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									Pay-Per-Click for Marketers
Chicago, IL February 17-18               Denver, CO May 4-5
                                                                 Save up to $200 when you register early! • 800.AMA.1150
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    Take-aways                                 Pay-per-click (PPC) marketing is a marketer’s
                                               dream, especially given the level of detail available
    • A PPC strategy that aligns               in terms of tracking, testing and reporting. As PPC
      with your business goals
                                               ad platforms such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and
    • Keywords that drive the                  Facebook continue to evolve, marketers can take
      most relevant traffic and                advantage of an increasing number of opportunities.

    • Methods for creating                     While creating a PPC account is easy, and getting
      effective ad copy and                    ads to show on the first page of search results
      developing a system for                  can be done within minutes, companies often
      split testing                            waste money by failing to execute the multiple
    • The critical steps for                   best practices that maximize success for this kind
      ongoing campaign                         of marketing. This highly engaging and valuable
      optimization, including                  Training Series will guide you from basic PPC
      bid management                           strategy to advanced procedures for optimizing ROI.
                                               You will learn how to outperform your competition,
                                               maximize lead generation, increase sales and
                                               leverage new ways of conducting research.

 Jason Cormier                                             Ben Castelli
 Co-founder and Chief Strategist, Room 214                 Agency Director, Room 214

 Room 214 is an award-winning social media agency          As a Google-certified AdWords specialist,
 focused on providing business intelligence, social        search engine optimization and analytics
 program management and application development            expert, Mr. Castelli leverages his experience
 for large and emerging brands. Mr. Cormier provides       around ROI-focused initiatives to support
 guidance on custom Facebook applications                  search engine visibility, social media research
 development, mobile and marketing dashboard               and monitoring campaigns. He has led
 products for clients such as Travel Channel, SmartyPig,   search marketing and social media efforts
 Qwest and Sanrio/Hello Kitty. He also contributes a       for companies including Microsoft, HiveLive,
 monthly column for Search Engine Watch.                   LogRhythm and Strategic Media.
Pay-Per-Click for Marketers                                                                        B
Chicago, IL February 17-18         Denver, CO May 4-5
                                                        Save up to $200 when you register early! • 800.AMA.1150
                                                        Visit the website for full details.

Day 1

Introductions and Day One overview

Pay-Per-Click Strategic Business Discussion
and Platform Evaluation

Campaign Creation
• Keyword research
• Keyword grouping, ad copy development, landing
  page identification
• Account set-up

Q&a and wrap-up

Day 2

analytics and Conversion Tracking

Campaign Optimization

Landing Page/Conversion Optimization

Metrics, Reporting, Local Search and Facebook Marketing

advanced Strategies, Resources and Tools

Review and Wrap-Up

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