Non-Ablative Superpulsed Radiofrequency for Face Lift

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					Cosmoderm 2005
Feb 8th-10th 2005, Renaissance Hotel, Mumbai, India

Non-Ablative Superpulsed Radiofrequency for Face Lift
                              Jaishree Sharad MD
                              MGM's New Bombay Hospital, sector-3, Vashi, Navi Mumbai
                              Manoday Clinic, sector-4, CBD Belapur, Navi Mumbai
                              Dr Pandit's Hospital, sector-10, Vashi, Navi Mumbai
                              Raj Hospital, sector-15, Nerul, Navi Mumbai

Aim: To study the effect of super-pulsed radiofrequency for skin tightening & face lift.

Material & methods: 20 females, 35-50 yrs with laxity of skin over face & neck.

Exclusion criteria: active skin problems, on going treatment with retinoids or chemical peels,
pregnancy, pace makers, ablative or non ablative laser resurfacing within last 6 months.

Instrument & settings: SuperpulseRF (PBC-EPEM, Thailand)

Procedure: Consent, photographs. The area to be treated was pre-cooled with ice packs.
Electrode gel was applied. SuperpulseRF connected & 5mm ball electrode moved back &
forth with moderated pressure to cover entire face & neck. End point: erythema, mild oedema
& improvement of skin folds. Post cooling done with ice packs. Patient resumed normal
activities immediately. Repeat sitting every month for 4 months.

Result: Marked improvement in Naso labial ,meso labial, glabellar folds, cheek laxity, neck
laxity, peri-orbital laxity in age group 30 - 40 yrs. Moderate to marked improvement in age
group 40 -60 yrs.

Complication: None if power setting appropriate. Skin burn if power too high.

Conclusion: Safe, simple, effective office procedure with excellent cosmetic results. It can be
combined with other modalities like botox, IPL, Non ablative Nd-YAG rejuvenation.

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