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					   Don’t Go There!
The Travel Detective’s Essential
Guide to the Must-Miss Places of
           the World
         P. Greenberg
       Don’t take anything personally!
 “We’ve all had a trip that went horribly
 wrong, whether it was a flight from hell, a
  disastrous cruise ship journey, or a resort
that made the Bates Motel look like a four-
                 star palace.”
      Air Pollution

If you go there, don’t breathe.
The most polluted cities in the USA as of 2008…
     Los Angeles and Sacramento, CA
     Houston, TX
     Dallas-Fort Worth, TX
     Baton Rouge, LA
The most polluted international cities…
     Beijing, China
       – In 1007, there were 246 “blue sky” days… remember the
     Cairo, Egypt
       – Even the Egyptian tourism website admits it!
     Delhi, India
       – More people own cars, including diesel-fueled because they are
     Windsor, Ontario
       – Has some of the highest cancer rates
Most smokers (by region and number of
cigarette packs sold) in 2006…
    Asia and Pacific         577 Billion
    Eastern Europe           443
    Western Europe           383
    Latin America            249
    USA and Canada           210
    Middle East and Africa   132
    Oceania                  20
   Water Pollution

Don’t drink the water, really.
Great Pacific Garbage Patch
    The “Trash Vortex” is an island of trash in the
    middle of the Pacific Ocean, now at 3.5 million
    tons! Many beaches in Hawaii are directly in its
Gulf Coast States
    A flesh-eating bacteria is present in warm seawater,
    and their levels increase as temperatures rise. You
    become infected if you have an open wound and it
    becomes exposed. And here’s a scary thought – no
    state tests for this bacteria to warn people!
Pattaya, Thailand
    Rampant development and neglect of the
    environment have ruined the beaches – raw
    sewages is pumped into the sea!
Toxic Places

Who’s toxic now?
“Cancer Ally”
    The Mississippi River industrial corridor has smoke
    stacks and chemical waste leeching into the soils.
    You won’t see boaters navigating these waters
    anymore – the days of Huckleberry Finn are gone!
Bhopal, India
    A pesticide factory leak in 1984 killed thousands of
    people, and while today you will see no physical
    signs of the tragedy, the smell still lingers
Chernobyl, Ukraine … take your chances…
    The nuclear disaster in 1986 killed thousands, and
    today they are giving tours of the facility! For more
    than 20 years, the surrounding areas have been
    labelled the “forbidden zone” – unsafe for human
    habitation because of radiation levels
Dirtiest cities in 2007…
    Baku, Azerbaijan
     – Oil refineries and petrochemical plants
    Port-au-Prince, Haiti
     – Traffic, smog, eroded coastlines…
    Mexico City, Mexico
     – High altitude, bowl-like geography, and heavy traffic
    Mumbai, India
     – 15+ million people, industrial zones…
    Baghdad, Iraq
     – Military based pollutants, burning oil wells, and the Tigris
       River – the only option for drinking water – is filled with
       raw sewages, oil, and chemicals…
Most Depressed and Depressing
America’s suicide capitals…
     New Mexico and Wyoming
The Golden Gate Bridge, in San Francisco, CA,
has more than 1,300 recorded suicides, making it
the top death bridge in the world! Gruesome.
International suicide capitals…
Places that Really Stink!
Rotorua, New Zealand
     Rotorua is the self-proclaimed stink capital of the world – its
     nickname is “Sulfur City”, because of the constant emissions of
     sulfuric gases due to geothermal activity (aka rotten eggs!)
Naples, Italy
     Waste disposal is Mafia run, so when people butt heads, the
     results are bad! There was a stretch where garbage collectors
     refused to pick of the trash for a month, and piles of garbage
     built up – forcing people to burn their trash, and sending
     toxic gases into the environment and creating a bad smell!
Dharavi Slum, Mumbai, India
     One of the largest slums in Asia, Dharavi has open sewers,
     cramped housing, and poor sanitation systems. Oddly
     enough, it its one of the world’s dirtiest urban areas, yet also
     one of the fastest growing! Reality Tours and Travel offers
     tours of the slum, although no cameras are allowed.
Natural Disasters

Hurricanes, tornadoes,
 earthquakes, oh my!
    The Caribbean is prone to hurricanes, especially the
    island of the Bahamas and Grand Cayman. Ensure
    you have travel insurance if you go between June
    and November. Many resorts have a “hurricane
    guarantee” that says visitors can get their money
    back in the event of a hurricane – but be sure to
    read the fine print!
    Tornado Alley, in the USA, is the most tornado-
    prone area in the country. The season for
    tornadoes is from April to June, with the peak
    point being in May. If you hear a loud wailing siren
    – be sure to find an underground shelter!
International risks…
     – Cyclones, earthquakes, floods, and drought
     – Drought, earthquakes, floods, landslides, and volcanoes
     – Monsoons, floods, drought, windstorms, and earthquakes
Disease Capitals

   Catchy, huh?
    HIV/AIDS is not just an “African Epidemic” – there have been
    increases around the world, most notably in Eastern Europe.
    By no means should you not visit these places – but be careful
    with the activities you choose to do, and protect yourself at
    all times!
    This disease is transmitted through undercooked food and
    contaminated water. It is endemic to India, Africa, the
    Mediterranean, South and Central America, Mexico, and the
    Vietnam has been dealing with cholera outbreaks as of late…
    health ministries have been pointing their finger at uncleaned
    raw vegetables, tainted shrimp sauce, and… dog meat. Yes,
    dog meat.
    Malaria is a mosquito-borne disease, existing in more than 90
    countries, and is one of the leading causes of death in
    developing nations.
    Here are some staggering statistics…
      – Between 350-500 million cases of malaria occur each year…
        more than 80% in Sub-Saharan Africa
      – A child dies of malaria every 30 seconds! 

    This parasite from cat feces causes flulike symptoms in people,
    but it has these interesting effects…
      – For men, it causes them to have lower IQs, and shorter
        attention spans
      – For women, it causes them to be more friendly, outgoing, and
        more promiscuous

Remember SARS…
  Worst Airlines

The ultimate downgrade.
Worst on-time arrivals from 2007-2008…
    Atlantic Southeast                    66%
    American Airlines                     67.2%
    United                                69.4%
    Alaska                                73.4%
Lost luggage criminals from 2007…
    Atlantic Southeast
     – Lost 13.16 bags for every 1,000 passengers!
    SkyWest Airlines
     – Lost 11.5 bags for every 1,000 passengers!
Banned airlines (by country into the
       USA) as of 2008…
    Bangladesh      Philippines
    Belize          Serbia and Montenegro
    Bulgaria        Swaziland
    Congo           Ukraine
    Gambia          Uruguay
    Guyana          Zimbabwe
    Ivory Coast
Worst Airports

False imprisonment.
O’Hare International, Chicago, IL
     Between the weather and delusional flight schedules,
     travelling in and out of Chicago is pretty hopeless
LaGuardia, New York, NY
     Major flight delays, combined with outdated décor, doesn’t
     make this airport very comfortable or stylish
Courcheval Altiport, French Alps
     Located in the middle of the French Alps, this airport is only a
     few yards away from the ski slopes, and the runway is only
     1,760 feet – most runways are between 6,000-9,000 feet!
Leopold Sedar Senghor International, Dakar,
     If you are travelling to West Africa, chances are you’ll stop
     here. Unfortunately, this is one of the worst airports in the
     world, and if you can avoid it do – but if not, be sure to not
     check in your bags on connecting flights
  Worst Hotels

Paging Norman Bates.
Sketchiest hotels…
    Miami International Airport, Miami, FL
     – People say they’d rather sleep in the terminal…
    Las Vegas Hilton, Las Vegas, NV
     – It may say Hilton on the door, but cleanliness of the
       rooms is a gamble!
    Hilton Paris, Paris, France
     – It’s a great location, but the owners, who have been
       trying to sell it, aren’t doing a good job keeping the hotel
       is good (and clean) shape
    Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park, London, England
     – While room rates start at almost $500 USD a night, they
       had an issue in 2007 with… bed bugs! One couple got
       bitten by the little buggers over the 5-night stay, and sued
       the hotel. There have been no bed bug incidents since!
Worst Cruises

 Ships of fools.
Cruise ships with illness outbreaks…
     Regal Princess
     Queen Elizabeth II
     Royal Princess
Pillage and steal: the modern-day Jack Sparrow!
     Piracy is on the rise – in the first 6 months of 2008, there
     were 114 incidents reported!
     Many are occurring on the Eastern coast of Africa (such as
     Somalia and Nigeria) and in the Indian Ocean
     Pirates carry automatic weapons and attempt to board ships –
     although most cruise ships can outrun the pirates. However,
     in 2007, a French luxury ship was hijacked off of Somalia and
     the crew spent a week in captivity before being rescued
Waste and pollution
    With a typical one week voyage, a large cruise ship
    with 3,000 people on board is estimated to
     – 210,000 gallons of sewage
     – 130+ gallons of hazardous waste
     – 8 tons of solid waste
     – Each passenger accounts for about 7.7 pounds of garbage
     – In a single port visit, a ship generates emissions equivalent
       to 12,400 cars
    Overcrowding of port destinations also poses
     – On Easter Island, some 800-900 people may disembark
       from a ship to visit the sites – making s huge impact on
       the island’s fragile environment
Highways of Death

God’s not your co-pilot.
Worst road rage (USA) in 2008…
    Miami, FL
    Boston, MA
    New York, NY
    Washington, DC
    Los Angeles, CA
Dangerous roads overseas…
    North Yungas Road, Bolivia
     – Officially the most dangerous road in the world, mainly
       because of the number of cars that veer off the road into
       the canyon below. The road drops from 14,000 feet to
       1,000 feet… quickly! The roads are also narrow with no
       guardrails to protect you from going off the road!
Dangerous roads overseas… (cont.)
    Il Terraglio Road, Italy
      – Between Treviso and Venice, the highway is lined with bars,
        villas, and apartments. By day, it’s ordinary; by night, it’s a
        sexed-up superhighway filled with prostitutes. There are road
        signs warning drivers about the prostitutes!
    Nairobi, Kenya
      – Most main roads are in disrepair and lack proper signage and
        lighting. In rural areas, there are only dirt roads. Combined with
        crazy drivers, these roads are dangerous to navigate.
    Mexico (Mex 1)
      – The main problem here is not the roads themselves, but the
        crime. Corrupt police, armed robbers, and carjackings are not
        uncommon along these roads. Many robbers pose as police
        officers and pull you over – and that’s when they get you.
    Canada, Highway 16
      – This stretch from the Rocky Mountains to the Pacific Ocean
        passes through very few small towns – there is nothing really out
        there! Many people have disappeared… and no one knows
        why. Don’t hitchhike here!
Drunkest Places
Dangerously drunk cities (USA, 2007)…
    Denver, CO
    Anchorage, AL
    Omaha, NB
    Fargo, ND
Top drinking countries…
    Czech Republic
Who’s drinking daily? The percentage of people
having more than one drink per day:
    Hawaii           7.7%
    Nevada           7.1%
    Alaska           6.4%
Dangerous Destinations

You’d better pack more than
Detroit, MI
     Detroit is considered the most dangerous city in the USA, with
     staggering murder and assault rates
     In 2006, the murder rate was 47.3 per 100,000 people
     (compared to 5.7 nationally)
Newark, NJ
     You know a city is in trouble when it brags about going 33
     days without a murder… Newark averages about 2 murders a
San Juan, Puerto Rico
     San Juan is on the losing side of a bloody drug war, causing
     the murder rates to rise. On the bright side, most visitors
     don’t get caught up in this war, but you you could still be
     subject to muggings and carjackings.
Tijuana, Mexico
     There has been an alarming rate of crimes against Canadian
     and US citizens
     Kidnappings are on the rise – elementary children practice
     how to survive a shootout during recess!
     Don’t visit ATMs late at night, and never go in a cab that
     doesn’t have a meter. Also, carry small amounts of cash, and
     don’t wear expensive clothing
Johannesburg, South Africa
     This is a city of walls and gates. The rich and middle-class
     have barricades themselves from the rest of the city
     It’s not recommended that you walk even 5 minutes from
     your hotel to destinations nearby
     The city also faces violent sexual assaults
Port-au-Prince, Haiti
     Here’s a story: American Airlines flies from Miami to Port-au-
     Prince daily. However, the crew never leaves the plane, and
     always has enough fuel to make the return trip – so no
     refueling is needed on the ground.
 Places People Thought Would
Be Bad… But Turned Out Good!
         Read Excerpts…
Kigali, Rwanda (274)
Lake Kariba, Zimbabwe (275-276)
Seal River, Manitoba, Canada (277)
~ FIN ~

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