
                                                 high degree of flexibility in their
                                                 career choices. ATAR approx. 70           The major may be taken separately or
                                                                                           in conjunction with any other major in
                                                 New program subject to final approval.
                                                                                           the Commerce Schedule, providing a
                                                                                           legal perspective on the institutions
                                                                                           and structures of those disciplines.
36    you
                                                    i am here
Eliza Biddle
Bachelor of Creative Arts –
Bachelor of Commerce

I chose UOW as it is close to home and
allowed me to do both commerce and
visual arts at the same time! UOW is
truly amazing and the lecturers are
friendly and always helpful. UOW is
helping me reach my goals by allowing
me to specialise in industries I love.

                        specialising in the industries I love

                                                        you   37
exceeding clients’ expectations
            Ji-Hao Long
            Senior Analyst
            Bachelor of Commerce –
            Bachelor of Science

            UOW was one of the few universities that
            offered the mix of degrees that I was looking
            for. My two main strengths at school were
            business and science and I didn’t want to
            have to choose between the two at that stage.

            My time at UOW provided me with a solid
            platform to jump into the professional services
            industry. Apart from the theory, UOW taught
            me how to apply my understanding and
            knowledge in any given situation. This has
            allowed me to deliver on clients’ expectations.

 38   you
Bachelor of Commerce                         objective of profitable investment.
                                             What is a government-secured bond?
                                                                                         knowledge of business subjects in the
                                                                                         Bachelor of Commerce degree.
(Economics)                                  What is a share? What are the reasons
                                             for investing in either, and when’s the
DS                                           right time? These are some of the areas     Bachelor of Commerce
Locations Wollongong
                                             investigated in the domain of finance.
                                                                                         (Human Resource
Duration 3 years full-time
ATAR 75 [93 + extra application for DS]
Starts Autumn/Spring
                                             Bachelor of Commerce
Assumed 2U of English                        (Financial Planning)                        DS
                                                                                         Locations Wollongong
Economics provides an understanding of
the operation of the economy at macro
                                             DS                                          Duration 3 years full-time
                                                                                         ATAR 75 [93 + extra application for DS]
and micro levels. These include modern       Locations Wollongong
                                                                                         Starts Autumn/Spring
business, health care, the environment,      Duration 3 years full-time
                                                                                         Assumed 2U of English
the labour market, national economic         ATAR 75 [93 + extra application for DS]
policy and international monetary issues.    Starts Autumn/Spring                        People are an organisation’s most
You will learn general principles and        Assumed 2U of English                       valuable asset. The Human Resource
tools that can be applied to a wide range                                                Management major focuses on the
                                             Financial planners must have an
of issues affecting the national and                                                     people side of organisations. It is
                                             understanding not only of finance,
international economy. You will discuss                                                  relevant to students wishing to pursue
                                             but also accounting, management
the big issues including unemployment,                                                   a professional career in HRM, as well
                                             and marketing, as well as being able
the level of national debt, the existence                                                as to those students who see people
                                             to use information systems to track
of poverty and the problems confronting                                                  management as a necessary part of their
                                             client portfolios and keep up-to-date
developing countries.                                                                    future skills portfolio. This major looks
                                             on investment information.
                                                                                         at the big picture of human resource
                                                                                         management, including aspects such as
Bachelor of Commerce                         This major builds the skills set needed
                                             for recognition by the Australian
                                                                                         recruitment and selection, performance
(Event Management)                           Securities and Investments Commission,
                                                                                         appraisal, job analysis and design as
                                                                                         well as training and development.
Locations Shoalhaven, Southern Sydney,       allowing finance graduates who choose
Wollongong                                   this major to work as financial dealers
Duration 3 years full-time                   for stock brokers, in banks, life
                                             insurance companies or credit unions,
                                                                                         Bachelor of Commerce
ATAR 72 Wollongong & Southern
Sydney, 70 Shoalhaven                        or as independent funds managers.           (International Business)
Starts Autumn
Assumed 2U of English                        The course is accredited with the           DS
                                             Financial Planning Association (FPA)
Events and festivals—from charity                                                        Locations Wollongong
                                             and is recognised by the Financial
fundraisers to concerts—form part of                                                     Duration 3 years full-time
                                             Services Institute of Australia (FINSIA).
a multimillion-dollar worldwide industry.                                                ATAR 75 [93 + extra application for DS]
Event Management is the special branch                                                   Starts Autumn/Spring
                                                                                         Assumed 2U of English
of management that focuses on using
managerial techniques to plan, organise
                                             Bachelor of Commerce
                                                                                         International Business provides an
and run these events.                        (Hospitality                                awareness and understanding of
                                             Management)                                 business in other cultures and regions.
This course is offered in conjunction with                                               It will prepare you to respond to the
                                             Locations Southern Sydney, Wollongong
and concurrently with the TAFE Diploma                                                   intricacies of international business
                                             Duration 3 years full-time
of Event Management, combining                                                           such as: the impact of differing cultures
                                             ATAR 72
practical, vocational workplace skills and                                               and languages, the issues posed by
                                             Starts Autumn
knowledge with a broader conceptual                                                      differing markets, and the differing
                                             Assumed 2U of English
base in the areas of business necessary                                                  government regulations within this
for senior level management.                 Applicants need to be 18 years of age by    rapidly growing environment.
                                             1 April in their first year of study.
                                                                                         You will gain an understanding of
Bachelor of Commerce                         The hospitality industry—from               leadership, strategy, cultural diversity,
(Finance)                                    entertainment and recreation to             communications and decision making
                                             accommodation and food service—             as they relate to contemporary
                                             forms a key part of many nations’
DS                                           economies, including Australia. It is a
                                                                                         international business issues such as:
                                                                                         financial management, employment
Locations Wollongong                         highly dynamic industry that requires       relations, industry and trade in South
Duration 3 years full-time                   flexible, responsive managers to            East Asia, international marketing and
ATAR 75 [93 + extra application for DS]      successfully guide businesses.              management, and business in Europe.
Starts Autumn/Spring
Assumed 2U of English                        The degree is delivered in conjunction
                                             with TAFE Illawarra Institute and
Finance is about money and
                                             provides the practical ‘hands-on’
investments. People on their own
                                             experience in the TAFE Diploma
and in partnerships, companies and
                                             combined with the theoretical
governments all share the common

                                                                                                                            you      39
     Bachelor of Commerce                         Bachelor of Commerce                        high-level computational and data analysis
                                                                                              skills. This set of knowledge and skills will
     (International                               (Marketing)                                 enable you to interpret and undertake
     Economics)                                   DS
                                                                                              advanced economic analysis for private
                                                                                              sector firms and government agencies.
     DS                                           Locations Wollongong
                                                                                              Graduate career paths for those with a
     Locations Wollongong                         Duration 3 years full-time
                                                                                              Quantitative Analysis major include those
     Duration 3 years full-time                   ATAR 75 [93 + extra application for DS]
                                                                                              involving analysis of investment and
     ATAR 75 [93 + extra application for DS]      Starts Autumn/Spring
                                                                                              financial data (including stockbroking
     Starts Autumn/Spring                         Assumed 2U of English
                                                                                              and banking), and interpretation of sales
     Assumed 2U of English
                                                  Marketing is about identifying what         and marketing information.
     The forces of globalisation continue to      people need and want, generating
     create new opportunities in the world        products or services to meet these
     economy for those who can negotiate          needs, and then positioning these           Bachelor of Commerce
                                                  products or services so the right people
     the complexities involved. These
     opportunities require a sound                buy them. The marketer’s tools include
                                                                                              (Supply Chain
     understanding of the economic and            effective branding, promotion, pricing      Management)
     social forces shaping the world              and distribution strategies.
     economy. As well as covering the core                                                    DS
     knowledge areas such as macro and            This major is geared towards problem
                                                                                              Locations Wollongong
     micro-economics, this major analyses         solving and management decision
                                                                                              Duration 3 years full-time
     environmental and international trade        making. Through subjects including
                                                                                              ATAR 75 [93 + extra application for DS]
     issues. You will also study the incredible   market research, internet marketing and
                                                                                              Starts Autumn/Spring
     transformations of the Chinese economy       international marketing, students learn
                                                                                              Assumed 2U of English
     and its remarkably rapid development.        how to analyse, plan, organise, motivate
                                                  and control the marketing process.          Supply Chain Management is the
     Graduate career paths for those with an                                                  science behind handling goods and
     International Economics major include                                                    materials. Well-managed supply chains
     those involving international trade,         Bachelor of Commerce                        are often invisible to consumers—and
     investment and financial analysis,
     multinational corporations, analysis
                                                  (Public Relations)                          invaluable to businesses. From the
                                                                                              beginning of production to the end of
     of the impact of climate change and                                                      sales process, the supply chain manager
     many government agencies offering
                                                  DS                                          has to move goods efficiently (for the
     macroeconomic policy advice.                 Locations Wollongong                        good of both the bottom line and the
                                                  Duration 3 years full-time                  environment) and on a scale that could
                                                  ATAR 75 [93 + extra application for DS]     include hundreds of millions of units.
     Bachelor of Commerce                         Starts Autumn/Spring
     (Management)                                 Assumed 2U of English                       Supply chain managers oversee
                                                                                              activities including transport, storage,
                                                  Public Relations is the act of building
     DS                                           relations between people in
                                                                                              packaging, procurement, and inventory
     Locations Wollongong, Batemans Bay,                                                      management, as well as ‘reverse flows’
                                                  communities, business alliances
     Bega, Southern Sydney, Moss Vale,                                                        such as produce and equipment
                                                  and other social networks, together
     Shoalhaven                                                                               returns, and recycling.
                                                  with the economics and process of
     Duration 3 years full-time                   improving societies.
     ATAR 75 [93 + extra application for DS]
     Starts Autumn/Spring                         In addition to management and marketing
                                                                                              Bachelor of Commerce
     Assumed 2U of English                        subjects, this major includes subjects      (Tourism Management)
                                                  in corporate branding, public relations     Locations Wollongong
     Management is the art and science
                                                  concepts, strategies and campaigns.         Duration 3 years full-time
     of planning, coordinating and leading
     group efforts. It is the mobilising of                                                   ATAR 72
     human and material resources to                                                          Starts Autumn
     achieve organisational goals.
                                                  Bachelor of Commerce                        Assumed 2U of English
     Managerial skills include the ability to     (Quantitative Analysis                      Tourism is a worldwide industry that
     make sound judgements on all issues
     that arise at work and to achieve
                                                  in Economics)                               continues to play an important part in
                                                                                              both wealthy nations and developing
     objectives through organisational skills.
                                                  DS                                          economies. It can be in many ways the
                                                                                              business of adventure, but it also
                                                  Locations Wollongong
     Bachelor of Economics                        Duration 3 years full-time
                                                                                              builds the global community and
     and Finance                                  ATAR 75 [93 + extra application for DS]
                                                                                              creates wealth at every level. The
                                                                                              industry also supports a number of
     New for 2012. This specialist degree         Starts Autumn/Spring                        innovative specialist fields including
     will prepare students for high-level         Assumed 2U of English                       eco-tourism and global volunteering.
     careers in finance, banking, economics
                                                  Do you have an interest in the economy
     and policy. It is relevant to industry                                                   This is a joint program with TAFE
                                                  and a natural ability for maths and
     and government employers worldwide.                                                      Illawarra Institute, and you will
                                                  statistics? The focus in this major is on
     ATAR approx. 85                                                                          graduate with both a UOW degree
                                                  gaining a sound understanding of how a
     New program subject to final approval.
                                                  modern economy works, at both the macro     and TAFE diploma.

40    you                                         and micro levels, and on acquiring
you   41
     The creative arts can equally be a force to alter the world and a personal expressive
     gesture. Journalism occupies a similar role, offering a reflection of the world, and
     guiding people to positive change.
     Our graduates enter their professional life with a wealth of practical experience and
     a strong knowledge of theory. They have a well-developed artistic sensibility and
     critical thinking skills they can apply to a wide variety of fulfilling careers.

                                                practice, technique and theory that         Making major and the BCA (Theatre)
     Applying to the Faculty                    provide a strong foundation in              also have the option to extend their
     of Creative Arts                           performance culture.                        studies in technical theatre including
                                                                                            stage production and management or
     Admission to a Creative Arts degree
                                                MAJORS                                      lighting and sound.
     does not rely solely on the ATAR as
     an entry requirement. The Faculty          Acting students undertake a traditional
     assesses your ability to meet the
     degree’s requirements through a
                                                interpretive actor training, developing
                                                skills in acting, voice, singing and
                                                                                            Bachelor of Creative
     combination of ATAR or equivalent,         movement. In first year, you acquire        Arts (Creative Writing)
     portfolio, and possibly an interview.      competencies in theatre making with
                                                an emphasis on collaboration and            DS
     Full information on our degrees and        ensemble practice. You’ll also study
                                                                                            Locations Wollongong
     the application process can be found       the history and theory of theatre and
                                                                                            Duration 3 years full-time
     at www.uow.edu.au/crearts/students/        undertake units in professional practice.
                                                                                            ATAR ATAR plus Portfolio/Interview
                                                                                            Starts Autumn
                                                Performance Making students
                                                                                            Assumed 2U of English
                                                share foundation studies with acting
     Bachelor of                                students, however from the latter
                                                                                            Recommended English Adv.

     Performance                                half of second year, the focus is on        Good fiction illuminates our lives.
     Locations Wollongong                       devised works for theatre and modes         Whether Romeo and Juliet or Kath
     Duration 3 years full-time                 of contemporary performance.                and Kim, through writing we remind
     ATAR ATAR plus Portfolio/Audition                                                      ourselves of how and why we live.
     Starts Autumn                              Technical Theatre students share core       Good fiction can change the world.
     Assumed 2U of English                      courses with performance students, and      Be it Ulysses or Cloudstreet, writing
     Recommended Drama                          then concentrate on basic technical         can define the boundaries of meaning
                                                theatre—lighting design, sound design,      and expression.
     Theatre is a form of collective            and stage/production management.
     imagining that animates physical                                                       Our Creative Writing program offers
     space. Intensive, hands-on experience      WHICH PERFORMANCE COURSE                    practical and theoretical understanding
     with leading teachers, directors,          FOR YOU?                                    of writing fundamentals and practices.
     and performance-makers working                                                         A combination of workshops, lectures,
     professionally, brings this to life in a   The Bachelor of Performance is
                                                                                            group discussions and presentations
     collaborative environment of practical     a very focused degree for those
                                                                                            will help you explore a variety of
     and rigorous learning.                     students intent on a career in acting
                                                                                            writing genres and aim to develop
                                                or performance-making. It offers
                                                                                            your own voice.
     Our Performance and Theatre                in-depth studies with a professional
     programs—see Bachelor of Creative          focus for people who want to reach
     Arts (Theatre) below—offer practical       the peak of their craft.
                                                                                            Bachelor of Creative
     skills development, rich creative
     opportunities and a deep theoretical       The Bachelor of Creative Arts (Theatre)     Arts (Graphic Design)
     understanding of the fundamentals of       is more flexible, allowing students to
     theatre and performance. Whether you       easily combine their love of acting and     DS
     want to act, direct, devise or animate,    theatre with other areas including          Locations Wollongong
     work on stage or backstage, the            media arts, visual arts, creative writing   Duration 3 years full-time
     combination of skill development,          and technical theatre production. You       ATAR ATAR plus Portfolio/Interview
     production opportunities, lectures         can also undertake a double degree,         Starts Autumn
     and workshops will help you                giving you a strong advantage when          Assumed 2U of English
     explore a variety of theatrical and        you start your career. It is a suitable     Recommended Design & Technology
     performance genres.                        pathway for students looking to teach       and/or Visual Arts
                                                drama at high school (with the addition
                                                of a Graduate Diploma in Education).        Graphic Design is the art of visual
     This degree is an intensive, fully
                                                                                            communication. A good designer will
     prescribed program for students who
                                                All theatre students do an introductory     choose the right tools to convey a
     are focused on a career in acting,
                                                subject in technical production.            message—and where no tools exist,
     performance-making or technical
                                                However, students in the Performance        invent new ones.
     theatre. You’ll take core subjects in

42    you
Matthew Saliba
Interactive Designer
Bachelor of Visual Arts
and Graphic Design

Studying at UOW has helped me to
achieve my goals by providing me with
the necessary knowledge and skills to
successfully progress into the design
industry with comfort, initiative and
creative flair. Studying at UOW has
taught me to strive only for the best.
The methods taught at UOW are now a
natural process in my everyday
approach to finding the best possible
design solution for a client.

                                                 here i am
                     providing the best possible solution

                                                    you   43
                    Melissa Jaros
                    WIN News
                    Bachelor of Journalism

                    Experience sets you apart from your
                    colleagues, particularly in the media
                    industry and it can be the difference
                    between gaining a job or not. The
                    practicality of the Bachelor of
                    Journalism was the key and I believe
                    helped set me apart from other
                    journalists entering into the industry.

                    Placements were paramount to me
                    gaining a full-time job. My internship
                    with WIN was the gateway to my
                    success. I was offered the job just after
                    graduating and on the first day was
                    able to hit the ground running with the
                    basic skills to build on and develop
                    throughout my career.

set apart from
other journalists

 44   you
This program explores a variety of
techniques and theory across a number
                                           Bachelor of Digital                        Which Journalism
of conceptual and industry contexts,       Media                                      Program?
including digital imaging, web and         Locations Innovation Campus                The difference between the two
interactive multimedia design. Broaden     Duration 3 years full-time                 options for studying Journalism is how
your career options through the            ATAR ATAR plus Portfolio/Interview         much ‘journalism’ you want to study.
development of skills with a commercial    Starts Autumn
application.                               Assumed 2U of English                      The Bachelor of Communication
                                           Recommended Design & Technology            and Media Studies specialisation in
                                           and/or Visual Arts                         journalism (page 32) adds journalism
Bachelor of Creative                                                                  skills to a cutting edge theoretical
                                           This degree provides you with skills,
Arts (Theatre)                             knowledge and experience in creative       exploration of the role of journalism
                                           media production in the fields of film,    and the various media that support it.
DS                                         web production, digital animation and      Graduates from this program have
                                           computational media. It combines           skills and knowledge to apply to a
Locations Wollongong
                                           industry-relevant studio experience with   wide range of media and
Duration 3 years full-time
                                           an experimental and analytical approach.   communication based careers.
ATAR ATAR plus Audition
Starts Autumn
                                           Taught in collaboration with the           The Bachelor of Journalism features
Assumed 2U of English
                                           Illawarra Institute of TAFE, students      detailed studies of a range of
Recommended Drama
                                           gain an enhanced learning experience       journalistic forms, with a focus on
Performance at UOW involves                through working in dedicated film          practical skills that are supported by
stimulating and rigorous practice led      studios, animation and computer labs,      relevant theory. This course offers
training in either acting or technical     as well as specialised exhibition and      more chances to develop practical
production. Intensive skill development    editing suites, all located in a new       journalism skills and is suited for
is supported by the study of theatre       dedicated facility at UOW’s Innovation     students who want a specialist career
history and performance theory.            Campus in North Wollongong (next to        as a journalist or related career in the
Practical and theoretical skills           Campus East—see page 15).                  journalism environment.
will see you working in a range of
capacities within both traditional and     On completion of the course, students      Both degrees can lead you to a
contemporary performance contexts.         are awarded both a Bachelor Degree         successful career in journalism or
                                           from UOW and an Advanced Diploma           a related field.
                                           from TAFE.
Bachelor of Creative
Arts (Visual Arts)
                                           Bachelor of Journalism
DS                                         Locations Wollongong
                                           Duration 3 years full-time
Locations Wollongong
                                           ATAR ATAR plus Portfolio/Interview
Duration 3 years full-time
                                           Starts Autumn
ATAR ATAR plus Portfolio/Interview
                                           Assumed 2U of English
Starts Autumn
                                           Recommended English Adv.
Assumed 2U of English
Recommended Visual Arts                    This program addresses the specific
                                           requirements of the working journalist
This program is based in studio
                                           through the development of practical
practice and related theory and history
                                           and innovative journalism skills and
studies. The studio processes cover
                                           theory. The program has a unique
textiles, painting and sculpture with
                                           focus on the emerging convergent
support studies in curatorial practice,
                                           journalism environment and is
photography, video, printmaking,
                                           delivered in a specialised newsroom
installation and digital image making.
                                           studio where students work in a variety
Visual Arts is taught by talented
                                           of media formats with knowledgeable
practising artists and respected
                                           industry professionals. The program
scholars who work with you to
                                           offers internship opportunities in
encourage your creative expression.
                                           respected media organisations.
You’ll have a number of opportunities
to exhibit work throughout your studies.

                                                                                                                        you      45
 Education is about what we learn, how we learn and why we teach. In schools,
 students often point to a teacher who has made a difference in their lives. Teachers,
 on the other hand, remark on the wonder of helping an inquiring mind to reach new
 places, regardless of the age of the student.
 Students gain hands on experience in the practice of teaching and make strong
 links within teaching communities. The Faculty prides itself on offering a wide range
 of local and international professional teaching experiences.
 Graduates are equipped with a firm foundation in the science of learning. Education
 training in the Faculty is supported by sophisticated learning technologies, making
 our courses particularly flexible.

                                                                                        Bachelor of Education
                                                                                        – The Early Years
                                                                                        Locations Wollongong
                                                                                        Duration 4 years full-time
                                                                                        ATAR 72 [90 + extra application for DS]
                                                                                        Starts Autumn
                                                                                        Assumed 2U of English
                                                                                        Recommended 2U of Mathematics
                                                                                        This degree is an exciting new
                                                                                        approach to early childhood teaching.
                                                                                        A high level of practical community
                                                                                        engagement work is embedded into
here i am

                                                                                        the program, in addition to the usual
                                                                                        professional experience for education
                                                                                        students. It has a strong social justice
                                                                                        focus and offers unprecedented input
                                                                                        from local and regional services as well
                                                                                        as Indigenous advisory groups, with a
                                                                                        long record of community consultation.

                                                                                        Bachelor of
                                                                                        Mathematics Education
 meeting challenges                                                                     DS
                                                                                        Locations Wollongong
                                                                                        Duration 4 years full-time
                                                                                        ATAR 75 [90 + extra application for DS]
                                                                                        Starts Autumn
                                                                                        Assumed 2U of English, Mathematics
                                                                                        (not General Maths)
                                                                                        Recommended Mathematics Ext. 1
 Michelle Beavan
 Primary Teacher                                                                        Mathematics is a discipline central
 Illawarra Christian School                                                             to many branches of science and
 Bachelor of Education (Primary Education)                                              commerce, and teaching the next
                                                                                        generation of mathematicians requires
                                                                                        specific skills. This course creates
 I’m currently teaching a Year 2/3 class in a job-share role. The emphasis on working
                                                                                        teachers who understand best practice
 collaboratively and taking a problem-based approach in my studies at UOW have
                                                                                        teaching methods in addition to
 given me confidence in undertaking the challenging task of shared-programming on
                                                                                        holding a full mathematics major.
 a cross-stage class.
                                                                                        Maths Education can lead to other
                                                                                        careers outside education that require
 I really enjoyed being on-campus at UOW because the grounds are so beautiful and
                                                                                        high-level training skills in the many
 refreshing. There are many great spaces to work and also to relax and enjoy study
                                                                                        business environments mathematics
 breaks. It’s a great learning environment.
                                                                                        graduates find work.
                                                                                                                         you       47
with supportive students who carry
         one another through the course

                             Joao Oliveira
                             Bachelor of Primary Education

                             The social and academic sides of UOW
                             complement each other. It is a
                             professional top rate university that still
                             provides a personal touch. The best
                             thing about UOW is the strong and
                             supportive year group that carries one
                             another through the course.

 48   you
Bachelor of Physical                          Primary Requirements                                    Graduate Diploma in
and Health Education                          To be employed by the NSW                               Education (Secondary)
                                              Department of Education and                             Locations Wollongong, Batemans Bay,
DS                                            Training as a primary school teacher                    Bega, Shoalhaven
Locations Wollongong                          you must have completed 2 units of                      Duration 1 year (Feb–Nov)
Duration 4 years full-time                    Mathematics and 2 units of English,                     Starts Mid-February
ATAR 77 [90 + extra application for DS]       or equivalent. If you don’t have the
                                                                                                      This course gives you teaching
Starts Autumn                                 required level of either, you can take
                                                                                                      qualifications for secondary school
Assumed 2U of English                         a bridging course concurrent with
                                                                                                      settings (Years 7–12). The Graduate
Recommended 2U of Science or                  your degree.
                                                                                                      Diploma in Education follows a
PDHPE                                                                                                 completed Bachelor degree in
Physical and Health Education                Bachelor of Science                                      your chosen area.
teachers provide many children with          Education                                                Students undertake method subjects
their first formal lessons in the world of
                                                                                                      relating to their undergraduate major
making positive health choices. These        DS                                                       from the following: Art, Computer
teachers need to be knowledgeable,
motivated people who can engage              Locations Wollongong                                     Studies, Drama, English, French,
students and lead by example. Outside        Duration 4 years full-time                               History, Human Society and its
the school system, physical and health       ATAR 75 [90 + extra application for DS]                  Environment, Mathematics, Music,
educators are valued for their expertise     Starts Autumn                                            Physical and Health Education and
in a range of health and movement            Assumed Mathematics, 2U of English                       Science. Method subjects are those
related areas and often find careers as      Recommended 4U of Science from                           in which students explore in detail
consultants for sporting organisations       Chemistry, Physics, Biology or Earth                     the subject areas they will be teaching
and businesses.                              and Environment*                                         in schools, and look at methods
                                             *Students with a limited background in these subjects,   of presentation particular to their
Professional experience (PEX) is a           or mathematics, are advised to enrol in relevant         own subjects.
                                             bridging courses or introductory subjects.
mandatory requirement and usually
occurs in the Illawarra, Shoalhaven,
Southern Highlands and Southern
                                             Science is about shaping raw curiosity                   Teach Anywhere
                                             into a tool of discovery, one that creates
Sydney schools, as well as schools in                                                                 A teaching degree gives you mobility.
                                             a legacy of knowledge for future
southwest Sydney and Campbelltown.                                                                    It opens the doors for you to teach in
                                             generations. Introducing a generation
                                                                                                      a range of systems (state, independent
                                             of students to science requires teachers
                                                                                                      and Catholic school systems) both
                                             who know what they’re talking about,
Bachelor of Primary                          and who understand the excitement
                                                                                                      nationally and internationally.
Education                                    of uncovering the world around them.
                                                                                                      If you’ve got your eyes set further
                                                                                                      afield, some degrees allow you to
DS                                           The Bachelor of Science Education
                                                                                                      undertake placement experiences
                                             course focuses on developing
Locations Wollongong                                                                                  in schools in China, Malaysia, Fiji or
                                             secondary school teachers as critical
Duration 4 years full-time                                                                            Thailand. For more information, see
                                             reflective practitioners with sound
ATAR 78 [90 + extra application for DS]                                                               www.uow.edu.au/educ/proExperience/
                                             practical teaching skills.
Starts Autumn                                                                                         overseas
Assumed 2U of English
Recommended 2U of Mathematics
                                             Graduate Diploma in
Graduates of the Bachelor of Primary
Education are able to teach children
                                             Education (Primary)
from Kindergarten to Year 6. The             Locations Wollongong, Batemans Bay,
degree is aimed at developing                Bega, Shoalhaven
professional primary school teachers         Duration 1 year (Jan–Nov)
who have a strong theoretical                Starts Mid-January
understanding of teaching and                This course gives you teaching
sound practical teaching skills.             qualifications for a primary school
                                             setting (Years K–6). The Graduate
Practical teaching experiences are           Diploma in Education follows a
integrated into each year of the degree      completed Bachelor degree in your
and usually occur in the Illawarra,          chosen area.
Shoalhaven, Southern Highlands
and Southern Sydney schools.                 This program includes lectures,
                                             seminars, tutorials, individual
                                             assignments, and full-time professional
                                             experience in schools or community
                                             settings. Teaching methods, practice
                                             teaching and material preparation
                                             are provided in co-operation with
                                             local schools.

                                                                                                                                      you       49
Engineering is about manipulating the world around us to meet our needs. The
good engineer will do so using the least amount of resources possible, and the
responsible engineer will protect people and the environment in the process.
UOW Engineering graduates are not only involved in technical projects, they’re also
running the organisations in which they work. They are problem solvers, managing
projects, people and finances. They are helping to build a sustainable future.

Flexible Engineering                              Bachelor of Engineering                          Bachelor of Engineering
If you want to be an engineer but aren’t          (Civil Engineering)                              (Mining Engineering)
sure what specialisation is for you, UOW
has a flexible entry option for the                S                                                S
Bachelor of Engineering. You complete a
                                                  Locations Wollongong                             Locations Wollongong
common first year before choosing a
                                                  Duration 4 years full-time                       Duration 4 years full-time
specialisation. Decide after you’ve tried
                                                  ATAR 78 [95 for Scholar]                         ATAR 78 [95 for Scholar]
a little of everything, and still finish your
                                                  Starts Autumn/Spring                             Starts Autumn/Spring
degree on time.
                                                  Assumed 2U of English, Mathematics (not          Assumed 2U of English, Mathematics (not
The following majors are available under          General Maths)                                   General Maths)
the flexible entry program:                       Recommended Physics, Chemistry,                  Recommended Physics, Chemistry,
                                                  Mathematics Ext. 1, Engineering Studies          Mathematics Ext. 1, Engineering Studies
ƒ   Civil Engineering
                                                  Civil engineers apply science and technology     Minerals are a major export income earner
ƒ   Environmental Engineering
                                                  to the efficient use of natural resources for    for Australia, and demand for coal, iron
ƒ   Materials Engineering
                                                  the benefit and development of civilised life.   ore, bauxite and petroleum will continue.
ƒ   Mechanical Engineering
                                                  They plan, design, construct, operate and        Mining engineers are professionals who
ƒ   Mechatronics Engineering
                                                  maintain roads, bridges, dams, water supply      apply science, geoscience, engineering
ƒ   Mining Engineering
                                                  schemes, sewerage systems, transportation,       and technology to the efficient and
Call or email UniAdvice for more                  harbours, canals, docks, airports, railways,     responsible exploration and extraction of
information.                                      factories and large buildings.                   minerals from the earth.

1300 367 869/uniadvice@uow.edu.au                 FULLY ACCREDITED                                 The course focuses on mining engineering
                                                                                                   and the design of engineering structures,
                                                  All Bachelor of Engineering degrees
                                                                                                   with emphasis on mining methods,
Recognised by Group                               at UOW are accredited by Engineers
                                                                                                   ventilation, environmental engineering, rock
                                                  Australia, the peak professional body
of Eight                                          for engineers in the country. See
                                                                                                   mechanics, computer applications, mining
                                                                                                   economics and industrial management.
World-class research in the Faculty of            www.engineersaustralia.org.au
Engineering has attracted large numbers of                                                         ENGINEERING DOUBLE MAJORS
researchers engaged in well funded
projects in superior facilities. This expertise
                                                  Bachelor of Engineering                          You don’t apply to study engineering double
filters through to the classroom and              (Environmental Engineering)                      majors directly. You first enrol in either
research labs, so Engineering students are                                                         of the two programs (or the flexible entry
learning from some of the world’s most             S                                               option) and then apply for the double major
eminent engineers and scientists. This                                                             at the end of your first year. It’s just another
                                                  Locations Wollongong                             option if you find your interest in engineering
concentration of high quality research has
                                                  Duration 4 years full-time                       can’t be confined to a single discipline!
led to the Faculty being recognised as part
                                                  ATAR 78 [95 for Scholar]
of the Group of Eight and Associates, the
                                                  Starts Autumn/Spring
top research faculties in Australia.
                                                  Assumed 2U of English, Mathematics (not          Bachelor of Engineering
                                                  General Maths)
                                                  Recommended Physics, Chemistry,
                                                                                                   (Civil & Environmental
                                                  Mathematics Ext. 1, Engineering Studies          Engineering)
                                                  Environmental engineers find solutions to        Locations Wollongong
                                                  pressing environmental problems using            Duration 5–5.5 years full-time
                                                  the principles of sustainability, basic          Starts Autumn/Spring
                                                  sciences and engineering. Working in an          Combining civil and environmental
                                                  interdisciplinary environment they design,       engineering gives you a clear focus on
                                                  build, evaluate, supervise or manage             sustainable development. Civil engineering
                                                  major projects including provision of            skills expand your ability to apply sound
                                                  potable water, water treatment and               environmental practice to infrastructure,
                                                  recycling, waste treatment, constructed          and environmental engineering skills will
                                                  wetlands, remediation of contaminated            focus your ability to meet challenges with
                                                  sites, air and noise pollution and control.      creative, efficient solutions.
                                                                                                                                           you        51
   Sam Darlow
   Bachelor of Engineering
   (Mechanical Engineering)

   I chose to study at UOW for the
   well-known quality of its engineering
   program. One of the best things about
   UOW is the helpful staff. There are
   many well-regarded lecturers at UOW
   who can expose you to opportunities
   you might never have otherwise.

for the quality of the engineering program
Bachelor of Engineering                         Bachelor of Engineering                         Mechatronic engineering is the combination
                                                                                                of mechanical, electrical and computer
(Civil & Mining                                 (Scholar)                                       technologies. These engineering disciplines
Engineering)                                    www.uow.edu.au/eng/ugstudentinfo                complement each other to design and
                                                                                                realise products, systems and processes,
Locations Wollongong                             S                                              which are more efficient, intelligent and
Duration 5–5.5 years full-time
                                                ATAR 95                                         cost effective than their predecessors.
Starts Autumn/Spring
                                                Similar to the Dean’s Scholar program, the      Fields in mechatronics include autonomous
Studying mining and civil engineering
                                                Bachelor of Engineering (Scholar) is for high   robots, internet or remotely controlled
will broaden your career prospects, and
                                                achieving students with good mathematics        machines and processes, vehicle engine
enhance many of the core skills from
                                                ability. It is available for all Bachelor of    management systems and many more.
each discipline.
                                                Engineering degrees offered by the Faculty      There is a strong ongoing demand for
                                                of Engineering. Benefits include:               mechatronic engineers wherever complex
For example, the same skills needed
to safely dig mine shafts are used to           ƒ Certified recognition of enrolment in         projects are met with limited resources.
build underground expressways in cities,          the Scholars Program
while each offers a range of unique and         ƒ Opportunity to finish a 4-year degree
exciting challenges.                              in 3.5 years, or a 5-year double              Bachelor of Medical and
                                                  degree in 4 years                             Radiation Physics
                                                ƒ Access to a wider range of electives
Bachelor of Engineering                         ƒ Involvement in Faculty research                A+
(Mining & Environmental                           activities by replacing certain core or
                                                  elective subjects with special                Locations Wollongong
Engineering)                                      engineering project subjects. Scholars        Duration 3 years full-time
Locations Wollongong                              work on a research project in an area         ATAR 80 [95 for Advanced]
Duration 5–5.5 years full-time                    of interest to them, and under the            Starts Autumn/Spring
Starts Autumn/Spring                              guidance of a research supervisor             Assumed 2U of English, 2U of
                                                  from one of the Faculty Research              Mathematics, Physics*
The mineral wealth of the earth is immense,       Centres, Groups or Institutes.                Recommended English Adv., Mathematics
though tapping this wealth presents us with     ƒ Unique research project subjects              Ext. 1, Chemistry
challenges. We have a responsibility to
                                                                                                * Students without Physics or Chemistry can enrol in
ourselves and our planet to find creative                                                       bridging courses held in February each year.
solutions to these challenges, ones that        Bachelor of Engineering
minimise harm and maximise yield. An
engineer with dual qualifications in mining
                                                (Materials Engineering)                         This degree is designed to produce
                                                                                                graduates with the specialist skills
and environmental engineering is uniquely
well equipped to meet these challenges.
                                                 S                                              necessary to find employment in hospitals,
                                                                                                research or industry.
                                                Locations Wollongong
This joint major sees the application of        Duration 4 years full-time                      Graduates understand radiation detectors
science, geoscience and technology to the       ATAR 78 [95 for Scholar]                        and instrument design in nuclear physics,
efficient and safe extraction of minerals       Starts Autumn/Spring                            radiation safety, accelerator and reactor
from the earth. It combines this knowledge      Assumed 2U of English, Mathematics (not         physics. Computer programming related
with skills required to minimise the impact     General Maths)                                  to imaging is also taught.
on our environmental surroundings.              Recommended Physics, Chemistry,
                                                Mathematics Ext. 1, Engineering Studies
                                                Materials engineering is at the heart of        Bachelor of Science
Bachelor of Engineering                         every engineering project: new materials        (Photonics)
(Mechanical Engineering)                        are critical for developing technologies.
                                                                                                Locations Wollongong
                                                Materials engineers are the ones who
                                                                                                Duration 3 years full-time
 S                                              know how to select—from thousands of
                                                                                                ATAR 75
                                                options—the right material for the job.
Locations Wollongong                                                                            Starts Autumn/Spring
                                                They understand how changing processes
Duration 4 years full-time                                                                      Assumed 2U of English, Mathematics
                                                or composition can change the properties
ATAR 78 [95 for Scholar]                                                                        Recommended Mathematics Ext. 1,
                                                of a material. This major emphasises
Starts Autumn/Spring                                                                            Chemistry or Physics
                                                processing, manufacturing and materials
Assumed 2U of English, Mathematics (not
                                                selection in design.                            Photonics is a rapidly developing area
General Maths)
                                                                                                associated with the development of
Recommended Physics, Chemistry,
Mathematics Ext. 1, Engineering Studies         Bachelor of Engineering                         detectors, light sources and optical fibres
                                                                                                to support research and development
Mechanical engineering has the broadest         (Mechatronic)                                   in a wide range of industries, including
scope of all the branches of engineering.                                                       opto-electronics, telecommunications
Graduates in this field work in a wide           S                                              and defence.
variety of roles and have the skills to adapt   Locations Wollongong
to other disciplines. This major includes       Duration 4 years full-time                      This degree combines skills in experimental
many exciting fields such as advanced           ATAR 78 [95 for Scholar]                        and theoretical physics and electronics. It
manufacturing, metal forming technology,        Starts Autumn/Spring                            provides a strong background in optics and
robotics, control of systems, computer          Assumed 2U of English, Mathematics (not         computing necessary to enter a career in
aided design and manufacturing, air             General Maths)                                  the photonics industry.
conditioning, biomechanics, powder              Recommended Physics, Chemistry,
technology and tribology.                       Mathematics Ext. 1, Engineering Studies
                                                                                                                                                 you   53
     Bachelor of Science                                      Bachelor of Science                                    Physics is fundamental to the study of
                                                                                                                     all sciences and has a key role to play
     (Materials)                                              (Physics)                                              in generating and supporting new
     Locations Wollongong                                                                                            technologies. Physicists contribute
     Duration 3 years full-time                                A+                                                    solutions in a broad range of areas,
     ATAR 75                                                                                                         from cutting edge advances to
                                                              Locations Wollongong
     Starts Autumn/Spring                                                                                            everyday concerns—such as the
                                                              Duration 3 years full-time
     Assumed 2U of English plus                                                                                      robustness of the world’s economy.
                                                              ATAR 75 [95 for Advanced]
     Mathematics                                              Starts Autumn/Spring
     Recommended Mathematics Ext. 1,                                                                                 Students majoring in Physics study:
                                                              Assumed 2U of English plus
     Chemistry or Physics*                                                                                           mechanics; thermodynamics; electricity
                                                                                                                     and magnetism; vibrations; waves;
     * Students without Physics or Chemistry can enrol in     Recommended Mathematics Ext. 1,
     bridging courses held in February each year.                                                                    optics; modern, quantum and statistical
                                                              Chemistry or Physics*
                                                                                                                     mechanics; complemented by a number
                                                              * Students without Physics or Chemistry can enrol in
     Materials Science students explore                       bridging courses held in February each year.
                                                                                                                     of advanced mathematics subjects.
     the ways in which new materials are
     changing our world. They find out how
     to measure and control the strength of
     metals and polymers, learn about the
     structure of crystals and glasses, and
     discover how semiconductors work.

     This program provides the scientific
     knowledge and technical skills
     necessary for a successful materials
     based career. Pursue areas such as
     quality control and laboratory testing,
     materials process control, research and
     development in government or work in
     private sector laboratories.

     Bachelor of Science
     (Nuclear Science &
                                                            here i am

     Locations Wollongong
     Duration 3 years full-time
     ATAR 75
     Starts Autumn/Spring
     Assumed 2U of English plus
     Recommended Mathematics Ext. 1,
     Chemistry or Physics*
     * Students without Physics or Chemistry can enrol in
     bridging courses held in February each year.

                                                             building on what I learned in my degree
     The Bachelor of Science (Nuclear
     Science & Technology) builds on the
     expertise of the Centre for Medical
     Radiation Physics in dosimetry and
     radiation monitoring. It also builds on
     the environmental and nuclear physics
     subjects dealing with nuclear
     technology and waste disposal.
                                                             Lyndal Evans
                                                             Materials Investigations Cadet
     The program includes topics such
                                                             Bluescope Steel
     as mechanics and thermodynamics,
                                                             Bachelor of Engineering (Materials Engineering)
     quantum mechanics, nuclear physics,
     the nuclear fuel cycle and the physics
                                                             In my current role I carry out failure analysis on metallic and non-metallic engineering
     of radiation detectors.
                                                             equipment. This involves the use of optical microscopy, mechanical testing, chemical
                                                             analysis and metallographic techniques to determine fracture modes.

                                                             What I learned throughout my degree is imperative to this work and is a solid base I
                                                             can build on at work and further in my career.

                                                             UOW has a good engineering program, and a friendly campus atmosphere in a great
                                                             location close to home.

54    you
      health an

     Understanding how the human body and mind work and how to care for them is
     essential to our wellbeing. Whether fighting chronic illness afflicting whole
     populations or managing top athletes, health scientists, doctors and nurses improve
     our health, happiness and performance.
     Health and Behavioural Sciences at UOW is characterised by quality, accredited
     undergraduate studies and exciting postgraduate research grounded in our

     Illawarra Health and                         Bachelor of Exercise                                 Bachelor of Health
     Medical Research                             Science and                                          Science in Indigenous
     Institute (IHMRI)                            Rehabilitation                                       Health Studies
     IHMRI is a joint venture between UOW         Locations Wollongong                                 Locations Wollongong
     and the South Eastern Sydney Illawarra       Duration 4 years full-time                           Duration 3 years full-time
     Area Health Service. Its goal is to be the   ATAR 94                                              ATAR 70
     focal point of health and medical            Starts Autumn                                        Starts Autumn/Spring
     research in the Illawarra region.            Assumed 2U of English, 4U of Science                 Recommended Aboriginal Studies
                                                  and/or Maths*
                                                                                                       Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander
     The Institute is housed in a state-of-       Recommended Chemistry**
                                                                                                       people face a unique set of personal
     the-art multimillion-dollar facility on      * PDHPE may be counted as a Science unit.            and community health issues. Effective,
                                                  ** Bridging courses available for students without
     UOW main campus. The upper part                                                                   responsive and compassionate health
     of the building will house modern                                                                 care for Indigenous people requires
     laboratories for medical research.                                                                professionals with a broad set of skills
                                                  The Bachelor of Exercise Science and
     The lower floor of the building is a                                                              and knowledge.
                                                  Rehabilitation aims to produce exercise
     clinical research and trials area,
                                                  physiologists who have strong clinical
     which will interact directly with                                                                 The course covers areas including
                                                  and professional skills, underpinned by
     members of the community.                                                                         community health, community
                                                  sound scientific knowledge of human
                                                  structure and function. As Accredited                development, cultural issues,
     IHMRI’s research program                                                                          comparative Indigenous health issues
                                                  Exercise Physiologists, graduates can
     encompasses six main themes:                                                                      and Indigenous health research.
                                                  utilise exercise to maintain and improve
                                                  health and fitness, as well as rehabilitate          These areas are complemented
     ƒ   Cancer Continuum                         individuals after injury or disease.                 with study in Indigenous Studies,
     ƒ   Healthy Ageing                           Graduates are eligible to register as                Psychology, Sociology, Education
     ƒ   Infectious Diseases                      an Allied Health Professional with                   and other related areas.
     ƒ   Metabolic Conditions                     organisations such as Medicare, Work
     ƒ   Neuroscience and Mental Health           Cover, and private health insurers.
     ƒ   Primary Care and Rural Health                                                                 Bachelor of Medical
     For more information, see
                                                  The skills acquired are applied in                   and Health Sciences
                                                  clinical and community settings
     ihmri.uow.edu.au                             through clinical placements, which                   – TAFE Diploma of
                                                  are an important part of the third                   Laboratory Technology
                                                  and fourth years of the degree.
                                                                                                       Locations Wollongong
                                                                                                       Duration 3 years full-time
                                                  Graduates are eligible to become                     ATAR 82
                                                  members of Exercise and Sports                       Starts Autumn
                                                  Science Australia (ESSA) formerly the                Assumed 2U of English, 4U of Science
                                                  Australian Association for Exercise and              and/or Maths
                                                  Sport Science (AAESS) and achieve                    Recommended Chemistry
                                                  professional accreditation. Graduates
                                                  may find employment in areas of                      This combination degree is a 4-year
                                                  cardiac rehabilitation, musculoskeletal              flexible but rigorous program designed
                                                  rehabilitation, exercise physiology                  for students who have a passion to
                                                  and a range of areas within the allied               study the scientific basis of human
                                                  health services. Their career could also             structure, function and health. The
                                                  lead them into health management                     content of the Bachelor of Medical and
                                                  programs for the treatment of chronic                Health Sciences part of the program is
                                                  diseases such as diabetes,                           the same as the standalone degree
                                                  cardiovascular disease and                           (see next page).
                                                  neurological disorders.

56   you
                        i am here
where i’m not just a number

              Sophie Glover
              Bachelor of Science (Exercise
              Science, Psychology)

              UOW has helped me achieve my goals
              by providing me with the highest
              quality teachers, resources and
              practical insights into the industry,
              which will stand me in good stead
              when I graduate. I have found the
              staff to be friendly and welcoming
              and smaller class sizes mean you are
              not just a number.

                                        you     57
     In third year, you study at Ultimo TAFE.
     The combination of UOW degree with
                                                                Bachelor of Nursing                         Bachelor of Nutrition &
     TAFE Diploma provides opportunities                        Locations Wollongong, Shoalhaven,           Dietetics
     for improved vocational outcomes and                       Southern Sydney, Bega
                                                                                                            Locations Wollongong
     the development of practical skills.                       Duration 3 years full-time only
                                                                                                            Duration 4 years full-time
     The degree provides you with both the                      ATAR 70
                                                                                                            ATAR 93
     scientific background and the practical                    Starts Autumn
                                                                                                            Starts Autumn
     training relevant to employment in                         Assumed 2U of Science
                                                                                                            Assumed 2U of English, 4U of Science
     pathology laboratories in the public                       Nurses are fundamental to health            and/or Maths
     or private sectors.                                        care. One of the essential roles of         Recommended Chemistry
                                                                any hospital is to provide nursing care.
                                                                                                            The Bachelor of Nutrition & Dietetics
                                                                With this in mind, it’s easy to see why
     Bachelor of Medical                                        motivated, skilful and compassionate
                                                                                                            course emphasises professional
                                                                                                            development and provides students
     and Health Sciences                                        nurses will be the cornerstones of
                                                                                                            with opportunities to gain clinical, food
                                                                our future healthcare needs. We
                                                                                                            service, research and health promotion
      A+                                                        emphasise independent study and
                                                                                                            skills. It provides placements in
                                                                inquiry as well as teamwork. The
     Locations Wollongong                                                                                   hospitals, community health centres
                                                                course is structured so that there is
     Duration 3 years full-time                                                                             and food companies.
                                                                planned and consistent integration
     ATAR 82 [93 + extra app. for Advanced]                     of theory with practical experience.
     Starts Autumn                                                                                          Clinical experience is undertaken in
     Assumed 2U of English, 4U of Science                                                                   general and specialist hospitals in the
                                                                                                            Illawarra, south-eastern regions of
     and/or Maths*                                              Bachelor of Nursing                         Sydney and rural areas. Placements
     Recommended Chemistry
     *For this degree PDHPE may be counted as a Science unit.
                                                                Advanced                                    are offered in a variety of community
                                                                Duration 4 years                            and industrial settings.

     The Bachelor of Medical and Health                         ATAR 80
                                                                Starts Autumn                               The Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics
     Sciences degree is a three-year flexible,
                                                                Assumed 2U of Science                       program has full accreditation with
     rigorous program designed specifically
                                                                                                            the Dietitians Association of Australia
     for students who have a passion to                         The Bachelor of Nursing Advanced is         (DAA), making all graduates eligible
     study the scientific basis of human                        designed for high-achieving students        for the credential of Accredited
     structure, function and health. The                        who are the potential leaders in nursing.   Practising Dietitian (APD) and
     course is built upon foundation                            The advanced degree provides eligibility    Accredited Nutritionist (AN). Graduates
     knowledge in the sciences underpinning                     to register as a nurse in Australia. It     are frequently employed as clinical
     human anatomy, physiology and health.                      focuses on teaching students the skills     dietitians, community dietitians, food
     As the degree progresses, there are                        and adaptability necessary to work in       service dietitians and as dietitians in
     increasing opportunities for students                      constantly evolving clinical and            private practice.
     to customise their program of study                        administrative environments.
     to include a wide range of biomedical
     and behavioural subjects related to the
     human body and health.
                                                                In addition to completing the               Bachelor of Public
                                                                requirements for the 3-year Bachelor of
                                                                Nursing, students will pick one of two      Health
     Graduates are frequently employed in                       majors: Management and Leadership,          Locations Wollongong
     the health, medical, medical research                      or Mental Health.                           Duration 3 years full-time
     and clinical health fields. Examples                                                                   ATAR 75
     include research scientist in the areas                    This degree builds on UOW’s strong          Starts Autumn
     of neuroscience, thermal physiology,                       partnerships with local area health         Assumed 2U of English
     biomechanics, diabetes and metabolic                       services, The Illawarra Institute of        Recommended English Adv.
     disorders, functional anatomy,                             Mental Health, UOW School of
     respiratory and cardio respiratory                                                                     The Bachelor of Public Health is a
                                                                Psychology and NGOs. It prepares
     function. Graduates may also become                                                                    flexible program for those interested
                                                                students for mental health clinical
     a medical or clinical technician,                                                                      in a career that enhances the health
                                                                placements through intensive skill
     laboratory manager or pathology                                                                        of the community. Students learn to
                                                                based workshops involving clinicians
     laboratory technician. They acquire                                                                    understand key issues affecting the
                                                                and carers.
     knowledge and skills which are                                                                         health of populations. They develop skills
     transferable to many other areas                                                                       in obtaining, reviewing and analysing
     including public service departments,                                                                  health information. Planning and
     media and the pharmaceutical industry.                                                                 managing a health program or project
                                                                                                            as well as improving the health of the
                                                                                                            population are other areas covered.
     You can also apply for the Bachelor
     of Medical and Health Sciences
     Advanced (Honours), which offers
     integrated Honours and research

58    you
Graduates are frequently employed in         PSYCHOLOGY                                   BECOMING A REGISTERED
local, state and federal government                                                       PSYCHOLOGIST
                                             Psychologists help us understand who
health departments. They may also
                                             we are and how we think, feel and act.       To become a registered psychologist,
gain employment in health and
                                             They aim to help people function             you will need to complete 4 years of
medical research, community
                                             better, to prevent ill health and other      accredited study. (Either the Bachelor
health promotion, occupational and
                                             problems developing. Their clients           of Psychology or one of the 3-year
environmental health, public service,
                                             include children, adults, couples,           degrees above plus an accredited
disease prevention and research.
                                             families and organisations.                  fourth year of study as below.) A post
                                                                                          degree supervision period under a
Graduates are able to apply for
                                                                                          qualified psychologist is also required.
membership with the Public Health
                                             Bachelor of Psychology
                                             Locations Wollongong
High-achieving students are eligible         Duration 4 years full-time                   Bachelor of Science
to apply for entry into the Bachelor of      ATAR 92                                      Honours – Psychology
Public Health (Honours), which is            Starts Autumn
designed as an additional fourth year of     Assumed 2U of English
                                             Recommended English Adv.
                                                                                          Bachelor of Arts
study to provide students with skills to
demonstrate excellence in research with      The Bachelor of Psychology is a
                                                                                          Honours – Psychology
a clear understanding of the research        professional degree for students             Honours in Psychology is a fourth year
question. Entry into the Bachelor of         who aspire to register as a Clinical         of study accredited by the Australian
Public Health (Honours) requires the         Psychologist. Graduates are eligible for     Psychological Society (APS). It is a
student to have attained at least a credit   associate membership of the Australian       partial qualification for registration as a
average in subjects undertaken during        Psychological Society, and are well          psychologist with the Psychology Board
their undergraduate degree.                  placed to apply for the Master of            of Australia. A post-degree supervision
                                             Psychology (Clinical) that is required for   period is also required.
                                             registration as a Clinical Psychologist.
Bachelor of Public
Health Nutrition                                                                          Postgraduate Diploma
Locations Wollongong
                                             Bachelor of Science                          in Psychology
Duration 3 years full-time                   (Psychology)                                 As an alternative to Honours, graduates
ATAR 75                                      Locations Wollongong                         of a three-year psychology degree can
Starts Autumn                                Duration 3 years full-time                   take this Postgraduate Diploma. It
Assumed 2U of English                        ATAR 78                                      serves as a partial qualification with
Recommended English Adv.                     Starts Autumn                                the APS as per above.

Diet and nutrition have become               Assumed 2U of English
                                             Recommended English Adv.
increasingly important for the                                                            Bachelor of Science
Australian population and public
health. The Bachelor of Public Health        Bachelor of Arts                             (Exercise Science)
Nutrition meets the needs of students                                                     Locations Wollongong
who are interested in working in health      (Psychology)                                 Duration 3 years full-time
promotion, especially the development,       Locations Wollongong                         ATAR 78
management and evaluation of                 Duration 3 years full-time                   Starts Autumn
community-based nutrition and food           ATAR 75                                      Assumed 2U of English, 4U of Science
policy programs. It combines public          Starts Autumn                                and/or Maths*
and population health approaches             Assumed 2U of English                        * PDHPE may be counted as a Science unit.
with a sound understanding of the            Recommended English Adv.
science of nutrition.                                                                     The Bachelor of Science (Exercise
                                             A 3-year degree in Psychology provides
                                             comprehensive training in the processes      Science) major allows students to
Graduates are frequently employed                                                         explore in depth the area of exercise
                                             basic to human psychology. It can
in local, state and federal government                                                    science through the study of anatomy,
                                             be combined with most disciplines
health departments. They may also                                                         physiology, exercise physiology,
                                             available in either a Bachelor of Science
gain employment in community                                                              exercise prescription and
                                             or Bachelor of Arts degree. The
health promotion; non-government                                                          biomechanics. Students gain a
                                             Psychology component of the two
organisations with a public health                                                        comprehensive understanding of the
                                             degrees is identical. Choose one or the
nutrition focus; disease prevention and                                                   anatomical and physiological basis of
                                             other based on what complementary
research. Graduates are able to apply                                                     human motion. They also learn about
                                             subjects interest you. Science provides
for Associate Registration with the                                                       the effect of exercise, injury and
                                             a stronger background in the biological
Nutrition Society of Australia. Full                                                      disease on human performance in
                                             basis of human behaviour, while Arts
registration is available upon completion                                                 sport, industry and in daily living.
                                             integrates a wider understanding of the
of additional professional experience.                                                    Graduates are trained to utilise exercise
                                             human experience.
                                                                                          as an intervention to maintain health
                                                                                          and fitness in healthy individuals.

                                                                                                                                      you   59
                     Alex Carr
                     Bachelor of Exercise Science
                     and Rehabilitation

                     My favourite thing about UOW is
                     the relaxed environment.
                     Everyone is so friendly it actually
                     makes uni somewhere you enjoy
                     being. My course has given me
                     the confidence to attempt
                     anything. The variety of subjects
                     I’ve completed have shown me
                     what I’m capable of.

where i like to be

  60   you
The course offers career flexibility.               Graduates are eligible for Associate
Graduates may find employment in a                  Membership of the Dietitians
variety of areas associated with sport              Association of Australia (DAA).
(coaching, sports administration,                   Graduates may also seek to become
strength and conditioning), health                  a Graduate Member of the Australian
promotion, the fitness industry                     Institute of Food Science and
(corporate/community fitness                        Technology (AIFST) and/or an
programming, personal training),                    Associate Nutritionist (ANutr) with
rehabilitation (exercise prescription               the Nutrition Society of Australia. Full
for chronic conditions), preventive                 status as a Registered Nutritionist
medicine (cardiac technician)                       (RNutr) or Registered Public Health
and/or research.                                    Nutritionist (RPHNutr) can be obtained
                                                    after work experience.
Upon successful completion of the first
two years of the course, students may               Students who have achieved a
apply to transfer to the Bachelor of                distinction average in the first two and
Exercise Science and Rehabilitation.                a half years of this degree may be
                                                    invited to transfer into the Bachelor
                                                    of Nutrition and Dietetics, subject to
Bachelor of Science                                 availability of places. The program is
(Nutrition)                                         also designed to meet the prerequisite
                                                    requirements for admission into the
Locations Wollongong                                Master of Science (Nutrition &
Duration 3 years full-time                          Dietetics), which is required for
ATAR 78                                             accreditation as a nutritionist/dietitian.
Starts Autumn
Assumed 2U of English, 4U of Science
and/or Maths
Recommended Chemistry*
* Bridging courses available for students without

A major in Nutrition provides a general
education in the study of human
nutrition. Core areas of study include
biochemistry, human physiology,
nutritional metabolism, as well as
community and public health nutrition.
Good nutrition is central to the
maintenance of good health, fighting
off disease, correcting imbalances
in the body and providing vitality.

Graduates are frequently employed in
the health, health promotion, medical,
medical research, food industry, private
practice and clinical health fields.
Graduates can work in a range of
professional settings. Career options
include nutritionists with food companies
or pharmaceutical companies, weight
loss counsellors, lifestyle coaches,
customer service agents in food
companies and research assistants.

                                                                                                 you   61
      graduate schoo
          of medicin

The Graduate School of Medicine (GSM) at UOW offers a distinctive approach to
medical education. The School was built around a mission to address Australia’s
shortage of skilled doctors practising outside major cities. Now, the GSM is
committed to training world-class doctors who will use their skills to serve
communities in regional, rural and remote locations.
Students spend significant time during their training in long-term clinical placements
in regional and rural facilities and with regional and rural doctors. They develop
an understanding of what it means to practise medicine in these areas. The
clinical experiences reflect the realities of medicine in regional, rural and remote
communities. The curriculum presents ‘problems’ that students must solve in the
context of these places.
While the GSM focuses on training
doctors to work in regional and rural
areas, graduates receive broad-based
training that ensures they can pursue
any career in medicine in all the
medical specialisations.

UOW offers a truly unique and
rewarding educational experience
that provides the academic base for
a lifetime of practice in a rapidly
changing and challenging health
care environment.

Bachelor of Medicine &
                                            here i am

Bachelor of Surgery
Duration 4 years
Starting sessions January each year
Entry requirements Because it is a
graduate program, applicants must
have already completed a Bachelor
degree, but this can be in any
discipline. Students must also sit the
Graduate Australian Medical School
Admissions Test (GAMSAT), an
independently developed exam
designed to help graduate medical
                                             ready to work as a doctor
schools select candidates.
Details of the entry requirements and
application process can be found at

A combination of teaching approaches is
used to deliver the curriculum including:
                                             Jennifer Khoo
lectures, large and small group clinical
                                             Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery
presentations, seminars, tutorials, small
                                             Wollongong Hospital
group work, using online resources and
logs, and practical anatomy classes.
                                             The Graduate School of Medicine has prepared me well for working as a doctor. The
Clinical teaching is also carried out in
                                             student cohort was small enough to allow for more attention to each student, and the
hospitals, clinics and general practice
                                             community involvement of the local and rural doctors was invaluable. I also believe that
surgeries. In addition, the curriculum
                                             being hands-on from first year experiencing medicine as it is practised in our community
includes activities directed at the
                                             enhanced my education.
personal and professional development
of GSM students.

                                                                                                                              you       63
Mathematicians and computer scientists have much in common. For each, success
is determined by creative and careful use of a series of tools and languages unique
to their professions. In the real world, both also need a range of practical skills to
make their way along their chosen career path. Skills in management,
communication and analysis are key.
Our academics have strong engagement with industry and conduct research at the
forefront of their chosen disciplines. The deep understanding gained through active
research is brought to the classroom to create a learning environment that inspires
and nurtures curiosity in our students.

Informatics graduates from UOW have
highly regarded specialist knowledge,
                                            Bachelor of                                 MULTIMEDIA AND GAME
often accredited by relevant industry       Computer Science
                                                                                        This major has been developed in
associations. They are also well
                                                                                        response to the needs of the growing
rounded, capable of integrating their       DS                                          Australian game development industry,
skills into a variety of organisations
                                            Locations Wollongong                        where employees require both
often managing and leading teams of
                                            Duration 3 years full-time                  traditional computer science skills and
experts. Our graduates are among the
                                            ATAR 75 [93 + extra application for DS]     creative skills.
most sought after by industry because
                                            Starts Autumn/Spring
of their deep knowledge of the
                                            Assumed 2U of English, Mathematics          SOFTWARE ENGINEERING
discipline, adaptability, communication,
                                            (not General Maths)
application and ethical professionalism.                                                This major addresses the software
                                            The Bachelor of Computer Science is         engineering process using an object
                                            centred on developing problem-solving       oriented approach. Students work in
Bachelor of Business                        and solution implementation skills.         a group that mimics the working
                                            These skills are widely applicable across
Information Systems                         the Information and Communication
                                                                                        environment of the software
                                                                                        development industry.
                                            Technology spectrum, in areas such
DS                                          as financial analysis, games, security,
Locations Wollongong                        networking, automatic systems (such as      Bachelor of Engineering
Duration 3 years full-time                  ATMs), adaptive (AI) systems, robotics
ATAR 75 [93 + extra application for DS]     and medical monitoring.
                                                                                        (Computer Engineering)
Starts Autumn/Spring
Assumed 2U of English                       The primary focus of this course is to      DS
Recommended 2U of Mathematics               prepare students to enter the work          Locations Wollongong
                                            force as proactive, adaptive and            Duration 4 years full-time
Business Information analysts are
                                            productive professionals.                   ATAR 78 [93 + extra application for DS]
involved in the analysis, design,
                                                                                        Starts Autumn/Spring
implementation, maintenance and
                                            Four majors are available:                  Assumed 2U of English, Mathematics
enhancement of computer-based
                                                                                        (not General Maths), 2U of Science
information systems critical to the
                                            DIGITAL SYSTEMS SECURITY                    Recommended English Adv.,
successful operation of modern
                                                                                        Mathematics Ext. 1, Physics
organisations.                              Information Security is becoming
                                            an increasingly important aspect of         Computer engineers design, develop
They require a sound understanding          information technology. The industry        and maintain sustainable computer
of the business requirements for the        has shown its interest in having secure     based hardware and software systems.
systems they design and must deal           systems and employees with skills           These professionals have specialist
with users at all levels within an          appropriate to information security.        expertise in the fields of computer
organisation. This degree is specifically                                               architecture and software design.
designed to prepare you for a career as     ENTERPRISE SYSTEMS                          They apply these skills to efficiently
a systems analyst or as an information                                                  combine digital hardware with software
                                            Enterprise systems development
systems specialist in a business,                                                       components in order to integrate
                                            focuses on the creation of software
government or non-profit environment.                                                   computers with the real world.
                                            systems that use the large scale,
                                            mixed platform distributed computing
                                                                                        This course includes at least 12 weeks
                                            facilities of large commercial and
                                                                                        of professional experience. This major
                                            government organisations.
                                                                                        is also fully accredited by Engineers

                                                                                                                        you       65
     Bachelor of Engineering                     Bachelor of Information                      Bachelor of Mathematics
     (Electrical Engineering)                    Technology                                   (Mathematics/Applied
     DS                                          DS
     Locations Wollongong                        Locations Wollongong                          A+
     Duration 4 years full-time                  Duration 3 years full-time
                                                                                              Locations Wollongong
     ATAR 78 [93 + extra application for DS]     ATAR 75 [93 + extra application for DS]
                                                                                              Duration 3 years full-time
     Starts Autumn/Spring                        Starts Autumn/Spring
                                                                                              ATAR 75 [90 for Advanced]
     Assumed 2U of English, Mathematics          Assumed 2U of English
                                                                                              Starts Autumn/Spring
     (not General Maths), 2U of Science          Recommended Mathematics or
                                                                                              Assumed 2U of English, Mathematics
     Recommended English Adv.,                   General Maths
                                                                                              (not General Maths)
     Mathematics Ext. 1, Physics
                                                 This degree has a set of core subjects       Recommended Mathematics Ext.1
     Electrical engineers are sought after       that offers graduates key skills required
                                                                                              Most jobs suitable for mathematics
     professionals who have specialist           for any IT professional. These core
                                                                                              graduates don’t have the word
     expertise in the development and            subjects are complemented by one
                                                                                              “mathematician” in the title:
     application of sustainable electrical       of the following major studies:
                                                                                              meteorologist, risk manager,
     and electronic systems.
                                                                                              investment adviser, biometrician
                                                 eBusiness – Conducting business
                                                                                              and transport analyst are just a few
     Special topics such as electricity          online is increasingly an essential
                                                                                              examples. Applied mathematics
     generation and distribution (including      feature of any organisation’s
                                                                                              underpins a vast number of scientific
     renewable energy), electrical power         operations. Challenges are faced by
                                                                                              and commercial enterprises, so your
     quality, machines and drives, power         integrating adaptive business solutions
                                                                                              career options are wide.
     electronics, control systems and            that capitalise on evolving technologies.
     automation give you the specialist
                                                                                              While the major components of the
     knowledge needed to move into the           Network Design and Management
                                                                                              degree are in Mathematics or Applied
     industry. This major is fully accredited    – Every major company in the world
                                                                                              Statistics, second majors can be
     by Engineers Australia.                     now relies on networks to survive.
                                                                                              chosen from other areas, including
                                                 A major in network design and
                                                                                              Computer Science, Biomedical
                                                 management develops the skills
                                                                                              Science, Economics, Accounting,
     Bachelor of Engineering                     necessary to build or manage
                                                                                              Management, Marketing or Finance.
     (Telecommunications                         networks. Such networks support
                                                 businesses and governments in a
                                                                                              All of the undergraduate maths
     Engineering)                                competitive global market.
                                                                                              degrees offered by the University of
                                                                                              Wollongong are accredited by the
                                                                                              Australian Mathematical Society.
     DS                                          Social Policy – Businesses and
                                                 governments around the world are
     Locations Wollongong
     Duration 4 years full-time
                                                 struggling to develop policies on
                                                 emergent issues, including privacy,
                                                                                              Bachelor of Mathematics
     ATAR 78 [93 + extra application for DS]
     Starts Autumn/Spring
                                                 hacking and computer crime. A major          & Finance
                                                 in social policy develops an
     Assumed 2U of English, Mathematics
     (not General Maths), 2U of Science
                                                 understanding of these and other             DS
                                                 social issues associated with the
     Recommended English Adv.,                                                                Locations Wollongong
                                                 growth of ICT and the web.
     Mathematics Ext. 1, Physics                                                              Duration 4 years full-time
                                                                                              ATAR 82 [93 + extra application for DS]
     Telecommunications engineers are            Web Design & Development – Provides          Starts Autumn/Spring
     professionals who design and manage         the technical knowledge to design and        Assumed 2U of English, Mathematics
     land wire and wireless communication        develop effective websites and web           (not General Maths)
     systems as well as large scale networks     applications. Applications could be          Recommended Mathematics Ext.1
     and data networks. These networks           shopping carts, online auctions,
     represent, store and transmit analogue      employee kiosks, online catalogues           Advanced skills in mathematics are
     and digital information (such as the        or social networks. The major also           essential to good decision-making
     internet). This major is fully accredited   covers issues related to usability and       in the world of finance. Graduates
     by Engineers Australia.                     accessibility, navigation, site structure,   of this course have the skills to apply
                                                 and information architecture.                sophisticated mathematical and
                                                                                              statistical techniques to real world
                                                 Students can combine any two of the          problems. They are encouraged
                                                 above majors to be awarded a double          to develop computing and
                                                 major. This degree also includes a           communication skills, which are an
                                                 mandatory industry placement of              asset in the employment market.
                                                 6 to 8 weeks.

66    you
Krishna Ali
Bachelor of Engineering –
Bachelor of Computer Science

I considered uni the best way of
furthering my education and improving
my employability. Now I’m using
industry-standard tools in animation
and computer programming, preparing
to start my career.

                                                         i am here
                                        using industry-standard tools

                                                               you   67
     The degree allows students to specialise
     through one of 4 optional majors:

     ƒ   Risk Management and Insurance
     ƒ   Quantitative Corporate Finance and
     ƒ   Mathematical Economics
     ƒ   Financial Services

     All graduates from this degree working
     in the finance industry qualify for
     Associate Membership of the Financial
     Services Institute of Australasia

     Bachelor of Medical
                                                 here we are
     Locations Wollongong
     Duration 3 years full-time
     ATAR 85
     Starts Autumn/Spring
     Assumed 2U of English, Mathematics
     (not General Maths)
     Recommended Mathematics Ext.1,
     This degree provides the mathematics
     and statistics skills required for
     advanced modelling and analysis
     applications in medical sciences,
     as well as a basic background in
     physiology, chemistry and biology.
                                                   making opportunities for UOW students
     Graduates have the skills needed to
     pursue careers in mathematics, statistics
     and medical research. They are also
     suitably prepared for postgraduate
     studies in medicine, mathematics and
     allied health professions.
                                                   Tibra Capital
                                                   Global securities trading house

                                                   A number of our founders are University of Wollongong graduates and continue to live
                                                   in the Wollongong area and work out of the Tibra Austinmer office. We believe that the
                                                   University of Wollongong produces exceptional graduates and we are proud to be in a
                                                   position whereby we can offer scholarships and work placements to current students.

                                                   All the students from the University of Wollongong are extremely motivated. When they
                                                   do come and work for us we find them to be determined to learn and succeed. They fit
                                                   in very well with our full-time staff and quickly adapt to working life.

68    you
you   69
law    www.uow.edu.au/law
       The Law is the systematic expression of our shared values. That is what we hold
       dear, how we want to govern ourselves as well as the powers and limitations we
       need to prosper. The law underpins our entire society, so knowledge of legal rules is
       only half the story. A good lawyer understands the contexts in which the law
       operates, and how it affects people’s lives.
       UOW Law is known for its innovative approach to skills training and a style of
       teaching where we encourage inquiring minds. We want our students to be flexible,
       analytical thinkers who are sensitive to the human side of the law. They graduate
       with a very strong skills base and a strong understanding of how the law operates
       in society.
       Our Law graduates leave us with a combination of practical skills and contextual
       awareness. Because of this they enter a wide range of careers both
       in legal practice and associated careers, all over the world.

       Practical Legal Training                    Bachelor of Arts –                        challenges, it’s important to have
                                                                                             graduates who understand the legal,
       Program                                     Bachelor of Laws                          technical and commercial implications
       To be admitted as a legal practitioner,     Locations Wollongong                      of these technologies. Students also
       law graduates must also complete a          Duration 5 years full-time                learn what it takes to design and
       practical legal training (PLT) course       ATAR 90                                   implement these systems.
       accredited by the Legal Profession          Starts Autumn
       Admission Board. The University of          The first year of the LLB program must
       Wollongong offers an accredited,            be studied full-time.                     Bachelor of Commerce
       award-winning PLT Course. This              Assumed 2U of English                     – Bachelor of Laws
       course has a strong local and national      Recommended English Adv.
                                                                                             Locations Wollongong
       reputation for excellence in delivery
                                                   With many majors to choose from           Duration 5 years full-time
       and student outcomes.
                                                   in the Bachelor of Arts, this degree      ATAR 90
                                                   combination provides the foundation       Starts Autumn
       PLT is an opportunity to apply what you
                                                   for a career in an extensive range of     The first year of the LLB program must
       learn in your law degree and acquire
                                                   legal work. With modern languages,        be studied full-time.
       new knowledge, while sharpening the
                                                   media studies, philosophy, politics,      Assumed 2U of English
       skills you need to make you job-ready.
                                                   gender studies and more, every Arts       Recommended English Adv.
       The UOW PLT staff are drawn from the
                                                   specialisation is relevant to a number
       worlds of legal practice and education.                                               Businesses always operate in a
                                                   of legal contexts. The practical skills
       They bring a vital balance of theory and                                              complex legal environment. Whether
                                                   subjects in the law course cover oral
       practice to your learning.                                                            looking at the business as a legal entity
                                                   communication, written
                                                                                             (public, private or otherwise) or the
                                                   communication, legal research,
       The permanent academic staff are                                                      specific regulations governing a single
                                                   negotiation and advocacy.
       supplemented by specialists who teach                                                 function (human resources and
       modules in their specific areas of                                                    employment law, for example), the law
       expertise. Visiting practitioners include
       judges, barristers, accredited specialist
                                                   Bachelor of Business                      plays an integral part in responsible
       solicitors, legal administrators, and       Information Systems
       professionals from other disciplines.       – Bachelor of Laws                        At UOW, you can choose from 15
                                                                                             Commerce majors and tailor your law
                                                   Locations Wollongong
       For more information, see                                                             degree to suit your area of special
                                                   Duration 5 years full-time
       www.uow.edu.au/law/plt                                                                interest, giving this double degree
                                                   ATAR 90
                                                                                             a high level of customisation. For
                                                   Starts Autumn
                                                                                             example, you can combine
                                                   The first year of the LLB program must
                                                                                             Accountancy with Law and gain
                                                   be studied full-time.
                                                                                             accreditation in both professions.
                                                   Assumed 2U of English
                                                   Recommended English Adv.
                                                   Integrating information systems in the
                                                   workplace didn’t just open up new
                                                   avenues of commerce, they created
                                                   many new legal challenges and
                                                   opportunities. To meet these

  70    you
Stephanie Lee
Bachelor of Arts – Bachelor of Laws

UOW allowed me to study law and
study in a beautiful and relaxed
environment close to home. I have
gained a number of skills thanks to the
subjects and practical components of
my course. The lifestyle of Wollongong
is fantastic and probably my favourite
thing about studying at UOW.

close to home
               i am here

                                you       71
working in a business community

      Peter Franke
      Heard McEwan Legal
      Bachelor of Arts – Bachelor of Laws

      In studying and subsequently working
      in the Wollongong area I have created
      a network of colleagues both inside
      and outside the legal profession, which
      has led to involvement in the wider
      business community.

      My studies at UOW have assisted
      me by fostering critical thinking and
      effective communication, which allows
      me to adapt and apply my skills to
      practical legal situations. The UOW
      law program is well recognised and
      respected as a quality degree within
      the legal profession.

 72    you
Bachelor of                                Bachelor of Creative                        Bachelor of Information
Communication &                            Arts – Bachelor of Laws                     Technology – Bachelor
Media Studies –                            Locations Wollongong                        of Laws
                                           Duration 5–5.5 years full-time
Bachelor of Laws                           ATAR Portfolio/Interview
                                                                                       Locations Wollongong
                                                                                       Duration 5 years full-time
Locations Wollongong                       Starts Autumn
                                                                                       ATAR 90
Duration 5 years full-time                 The first year of the LLB program must
                                                                                       Starts Autumn
ATAR 90                                    be studied full-time.
                                                                                       The first year of the LLB program must
Starts Autumn                              Assumed 2U of English
                                                                                       be studied full-time.
The first year of the LLB program must     Recommended English Adv.
                                                                                       Assumed 2U of English
be studied full-time.
                                           This is a distinctive degree in Australia   Recommended English Adv.
Assumed 2U of English
                                           that allows you to combine studies in
Recommended English Adv.                                                               This double degree allows students to
                                           creative writing, graphic design, visual
                                                                                       combine the necessary knowledge and
The core of the Communication              arts or theatre with studies in law. Many
                                                                                       skills to be successful in a dynamic
and Media Studies degree deals             lawyers find knowledge of the arts and
                                                                                       and changing world of information
with contemporary issues in politics,      the media is extremely useful in their
                                                                                       technology (IT) with the Bachelor of
communication studies and media.           practice. Pursue two seemingly different
                                                                                       Laws. Study in another academic
It gives students a broad grounding in     passions and enter a career defending
                                                                                       discipline like information technology
which to situate their major study. The    and promoting free press or artistic
                                                                                       allows students to recognise how law
degree combination gives future media      expression. This degree combination
                                                                                       functions in different social, modern,
lawyers an overview of the industry, its   offers many exciting opportunities.
                                                                                       political and economic contexts.
practices and politics. Combining law
and journalism with history and politics
subjects provides a solid foundation for   Bachelor of Engineering                     Bachelor of
students wanting a career in
government or politics.
                                           – Bachelor of Laws                          International Studies
                                           Locations Wollongong
                                           Duration 6 years full-time                  – Bachelor of Laws
Bachelor of Computer                       ATAR 90                                     Locations Wollongong
                                           Starts Autumn                               Duration 5 years full-time
Science – Bachelor                         The first year of the LLB program must      ATAR 90
of Laws                                    be studied full-time.                       Starts Autumn
                                                                                       The first year of the LLB program must
Locations Wollongong                       Bachelor of Laws
                                                                                       be studied full-time.
Duration 5–5.5 years full-time             Assumed 2U of English
                                                                                       Assumed 2U of English.
ATAR 90                                    Recommended English Adv.
                                                                                       Recommended English Adv.
Starts Autumn
The first year of the LLB program must     Bachelor of Engineering
                                                                                       Combining the Bachelor of
be studied full-time.                      Assumed 2U of English, Mathematics
                                                                                       International Studies with the Bachelor
                                           (not General Maths)
                                                                                       of Laws allows students to recognise
Bachelor of Laws                           Recommended Physics, Chemistry,
                                                                                       how law functions in different social,
Assumed 2U of English                      Mathematics Ext. 1, Engineering Studies
                                                                                       historical, political and economic
Recommended English Adv.
                                           Engineering is a truly global profession,   contexts. This program is for students
Bachelor of Computer Science               so it enjoys a sometimes interesting        interested in the diversity of the global
Assumed 2U of English, Mathematics         and complex relationship with the law.      community, and how this diversity
(not General Maths)                        The creative problem-solving skills         might affect our systems of law.
Law cannot be fully understood if          of engineering are an excellent
you know only legal rules. Studying it     complement to the analytical and
with computer science allows you to        communication skills of law. This
recognise how law functions in             creates a uniquely capable, practical
technical contexts. This degree            minded and adaptable graduate.
combines the practical, problem-
solving skills of computer science with
the high level analytical, research and
communication skills of law.

                                                                                                                         you       73
     Bachelor of Journalism                      Bachelor of                                             Bachelor of Science
     – Bachelor of Laws                          Mathematics – Bachelor                                  (Psychology) – Bachelor
     Locations Wollongong                        of Laws                                                 of Laws
     Duration 5 years full-time
                                                 Locations Wollongong                                    Locations Wollongong
     ATAR Portfolio/Interview
                                                 Duration 5–5.5 years full-time                          Duration 5 years full-time
     Starts Autumn
                                                 ATAR 90                                                 ATAR 90
     The first year of the LLB program must
                                                 Starts Autumn                                           Starts Autumn
     be studied full-time.
                                                 The first year of the LLB program must                  The first year of the LLB program must
     Assumed 2U of English.
                                                 be studied full-time.                                   be studied full-time
     Recommended English Adv.
                                                 Assumed 2U of English, Mathematics                      Assumed 2U of English
     One of the most popular journalism          (not General Maths)                                     Recommended English Adv.
     double degree combinations is the           Recommended English Adv.,
                                                                                                         Professional skills in law and
     Bachelor of Journalism – Bachelor of        Mathematics Ext. 1
                                                                                                         psychological science will open the
     Laws. This degree combines the best
                                                 Both lawyers and mathematicians                         door to many exciting career options
     elements of law (for example, an ability
                                                 analyse complex principles in order to                  with opportunities in private and public
     to understand complex legislation and
                                                 solve a problem. They prepare thorough                  sectors. Some areas include education,
     arguments), with journalism (an inquiring
                                                 and thoughtful solutions that deliver                   community legal services and public
     mind and the capacity to present that
                                                 real benefits. A procedural approach                    interest advocacy groups.
     material in a way non-specialist readers
                                                 to problem-solving can help lawyers
     or listeners can understand).
                                                 see what the outcomes of their actions
                                                 will be—an important quality for
     Alternatively, journalism can provide
                                                 professionals who must remain aware
     additional skills for people planning a
                                                 of the context in which the law works.
     career in law or the corporate world,
     where succinct persuasive
     communication is important.
                                                 Bachelor of Science
                                                 – Bachelor of Laws
     Bachelor of Laws                            Locations Wollongong
     (Direct Entry)                              Duration 5 years full-time
                                                 ATAR 90
     Locations Wollongong
                                                 Starts Autumn
     Duration 4 years full-time
                                                 The first year of the LLB program must
     ATAR 90
                                                 be studied full-time.
     Starts Autumn
     The first year of the LLB program must      Bachelor of Laws
     be studied full-time.                       Assumed 2U of English
     Assumed 2U of English                       Recommended English Adv.
     Recommended English Adv.
                                                 Bachelor of Science
     The Bachelor of Laws (LLB) is for           Assumed 4U of Science or 4U of
     school leavers who are keen to              Science/Mathematics*
     complete their studies in law without       Recommended Mathematics, 4U of
     the necessity of completing studies in      Science†
     another discipline. The length of the       * Students without at least Mathematics (Band 4) may
     program allows for a greater period of      take a bridging course.
                                                 † Students without Chemistry and/or Biology can enrol
     time devoted to law subjects than in        in bridging courses offered in February each year.
     the combined law degrees.
                                                 Combine a Bachelor of Laws with a
     In the fourth year students have two        Bachelor of Science in areas including
     options:                                    Environmental Science, Biological
                                                 Science, Chemistry or Human
     ƒ   Undertake a year of research in         Geography. Graduates might address
         your chosen area and qualify for        issues such as environmental planning,
         honours.                                or the legal implications of introducing
     ƒ   Broaden your range of legal             new technology.
         knowledge by completing six
         additional electives.

74    you
you   75
     Science is about observing and measuring what’s happening around us. Scientists
     are fiercely curious people, who follow their curiosity until they find answers. More
     than simply driving knowledge or technology, scientific discovery can have powerful
     ethical, political or commercial ramifications. Scientists need to be aware of the
     contexts in which they work.
     Science at UOW is characterised by a strong connection between research and
     teaching. Many of your teachers will be engaged in research at the forefront of their
     fields. Our graduates find work all over the world in research, industry, government
     and academia.

     Bachelor of                                               Our unique coastal location places
                                                               UOW in an ideal position to offer this
                                                                                                                         Bachelor of Medicinal
     Environmental Science                                     multidisciplinary course. The Bachelor                    Chemistry
                                                               of Marine Science is a specially
      A+                                                       designed flexible course that places                       A+
                                                               a broad emphasis on the marine
     Locations Wollongong                                                                                                Locations Wollongong
                                                               sciences taught by leading researchers
     Duration 4 years full-time                                                                                          Duration 4 years full-time
                                                               in marine biology, geoscience and
     ATAR 85 [95 for Advanced]                                                                                           ATAR 85 [95 for Advanced]
                                                               environmental sciences.
     Starts Autumn                                                                                                       Starts Autumn
     Assumed Mathematics*, Biology or                                                                                    Assumed Chemistry, Mathematics*
     Chemistry or Geography or Earth &                                                                                   Recommended 4U of Science (inc.
     Environmental Science
                                                               Bachelor of Medical                                       Chemistry)†
     Recommended 4U of Science (inc.                           Biotechnology                                             * Students without at least Mathematics (Band 4)
     Biology or Chemistry), Mathematics†                                                                                 complete one Mathematics subject as part of the course.

     * Students without at least Mathematics (Band 4)           A+                                                       † Students without Chemistry can enrol in bridging
                                                                                                                         courses offered in February each year.
     complete one Mathematics subject as part of the course.
     † Students without Chemistry and/or Biology can enrol     Locations Wollongong
     in bridging courses offered in February each year.        Duration 4 years full-time                                Medicinal Chemistry covers all
                                                               ATAR 85 [95 for Advanced]                                 elements of the development of new
     This is a multidisciplinary program                       Starts Autumn                                             medicines for human use. It includes
     designed to produce scientists to                         Assumed 4U of Science or 4U of                            the isolation of new medicinal agents
     address the range of environmental                        Science/Mathematics*                                      from natural sources, the design
     issues confronting Australia and                          Recommended Biology, Chemistry,                           and synthesis of new drugs, and
     other modern or developing industrial                     Mathematics†                                              understanding the cause of diseases
     countries. This degree equips you                         * Students without at least Mathematics (Band 4)
                                                                                                                         at the molecular level.
     to understand the ethical, social,                        complete one Mathematics subject as part of the course.
     economic and political aspects of                         † Students without Chemistry and/or Biology can enrol     Medicinal chemists design and
                                                               in bridging courses offered in February each year.
     environmental issues. You’ll have the                                                                               synthesise new medicinal and
     knowledge to work alongside engineers,                                                                              pharmacological agents. They also
                                                               This is a practical, multidisciplinary
     lawyers and other professionals.                                                                                    develop new dosage forms, monitor
                                                               degree that examines the application
                                                                                                                         guidelines for testing drugs, undertake
                                                               of cellular and molecular biology to the
                                                                                                                         analyses, assist with drug regulatory
     Bachelor of Marine                                        industrial, environmental and medical
                                                               fields. Through modern technologies
                                                                                                                         affairs, assess patent applications
     Science                                                   such as genetic engineering,
                                                                                                                         for new drugs and teach in tertiary
                                                               biotechnology is shaping many aspects
      A+                                                       of medicine (treating cancer, vaccines,
     Locations Wollongong
                                                               therapy and diagnosis of genetic
                                                               diseases) and industry (bioremediation).
                                                                                                                         Bachelor of
     Duration 3 years full-time
     ATAR 85 [95 for Advanced]
                                                               Medical Biotechnology at UOW is                           Nanotechnology
                                                               focused on cutting edge nucleic acid,
     Starts Autumn
     Assumed 4U of Science (inc. Biology)
                                                               protein and antibody technologies,                         A+
                                                               rather than on traditional processes
     or 4U of Science/Mathematics (not                                                                                   Locations Wollongong
                                                               such as fermentation.
     General Maths)*                                                                                                     Duration 4 years full-time
     Recommended Biology or Chemistry,                                                                                   ATAR 85 [95 for Advanced]
     Mathematics†                                                                                                        Starts Autumn
     * Students without at least Mathematics (Band 4)                                                                    Assumed Chemistry or Physics,
     complete one Mathematics subject as part of the course.                                                             Mathematics*
     † Students without Chemistry and/or Biology can enrol
                                                                                                                         Recommended Mathematics Ext.1,
     in bridging courses offered in February each year.
                                                                                                                         Chemistry or Physics†
                                                                                                                         * Students without at least Mathematics (Band 4)
                                                                                                                         complete one Mathematics subject as part of the course.

76    you                                                                                                                † Students without Chemistry can enrol in bridging
                                                                                                                         courses offered in February each year.
Joshua Tootell
Bachelor of Science (Chemistry)

The staff and students are some of
the best people you’ll ever meet, and
with the University’s history of five-star
qualities you can’t go wrong! They’re
equipping me with the skills I’ll need
for the rest of my life.

                                             i am here
      learning skills i’ll need for the rest of my life

                                                you   77
developing sustainable business
                       and renewable energy
                  Vanessa Organo
                  Environmental Scientist
                  AECOM Australia
                  International Bachelor of Science (Honours)

                  I work in environmental consulting, which means I help mitigate the environmental
                  impact of a variety of developments. I also work in sustainability and climate change,
                  helping companies develop sustainability strategies and renewable energy projects.

                  I chose UOW because it was the only university in Australia to offer my degree. As a
                  part of this course I was able to study at the University of Colorado, Boulder and
                  Dublin City University, which was one of the best experiences of my life.

                  Writing a research thesis in my final year for Honours really helped to prepare me for
                  the workplace. During that year I developed a lot of confidence in my research,
                  investigation and fieldwork skills, which I use on a daily basis in my line of work.

 78   you
Nanotechnology is the leading edge
of ‘new science’. It is the integration
                                                          Chemistry is the study of the molecular
                                                          nature of all matter and its interactions.
                                                                                                                    Bachelor of Science
of Science and Technology.                                The relationship between its structure                    (Geosciences)
Nanotechnology is already affecting                       and a molecule’s properties and                           Locations Wollongong
our lives with applications in health,                    reactivity gives chemistry an essential,                  Duration 3 years full-time
medicine, engineering, transport and                      central position in science and                           ATAR 75
many other areas.                                         technology. Chemistry is key to many                      Starts Autumn
                                                          disciplines, from solid-state physics and                 Assumed Mathematics (not General
This degree targets the emerging field                    astrophysics to molecular biology and                     Maths)*, 2U of Science
of nanomaterials, molecular machines                      the life sciences. You’ll find chemistry                  Recommended 4U of Science†
and nano-science. It draws on the                         informs everything from geochemistry                      * Students without at least Mathematics (Band 4)
internationally recognised strengths                      and environmental science to                              complete one Mathematics subject as part of the course.
of UOW’s materials-based research                         engineering and health sciences.                          † Students without Chemistry and/or Biology can enrol
                                                                                                                    in bridging courses offered in February each year.

                                                          Bachelor of Science                                       A major in Geosciences enables
Bachelor of Science                                       (Environment)
                                                                                                                    students to integrate knowledge about
                                                                                                                    the earth’s processes, materials and
(Biological Sciences)                                     Locations Wollongong                                      landforms with how people interact
Locations Wollongong                                      Duration 3 years full-time                                with them to address environmental
Duration 3 years full-time                                ATAR 75                                                   issues. This requires knowledge and
ATAR 75                                                   Starts Autumn                                             skills found across the disciplines of
Starts Autumn                                             Assumed Mathematics (not General                          Geology, Human Geography and
Assumed Mathematics (not General                          Maths)*, 2U of Science                                    Physical Geography. This makes the
Maths)*, 2U of Science                                    Recommended 4U of Science†                                Geosciences major a broad and flexible
Recommended 4U of Science†                                * Students without at least Mathematics (Band 4)
                                                                                                                    science program.
                                                          complete one Mathematics subject as part of the course.
* Students without at least Mathematics (Band 4)
                                                          † Students without Chemistry and/or Biology can enrol
complete one Mathematics subject as part of the course.
† Students without Chemistry and/or Biology can enrol
in bridging courses offered in February each year.
                                                          in bridging courses offered in February each year.
                                                                                                                    Bachelor of Science
                                                          Environmental scientists assess, research                 (Human Geography)
The science of biology is the study of                    and manage resources with a wide range                    Locations Wollongong
living things across organic molecules,                   of environmental issues in mind. This                     Duration 3 years full-time
cells, individual organisms, populations                  degree focuses on Biological Sciences,                    ATAR 75
and communities. Field and laboratory                     Chemistry and Geosciences. It is ideal for                Starts Autumn
studies are built into appropriate                        students wishing to complete a science                    Assumed Mathematics (not General
subjects at all levels. The course takes                  based environment degree seeking                          Maths)*, 2U of Science
advantage of the superb local marine,                     employment in an area of environmental                    Recommended 4U of Science†
freshwater and terrestrial environments                   monitoring and management.                                * Students without at least Mathematics (Band 4)
on the South Coast and inland regions.                                                                              complete one Mathematics subject as part of the course.
                                                                                                                    † Students without Chemistry and/or Biology can enrol

Towards the end of their degree                           Bachelor of Science                                       in bridging courses offered in February each year.

students may elect to specialise in
one of the following areas:
                                                          (Geology)                                                 Human Geography encompasses
                                                          Locations Wollongong                                      the study of both people and their
                                                          Duration 3 years full-time                                environments. Geographers maintain
ƒ    Biochemistry
                                                          ATAR 75                                                   that place matters in examining
ƒ    Cell & Molecular Biology
                                                          Starts Autumn                                             debates about population, economic
ƒ    Community & Population Ecology
                                                          Assumed Mathematics (not General                          development, environmental
     (including Terrestrial & Marine)
                                                          Maths)*, 2U of Science                                    management, planning and citizenship.
ƒ    Comparative Physiology
                                                          Recommended 4U of Science†                                They study conflicts and tensions about
ƒ    Immunology
                                                          * Students without at least Mathematics (Band 4)
                                                                                                                    access to resources. They are able to
                                                          complete one Mathematics subject as part of the course.   make important contributions in
Bachelor of Science                                                                                                 resolving these conflicts.
                                                          † Students without Chemistry and/or Biology can enrol
                                                          in bridging courses offered in February each year.

(Chemistry)                                               A geologist studies the nature,
Locations Wollongong                                      composition and structure of the earth
Duration 3 years full-time                                and other planetary bodies to increase
ATAR 75                                                   scientific knowledge. They locate
Starts Autumn                                             materials and minerals and advise on
Assumed Mathematics (not General                          extraction, environmental protection
Maths)*, 2U of Science                                    and rehabilitation of land after mining.
Recommended 4U of Science†
* Students without at least Mathematics (Band 4)
complete one Mathematics subject as part of the course.
† Students without Chemistry and/or Biology can enrol
in bridging courses offered in February each year.

                                                                                                                                                                 you          79
     Bachelor of Science                                       * Students without at least Mathematics (Band 4)
                                                               complete one Mathematics subject as part of the course
                                                                                                                          The course has a materials chemistry
                                                                                                                          focus with possible electives in physics,
     (Land & Heritage                                          † Students without Chemistry and/or Biology can enrol in
                                                               bridging courses offered in February each year             engineering (e.g. mechatronics) and
     Management)                                                                                                          biology. A total of five elective subjects
                                                               Medicinal chemists design and                              gives students the scope to match the
     Locations Wollongong
                                                               synthesise new medicinal and                               course to their interests, while retaining
     Duration 3 years full-time
                                                               pharmacological agents. They also                          a focus on molecular design and
     ATAR 75
                                                               develop new dosage forms, monitor                          characterisation of materials at the
     Starts Autumn
                                                               guidelines for testing drugs, undertake                    nanodimension.
     Assumed Mathematics (not General
                                                               analyses, assist with drug regulatory
     Maths)*, 2U of Science
                                                               affairs, assess patent applications for
     Recommended 4U of Science†
                                                               new drugs and teach in tertiary                            Bachelor of Science
     † Students without Chemistry and/or Biology can enrol
     in bridging courses offered in February each year.
                                                                                                                          (Physical Geography)
     * Students without at least Mathematics (Band 4)
     complete one Mathematics subject as part of the course.
     This degree provides a core grounding                     Bachelor of Science                                         A+
     in both the Human and Physical
     Geography strands. It focuses
                                                               (Physics)                                                  Locations Wollongong
                                                                                                                          Duration 3 years full-time
     specifically on both cultural and natural                                                                            ATAR 75 [95 for Advanced]
     heritage issues or in land management.
                                                                A+                                                        Starts Autumn
     Career areas for heritage scientists                      Locations Wollongong                                       Assumed Mathematics (not General
     include tourism, heritage assessment                      Duration 3 years full-time                                 Maths)*, 2U of Science
     and management, sustainability                            ATAR 75 [95 for Advanced]                                  Recommended 4U of Science†
     projects and Indigenous land                              Starts Autumn                                              * Students without at least Mathematics (Band 4)
     management. Each program also                             Assumed 2U of English plus                                 complete one Mathematics subject as part of the course.
                                                                                                                          † Students without Chemistry and/or Biology can enrol
     incorporates at least one traditional                     Mathematics
                                                                                                                          in bridging courses offered in February each year.
     major, making it possible to proceed                      Recommended Mathematics Ext. 1,
     to Honours in a chosen discipline.                        Chemistry or Physics*
                                                                                                                          Physical Geography is the study
                                                               * Students without Physics or Chemistry can enrol in       of patterns and processes in the
                                                               bridging courses held in February each year.
                                                                                                                          environment caused by the forces of
     Bachelor of Science                                                                                                  nature. It examines environmental and
     (Medical Biotechnology)                                   Physics is fundamental to the study of
                                                               all sciences and has a key role to play
                                                                                                                          ecological problems facing the world
     Locations Wollongong                                                                                                 and provides the knowledge to assist in
                                                               in generating and supporting new
     Duration 3 years full-time                                                                                           managing them. Graduates from UOW
                                                               technologies. Physicists contribute
     ATAR 75                                                                                                              are particularly sought after as they
                                                               solutions in a broad range of areas
     Starts Autumn                                                                                                        have expertise across several fields and
                                                               from cutting edge advances to
     Assumed Mathematics (not General                                                                                     skills in computer techniques, spatial
                                                               everyday concerns, such as the
     Maths)*, 2U of Science                                                                                               analysis and satellite imagery.
                                                               robustness of the world’s economy.
     Recommended 4U of Science†
     * Students without at least Mathematics (Band 4)
     complete one Mathematics subject as part of the course.
                                                               Students majoring in Physics study
                                                               mechanics, thermodynamics,
                                                                                                                          International Bachelor
     † Students without Chemistry and/or Biology can enrol
     in bridging courses offered in February each year.        electricity and magnetism, vibrations,                     of Science
                                                               waves, optics and modern, quantum                          Locations Wollongong
     Medical Biotechnology is the application                  and statistical mechanics. This learning                   Duration 4 years full-time
     of exciting advances in molecular and                     is complemented by a number of                             ATAR 95 + application and interview
     cell biology to medicine, agriculture                     advanced mathematics subjects.                             Starts Autumn
     and the environment. Through                                                                                         Assumed Mathematics (not General
     modern technologies such as genetic                                                                                  Maths)*, 2U of Science
     engineering, biotechnology is shaping                     Bachelor of Science                                        Recommended 4U of Science†
     diverse aspects of medicine (cancer,                      (Nanotechnology)                                           * Students without at least Mathematics (Band 4)
     vaccines, therapy and diagnosis of                                                                                   complete one Mathematics subject as part of the course.
                                                               Locations Wollongong                                       † Students without Chemistry and/or Biology can enrol
     genetic diseases), food production
                                                               Duration 3 years full-time                                 in bridging courses offered in February each year.
     (transgenic plants) and industry
                                                               ATAR 75
                                                               Starts Autumn                                              This special degree is offered in
                                                               Assumed Mathematics (not General                           conjunction with UOW’s partner
                                                                                                                          institutions, The University of Colorado
     Bachelor of Science                                       Maths)*, 2U of Science
                                                               Recommended 4U of Science†                                 (Boulder) and Dublin City University. It
     (Medicinal Chemistry)                                     * Students without at least Mathematics (Band 4)
                                                                                                                          is an elite science degree for high-
     Locations Wollongong                                      complete one Mathematics subject as part of the course.    achieving students, and includes at
     Duration 3 years full-time
                                                               † Students without Chemistry and/or Biology can enrol      least one semester of study overseas.
                                                               in bridging courses offered in February each year.
     ATAR 75
     Starts Autumn                                                                                                        Key subjects are taught via
                                                               Nanotechnology is set to revolutionise
     Assumed Mathematics (not General                                                                                     videoconference link with ‘classmates’
                                                               Materials Science and Engineering in
     Maths)*, 2U of Science                                                                                               from the partner institutions. You
                                                               the 21st Century. It is already impacting
     Recommended 4U of Science†                                                                                           undertake a major research project
                                                               on our lives in areas such as Health
                                                                                                                          at Honours level in your fourth year.
                                                               and Communications.
                                                                                                                          Contact UOW for the supplementary
80    you
     Business & Commerce                      Education                                   32 Bachelor of Arts (Science &            73 Bachelor of Information Technology        76 Bachelor of Medical Biotechnology
     29 Bachelor of Arts (Employment          47 Bachelor of Education – The Early           Technology Studies)                       – Bachelor of Laws                        76 Bachelor of Medicinal Chemistry
        Relations)                               Years                                    32 Bachelor of Arts (Sociology)           73 Bachelor of International Studies         68 Bachelor of Medical Mathematics
     36 Bachelor of Business                  47 Bachelor of Mathematics Education        32 Bachelor of Arts (War and Society)        – Bachelor of Laws                        58 Bachelor of Nutrition & Dietetics
     65 Bachelor of Business Information      49 Bachelor of Physical and Health          33 Bachelor of International Studies      74 Bachelor of Journalism                    59 Bachelor of Psychology
        Systems                                  Education                                                                             – Bachelor of Laws                        58 Bachelor of Public Health
     36 Bachelor of Commerce                  49 Bachelor of Primary Education                                                      74 Bachelor of Laws                          59 Bachelor of Public Health Nutrition
                                                                                          34 Bachelor of Arts Chinese (Mandarin)
     36 Bachelor of Commerce (Accountancy)    49 Bachelor of Science Education                                                      74 Bachelor of Mathematics – Bachelor        59 Bachelor of Science (Exercise
                                                                                             for Non Chinese Background
     36 Bachelor of Commerce                  49 Graduate Diploma in Education                                                         of Laws                                      Science)
                                                                                          34 Bachelor of Arts Chinese (Mandarin
        (Business Innovation)                    (Primary/Secondary)                                                                74 Bachelor of Science – Bachelor of         80 Bachelor of Science (Medical
                                                                                             for Character Background Students)
     36 Bachelor of Commerce (Business Law)                                                                                            Laws                                         Biotechnology)
                                              Engineering                                 34 Bachelor of Arts (French)
     39 Bachelor of Commerce (Economics)                                                                                            74 Bachelor of Science (Psychology)          80 Bachelor of Science (Medicinal
                                              51 Bachelor of Engineering (Civil &         34 Bachelor of Arts (Italian)
     39 Bachelor of Commerce                                                                                                           – Bachelor of Laws                           Chemistry)
                                                  Environmental)                          34 Bachelor of Arts (Japanese)
        (Event Management)                                                                                                                                                       61 Bachelor of Science (Nutrition)
                                              53 Bachelor of Engineering (Civil &         34 Bachelor of Arts (Spanish)             Media, Communications & Journalism
     39 Bachelor of Commerce (Finance)                                                                                                                                           59 Bachelor of Science (Psychology)
                                                  Mining)                                                                           31 Bachelor of Arts (Media and Cultural
     39 Bachelor of Commerce (Financial                                                   Information & Communication                                                            Medicine
                                              51 Bachelor of Engineering (Civil)                                                       Studies)
        Planning)                                                                         Technology & Mathematics                                                               63 Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of
                                              65 Bachelor of Engineering (Computer)                                                 32 Bachelor of Communication & Media
     39 Bachelor of Commerce (Hospitality                                                 Information & Communication                                                               Surgery (MBBS)
                                              66 Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical)                                                  Studies
        Management)                                                                       Technology
                                              51 Bachelor of Engineering                                                            45 Bachelor of Digital Media                 Science
     39 Bachelor of Commerce (Human                                                       65 Bachelor of Business Information
                                                  (Environmental)                                                                   45 Bachelor of Journalism                    76 Bachelor of Environmental Science
        Resource Management)                                                                  Systems
                                              53 Bachelor of Engineering (Materials)                                                Creative Arts                                76 Bachelor of Marine Science
     39 Bachelor of Commerce (International                                               65 Bachelor of Computer Science
                                              53 Bachelor of Engineering                                                            Art & Design                                 53 Bachelor of Medical and Radiation
        Business)                                                                         65 Bachelor of Engineering (Computer)
                                                  (Mechanical)                                                                      42 Bachelor of Creative Arts (Graphic            Physics
     40 Bachelor of Commerce (International                                               66 Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical)
                                              53 Bachelor of Engineering                                                                Design)                                  76 Bachelor of Medical Biotechnology
        Economics)                                                                        53 Bachelor of Engineering
                                                  (Mechatronic)                                                                     45 Bachelor of Creative Arts (Visual Arts)   76 Bachelor of Medicinal Chemistry
     40 Bachelor of Commerce                                                                  (Mechatronic)
                                              53 Bachelor of Engineering (Mining &                                                  45 Bachelor of Digital Media                 76 Bachelor of Nanotechnology
        (Management)                                                                      66 Bachelor of Engineering
                                                  Environmental)                                                                    Creative Writing, Performance & Sound        79 Bachelor of Science (Biological
     40 Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing)                                                      (Telecommunications)
                                              51 Bachelor of Engineering (Mining)                                                   42 Bachelor of Creative Arts (Creative           Sciences)
     40 Bachelor of Commerce (Public                                                      66 Bachelor of Information Technology
                                              66 Bachelor of Engineering                                                                Writing)                                 79 Bachelor of Science (Chemistry)
        Relations)                                                                        53 Bachelor of Science (Photonics)
                                                  (Telecommunications)                                                              45 Bachelor of Creative Arts (Theatre)       79 Bachelor of Science (Geology)
     40 Bachelor of Commerce (Quantitative                                                Mathematics
                                              76 Bachelor of Nanotechnology                                                         42 Bachelor of Performance                   79 Bachelor of Science (Geosciences)
        Analysis in Economics)                                                            66 Bachelor of Mathematics
                                                                                                                                                                                 79 Bachelor of Science (Human
     40 Bachelor of Commerce (Supply          History, Philosophy & Society                   (Mathematics/Applied Statistics)      Nursing & Health Sciences                        Geography)
        Chain Management)                     29 Bachelor of Arts (Asia – Pacific         47 Bachelor of Mathematics Education      Nursing                                      80 Bachelor of Science (Land &
     40 Bachelor of Commerce (Tourism             Studies)                                66 Bachelor of Mathematics and Finance    58 Bachelor of Nursing                           Heritage Management)
        Management)                           29 Bachelor of Arts (Australian Studies)    68 Bachelor of Medical Mathematics        58 Bachelor of Nursing Advanced              54 Bachelor of Science (Materials)
     40 Bachelor of Economics and Finance     29 Bachelor of Arts (Community, Culture     Law                                       Medical & Health Sciences                    80 Bachelor of Science (Medical
     66 Bachelor of Information Technology        & Environment)                          70 Bachelor of Arts – Bachelor of Laws    59 Bachelor of Arts (Psychology)                 Biotechnology)
     66 Bachelor of Mathematics and Finance   31 Bachelor of Arts (English Language       70 Bachelor of Business Information       56 Bachelor of Exercise Science and          80 Bachelor of Science (Medicinal
                                                  & Linguistics)                              Systems – Bachelor of Laws                Rehabilitation
     Earth & Environmental Sciences                                                                                                                                                  Chemistry)
                                              31 Bachelor of Arts (English Literatures)   70 Bachelor of Commerce – Bachelor of     56 Bachelor of Health Science in
     76 Bachelor of Environmental Science                                                                                                                                        80 Bachelor of Science
                                              31 Bachelor of Arts (European Studies)          Laws                                      Indigenous Health Studies
     76 Bachelor of Marine Science                                                                                                                                                   (Nanotechnology)
                                              31 Bachelor of Arts (Gender Studies)        73 Bachelor of Communication & Media      58 Bachelor of Medical & Health
     79 Bachelor of Science (Environment)                                                                                                                                        54 Bachelor of Science (Nuclear
                                              31 Bachelor of Arts (History)                   Studies – Bachelor of Laws                Sciences
     79 Bachelor of Science (Geology)                                                                                                                                                Science & Technology)
                                              31 Bachelor of Arts (Indigenous Studies)    73 Bachelor of Computer Science           56 Bachelor of Medical & Health
     79 Bachelor of Science (Geosciences)                                                                                                                                        53 Bachelor of Science (Photonics)
                                              31 Bachelor of Arts (Media and Cultural         – Bachelor of Laws                        Sciences – TAFE Diploma of
     79 Bachelor of Science (Human                                                                                                                                               80 Bachelor of Science (Physical
                                                  Studies)                                73 Bachelor of Creative Arts                  Laboratory Technology
         Geography)                                                                                                                                                                  Geography)
                                              32 Bachelor of Arts (Philosophy)                – Bachelor of Laws                    53 Bachelor of Medical and Radiation
     80 Bachelor of Science (Land &                                                                                                                                              54 Bachelor of Science (Physics)
                                              32 Bachelor of Arts (Politics)              73 Bachelor of Engineering                    Physics

         Heritage Management)                                                                                                                                                    49 Bachelor of Science Education
                                              32 Bachelor of Arts (Postcolonial               – Bachelor of Laws
     80 Bachelor of Science (Physical                                                                                                                                            80 International Bachelor of Science

                                                                                                                                                                                                                 degree index
                                                         alternate entry

                                                           and pathway
          Wollongong College                         WCA Academic Programs                     When?                                     Subject results are also taken into
                                                                                               For each Diploma there are two study      consideration. Students whose ATARs sit
          Australia (WCA)                            DIPLOMAS
                                                                                               options available—a two-session           outside the above ranges can also apply
          wca.uow.edu.au                             What?                                     (eight-month) course or a three-session   as applications are assessed individually.
                                                     Diplomas are alternatives to Foundation   (12-month) course. The length of the      Non-school leavers with qualifications of
          Do you have a passion to study at          Studies for students interested in        course you study depends on your ATAR.    a similar standard will also be considered.
          University but don’t have the required     Business or IT. Diplomas are equivalent   Diplomas start in February, June and
          ATAR? Don’t panic, Wollongong College      to the first year of study in the         October.
                                                                                                                                         The specific ATARs needed to enter
          Australia can get you there.               corresponding Bachelor degree. After                                                WCA courses are based on the ATARs set
                                                     successful completion of this program,    Requirements?
                                                                                                                                         each year for University of Wollongong
          Wollongong College Australia (WCA)         students enter the second year of one     Diploma (two sessions) – an ATAR,
                                                                                                                                         undergraduate degrees. Progression to
          gives students the tools to succeed at     of the following UOW degrees:             or equivalent, up to 10 points below
                                                                                                                                         a UOW degree is dependent on your
          University and into the future. If you                                               the published UOW ATAR for the
                                                                                                                                         academic achievement in the
          don’t meet direct entry requirements for   Diploma in Business                       relevant degree.
                                                                                                                                         preparation program.
          a UOW program, the College can provide
                                                     ƒ   Bachelor of Commerce (any major)
          an alternative pathway.                                                              Diploma (three sessions) – an ATAR,
                                                     Diploma in IT
                                                                                               or equivalent, 10 to 15 points below
          A range of academic courses, including                                               the published UOW ATAR for the
          Foundation Studies and Diplomas, gives     ƒ   Bachelor of Information Technology    relevant degree.
          you the options you need to reach your     ƒ   Bachelor of Business Information
          education goals.                               Systems
                                                     ƒ   Bachelor of Computer Science
          Foundation Studies                           Step to UOW                                     Alternative Admissions                      Advisers and UOW. The closing date
                                                                                                                                                   for applications is 30 September 2011.
          What?                                        What?                                           Program for Aboriginal and                  Sympathetic consideration is given to
          Foundation Studies is for HSC applicants     A program to assist students whose
                                                                                                       Torres Strait Islander                      all applicants, but admission is not
          who have not met the direct entry            academic performance in high school
                                                                                                       Applicants                                  guaranteed. Should you receive an offer
          requirements for UOW. Successful             was affected by disadvantage or
                                                                                                                                                   to enrol in a degree, there are a variety
          completion of this program provides          hardship. This might have taken the form        The University’s Woolyungah Indigenous
                                                                                                                                                   of support services available to help you
          students with entry to the first year of     of financial hardship, illness or disability,   Centre conducts an annual admission
                                                                                                                                                   throughout your studies.
          a relevant Bachelor degree at UOW.           increased responsibilities at home or           program for Australian Aboriginal and
                                                       English language difficulty.                    Torres Strait Islander peoples to access
          When?                                                                                        study through an assessment and             TAFE/AQF Qualifications
          Foundation Studies runs over two sessions    When?                                           interview process.
                                                                                                                                                   You may wish to attend TAFE to
          (eight months), and intakes occur in         STEP to UOW runs for two sessions over
                                                                                                                                                   undertake an Australian Qualification
          February, June and October each year.        eight months, and you can enter first-year      UOW recognises that an ATAR is not the
                                                                                                                                                   Framework (AQF) program: a Diploma,
                                                       university after successfully completing        only way to determine whether you have
                                                                                                                                                   Advanced Diploma, Associate Diploma or
          Requirements?                                the course. Intakes of STEP to UOW              the aptitude and academic ability to
                                                                                                                                                   Level IV Certificate (excluding Trade
          An ATAR up to 20 points below the            occur in February, June and October.            excel at University. The Alternative
                                                                                                                                                   Certificates). Subsequent admission to
          published UOW ATAR required for direct                                                       Admissions Program is available to
                                                                                                                                                   UOW is dependent on completion of the
          entry into the associated UOW                Requirements?                                   recent school leavers (and to non-recent
                                                                                                                                                   TAFE course, academic performance in
          undergraduate degree. Students with          Candidates must supply written                  school leavers who are at least 18 years
                                                                                                                                                   the course/s undertaken, and the
          ATARs outside this range can still apply     documentation explaining the serious            old) who are of Australian Aboriginal or
                                                                                                                                                   availability of places. Some advanced
          as applications are assessed individually,   event or situation they believe has             Torres Strait Islander descent.
                                                                                                                                                   standing (credit) may be granted for
          with individual subject results taken        affected their HSC results. Aboriginal or
                                                                                                                                                   these awards. Successful completion of a
          into account.                                Torres Strait Islander students may also        For further information contact
                                                                                                                                                   Certificate IV may not be considered for
                                                       apply. STEP is for students who                 Woolyungah Indigenous Centre on
                                                                                                                                                   entry to all undergraduate programs and
          The Foundation Studies program is            completed their Higher School Certificate       1800 735 592 or 02 4221 3776 or
                                                                                                                                                   will not provide advanced standing. For
          specifically designed for international      in the year prior to commencing STEP to         visit www.uow.edu.au/wic
                                                                                                                                                   more information on advanced standing,
          students; however, WCA has modified          UOW at a school within our regional
                                                                                                                                                   see www.uow.edu.au/future/credit
          the program to accommodate both              area. For more information, including a
          international and domestic students.         full list of eligible high schools, visit       Special Circumstances
          Foundation Studies meets the                 www.uow.edu.au/future/specialaccess             The Educational Access Scheme (EAS)         TAFE Tertiary Preparation
          requirements for Foundation Programs                                                         is designed to assist applicants who have
          and is delivered on behalf of the                                                            experienced educational disadvantage or
          University by WCA.                                                                           hardship during Years 11 or 12 (or          The Tertiary Preparation Certificate (TPC)
                                                                                                       equivalent) gain admission to degree        is an option for people who wish to gain
                                                                                                       programs. The EAS is available to Year      entrance to the University and for whom
                                                                                                       12 students who are citizens or             a HSC course may be inappropriate.
                                                                                                       permanent residents of Australia.           Contact your local TAFE for more
                                                                                                                                                   information. Entry to UOW is dependent
                                                                                                       Application forms for the EAS are           on the level of academic performance
                                                                                                       available from UAC, high school Career      achieved in the TPC. For more

                                                                                                                                                   information, go to www.tafensw.edu.au

          your sta
          +                                             +                                                 +                                             +
          Centre for Student                            Big Fish                                          Exchange Travel Grants and                    Short Term Programs
          Engagement                                    unicentre.uow.edu.au/getinvolved/                 Scholarships                                  If going overseas on exchange for 6–12
                                                        leadership                                                                                      months seems too long, you may decide to
          unicentre.uow.edu.au/cse                                                                        The International Exchange Program offers
                                                                                                                                                        participate in a short-term program at one of
                                                                                                          travel grants and scholarships ranging from
                                                        Big Fish is a 12-week leadership program                                                        UOW’s partner universities. More information
          Meeting people and having fun are important                                                     $2,000 to $5,000 each session to help
                                                        designed to help young people take up                                                           is available on the International Exchange
          elements on your course of educational                                                          make studying overseas affordable. These
                                                        leadership roles in their communities.                                                          website: www.uow.edu.au/student/exchange/
          transformation. The Centre for Student                                                          are awarded on the basis of academic merit
                                                        In addition to a series of seminars and                                                         destinations
          Engagement (CSE) manages extracurricular                                                        and vary depending on the host university.
                                                        workshops on leadership skills, it includes
          activities at UOW via clubs and societies.                                                      All students who do not receive a targeted
                                                        volunteering with community service                                                             UOW students can choose from over 100
          The clubs are entirely student run and link                                                     travel grant or scholarship will receive a
                                                        organisations in Wollongong, where students                                                     exchange universities in nearly 40 countries.
          people with like interests. Whether you’re                                                      travel grant of $1,000.
                                                        assist change for people in need. Big Fish                                                      You can study in English-speaking countries
          into comic books or mountain bikes,
                                                        is just one of UOW’s leadership programs                                                        like the USA, UK and Canada but programs
          speechmaking or sword fighting, there’s                                                         More information is available at www.uow.
                                                        for outstanding students.                                                                       are also taught in English in countries such
          something for everyone.                                                                         edu.au/student/exchange/funding
                                                                                                                                                        as Sweden, Denmark, Mexico, Thailand and
                                                                                                                                                        Japan. If you’re studying a foreign language
                                                                                                          You may also be eligible for the Australian
                                                        +                                                                                               the best way to improve is to go to a country
                                                                                                          Government’s OS-HELP loan scheme. This
                                                                                                                                                        that speaks the language.
                                                                                                          scheme allows students going on exchange
                                                        Learn Overseas                                    to borrow up to $10,000+ for two sessions
                                                                                                                                                        Countries available: Austria, Belgium,
                                                        www.uow.edu.au/student/exchange                   of exchange.
                                                                                                                                                        Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia,
                                                                                                                                                        Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong
                                                        Our extensive International Exchange
                                                                                                                                                        Kong, Hungary, Iceland, Indonesia, Ireland,
                                                        Program gives you the chance to study for
                                                                                                                                                        Italy, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia,
                                                        a semester or a year at some of the finest
                                                                                                                                                        Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, the Netherlands,
                                                        institutions in the world. This is a once-in-a-
                                                                                                                                                        New Caledonia, Norway, Poland, Portugal,
                                                        lifetime opportunity to discover a new
                                                                                                                                                        Romania, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia,
                                                        culture, learn another language and give
                                                                                                                                                        South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland,
                                                        your resumé an international edge. Instead
                                                                                                                                                        Thailand, the United Kingdom, the United
                                                        of going on a gap year, travel six months or
                                                                                                                                                        States of America.
                                                        a year overseas while you study and finish
                                                        your degree on time!

86   us
s mind
  behind?   us   87
how to apply
               Current NSW and ACT HSC Candidates
               The Universities Admissions Centre (or UAC) is the central office that receives and processes applications for admission
               to undergraduate degrees for most unis in NSW and the ACT. Applying for admission to tertiary courses through UAC is
               much easier than if you were required to apply separately to each institution.

               TO DO:
               ƒ Applications will open in August. Go to www.uac.edu.au
               ƒ You’ll need your UAC application number. If you don’t have it, you can ask your Careers Adviser or call UAC direct
                  on (02) 9752 0200
               ƒ You’ll need your UAC PIN. This will be sent to you in the middle of Year 12.
               ƒ You will have nine preferences for unis and courses, which you will be able to change until 6 January 2012.

               If you have any questions about the Universities Admission Centre or the online application process (including
               preferences), talk to your school Careers Adviser or visit the UAC website.

               Recent School Leavers, Mature Students and International Students please see the next page.

               Attend the Information Sessions and Events
               The UOW Year 12 information sessions and events are an excellent opportunity to have your questions about applying to
               study or studying at uni answered in person by UOW staff, students and graduates. For more information on upcoming
               events visit www.uow.edu.au/future/events

     3         Apply for Early Entry to UOW
               Applications for Early Entry will open online 1 July 2011 and will close at 5pm, 1 September 2011. Don’t delay, you can
               save incomplete applications, so there’s no reason not to start early.

               TO DO:
               ƒ Apply online for Early Entry at earlyentry.uow.edu.au
               ƒ You must apply through UAC as well. An Early Entry offer to a course is only valid if that course is your highest eligible
                  preference through UAC (see above).
               ƒ Additional interviews/on-campus events will take place between 26 September and 30 September 2011.

               Apply for Accommodation
               Due to the very high demand to live at UOW, it is recommended that you apply online as soon as possible, and well
               before 30 November.

               TO DO:
               ƒ Visit the accommodation website www.uow.edu.au/about/accommodation
               ƒ Fill out the online application. You will only need to fill in one application form. You will be asked to rank the
                  residences in the order of your preference. The accommodation website has virtual tours of UOW’s residences,
                  or you can book a personal tour by calling UOW on 1300 367 869.

     5         Apply for a UOW Scholarship
               Go to www.uow.edu.au/about/scholarships and follow the steps there. The deadline for scholarships is 30 September 2011.

               TO DO:
               ƒ If you have any questions, contact UniAdvice on 1300 367 869

88   connect
+                                                                                    +
Choosing Preferences                       FACULTY OF CREATIVE ARTS                  Mature Students
UAC is the central office that receives                                              UOW considers you a mature student if
and processes applications for             Degrees offered through the Faculty       you will be 21 or over on 1 March in the
admission to undergraduate degrees         of Creative Arts have additional entry    year you wish to start university. For
for most unis in NSW and the ACT.          requirements including portfolios and     further information about the process,
About halfway through 2011, you will       auditions. For more information, see      contact UniAdvice or visit www.uow.edu.
be sent an application guide from UAC.     www.uow.edu.au/crearts/students/          au/future/mature
This will list every course at every NSW   futureugs
and ACT university. When you apply
through UAC, you’ll be asked to list
up to nine courses you want to apply       +                                         +
to, in order of preference.                                                          International Students
                                           Bridging Courses                          International students can find
Be sure to place the course that
                                           Bridging courses in Biology, Chemistry    information on applications and fees
you most want to do as your first
                                           or Physics are recommended if you         at www.uow.edu.au/future/international
preference, because UAC will only

                                           don’t meet the assumed knowledge or
make you one university offer. Many
                                           recommended study requirements of
students fall into the trap of thinking
                                           your degree. For more information, see
they will receive an offer for every
preference for which they get the
necessary ATAR, and miss out on a
                                           UOW008203.html                            How to Defer

place in the degree they really want.                                                Some students choose to take a year
                                                                                     off (a ‘gap year’) between high school

+                                          Starting Your Studies
                                                                                     and university, usually to work or travel.
                                                                                     If you are considering heading off on
                                                                                     a gap year, you should have a look at
Additional Entry                           Mid-Year                                  the GAP at UOW website, which details
                                                                                     the number of ways you can
Requirements                               It may be possible to start studies in
                                                                                     incorporate international travel and
                                           Spring Session (beginning mid-July).
DEAN’S SCHOLAR AND SCHOLAR                                                           work experience into your degree.
                                           However, if you start your degree
PROGRAMS                                                                             getstarted.uow.edu.au/accept/gapyear
                                           mid-year you may have a limited subject
Details of the Dean’s Scholar and          choice for your first session. Please
                                                                                     If you have been offered a place in
Scholar Programs degrees can be            contact UOW for more information or
                                                                                     a UOW undergraduate degree you
found on page 24. Applicants must          to apply for mid-year entry.
                                                                                     may defer for up to one year only.
submit a separate application to the

                                                                                     Information on how to defer can be
relevant faculty in addition to applying
                                                                                     found in the enrolment information
for the course through UAC. Please
                                                                                     sent with your Offer Letter. You may
contact UOW for more information.
                                                                                     defer an offer made through the Early
                                           Recent School Leavers                     Entry program. It is not possible to
                                           For students commencing in 2012,          defer scholarships. Contact UOW for
                                           UOW defines recent school leavers as      more information.
BACHELOR OF MEDICAL & HEALTH               those who are under the age of 21 and
SCIENCES ADVANCED (HONOURS)                have completed the HSC before 2010.       UOW can answer any questions you
All applicants must submit a separate      If you are a recent school leaver who     have about applying: call 1300 367 869
application to the relevant faculty        wants to apply, contact UniAdvice or      or email uniadvice@uow.edu.au
in addition to applying to the course      see www.uow.edu.au/future/school
through UAC. Please contact                                                          Deferments are not available for:
UniAdvice for more information, or
download an application form from                                                    ƒ   any Creative Arts degree (including
www.uow.edu.au/future/apply                                                              Creative Arts double degrees)
                                                                                     ƒ   the Bachelor of Performance
                                                                                     ƒ   any Journalism degree (including
                                                                                         all Journalism double degrees)

                                                                                                               connect            89
 how much
does it cost?
     +                                            +                                          +
     Commonwealth                                 Financial Assistance:                      Youth Allowance
     Supported Places                             HECS-HELP                                  Youth Allowance is the Commonwealth
                                                                                             Government Student Assistance
     All undergraduate places at UOW are          HECS-HELP is a loan scheme that
                                                                                             Scheme that provides financial aid to
     Commonwealth supported places. On            assists Commonwealth supported
                                                                                             full-time tertiary students under the age
     average, the Australian Government           students to pay the student
                                                                                             of 25. If you are over 25, you can apply
     contributes about three quarters of the      contribution amount. You are
                                                                                             for Austudy. The main benefit is a living
     total tuition fee for Commonwealth           eligible for HECS-HELP if you:
                                                                                             allowance (which is subject to an
     supported students. You pay a ‘student
                                                                                             income test). For more information
     contribution’ to cover the remaining         ƒ   are enrolled in a Commonwealth
                                                                                             contact Centrelink on 13 24 90.
     costs of your course. Student                    supported place, AND

     contribution amounts for one year of         ƒ   are an Australian citizen or holder
     full-time study in 2011 are listed below.        of a permanent humanitarian visa.

     Mathematics, Statistics          $4,249      If you are eligible for HECS-HELP
     Science                          $4,249      you will be able to apply during the       Abstudy
     Behavioural Sciences,                        enrolment process. HECS-HELP debt          Abstudy provides financial assistance
     Social Sciences                  $5,310      is repaid via the Australian Tax Office    for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander
     Education                        $5,310      once your income reaches the               students. For more information contact
     Foreign Languages,                           minimum threshold for compulsory           Centrelink on 13 23 17 or the UOW
     Visual & Performing Arts         $5,310      repayment, which was $43,150 in            Woolyungah Indigenous Centre on
     Humanities                       $5,310      2009–2010. You will need a Tax File        1800 735 592.
     Nursing                          $5,310      Number (TFN) when you enrol.
     Computing, Built
     Environment, Health

                                                  If you pay at least $500 of your student
                                                  contribution amount upfront, you will
     Engineering, Surveying           $7,567      receive a 20% discount on the amount       EdStart
     Accounting, Administration,                  paid. Voluntary repayments made
                                                                                             EdStart is a University of Wollongong
     Economics, Commerce              $8,859      through the Australian Taxation Office
                                                                                             initiative for low-income undergraduate
     Law                              $8,859      (ATO) receive a 10% discount.
                                                                                             students who pay HECS. EdStart
     Medicine                         $8,859
                                                                                             provides support for educational costs
                                                  New Zealand citizens and holders of
                                                                                             valued up to $500. These costs can
     These contribution amounts are based         permanent non-humanitarian visas are
                                                                                             include textbooks, materials, some IT
     on a full-time 48 credit point (cp) year.    not eligible for HECS-HELP.
                                                                                             equipment, printing, copying or
     If you are studying part-time you will
                                                                                             childcare costs at the KidsUni
     pay a proportional amount based on           More information about HECS-HELP           childcare centre.
     the number of credit points you are          is available on the Department of
     enrolled in (e.g. 3/4 of the full-time       Education Science & Training website:
                                                                                             EdStart is not a cash award. Actual
     amount if you are enrolled in 36cp).         www.goingtouni.gov.au
                                                                                             goods and services are provided
                                                                                             through the University and UniCentre.
     Credit points are a measure of student       You may also contact UOW on                For further information regarding
     workload for each subject. A full-time       1300 367 869 or uniadvice@uow.edu.au       criteria and application forms please
     48cp year implies an average workload        for a copy of the Information for          contact UOW Student Central on
     of up to 48 hours per week, including        Commonwealth Supported                     1300 275 869 or studenq@uow.edu.au
     classes and private study. Part-time         Students booklet.

     students enrol in less than 18cp
     per session.                                 Students participating in International
                                                  Exchange or Study Abroad may be
     Other university costs to consider include   eligible for the OS-HELP loans scheme,
     textbooks, transport, parking, childcare,    which allows students going on exchange
                                                                                             Costs for
     accommodation and living costs.              take up to two consecutive loans $5,611    International Students
                                                  each (one loan every six months).          International students can find
                                                                                             information on fees at www.uow.edu.au/

90    connect
Academic year See Session
                                                   Domestic students Domestic students are
                                                                                                      Major A specialisation in an undergraduate
                                                   Australian citizens and holders of permanent       degree.
Advanced standing You may be granted               humanitarian visas. New Zealand citizens
advanced standing (credit) on the basis            and holders of other permanent visas who           N
of previous study or experience. When              will be residing in Australia for the duration
advanced standing is given, you do not have                                                           NSW HSC The New South Wales Higher
                                                   of their study are also considered domestic        School Certificate.
to take a particular subject because you           students, but are not eligible for the
have learned what you need to know
through previous study or experience.
                                                   HECS-HELP and FEE-HELP loans schemes               O
                                                   and must pay tuition fees upfront.
                                                                                                      Orientation A program of pre-session events
Assumed knowledge Universities often               E                                                  (over several days) designed to help you
assume that you have studied certain                                                                  acclimatise to the University, its procedures,
subjects in the NSW HSC (or equivalent).           Early Entry A system where HSC students
                                                   can interview for a place at UOW before their      facilities and the degree program in which
For example, if HSC Mathematics Extension                                                             you have enrolled.
1 is assumed knowledge for a particular            HSC exams. See page 6 for more detail.
degree and you have only studied HSC               Electives Subjects that are not compulsory         P
Mathematics, you may find related subjects         to your degree, but which you pick from a          Points to UOW A system where HSC students
in your degree difficult. Assumed knowledge        wide variety of areas. Electives can be            can gain bonus ATAR points for an application
is not compulsory for acceptance to UOW.           chosen to complement your major area of            to UOW based on subjects they study in their
ATAR score (or equivalent) Australian Tertiary     study, or simply because you’re interested         HSC. See page 6 for more detail.
Admission Rank. A rank between 0.00 and            in them. Most degrees require you to pick a
                                                   certain number of electives.                       Postgraduate program The second level of
99.95 with increments of 0.05 that provides
                                                                                                      tertiary study (e.g. Graduate Certificate,
information about how students perform             Enrolment After you have been offered a            Graduate Diploma, Masters degree or PhD),
overall against other students, and assists        place in a degree, you will be required to         which can be attained after you have
universities in assessing applicants for           accept the offer and enrol at a certain time.      graduated with a Bachelor degree.
university selection. For more, see                This is essentially registering your subject
www.uac.edu.au                                     choices for each year. Successful applicants       R
B                                                  will receive enrolment details with their offer.
                                                                                                      Recommended studies You may find some
                                                   New students are sent orientation and
Bachelor degree The first level of tertiary                                                           subjects in your degree easier if you
                                                   enrolment information in January.
study. A program of study requiring 3 to 4                                                            successfully complete the recommended
years of full-time study, or part-time             Entry requirements The minimum                     HSC subjects.
equivalent. Also referred to as a degree,          qualifications required for you to be
program (of study) or course.                      considered for entry to a particular course.       S
                                                                                                      Session The academic year is divided into
C                                                  F                                                  three parts. The first is Autumn Session,
Census date The date by which you must             FEE-HELP A Government loans scheme                 extending from February to June. The second
have finalised your subject selection and          that helps eligible fee-paying students pay        Spring Session starts in July and runs to
payment for a particular session.                  their tuition fees at eligible public and          November. Both the Spring and Autumn
                                                   private higher education providers. All UOW        Session are usually 13 weeks long. An optional
Commonwealth supported place                       undergraduate programs are Commonwealth            third session runs for 7 weeks over summer.
A university place for which the Australian        supported—no FEE-HELP loan is required.            Sessions are also referred to as ‘semesters’.
Government makes a contribution towards            See www.goingtouni.gov.au
the cost of the tertiary course.                                                                      T
                                                   Full-time or part-time This is not a matter
Commonwealth supported student                                                                        TAFE (NSW) Technical and Further
                                                   of day or night classes, but is determined by
A student who is studying in a                                                                        Education New South Wales. A provider of
                                                   the number of credit points in which you
Commonwealth supported place.                                                                         vocational education and training courses.
                                                   enrol. Only certain subjects are offered at
Core subjects Some subjects are a                  night. For 3-year degrees, full-time students      Testamur The official document you receive
compulsory requirement of studying your            normally enrol in a total of 48 credit points      at your graduation ceremony, signifying the
degree—these are called core subjects. Some        annually (4 subjects or 24cp per session).         award of a qualification upon successful
degrees (for example, the Bachelor of Creative     Part-time students normally enrol in fewer         completion of the relevant program of study.
Arts) have a relatively large proportion of core   than 18 credit points per session.
                                                                                                      Tutorials Students studying a subject are
subjects overall, while others (such as the        H                                                  divided into groups for weekly tutorials in
Bachelor of Arts) allow students to pick a
                                                   HECS-HELP A loan scheme that helps                 which students discuss subject matter
variety of electives (see below).
                                                   eligible Commonwealth supported students           indepth, or receive personalised assistance
Credit points You will undertake a program         to pay their student contribution amount.          from their tutor. Some subjects will also
of subjects that accrue credit points (cp)         HECS-HELP is not means tested. See                 include seminars, practical classes and/or
towards your degree. Credit points are a           www.goingtouni.gov.au                              laboratory work.
measure of student workload for each
subject. Most subjects are single session          L                                                  U
and have a value of 6cp or 8cp. Full-time          Lectures All students taking a subject attend      UAC Universities Admission Centre. The
students normally complete 48cp per year,          weekly (and sometimes twice weekly) group          central office that receives and processes
and 144cp over the course of a 3-year              information sessions known as lectures.            applications for admission to most
Bachelor degree or 192cp over the course           Lectures are generally 1 or 2 hours long.          undergraduate degrees at participating
of a 4-year Bachelor degree. A full-time           You may sometimes have 2 or more lectures          universities in NSW and the ACT. Please
48cp year implies an average workload of up        consecutively.                                     note that all Year 12 students must apply
to 48 hours per week, including classes and                                                           through UAC. For more information go to
private study. Part-time students enrol in                                                            www.uac.edu.au
less than 18cp per session.
                                                                                                      Undergraduate course See Bachelor degree

                                                                                                                                  connect              91
Campus Map
          Arts                                          Service & Administration
          19     Faculty & Enquiry Office          6E   36 Administration                         4F
          19     Communication Studies             6E   36 Alumni Relations Office                4F
          19     English Studies                   6E   31 Buildings & Grounds                    3C
          19     History & Politics                6E   14 Central Lecture Theatre                6H
          19     Modern Languages                  6E   40 Centre for Research Policy             6E
          19     Philosophy                        6E   19 Chaplaincy                             6E
          19     Science, Technology & Society     6E   20 Communications Centre                  6F
          19     Sociology                         6E   24 General Teaching Building              7E
          Commerce                                      19 Golden Key                             6E
          40 Faculty & Enquiry Office              6E   121 Graduate House
          40 Accounting & Finance                  6E   32 Illawarra Health & Medical             4H
          40 Information Systems                   6E        Research Institute (IHMRI)
                                                        40 Hope Theatre                           6E
          40 Economics                             6E
                                                        39 ITC                                    6K
          40 Management                            6E
                                                        17 Information Technology Services        8F
          40 Marketing                             6E
          Creative Arts                                 19 International Student Program          6E
          25 Faculty & Enquiry Office              3D   10 Kids’ Uni (Child Care Centre)          9J
          25 School of Journalism                  3D   37 Kooloobong                             9B
               & Creative Writing                       16 Library                                7F
          25 School of Art & Design                3D
                                                        67 McKinnon Building                      4E
          25 School of Music & Drama               3D
                                                        25 Music Centre                           3D
          25 Creative Arts Theatre                 3D
                                                        19 PASS                                   6E
          25 Creative Arts Galleries               3D
                                                        32A Print & Distribution (Mailroom)       4H
          40 Backstage Hope                        6E
                                                        19 Queer Space                            6E
          Education                                     9    Sports Hub                           G1
          67 Faculty & Enquiry Office              4E   17 Student Central - Student Admin,       8F
          21 Education                             4D        Accommodation, Study Abroad
          22 Education                             4D        & Exchange
          23 Education                             4D   6    SMART Infrastructure Facility        6I
          23 Education Student & Services Centre   3D   36 UniAdvice - Student Enquiries Office   4F
          Engineering                                   12 UniBar                                 8H
          4    Faculty & Enquiry Office            7I   11 UniCentre - Retail & Services          9G
          4    Engineering Enquiries Centre        7I   13 University Recreation & Aquatic        3H
          8    Mechatronics                        7J        Centre
                                                        63 Visitors’ Lodge                        9C
          4    Civil Engineering                   7I
                                                        30 Wollongong College Australia           5C
          4    Environmental Engineering           7I
                                                        19 Women’s Space                          6E
          1    Materials Engineering               8I
                                                        30 Woolyungah Indigenous Centre           5C
          8    Mechanical Engineering              7J
                                                        19 WUPA, WUSA                             6E
          4    Mining Engineering                  7I
          4    Physics                             7I
          Health & Behavioural Sciences
          41 Faculty & Enquiry Office              5G
          41 Biomedical Science                    5G
          41 Nursing                               5G
          41 Psychology                            5G
          41 Public Health                         5G
          22 Mental Health                         4D
          28 Graduate School of Medicine           3F
          3    Faculty & Enquiry Office            6J
          35 Electrical, Computer &                6H
               Telecomm Engineering
          3    IT & Computer Science               6J
          15 Mathematics & Applied Statistics      6G
          39 IT & Computer Science                 7J
          67 Faculty & Enquiry Office              4E
          41 Faculty & Enquiry Office              5G
          35 Biological Sciences                   6H
          18 Chemistry                             6F
          41 Earth & Environmental Sciences        5G
          70 Ecological Research Centre            7A

92   us
                                      A                                 B                             C                             D                                   E                                                     F                                G                                   H                                                I                                 J                                      K

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Tennis Courts                                                                                           N
1                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Hockey Field                    Sports Hub

                                                                                                                                                                                            P5                                                                P6       P6
                                                                                                                                                                                           Northern                                                                                              Pool
2                                                                                                                                        P5a
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Oval No. 1
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Innovation Campus
                                                                                                               31                                                                                                                                                                                   13                                                                                       Fairy Meadow
                                                    Carpool Area
                                                                                                                                                  25                                                                                                                                                   atm                                                                                       (2km)
3                                                                                                                                                                                         27
     Robsons Road
         Entrance                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             32
                                                                            58 59 60                                                                                                                                                                                                                         IHMRI
4                                                  P4                       57 47 46 45
                                              Western Carpark                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Oval No. 3
                                                                            50 51                                             21             22              McKinnon

                                                                            56    52 53 54                                                                   Building                                                    36                                                                            32A
                                                                                                                              38                                                                                                                                                  41                                                           P7
                                                                               55 48 62                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Ovals
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        42                                      Carpark
5                                                                            44                                               30
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                CES LANE
     70                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 SCIEN

     71                                                                                                                                                                                        19                                                                                                                                                   6
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 15                                                   SMART Infrastructure Facility                   3
6                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        18
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        SMART LANE
                                                                                                                                                                                               19                                                                                          14
                                                                                                                                                         40                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       39A
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      5                   2                    8

                                                                                                                                                                             PARRY LANE
                                                                                                                                                         Hope Theatre
7                                                                                                                                                                                              24
                                                                                  P3                                                                                                                                                      16                                                                                                                                                      39B

                                                                             South Western                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 4

                                                                               Car Park                                                                                                                                                 Library                                                                                                                                       39C

                                                                                                                                                                                                P2                                         Student

                                                                                                                                                                                           Main Car Park                                   Central                                                                                                               1

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      TO SYDNEY

8                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       atm                                      12

                                                                   37                                                                                                                                                                17
                                                           Kooloobong                                                                                                                                                                     ITS        University                                                                                                                           10
                                                     Student Accommodation                                                                                                                                                                           Function                                    atm
                                                                                                       63                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Footbridge to
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Centre &
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     UniShop                UniCentre 11 University Hall                                                                                                              Nth W'gong
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      P1                                                                                                           P8                                 Kids' Uni             Information Station
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 UniCentre                                                      Gate
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     UNICENTRE LANE

9                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Carpark
                                                                                                                                                              Western                     Entrance                                                                                                                                                                                        Eastern Entrance
                                                                                                                                                                                                                          BUS BAY                                                        TAXI RANK
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              NORTHFIELDS AVENUE


10                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               119             116           114 113
                                  Security Phone        Public Phone        Shuttle Bus Stop      Door Entrance S Security Base         Food Outlet    atm   ATM            Major Pathway                                Uni Ring Road          Hearing Loops                                                                                                        Graduate House
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  IRVINE STREET
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         FREEWAY EX

                                    Carpool           UOW Permit            Pay & Display              Pay & Display               2P Ticket Bays –            2P Ticket Bays –                       Reserved                     Short Term                     Disabled
                                    Parking           Parking               Ticket parking only        Ticket or UOW Permit        4.00pm-6.30pm               8.30am-6.30pm                          Parking                      Parking (24 hrs)               Parking


uoiruceh t
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