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					                                                                                          THE WESTMBLD LEADER, WEDNESDAY, JOI.Y 13, 1921.                                                                           Page Thirieea

                                        LEGION ROLLERS UNDER THEM
                                        Ex-Servic« Men Promptly Halt Ex
                                             ploltationt of Pro-German
                                                                                                         AN OPPORTUNITY
                                                                                                                             WORTH WHILE GRASPING
                                             In response to the warning Issued
                                           by their national commander, F. W.
                                           Oaltirajth, Jr., American Legion mem-

            erican L*gloa New§ S«rvlc«.)
                                           bers in many parts of the country
                                           have been active In fighting against
     - Cot Thi» Department- Supplied by efforts of pro-Germans and other
                                           hyphenated persons to drive a wedga
                                           between America and her allies In U»
                                                                                              The ROSE BOOTERY
          LEAD TO OBTAIN SPLIT World war. thousand patriotic citi-
                                             Twenty-flve                                                Started a Two Weeks' Summer Clearance Sale on
           to Arouse Indignation Over
                                           zens of New Torlt attended the "All
     horror on the Rhine" Proves
              Dismal Failure.
                                           American Meeting for God and Coun-
                                           try," which was held In Madison
                                                                                                         SATURDAY, JULY 9th, and Ending July 23rd
                                           Square Garden under the auspices of
                                         j the Legion, as a protest against a pre-1
            Germanopbile attempt to                                                      I)   Owing to the fact that this is a new shop it is evident that all the merchandise ia new and the styles are up-to-the-
      i American Indignation ovej 'the I vtous pro-German meeting, said to be j
        on the Bbine' and thereby to for the purpose of creating sentiment               '    minute, leaving no accumulation of stock from past seasons and out-of-date styles, We have divided our shoes
          a split, spiritual rather than I against the alleged "Horrors on the                into groups at astonishingly low prices, and being that some of these shoes are suitable for all year 'round wear,
      fltic, between America and her Rhine."
     | allies has failed of its purncee      When word was received in Phila-                 it should induce you to invest in two pairs,
           •ly the same way that Ger- delphia that Dr. Edmund von Mach,
           «ganda in this country failed   notorious German propagandist, was
                                                                                              THE ROSE BOOTERY is known as a store of quality, carrying nothing but the highest grade shoes made by
             one of the years between planning to hold a meeting In that
             1918," says an editorial In city, Legion members and other pa-                   shoemakers who know how to make shoes for people who care.
                  Legion Weekly,           triotic dtljens opposed the proposi-                                     *
         truth is merely that the Qer- tion and succeeded In blocking the                     Now is your chance to buy Good Shoes at quite a big saving. Remember, this offer lasts only for two weeks and
    ido not know how to go about           scheme,                                '
     Jrttur1 obviously does not include       Similar action was taken by the                 no longer,
     sowledge of the fine art of get- Legion and various societies In Indian-
        neethlng over, a fact amply at- apolis, Among the organizations co-
     i by the reflex action which has oporatlng with the Lesion was the na
         nled the present attempt. The ttonal executive committee of the                              For the Man                                                               For the Woman
         ch style of persuasiveness Is American Gymnastic union, composed                                                                                                     Black Kid, Black Satin, Brown Suede
           subtle than the efforts of a of a large membership of citizens of                  Tan Oxfords and High Shoes in the new
                                                                                              semi-English last and broguo last with                                          Brown Satin, Qrey Suede, Brawn KM
    ernarii puppy to stand np on a German extraction, which Insisted
             floor. It Is flattering tha upon unhyphenated citizenship and
                                                                                              wing or straight Up with rubber heels;          All White                       Brown Calf, White Washable Kid In
                                                                                                                                                                              strap effects with French and Baby
                                                                                              ^aluea to                 QB      QC
      ach type of "boring from within' scored Von Mach and George Sylves-                                                                                                     with military heelB,     nn     *»e
   Ul its Insidious. Insidious It la, ter Viereck, On the same dayttieIn                      $9.00                     JpO.OO              Footwear Will                     values to ?9,00            «f) / . { 7 0
      er, hi its Intent If not In Its op- dlanapolls board of public works an
   tion.                                   nounced It would not permit the us
        Ton Mach has proved himself of Its large convention hall for th
                                                                                                                                             Be Sold At a
                                           proposed Too Mach meeting.
        servant of his country, wheth-
   I regards his country as America          Learning that Louisville was on th                                                              Remarkably
           ny. He Is a poor American proposed Itinerary of Doctor Voi
   |v1ng tried to win America over Mach, the Kentucky department of                                                                           Low Price
     | point of view of the unrepen- the Legion Instructed posts to use
      atlon to defeat whose govern- "every lawful means practicable to
          0,000 Americans save their stop the threatened Invasion of Boche
    |for attemplng to resurrect a propagandists." The Kentucky Legion's
         that was theoretically burled bulletin also warned against the ac-
              years ago. He Is a poor tivities of Viereck.
           because his clumsiness has        Legion posts have also opposed the
        only to aronse America to ttie hyphenates In Chicago, Cleveland,
     hat she Is still at war with Ger-     Omaha, Cincinnati and Milwaukee.
                                                                                              Black and tan High Shoes and Oxfords,                                          Tan one and two-strap Pumps, tun ton-
                                        THREE VOICES AT ONE TIME                              all custom made of the most wanted
                                                                                              lasts and styles, and made ot ton                                              gue Pumps, tan Oxfords, tan Bro«;uo Ox-
      WINS ON GOLDEN CALF                                                                     grade stock; values      An      am                                            fords, white buck Pumps aud Oxfords
                                        Minneapolis Legion Man C»n Sing                                                                                                      French heels, values      0O A C
   tfelded Animal Aids In Raising
                                           Tenor, B a n and Baritone Parts                    to m.oo                   $0.40                                                to sia.uD                  «pO»f§O
   Srflanlntlon'e Funds From
          »10O to (1,500.
                                             Wonder voices have been heralded
                                           the world over, at least since the In
                                                                                                                                              All Sizes
          Golden Calf ot the Twentieth
            has been discovered by the
              Legion post at Fredericks-
                                                               ceptlon of the
                                                               press agent Bu                                                               May Be Had
        7a., which owes an Increase In
                                                               it was left for Joe
                                                               Kaufman, a for

                                                                                                                                               and an
       irking capital from $100 to 51,500                      mer army ser-
   'two-headed juvenile cow. In full
       to which the post Invested Its
                                                               g e a n t and
                                                               American Legion
                                                                                                                                           Early Purchase
    \ $100 last (all,                                          member In Min-
  |vlRg Induced a Westmoreland
          farmer to part with the freak
                                                               neapolis, Minn., to                                                           is Advised
                                                               elns the first male
    ftl for this sum, a special levy of                        trio simultaneous-
            small amounts was made                             ly, carrying the
    | the treasury to buy nourishment                          parts alone with
         i calf. Then came the Virginia                        t h e s a m e har-
     i fair in Richmond and the calf                           mony and control
   {in full bloom, eating both his                                                            Please remember that all our Shoes are Guaranteed Solid Leather and sold to you with the understanding that if
                                                               of three singers.
      i off and waxing fat withal.        Kaufman Is a government music stu                   our Shoes do not wear to your entire satisfaction we will absolutely make good,
          Frederlcksburg post put himdent
         ilblt, charging a suitable fee.     The secret of Kaufman's unusual
      i the fair was over and the dost accomplishment has baffled voice ex-
  | settled, the post treasury con- perts as well as himself. Several
       I S1.K0O—the accrued earnings of years ago he discovered bis ability to
                                          produce overtones which gave t <
                                          sound of more than one part Be en
                                          tered the MacPhall school at Mlnno
                                          apolls as a government student and,
                                          as his voice strengthened and becami

                                                                                              The ROSE BOOTERY
                                          clearer, he developed the curious trio.
                                             The only case remotely similar to
                                                                                                                           The Store of Personal Service
                                          that of Kaufman, according to his In
                                          etructor ha the government school, la
                                          that of a woman singer In whoso voice
                                          could be distinguished one separate
                                                                                              115 Watchung Avenue                                                 PLAINFIELD, N. J.
                                          overtone, over which Bhe had practi-
                                          cally no control. The former soldier
                                          la some way has separated and con-
                                          trolled tenor, bass and baritone parts

                                       LEGION MAN BUSY WITH B'S
                                       Buckeye Boy Bends, Bowa and Bor-
                                         row* Bad and Beautiful Bonus
                                                Boosting Babble.

                                           "Apt alliteration's artful aid" WOR
                                                                                      GOOD OLD SUMMER TIME                                                          Danger Lurks in Dirty Carpets
                                                                                                                                                                     Have your floor coverings washed and dried by the
                                                                                                                                                                              HAMILTON BEACH METHOD
                                                                                                                                                                 You would not think ot cleaning your linen by a vacuum cleaner
                                                                                                        is awning time, and what is more enjoyable         or a whisk broom. You'd wash It.
    >-Headed Calf That Put Virginia cot neglected when an Akron (0.)                                                                                             How much tnortf necessary It 1B that your rugs and carpets, into
        Poit on Road to Wealth.          member of tha American Legion spun                             than the cool porch or sleeping room. Pro-         which are tramped the dirt and grime and grease of the streeta day
                                         the following bonus yam:                                                                                          after day, should ba thoroughly washed in order to be cleaned.
 I calf—and all thlg for doing noth-       "Bart began to bitterly berate the                           tected by awnings, the whole house is more (            Now, you may have them washed and dried, eternized and en-
     bnt standing still and being ln- •bull' about the bonus bill, bewailing                                                                               tirely cleaned by the famous Hamilton Beach Carpet WaBher, and '
                                                                                                        inviting when the sun gets in its good licks.
                                         the benighted bigotry of the belliger-                                                                            returned within 48 hours. Al! tha brilliant colors, ths beautiful
   : was recently that the representa- ent birds, badly Hocking the bonus                                                                                  designs and the gorgeous patterns that pleased you when you pur-
   i of a large circus made his offer by bombastic blusterlngs and brable,                              The strongest and finest materials are used        chased your rugs and carpets, will come back to light. You'll nave
         I for the animal and It was nc- and branding the busted bucks who                              on all work.                                       NEW RUGS FOB OLD.
            There Is a nimor that the bore the brunt of the battle as bad-                                                                                      'Phons or write u«. We will gladly give you estimates aud
 Btement of travel and late hours gers and booty-burglars o( billions In                                                                                   demonstrate our method without charge.
        affected the calfs health and bonds, believed by big, bald business
       he is a poor Insurance risk. brow-beaters to belong burled In
       ver, aa the old Romans had It, banks.
                                                                                         J. WARREN BROWN                                                      The Carpet Washing Service
    at emptor.                                                                         Phone 2-J                                197 ELK STREET             •PHONE 2620                140 CENTRAL AVE., PLAINFIELD
                                            'Before our bewildered Burt board-                                                                                        WESTFIELD STORAGE WAREHOUSE, Afinti
   lie post plans to reinvest the $1,500 ed a boat to become a battle-scarred                          WESTFIELD AGENT FOB
[soon as some other'such good se- vet beyond the borders of our bright,                                                                                    Phono 228 Waatlleld                        Proipect Strut
l l ; as the calf is found.              beautiful, big country, he become a                          A. N. LAGGREN AWNING CO.
                                         bonedlct; nnd, back from the battles,
                                         busted and barren of bullion, our be-                Wedding and Receptions Promptly Covered
       glon Men Among the Miners,
      > activity of the American Legion nighted boy hero became beautifully             'Phone 1948        135 W. Second St., Plainfleld, N. J.
|the mining districts of southeast bored because big bibulous bunco men
            )s another pertinent proof breathlessly built a bunch of back-
        tha mhraderstandtag between hand lies to bribe him by n bunk
                                                                                                                                                                     J. S.IRVING CO.
        bodies and the ex-service men's promise of a bonus.
         atlon has been dissipated. At     "But Burt Isn't badly brow-betitPn                                                                                                            Dealen in
       son, Kan., the climax of theby the bedraggled babble of a bonus.               PLANTING in Aug. and Sept. of NURSERY STOCK
 ht-honr day celebration of the Blythe, buoyant and bubbling, biding                               Evergreens, Rhododendrons, Aznlsas,
Here la District 14, was reached la hla time. Hurt, the benedict nnd bat-
ball at the Legion hall, under the tle bmldy, and Beulnh, his bride, be-
jtpldes of Fronds Ellison Post lieve the bully and bumptious Idea
     ber instance is the almost unpre- thnt a beneficent bunch of birds will be
                                                                                                      Hardy Perennials, Paonles, etc.
                                                                                         We have tha very best.
                                                                                         We plan, plant and deliver.
                                                                                                                               Come and soo it.
                                                                                                                                Ask for catalogue.
                                                                                                                                                        COAL and LUMBER
flented growth of Oiarraco Smith brought to believe that big battles
   t Ho. 27S Bt Weir. From a member- brat the Boche and busted backs need             P L A I N F I E L D                  N U R S E R Y                  MOULDING, MASONS' MATERIALS AND KINDLIN0W00D
      of 21 ex-service men in 1S20, a bread: and before beaucoup belated                        SCOTCH PLAINS, NEW JERSEY
al of 112 has been enrolled In 1821 yonrs pass n bonus hill to bring the                                  Phone—1439 Fanwood
   i tar.                                bacon back to our buddy, Burt.                                                                                 0WKHB and YABDS: Central Av. nr. E. B. Droning. WESTTIELD

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