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                              EBharat Bookmarks / Favorites
E bharat Bookmarks (called "Favorites" in Internet Explorer) record an Internet URL so you
can revisit it later without having to remember its address.
E bharat Bookmarks are one of the early innovations of the Mosaic web browser. The first E
bharat Bookmarks were simple lists of URL's stored in a "Bookmark" menu. They couldn't
be sorted, and all new sites went to the bottom of the bookmark list. Today, modern
browsers and third party bookmark managers provide a range of advanced management
A knowledge of E bharat Bookmarks enables you to easily revisit the sites you like without
having to remember their exact URLs. You can collect lists of good sites, and build up a
library of your favorite and most useful destinations.
The following sections provide more information on bookmark use, managers, categories,
editing, Explorer features, and Firefox features.
Use. Once you add a bookmark to your list, you simply select it from your browser's
bookmark list to revisit the page. You add a page to your E bharat Bookmarks by visiting it
and then adding it with your browser's add bookmark feature.
Explorer: Favorites / Add to Favorites
Firefox. Pick up the URL from the address bar with the mouse (click on address and hold
button down) and drag it to the E bharat Bookmarks menu at the top of the window, then
drag it to the folder you wish from the resulting drop down list.
Managers. A range of third party tools have been developed to help you manage E bharat
Bookmarks . Many provide import and export capability with the leading browsers.
Different bookmark managers provide different capabilities, such as advanced organization
and searching features, automatic checking for dead links, upload to the web, and other
functions. You can find more information at the following sites:
    • Google Bookmark Managers
    • Open Directory Bookmark Managers
    • Yahoo Bookmark Managers
Categories. Managing E bharat Bookmarks consists of deciding on a set of categories in
which to store your E bharat Bookmarks . Most browsers come with a built-in set of
categories and E bharat Bookmarks , but you should create your own so they aren't
cluttered by sites you don't use. A representative set of top-level category folders is listed
below, with the most frequently used items shown at the top above a separator bar:

  •       Real Estate
      o           Apartments - For Sale
      o           Apartments - Rent - Lease
      o           Flatmates
      o           Land - Plot For Sale
      o           Office-Commercial For Rent - Lease
      o           Office-Commercial For Sale
      o           Paying Guest - Hostel
      o           Service Apartments
      o           Vacation Rentals - Timeshare
  •       Home & Lifestyle
      o          Air Conditioners & Coolers
      o           Handicrafts and Antiques
      o           Baby - Infant Products

    o           Bags - Luggage
    o           Barter - Exchange
    o           Books - Magazines
    o           Coins - Stamps
    o           Collectibles
    o           Discounted - Sale Items
    o           Fashion Accessories
    o           Gifts - Stationary
    o           Health - Beauty Products
    o           Home - Kitchen Appliances
    o           Home - Office Furniture
    o           Home Decor - Furnishings
    o           Household
    o           Jewellery
    o           Music - Movies
    o           Musical Instruments
    o           Paintings
    o           Sport - Fitness Equipment
    o           Toys - Games
    o           Watches
    o           Wholesale
    o           Clothing - Garments
•       Cars & Bikes
    o           Bicycles
    o           Bus
    o           Tempo
    o           Trucks
    o           Cars
    o           Driving Schools
    o           Motor Service - Repair
    o           Motorcycles
    o           Scooters
    o           Spare Parts - Accessories
    o           SUVs & Vans
    o           Vehicles
•       Jobs
    o           Accounting - Tax - Audit
    o           Advertising - Media - PR
    o           Airline - Travel
    o           Architects - Interior
    o           Designers
    o           Banking - Finance - Insurance
    o           BPO - Call Center - KPO
    o           Catering - Hospitality
    o           Content Writers - Translators
    o           Customer Service
    o              Education - Teaching
    o              Engineering
    o              Fashion Designing
    o              Merchandising
    o              Freelancers
    o              Healthcare - Medicine
    o              HR
    o              Internet - Web Designers
    o              Internet - Web developers
    o              IT Hardware
    o              IT Software
    o              Marketing
    o              Internet Marketing
    o              SEO
    o              Non Profit - NGO
    o              Part Time
    o              Real Estate - Construction
    o              Resumes
    o              Retail
    o              Sales
    o              Secretarial - Office Staff
    o              Secretarial - Office Staff
    o              Freshers
    o              Telecom
•       Services
    o              Advertising
    o              Design
    o              Bus Tickets
    o              Train Tickets
    o              Numerology
    o              Astrology
    o              Baby Sitters
    o              Nanny
    o              Car Rental
    o              Business Offers
    o              Taxi
    o              Carpenters
    o              Upholstery
    o              Tiffin
    o              Computer
    o              Web
    o              Audit
    o              Cooks
    o              Drivers
    o              Electronics

    o           Appliances Repair
    o           Event -Party Planners - DJ
    o           Health
    o           Fitness
    o           Resorts
    o           Hotels
    o           Household Repairs - Renovation
    o           Interior Designers
    o           Architects services
    o           Investment - Financial Planning
    o           Lawyers - Advocates
    o           Loans - Insurance
    o           Maids & Housekeeping
    o           Packers - Movers - Courier
    o           Parlours and Salons
    o           Placement
    o           Recruitment Agencies
    o           Plumbers
    o           Electricians
    o           Electricians
    o           Restaurants
    o           Coffee Shop
    o           Taxation services
    o           Travel Agents
    o           Vacation
    o           Tour Packages
    o           Vaastu
•       Matrimonial
    o           Brides
    o           Grooms
    o           Wedding Planners
•       Education
    o           Workshops
    o           Career Counseling
    o           Coaching Classes
    o           Dance
    o           Music
    o           Distance Learning
    o           Hobby Classes
    o           Play Schools - Creche
    o           Private Tuitions
    o           Professional Courses
    o           Short Term Programs
    o           Text books
    o           Study Material
•       Electronics & Technology
    o              Camera Accessories
    o              Cameras Digicams
    o              Computer Peripherals/Parts
    o              Fax, EPABX, Office
    o              Equipment
    o              Inverters, UPS & Generators
    o              IPods, MP3 Players
    o              Desktops and Laptops
    o              Mobile - Cell Phones
    o              Mobile Accessories
    o              Music Systems - Home Theatre
    o              Office Supplies
    o              Security Equipment
    o              Tools Machinery Industrial
    o              TV - DVD - Multimedia
    o              Video Games - Consoles
•       Entertainment
    o            Acting
    o              Modeling Roles
    o              Acting Schools
    o              Actor - Model Portfolios
    o              Art Directors - Editors
    o              Fashion Designers - Stylists
    o              Make Up - Hair
    o              Modeling Agencies
    o              Musicians
    o              Photographers - Cameraman
    o              Script Writers
    o              Set Designers
    o              Sound Engineers
    o              Studios - Locations
•       Pet Care
    o              Pet Training & Grooming
    o              Pet Adoption
    o              Pet Care - Accessories
    o              Pet Clinics
    o              Pet Foods
•       Community
    o         Tender Notices
    o              Announcements
    o              Car Pool - Bike Ride
    o              Charity - Donate - NGO
    o              Lost - Found
•       Events
    o              Theatre - Plays - Movies

    o       Dance - Music
    o       Exhibitions - Trade Fairs
    o       Festivals
    o       Workshops - Seminars

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 Lots Of catogary,
Easy Math Captcha
2 Step Publishing
Title As Link
Adsence Revanue Sharing

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