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           WHY CHOOsE OTAgO?

           BUsINEss AT OTAgO


           BACHELOR Of COmmERCE

           BCOm mAjOR – ACCOUNTINg

           BCOm mAjOR – ECONOmICs

           BCOm mAjOR – fINANCE

           BCOm mAjOR – INfORmATION sCIENCE


           BCOm mAjOR – mANAgEmENT

           BCOm mAjOR – mARkETINg mANAgEmENT

           BCOm mAjOR – TOURIsm


           sTUDENT ExCHANgE PROgRAmmE

           BUILDINg ON YOUR BCOm

           mOvINg UP IN THE WORLD



Research underpins all academic activity at Otago and the University continues to build on its long-
held reputation for research excellence. Otago has been ranked as New Zealand’s most research-
intensive university by the ministry of Research, science and Technology and also as this country’s first
university for research quality by the government’s Performance-Based Research fund (PBRf) quality
evaluation, released in 2007.

                                                            Are you looking for a life filled with exciting             Here we give you a taste of what we can
                                                            challenges, friends, knowledge, and reward?                 offer, and how your career could develop as
                                                                                                                        a result of studying with us. I trust you will
                                                            Whatever your goals, the University of
                                                                                                                        find the contents interesting and that they
                                                            Otago’s School of Business can help you
                                                                                                                        will whet your appetite to find out more
                                                            reach them — whether you are a school
                                                                                                                        about us.
                                                            leaver, a budding corporate leader, a senior
                                                            executive, or an enthusiastic entrepreneur.                 Ask friends or family about their Otago
                                                                                                                        experiences, visit our website, contact us
                                                            Our students gain maximum benefit from
                                                                                                                        by phone, or take a personally guided tour
                                                            up-to-the-minute tuition from staff who are
                                                                                                                        of Otago’s wonderful campus. You won’t be
                                                            on the cutting edge of research — and keen
                                                            to pass on the latest knowledge.
                                                                                                                        I am committed to ensuring students
                                                            At the School of Business you’ll meet great
                                                                                                                        leave Otago as motivated, well-informed
                                                            people, make lifelong friends, and build
                                                                                                                        individuals who are highly employable
                                                            networks that will span the globe. You’ll
                                                                                                                        and have the ability to develop their own
                                                            even have the opportunity to study overseas
                                                            for part of your degree at one of more than
                                                            50 business schools in 30 countries where we                I welcome your enquiries and firmly believe
                                                            have student exchange partnerships.                         we can help with your education and
                                                                                                                        research aspirations. Enjoy!
                                                            Studying at Otago really does open up a
                                                            world of opportunities! So if you want a
                                                            rewarding career anywhere on the planet,
                                                            or you want to solve business and global
                                                            economic issues – the School of Business is
                                                            the place to start, and this booklet is your
                                                                                                                        Professor George L Benwell
                                                                                                                        Dean of the School of Business
                                                                                                                        Pro-Vice Chancellor of the Division of Commerce
                                                                                                                                                                          PA G E

While all information in this publication is correct at the time of printing, the University reserves the right to change courses and course requirements at any
time. for further information see the University of Otago school of Business website

Published july 2009.

 What’s so special about studying      Otago is known internationally as a modern       excellent accommodation, meals, study
       at the University of Otago?     and dynamic University that still maintains      tutorials, IT facilities, sporting, social and
  Two things stand out – Otago’s       traditional quality in its teaching and          cultural activities and, above all, friendship
  awesome academic reputation,         research. Otago degrees are challenging and      and mutual support. Second years often
and its legendary student lifestyle.   totally relevant to the real world – making      evolve into flat-sharing around the campus,
                                       them highly respected by employers in New        providing the University with some of its
                                       Zealand and abroad. This booklet describes       famous character.
                                       the degree programmes available to School
                                                                                        Away from study, there’s a whole world of
                                       of Business students.
                                                                                        fun things to do on Dunedin’s doorstep.
                                       As to the lifestyle, Dunedin is student          Otago is home to just about any sport or
                                       heaven. More than 20,000 students make           pastime you can imagine. Within easy reach
                                       up almost a fifth of the city’s population,      of town there are tramping and mountain
                                       which welcomes them for the life and             biking tracks and coastal hideaways to
                                       vitality they bring. Dunedin shops, music,       explore. Across the harbour there’s the
                                       arts, entertainment, and sport are strongly      unspoiled beauty of Otago Peninsula and
                                       influenced by student culture.                   just a few hours’ drive away are the summer
                                                                                        and winter playgrounds of Central Otago
                                       Most students live within easy walking
                                                                                        and the Southern Lakes, home to some of
                                       distance of both campus and city centre.
                                                                                        the best snowboarding and skiing in the
                                       First years tend to find their feet staying in
                                       one of 14 residential colleges that provide
You can get in shape on campus at the            As might be expected, the School of Business       Learning Centre, Student Health and
Unipol Sports Centre — a gym solely for          is up with the play, hosting one of New            Counselling Centre, Scholarships Office,
students and staff — and take advantage of       Zealand’s first research repositories — a          International Office, Careers Advisory
the University’s Recreation Services, which      publicly accessible digital library of research    Service, Student Job Search, and Alumni and
offer a range of activities from fun sports to   papers. All of the School’s academic and           Development Office, among others, Otago
arts and crafts courses, organised trips, and    support staff are housed in the University’s       has every student’s needs covered from first
gear rental for just about anything.             Commerce Building. There’s a striking              enrolment right through to graduation and
                                                 atrium area with wireless access and space         beyond.
Otago’s academic support is equally
                                                 for group work, a Start-up Lounge where
impressive. The heart of University knowledge,
                                                 entrepreneurial students can swap business
the Central Library, is internationally
                                                 ideas, and a shop that provides coffee, food,
renowned – not only for its 1.3 million
                                                 and stationery. Commerce students also have
books, databases, journals, internet access
                                                 access 24/7 to a number of well-equipped
and networks, but also for its luxurious
                                                 computer labs that provide PCs as well as
sofas in architecturally designed study areas.
                                                 the facility to use laptops. Additional labs are
Swotting has never been so good. There are
                                                 just a block away.
computer resource rooms throughout the
University, and study methods are right up       Student support at Otago is unparalleled.
to date with web-based programmes and            Between the Schools’ Liaison Service,
podcasting.                                      University Information Centre, Student
                                                                                                                                                   PA G E

If you’re looking for a career to take you to the top, the University of Otago’s school of Business can
start you off, be beside you as you climb, and still be there for you when you reach your goal.
With a degree from the school of Business you prepare yourself not only for your first job, but also
for your future career.

Your BCom                                     EmploymEnt prospEcts                              give you invaluable insights into a wide
The school has a variety of programmes,       Students choose Otago for the quality and         range of business subjects. They arm you
including Accounting, Economics, finance,     variety of its academic programmes and for        with useful skills such as problem-solving,
management, marketing, Tourism, Information   the independent lifestyle they’ll experience      decision-making and communication.
science, and International Business (see      — a winning combination that sees                 You’ll also develop IT skills, cross-cultural
BCom majors, pages 10–27).                    employers actively recruiting our graduates       communication skills, analytical skills, and
                                              each year.                                        teamwork abilities.
Minors                                                                                          This practical approach to academic training
                                              The School of Business has a well-deserved
In addition to the many major subjects        reputation for producing outstanding              mixed with a ‘can do’ attitude makes Otago
offered through the school of Business,       graduates in all fields of business, spread all   graduates highly sought after — and not just
students can also complete a recognised       over the world. While many hold high posts        in New Zealand.
minor in either Business Law (see page 12)    in national and international companies,
or Hospitality (see page 26). minors can      others have launched into successful self-
either complement your main area of study     employment.
or give a different perspective.
                                              The Otago BCom is designed to sharpen
                                              your skills in areas that will impress
                                              prospective employers. The core papers
                                              complement your major area of study to
IntErnatIonal opportunItIEs                         graduatE rEcruItmEnt                           studEnt nEtworks – ocom
The Otago BCom is internationally                   programmE                                      Students’ society OCOM offers social and
recognised and holds the European EQUIS             Each year representatives from major           academic support and activities for all
and US-based AACSB accreditations, so               companies from many sectors visit Otago to     School of Business students. OCOM is also
your degree is a passport to work and travel        recruit students. Many students who gained     involved in academic activities and holds
overseas. Students can take advantage of            their first job through this programme         events throughout the year to bring the
Otago’s excellent relationship with other           are now in senior management roles in          business community and School of Business
educational establishments around the world         those organisations, or used those initial     students together.
through the Business Case Competition, and          placements to gain valuable work experience.
Student Exchange Programme.                         Companies that visit campus specifically       mäorI and pacIfIc Island studEnt
Otago’s School of Business is the only New          seeking our business students include:         support
Zealand member of Partners in International         Mainfreight                                    The School of Business’s Kaiawhina Mäori
Management (PIM), a consortium of leading           Fonterra                                       (Mäori student support officer) offers
international business schools representing         Hewlett Packard                                academic support as well as links with the
the highest degree of excellence in their                                                          pastoral care available for Mäori students
fields.                                                                                            through the Mäori Centre. There is a
                                                    Ernst & Young
                                                                                                   mentoring programme with local businesses
IntErnatIonal studEnt                                                                              for Mäori students and students are also
                                                    Audit New Zealand
ExchangE programmE                                                                                 supported to join the local Mäori business
                                                    PricewaterhouseCoopers                         network, KUMA. There is also a Mäori
This programme allows students to study
                                                    Telecom                                        students association for School of Business
part of their Otago degree abroad (see
                                                    Lion Nathan                                    students. The School of Business also works
Student exchange programme, page 29).
                                                    Frucor Beverages                               with the Pacific Islands Centre and offers an
Employers know that leaving the comfort
                                                    The Reserve Bank                               academic mentoring programme for Pacific
zone of friends and family to travel overseas
                                                    Contact Energy                                 Island students which provides one-on-one
and experience new cultures takes character.
                                                                                                   mentoring with academic staff.
Successful exchange students send a powerful        Bank of New Zealand
positive message to potential employers.            WHK Gosling Chapman
                                                                                                   dIstancE EducatIon
                                                    Craigs Investment Partners
practIcal ExpErIEncE                                                                               Some papers are available off-campus
                                                    The Otago degree and the Otago experience      by distance learning. The Department
There are strong links between the School
                                                    are often key ingredients to securing          of Tourism offers undergraduate and
of Business and New Zealand commercial
                                                    that important first job. Other means          postgraduate programmes via the Internet.
enterprises. Several BCom final year papers
                                                    of launching into the workforce include        Check out Otago’s Distance Learning options
offer opportunities for students to work
                                                    newspaper advertisements, job vacancy          at
with businesses on specific projects.
                                                    websites, recruitment agencies, and the
The School of Business also organises               University’s own Careers Advisory Service.
internships with many organisations such
as Tip Top, Nestlé, Deloitte, L’Oreal, and          carEErs advIsory sErvIcE
Murray and Company. Students discover
real world practices, get a taste of life in that   This service offers all kinds of information
industry, and see if it is a possible career        from career ideas and course advice to
– while organisations get to know students          details of specific jobs or employers.
and see how they handle many work-related           It also provides:
challenges. Relationships built during
                                                    Personal career counselling
internships often prove useful when it comes
                                                    Employment related seminars and resources
to job-hunting.
                                                    Information on current job vacancies
                                                    Information and assistance with job search
                                                    Networking opportunities
                                                    CV and cover letter writing skills
                                                    Interview preparation skills
                                                    On-campus careers fairs
                                                                                                                                                   PA G E
scholarshIps                                      start your own busInEss                        carEErs opportunItIEs
There are many scholarships available for         The University and Dunedin City Council’s      Make sure your business qualification is
undergraduate and postgraduate students.          Kickstart programme provides a free business   from Otago, and your career possibilities are
Check the website         mentoring service for entrepreneurial          almost endless. The School of Business prides
study/scholarships/ to see if there is anything   students keen to develop their own ideas.      itself on the quality of its programmes, and
you might be eligible to apply for. There         Each year many new student-run businesses      the wide range of organisations that come
may be other scholarships available that are      become full-time employment after              to campus to recruit students clearly shows
not administered through the University of        graduation. Kickstart business coaches can     that the School is preparing students for the
Otago, but are advertised within departments      also help students to enter the Audacious      demands of the workforce, and meeting the
– so drop in to your department when you          Business Plan competition, which has           needs of industry.
get here to have a look around. We also have      a first prize of $20,000 to put towards
                                                                                                 Sample positions secured by recent
scholarships available for students heading       starting a new venture. Previous winners
away on international exchanges (see              and participants have developed successful
Student exchange programme, page 29).             businesses. Check out     Tax Accountant
                                                  and                        Financial Analyst
PhD and master’s candidates can apply
                                                                                                 Business Consultant
for University of Otago scholarships or
awards (respectively). Successful candidates                                                     Financial Advisor
may have their fees paid and an annual                                                           IT Consultant
emolument of $20,000 for three years                                                             Operations Manager
(PhD) or $13,000 for one year (master’s).                                                        Fixed Interest Dealer
The Neville Bain scholarship helps MBA                                                           Broker Assistant
students with travel expenses for research.                                                      Events Manager
                                                                                                 Marketing Executive
postgraduatE opportunItIEs
                                                                                                 Sales Consultant
If you want to improve on your BCom                                                              Volunteer Coordinator
there are many postgraduate qualifications                                                       Spa Manager
available, from postgraduate diplomas to a
                                                                                                 Tour Guide
master’s degree or PhD. If you enjoy research
                                                                                                 Sales & Marketing Executive
and teaching then you might consider an
academic career. And if you’re already out in                                                    Communications Coordinator
the workplace you could look at some of our                                                      People & Culture Manager
professional development qualifications (see                                                     Policy Consultant
‘Moving Up in the World’, page 32).                                                              General Manager
                                                                                                 Qualitative Research Executive
                                                                                                 Global Purchasing Manager
                                                                                                                         kYLE WEIR
                                                                                                   marketing and geography graduate
what do EmployErs say?

“Each year we make sure we are involved with the graduate recruitment programme at Otago.
Past experience has shown business graduates are well prepared for the workforce and they
quickly learn what it takes for mainfreight to be a major player in the global logistics sector.
We enjoy hiring Otago graduates and they enjoy the benefits mainfreight can offer them.”
(mainfreight Ltd)

“The Otago BCom and post-graduate qualifications provide a balance of academic rigour and
practical application that ensures graduates are well prepared to hit the ground running when
they start at Craigs Investment Partners.” (Craigs Investment Partners)

“Investment Banking involves numerical analysis, problem solving, and presentation skills,
therefore we target outgoing candidates with a solid academic track record, strong commercial
acumen and a genuine interest in finance. Otago graduates have consistently demonstrated
these qualities.” (Craigs Investment Partners)

“Otago University produces more than academically sound students. The environment
challenges Otago students to be independent, driven and full of initiative. These rare, yet
valuable qualities help separate good graduate candidates from great graduate candidates”.
(WHk gosling Chapman)

“As demonstrated by our recent graduate and scholarship appointments, we continue to be
very impressed by the calibre and financial skills of the students from the Otago school of
Business.” (murray & Company)

“Otago graduates are highly prized by Deloitte and make up a critical part of our graduate
recruitment programme.The academic training Otago students receive stands them in excellent
stead when applying for graduate opportunities at Deloitte. Otago graduates can be found in
all of our five offices in New Zealand and in locations around the world.” (Deloitte)

“Attending University Careers fairs and advertising on the University Career Hub play a big
part in the successful marketing of our graduate Programme each year. The Careers fairs
provide us with the opportunity to meet with some very talented students who have a genuine
interest for working for a financial institution such as ANZ National.”(ANZ National)
                                                                                                                                      PA G E

• Bachelor of Commerce (3 years)
• Bachelor of Commerce with Honours (4 years)

othEr dEgrEE optIons taught by school of busInEss
• Bachelor of Applied science (majors: geographic Information systems / software Engineering / Telecommunications.
  All majors include Commerce papers.) (4 years)
• Bachelor of Arts (majors: Economics / Philosophy, Politics and Economics / Information science.) (3 years)
• Bachelor of science (majors: Information science / Economics and statistics.) (3 years)

doublE dEgrEE optIons (4–5 yEars to complEtE)
• Bachelor of Commerce + Bachelor of Arts (BCom/BA)
• Bachelor of Commerce + Bachelor of Laws (BCom/LLB)
• Bachelor of Commerce + Bachelor of Physical Education (BCom/BPhEd)
• Bachelor of Commerce + Bachelor of science (BCom/Bsc)
• Bachelor of Commerce + Bachelor of Applied science (BCom/BAppsc)
• Bachelor of Commerce + Bachelor of Consumer & Applied science BCom/BCApsc)

The Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) lets you follow your interests in business and related subjects.
You can create individual courses from a wide range of papers from the school of Business and the
University as a whole. You can combine two specialisations and graduate with a double major. Here
are a few guidelines.

bcom majors                                     corE papErs                                     These papers do not make up a foundation
For a Bachelor of Commerce degree you           Within the BCom there are certain papers        year. If one of them is a prerequisite for a
must specialise/major in at least one of the    that you must take. Some are needed as part     200-level paper in your study programme
following subjects:                             of your chosen major. Others are part of the    you must complete and pass that paper first.
                                                overall BCom degree requirements.               Aim to complete all BSNS papers before
• Accounting                                                                                    starting 300-level study. Advisors of studies
• Economics                                     BCom students must take six introductory        will help organise your programme and
• Economics and Statistics                      100-level papers and one 200-level paper:       papers during Course Approval at the start
• Finance                                                                                       of the academic year.
                                                • BSNS 102 Quantitative Analysis for Business
• Information Science                                                                           Otago’s flexible degree structure means it is
                                                  (18 points)
• International Business                                                                        possible to combine most subjects, majors,
                                                • BSNS 103 Marketing and Consumption
• Management                                                                                    and degrees. You should be able to study a
                                                  (18 points)
• Marketing Management                                                                          double degree (two degrees simultaneously),
                                                • BSNS 104 Principles of Economics 1
• Tourism                                                                                       a double major (two majors simultaneously),
                                                  (18 points)
                                                                                                or an endorsed minor without the required
Most of the above subjects are also available   • BSNS 105 Management and Organisations         papers adding significantly to your overall
as minors, and the School of Business offers      (18 points)                                   workload.
specialist minors in Business Law and           • BSNS 106 Information and Communication
                                                                                                To complete a BCom you must gain a
Hospitality.                                      in Organisations (18 points)
                                                                                                minimum of 360 points, of which 180
                                                • BSNS 107 Understanding Accounting
                                                                                                must be above 100-level. Up to 90 points
                                                  (18 points)
                                                                                                may be taken from outside Commerce (e.g.
                                                • BSNS 108 Business Finance (18 points)         Humanities or Sciences).
Here’s one example of how you could structure your BCom degree
dEgrEE: bcom
major: Economics
mInor: marketing management
ElEctIvE papErs (from outside major and minor subject requirements): finance and Quantitative analysis

 1                                                   2                                            3


PAPER CODE   PAPER NAmE                  POINTs   PAPER CODE   PAPER NAmE             POINTs   PAPER CODE   PAPER NAmE         POINTs

bsns 104     Principles of Economics 1      18    Econ 201 microeconomics                18    Econ 301 Labour Economics          18

Econ 112 Principles of Economics 2          18    Econ 202 macroeconomics                18    Econ 302 International Trade       18

bsns 107     Understanding Accounting       18    Econ 207 Environmental Economics       18    Econ 312 Natural Resource Economics 18

bsns 102     Quantitative Analysis for            bsns 105     management and                  Econ 317 Urban and Regional
             Business                       18                 Organisations             18             Economics                 18

bsns 103     marketing and Consumption 18         bsns 106     Information and Communication   mart 202 Product and Brand
                                                               in Organisations           18            management                18
mart 112 marketing management               18
                                                  bsns 108     Business finance          18    mart 329 Consumer Behaviour        18
fInQ 102 Business mathematics               18
                                                  mart 203 Pricing and Distribution
                                                                                               poInts:                            108
poInts:                                    126             management                    18

                                                                                               total poInts:                      360
                                                  poInts:                               126

                                                                                                                                        PA G E

Accounting is the language of business. An understanding of accounting information is important for
everyone whether they intend to practise accounting, work in a business environment or simply wish
to be a better informed shareholder or consumer. The school of Business offers a menu of accounting
study choices providing interesting and challenging study opportunities.

Students planning to major in Accounting      what you nEEd to study                           profEssIonal mEmbErshIps
have the opportunity not only to enjoy an     For a Bachelor of Commerce (BCom)                By studying a BCom in Accounting you
excellent education in accountancy but also   majoring in Accounting you must complete         will also have the opportunity to become
have the opportunity to develop excellent     the following papers (and also meet              a member of the New Zealand Institute of
information technology, interpersonal and     BCom degree requirements including the           Chartered Accountants (NZICA), Certified
communication skills. A major in Accounting   completion of all BCom core BSNS papers):        Public Accountant (CPA) Australia, or
equips students to work as accountants in a                                                    the Association of Chartered Certified
wide range of organisations.                                                                   Accountants (ACCA).
If you wish to improve your understanding
of accounting for a career in business but    bsns 102    Quantitative Analysis for Business   busInEss law (mInor)
don’t wish to complete a full Accounting
                                              bsns 106    Information and                      Success in business requires a keen
major, we offer a minor in Accounting (i.e.
                                                          Communication in Organisations       awareness of the central role played by the
two 100-level papers leading to a further
                                                                                               law and an appreciation of the fact that all
three papers at 200- and 300-level). For      bsns 107    Understanding Accounting             commercial relationships and transactions
those who simply wish to be able to read
                                              acct 102 Principles of Accounting                have legal consequences. Those who plan to
and understand accounting information
                                                                                               become Chartered Accountants are required
better, BSNS 107 which is a BCom core
                                                                                               to complete three papers of business law,
paper, provides an interesting introduction
                                              200-lEvEl                                        which is offered in the School of Business
to the discipline.
                                                                                               through the Department of Accountancy
                                              acct 211 financial Accounting and                and Business Law. One or more papers in
carEEr opportunItIEs                                   Reporting                               business law are highly recommended to
Employment prospects for accounting           acct 213 Accounting for financial                anyone completing a BCom.
graduates are very good. About one-third               Decisions                               The various business law papers aim to
of graduates go to work for Chartered                                                          develop some crucial but practical skills,
Accountants firms. They usually start with    acct 222 Cost and management
                                                       Accounting                              including identifying potential and actual
these firms working either in taxation,                                                        legal problems in practical situations,
auditing or general accounting work and                                                        knowing your own limits in dealing with
business advisory services. In addition                                                        these and being able to use professional legal
to further training, many Chartered           300-lEvEl
                                                                                               advisors effectively. The themes of particular
Accountants firms can offer graduates         acct 310 Issues in financial Reporting           papers include the central role played by
a variety of work experiences and the                                                          contract law, the variety of business vehicles
opportunity to see a variety of businesses    acct 320 Accounting Theory
                                                                                               and their legal foundations, consumer/trader
in a short period of time. The remainder of
                                              acct 302 Accounting Performance                  tensions in the market, and the practical
graduates undertake additional education or            management                              importance of the courts and government
go into manufacturing, banking, retailing,
                                              or                                               in developing the law that regulates the
government departments or overseas.                                                            business environment.
                                              acct 307 management Accounting

                                              And two further ACCT 300-level papers            Contact:
                                                                                               Tel: 03 479 8192
                                                                                               Fax: 03 479 8450
EstEllE sun                 At the age of 17 Estelle Sun’s parents            with students and considers teaching a very
                            proposed the idea of sending her overseas         fulfilling experience. As a teaching fellow she
PHD CANDIDATE               for her higher education. Estelle eagerly         was able to engage actively in research taking
UNIvErSITy Of CALIfOrNIA,   packed her bags and left China destined for       place within the department, which resulted
BErkELEy                    New Zealand.                                      in her co-authoring several professional and
                                                                              academic papers.
                            “I was so excited about the oppor tunity
                            to study at Otago, and at the same time           “My time at Otago built up my confidence in
                            knew that it was just the beginning of a long     academia, and encouraged me to seek more
                            journey, both geographically and academically.    challenges and academic achievements.”
                            When I arrived in Dunedin I began my BCom
                                                                              Always looking for the next challenge, Estelle
                            in Accounting.”
                                                                              applied for, and was awarded a full scholarship
                            Estelle says that one of the most challenging     to complete a PhD at the University of
                            experiences was entering the honours              California’s Berkeley campus in the United
                            programme at the beginning of her second          States. While there she will spend two years
                            year.                                             completing coursework before beginning her
                                                                              thesis in her third year.
                            “The honours programme, par ticularly
                            through the oppor tunity to work with an          “My years as a student and a teaching fellow
                            experienced academic to develop a piece of        at Otago were filled with great moments and
                            academic research, provided me with a solid       more surprises than I can count. I believe my
                            grounding in accounting theor y, research         educational success at Otago was the crucial
                            methods and statistical analysis. This helped     factor for my admission to this prestigious
                            foster my personal and academic growth            university in the U.S. However wherever I
                            as well.”                                         go, I will be always proud of being an Otago
                                                                              accounting graduate.”
                            After gaining her BCom with first class
                            honours, Estelle worked as a teaching fellow in
                            the Department of Accountancy and Business
                            Law. She especially enjoyed the interaction

                                                                                                                                PA G E

Economics provides a framework for thinking about almost everything. Economics is about choice and
is at the heart of decision-making. governments, businesses and individuals are all faced with making
choices in situations where resources are scarce.

Not just a subject, but a way of thinking,        what you nEEd to study                      For a Bachelor of Commerce (BCom)
Economics applies to business, finance,           For a Bachelor of Commerce (BCom)           majoring in Economics and Statistics you
administration, law, local and national           majoring in Economics you must complete     must complete the following papers (and
government and most aspects of everyday           the following papers (and also meet         also meet BCom degree requirements
life. It provides a logical way of looking at a   BCom degree requirements including the      including the completion of all BCom core
variety of issues.                                completion of all BCom core BSNS papers):   BSNS papers):
Economics examines topics important to
human well-being such as unemployment,
economic growth, inflation, poverty,              100-lEvEl
distribution of income, and resource                                                          bsns 104    Principles of Economics 1
                                                  bsns 104    Principles of Economics 1
allocation in areas such as education, health,
                                                                                              Econ 112 Principles of Economics 2
business and the environment.                     Econ 112 Principles of Economics 2
                                                                                              math 170 mathematics 2
carEEr opportunItIEs
                                                                                              stat 110    statistical methods
Graduates work in large industrial and                                                        or
commercial firms and many different               Econ 201 microeconomics                     stat 115 Introduction to Biostatistics
branches of the public sector including           or
the Ministries of Economic Development,
                                                  Econ 271 Intermediate microeconomic
Foreign Affairs and Trade, and Health,                     Theory                             200-lEvEl
the Reserve Bank, Treasury, Statistics New
Zealand, the Departments of Labour and            Econ 202 macroeconomics                     Econ 201 microeconomics
Internal Affairs, local government and            And one further 200-level ECON paper        or
planning authorities and banks and financial                                                  Econ 271 Intermediate microeconomic
institutions.                                                                                          Theory
Some work with health providers, research         300-lEvEl                                   Econ 202 macroeconomics
bureaux and management consultancies,
while others have careers in universities,        four 300-level ECON papers                  Econ 210 Introduction to Econometrics
other tertiary institutions and secondary
                                                                                              stat 261    Probability and Inference 1
                                                                                              And one further 200-level mATH or sTAT paper


                                                                                              stat 362    Probability and Inference 2

                                                                                              And three further 300-level sTAT papers

                                                                                              And four 300-level ECON papers

                                                                                              Tel: 03 479 8725
                                                                                              Fax: 03 479 8174
nick Flack

Nick flack has always had an interest in              During his time at Otago Nick completed         while staying with the same firm - but for
economics, which made enrolling in a BCom             a BCom with honours, while juggling sport       now I’m happy in Wellington.”
with New Zealand’s premier Economics                  and social life. Nick now holds a position at
                                                                                                      Nick believes his dissertation research was
Depar tment an easy decision. “Hearing                Hyder Consulting’s Wellington office as a
                                                                                                      instrumental in securing his current position,
stories about Otago’s ‘student lifestyle’ –           Policy Consultant, although he says Transport
                                                                                                      as it proved he could organise large projects
hostel life, flatting, the active social scene, and   Economist is a more accurate description of
                                                                                                      within strict timeframes, understand complex
of course Otago’s strong academic standing            his role.
                                                                                                      problems, and develop technical economic
meant studying anywhere else was never an
                                                      “My position involves providing technical       evaluation framewor ks to solve those
                                                      policy and transpor t strategy exper tise       problems.
Nick is passionate about economics saying             in a wide range of areas from financial
                                                                                                      “The Economics Depar tment [combined
it’s not only used for analysing interest rates,      and economic modelling, economic
                                                                                                      with a lot of hard work] provided me with
inflation, or exchange rates – it can be used         development strategy, and transpor t costs
                                                                                                      the opportunity to develop my understanding
for many things including conducting analysis         and charges research, through to transport
                                                                                                      of economics and apply it to an area which I
on telecommunications, international trade,           planning of major road and public transport
                                                                                                      was particularly interested in.
urban and regional development, or the                infrastructure.
efficiency and effectiveness of transpor t                                                            “The staff within the depar tment were
                                                      “I enjoy the work and culture here at Hyder
policy and strategies.                                                                                approachable, inspiring, and passionate about
                                                      Consulting, and because it’s a global company
                                                                                                      all areas of economics. This resulted in a
                                                      with over 4,700 employees it opens up the
                                                                                                      learning experience that was both fun and
                                                      opportunity to work throughout the world,

                                                                                                                                                       PA G E

finance is a modern and fascinating discipline dealing with money, markets and valuation that is
relevant to all aspects of business and personal and professional planning. There are few businesses
today that are not acutely aware of the significance of markets and financial planning for their viability.
Professionals in finance are involved with a myriad of issues in investments, planning and risk.

Finance provides a framework for weighing         what you nEEd to study                           Contact
risks and rewards, and develops essential         For a Bachelor of Commerce (BCom)                Email:
problem solving skills. It systematically         majoring in Finance you must complete            Web:
analyses information and uses it to make          the following papers (and also meet              Tel: 03 479 8060
and test predictions. However, because these      BCom degree requirements including the           Fax: 03 479 8193
activities are not exact there is frequently      completion of all BCom core BSNS papers):
no ‘right’ answer. Therefore, intuition and
experience play a strong role.
Finance also recognises that all financial
decisions affect people. This human factor        bsns 102    Quantitative Analysis for Business
contributes to the uncertainty that is
inherent in Finance and that helps to make        bsns 108    Business finance
it a challenging, yet highly rewarding career.
                                                  fInQ 102 Business mathematics

carEEr opportunItIEs
A major in Finance is a passport to a highly
paid career.                                      fInc 201    fundamentals of Corporate
• You will develop critical, analytical and                   finance
   managerial skills that can be applied to any   fInc 202    Investment Analysis and
   situation.                                                 Portfolio management
• You will often have to make swift decisions
                                                  fInc 203    financial Data Analysis
   about large amounts of money. You will
   learn to rapidly identify and assess choices
   and cope in any financial situation.           300-lEvEl
Finance graduates work in New Zealand and
                                                  fInc 302    Applied Investments
throughout the world in:
• Investment and trading banks                    fInc 303    financial management

• Share-broking firms                             And two further 300-level fINC papers
• Government departments
• Chartered accounting firms
• Professional organisations
• Research units
• Investment consultancies
• International agencies, or as
• Specialists in the private sector.
cEdrEEcE tamagushiku

for someone who never studied finance
or accounting at high school, Cedreece
Tamagushiku is a natural.
Cedreece graduated with a Master of
Business degree (MBus) in finance from
Otago after completing a Diploma for
graduates in finance and Bachelor of
Commerce at the University of Canterbury.
“I was really keen to take my studies further.
Otago won me over for its superb selection
of finance papers and the lifestyle.”
Cedreece studied a range of finance papers
including advanced corporate finance,
der ivative mar kets, r isk management
(“essential for business”), and papers on
empirical statistics (“very useful background
“The teaching was excellent. The Head of
Department and staff were very proactive
with their teaching and research, and they
brought great things to the classroom.”
His MBus research looked at the Australian
interest rate data – the 90 day rate and the
term structure of interest rates to price
derivatives which was quite novel as many
financial papers at university are based on US
interest rates.
from University, Cedreece landed a position
in the Corporate finance Depar tment at
PricewaterhouseCoopers in Auckland. Since
then he has been involved with a number of
interesting companies in a diverse range of
“Some of my work assignments include
advising on strategy and deal transactions
such as mergers, acquisitions and divestments
for both public and private companies.
“I’m also involved with valuation advisory
ser vices such as business valuations,
independent exper t repor ts and purchase
price allocations for financial repor ting
purposes. There’s never a dull day!”
Now a senior analyst, Cedreece has worked
with many different people from all over the
world which is a part of the job he enjoys
– not to mention the international travel that
comes with that side of the job!
“The School of Business’s finance
Department has an excellent strike rate for
graduate employment. There are heaps of
jobs out there for finance grads. for excellent
study options, career choices and a lifestyle to
                                                   PA G E

boot you can’t beat Otago.”

Computer-based systems play a vital role in contemporary society. We live in a world where
information is constantly being sorted, transported and analysed. Online shopping, in-car navigation
and digital/streamed media all use computer systems and software to process information. Information
science is an exciting and progressive field of study that focuses on problem-solving through applying
information and communications technologies and techniques to business.

Topics students can study in the Information     what you nEEd to study                       Contact
Science major include software engineering,      For a Bachelor of Commerce (BCom)            Email:
database design, system development,             majoring in Information Science you must     Web:
project management, and several state-of-        complete the following papers (and also      Tel: 03 479 8142
the-art techniques in the area of Artificial     meet BCom degree requirements including      Fax: 03 479 8311
Intelligence, spatial information systems,       the completion of all BCom core BSNS
distributed information systems, and multi-      papers):
media systems.
Information Science is a dynamic course of
study that is an excellent partner to subjects
ranging from Physics and Statistics through      bsns 106    Information and
to Accounting and Marketing, Anthropology                    Communication in Organisations
and Linguistics.
                                                 comp 160 general Programming

carEEr opportunItIEs
A degree in Information Science can enable       200-lEvEl
a successful career in business, science,
medicine and the arts. Otago graduates can       Info 211 systems Analysis and Design
be found in companies doing a variety of                  methods
roles such as:
                                                 Info 212 Database Design and
• Analysis                                                management
• Database administration                        Info 221 Application software
• System and web design                                   Development
• Programming
                                                 Info 233 Information structure and
• IT management.                                          Networks
• System auditing
• Research

                                                 Info 312 Information systems
                                                          Development Project

                                                 Info 321 Database systems

                                                 Info 323 Distributed Information systems

                                                 And one further 300-level INfO paper or

                                                 sEng 301 software Project management
                                                 tElE 303    Wireless Communication
daniEl Jang

Daniel Jang, a double degree holder from        “Meeting people from all over the world        GD Consultants from other IBM offices (eg:
the University of Otago who was offered a       provided great networking opportunities and    India, Philippines) coming to Australia’s north
United Nations (UN) internship described his    helped to put the world in perspective.”       region. I look after about 100 consultants
three and a half-month term as a humbling                                                      (both technical and business) working on
                                                Daniel completed a BCom (Hons) in
experience.                                                                                    various projects.”
                                                Information Science, as well as a BSc (Hons)
“My primary assignment at the UN was the        in Energy Management from Otago. After         So what would he do if he was appointed
Customer relationship Management (CrM)          graduating he moved to Australia to work       Secretary-general of the UN?
Project for the Office of Human Resources       for IBM as a graduate consultant, and worked
                                                                                               “Immediately following my appointment,
Management Information Technology Section.      his way up to Senior Consultant, while also
                                                                                               I would send all office-based UN staff to
Other tasks included assisting the Hr           studying part-time towards a Masters degree
                                                                                               Third World countries on a rotating basis
helpdesk on resolution of worldwide Hr-         in Peace and Conflict Studies.
                                                                                               for a short mission to get them experience
related UN staff issues, and assisting during
                                                His experience as an intern at the UN          and see the needs of our world first-hand
the general Assembly as a media liaison
                                                required him to take a leave of absence from   through practical work assignments (such as
officer and a media centre analyst.”
                                                IBM, but upon his return to Australia he was   house building, work at childcare centres) to
This unique experience gave him a better        offered a new role with IBM.                   encourage more action, less talk.”
appreciation of the inner workings of the
                                                “I am now working as a People & Cultural
UN Headquarters, and he found New york
                                                Manager for global Delivery (gD) for IBM
to be the ideal place for hanging out with
                                                Australia. In this new role I manage all the
other interns.

                                                                                                                                                 PA G E

International Business is about learning how to conduct business in the ‘global village’, which requires a
wide range of skills. You have to be able to conduct business not just in your own country but in many
different countries, each of which has its own way of doing things.

That means being able to deal with                what you nEEd to study                           300-lEvEl
the culture, language, law, institutions,         For a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in           Econ 302 International Trade
companies and communities of different            International Business you must complete
countries and understanding how the people        the following papers (and also meet              fInc 305    International finance
from other cultures do business.                  BCom degree requirements including the                       management
International Business is also about gaining      completion of all BCom core BSNS papers):        mant 332 International management
a sound foundation in each of the basic
business subjects – accounting, economics,                                                         or
finance, management, and marketing – and                                                           mant 341 management in Asia Pacific
then putting those into the international         bsns 102    Quantitative Analysis for Business
                                                                                                   mart 326 International and Export
context. With this comprehensive training,
                                                  bsns 103    marketing and Consumption                     marketing
a graduate can work in any arena of global
business, including positions in international                                                     And
                                                  bsns 104    Principles of Economics 1
institutions. Understanding and being able                                                         108-points of approved language/culture
to work comfortably in that environment is        bsns 105    management and Organisations         papers (see
the mark of a leader of the future.                                                                humanities)
                                                  bsns 107    Understanding Accounting
If you have an interest in culture and business
International Business is a worthwhile            bsns 108    Business finance
option and also offers excellent international                                                     Email:
                                                  Econ 112 Principles of Economics 2
student exchange opportunities.                            (recommended)                           Web:
                                                                                                   Tel: 03 479 5197
carEEr opportunItIEs                                                                               Fax: 03 479 8171
A degree in International Business will
enable you to work in any area of business        Econ 201 microeconomics
for any organisation in the international
                                                  fInc 201    fundamentals of Corporate
community. Examples of areas you could                        finance
work in include:
                                                  One of:
• Finance
                                                  mant 211 Organisation, strategy and
• Human resource management
• Foreign economic relations
                                                  mant 215 Organisational Behaviour
• International trade and investments
                                                  mant 217 International management
• International marketing and business
                                                  mant 222 Interpersonal/International
  strategy                                                 Business Communication
• Management consulting or operations
• Government departments, such as the
  Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade.
sarah nicolson

Sarah Nicolson is in no doubt about                Spain. This experience was fantastic as it
the prestige of the University of Otago,           not only helped with my Spanish but meant
par ticularly the School of Business. Having       I could study business from a European
perused prospectuses from all the other            perspective.”
universities in New Zealand, the reputation
                                                   A f t e r g r a d u a t i n g , S a r a h m ove d t o
and lifestyle at Otago were the deciding           Melbourne and joined the IBM graduate
factors which saw her stay in her home town
                                                   Programme where she’s involved with
to further her education.
                                                   business strategy, programme development
“Living in Dunedin, I saw the University           and communications for the Strategic
lifestyle first hand and, although initially       Outsourcing Division.
overwhelmed by the variety of courses
                                                   “Since starting with IBM I’ve gained an insight
available at Otago, I was able to design my
                                                   into how huge corporations like IBM work,
degree to complement my strengths and set
                                                   and have been able to match up theoretical
myself some realistic goals.”
                                                   learning with the dynamic functioning of a
Sarah initially set out to complete a BCom in      successful global company.”
International Business which incorporates a
                                                   Sarah has many happy memories from her
variety of business disciplines, and before long
                                                   days at Otago: “Lectures in big old buildings,
had added Marketing as a second major. A
                                                   being taught by amazing professors, staying
growing interest in learning a foreign language
                                                   up all night in the Commerce Building to
also saw Sarah complete a BA in Spanish.
                                                   finish an assignment, partying every weekend
“My interest in developing my Spanish              and making the most amazing friends. That’s
language skills saw me spend six months            the Otago experience, and you couldn’t ask
on the International Student Exchange              for more.”
Programme at a business school in Barcelona,

                                                                                                           PA G E

management is the art of getting things done through people. It is integral to all business;
successful people end up managing and leading wherever they work. It is always better to manage
than to be managed!

Great leaders, great entrepreneurs, even great                  carEEr opportunItIEs                              what you nEEd to study
bosses, they all have one thing in common:                      Management majors can expect to develop a         For a Bachelor of Commerce (BCom)
great management skills.                                        career in a range of fields. These may include:   majoring in Management you must complete
Whether you’re selling your old CDs on Trade                                                                      the following papers (and also meet BCom
                                                                Business development
Me, or working out who’ll be in the next All                                                                      degree requirements including the completion
                                                                Employment relations
Black squad, having sound management skills                                                                       of all BCom core BSNS papers):
                                                                Human resource management
will be immensely valuable.
                                                                Industrial and organisational psychology
Success in professions such as law,                                                                               100-level
                                                                International management
accountancy and other areas will lead
                                                                Organisational communications.                    bsns 105    management and Organisations
individuals to the chance, first to manage
themselves and other staff and ultimately                       Operations management
                                                                                                                  mant 102 Business Environment
the chance to manage an organisation. The                       Policy analysis
people who make things happen in any area                       Strategic management
of life, are managers and leaders.                              Training and development
The study of management explores a
diverse range of topics that provide                                                                              Three 200-level mANT papers
students with a broad preparation for
dealing with the dynamics of managing in
complex organisations. Students will learn                                                                        300-level
organisation-wide issues, such as competitive
                                                                                                                  four 300-level mANT papers (excluding
positioning, managing new technologies,
                                                                                                                  mANT 365 – Research methodology)
shaping organisational cultures, and the
skills needed by individual managers to plan,
lead, organise and control these issues.
Management courses can provide students
with a knowledge of human resource
management, employment relations,
                                                                                                                  Tel: 03 479 8129
operations and supply chain management,
                                                                                                                  Fax: 03 479 8173
o r g a n i s a t i o n t h e o r y, i n te r n a t i o n a l
management, and communication. Students
can specialise in a subject area or take a
generalist approach according to individual
interest areas.
hadlEigh mEss

When Hadleigh Mess needs petrol for his car         but he enjoys developing, implementing and
he heads straight to a Shell Service Station,       monitoring strategies that see his nine outlets
not for the fly Buys points customers can           remain competitive.
earn, but because he manages the operation
                                                    “As general Manager I take a broad view of
of nine outlets in the Christchurch and
                                                    the entire business. I’m responsible for the
Ashburton area.
                                                    effective day to day operations, along with
Hadleigh completed a BCom, and MBus in              the longer term viability and profitability in an
2005 in Management, and before long was             increasingly competitive marketplace.
heavily involved in possibly the world’s most
                                                    “yes it’s challenging, but the rewards of
volatile industry.
                                                    knowing that you are successfully controlling
“As you can imagine the current environment         a dynamic business are well worth it.”
makes working within the fuels retailing
                                                    Hadleigh says that understanding the systems
sector an immensely challenging, dynamic and
                                                    that allow for control over the business, as
competitive place.”
                                                    well as identifying, training and managing
A thirst for responsibility and the ability to      the people on the ground to ensure these
learn quickly has seen Hadleigh become              systems are utilised has been a significant
general Manager of forest Holdings Ltd in           challenge to say the least.
the short time since graduating. His initial role
                                                    “Looking back, the University of Otago
with the company was focused on operational
                                                    allowed me to not only gain a foothold in
and human resource requirements, but with
                                                    a progressive and demanding business, it
increasing experience and development he
                                                    has ultimately led to a senior management
has progressed very quickly.
                                                    position, as it provided the necessary tools to
“I’ve taken every opportunity to learn about        succeed in a competitive environment such
the business and how the sector operates -          as this.”
it’s been an exciting few years.”
Hadleigh admits his role has many challenges
considering the global demand for petroleum,

                                                                                                        PA G E

marketing management looks at the world from the point of view of consumers, so it’s important to
understand how to satisfy their needs and wants in a world full of an ever increasing variety of goods
and services.

What do we mean by value? How does              what you nEEd to study                           Contact
advertising work? Why do people buy things?     For a Bachelor of Commerce (BCom)                Email:
Are customers always right? Are products        majoring in Marketing Management you             Web:
different from services? What is a brand?       must complete the following papers (and          Tel: 03 479 7697
                                                also meet BCom degree requirements               Fax: 03 479 8172
These are marketing questions and
answering them helps us to understand,          including the completion of all BCom core
influence and better meet the needs of other    BSNS papers):
people or organisations.
Marketing is essential to almost every          100-level
industry and to every part of society. You’ll
learn transferable skills that will be useful   BsNs 102    Quantitative Analysis for Business
to you wherever you go, for example, group
                                                BsNs 103    marketing and Consumption
work, communication, analysis, negotiation,
management skills. Above all, Marketing is      mART 112 marketing management
fun and relevant to everyday life.

carEEr opportunItIEs                            200-level
There are many career opportunities and         mART 201 Integrated marketing
graduates can start on approximately $35-                Communication
40,000 per annum, with experienced and
successful marketers earning $100,000 plus.     mART 202 Product and Brand management
Marketing Management is a broad-based           mART 203 Pricing and Distribution
discipline, so graduates are well-equipped               management
to work in a huge variety of roles within
organisations large and small across the
private, public and not-for profit sectors.
Many of our graduates begin their careers
as part of a formal graduate training           mART 301 strategic marketing
prog r amme w ith such wel l-know n
companies as Nestle, L’Oreal or Tip Top.        mART 307 marketing Research methods
Others choose to work for a smaller
organisation offering equally stimulating       And two further 300-level mART papers
career opportunities ranging from sales to
advertising or market research to market
ngaia caldEr

Personally and professionally rewarding – the   clients and New Zealand brands such as          reminded me to appreciate that it is people,
total package - is how Ngaia Calder describes   TvNZ, Lion Nathan and Tip Top, and has          the consumer who is at the centre of
her University of Otago experience.             given her the opportunity to work across a      everything we do as marketers.”
                                                diverse range of interesting projects.
Born in Bluff and educated at Southland                                                         “Working as a qualitative researcher I have
girls’ High School, Ngaia came to Dunedin       “I think my decision to work for a small        the opportunity to get close to consumers,
and completed a BCom with honours in            company was the right one as I’ve been          to find out what makes them tick, why we do
marketing.                                      exposed to responsibility and decision making   what we do and to speak on their behalf. The
                                                at an early stage and have been provided        most rewarding part is bringing the research
“Otago was close enough to family and
                                                with training and support at the leading edge   to life, working with, and alongside clients to
friends, yet far away enough to develop a
                                                of research.”                                   make things happen.”
sense of independence. The University’s
reputation, the lifestyle and the variety of    The various research papers completed           Ngaia knows that Dunedin will always have
papers on offer was exactly what I was          as par t of her degree provided a strong        a place in her hear t as a vibrant place for
looking for. I felt like I belonged from day    foundation for Ngaia to develop her research    students. As she puts it: “There are things
one.”                                           instincts.                                      to overcome such as the weather, money,
                                                                                                and so on, but that’s how it should be – it
Ngaia now works as a Qualitative research       “If someone had told me I would end up
                                                                                                shouldn’t be easy, it should test you as much
Executive at focus research, in Auckland.       working in market research and loving
                                                                                                as a person as it does academically.”
Her position involves dealing with corporate    it, I would have laughed. My disser tation

                                                                                                                                                  PA G E

Tourism is the industry of fantasy and movement. Anything that fascinates people will inspire them to
want to see it, learn about it and travel to experience it. Take, for example, the movie The Lord of the
Rings. It unlocks people’s imagination – and because it was filmed in New Zealand, it inspires people to
see, learn about and experience this country.

Tourism goes beyond the realm of hospitality        what you nEEd to study                      hospItalIty mInor
to focus on travel – theory, concepts,              For a Bachelor of Commerce (BCom)           The hospitality sector combines the growth
industry-related, applied, and scale – ranging      majoring in Tourism you must complete       of the tourism industry with changing
from international, national, regional to local.    the following papers (and also meet         patterns of leisure consumption, creating
Tourism has a diverse subject base:                 BCom degree requirements including the      one of New Zealand’s fastest growing
• Destination management                            completion of all BCom core BSNS papers):   business sectors. It’s about more than food,
                                                                                                beverage and accommodation. Hospitality
• Ecotourism
                                                                                                is first and foremost about people, designing
• Sport                                             100-lEvEl
                                                                                                and managing memorable experiences. This
• Adventure
                                                    tour 101 Principles and Business of         happens through the transfer of products,
• Wine
                                                             Tourism management                 services and knowledge to both domestic
• Events and Conventions                                                                        and international consumers.
• Cultural and Heritage Tourism                     tour 102 global Tourism
                                                                                                Hospitality businesses involve down-to earth
Our tourism papers are taught by an                                                             things like business planning, managing
                                                    tour 103 Introduction to Hospitality
international staff, many with industry-                                                        people and marketing. The solid business
related experience, promoting current                                                           skills you develop from doing the hospitality
thinking based on their own research.                                                           minor will equip you to realise your dreams.
                                                                                                Hospitality is available as a minor subject.
carEEr opportunItIEs                                tour 211 Tourism Impacts and Evaluation     It maybe of particular interest to Bachelor
                                                                                                of Commerce students, as well as students
With a degree in Tourism, you can work in all       tour 212 Tourism Development and
                                                                                                from a variety of other disciplines including
fields of tourism, hospitality, entertainment and            Planning
                                                                                                sociology, anthropology, geography and
leisure. With tourism being one of the largest
                                                    tour 217 Tourism and Behaviour              psychology.
industries in the world, there is no shortage of
places to work! The industry world-wide is a                                                    A graduate with a minor in Hospitality will
multi billion-dollar affair and therefore has a                                                 take with them critical skills developed whilst
huge demand for people to keep it running.          300-lEvEl                                   analysing the socio-cultural performances
                                                                                                that underpin the host-guest relationship.
Past graduates have become:                         tour 302 Destination Analysis
                                                                                                These skills will offer you the competitive
•   Marketing co-ordinators                                                                     advantage needed to reach your potential in
                                                    And two further 300-level TOUR papers
•   Events and meetings co-ordinators                                                           this sector.
•   Economic Development officers
•   Accommodation and restaurant/business
    managers                                                                                    Contact
•   Operation co-ordinators or managers                                                         Email:
•   Museum curators                                                                             Web:
                                                                                                Tel: 03 479 8520
•   Staff in tourism organisations – e.g. Tourism
    New Zealand, Tourism Dunedin                                                                Fax: 03 479 9034
•   Staff in community employment groups
•   Tour guides, operators
•   Self-employed
•   Researchers, academics, policy makers
    and planners.
louisa aitkEn

Born and raised on a farm in Nor thern          “This role was fantastic, I had the opportunity    Louisa enjoys the innovative and creative
Southland, within a stone’s throw of            to interact with New Zealand tourism               elements of mar keting within Tourism
Queenstown and Milford Sound Louisa             operators, negotiate contract rates, and was       Auckland, as they are constantly looking to
Aitken always had a keen interest in tourism    responsible for ensuring those contracts           identify new channels for connecting with
– which made the decision of what to study      were accessible by overseas travel agents and      customers and building brand equity.
at Otago easy.                                  wholesalers. This position gave me a different
                                                                                                   “We have even taken up sponsorship on
                                                perspective into how the tourism industry
Louisa completed a Bachelor of Commerce                                                            Internet Social Networking site BEBO, and
                                                works and how international tourists make it
(Management, with a Marketing minor) and                                                           with the rugby World Cup just around the
                                                to our shores.”
a Bachelor of Tourism*. During her third year                                                      corner the next few years are going to be
“the oppor tunity to complete an honours        Louisa used these newly acquired insights          very exciting.”
degree was too good to pass up.”                to secure a permanent position at Tourism
                                                                                                   Louisa is a firm believer in the tourism
                                                Auckland, where she is currently employed as
“The honours course was great, it built on                                                         programme at Otago, and is cer tain the
                                                the Marketing Communications Co-ordinator.
my current knowledge and allowed me                                                                industry recognises Otago’s strength in this
to develop a more critical and in-depth         “I’m now responsible for helping with the          area.
understanding of the tourism sector.”           enormous task of marketing New Zealand’s
                                                                                                   “It’s amazing where you find Otago graduates.
                                                lar gest metropolitan centre and the
After completing her studies she secured                                                           Tourism graduates are highly sought after
a contract role as the global Purchasing        surrounding region to both New Zealand and
                                                                                                   because of the value of the degree, and
                                                the world. This is the type of role I aspired to
Manager for the newly formed Stella Travel                                                         experiences they have as students.”
                                                after graduating, it’s perfect and everyday is
                                                                                                   *Tourism is now a major in the BCom programme.
                                                                                                   The Bachelor of Tourism has been discontinued.

                                                                                                                                                    PA G E

The University of Otago’s Applied science programme combines
the excitement of science and technology with the challenges of
business. It is an innovative programme for high-achieving students
and offers a four-year undergraduate degree, and master’s degree.

Undergraduate students with a strong academic record through their first two years will be
invited to enter the honours programme, which emphasises opportunities for development
of independent research skills. Applied Science helps students prepare for careers in growth
areas like information and communication technology and biotechnology.
The Applied Science programme represents a powerful integration of academic excellence
from a range of disciplines. The subject majors give students the ideal mix of skills for the
expanding science and technology sectors.
“The unique combination of broad academic excellence, leading-edge technology, and
relevance to the market-place, makes applied science graduates highly employable.” - Dr Max
Shepherd, Executive Director of Zenith Technology Corporation and Member of the National
Biotechnology Taskforce.


Export yourself to a new country with the University of Otago’s student exchange programme!

The School of Business places undergraduate        applIcatIon procEss                            school of busInEss approvEd
and postgraduate students with more                There are two application rounds each          ExchangE partnErs
than 50 similar schools in 30 countries            semester, and students are required to         Otago’s School of Business is the only New
throughout Asia, America, and Europe. It’s         complete an application form and statement     Zealand member of Partners in International
a golden opportunity to step out of your           of purpose, provide a character reference,     Management (PIM), a consortium of leading
comfort zone, experience new places, make          and attend a short interview. For the most     international business schools representing
new friends, and have something exceptional        up-to-date overview of the application         the highest degree of excellence in their
on your CV to impress employers.                   and selection process, or to download the      fields. Most of the exchange schools are also
You can spend one or two semesters at an           application forms visit http://www.otago.      PIM members, keen to develop international
overseas partner university and credit your                   cooperation. For a list of all approved
work to your Otago degree – while only                                                            exchange schools, see
paying Otago fees, and remaining eligible for      school of busInEss scholarshIps      
your student loan or allowance. Exchange                                                          partners.html
                                                   Additional financial assistance may be
students also get a travel grant from the
                                                   available through the School of Business.
Exchange Office. The amount varies but it is
                                                   Each year the School offers two different
currently $1500.
                                                   scholarships specifically for students
Language is NOT a barrier. There are many          participating on the exchange programme
places in English-speaking countries but most      – the Westpac Travelling Scholarship and
non-English speaking universities offer loads      the Dean’s Exchange Scholarship. Both
of papers taught in English. Local language        scholarships are promoted throughout the
skills are not required for your study, although   year, with applications being received twice
it’s always good to brush up on the basics         yearly – 15 March and 22 July. If successful
wherever you go. If you do have knowledge of       you could be awarded up to $3,000. Each
a second (or third) language, there are even       year many students benefit from these
more options open to you. Taking papers in         scholarships helping to make their exchange
French, Spanish, or German might be just the       dreams a reality.
challenge you need.
You also have a chance to take papers that
Otago doesn’t teach – such as Management
of Fashion and Design Companies at Luigi
Bocconi, Milan, Italy.
At the end of your travels you’ll need to
report back to Otago to help other students
prepare for their exchanges. Check out
previous reports at the Exchange Office in the
basement of the Clocktower building. They
could help you decide where to go – because
if you have completed at least one semester
at the University of Otago with a B average
then you have already met the minimum
requirements for the Exchange Programme.
                                                                                                                                                  PA G E

There is a whole range of postgraduate programmes for BCom graduates from Otago and
other institutions, both in research and practical applications. There are also many opportunities
for those already in the workforce to enhance their career prospects with further study at the
school of Business

Here’s a look at the academic approach. If
you’re considering returning to University
for professional advancement, read on to
Moving up in the world….

postgraduatE programmEs                            Special requirements: the dissertation (also    2. The Postgraduate Diploma of Tourism
Your BCom could open up a whole new                called ‘diss’ or 480) This is a piece of work      (PGDipTour) is for people with relevant
world of study at the School of Business. You      – approximately 15,000 words – completed           experience as well as graduates – and you
can take honours, diplomas for graduates,          in your fourth year of honours. It must be         don’t necessarily have to be in Dunedin.
postgraduate diplomas, master’s, and               submitted by 30 October, in your fourth year.      Many postgraduate papers are taught at a
doctorates. Here’s what they mean.                                                                    distance.
                                                   POsTgRADUATE DIPLOmAs
                                                                                                   mAsTER’s PROgRAmmEs
                                                   You need to have an undergraduate major in
honours                                                                                            There are two master’s programmes –
                                                   the area you want to do your Postgraduate
Strictly speaking, this is an undergraduate        Diploma in Commerce (PGDipCom). You             Master of Business (MBus) and Master of
course – a four-year bachelor’s degree with        also need to meet certain entrance criteria     Commerce (MCom). In simple terms, the
extra emphasis on research and analysis.           including a B or B+ average in your 300-        MBus tends towards practical applications
You can apply to enter honours after your          level papers (this varies from department to    of applied research skills and the MCom
first year of study (second year Hons) or at       department).                                    is more academically research focused.
the end of your second year (into third year                                                       Applied research skills are becoming essential
                                                   The PGDipCom can be completed full-time
Hons). Some departments may also consider                                                          attributes for employees, so if you’re wanting
                                                   over one year or part-time over a maximum
an application at the end of your third year to                                                    to impress prospective employers, the MBus
                                                   of three years. It is similar to honours but
enter 4th year honours – but you will need to                                                      is a good choice.
                                                   doesn’t require a dissertation.
ensure you don’t graduate with your BCom.                                                          The research requirements of the MBus
                                                   It may be awarded with distinction (80–
Each year of honours needs to be completed                                                         vary from department to department, but
                                                   100%) or credit (70–79%).
in the academic year as stated in the University                                                   will normally consist of a research project
Calendar and The Guide to Enrolment.               Here are two other examples of postgraduate     designed with a specific organisation’s needs
In certain circumstances, such as those faced      diplomas:                                       in mind.
by students working on double degrees, you         1. The Postgraduate Diploma in Health           The MCom leads naturally to PhD study so
can split your second or third year over two          Informatics (PGDipHealInf) is intended       if you thrive on research — perhaps YOU
years if your head of department agrees.              for health care professionals who may        could become a lecturer or professor — this
Note that the only major(s) that can appear           want to focus on clinical care delivery,     is for you.
on your degree/academic record is the                 management, education, quality assurance,
                                                                                                   It usually involves a thesis only. This
one(s) in which you are doing your honours.           information systems, or research.
                                                                                                   can be completed full-time or part-time
You can’t have any minors in an honours                                                            (minimum one year of enrolment but must
be completed within four years of admission      DIPLOmA fOR gRADUATEs                             OTHER INfORmATION
to the programme). It can also be done by        Neither undergraduate nor postgraduate –          Check with the postgraduate coordinator in
papers and thesis, although if you require       this is a graduate level course. It can be used   your department for details if the following
papers, it is recommended that you take the      to obtain a second major or as a bridging         points apply to you.
PGDipCom first.                                  course to get into postgraduate courses.
                                                                                                   Some departments may have specific paper
If tourism is your forte, there is also Master   You may have done your undergraduate
                                                                                                   requirements that need to be completed
of Tourism (MTour) available. Experience         degree in perhaps a science area, but want
                                                                                                   prior to postgraduate study.
the highs and the headaches of holidays,         to change focus and do some studies in the
                                                 business area to improve your marketability.      Most subject areas require 400-level papers
researching tourism from social, commercial,
                                                 The DipGrad might give you all you require        to be done at Otago (or on an international
environmental, and scientific points of view.
                                                 or it might just be a stepping-stone to get       student exchange if that is an option),
Your thesis should take one year (full-time)
                                                 into the PGDipCom.                                although your research may be able to be
or up to four years part-time.
                                                                                                   completed elsewhere.
                                                 It can be done full-time over one year or
DOCTOR Of PHILOsOPHY                                                                               It may be possible to upgrade between
                                                 part-time over several years. The minimum
Have you always wanted to be called Dr?          requirements are 120 points of which 72           qualifications (e.g. MBus to MCom or
Do you love getting your teeth into a big        points must be at 300-level.                      MCom to PhD).
research project? Are you considering an
academic career? Do you want to climb to         ENDORsEmENTs
the top of the business world?                   The Diploma may be endorsed in any
A PhD is a piece of significant independent      of the subjects available as majors in the
research, which is more rigorous and             BCom. You are required to take at least 54
demanding than the MCom. It can be               points from the 300 level major subject
completed full-time over three or four years,    requirements (which would include
or part-time over no more than six years.        those listed as compulsory for the major).
                                                 E.g. Marketing: Mart 301, Mart 307 plus one
                                                 other 300-level Marketing paper.
                                                                                                                                                  PA G E

The school of Business offers a wide range of advanced qualifications for people who may already be
working and want to increase their professional knowledge – and their career prospects.

Programmes range from three to five-day    postgraduatE cErtIfIcatE In ExEcutIvE managEmEnt (PgCERTEm)
intensive courses to full-time on-campus
                                           This part-time executive education programme suits middle and senior managers who have
study. Whether you’re a graduate or have
                                           specific skills but would like to broaden their knowledge and advance up the ladder. Otago
considerable work experience, you can
                                           offers a suite of courses – you must complete four, each one run as part of a week-long
choose a qualification that suits your
                                           residential programme.

                                           postgraduatE dIploma In ExEcutIvE managEmEnt (PgDIPEm)
                                           This builds on the PGCertEM and allows you to select the areas you want to develop.
                                           There are six papers - four PGCertEM courses plus two additional executive education
                                           courses – and a business management project.

                                           dIploma In busInEss admInIstratIon (DIPBUsADmIN – DBA)
                                           This is a Dunedin-based part-time executive qualification for experienced managers,
                                           professionals, and administrators, who want to extend their academic and professional
                                           boundaries by combining full-time employment with tertiary education. There are eight
                                           courses from the prestigious Otago MBA, and a practical consulting project. It’s possible to
                                           upgrade dBA papers towards the full-time Otago MBA.

                                           mastEr of busInEss admInIstratIon (mBA)
                                           Otago’s 16-month full-time MBA is an internationally recognised executive qualification that
                                           challenges students to push academic boundaries in pursuit of business excellence. Business
                                           leaders and employers respect it as a leading management degree. It’s academically rigorous
                                           with a strong focus on managerial relevance, practical application, and personal development.

                                           mastEr of EntrEprEnEurshIp (mENTR)
                                           This qualification is for budding entrepreneurs with ideas to develop. The 15-month
                                           programme for recent graduates and professionals is taught in intensive three-day modules
                                           every six weeks in Dunedin. Participants also complete a five-month practical project based
                                           on their new ventures.

After finishing a Postgraduate Diploma in       access to staff and considerable financial        an episode of their reality show “Shock
Tourism Peter returned to Mongolia where        resources and consequently interviewed over       Treatment” in northern Mongolia.”
he was running a small tour company - Blue      4000 visitors to Mongolia.
                                                                                                  Peter is also striving to continue his free-lance
Bandana Expeditions, outfitting active small
                                                Peter was for tunate to be able to use this       work in event organisation and in 2007 was
group travel into the Mongolian countryside.
                                                data for his Otago Master of Tourism (MTour)      the race director of Asia’s biggest multi-sport
“With Mongolia being the second socialist       thesis. After completing his MTour Peter was      race, the Wulong Mountain Quest.
countr y on ear th, r unning a ser vice         contracted by Malaysian Tv to organise the
                                                                                                  “The knowledge and experience I gained
orientated company is not always easy.          logistics of a two week film shoot for a travel
                                                                                                  during my two years at Otago has had
While the younger generations might be          documentary shot in New Zealand.
                                                                                                  a positive impact on our business. It has
able to adapt, many older people continue
                                                “Since then Blue Bandana Expeditions has          provided me with fundamental knowledge of
the tradition of Marx, Engels and Lenin with
                                                expanded considerably. We have run more           the foundations of tourism while my Masters
unreliability and bad service.”
                                                trips ever y year and were contracted by          provided me with the oppor tunity to
Luckily for Peter tourism has been booming      large overseas suppliers to organise trips on     research tourism in Mongolia in great detail.
in Mongolia for the last few years, based on    their behalf.”
                                                                                                  “The business plan for our retail divisions
travel to the endless steppes, mountains and
                                                This success has resulted in his company          was in fact an assignment for a paper at
desserts where the last true nomadic society
                                                adding a retail division specialising in          Otago. knowing the quality of Otago Tourism
on earth still live in traditional fashion.
                                                distributing and selling quality outdoor          graduates, we are always interested in offering
In the summer of 2005 Peter was contracted      equipment.                                        internships for suitable candidates.”
by USAid to conduct a large scale visitor
                                                “In early 2007 Blue Bandana Expeditions           for fur ther information on Blue Bandana
sur vey to benchmark where Mongolian
                                                were contracted to organise all logistics for     Expeditions visit
tourism stood at the time. Peter was provided   Touchdown Tv New Zealand who filmed

                                                                                                                                                      PA G E

To enrol at a New Zealand university you must be at least 16 years old by 1 january of the year in
which you begin your study, and you must have qualified for entrance.

EntrancE through natIonal                           bursary subjects together with NCEA credits        3. Course approval
cErtIfIcatE In EducatIonal                          in subjects taken in 2004, 14 credits in each      You must complete all three steps.
achIEvEmEnt                                         subject are required. You need to apply to
                                                                                                       Registration packs are usually available
                                                    the Learner Information Section of NZQA
NCEA is the most common way that school-                                                               from August for first year and transferring
                                                    for an Accumulated Statement of Entrance.
leavers will gain entrance to university.                                                              students. If you are at school the registration
                                                    See for literacy and         pack and University of Otago Prospectus are
You must achieve:
                                                    numeracy requirements.                             available from your school’s careers adviser.
• 42 credits at Level 3 or higher, including                                                           If you have already left school the Prospectus
• 14 credits at Level 3 or higher in each of two    spEcIal admIssIon                                  is available from the University Information
  subjects from the approved list                                                                      Centre. Call 0800 80 80 98 (in New Zealand
                                                    If you are 20 by the first day of formal classes
• 14 credits at Level 3 or higher in no more                                                           only) or 64 3 479 7000.
                                                    in the teaching period for which you wish to
  than two additional domains or approved
                                                    enrol, you may apply for Special Admission.        There are four ways in which you may
                                                    There are no academic requirements.                register.
As well as this you must meet the literacy          Entrance and enrolment information for the         1. Telephone registration
and numeracy requirements:                          following categories can be found at www.            Call 0800 80 80 98 (within New Zealand
• 14 credits in Mathematics or Pangaru at                           only) or 64 3 479 7000.
  Level 1 or higher                                 • Entrance from Cambridge International            2. Online registration
• 8 credits at Level 2 or higher in English or Te     Examinations                              
  Reo Mäori, with at least 4 credits in Reading     • Entrance from International Baccalaureate        3. Registration by post
  and 4 credits in Writing.                           (IB)                                               PO Box 56, Dunedin
                                                    • Discretionary entrance                           4. Registration in person
See for
                                                    • Provisional entrance
approved domains and subjects.
                                                    • Admission Ad Eundem Statum (‘with                Visit the University Information Centre in
                                                      equivalent status’)                              the Information Services Building (Central
EntrancE through thE bursarIEs
                                                    • New Zealanders who have completed their          Library) for personal assistance on how to
                                                      Year 13 of secondary school overseas             complete your form.
Students who sat the New Zealand Bursaries
                                                    • Admission with credit                            For more information please visit:
Examination before 2004 can use this
                                                    • English language requirements          
to gain entrance. You must have passed
at least three bursary subjects, and have           • Students whose first language is not English
Higher School Certificate, or have gained
either an A or B bursary. For the purpose
of university entrance 13 credits (in an            Enrolment at Otago is a three-step process
approved subject) at Level 3 or above on the        for most students:
National Qualifications Framework earned            1. Registration
before 2004 are equivalent to a pass in a
                                                    2. Payment of fees (or arranging to have your
bursary subject and can be combined with
                                                       fees paid directly from a Government student
passes in bursary subjects to gain entrance.
For students seeking entrance from passes in

who can takE a school of                        can I transfEr from anothEr
busInEss dEgrEE?                                tErtIary InstItutIon?
Anyone with university entrance can start       Papers successfully completed at another
a School of Business degree. Even without       university may be credited to your degree
university entrance you may be able to take a   programme at Otago if appropriate.
degree by first completing a Foundation Year    You’d have to supply an officially certified
- see         transcript from the other university – we
                                                can’t do that for you. It may also be possible
For information on entrance and enrolment
                                                to transfer credit from a polytechnic or other
see Entrance and enrolment, page 34 or visit
                                                tertiary institution. See http://www.otago.

what school subjEcts mIght hElp?
There are no subjects you have to have
to begin a Bachelor of Commerce but we
strongly recommend you study English and
Maths (e.g. Statistics) to Year 13 (Level 3
NCEA). And as the business world is global
it might be handy to learn another language
- although you can always pick one up as an
elective paper at Otago.
                                                                                                 PA G E

DOUBLE DEgREE                                     mINOR                                               sEmEsTER
A programme of study leading towards              A selection of papers in a particular subject       The term of study. The academic year is
two degrees, e.g. a BA and BCom. By cross-        area (normally involving approved papers            divided into two teaching periods called the
crediting points from one degree to the other,    studied at 200- and 300-level), which can be        first and second semesters. Semester One
you can reduce the time you would otherwise       acknowledged on your academic record in             runs from February to June. Semester Two
have to spend to get two degrees. Two full-       addition to a major subject.                        runs from July to November.
time three-year degrees would normally take
a total of six years but you can cross-credit     PAPERs                                              sUmmER sCHOOL
points and complete both of them in four          The building blocks of your degree. A paper         A programme run by the University of Otago
and a half or five years (full-time).             is a fixed course of work in certain aspects        between January and February. Students can
                                                  of a subject at a particular level. The first       take papers to make up for things they’ve
DOUBLE mAjOR                                      courses you take are called 100-level papers,       missed, or to reduce the time it takes to
Two subjects chosen as main areas of study in     for example, BSNS 107 – Understanding               complete their degrees. Each 18-point paper
the same degree. Choosing two specialty areas     Accounting. You then move on to 200-level           is condensed into a six-week programme.
instead of one does not increase the amount       and 300-level papers. You will generally
of time it will take to complete the degree.      study seven papers a year (three to four            UNDERgRADUATE DEgREE
E.g. BCom in Finance and Accounting               papers a semester).                                 Your first degree. It usually involves a
                                                                                                      minimum of three years’ full-time study
HONOURs                                           POINTs                                              (360 points from 100-, 200- and 300-level
Honours programmes are for students who           Each paper is worth a number of points, and         papers).
excel in their first and second years of a        these contribute to the total required for a
Bachelor of Commerce. The BCom(Hons)              qualification. Most papers are usually worth
is a more specialised degree than the             18 points. You need a total of 360 points to
BCom, usually involving more papers in            complete a BCom. As an approximate guide,
the major subject and a research report or        you can expect to spend about 12 hours a
dissertation (completed at 400-level – an         week for each 18-point single semester paper
extra year of study).                             or six hours a week working for each 18-point
                                                  full year paper. These hours are made up of a
mAjOR                                             combination of lectures, tutorials, laboratories,
A subject chosen as the main area of study for    assignments, and reading.
a bachelor’s degree (i.e. your chosen area of
specialty). A major is studied up to 300-level.   POsTgRADUATE DEgREE
                                                  A course undertaken by a student who has
                                                  already completed a bachelor’s degree. It
                                                  normally comprises papers or other work at
                                                  400-level or above.
0800 80 80 98   | | txt 866 |