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					Main Rationale In SEO.
Connecting the work that has been long overdue, like the previous information
that we will focus with SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEO course
specifically for blogger / blogspot. Before stepping into the complex, Kang
Rohman willing to invest the major premise in SEO. These are among others:
Natural and think like humans

The main purpose of the application of SEO techniques is that blogs are belong
to us in the top place on the first page Search Engine blog or in other words we
want to be prioritized, so of course we need to know what is liked or not liked
by the search engine itself.

If allowed to express opinions, Search Engine that has some qualities like
human beings. Example:

   * Glad to blog posting original content. In the real world, hijacking other
people's work is not a good thing even opposed by many, the search engine is
the same, not like the content of his blog content plowing or term outcome is
generally the result of Copas (copy paste) from other blogs.
   * Not like in kelabui. In the world of SEO there is a term whose name is
Black Hat SEO, which is a lot to apply SEO techniques to fool search engine,
examples such as hidden text, hidden links, keyword repetition, and so forth
which is basically that all the techniques to trick, and it is not liked by Search
   * Glad to Informative blog. Of course many people who like someone else
because that person is often put forward useful information, both for
individuals especially for the public. Search engine is the same.
   * Does not like excessive. Only a few people who like people who over-or over
acting, Search Engine was bergitu, not like the blog overload.
   * Like a blog that recommended by many parties. Search engines are very
happy with the recommendation, in this case is given a backlink by other
blogs. Backlinks in the blogosphere like a recommendation or endorsement.
   * And many others.

Blog search engines to index content

All you have to bear in SEO ie Search Engine to index the entire contents of
which exist in our blog and that as consideration search engine to prioritize
your blog position.

Maybe you've heard of SEO tips that in choosing a domain name must contain
at least one keyword from your blog's main topic, the post title should contain
the target keyword, the first paragraph should contain the target keyword. Or
maybe you've heard the term "Content Is The King", all that can not be
separated from the Search Engine to index what you serve in the blog and
display them on their search engine.

An illustration, I tried to write the keyword "Blogspot tutorial" on google search
engine, and here are the results:

blogspot tutorial

And the winner for that keyword is

Why so? One factor is writing the same domain with the keywords in the
search, there are posts within those words.

So, this is the core of search engine indexes all the writing. Without any posts
in your blog, then all the SEO techniques are applied will be in vain.
SEO it is a Competitions

In fact SEO is the competition, which is more appropriate to apply SEO
techniques then he comes out a winner. No half-hearted, it could rival the SEO
tens of thousands, even tens of millions in number.

Like in school, in a class of students can be up to tens, who conveyed the same
subject matter, same teacher, but from dozens of students there must be a
rank 1, ask why? Because students who rank 1 is able to apply what is learned
than his friends as competitors.
SEO Technique is not just one

SEO Technique is not just one kind, not even a definite number. Therefore, do
not get your hopes up only to apply one SEO technique that you read on the
internet, the position of your blog can be directly shot in the first place.
Therefore, learn the ins and outs of SEO is very important.

In addition, the SEO are dynamic. From time to time there will be an outdated
SEO techniques and new as developers search engine search engine algorithms
constantly update their property.


Posts above are just a few thoughts that should be induced in about SEO, of
course there are many other ideas that should always be remembered and
applied, but because of the limitations of my knowledge, maybe that's all that
can be written at this time.

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